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Have you ever taken on a leadership role of any kind? How well do you think you do / did? 🤝📣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yeah, and it went OK. I'm good at organising and getting things done, but I don't like bossing people around and I actually don't like relying on others to do aspects of a task if I don't know them REALLY well, so... It wasn't the most comfortable experience.
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Have you ever taken on a leadership role of any kind? How well do you think you do / did? 🤝📣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yeah ... I have worn many hats through my student hood and work life ... Being a leader and pulling the team work was many times a necessary part 😂 .... I think I did well because I received good reviews of my educational and professional works from jurors and clients.... And that's motivated me to move forward and work better than before as well 🙂
Have you ever taken on a leadership role of any kind How well do you think you

Have you ever taken on a leadership role of any kind? How well do you think you do / did? 🤝📣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have, though I wouldn’t say I was a natural leader.
I understand it as an art, and have been a trainer of youth leaders/workers, run leadership weekend courses, and did my Duke of Edinburgh Basic Expedition Leadership training, for example. I’ve adapted to that role at various times as required.

Have you ever taken on a leadership role of any kind? How well do you think you do / did? 🤝📣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
In my age 14-15 in summer camps I was leader of group of children in age 7-8, they loved me! 😁👍... And after age 25 I am leader of my own family in 90% and they love me too! 💟 I think I manage them quite successfully, they were never hungry, they are wearing clean and ironed cloth, both children finished Universities and are nice and kind people! 🥰 (And my husband has not divorced me yet! 😅)
Have you ever taken on a leadership role of any kind How well do you think you

AU-Zeit: In welchem Hogwarts-Haus wäre dein Götterfunken OC? 🦁🦡🦅🐍

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
(ich orientiere mich auch mal an levis antwort-art c:)
🦡tatsächlich finde ich hufflepuff bei nate gar nicht unpassend, trotz seiner passiv aggressiven, provokanten und generell nicht besonders zuvorkommenden art :’D hufflepuffs value hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty (danke wikipedia) und da haben wir schon mal drei von vier punkten, die zu nate passen! (mit der geduld hat er’s nicht so, aber loyalität ist so ziemlich sein key-trait haha)
🦅ravenclaw fühle ich weniger bei nate. schule lief halbgott-typisch schlecht und auch wenn er definitiv smart ist, würde ich ihm nicht den intellekt von einem ravenclaw zutrauen. sorry baby
🦁gryffindor gibt mir mixed feelings: nate ist zwar mutig - aber nicht immer, er ist stolz - aber auch sein größter kritiker und naja, gryffindor hat irgendwie für mich immer extrovertierter main character vibe (absolutes klischee, i know und trifft ja nicht mal auf harry selbst zu) und das sehe ich bei nate nicht.
🐍was die list und die tricksereien und das einzelkämpfer denken der slytherins angeht, würde nate tatsächlich ziemlich gut in das haus passen. allerdings steht auf jeder seite, die ich gerade anschaue etwas von strong leader oder leadership qualities und da ist nate raus :’D

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Consigli serie con poche stagioni

La serie "The Bear" ha una trama con molte sfumature e diverse storie di personaggi che interagiscono tra loro in modo molto interessante. La trama è molto ben scritta e il personaggio principale, Carmen, è molto ben sviluppato offre una visione autentica e vibrante della vita in una cucina professionale. La sua rappresentazione degli ostacoli e delle difficoltà che gli chef devono affrontare per mantenere il livello di una cucina di lusso è realistica e appassionata. Inoltre, la storia è avvincente e i diversi personaggi sono ben caratterizzati e ben scritti. La serie mi ha inoltre trasmesso l'importanza della perseveranza, della tenacia e della resilienza, oltre che delle abilità di leadership. Per questi motivi, consiglio con piacere la serie "The Bear".
Consigli serie con poche stagioni

rq; you muse’s enneagram [ https://www.idrlabs.com/it/enneagramma-open-source/test.php ]

tipo 8: competitivo-leader
i tipi otto valorizzano capacità e potere. sono guidati dal bisogno di essere forti e in controllo. si impegnano per risoluti e determinati, prendendo il comando in modo sicuro facendo ciò che deve essere fatto. nel migliore dei casi, i tipi otto sono coraggiosi e assertivi, offrendo leadership e guida a chi li circonda. in generale, i tipi otto possiedono grande assertività e leadership. ottengono spesso la padronanza del proprio ambiente e sono visti come leader a cui ispirarsi in grado di far vedere agli altri il quadro completo della situazione, guidandoli verso obiettivi proficui.
rq you muses enneagram  httpswwwidrlabscomitenneagrammaopensourcetestphp

Some people say that men age better than women, and remain attractive longer. Do you agree?

