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How’s your day been? I took our puppy to the vet to get its booster shots. It went fine until the ride home when Snoopy barfed all my front seat. Damn dog …

I spent most of my day babysitting while my bestfriend went to get her lashes, brows and nails done.
So my day consisted of, endless kids tv, colouring everything purple, play dough time, chasing, hiding and then finished with some balloon kicking 😂😂
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What are your current favorite foundations, mascaras, and lip colors/glosses?

My favorite foundations are NARS light reflecting, and charlotte tillbury airbrush flawless. My favorite mascaras are huda beauty legit lashes, and the hourglass one.

*suddenly a dark tentacle lashes out, breaking through the shed's window, and wraps around @DontcallmeSans . The ONLY Sans he trusts and with a single violent motion pulls him outside* It would be a shame if something happened to him wouldn't it~ *I tried warning you...*

WelcomeToMySpecialHell’s Profile PhotoNightmare
N-NYEK!? S-SANS!! /Papyrus was taken aback when he saw the tentacle that seemed to come from nowhere broke in and took one of his friends..no..not just a friend in this case, it was his brother..or nicer version of his brother to be more exact, it caused the taller skeleton to retaliate, summoning a large bone to his hand that he swings down on the tentacle belonging to that dreaded fiend, Nightmare/ LET GO OF HIM!! I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE OR WHY YOUR HERE BUT YOU BETTER UNHAND MY BROTHER BEFORE THE GLOVES COME OFF! THAT SORT OF ROUGH HOUSING WON'T BE TOLERATED HERE!
/Admin takes partial responsibility in this, maybe shouldn't have provoked nootmare/
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¿Cuál es tu sabor de tarta favorito? 🎂😋

@Lechegotica_rataesqueleto 🌼 Holi Jenni, adoro tus preguntas, tan dulces, como tú 🌷 te deseo buena semana 😼
Ettoo... chocolate, fresas, trufa, crema, queso, frutas, oreo, moka, galleta, nata, frutos secos, san marcos, ... 😎
🎶 ♫ ♪ ♬

Nightwish - Amaranth (2007)

Nightwish - Over The Hills And Far Away (2015)

Nightwish - The Phantom of the Opera (2007)

Nightwish - The Siren (2005)

Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds (2009)

Nine Lashes - Anthem of the Lonely (2012)

Nirvana - Blew (1989)

Nirvana - Come As You Are (1991)

Nirvana - D7 (1991)

Nirvana - Even In His Youth (1991)

Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box (1993)

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991)

Nirvana - Son of a Gun (1992)

Nirvana - Turnaround (1992)

No Doubt - Don't Speak (2009)

Nosferatu - Darkness Brings (2009)

Nuclear Assault - Critical Mass (2011)

Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger (2007,2014)

Oasis - Wonderwall (2008)

Obituary - The End Complete (2011)

Oceans Ate Alaska - Vultures And Sharks (2015)

Of Mice & Men - Feels Like Forever (2014)

Of Monsters and Men - Alligator (2019)

Of Monsters and Men - Crystals (2015)

Of Monsters and Men - Empire (2015)

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (2012)

Omnia - Alive! in Mexico (2014)

Omnia - Fee Ra Huri (2012)

One Direction - History (2016)

One Republic - Kids (2016)

One Republic - Secrets (2010)

Outworld - Warcry (2007)

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Cuál es tu sabor de tarta favorito

• SYML - Where’s My Love - Piano and Viola Version • Porcelain Pill - Close to the Sun (Original Game Soundtrack) • Gareth Lumb, Tia Kalmaru - Calon Lan • Serhat Durmus - Yakamoz • Nine Lashes - Break the World • XOMA - Arrival of The Birds •Garçons- The Destroyer (не помню если эту ты мне и кинул😅

sonador_de_ua’s Profile PhotoSoñadora_de_UA
Ещё один лист с рекомендацией о прослушивании на приГОДНОЙ аппаратуре!
Хоть и скучновато-то,но приГОДНО!
DED - Dead To Me
DED - A Mannequin Idol (Lullaby)
Becko - Loose Lips Sink Ships
I See Stars - Portals
Buried In Verona - Forget What You Know
Now And On Earth - No Way Out
Alpha Wolf - Akudama
SYML  Wheres My Love  Piano and Viola Version
 Porcelain Pill  Close to the Sun

Hope you're having/had a wonderful weekend? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
I am having a great weekend! Yesterday, I went to the mall. Not to shop but just to look around to see whats happening in the fashion world. Got my lashes filled. Went to get Thai food. Washed all the cars & brushed/trimmed my doggie.
Today, I am just gonna do a lot of cooking/cleaning! ❤️ I hope you had a wonderful weekend ✨

“…. No thank you. Though my admin would still probably accept.” ((…. Bad Chara.))

