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Oh, Lyubochka, eu encontrei você, olá para você! Lembras-te que uma vez conversamos contigo em Lisboa, eu ainda pensava que procuravas um intérprete?

Hello my dear, oh, of course I remember you! 😁😁😁 If I saw the photo, then I would definitely remember you as a person. But unfortunately. Although, you know, yes, I remember you! But, I will answer your question, I will no longer fly to Portugal, for the reason that I decided to study in the Crimea and become a famous fashion designer. I love my job very much and learning is my thing. Did we study together by any chance? you know i don't need an interpreter at all. I am excellent at English. By the way, and you know that I have ceased to be painted at all. I don't like it, it's better to look natural. I wish you the very best! And all the best! ❤💔

Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your appearance? (Not a dig at anyone, inspired by something I'm looking into atm.)

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted a different nose! I’m learning to accept myself the way I am, but sometimes it’s hard considering a nose job is so accessible.
Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your

How do you type or answer questions, im curious.. Does someone help you?

I'm using screen readers to navigate through the virtual world, be it typing or knowing what's on my screen. In smartphones, there are built-in accessibility features and applications for the visually-impaired. In Android, it's called TalkBack. In Apple, it's called VoiceOver. And assistive applications that can be downloaded include TextGrabber, Lookout, Seeing AI and Be My Eyes.
A screen reader is a form of assistive technology that renders text and image content as speech or braille output. Screen readers are essential to people who are blind, and are useful to people who are visually impaired, illiterate, or have a learning disability.
TalkBack 101 - The Basics - The Blind Life
https://youtu.be/YJSWYLZD8EIAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EIAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EI
How To Navigate Your iPhone Or iPad With VoiceOver — Apple Support
https://youtu.be/qDm7GiKra28AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 qDm7GiKra28AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 qDm7GiKra28

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AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EIAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EI

What are your hobbies?

anonstar17654’s Profile Photoanonstar17654
Eat. Sleep. Read fictions. Write/Journal. Explore and listen to music. Surf the internet. Scroll through social media. Walk at a park and/or beach. Swim (more like float and attempt on frog style). Spend quality time with loved ones. Watch movies/shows/concerts. Experimental cooking. And as of lately, compose music.
I've revived my old Instagram photography account and been posting some of my music works. I've no music background and playing around for fun. I'm still learning on how to navigate through such things but rather contented with basic mixing at the moment.
Creative Instagram account:

Why do people not go after the ones they truly love & want to be with? Like why don’t they ever tell them how they feel?

Fear of failure.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of commitment.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of being responsible.
Fear of being held accountable.
Fear of love.
“Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.” ― Veronica Roth

Favorite Ben&Ben song?

kimseonhoswifey_’s Profile Photopeanut
“It’s a heartfelt song that gives a balance between understanding where the lover is coming from, and a gentle reassurance that the one singing the song is ready and sure, after learning a lot so far about life and love.”
Favorite BenBen song
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Tell me how your month has been so far? Even if it's been bad or good, I want to know 💖

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
My month had its ups and downs. Ups are usually on the weekends when I try to chill and the downs are at usually on days when I tried learning for my exam. That's not so entertaining but it needs to be done.
How was your month? I hope you had a pleasant time! ;)

What are your hobbies?

anonstar17654’s Profile Photoanonstar17654
I've discovered in the last few months that I really enjoy going to escape rooms or experiences, axe-throwing is another one I really like but I deffo need more practice at it! I like learning so museums/exhibitions are awesome. I have an interest in things that are paranormal, unexplained or mysterious and I also love digging into true crime cases. Criminology and psychology are big interests of mine so anything related to either I enjoy. I like making moodboards/browsing for inspo, finding new music an of course spending time with my animals. Plus naps 😋

What do you prefer automatic or stick shift car?

Trolian01’s Profile PhotoJonathan Quinonez
I can only drive an automatic. From the time I was a child until I turned a teenager, my dad would let me and my brother drive his stick shift car outside of our city. When we were too small, we would just sit on his legs and control the steering wheel, but one day I was too big for that and my dad put me to drive his car on my own. He still sat in the front passenger sit and was directing me. If I would practice regularly, I would be able to drive this type of car too, but for now, we have only automatic shift cars.
I would say that automatic is more comfortable, but I wouldn't mind learning the stick shift, in case I ever need it.
Me, when I was 10 y.o., driving a stick shift car 😁
What do you prefer automatic or stick shift car

How did you learn to speak English? How hard or easy was it for you?

