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Stimmt es das man mit Schuhen dünnen Absätzen (Kitten Heels, keine high heels natürlich) bei Eis weniger rutscht als mit flachen Schuhen? (Angeblich Eispickel Prinzip. Glaub es aber nicht.)

Da legt man sich ganz schnell hin 🤣🤣🤣 am besten sind flache Schuhe mit Gummiprofil ich guck immer bei Winterschuhen darauf hab keine Lust mir was zu brechen

Does it ever drive you crazy?

afeefazafar’s Profile PhotoAfeefa Zafar.
Uugghhhhh started looking after a stray kitten’s food a few weeks back and I’d occasionally pet him. That’s it! That’s all I ever did for him.
When he first came, we would fight every other cat and others would hit him as well (we always have a bunch of them here, for some unknown reason 🥲) but then he slowly realised, his food will be taken care of, he will be protected and he doesn’t have to fight anymore, you know?
The kitten eventually stopped being all defensive. Now he plays with the two other kittens, never growls. He knows, he’s safe and he has changed so much! He’s a very affectionate little baby now. He just needed a little love and a little care. Just like plants, just like every other living being.
It isn’t too much to ask for.
P.S I get the song reference! 🥹

Someone please explain why my kitten just discovered his shadow and can’t stop jumping at it ?!!

It's mummy told him/her scary stories of the 'shadow-pussy' . . .
maybe it's attention seeking . . . .
Ask your veterinarian on nest routine visit, or sooner ; it might have paranoia ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIYp4ZkQ8Y4igotamatch’s Video 171742610554 vIYp4ZkQ8Y4igotamatch’s Video 171742610554 vIYp4ZkQ8Y4
Someone please explain why my kitten just discovered his shadow and cant stop

tired mate. just tired

u should learn from this little stray kitten who came into this planet 3 days ago and is constantly meowing at the speed of 2 meows per second in a high pitch tone because apparently it's mother is gone somewhere idk completely disappeared but it is still meowing incase its mother comes back but she/he is still not tired of meowing even though it doesn't sleep all night.

What was the last thing to upset you?

I had a cry in the shower earlier, felt overwhelmed by emotion for some reason. Almost like a heart break feeling, caused by my brains tendency to overthink everything and mental health has been a bit shit on top of that. I feel things too deeply every now and again and then I wonder what the point of caring is if no one else does ya know? I took a diazepam and had kitten cuddles tho so I'm feeling better haha

What is your most prized possession?

It changes all the time, right now it my old Holden ute, I just changed the timing chain and have it purring like a kitten. Whenever I invest my time in a job like this I love the result for a while or until I do something else 😂😂😂
What is your most prized possession

Seid ihr auch so dass ihr jemanden zwar vergeben könnt aber ihr könnt nicht vergessen was die Person getan hat? Oder seid ihr jemand der/die schnell über sowas hinweg kommt und für euch schnell wieder alles gut ist?

berfin347’s Profile PhotoBerfin‘s Gedankenwelt
Kommt auf den Grad der Enttäuschung an. Manches ist schon beim ersten Mal nicht mehr zu kitten. Auch die Person ist nicht unerheblich.

I believe Neo should apply to work from home. Then he can move to Indy and rent a room from me. Well, the outskirts of Indy. I no longer like living in big cities. The outskirts of said cities suit me a lot better, for sure. But anyways, as I was saying...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photocasual fan
You seem to forget my plan to move to Cali for @Applepop commune. She has a spare bedroom and a new kitten! With @GlindaBells using her cooking skills, I’ll be set.
You don’t cook. You stated it clearly. I’m not eating microwaved frozen lasagna and cereal everyday!
I thought about inviting @Coolio247 but she will EAT ALL THE FOOD!

Zero energy for anything والله العظيم

nothing88221’s Profile PhotoNutella (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。
I’m hyperactive today, tho there’s a chance I caught covid again, but once I woke up from my 4 hrs nap I had a cup of tea and started helping mom because we had guests over dinner (she doesn’t know I’m sick)
Then I slept again for some more and I am up now dancing and doing crazy stuff (laundry, really) and will possibly eat again because the meds make me feel like a starved kitten.

Хотите я скажу вам правду?

