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If your life had a soundtrack, what would be the 5 songs that define it?

Lucifersays_hi’s Profile Photoزینب
1) "Soul vs Soul": The Japanese soundtrack that plays when Gohan transforms into Super Saiyan 2 during his fight with Cell.
2) "Battle Without Honour or Humanity."
3) "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" from the fight scene between O-Ren Ishii and The Bride in Kill Bill.
4)The opening soundtrack of Justice League: The Animated Series.
5) The main theme from the film "For a Few Dollars More."

where to buy unlimited mental peace ?

herpov’s Profile Photothe woman
Just read Quran with extreme focus. Synchronized thoughts between heart n brain can lead you to create an image of world scenario. You can call anyone through your brain, track every movement whether of electron/proton/photon or giant aircraft. Your brain can work like sonar, lidar and tracking radar, it can match with a whole lot of varieties of electromagnetic spectrum for e.g., frequencies of light from stars, underwater phenomena etc. Why are you keen on proving yourself disabled when we got the Holy Scripture? Have faith in Allah, He can guide you well. Curse everyone who needs to be cursed. If we all had true faith in Quran we could kill all infidels without firing a bullet. Know the muajizaat you'll get surprised.
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Have you ever had a lot of money? What did you spend them on?

I am about to get a “huge” heritage of 5 million euros from a dying lady in Nigeria. It has been a bumpy road, but I can almost taste them now. So close.
First, I had to pay my lawyer for his trip here. Unfortunately, the authorities arrested him at the airport for attempting to launder money, so I had to bribe them.
After that, when he got out of prison, he got kidnapped. So I had to save his ass once again. Poor guy. Lawyer Saul Goodman, the guy from “Breaking Bad,” for god’s sake. I love that series.
But those kidnappers were the nicest people you could find. They told me I could keep the bag with the 5 million euros if I only paid them a few thousand euros for a new AC. Their hostages had been complaining about the dry air there. The bargain of my fucking life. They told me they knew how it was to live without money. You know you are poor when people in fucking Africa want to give you money. A big fucking shout-out to them. If you want to be kidnapped, contact those guys.
Anyway. When they released Mr. Goodman, he had to go to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack. Yeah, I cried too. I asked his doctor if there was anything I could do, and he told me that there was, actually.
They had to bring in an experienced cardiologist from abroad, so it cost extra to get him there. Otherwise, there was an 80% chance that Mr. Goodman could die.
Well, so I paid for his salary and flight. And since he hated to fly, I paid extra for a first-class ticket. It was a serious surgery, so the doctor couldn’t stress enough how important it was that this guy felt relaxed. Luckily, this doctor knew of a magnificent hotel. Like the doctor asked me:
“What is money compared to the inner peace of saving someone’s life?”
Shout out to Dr. Frankenstein's monster as well. I’m sorry. Dr. Frankenstein's cousin. I thought he said, “Dr. Frankenstein,” but only an idiot would have believed that. Didn’t Dracula kill him a long time ago? No offence to stupid people, but I feel sorry for you.
Now, he is on vacation—it’s a doctor’s order. I have paid for a few relaxing weeks on the Samoan Islands, and whenever he feels cured, he will deliver my money.
All this cost me a shitload of money, so I had to sell my house. But since I don’t own a house, I sold my friends' house. Oh, boy, they will be in for a surprise when they return from vacation. They think I’m watering their flowers. I did. Until I sent them to the hospital in Nigeria with a “get well soon” card for Mr. Goodman. There is no need to panic. I will repurchase it when he arrives here with my money.
Before publishing this, I got a message from Mr. Goodman: Unfortunately, he and his luggage went on different flights.
But coincidentally, he lives at the same hotel as Ace Ventura’s older brother, Big Case Ventura, and his nephew,Trace Ventura. I must leave because I need to pay for their flight to Paris.
Thankfully, I will get all the money back again when they sue the airport.

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Have you ever had a lot of money What did you spend them on

Why are some people obsessed with serial killer documentaries? Is there a part of us that likes to indulge in the macabre?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
Maybe bcs these documntaries offer a safe way to explore the dark side of human nature. Its all about understanding extreme behavior and the psychology behind it. Plus, they give you a thrill, letting you indulge in the macabre and experience fear and suspense without any real danger.
Personally, Imm not fond of serial killer documentaries, but I do enjoy stealth games like Metal Gear. In these games, you're a one-man army against an entire military, you create your own strategy, disguising yourself, hiding behind curtains, or sneaking through vents to take down the main boss with a dagger 🗡️jus to get extra xp points for a clean kill. xD

I can never look at you the same

You shouldn't because God has chosen me to create the most epic comeback in life. The devil has been trying to kill me for ages. Just this year I was in a car crashed. I will die when God says so. You should already know this, devil. My testimony will be heard. My book will be available worldwide 📖.