Partially, I do. And that’s because men don’t stress that much like we do. And because in this society men are more entitled than women. Women have to work harder to get promoted to a leadership position (from where stress, anxiety or depression) when for men is much simpler.
Also men don’t express their feelings that much like women and they don’t tend to take everything so personally. Some of them are dramatic and stuff but mostly they just don’t give a sh*t🤣😁

What's your favorite number?

r1yaa’s Profile Photo⁑M⁑o⁑k⁑k⁑a⁑
17 I am born on 17 February so 17
1 is leo number .they have leadership qualities , they are known for their originality . they do things their unique way set example
7 is number of moon. They are creative energies. They are truth seeker .they are blessed with detective skills , they solve difficult mystery with such ease which seem impossible to many.

What makes someone a betrayer in your eyes? what values makes someone unworthy of leadership? what traits do you despise seeing in others?🤫

monna_1999_’s Profile Photo✮ Muna ✮
I really do not like meanness, betrayal and hypocrisy in people. There were friends who lied and were hypocritical, treating me terribly disrespectful. I no longer communicate with such people who can betray me and tell big lies.
Я дуже не люблю підлість, зраду та лицемірство в людях.
Були друзі, які мені брехали, лицемірили, відносились до мене з неповагою. З такими людьми, які можуть зрадити мене та крупно збрехати я вже не спілкуюсь.
What makes someone a betrayer in your eyes what values makes someone unworthy of

🍂 Wednesday 7th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"Releasing your free spirit is the only way you can get high on life everyday."
- Tony Kelbrat, A Free Spirit's Search for Enlightenment.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "Free spirit is not only free but knows itself as free. It wills nothing but itself or the realisation of its freedom."
- Unknown.
• "Only when the ultimate insight has been achieved, are we free to pursue our life as a free spirit unattached to earthly existence."
- Erik Van Praag, Spiritual Leadership.
Wednesday 7th September 2022

Imran Ahmed khan niazi?

Riqra’s Profile PhotoRiqra
Never thought I would see someone standing up to the corrupt and sick Military Leadership in Pakistan 🇵🇰
The Man the Legend 🙌🔥🔥🔥
Imran Ahmed khan niazi
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Do you tend to sort your trash / recycle? How does trash collection work where you live, like are you encouraged to sort? ♻️🗑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
> Do you tend to sort your trash / recycle?
Yes and as a conservationist, I would encourage others to do the same.
> How does trash collection work where you live, like are you encouraged to sort?
Unfortunately, the recycling program here in NYC leaves a great deal to be desired and our Department of Sanitation has done an abysmal job of it. The city has been dirtier than ever and while many residents are to be commended for making positive contributions, I'm afraid that the city's poor management and lack of leadership has hampered their efforts. At any rate, I continue to do my part and I am very pleased that others are also devoting their time and energy to this endeavor. 👍
Do you tend to sort your trash  recycle How does trash collection work where you

اخر "COPY" "انا بحاجة اليه مهما كان" وهعتبره اشارة ليا"

basmamohamed2001’s Profile PhotoBasma Mohamed
❖ Teamwork skills Course from Edrak.
❖ Effective leadership and effective management course from Edrak.
❖ Emotional intelligence and leadership course from Edrak.
❖ The six axes of success course From Edrak.
❖ Problem solving and decision making course from Edrak .
❖ Communication skills course from Edrak.
❖ Leadership skills course from Edrak.
❖ How to be HR course with coach Ahmed Akil.
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Thoughts about Minal Khan?

