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"A woman always prefers a man who has no sense of honor; she detests a man who tries to guide or correct her behavior." "Is this statement correct?"

shoaibcheema056’s Profile PhotoShoaib Cheema
I can't say if that statement is entirely accurate cause some women may prefer partners who are more laid-back and less controlling, while others may value qualities like respect, honesty, and accountability in their relationships. Ultimately, what someone looks for in a partner can vary widely based on individual preferences and experiences — that being said, it is important to remember that healthy relationships involve mutual trust and communication - rather than one person trying to "guide" or correct the other's behaviour. Respect and understanding are key ingredients for any successful partnership. 🌻

Do you perhaps have any suggestions for games one can play to get to know each other better? Tomorrow I'll be hosting a dinner for novices at the student organiation I'm a part of, us mentors are tasked with coming up with such a game each 🗣🎲♣️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Wow! You are so productive 💯. Ahahahaaha. I was a laid-back student back then. Btw why not sort them into a few groups and do some activities something like a treasure hunt? Do some quizzes related to basic history about your country or sport- athlete. Ask them to guess the name and their contribution to the country. Add marks if they passed and give them clue to go to the next station. Hehehehe.
Hope it helps, I don't have any ideas actually ☹️

How do you celebrate Boxing Day/ the day after Christmas Day?☺️

carlahall88’s Profile PhotoCarla Hall x
Usually it’s more of a laidback day than Boxing Day, just chilling at home, finishing the trimmings and everyone relaxes. In some ways, I prefer it to Christmas Day, as it’s less formal.
I’ve been pretty unwell since Christmas Eve so it’s been a bit of a downer, but thankfully I’ve got a day off tomorrow still :)

Who is your hero/role model? What qualities make them your choice?

Good question
Well I have a saying " if you can't be what you want be what you like" we all want to be perfect to some degree but not all we like is perfect so you could enjoy some " spices" and not everyone like spices too so try to be what you like in being what you want in a way for my i don't have the role model i want i like heros i want to be strong and fly like superman i want to hang between roofs like spiderman i want to be supersmart like batman or even as wealthy but all of this is just wishful thinking in real world your hero is what you can be your role model is what you can achieve
Now the qualities i could use som patience ,a little tolerance as i try to be laid-back as hell because some of things i see everyday nerves of rubber

🤣 I want to get to know you better. What's your favorite place on earth?

That's a really tough question, I've been to so many amazing places.
I absolutely adore Sydney and would give anything to go back just one more time, but even then I think it wouldn't be enough.
I loved Rainbow Beach and the chill, laidback vibe, same goes for Byron Bay.
I also love Surfers Paradise and really felt like I could spend my life there, I would do anything to live there.
I also absolutely adore San Diego and the general Southern California area, Temecula, Escondido, La Jolla, Carlsbad etc and would also happily live there.
Really liked Cyprus and could deffo go back and maybe for an extended period of time, like a year, but don't know that i could live there permanently.
Love Spain but couldn't live there, too expensive.

Ton genre de d’hommes ou de femme ?

Someone goofy and laid-back, but reliable when push comes to shove and passionate when it comes to his goals or values. Someone who's emotionally intelligent and open to conversations and mistakes. Also being a bit of a weirdo is strangely attractive to me. And this is a big one. I will fall for a guy really fast if he not only indulges, but enjoys and tries to bring out the sillier aspects of my personality that I'm afraid to let into the public. If a guy manages to see through my public niceties and likes the person that I am when I'm just myself, I instantly feel more comfortable. I want a relationship that's full of fun and laughter, but I also want to know that I can count on my guy to get through the harder times in life with me.
Physically, I'm into Asian, Latino, Black, Middle Eastern, and mixed-race men. I like tan-to-dark skin; brown, hazel, or green eyes; and black hair. I don't care about height or build, as I've dated all across the spectrum regarding both. His voice needs to be attractive to me, and accents are a plus. I just can't date a guy if I don't like his voice.
Consistently, guys who wear their emotions and passions on their sleeve in social settings. As someone who is pretty shy and reserved, any guy who makes their personality known in a room always draws my attention. Not every man is like this, and for some reason this type of person is is really appealing to me. The types of personality can differ slightly, such as a guy who's a little arrogant but not completely dislikeable vs. a self-deprecating guy, but in general, tall-ish, outgoing, nerdy guys with a goofy side have been my types.
I’m almost always attracted to guys that are 5’11 above, slender build, deep set eyes/heavier brow bones, & interestingly shaped noses. Personality wise they are all very good with kids, smart, philosophical & entertain my dumb theories about life, adventurous, and have a similar sense of humor.
Personality-wise, I like sweet, romantic men who aren't players. I prefer for guys to be kinda inexperienced and nerdy. I love nerdy-but-sensitive, caring, hardworking, shy guys. Having a silly, good-natured sense of humor is vital! I've always dated guys involved with STEM, but my ideal would be a guy in Healthcare, like a nurse or doctor. Of course, I'm very happy with my boyfriend, who is a medical device engineer!
I believe I’m attracted to femininity. The average attractive male (tall, muscular, short hair, big jaw) doesn’t really do much for me. I’m attracted to women no matter what they necessarily look like, and men that I find myself most attracted to have a small frame, long hair, although I do like beards. And I have a lot of attractions based on past partners, metalheads, denim vests, tight jeans, hippies, punks, people who listen to nothing but Grateful Dead.. etc.