Why people don't want to be married? (don't give lousy answer)

Because we are in war with heart and mind. Mind says that being single has so many perks but the heart wants what it wants. Heart is like this invisible elastic band which doesn’t let you kill the idea of being with someone even if you’ve seen their worst side. People want someone on whom they can perform this trust fall but at the same time they fear that the person might not be there when its time to catch you.

Have you ever wanted to kill someone and why

CellTiktok’s Profile PhotoCelestia
I haven’t but there were times when I had violent intrusive thoughts about someone because they either did me wrong and/or treated me unfairly. I can’t stand when people intentionally try to hurt my feelings or get to me someway/somehow so when they do that and without a good reason, I start to get mad and really want to get under their skin as well.

If you didn't like somebody you were forced to see daily, like a coworker, a neighbor etc., would you try and do everything within your power to make their life a living hell so they'll eventually quit their job, sell the house etc?

Nope. It might suck having to see someone you don’t like or don’t get on with most days but it would be a waste of time and energy to do much about it. Kill them with kindness, be civil or just act like they don’t exist. All easier options.

Now, I'm destroying myself commiting sin's that I used to hate, Adult*ry, Dr*gs, and all stuff that I never thought to go near to them. The reason for posting is that I'm finding a way out of this shit, I need help & guidance. 🙏

You'll have to help yourself, for guidance, it's Haram , there is nothing else to it , whatever you'll do , you'll be answerable for this , to prevent adultery, get married, to kill drugs addiction use miswak and stay abluted , now it's up to you, if you want to gain sympathies only then you wouldn't change but if you really want to quit, start it now , tawakkul

Why women like flowers?

chivalry19’s Profile PhotoBack after a century
It's not hust women, men love flowers too. Give flowers to a man and he will cherish them for life. It's not about men and women actually, it's all about the heart, some people prefer delicate things such as flowers because they give peace to their heart. Oh and when I mention flowers, I think people should give flower pots instead of bouquets, that way they don't have to pluck and kill the flowers, I used to make bouquets in childhood and now I regret that.

*Vio takes a few halting steps back, this can't be right. He didn't kill Green, he definitely didn't force Green into the lava. He runs a hand through his hair, worried about his lack of a Four Sword*

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
It's four sword itself was partially melted, but that did nothing to detract from it's lethality, red hot as it now was .
The reanimated version of Green lifted it up and lunged at the other with a scream, that could only be filled with fury ...

What would you do if you only had 24 hours to live?

Egoistic_101’s Profile Photoᴬⁱⁿ'ᵗ ʸᵒ ʰᵒᵐⁱᵉ
I’m bout to catch a few felonies.
Load up the trunk and then head to the beverly’s.
Hop out the whip and then rob a celebrity.
Take all his shit and then steal his identity.
Strap on a vest and go kill on my enemies.
Slap any hater that showed any jealousy.
Shoot every broski that tried to get next to me.
After this shit, they all gonna remember me.

If you could only text one person for the rest of your life, but you could never talk to that person face-to-face, who would that be?

hussainaliraqe23’s Profile Photo3ra2y
That is THE HARDEST question!! Good one! I think my youngest sister. She’s kind of a buzz kill irl, but she’s so much fun when texting! 😅😬😬😅
If you could only text one person for the rest of your life but you could never

Грусть, печаль.. Как справляетесь с этим?😔

magila1999rrrr’s Profile Photoʞᴉll ɯǝ⚡
Здравствуй, kill me 😇
Я стараюсь не провоцировать себя на негативные эмоции 😌 Всегда стараюсь находить положительные стороны 😇 Если это какая-то проблема - то я её решаю, если это душевные переживания - то я беру рассудок под свой контроль и избавляюсь от этого 😌 Даже грусть или печаль поможет развеять довольно простые вещи: Чашечка чая, что-то вкусное или просто посмотреть что-то развлекательное чтобы отвлечься 😌😇 В идеале помогает умение контролировать свои чувства и эмоции 😌 Научится этому гораздо проще чем все говорят 😌
"Сердцу не прикажешь" - знакомое выражение? 😌 Так вот: Это не правда 😌 Нужно говорить голосом разума, а не голосом чувств и научится этому никогда не поздно 😌
Хорошего вечера тебе, поменьше грусти и побольше улыбайся, kill me 😊🌹🥰 В мире полно прекрасного 😊🌹
Грусть печаль
Как справляетесь с этим

Israel is attacked by terrorists, it defends itself against terrorism. why no muslim country accept refugees from palestine? you have rotten heads. you are victims and facilitators of terrorism at the same time.

Terrorists are Israel , America , and all the countries that support these cursed Jews ... Because they are the ones who kill , burn tents, and behead children in Rafah , and their goal is the genocide of Palestinians and No, Palestinians will not leave their land ...
[ these cursed ones are the ones who should leave ] . Everyone who support Israel , like you , is the real corrupt one ...
"Get out of here." , so you don't hear words you won't like !!!