@Alina_panda00 сегодня все цветы тебе, ахах
Хотите я скажу вам правду

If you see a black cat, do you regard it as good luck or bad luck? Why? 😺 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Good luck! I love all cats but this one stole my heart, he was one of a kind. The most loving cat I have ever had, not to mention his sweet but quirky personality. I can’t believe someone wanted to drown him as a kitten based on the superstition of bad luck. He was the best. I would love to get another black cat in future. Sleep tight Simba 🖤
If you see a black cat do you regard it as good luck or bad luck Why

❝Seems that I got a rude kitten in front of me. THAT'S pretty adorable.❞ He raised an eyebrow as kept that close distance, staring at her. For an instant seemed to look at all her details again, perhaps somewhat hypnotized. ❝Hide those lil' claws. Ya really don't know who yer dealin' with. . .❞

*Nova's just like 'did he just call me KITTEN'*
"Oh I have a pretty good idea who I'm dealing with Majima."
*considering he hasn't said anything about himself this should be an info sucker punch*

What's the happiest you've ever been?

As a kid my family and I used to go to a family restaurant called S&S Cafeteria, which served home style food in a sort of cafeteria setting. It was an amazing buffet without the endless trips. I would always get their hamburger steak and jello as a kid and always loved it. But around the time I was 8 or 9 they closed. Until 2 years ago I thought I would never eat there again. Apparently they had a sister location about 3 hours from my hometown. So when I found out I had to go there, this time by myself as a grown adult. I got my tray and suddenly I was a kid again with no troubles in the world. I got my hamburger steak and jello, and didn't feel any shame in the fact that I'm a grown man eating jello by myself. It was perfect. It couldn't have been happier. I think it was when I bought my house a few years ago. I had saved up cash for it and I own it outright. It wasn't too expensive but I own it and have amazing neighbors. It's a little bit of a fixer-upper too. The day I moved in I walked into an empty room and did a sort of "carpet snow angel" on the floor.
I had an Italian girlfriend a couple of years back and we went back there to stay with her old friends. The next morning I had a realisation that I had woken up in a house in the centre of Venice sharing a room with 3 incredible-looking Italian girls. At that moment I knew life wasn't bad and I could brag about that to my grandkids one day.
It was about three years ago. I had been informed that my master thesis was approved. My girlfriend was away on a bachelorette party so I was alone with the kitten we had received the day before. I spent the entire evening watching Archer, eating pizza and snuggled with the cat. It was wonderful.
Probably family bbq's when I was a kid. Grew up on a street where everyone knew each other and had family that lived on the street as well. That sense of community is really what my life is lacking these days. As a kid, you never think that the community will disband and family members would move away.
I get comments on my intelligence fairly often (i'm decent at maths and remembering facts. I'm not really that clever) amd my mum calls me handsome, but people complimenting my eyes is the only genuine compliment i get that i actually agree with.
When I met my current girlfriend IRL for the first time, when we fell in love for each other, in December last year, after knowing her for about 3 years on Discord. She's a golden person, I love her so much.

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What pets do you have and how did you get them?

Meanwhile, fish...I'm getting better but oh man the fish are the hardest I think aside from the one that jumped out of the tank a couple months ago I think at least one of mine is close to 1-2 years old I'm not a good fish mom but I'm getting better.
Last year, I went to volunteer at an animal shelter because I was still feeling suicidal, this poor sad dog had been brought there twice because of health issues, I can afford to give him the life he deserves, he needs me...a few months after bringing him home I began to need less medication and now we take care of each other, and we both love my boyfriend too. New dove...ok now a tragedy, I was adjusting a perch in the cage, both doves got out, the first dove knows I've got her so she just waits on top of the cage and lets me put her back. The other one was less tame, she fled from me in the panic and got behind the dining table and she was tired and fell down and the dog got her before I could. He's a terrier it wasn't his fault. My boyfriend told me it was an accident don't blame myself. She died in my hand. The surviving dove was cooing all night for a week, my dog was upset because I was upset, but when my boyfriend saw for himself my bird was grieving we went and picked out a new mate for her. And they are very happy together. The new one is not tame but the first one still loves pets from me when I reach in with my arm, they do not get out ever when the dog is loose, and I always put them in their carrier when I work on the cage and I will never let that happen again. Two cats, a pair of sisters just over a year old. I got them not quite three weeks ago when I went to one of the local rescues to “look” because I had just lost my 12 year old ginger kitty and my apartment was as dismal as a tomb. I had already sorted of rejected this pair based on their online pictures and profiles, but when they reached out through their cage as I walked past I couldn’t resist them. Found out later they had never had a home, they grew up in foster and spent their entire lives in rescues and foster homes except for one week when someone adopted then returned them because she “couldn’t cope” with them. They are super sweet and well behaved (for cats) and playful which is just what I needed after losing my previous cat so unexpectedly.
I had a Shi-tsu (dunno how to spell that.) that we got from a local in our town when I was roughly 11 years old. Loved him dearly for almost 14-15 years before he died from something we couldn't figure out. (there's no vets in my area, and we were VERY tight on money, so sadly, we couldn't get him the help he needed; he had a bad leg so we assume he passed from infection.)
Cat 2 - Friend asked if I wanted a kitten, I said maybe. Ended up seeing her, she has two hearts on her fur and ended up taking her because the people were going to drown her and the rest of the litter, after they decided kittens were just too much. She was a week and a half at the time.