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Put down the @ sign, who is the 6th person to show up? What are a few things you like about them? I know some people don't like these type of questions so sorry if I send it to you as well. :3

@BossHiWatt 👀
It’s been lovely to have reconnected with you a little the past few weeks, and it’s been so refreshing to meet someone who shares such similar values, particularly with in regards to the arts!
You’re incredibly knowledgeable about a variety of topics, I enjoy your humour and hopefully this isn’t too strange to say, but you have a really calming voice to listen to; in that it shows you have quite a laidback and chilled persona! ☺️

what's cool but people think it's not?

People who roll with the punches, even if life throws a curveball their way, the coolest folks are rarely phased. And it's easy for others to say that they don't have insecurities or anxieties, or that they don't care. They do, however, maintain a laid-back attitude that allows them to see the world with clarity, so who say k self-respect ni he isme they just laughed couldn't reply. Lemme clear it for you DICK! THEY CAN.

I mean mate, I have yet to see you act like you’re back at HS with drama and immaturity. You’re too chill and laidback to be on this site.

If people have problems w/ me I typically clap back and put them in their place so people just started to leave me alone because I’ve always snapped people into their place mad quick so people decided to just give it a rest so I’m not circulated in it much anymore.

But the most difficult thing is motivating myself. My grades counted bad and my family scolded me many times. I have no clue about my life.......

Dont say that way dear,
You must know you are belong to yourself. Life is not tht kind of hard since you always try to be happy of circumstances you have. The hardest thing is motivating ourself, try to more laidback of everything happen in your life and just enjoy the show

Tag de musica electrónica 💿 Sabemos que a ti te gusta mucho 1. ¿Canción que mas te gusta? 2. ¿Canción que te hace bailar? 3. ¿Canción nueva? 4. ¿Menciona tus 3 Dj's favoritos? 5. ¿Canción que antes amabas y ahora odias? 6. ¿Canción que te pone sentimental? 7. ¿Que canción pondrias como himno?

1. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike feat. Ne-Yo - Higher Place
2. Sander van Doorn & Chocolate Puma - Raise Your Hands Up
3. Lost Frequencies - What Is Love (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)
4. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto
5. Martin Garrix - Animals
6. Laidback Luke feat. Trevor Guthrie - Let It Go
7. Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin - Don't You Worry Child

lg fi & ci: fi; quite crazy and abit sot but nonetheless really fun to be around and got that laidback vibe and frankly always down to chill and super friendly and nice 💕 / ci; mMmM hyped up 25/8, still sot but got that other more "toned down" side of you 👍🏼, should eat more + gucci eyebags

Yall my eyebags are yummy mmhm. HAHAH thank you dillldo

Chicos, me voy a cagar en la DJMAG no sabéis hasta que punto estoy cabreado, eso está demasiado comprado. Que asco de todo NERVO EN EL 50? VENGA HOMBRE si en todo el año no ha hecho nada! Esto es indignante de verdad

Marcos Deco.
DJ CHETAS (33) y ALOK (25!!!) es casi peor, auqnue por lo menos, se ve el tongo y no lo disimulan.
Laidback Luke el 79, en un top de mejores DJs, el chiste se cuenta solo.

wilco isn't necessarily my favorite but it has this vibe that many can't do. it's so laidback and sweet without being twee, and it reminds me of careless school holidays. props for you bc i haven't met many who appreciate it ??????