I don't support celebrities and Alhamdulilah I never waste my time on them. I don't care what trends they are running or what they said earlier to annoy people. It doesn't matter to me because I don't look towards them as a mentor. For me, only people with a good and clear character are mentors. The people who are struggling Muslims are my heroes. That's it. But there is something that I want to talk about and it's actually in favor of some actress. It's just that the people of Pakistan are making memes and mocking someone today for posting someone else's story as her own while they have no right to do that. But they think they do, so basically they are all being ignorant. It's not the first time and not going to be the last one too. But this is wrong.
Like did that specific person commit/do something offensive? No, not at all. But the rate of lifelessness is so high that people have got literally nothing to do other than discussing someone's life in Pakistan. I think that the "kartoot" (actions) of the people living in this country state clearly that they deserve the current imported leadership. Every kind of evil is present here. People here have no manners. No respect for others. No etiquettes. They just want to become famous by roasting others and disclosing someone's private life. May Allah punish or guide the people who destroy others' lives. I have literally no sympathy for such people. In a lawless country, it is not rare. But in a modest civilization, it is a punishable act; a crime to attack on someone's life.
#MinalKhan #KylieJenner #MentalHealth #Media

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Thoughts about Minal Khan

I regret, I was born in Pakistan.

This graph clearly tells Pakistan what a leader we lost -- A man who bore all political cost and would have taken it further as well - but no aap ko hi shauq tha na constitution constitution khelna
u can mock him , ridicule him , alienate him - the numbers on the books speak for them selves - What a man. He had the trust of masses who despite being pissed at him understood he might be doing the right thing and he did - he absolutely did .
the problem with current govt is people dont trust them one bit every future PM will be looked up at this threshold - many wont make it close . Call him whatever you like facts dont change
For the indecisvie PMLN leadership just see how the Ex PM fought everyone in coivd - What a leader - class apart
he literally fought every one - Imran Khan is the one we badly need right now as well

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I regret I was born in Pakistan

Is Imran khan going to be PM again?

Before giving out my opinion on this i would want to clear my stance. I with all my consciousness intact would admit that i don’t support any leadership or democratic party and this confession was just to base my opinion on unbiasedness.
Keeping history in mind and the current political factors it is highly unlikely that Imran will come back in next elections, i only see his party getting 30-50 odd seats in next elections.
Why is this likelihood?
I as an observer always saw imran’s narrative being very hard and supporting one specific class, it was his narrative back then in 2016-2017 which led him not to sit with opposition where even he him self felt the need to sit and figure out deadlocks. Unfortunately in democracy hard line narratives have tendency to fail at large because at some point in time you are stuck to figure out deadlocks. Once again when Imran saw the paradox shift he once again took a hard liner, mocking the already mocked as being traitors but this time around he does not have the extra-terrestrial support he had back in. 2017-2018 elections which will definitely reflect in upcoming elections.
In my opinion big names who were very close to him might leaving PTI thus leading to intra-party crises which at this stage is very crucial keeping elections in mind.
I as a neutral observe would really want Imran khan to gather potential people, some new faces, some honest and educated electable.
What’s done is done, we as individuals want Pakistan to prosper and we as nation want good sense to prevail.
*long live Pakistan*

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Ehab kia bany ga is political crises ka?👀

All eyes on Supreme court verdict, hoping it turns out in favour of Pakistan. Nothing is above the constitution, no party affiliation, no symbolic leadership or anything else. If they are traitors who were sentenced to be involved in changing regime then you who broke the constitution brutally are no less.
I deeply wish that the verdict comes out soothing, move-over in favour of the state, else fear the unwanted and be ready to witness (1960,1979 &1999).
May Allah protect Pakistan form any unforeseen circumstances. 🙏🏽

☝🏻 Do you like telling others what to do?

Not really, I’ve usually preferred where possible to frame things as teamwork (shared leadership) rather than giving strict instructions, unless I was teaching or something. Even then I’m not really bossy about it.
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Be truly honest, are you happy where you are right now?