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Appreciation post! Write about someone or something which you appreciate 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I really appreciate my littlest cat, Bear. He knows I'm struggling right now and he's just SO stinkin' sweet at every chance. Last night he curled up under my chin like he used to do when he was a teeny little kitten, because I was awake with bad cramps. He's been in and out of my lap all day. he's such a momma's boy.
Appreciation post Write about someone or something which you appreciate
Liked by: Tobbe Tal leigh ☠ ;

Hey ho, ewig Nichts von dir gehört - ok könnte daran liegen, dass ich nicht on war haha. Wie geht es dir? Hat sich deine kleine Cat eingelebt? ☺

Kevin1990x’s Profile PhotoKevin Schneiderle
Ja die hat sich super eingelebt.
Die zwei sind mittlerweile ein Herz und eine Seele.
Die älteste bekommt dieses Jahr sogar noch selbst Kitten 😊

Those of you who own, live with or generally likes cats, do you think they live better lives being house cats or if they roam freely? Why? 🐈

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That's the discussion splitting all the cat owners.
Though I generally think the most natural way to live for cats is outside, I don't wanna blame anyone who's keeping them inside. I think they can still live happily and I know there are tons of reasons that doesn't allow owners to let cats roam outside.
Though, I see the difference directly on our cats. In the past years, we'd allow them a lot more time inside of our house, especially in winter, and even though they like it and need the cuddle times and all, there's something about living outside that can't get replaced, no matter how much effort you put into it. It makes them even-tempered and calm in a way I barely can't describe. They're getting in a way mature and for the things where they aren't, they're more chill about not getting what they want. I also feel like they can cope boredom a LOT better. Staying quiet and not playing around for 10+ hours straight for example is something I never experienced with cats that live inside only. They can delay the urge to play and hunt for a long time, even one or two days, what is fascinating to me. On the other hand, living outside makes them more straightforward and assertive. They can't postpone all their decisions and that shows. For the bonding to humans, I think they can become feral, but on the other side it feels like a reward whenever they come back to you if they feel insecure or scared.
Though, one of the worst sides of letting them roam freely is the lost control and the danger through other humans. Our cat for example must have experienced something horrible, the small kitten that trusted every single human only trusts us now for many years. It was so bad at some times that she'd flee from the whole property if someone who was not us would just step on the land. We don't know what happened and we only know that we have to live besides that a**hole that did cruel things to her, not knowing who it is, and that hurts so much and it makes so angry.
That is also part of the truth and it would be a way to romantic lie to not talk about it, too.
Though, even that cat shows clearly she still wants to live outside, to choose her place to be freely and to spend her time the way she wants. Seeing them...yeah, just being cats, running around for long spans just because they feel like it from one second to another, jumping on trees out of nowhere, hunting grasshoppers and hiding in all sincerity behind a single, long blade of grass, spending time besides their humans but doing their own cat-things, it makes me feel at the most ease as a cat owner.

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whats the name of your cat if you have one

My lil tabby kitten is called Neville (the devil). My other two are brother ragdolls and their names are debatable at this point.
We settled on Rufus and Ralph (the ragdolls).
But as I get to know their personalities more I warm to calling them Louis and Lestat (from Interview with a Vampire) because Rufus is soft and sweet and just looks like a Louis, Wreck it Ralph is very much a mischievous foot biting vampire Lestat. 😅
Can you have two names for a pet?