I can imagine myself dancing to Being There's album and then contemplating my life because of A Ghost Is Born and Wilco [The Album].

I really hope that we meet each other one day and that I can hug you and tell you in person how much I appreciate you 💞 & legit talking w my mom and dad so that they can adopt you and im sure ally will adopt you too haha

Yayyy hahahahah😂😂😂omg 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂💜I love all of your parents tbh like yours and the girls Fam are goals so Laidback haha awwww 💕💕💕💕💕😊Awww camiiii stoop you're so sweet literally precious I can't 😭😭😭❤️😘

Здравствуйте. Сегодня я бы снова хотела, чтобы Вы поделились списком ваших самых любимых композиции. А также, по возможности, постарайтесь написать небольшое пояснение, почему та или иная песня вам так нравится. Ваша Кэтрин.

Yellow Claw & Flux Pavilion - Catch Me Ft. Naaz (Candlelight Remix)
Yellow Claw & FS Green - All My Bitches Ft. Lil’ Debbie
Cesqeaux & Mightyfools - Murda
NGHTMRE - Burn Out
Wake - Make It Clap Ft. Dances with White Girls
Boombox Cartel & Quix - ID
Yellow Claw - Lightyears Ft. Rochelle
Yellow Claw - Throw Sum Mo
Yellow Claw & Flux Pavilion - Catch Me Ft. Naaz
4B & Aazar - Pop Dat
Wiwek - Stop Me Ft. Sirah
Graves & Coolights - Say Things (Crankdat Re-Crank)
Yellow Claw & San Holo - Old Days
The Galaxy - Moon x Stars
NGHTMRE & Slander - Gud Vibrations
Rickyxsan x Dirty Audio - Gettin’ That
Cesqeaux & Kayzo - Home
DJ Snake & Yellow Claw - Ocho Cinco
Kill The Noise - FUK UR MGMT (Snails Remix)
Valentino Khan & Skrillex - Slam Dunk Ft. Kstylis
Yellow Claw - Invitation Ft. Yade Lauren
Fountain Of Youth - Improvement
Party Favor - Wiggle Wop Ft. Keno
Lushlife (Alvaro Remix)
Yung Felix - Porn Song
Lil' Debbie - Wiggle
Sak Noel - Trumpets Ft. Sean Paul
Chace & Yellow Claw - Stranger
Eptic & Habstrakt - Lazer 3000
Diplo & Autoerotique - Waste Time
Moksi - Lights Down Low
Moksi & Chace - For A Day
Yellow Claw - Feel It (Moksi Remix)
Dirtcaps & Funky Craig - They Ain't Ready Fam
Dive (Mike Cervello Remix)
Laidback Luke & Mike Cervello - Front 2 The Back
Wiwek & Yellow Claw - Pop It
4B - Fire
Mike Cervello - Fuego
Alvaro - Read Or Not
Look At My Dab (Diplo & Bad Royale Remix)
Kill The Noise - Mine Ft. Bryn Christopher (Getter remix)
Retrohandz - Warning Ft. Virtus (Tropkillaz Remix)
Yellow Claw - We Made It (Snavs Remix)

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buat anonnya Kiki: --------DISCLAIMER-------- YOU MUST NOT TRUST WHATEVER KIKI SAYS ABOUT ME. ketemu dulu deh, and you'll find out that I'm totally laidback and chill. 😉 buat Kiki: JANGAN NGERUSAK PASARAN DONG ELAH ADA MASALAH APASIK DIBICARAIN BAIK-BAIK SINI

tuh baca, silahkan yang mau kenalan hehehehe. Mbak nurul sebenernya lembut kok dan penyayang ya

от около година слушам кпоп и имах фаза, в която бях огромен фен на монста х, но напоследък съм по-laidback фен и не се занимавам толкова с нещата, които правят групите, а просто слушам песните им :д иначе фейсбук ако имаш, дай го, да си спамим

- (lina valerieva, но го има в описанието ми ако не ти се търси)
ок ама завиждам тбх искам вече и аз да съм в laidback фаза защото ме боли сърцето всеки ден да гледам нон стоп бебенцата ми и да рева понеже никога няма да ги видя ;-;
от добрата страна на крейзи фенгърлването ми: понеже съм толкова passionate abt this band накарах бффто да ги слуша с мен lmao yes bish thats rite come to the dark side with me its only suffering and fangirling from now on i hope u enjoy it *evil laughter*
оф виж ми бебенцето колко е готино, прилича на аниме герой *плач тук* *плач там* and they say perfect ppl dont exist, like, have yall seen wonho, hes such a boyfriend material bruhh