As many other Spaniards, I learned English despite the education system, not because of it. I absorbed as much as I could from the school, which is pretty much a decent knowledge of the English grammar, an only because I was the bookworm type of kid. Most of my peers were perfectly able to sit through 8 years of English lessons and thousands of exercises without learning much. And, as it turns out, the passive voice isn't cool anymore, none of my teachers got the memo though. So, how did I learn? Mostly books (gotta read the latest Harry Potter book NOW), TV shows, and English language forums, as you can find much more people with much more interesting things to say. Spanish online forums used to be pretty shity, as nobody bothered to write more than one line and there was so few people. I also took advantage of some oportunities to travel to English speaking places for free (twice with scholarships and three times for work). I always tried to speak with as many people as possible in my visits, as oppossed to the ancestral Spanish custom of sticking with the pack of Spaniards and limiting English comunications to McFlurry purchases at McDonalds. At first, I learned mostly through books and video games (this was in the early 90s, so no internet yet). English classes in school started in fifth grade, but at that point I had already taught myself enough to occasionally spot mistakes the teachers made. My family moved to North America when I turned 13, and my English improved even further. During my time there my test scores in English were usually close to perfect, and I had no problems keeping up with the other students. I started having English dreams around that time, too. To this day, many of my dreams are entirely in English, even if they feature friends and family who don't really speak the language. When we returned three years later, my English was more or less at the level of a native speaker. My spoken English has probably gotten a bit rusty over the past decade, since I don't really use it much these days. Everything else is as good as ever, though, if not better. I can thank the internet for that, I guess. In school from grade 5 to 10 and then continued in high school (the equivalent) to grade 12. Up until that point my English was rather mediocre. But I continued to "learn" English by watching movies and shows in that language only with German subtitles and few years after that I switched to English subtitles - also (online) gaming and browsing websites in English language. Now ~7 years after finishing school my English is much better than it used to be and I consider it to be a language I am almost fluent in. It's still nothing compared to my native language in some or most cases though.

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Have you ever given someone a second chance? 😕Do you still believe in giving second chances after that experience? 🙃🙃

syeda9’s Profile PhotoSyeda
Well mistakes no matter how big they are they can be forgiven. People do odd hurtful things unintentionally doesnt mean every mistake has ro be punished.
This is called learning to be a human. So yes i do believe in that and i always will.🙃 What about u?

college programs u considered but end up didnt? why?

yellow_ishi’s Profile Photoishi
BS Chemistry, BS Biochemistry, BS Chemical Engineering, BS Agri-Chem, BS Nutrition... and to answer why, I chose my dream university.
Although, there was a chance to shift to BS Chem from the program they offered me, mas pinili ko mag-stay. I honestly appreciate and enjoy the process of learning huhu kahit mahirap, I'm so in love with my program 🤍
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What are you grateful for?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
My son, my partner, my friends, a roof over my head, food in my belly, opportunities for the future, music and books and video games and media, the communities I'm part of, and my own resilience: I've escaped numerous ab*sive people in my life, I am learning how to create myself and a life free from the cruelty I was conditioned by, I didn't die when I thought death was imminent, and I'm still breathing, learning, and loving. I try to remain mindful of all that, though it is so very hard at times.

What way of learning do you usually prefer? 📚👂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I learn best from doing, to be honest. I think it's why I've always been a quick learner with anything physical but have to work pretty hard in the world of academia. I can't learn things by rote, you know? I like to be able to watch someone do it or just figure it out myself. But just memorising words is a bloody nightmare, haha! Haven't got the patience, I'm useless.

Do you think new technology that replaces human labor on a large scale should be restricted?

stefanjarl’s Profile PhotoStefan
Sooner or later machines will replace all easy work. Right now there's no point to restrict it as machines still can't achieve brain level of a small kid (self learning, neuron activity, decision choice) that's why they need humans to operate them in non standard situations.

What way of learning do you usually prefer? 📚👂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm definitely more of a visual/audio style learner. I used to hate certain lessons at school cause it was more copy out of a textbook or take notes and that stuff never stayed in my brain. I don't mind reading or researching as long as it's not for long periods of time or the only style of learning.

How would you describe your own personality?