There was a particular girl that I had a massive crush on; she invited me out to a dance bar. She showed up with her girlfriends, and everything started off great. But then I slowly began to realize they didn't even acknowledge me. I speak, but I'm never heard. Eventually, they stopped paying attention to me. I felt so excluded. I broke down crying at the thought that I could not escape my loneliness. I can't continue to live my life alone. But luckily, some strangers were there to comfort me before things got worst. No. I'm turning 30 soon and I haven't achieved what I had hoped to by this stage. A had a big dip in my mental health a few years ago so part of me is just grateful that I'm still here to keep trying.
Getting there. I won't say every day is better than the last, there are ups and downs in the noise but the general trend is great.
Not at all: mid thirties, single, working a life sucking job. I guess I could be better.
I'm happier, but not quite where I want to be yet. Shit needs sorting out.
I'm not happy all the time every single day and I think it's pretty weird if someone is, but overall I really enjoy my life and I'm pleased with what I have.
No. But I have faith I’ll be alright in the end. Same as everyone else.
I did come from outside. It's the feeling of being lonely around people that gets me the most.
No, I'm not. And honestly it feels like my loneliness is inescapable.
Maybe I should say, I like what my job should be, but I am unhappy with what it has become. My employer continues to grow and grow and we continue to cut heads in the name of efficiency. In many cases, it works. However, the position I have once had several managers beneath it. Now it does not. There were a few that were extraneous due to poor leadership by my predecessor. However, two of them where very necessary and they both represented 40hrs/week worth of work. I now do all of that, plus my director's job. It should be a joy, but it's a nightmare right now.
I'm sure there are some people who get that out of their jobs, but I never felt that would be me. I've always felt like you could take any task and turn it into a 40 hour a week commitment and it would turn into a grind eventually. Like, when I'm not working I like to spend time with my wife and daughter, but if my only job was to be a stay at home dad I don't think I would enjoy it. I like to do some gaming when I have free time, but if you made that my job I think it would remove some of the enjoyment for me. If my salary depended on my ability to play the game at a high level the pressure of the situation could easily make it less enjoyable for me. My goal has been to find something tolerable that gives me the best compensation to enjoy my free time and isn't so demanding on my time that I can't enjoy a healthy work-life balance.
I wouldn't say I find happiness at work, but I never really planned to.

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May God take revenge on the Egyptian military intelligence leadership, the owners of injustice and humiliation

Will you stfu about Egypt and religion. I've only asked you like a dozen or more times now. I don't care.
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عايز كورسات تؤهلني ابقى شخصيه قياديه بشغلي و اكون مدير ناجح

خد كورس leadership and team work skills من ادراك، وكمان كورس الذكاء العاطفي والقيادة على ما اتذكر دا اسمه هم 3 مسارات ف الذكاء العاطفي فى واحد منهم يخص العمل هو دا.

Com'è iniziato questo lunedí?🦚

soul_in_love’s Profile Photoanastasia taranu
Be con notizie che la gran Bretagna in caso di sanzioni comunque ha detto che congelera' i beni dei grandi oligarchi. Poi leggevo che in Canada il ministro Trudeau lo hanno dovuto mettere in un luogo sicuro lrr le proteste dei camionisti che praticamente sembra che chi entra in Canada deve essere completamente immunizzati. Poi leggevo che di maio e conte litigano. Di maio vuole la leadership

Gaes gimana yaa cara ngadepin bos/atasan kalo ada masalah selalu yang disalahin pegawainya? Padahal sebelumnya udah ngomong tapi nggak direspon, kalo sudah terjadi baru pegawai yang disalahkan. Aku ngebatin mulu kerja, udh serasa keeja serabutan keluar dari jobdesk. hampir gakuat mental aku kena🥺🥺

Ini susah sih. Soalnya memang banyak tipikal atasan yang kayak gini. Kalau aku secara personal bakal sambil cari kerjaan lain. Begitu dapet, mending mengajukan resign. Karena buatku kerja tu ngga cuma cari uang, tapi juga cari pengalaman, belajar pengetahuan baru, meningkatkan skill, dan punya hubungan yang baik sama rekan kerja. Tapi kalau kerja udah bikin kesehatan mental memburuk, kenapa harus dilanjutkan :'
Tapi kalau posisinya ngga bisa resign, ya paling sebisa mungkin ngga melakukan kesalahan. Jadi nanti pasti makin kelihatan kalau yang salah itu bukan pegawai, tapi dia dan skill leadership dia.
Semangat ya kamu!! 🤗
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If you told someone to ‘be a leader and not a follower’, wouldn’t they become a follower by following your advice?