- Bio: Personality -

Nathaniel 'Nate' Archibald
Nate is a very warm and trusting person. He is kind and caring, especially to his closest friends. He showed his honesty when he saved Dan in Season 2, even though it was best friend Chuck who sabotaged him.
He is charming, laidback, funny, and friendly, and it has always been in his nature to look out for people. Nate is also known for having a moral compass compared to all the other core characters in the show. It has always been in Nate's nature to try and please everyone especially in his family, but he later realizes the wrong in trying to make everyone happy while he himself is not. He is also not as interested in all the wealth and elitist ways of the Upper East Side world. He is not comfortable with the previleges that his family's money and status give him because he thinks he does not deserve them and that they only control him. He is incredibly athletic, cares for his family deeply.
Nate's negative trait might be that he is a bit hypersexualized, even getting involved with women who are much younger or older than he is. This also makes him oblivious or naive to the other agendas or schemes that his lovers might have. Because of this, Gossip Girl labels him as a "class whore." However, he is still what one would consider a "good guy." He changes his mind about Serena and Blair a lot

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You're showing A CHILDS UNDERWEAR FFS. That piece of clothing is supposed to be UNDER clothes hence underwear. Its the same logic you dumbass. A mother can be this laidback about her child on a place like ask is disgusting. You clearly love attention more than safety of your kids. Get therapy.

if she were in a diaper, you wouldn't be saying this, now would you. because somehow underwear is taboo but a diaper is okay??
explain this one anon. that once my child is out of diapers than suddenly she becomes a sexual being?
YOU are the problem here, NOT me or the photo.
Nobody has ever said anything about these photos, but you've got your panties in a bunch of the one of alexi?? k

Lak lek it att du it bryr sig du sitter säkert o gråter över han hahaha du leker sån laidback på ask AHAHHAHA svär due trög

Hahahah det roliga är att jag vet vem som skriver lol
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1.На сколько лет я выгляжу? 2.С какой песней я у тебя ассоциируюсь? 3.На каком месте я у тебя ВК? 4.Кем, по-твоему мнению, я буду в будущем? 5.Кто был бы мне идеальной парой? 6.Что отличает меня от других? 7.Моя фотка, которая нравится. Кто лайкнет, тот же вопрос :>

alexshepelenko’s Profile PhotoАлександр Шепеленко
1. 19
2. Snap That Neck (Original Mix) Laidback Luke & Chocolate Puma
3. 5
4. Успешным человеком, это уж точно
5. Та, с которой действительно хочешь быть:) 6. Бешеный позитив, здравое мышление, ответственность, отлично импровизируешь, щедрая душа
7. У тебя оочень много хороших фотографий, но девочки любят цветочки😏

tbh you're the sweetest and cutest lil babe in the whole world and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow ?? you're so much fun to be around and I love how laidback you are. you're so caring and funny and beautiful and just soo perfect. we need to go camping soon! maybe at mt shasta this time???ily

I was not expecting you to give me one wow thank you Jake I love you:)))??
Liked by: rachel maya

TBH — oh se, i'm still far from your wallpost so i can conclude the two of us are pree' slow with replies, sigh. i think you're laidback and chill and cool and totes rad. i really think we should talk more because i seem to lack the skill to elaborate but just keep being you, bro! you hella cool. ♡

tbh: your daily thingys are really awesome tbh how do you keep up with it?? you're c00ler than an arctic fox in winter. and wow i finally see your wp- :")

Не знаю ну вот эта понравилась, их много все с настроением Steve Angello And Laidback Luke Feat. Robin S. Show Me Love (Afrojack Remix Edit)

Попробуй - arty - braver love
Skrillex & diplo - to ü
Hardwell- mad world
Swanky tunes - far for home
Meg & nerak - rocking
Tujamo- booty bounce

No no, digo que si me pillo una mesa, creo que aprenderia rapido y no se me daria mal, es algo que me mola y con practica podria creo yo vamos

