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https://ask.fm/Hanniahoney/answers/141380301720 okkay so Tooba api.. Same city aur kipsian bhi hoon awllaaa... Yrr apke answer zardast hai aur dpp bht cute ... Aur har banda ko pani pretty smile se bht zyada jealous karoo #Stay_happy

Tooba api? 😄😄 ..anyways Thankyou beautiful !! 💕 ..that was probably the best Tbh I've ever got..and yeahh! okay..done hogya 😋 !! 💖..stay in contact pretty one !! 💎😋❤

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Sir Irfan , sir khurm , and the hell Gillani have been resticated from Kips!! As a Kipsian give ur opinion☺

Gillani ka ptaa ni
Baqi Seriously Sir Irfan aur Sir Khurum ko resticate krna bhoot hii barii bewakooofi hai... ab phr sy Majid bara bnn jaye ga😑
Plzzz its my appeal to all Kipsians take action against this decision and tomorrow Kips Team is comming plz Elaborate this serious issue to them

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another kipsian dying for you zoha! I want you! I m really serious about you.I love you since the day I saw you (2 years back ) .since that day I never looked at anybody else.I truly mean it.u dont know me.but I know everything about you.I LOVE YOU MADLY AND DEEPLY

thanksie 🙊 but as far as I guess u are a twit 🙌 its about the heart not the face you fall in love with !pillock

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You want to know who I am ? Hell even I don't know who I am . We are all soulless yet breathing monsters. And yes I do know you. Seeing you made me that I knew you for eternity. And forever will . And I will untick once the dust settles within your vision on me.

philosopher ho kya ?? Q demagh khrb kr rhy ho.. koi or kam ni ha kaya ?? n m not interested jo b ho rahooo ... pgl lgty ho so definitely kipsian ho ...

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What do you think is more important for the world stability . Economic stability will be crushed under the overwhelming crushing pressure distributiveness disaster if England doesn't resolve it's current affairs with the European Union . What do you gave to say about it , Arooj ? Kipsian right ?

eeeeeh nw going irritating yr ... apka masla kaya ha ya batao bs ?

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Tbh=Well ather I seriously dont know about you :D but yeah you are a kipsian too display is so on point*-* its good stalking your profile xD answers are best and kinda funny tho:P stay blessed boy:')

Thank you so much. :")
Mughi stalk na karu ? papers Saar par hain.✋
Aur mera liya dua karu mai bass Chemistry physics,bio,maths,Urdu,pak studies, english mai pass hou jao baqi choro.?
Stay blessed to.✌

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https://ask.fm/FazailMalik/answers/134461337310 Thoughts : I don`t know you bus naam suna hai kipsian ho ✌️ thori boht pyari b ho 😝#JK medical ki ho to laik b zaroor ho gi 😂 Display is really good.👌😍 Stay blessed.😊

FazailMalik’s Profile PhotoFazail Malik
Naam suna hai? Nice. Thori buhut? Please. That's going to wound my ego. Hahaha, nahi itni bhi nahi. Medial ke bachey zayada nalaiq hotey hain. 😂 Thank You Fazail

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So ok let me tell u first i m not a bay apse umer main kafi bara hun Old kipsian hun .. baqi yar apki marzi lekin duaon wale kaam kiya kro... kia pata kis ki dua ya bddua lg jaye

Han han ye socha hai maine.. naya lah e amal tiyar horaha hai. Mojouda walay main kuch flaws thay. new version ajaye ga.
baki old kipsian? apko pangay lene ka chass kahan se charh gya bhai

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Kipsian i am a fan of yours. When i first saw you there two years back i was so astounded that how come someone be so innocent and cute *_* and then that smile of yours which always flashes back in my mind and refresh all those golden memories when i used to see you daily. I am your junior.

Bhaii ho kon???
Junior from kips?

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