Мы в ответе за тех кого приручили? 🥶

Я, конечно, мало читал в своей жизни, но мало кто знает, что это — цитата из сказки «Маленький принц». Эту фразу главному герою сказал Лис в пустыне, после того как его приручили.
Так что у каждого из нас в своём роде есть свой 🦊, и не дай Бог разбить ему сердце! Цените и будьте добрее к близким, уважайте и несите в себе верность.
*Kitten and Foxcub*

How was your day? 😄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Not bad, definitely could've been worse. My kids had their last day of school yesterday (Christmas Break) so I had all my babies home today. My kitten is getting fixed tomorrow so I set out his carrier & put a nice lil Christmasy collar with a bell on him lol & rn i'm trying to get rid of a migraine. Pretty boring tbh but that's how I like it lol. How was yours?

Есть такой прибор,способный изменить слух человеку,когда вместо реальных слов ,он будет слышать те,слова,которые ему установят.Это не фантастика,а настоящая реальность.

Мне пожалуйста тот прибор, который сможет телепортировать меня к человек, который находится от меня на другом континенте.
Как правило, мы хотим видеть и ощущать рядом с собой тех, кто находится за тысячи километров от нас и по каким-то обстоятельствам нет возможности прилететь, обнять и пролить слезу от счастья. (Банально, но это так). Я такой какой я есть.
Очень многим бы пожертвовал и отдал за такое… *Foxcub🦊*

© Your kitten
Есть такой приборспособный изменить слух человекукогда вместо реальных слов он

Do you wake up in the middle of the night or fall into a deep sleep?

I sleep very deep until about 4 am then my kitten wakes me up by licking my face and I have to snuggle with him for about 20 minutes and then I fall deep asleep again

Tita, meron akong bagong kitten. Ano pong advice niyo sa akin?

Parang kilala kita a! Best advice aside from neutering/spaying your cat as soon as you can is to get them used to regular nail trim and also baths. It will save your furniture, clothes, and make it easy to clean them up if they make a mess or accident. Early discipline goes a long way. No kitchen counters, dining tables, etc etc. The best time to teach them is when they're babies. Good luck and enjoy!

Is it possible for a kitten to survive without its mother? I got 4 kittens at my back yard without mother and gave them proper shelter with milk and etc but now i think 3 of them wont survive! :( is there any way i could save them? Please guide...

ammar_far’s Profile PhotoMan of crisis
How much old are they?
Yes they can survive without
Mother but only if you give them enough food and warmth.

Is it possible for a kitten to survive without its mother? I got 4 kittens at my back yard without mother and gave them proper shelter with milk and etc but now i think 3 of them wont survive! :( is there any way i could save them? Please guide...

ammar_far’s Profile PhotoMan of crisis
Take them to the animal shelter at UVAS if you are stationed in Lahore or if you are not find an animal shelter near by. Dont leave them outside because the male kittens might get attacked by any male cats around. Its a matter of dominance, its instinctive. And dont you worry, if their creater wants them alive, they will live. Just be good with them like you already are...

Aus Sturheit ging es kaputt

Solche Dinge passieren nun mal.
Wenn man es nicht kitten kann, dann muss man halt damit leben.
Nach vorne schauen, Brust raus und weiter geht's
Das ist nur ein kleiner Teil deines Lebens und es geht entweder mit oder ohne dich weiter🤷🏻‍♂️

What made your day today?❤️

khan8585’s Profile Photoعمار خان
A kitten came by our place last year and we kept it, took care of it else it would’ve died. That kitty was crazy 🥲 she would hit everyone for fun. 🥲 She wasn’t a planned pet but she was always taken care of but she died one night almost two weeks back. We all cried. While she was was still alive more kittens came by from somewhere, none of them stayed except for one. I took care of it. It was the only thing that kept me sane when our old kitty died. This relatively newer car is the first in my life that I pet and play with but I can’t find it since last evening either. 🥲 I’ve been looking for it constantly and I’m worried if something bad happened. I will lose my mind if this furry friend doesn’t come back home. 🥲

Would you rather have a dog or a cat? And why?