*a tentacle lashes out wrapping several times tightly around the teen's throat lifting them into the air*
Bold of you to presume you had a choice
No thank you Though my admin would still probably accept  Bad Chara
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لو سمحت عايزة اخد رأيك في حاجه..كنت عايزة استخدم حاجة لتطويل الرموش والحواجب فمحتارة ما بين اني اشترى سيروم او اشترى زيت الخروع وبصراحة مجربتش الاتنين قبل كدة فلو تقدرى تفيديني ممكن تقوليلي انهي افضل 💙

Mavala double lashes 🤩 دا افضل نوع لتطويل الرموش والحواجب
My Lash Serum👀 وفي كمان دا
وبردو ممكن تستخدمي شيفينج وبعدها تمشي نص فص توم لو حواجبك غزيره واحطي فحواجبك فقط وبعدها بريع ساعه تحطي زيت الخروع بفرشه ماسكارا تكون خلصت ومنضفاها وتحطي فحواجبك وفرموشك بعيد ع العين وحاسبي اووووي ع عينك🌹🤝♥️♥️♥️

*suddenly he vanishes into the darkness around them, claws rake across Life's face, a hand of pure darkness that she couldn't see had lashed out. Several more similar attacks score her body, dark claws ripping through clothes and flesh*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Since his magic is very similar to Reapers, it does twice the normal damage, the Goddess shrieks and lashes out several golden flames around her* W-would you stop this!? Fighting isn't going to do anything!! All we'll end up doing is killing eachother!
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Tita, whenever our family dines out my mom sometimes make a scene sa restaus kapag di nya nagugustuhan ang food. Andami nya comments, naiinis ako na ganon ang mom ko, wala respect sa food servers. Am i being too harsh pag sinabihan ko sta na ayoko sya kasama kung ganon sya aasta? She is verb abusive

Only two approaches I can think of here. When she lashes out publicly, apologize to everyone around her. Say sorry to the staff and say she's verbally abusive or mentally unstable. If you don't do anything, that means you condone her behavior. Second option is to stop having meals in public with her. Tell her one last time that if she acts out, you will no longer go out with her. But you have to stand your ground. Because staying silent or just quietly objecting means you approve of it since there's no consequence if she keeps doing it. Boundaries. It's up to you.

*She parries both blades easily, holding them at bay with her single dagger, it's then she suddenly lashes out with a second dagger with her other hand, aiming at his torso. She intends to gut him, he has to get out of range, strange he couldn't smell either blade on her before though*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
How the hell!*he dodges the blade backing off for a moment to recuperate * Where do you keep getting those!? *he attacks again this time grazing nova on her shoulder*

Yaar boss what's the secret behind nasheeli ankhen?

*Cry 24/7
*Only sleep for 2 to 3 hours daily
*Zone out after every 15 mins and stare the hell out of things( not people for god sake that's creepy)
Lol jk xD, idk i just take good care of myself and idk why no one ever says MASHA Allah and after every compliment i have to look at my swelly eyes :) bro say MashaAllah 😂
Baki take care of your lashes sari game onki houti🤝

✨ Dlaczego mężczyźni mają zazwyczaj dłuższe i gęstsze rzęsy niż kobiety? ✨

Gab_riela_09’s Profile Photo✨ ɢᴀʙʀɪᴇʟᴀ ✨
✨ Why do men usually have longer and thicker lashes than women?✨
This is because real men do not tear their eyebrows with tweezers, nor do they paint their eyebrows. Men's eyebrows grow naturally, which makes them thicker and more durable
Dlatego tak się dzieje, ponieważ mężczyźni nie wyrywają sobie brwi pęsetą ani ich nie malują. Brwi u mężczyzn rosną w naturalny sposób, dlatego są gęstsze i trwalsze

If you were a youtuber, what kind of videos would you make? ▶️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Probably either makeup tutorials or mom vlogs? I don't think i've ever shown off a full face of makeup online, my normal look is just foundation, concealer, false lashes & touching up my eyebrows but I feel like i'm really good & creative with eyeshadow & my eyeliner usually looks nice enough.

Cackling to himself quietly, dinosaur like footsteps would approach, as he kneels down to be level with the teen. "Oh dear! It seems you're not nearly the threat you thought you were! What a /pity/."