A mi me costó 3 años coger técnica,o es que tienes un talento mejor que el de Laidback luke pinchando o es que hasta que no lo pruebes no tienes ni idea de lo que dices jajajaja Y sin usar el sync amigo

hello sarah actually i dont have anything i like about you. heh kidding but yea sometimes you can be really funny :'). you're also pretty chill and laidback 👌 you're really pretty too okay wtf :'( you're there to listen to my rants abt boys!! HAHA i envy how you still look glam in your unglams!! 💕

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geweldig hoe je leeft met je vrienden haha, je lijkt me superlief laidback type , go with the flow type haha

Dankjewel. Weetje wat het is. Ken de een langer dan de ander. Deng ken ik al 6 jaar en Milano is mijn broertje, maar zou voor allemaal springen. Donovan ken ik niet zo lang, maar zijn veel dingen gebeurd tussen ons. Zou voor iedereen met wie ik vandaag was springen voor een gevecht of er voor die persoon zijn. Ze weten van me. Is er een probleem, ben daar in 20 sec.

Hallo kak Tada! Mengingat semalam kita bertemu di Rocca&Co., bolehkah aku meminta kesan pertama ketika kita berjumpa semalam? Terima kasih Kak Tads heheh :)

Hello Stella!
Maaf baru bales nih, kemaren2 sibuk hhue.
Kesan pertamanya adalah terlihat sangat riang ya! IRL persona lebih terlihat laidback daripada URL persona yang terkadang sangat rigid. Otherwise, it was good to know you!
ps: You look a lot like my friend, dia anak Telkom juga.

Ma che cazzo di locale pensi di avere? Neanche fosse la Baia Imperiale, mettiti in testa che hai una discoteca per cinni con ospiti che fanno tour nella zona, e non vengono apposta per il kyi. Assurdo..vestiti bene, stilosi, quando sei il primo che si veste da borrazzo.Vergognati

Per fortuna che non sono la Baia Imperiale!!
Ps infatti Benny Benassi Laidback Luke e chiunque altro da ummet ozcan a Bassjackers non viene perché è il KYI ma perché organizzo dei rapimenti di massa durante i loro trasferimenti nei tour..
Ma hai dei seri problemi, curati fra'

Porta steve aoki ti prego sei l'unico in grado di farlo, ma non una cosa come "steve aoki tutti dentro", prevendite limitate in maniera da stare bene e tranquilli nel locale, confidiamo io e i miei amici che uno come te riesca nell'impresa

Premesso che Steve Aoki lo ritengo un pagliaccio che non suona e fa il buffone al pari di Rehab e tanti altri che stanno benissimo dove sono, preferisco portare Dj veri come BENNY BENASSI, LAIDBACK LUKE, MARTIN GARRIX, ecc ecc...
Pertanto Steve Aoki al KYI non lo vedrai mai.
Mi Dispiace

How would you describe your partner's personality? Would you consider yourself the calm, laidback one in the relationship or the outgoing, extrovert?

He's laidback & all, but he's outgoing as well like he cracks jokes + state his opinions w/zero fuhks given, lol.
Liked by: Yuhsef™ Sweet T.

Buenass.¿mayor sueño ?, ¿color? ¿que te gusta hacer en los tiempo libre? ¿mejor amig@? ¿dime 5 canciones que mas te guste? ,¿eres feliz? pasatee ♥_♥

Diana Colmenares Diaz
Holeee✌ Graduarme eh irme para Inglaterra♥-♥ Morado:Gggg Comer y dormir ashash*-* Eggv♥
Estas mi Queen ♕
David Guetta - Hey Mama ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack.
Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On.
Major Lazer - Lose Yourself feat. Moska & RDX.
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball.
Major Lazer ft. Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite - "Sweat".
Yeah Yeah:):) OK!

whats each of the boys personality like( zayn included)

Harry: really kind and down to earth really likes to look out for people he also has his ups and downs with confidence but is mostly confident he is really outgoing and loves to socialize also very mature
Niall: really laidback and outgoing he Is very confident and loves to laugh and jokes around with his friends he is also really nice to people and loves to talk lol
Liam: very mature loves to tell stories warm hearted looks out for his friends and family
Louis: loves to jokes around very funny very nice and outgoing likes to make sure the people he meets are comfortable and having a good time
Zayn: can be very quiet at times but randomly loud he is more of a listener when it comes to conversation and will try his best to help you if you need it

Language: English