Watching a cat problem-solve is fascinating. They're curious little beings. They bond with you without viewing you as some kind of all-giving god. I don't want an animal that obsequious and requiring I go outside, even if it's negative fifty. While dogs can be cute, they're also like toddlers. They never grow tired of playing, they're always on, they also put a lot of wear and tear on your home. I didn't want kids, so why would I want the furry version of that experience? I'd rather have a companion who quietly joins me without fanfare and leaves on their own terms.
They're also just beautiful and their motions are fluid joy. Cats. I don't have the energy and patience for training. Also, the way dogs show joy and love are overwhelming to me. Why would I get an animal that wouldn't be able to express it's love in a healthy manner? That's just cruel.
I guess dog, I already have two. I guess I prefer dogs because they are more affectionate. Cats can be too, but it seems more random. Plus both my dogs love cats and want to chase and play with them, I would feel bad for the cat.
As someone who has a cat and a dog in the house.... Dog every single time. When this cat dies it will not be replaced. Even my SO who brought the cat into the relationship had been converted to a dog person. Cats are jerks who ruin furniture. Dogs are amazingly loyal companions.
I wouldn’t trade the world for my cat. Having a little brat who knows when to give emotions at the specific times yet is always keeping me in check too. Just love the guy.
I grew up with cats. At 40 I got my first dog. I never thought that I would become a dog person. Now I am a dog person. Yes cats are easier. But dogs are more human in their thinking and behavior. A cat is nice to have around. A dog is better for your mental health and peace of mind. They want to be with you. They love you and they show it. I'll never be without a dog for the rest of my life. I currently have 2 dogs and a cat. This may be my last cat.
I've had cats with dog personalities. It seems like they just stay a kitten forever and it's so sweet. Playing fetch, come when you call, running around like mad, waiting for you at the door 😍
The cat with a dog's personality. Cats are assholes and they could be even more destructive as a big dog.
A cat with a dog's personality. Honestly, it just looks a lot more fun to have around!

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Recent caption you wrote on a picture?

In this picture I was pretending to be asleep where my 2 months old kitten was sitting on my shoulder trying to get my attention.
Caption goes
میں تیری مست نگاہی کا بھرم رکھ لوں گا "
" ہوش آیا بھی تو کہ دوں گا مجھے ہوش نہیں

With autumn (At least where I live) soon here, what are your plans for the coming months? Anything exciting or out of the ordinary? 🍁🍂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The first exciting thing happened yesterday, my kitten moved in with me and she's really doing great. She's super playful and cuddly(at least when she's tired, haha) , eats well, uses the litterbox and is an overall joy to have around.
The rest of the month is probably just gonna be us getting used to each other, nothing else planned.
Same for October.
November will probably be the most exciting month this year. On the 2nd, I'll start my new job.
And finally, at the end of the month, my sister's wedding. From everything I heard and seen so far, it's gonna be quite big and fancy. I've actually never been to a wedding before, so hers being the first one I'll attend is extra exciting to me. She's always been the romantic one out of the two of us, dreamed of getting married and being a mother one day and now it's finally gonna happen. Also, her fiance is pretty much part of the family already. He's a great guy and they've been together for almost eight years by now(the date of the wedding is their 8th anniversary).

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HE! 👋 Qu'est-ce qui vous fait sourire ?

I had insomnia two weeks ago for a couple of days, which means, I slept for 3-4 hours, woke up and couldn't fall asleep till I had to go to work. One night laying awake browsing reddit I saw a post of a dog looking head tilted into the the camera. And the headline was "Felt cute, might bark later". I don't know why but I randomly thought about that post and it made me smile, and forget how dreadful I feel for a short moment. My cats, a good song, my warm bed, Seven Deadly Sins, my paycheque, pretty much any animal acting cute, Game Grumps, an afternoon with my friends and or family, Deadpool, Totoro, and a bunch of others that I can’t think of atm. When I would be at my friend's house when I was 14. We would go to this place we called the tree. And it was a place in the woods right next to his house and it had chairs in a circle and a fire place in the middle and a huge treehouse. It was out spot to smoke weed and hangout. It was right next to the highway. But you couldn't see it from the highway. We would take rocks and throw them when we heard a car and we ended up busting windows and denting a lot of cars. we had so much fun. It makes me smile every time I think about it.
When my SO goes "Hi Welcome To Chili's." Okay, it's and inside joke. Let me explain. It was our first date, and we were driving back from the movies. I know, clique first date idea, but c'mon. We were 12. Anyways... My phone was plugged into the aux cord in the car. I had a bag, and my phone was kind of bouncing around in it. I guess it went to YouTube on my phone, and clicked on a random vine compilation. In total silence we hear, volume turned all the way up, "HI WELCOME TO CHILI'S" Everyone in the car died laughing. It's our go - to thing when one of us is in the dumps or we just don't know what to say to one another. I love it so much. It's great to have someone to share vine references with. He gets me every single time.
Watching my kitten play with my older cat. My Kitten's name is Jasper, my Old cat's name is Nigel. Nigel grew up on the street and was pretty aggressive when we first got him. He hates sharing the house with other cats but he shares with Jasper because he's a kitten. Jasper loves playing with him. Nigel hates it but still tolerates it and is teaching Jasper how to do things like go out the dog door. It's like there almost brothers. I literally think of you every time I see the colour yellow’ but that’s only because I like yellow a lot and it associates me with happiness so I try to show it to people as much as I can so they can associate it with happiness too (and think of me when they see yellow).