I am a gentle, kind-hearted, romantic, sympathetic and compassionate individual. I always look for people who are as kind hearted as I am. My friends say that I am kind hearted, caring and tender. My easy-going, kind-hearted temperament is ideally suited to working with people. I try to give an helping hand to all those who are most in need of a helping hand. Peiple say I am the sweetest, most kind-hearted person that they've ever known. I am broad-minded, kind-hearted, perfectly informed, clear-sighted and congenial. I loved experiencing the different cultures of the two prefectures and learning more about their kind-hearted people and Japan. I am so soothing, so smart, and do kind-hearted deep inside. I am kind-hearted, always nice and quiet and try my very best to be helpful to everyone I meet along the way. My master is a kind-hearted and sympathetic man, but, he didn't agree to help me.
You're a handsome, kind-hearted, young man, and any girl would be lucky to have you in her life.
A man of great modesty and shy by nature, he was kind-hearted and generous.
I have told many stories of the enterprising, generous and kind-hearted people that live in this community.
He was their kind-hearted teacher and mentor and guide from whom all drew inspiration.
She has a warm personality and she is very kind hearted.
Quick to laugh and kind hearted, I was a happy child.
I expect the man I am looking for will be be reliable, caring, intelligent and kind-hearted.
I’m a really open hearted, giving, loving person. Though I get wrapped up in emotions very easily and that sends me into a downward spiral of depression. I always want my love to be reciprocated which is so selfish I know. Another horrible thing about me is that I seek attention. I have a loud personality. Most people find me a lot of fun to be around but for some I might be too intense. I’m complicated 😐
People generally tell me that before they got to know me they were scared of me or thought I was cool. I personally just see myself as kind of distant and detached but I also care deeply about lots of things. Also I have really thin skin and it kind of shows.
This is a hard one. Most people that meet me, and even know me well, tell me I’m one of the nicest people they’ve ever met (I was voted “nicest person” in 8th grade) but I don’t feel that way at all. I feel like if they knew my thoughts, they wouldn’t believe that. I’m quite critical and cynical, though I mostly keep it in my thoughts and in my reddit comments, hahaha. I do try to be a good person though, and I would say I’m fairly generous and loyal. I care deeply, but that also means I get worked up over injustice easily.

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What way of learning do you usually prefer? 📚👂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’m very much a visual learner - so handwriting the information down and using colours or drawings to go with the info helps me remember it better, particularly colours, in truth. If I can visualise things in my mind’s eye, then that helps me a lot :)
That or learning by “doing” I suppose, the actual physical elements of learning something that’s hands on :)

What way of learning do you usually prefer? 📚👂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am a visual learner so anything with shapes or bright colours help me to take in information, I used to get told off a lot at school because I would be doodling while the teachers were trying to teach us until the head teacher realised that I was actually doodling the work, so like in science if we will learning about plants I would draw what we were learning about as well as write information about it, the head teacher had to explain to my teachers what I was doing, I didn't get told off after that 😊😊
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What way of learning do you usually prefer? 📚👂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I'm a haptic learner, so I need to see the context. I need to walk while I'm learning and I also need to speak to myself and repeat what I have read, to remind myself constantly of the context that I'm trying to learn more about.

What does "romantic love" mean to you?

People have been trying to describe love since forever and everything falls short. The songs, poems, pieces of beautiful music, monuments, art, IMO it still doesn't scratch the surface. To me it just feels like "home" or the perpetual sensation of falling. It's much more powerful than just a crush, much more frightening in its power than lust and it's almost like a permanent change on molecular level.
To me it means knowing after every fight you still care about them and even when stupidly angry you're knowing you'll work through this. It means giving up your free time to make this person happy because they are just so fucking important to you. Its about compromise. Its about late night laughter at stupid shit. Its about accepting they have flaws and thus realizing your own flaws are equally as annoying to them. To me, romantic love is just having someone there to share all these beautiful moments in this beautiful life with. I feel like I can love myself all I want, but when I see or experience something amazing and I look over (hypothetically speaking) and see that no one's there to experience it with me, it still feels awfully lonely. Maybe that means I don't love myself enough.
It never hurts to love yourself more, as I'm learning. Affirmations help, as does just sort of reminding myself that everything I'm doing is mothering myself in a way. I cook food for myself because I love myself. I read to myself because I love myself. That kind of thing. So if I'm seeing a beautiful moment, I'm doing it because I love myself, and that makes it feel not lonely (usually). However, I still want someone to share in those moments with too, and I still feel lonely about it once in awhile.
Edit: I think a lasting love is based on practicalities to no small degree. Common values, interests and experiences, or like interpretations of experiences. The overwhelming chemical reaction of physical attraction ensures the continuation of the species, but to have a companion, partner and confidante to go through life with joyfully is going to take more than surges of feelings. Never underestimate the value of unselfishness, and be prepared to sacrifice without rancor.
Love isnt the "wow she's awesome" after meeting someone. Love isnt the magical first date. Love isnt the infatuation with someone. Love is the enduring enjoyment of company with someone. Its wanting to cuddle even in the worst times, its wanting to comfort each other no matter the situation, it's all about sticking together no matter the hardships. Love is long term. I'm in an interesting phase in my life where I'm realizing for the first time that I don't need anyone else to feel perfectly fulfilled. For most of my life, I've leaned hard on romantic relationships to fill a void in me that turned out to be a lack of self-love (codependency). This turned romance into a sort of drug, and as my tolerance grew, the people I was with grew less attractive and newer love felt like a bigger and better hit.