Welcome back on ask after 9 years lol how do you feel coming back after that long lol

SaadSaleem’s Profile PhotoSaad Saleem
On a serious note, my best friend, definitely didn't hold me on gun point to join back Ask 'cause she found my 10 year old account and we ended up laughin' at my older g00fy arse posts, l0l. (She threatened to kill my dog.)

Space ✨ #Free_Palestine🇵🇸

yazan1996kayyali’s Profile PhotoYazan Kayyali
May Allah humiliate those who can and should help and do not do so, cowardly men are not men,,,, Let Him humiliate everyone who, calling themselves a Muslim, shook and continues to shake hands of those who kill our brothers and sisters.


Доброй ночи, как ты?

magila1999rrrr’s Profile Photoʞᴉll ɯǝ⚡
Здравствуй, kill me 😊
Я, в принципе, неплохо. Не скажу что я доволен всем что сейчас вокруг меня происходит, но мне это никак не мешает наслаждаться каждым моментом, чего и тебе желаю 😊😊😊 Есть парочка негодяев которые пытаются испортить мне жизнь своим присутствием, но думаю я им иголочку под ногти засуну и сразу жить легче станет 😊 Ой. Я это вслух сказал, да? 🤭 Ну, ладно. Сделаем вид что ты ничего не слышала 😂
Очень надеюсь что у тебя всё хорошо и настроение твоё ни один смертный на этой планете не посмеет испортить тебе 😊😊😊 Самое главное: Дари этому мрачному миру лучи своей солнечной улыбки и будь счастлива 😊😊😊
Волшебных сновидений тебе в объятиях весенней ночи 🥰 Укрывайся теплее, а то весна нынче что-то холодная 🥰
Доброй ночи как ты

for boys from Umbra: if you met the perfect girl for you, decided to invite her to your place and suddenly it turned out that she was actually a man, what is your real reaction?

Mikhail: I am the perfect girl and I lied in order to steal their cash. I didn't think someone would find out. OOPS~ I might have to kill you now :)
Azazel: Wait wha-

Доброго утра/дня тебе, надеюсь твой сегодняшний день пройдет сногсшибательно! С меня лайки💕

magila1999rrrr’s Profile Photoʞᴉll ɯǝ⚡
Здравствуй, kill me 😇🌹
Спасибо большое 😌 А я надеюсь что твой день будет такой же чудесный как ты сама - нежным, тёплым, добрым и наполненным теплом солнцем ☀️🌹 Не забывай улыбаться 🌹
Доброго утрадня тебе надеюсь твой сегодняшний день пройдет сногсшибательно


You complain about sage obsessing yet you obsessed over a total stranger here aka Lex until you got Lex to talk to you and like you. Same as sage but its not okay for him but you its fine. Psycho you crazy ppl still talk about him daily.

Lex is a total stranger? Guess you’ve been missing for a while. 🤣 None of your message makes sense. I haven’t complained about Sage once. Don’t really like him threatening to kill me but it’s cool. And if you had half a brain you’d be able to tell that anything we say has absolutely nothing to do with him in the first place. 🙄 Mind your business, shut your mouth.

Should one Marry someone that does not physically attract one even a little bit but fulfils all other criteria of a good proposal?? I think not! Because bare minimum physical attraction is a must have for a successful relationship! Wdyt?

qamaradeel’s Profile PhotoChaOs!
Do whatever you like. These people are going to criticize you on this, but "the same people who adore butterflies, also kill moths. They both are of the same species. "

Посоветуй, что посмотреть из фильмов?

PaWeL_SiNgEr’s Profile PhotoPawel Salnikow
1. Me Before You (2016);
2. I, Tonya (2017);
3. Body of Proof (2011) - s;
4. Dead Poets Society (1989);
5. The Limitless (2011);
6. The Adjustment Bureau (2011);
7. The Lake House (2006);
8. Transcendence (2014);
9. The Mentalist (2008) - s;
10. A-X-L (2018);
11. Before I Fall (2017);
12. Passengers (2016);
13. The Gambler (2014);
14. Hwaryeonhan oechul (2013);
15. The Nice Guys (2016);
16. Drive (2011);
17. Blade Runner 2049 (2017);
18. Snatch (2000);
19. The Divide (2011);
20. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998);
21. Sin City (2005);
22. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014);
23. The Hateful Eight (2015);
24. Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (2019);
25. Django Unchained (2012);
26. Adult World;

What do you do to try and keep a healthy diet? Like, to not cave into your cravings etc. 🍌🍏🥗

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That’s so wrong…
By demonizing food and believing that it’s gonna kill you/make you be fat you’ll never stop eating it.
The one and only way to eat healthier is to allow you to eat everything. But control how much of it you eat.
Otherwise, you will only develop an eating disorder.

My elder cousin advised me to start smoking cuz it'll help with the stress 🤦

Adeeena__’s Profile PhotoYennefer
I do smoke but I am totally against this thing you must stay away from her she is your enemy even I don't know you if you ask me I will say it will harm you and will kill you and how do you think that it was an advice? Must get a better people around yourself 🌸🤍
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