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What do you prefer, owning a cat or a dog?

They smell less, aren't loud, you don't need to constantly pay attention to them because they can take care of themselves, they don't drool, and if they do it's not as much as dogs' drool, they're way cleaner, they fur is always smooth and nice to touch, they have their own toilet, you don't need to take them out at 5 am, they purr, their meows are adorable. As an owner of both I say cat. Here is the reason: I want to go away for the weekend with my family. Make sure the cat box is clean, fill their food dish and water. DONE. Now if I tried to leave the dog alone all weekend I would come home to dog crap everywhere and my couch would probably be eaten. Cat for the win.
Cats are more laid-back. Yes, you have to keep watch on the litter boxes and cleaning up a hairball is never fun, but, I've always had rescue cats and there is something about watching this somewhat feral creature building up trust with you to the point where they are comfortable enough to fall asleep on your lap. Our cats greet us at the door, tails up, happy chirps, and they stay by us all evening, not directly in our way like a dog, but close enough to see us and purr at us. If I want to read a book, my cat will fall asleep right next to me and his purrs are very comforting.
Cats. For one, cats are cleaner and don't bark. But also, dogs always seem too social and reactive. I like that I can be doing whatever I want around my house and my cats will literally not give a fuck. Sometimes we sit and chill together, and the rest of the time, we're just doing our own things.
I was always a dog person growing up, but after moving out, my boyfriend wanted to get a cat, and I'm in love lol. I had a cat at my parents house, but she would never want any attention. My cat now is a huge snuggler and has a hilarious personality. I found a kitten the other day and took him in, and they get along so well. You have to build a relationship with a cat, while dogs love you no matter what. They will wake you up for food, and sit on your face when you don't get up. They don't give a shit about you, and somehow you love them even more lol.
I like dogs fine, but I prefer cats because they don't bark. They also take care of their own bathroom needs and cleaning a litter box is something you can do at a time that's convenient to you. It's also a bonus that there's no such thing as having to get a cat license (at least where I live.) I like having a pet that is small enough to sleep perched on my chest, and the fact that they catch vermin is a nice bonus.
Not necessarily "prefer", but I don't have time to responsibly take care of a dog. Cats are affectionate, loving companions that are much lower maintenance. I have two cats (11 yo and an 8 mo) and I can leave them home alone for extended periods of time if I have to (doesn't happen often). The only things I have to do to take care of them is make sure they have food and water, clean their box and make sure they aren't infested with fleas.

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Frage an euch männer warum traut ihr euch nie eine frau anzusprechen ? Ihr schaut zwar immer ganz interessiert aber es kommt nie was 😂? Frage ich mich schon zuuu lange

Angelique1808’s Profile PhotoAngel
Warum sollten wir? Was ist mit Gleichberechtigung?
Ihr Frauen könnt uns doch auch ansprechen. Nur Mut
Ich war immer der Dicke für alle. Was denkst du wie oft ich Körbe bekommen habe. Selbst wenn ich nur Freundschaft suchte.
Da kommt der Punkt an dem man einsieht das man nicht mehr einen weiteren Versuch starten sollte.
Denn ich fühle nach den ganzen Enttäuschungen in meinem Leben was die Liebe betrifft das beim nächsten mal was in mir kaputt geht.
Etwas das sich nicht mehr kitten lässt. Und ich fürchte mich sehr davor das es mein Wesen verändert

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