EternianConqueror’s Profile Photoʜᴏʀᴅᴀᴋ
*he lashes out with a sharply clawed hand, raking talons across the villain's skeletal face, probably not the brightest move but he's acting on instinct at the moment, as he tries to regain control of the darkness around him*

Lipstick + moisturizer + primer + bb cream + Foundation + base concealer + blush on + eye shades + Mascara + eyeliner + lip liner + contour + highlighter + makeup spray + snapchat filter + 5 editing apps + attitude . Why?

Hamza_Khan989’s Profile PhotoHamza Khan
Umm bb cream and foundation are not applied together its either one kinda thing.
And you forget false lashes 😜

Would you happen to have tips for someone who struggles and lashes out when they’re depressed and they don’t mean to? I want to get w better hold on myself. 😥

Please know it is completely normal to lash out sometimes, especially when you are depressed and am triggered by something. I think the most important thing is to try and understand why you are lashing out. By bringing yourself back to the present, calming yourself down and reminding yourself that you are safe, it will give you the chance to acknowledge what triggered you and to break it down so you figure out how to fix it. Sometimes it's more of the anxiety part rather than the depression that might be triggering you. I suggest seeking out a professional so they can help you with it. I could suggest you tips but sense I don't know what the real issue it, the tips might not be the best.

Hi! I'm a teenage girl and I'm usually really lazy in the morning. Do you have any suggestions for a good morning routine for me? Any details are appreciated 🥰 thank you

I usually get up brush my teeth, wash my face, shower and get ready for the day. Do my hair , lashes (if you use any) and I just start feeling good . That’s how I motivate myself

What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?

UmeHabiba778’s Profile PhotoUme Habiba Hashmi.
QUESTION: A woman got d!vorce on the wedding night because because she didn't bleed. Her husband accused her for z!na but she never did wrong in her life. There is tradition putting white cloth on bed to check the bride bleed or not if she didn't then she get divorced. What Islam say about this?
ANSWER: This is absolutely prohibited and has nothing to do with Islam!
If it is to prove that she is v!rgin and to get the blood on it, this is sinful and a disgrace for the woman and her family. If a woman does not bleed after intercourse, this does not mean that she is not a virg!n as not every woman bleeds after intercourse!
The vast majority of v!rgins don't bleed nowadays either due to the nature of the hymen that doesn't break from the first night or due to the fact that it was broken due to playing sports, bicycle riding etc.
If he accused her of z!na, she must take him to the muslim court where he either produces 4 make witnesses that had seen her forn!cating with a man or he will be flogged 80 la*shes for slandering a Muslim woman!
SubhanAllah this is islam.

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لا تحقّرن الذنوب الصغيرة ، إن الجبال من الحصى :)

safaa1329434’s Profile PhotoSafaa Emam
أنا عارفة ان كلامي ممكن مايعجبش بعض الناس، بس الصح صح ولازم يتقال ..
"الـ Micro blading والـ Tattoo والـ Permanent Lashes والـ Acrylic ..
كل دول حرام يا جماعة، حرام.
وده مش كلامي، دي فتاوى.
وفيه حاجات مش بيعرفوا يشيلوها في الغُسل وبيدفنوا البنات بيها".
والـ makeup بره البيت وقلع الحجاب ف الفرح واللبس الضيق والشفاف والرقص برضو حرام.
وفرض عين على كل واحدة تعرف دينها وتسعى انها تتعلم .. مش بقول تبقى فقيهة بس ع الأقل أوي (ما لا يسع المسلم جهله) ودي موجودة ف كذا حتة تقدر تسمعها وتتعلمها.
أي واحدة بتسأل على مكان تجيب منه أو تعمل فيه أي حاجة حرام .. كل اللي هايساعدها هايتحاسب على الحاجة دي.
يعني لو بنت بتسأل على Makeup artist عشان تعمل makeup في الشارع ف اللي هايقولها ويساعدها هاياخد ذنبها، ونفس الكلام ف الـ Hair stylist والـ Micro blading أو الـ Acrylic أو الـ Tattoo أو أي حاجة تانية حرام.
لو حد دخل قال حرام من حرصه على غيره بشكل لطيف بيتهاجم ويقولوا بيحجروا ع الناس .. طب ما هي اللي سألت الناس وطالبة رأيهم يا بنتي وهو ده رأيهم واللي شايفينه.
لا تقولي أي حاجة تانية غير انه حرام عشان We are so open minded وانت كدة قِفل ومعقدة.
-إعمليهم ف بيتك لنفسك ولزوجك بعد كده إنما متتزينييش بره بيتك لحد .. انتي مش فاهمه كام واحد بيشوفك وانتي بتشيلي ذنب وأهلك بيشيلوا ذنب معاكي علشان سابوكي تخرجي كده ..
وأخيرًا .. لو فيه ناس عايزة تعمل الحرام قدامكم ف لو مش هاتنصحوا بلاش تساعدوهم عليه يا جماعة وماتعاونوش بعض ع الحرام .. كفاية ذنوبنا احنا مش ناقصين كمان نشيل وزر حد.
الوضع هايبقى صعب أوي لما نيجي يوم القيامة يتقال "وليحملن أثقالهم وأثقالا مع أثقالهم"، صعب وتقيل ومحدش قادر يشيل شيلته عشان يشيل شيلة غيره.
ربنا يهدينا جميعا ويثبّتنا يارب.