Yeah, leadership comes from inner instinct, not from someone's advice, It can assist them by encouraging them more but mostly they have to take action to become a leader☺️
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Pny kenalan yg udh jd kartap di slah satu bank trs dia masih ngelamar krjaan lg di bank lain, knp ya? Baiknya biar yg belom punya kerjaan gk sih yg dikasih kesmpatan kasihan yg belom pnya kerjaan

hunnyloey2’s Profile Photohunnyloey
Loh?? 😅 Nder hidup itu serba bersaing, apa lagi di dunia kerja. Walaupun udah jadi pegawai tetap bukan berarti mulus mulus aja hidupnya, tetep punya problem juga. Apa lagi kerja sama orang, pasti ada tekanannya dan setiap individu itu unik, lagi pula setiap individu juga ga sama dalam ngehandle atau mengontrol masalah yang mereka alami.
Kebanyakan kenapa orang yang udh kerja tetap masih nyari kerjaan itu pasti karna punya rasa 'ketidakpuasan' dan bahkan ada penelitian dari Harvard
Business Essentials (2002) yg mengemukakan beberapa alasan pengunduran diri karyawan diantaranyayaitu:
- The company's leadership shift
- Conflict with immediate supervisor
- Close friends leave
- An favorable change of responsibilities
Cr.Jurnal orang. lupa gua punya siape
So siapapun yang belum kerja jangan malah menyalakan orang yang udh kerja tapi tetep nyari pekerjaan lain, hidup makin kesini yang dibutuhin tu ya kenyamanan, jadi wajar mereka tetep ngambil kesempatan dari peluang yang ada sampe mereka nemu yang mereka cari, nah yang pengangguran mah ya cari kerja klo mau kerja.
Kompeten kan dirimu sendiri agar mampu bersaing sama orng yang ada pengalaman kerjanya di cv. Ga guna klo cuma berkoak nyari keadilan di balik kalimat "kasih kesempatan, kan kasihan yang belum kerja" lmao mending rebahan bareng gue aja dah nikmati hidup sebagai pengangguran dari pada sibuk nyalahin orang lain 😅
Btw aku nulis panjang lebar gini biar semoga kamu bisa sedikit nemu jawaban 'kenapa' yg bikin kamu heran begitu, ga bermaksud menggurui. Maafin juga klo kalimat aku diatas ada yg nyakiti perasaan kamu 😔

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Fais le portrait d'une personne que tu admires.

Christine lagarde is not particularly popular, she is a technocrat. But she is also an incredibly bryant woman, the least of her achievements is to have been an national medallist of synchronised swimming at 15 years old. She comes from a modest family. She has headed one of the largest American law firms and served as French minister three times. She has some skeleton in her closet, such as the credit Lyon and Orange, but it is the case for all French politician in office in the 90s.
It seems to me that no one has found any serious reason to disagree with her leadership of the IMF. She seems to be the perfect candidate for this position. That latter is actually her main weakness, in some areas she will not act where she should have acted. I reckon that’s a relieve to some, compared with her predecessor. Personally I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that she is a woman that she received the position, no they like her, because they like her. It’s a strength, but every strength can also be a weakness.
I think she is very intelligent and a capable woman and as the managing director for the IMF she was surely very competent and made an impression that she was really in charge and that is not an easy task for a former very male dominated institution as the IMF really was.
I have a very high opinion of Christine Lagarde: A lawyer of international experience, she manages to be assisted by people who are always more competent than her in their specific area, she listens carefully, and then she decides quickly. Once, she decided too quickly but it won’t happen again, see the Bernard Tapie case in France. At the IMF she gained exactly the kind of experience to manage the European Central Bank.
Christine Lagarde is a highly intelligent person and I’m sure she was a great lawyer. The only criticism I would have about her and most likely anyone else who is appointed to this role, are all from the same school of thought. I thought her role in the dealing with the crisis in Greece showed that she didn’t have any independent thoughts about the way forward, and followed the German vision of a solution. But as she is there to do the bidding of her masters, she will be fine.
Ms. Lagarde is extremely talented, street smart with serious political savvy and usually very objective and goal oriented.
She is often able to relate and connect to wide range of political and corporate honchos, always while navigating a treacherously thin rocky trail. She has come to earn a lot of support and political capital with her collaboration and active involvement during the days of 2008 Financial Crisis. She kept an open mind while asserting IMF’s role effectively in what ensued. It was not pretty and it was critical that the big economies continue to collaborate in face of imminent collapse, while making sure the global economy doesn’t get cooked up in the process.