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I cant speak russian 😅

Ciihano’s Profile PhotoC!han
What is stopping you from learning to speak our language?😁
Ещё не поздно научиться говорить на могучем языке всего мира 🌍.
I cant speak russian

Do you believe in unconditional love/the one/soulmates? Is there someone you will always love in a romantic sense no matter what?

I believe in all of those thangs'.... including a twin flame! I have one soulmate (my bf) and 2 people I would deem as twin flames (non-romantic, friendships)...
I feel like I will always love my bf... Even if we were to breakup... which GAWD... I hope not! O__O *knocks on would for good measure*... I would still love him... have love for him? Not sure if that would be the "romantic" love... Depends on how I "heal"... But, I would still care for him as if he is family/my best friend. I mean, he is SOOOoooo important to me, because he's helped shape me in so many ways... I've learned a lot from our relationship, and still am learning :) And that shan't be overshadowed!

Do you know any partner dances? If not, is it something you'd want to learn? If you do, how comfortable would you say you are dancing that way? 💃

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When I was attending dance courses I was learning cha-cha, jive, walz, polka, tango, foxtrot and čardáš :))) and from all these we usually dance walz and polka on our folk balls, I like these two the most haha - this is video how polka looks like ....
https://youtu.be/NcDprsVXmEALarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 172296270747 NcDprsVXmEALarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 172296270747 NcDprsVXmEA

What age did you get your first girlfriend?

My first was in high school so pretty early for a lesbian, but I haven't really had another real relationship since it ended so I feel pretty inexperienced now on my late 20s. I've gone on many dates but usually the ones I like don't want to go on second dates, and I haven't had any luck with hookups either... I'm so jealous of gay men because it seems like they are getting laid all the time and they have Grindr for that very purpose even. before corona I went to lesbian/queer women evenings at gay clubs every time they were arranged but I've never had any luck there even if I always try flirting with several women. The only ones who seem interested in me are straight men, women with penises, and other women and nb people that I'm just not into.
I must have been about 19 when I had my first girlfriend. Met her online after several months of no matches. Sometimes OLD can feel like a lot of effort especially for lgbt people as our dating pool is a lot smaller that straight peoples. Just try not to give up, you are still very young and like a lot have said its takes us a little longer to get into relationships compared to straights. Our dating experience is just a little different and requires more patience in my opinion. Dont give up, you will meet a wonderful woman one day.
I had a crush on the same (straight) girl for years in middle and high school. By the time I got around to admitting I had a crush on her, admitting she was straight, and getting over her it was my senior year of high school. I had my first “real” relationship around 18. At the time I felt like I was “running late” too, but in retrospect I was totally fine. Straight people get a head start on learning how to date and stuff because they don’t have to spend all that time figuring out their sexuality— they can just jump right in as teenagers. It’s normal for us to take a little longer. Figuring out that you’re gay is a whole extra step in the process! You’re totally fine. Good luck with everything!
I was 17. It was pretty bad, lasted about a month and a half. She was 16. Unknown to me at the time, she was using me to cheat on her 22-year-old boyfriend, and she told me after he dumped her for his 14-year-old ex. We didn't really like each other, as much as we liked making out. Found out that in the end, she was cheating on me with a guy in my homeroom.
I think it was a good relationship. Looking back at it, I just had a lot of issues that came up towards the end that I wasn't handling like I thought I was at the time. Issues caused stress, stress caused fights, which led to a breakup. I would still date her again if it happens at some point, given that I'm older (and so is she) and have more clarity, and the limited amount of times I talked to her since then we seem to still get along.

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