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Минифлешмоб🎧😎 я пишу любую букву, а ты подбираешь 5 песен, которые начинаются на неё🎹🎼. Буква - А☘️

BUZZCOCKS - A1 Boredom
Meja — All 'Bout the Money
Nine Lashes — Anthem Of The Lonely
Linkin Park — A Place for My Head
Theory Of A Deadman — all of nothing
P.S. Никто не говорил, что песни должны быть на русском, ахаха
Тебе на В :Р

Pytanie do dziewczyn: Polecicie jakiś tusz do rzęs z efektem sztucznych rzęs, ale nie rozmazujący się i nie rozpuszczający pod wpływem potu? Tylko nie wodoodporny, bo ciężko mi się zmywają.

MAYBELLINE Tusz Do Rzęs Sky High,
Loreal paris volume million lashes classic,
Max factor false lash effect,
Lovely pump up,
Wibo Boom Boom,

Pytanie do dziewczyn: Polecicie jakiś tusz do rzęs z efektem sztucznych rzęs, ale nie rozmazujący się i nie rozpuszczający pod wpływem potu? Tylko nie wodoodporny, bo ciężko mi się zmywają.

Używam kilku, ale mogę polecić z Maybelline Sky&High, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture i Maybelline New York Lash Sensational. 😀

On a scale from 1-10 how much do u think u idiolize physical beauty , and if possible leave some words of how u perceive physical beauty anyway ?

brainyheart1’s Profile PhotoNot a care in the world
Okay i want to be honest about this as i am suffering from perfectionism for me i want to be the most beautiful woman as any other woman so i think about idealizing physical beauty alot i will go with ten but when it comes to acts i do not really want to load myself to fit the crazy standards i have in my head about physical beauty so i will go with five or even four as for women it is extremely painful if you want to be attractive and beautiful but for others i do not judge according to looks i care more about deeds and incorporeal beauty you know what i mean and and for the other part of the answer words for my perception of physical beauty is in good acceptabl body shape clean good hair good tall eye lashes eye brows too and good teeth but everyone needs to know that the society standards of physical beauty is very hard to achieve and impossible to maintain the physical beauty never lasts sorry for the long answer but i always felt that i need to explain more to be understood 🖤🖤🖤

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في نوع رموش حلو جدا اسمه house of lashes هيناسبك اكتر وجميل جدا الحواجب ممكن تستخدمي بودر جل بني هليق عليكي اكتر وممكن تستعملي فاونديشن وبلاشر روز والروج خليه غامق مش فاتح عشان بشرتك فاتحة

هو انا مش بستخدم رموش ف الاصل ولاحتي بعرف احطها وبالنسبه للحواجب كذلك مبعرفش استخدم بودر الحواجب مبحبوش كمان 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂 ال فاونديشن ممكن اه والبلاشر يعني لانه بسيط عشان حبوبي .. الروجات بقي انا بحب الغامق جدااا بس عادي علي حسب المود يعني ممكن احط فاتح 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ 💙
+4 answers in: “انتي قمر وكيوت جدا في حاجات بسيطة ولو عملتيها هتكوني قمر اكتر ينفع اقولها _؟”

*He tears at them with claws and fangs and lashes out with magic but the grip on his leg keeps tightening until there's a sick snapping sound and the shade howls in agony @bookworm_elf *

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*You sick bast--*
They start dragging him away again, this time hopefully uninterrupted.
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+13 answers in: “*One thing Shadow didn't plan for is the tentacle creature in the temple, he doesn't know it's there and he Might have gotten in range*”

🌸 Od jakiegoś czasu mam wenę do odświeżenia moich playslist. Może podzielisz się tutaj piosenką, która ostatnio wpadła Ci w ucho? Gatunek nie ma znaczenia!

xwercikx_03’s Profile PhotoWeronika
Trochę tych piosenek jest, mogę polecić na przykład te:
The Weekend - Im Your Eyes
Nine Lashes - Memo
My Darkest Days - Set It On Fire

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