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What will you never do?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
Give you up. Let you down. Run around and desert you. Make you cry. Say goodbye. Tell a lie and hurt you.
Participate in a scripted reality. I'd rather walk my own path and possess my own thoughts/senses.
Get married again. Not get involved with someone who has kids. Nope, never again. Like playboy and stuff. Throughout my career I've met some really, REALLY creepy photographers... and I can only imagine how creepy they'd be if I actually did take off my clothes. I'll never ever model nudes.... I learned my lesson! LOL Because it randomly came to my mind: Take pictures of people and upload to the internet without their consent.
Because I am ultimately impossible to love, due to mental illness, and also not equipped to bear responsibility for the raising of a child.
All I could ever do is bring someone down with me, and I refuse to put myself in any situation where that is a possibility.
Kill someone. I have a pact with one of my friends but I would never kill him because then blood would be on my hands. I wouldn't kill someone even if it meant that I would die.
In hindsight.. I’m almost positive I had alcohol poisoning. It was a Saturday night. And the world stopped moving weird on Thursday the following week.. amazingly, I pulled the trigger at like 2 in the morning, and fell asleep. That was the only time I threw up. I woke up in the morning and was like.. holy shit I feel like a bag of mashed up assholes.. ok, im gonna take a shower, 4 Advil and feel so much better.. nope.. 5 days before I felt like I was ok. My wife had to drive home from the city that morning.. and my brother in-law asked for a ride home (25 minutes from our house).. had my hoodie on with the hood pulled tight around my face the whole ride. Couldn’t see straight... so dizzy!
I will never again attempt to befriend someone just because I see them everyday, or have common interests, or share a common background. As long as they don't have any ambition or show any hint of inspiring others onward, I don't feel they align with me. I'm currently someone who's in a leadership role and inspiring my subordinates onward. There are people who benefit from my tutelage and advice. And my purpose is to help them. They are my priority. So I wish I could meet other leaders like myself. Who I can align with. Eating a half frozen pizza while drunk. I got really drunk at a party with a friend and when we got to my place we still kept drinking because we had a bottle of vodka and rum anyway so why not eh? So it's like 6am at this point and we're half passed out on the couch. I get the brilliant idea to get one of those Dr Oetker pizzas out of the freezer and heat it up in the microwave. My drunk ass didn't do it right and it came out half frozen but ate it anyway. 2 hours later I sat on the toilet with a bucket in front of me. Shat and puked so hard.

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La femme doit elle obéir à son mari?

Only if the husband also serves the wife without question. Marriage should be equal. Noone the master and noone the slave. So no. A marriage where one serves the other without question is not a marriage. It's a disfunctional relationship and should be ended as soon as possible.
My husband is actually not a Christian, but just today demonstrated a very nice example of taking leadership in a situation that required it. I have a very bad strain of Lyme disease that was staved off with only two weeks of an antibiotic and my doctor refused to give me more. So the Lyme comes back occasionally and flares up with arthritis-like symptoms in my hip. It usually only lasts 1-2 days and then I'm back to normal and completely pain-free for a year or more. It's back right now with a vengeance, and I keep sitting on a big stuffed couch all curled up and then trying to move and thinking "Crap... my hip is locked... this is extremely painful... and I am stuck." Getting in/out of a vehicle is especially tricky and my husband has had to pull me out of chairs a couple times since yesterday. I AM 27 YEARS OLD AND MOVING LIKE I'M 90!! Very frustrating. A big family party was planned for today and I was planning to spend the day cooking and visiting. Without telling me, my husband quietly texted his mom and told her we won't be there today. Now while I wish he had talked to me first about it, and while I was mad he cancelled when we already said we'd be there, when I think about how my day has suddenly transformed to sitting quietly not having to cook or run around all day, I'm grateful for his leadership and the way he took command of the situation. He knew I WANTED to go. He also knew that I really CAN'T go. Sometimes you need someone else to look out for you and be an advocate for you when you don't advocate for yourself. When the husband is thinking in the best interests of his wife, the dual roles leadership and following can really be a joyful thing.
My parents are a fantastic example of this. My stepdad is absolutely the leader, and though it was completely against every instinct of hers, my mom had learned to submit. It doesn't mean that he micro manages every decision that she makes, nor does it mean that she keeps all opinions and ideas to herself. He values the God in her just as much as the God in himself and trusts the Lord to confirm things within both of them. He's ultimately the one to make the decision, and in their early years, there were a couple of times where he had to go against what she said to make sure they obeyed God. I know that once they were there though, the Lord dealt with her and she got on board real quick. There is so much love and respect between them that submitting to him is no issue and valuing her, and her opinions, comes naturally.

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هل الشخصية الكارزمية الها علاقة اكثر بالجينات؟

كل صفات الشخصية هي ناتج تداخل معقد بين الجينات والبيئة(Nature vs Nurture) ،الجينات تلعب دور اكبر بتحديد الصفات بشكل عام بس مو لكل الصفات وماتحدد كل شي -راح انزل شلون ندرس تاثير الجينات و البيئة بسؤال منفصل.
ممكن نسهل الجواب على سؤالك لو حاولنا نجزء الشخصية الكارزمية لمكوناتها لأن هي(الكاريزما) بالاخير مو صفة قائمة بمفردها
اعتقد نتفق انه الشخصية الكارزمية تكون قيادية ،في دراسة تربط نوع محدد من القيادة ( Transformational leadership ) بجينات محددة ،يعني الاشخاص العدهم هاي الجينات يكونون قيادين بالفطرة ..عكس الناس الي ماعدهم هاي الجينات https://research.aston.ac.uk/en/publications/dopamine-empathy-and-the-neurobiology-of-leadership
الجينات تلعب دور كبير ايضا بالسيلف كونفدنس ،والي يعتبر مكون مهم للكارزما.
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dibohongin sama orang yang paling kamu percaya is another level of kecewa. i swear, it really hurts.

Seringkali gua bolos kuliah buat ke Jkt ikut kegiatan kek leadership program gitu, klau gak ktemu sma bbrpa orng penting di idup gua yg tahu segala hal buruk gua, dosa gua, negativity gua, true colour gua, iya mereka, mreka yg ga ad akhlak.
Tama-Evan-Yuda, btw kami ber-4 itu sma-sma broken home HAHA, kita senasib dan sevisi misi😂
Bolos kuliah demi ktemu mreka, mnurut gua ya wajar2 saja, tpi kali itu beneren beda, wktu itu gua udh dipertengahan semester dan ada yg namanya mid test atau UTS (Ujian Tengah Semester) . Tpi si Evan tiba2 minta buat ngumpul, ktanya ada msalah dn btuh teman buat ngilangin itu. Gua bilang kalau ga penting2 amat nanti aja, tnggu gua selesai UTS, tp yg lain pda ngebet bngt pen ngumpul, si Tama jga bilang kalau dia ada UTS jga tpi rela kok gaikut demi kita kita. Yowes lah, aku iain, kbetulan smua pada mau dn bakalan lengkaplengkap, Kpan lgi coba yakan/? mana Evan lgi ada di masa yg kacau-kacau bgt, He absolutely needs us. Terus gua langsung dibeliin tiket sma Evan. Sesampai di Jkt, eh si Yuda datang cmn sehari doang dan Tama malah gajadi datang, alasan nya soalnya dia bneran ada UTS dan gbsa ditinggalin, lah? Dia anggep gua apa? Gua ada UTS jga, tp bodohnya gua, krna bodoh bgt gua malah ninggalin UTS, dia berdalih dan beralasan katanya IT* sma Unh*s beda. Anj*ng bngt, gua malas bahas2 institusi tempat kuliah, gua kek direndahin, lu kra di tmpt gua UTS gapenting apa, PENTING anjir! Gua merasa dikhianati, dia yg maksain harus dtang, tpi dia yg ga dtng. Kalau ngomong ambis, gua anak nya ambis banget, tpi gua inget temen aplgi dia yg maksa bgt ktanya mau ninggalin UTSnya juga, eh ujung2 nya 🐕 bgt orgnya. Kalau orang Makassar bilang "SIALA KO"

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Is there a field / subject you're especially knowledgable about? You mind saying something you know relating to that which you think most other people don't know? 🧠🤯

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well I guess Learning & Development (part of HR). Since that is my job. Kinda proud by how much I have learnt about it in just a year.
So in L&D we focus on employee development. Things I'm currently working on:
- Sponsorships
- Employee Appraisal
- Training system (involves data too)
- Employee engagement survey
- Skills framework (Identified 16 core critical skills all employees should have)
- Training programs
- Mentoring
- Values & culture workshop.
- Leadership programme
Literally gotta finish most of these projects by December. Probably why I don't have time for Ask.fm.

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