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how does this woman have a child if she's a lesbian? like she said she is lesbian and is currently dating a woman. so does that mean she also likes d*cks? cause she obviously didn't get preggo like Mary. she had to have had penis contact. hmm

this is so incredibly ignorant, why in the world would you send this to me. Obviously people's sexuality can change but even if it didn't, it's very possible they lived as a straight person before coming out, I personally didn't come out as bi until I was 35. Don't send me this homophobic, childish shit.

lesbian isn't a gender. wtf is wrong with you? lol. why are you trying to change the definitions of things?? im a gay person and im rly annoyed by these clownery that makes us look like utter fools. stop, we are not this. we are just normal ppl trying to live peacefully.

sounds like you need to brush up on Lesbian history. I recommend Leslie Feinberg.
also, im just a normal person trying to live my life and you've come at me all mad and making a fuss
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Why is friends (the tv show) as popular as it is?

It was funny and it addressed things that were quite forward for it's time (healthy lesbian relationships, addressing Ross' childhood trauma and the resulting internalised homophobia, infertility, etc). It has its flaws and it isn't for everyone, but it had its place

What do you think lesbian Pakistani girls marriage should be allowed by Pakistani prime minister 🤣

Did you know the term lesbian wasn’t even used by the trans or even “gay/lesbian” (as you’d like to call) community of pakistan in the first place….
Mera muu mat khulwao about where and when these shits started🙂
Ask pe shughal lagane wali rahun isi me meri behtri hogi🤝

hi tita, I'm a guilty for having a preference over same-gender partner(I'm bi woman). Feeling ko I was singled out by everyone because they're pushing me to open myself with men. I'm really not comfortable with het relationship. Feeling ko na wala na akong control over my life. Please help...

Why are you guilty? Loving another woman as a woman is one of the most wonderful privileges in the world. That's why society is so afraid of it. The issue is that it's not going to get better for you until you yourself are convinced how beautiful lesbian relationships are. When you finally believe it, no one can push you to do anything and you won't let anyone control your life. Until then you will be unhappy forcing yourself into doing something you despise.

like how many guys have seen you naked so far?Must be more than 7.

Are you trying to make me full blown lesbian bc you're doing a great fucking job. This is why women hate y'all men. You're pigs. Crotch dogs. You need to be beat with a newspaper and told no until your tiny brain comprehends it.
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For those who got back with an ex, was trust an issue? If so how did you overcome it?

Yes it was, at first. Overcame it by talking honestly about it before making our relationship official again, wholeheartedly committing to always preserve sincerity and fidelity between us. I admittedly still struggled for a bit after getting back together (mainly because he rebounded immediately, the rebound was an insane person who got knocked up on purpose and it was all kinds of drama). But one good day I decided that if I was going to be with him I had to trust him and not waste both our time by living in fear. I told myself that I honestly believe he’s a good man who loves me. And I let go of all that insecurity that day. I still know nobody is 100% safe from betrayal. But I don’t let a statistical possibility rule over my trust in the man I love. We were long distance and had main on/off phase before meeting. Our last "on" was after we met irl and we met twice in 8 months period and I ultimately ended it after those 8 months. I realised that the issue was incompatibility and no matter how hard we tried to improve there was something fundamentally off with us. We weren't developing our individual lives either so overall I don't regret it.
Going through a LDR breakup right now and I’m wondering how much could have been avoided/fixed/ worked on sooner if we hadn’t been long distance. I want to go back but with the distance the issues would still be there. I don’t know when or if we would be able to move close together. It’s been tough.
We broke up due to long distance, when we were located near each other we happened to both be single and we got back together. We didn't have a lot of issues due to the breakup, but I think that was just because of the circumstances involved.
I almost feel bad for being that harsh with him, but then I remind myself of what he did and remember that he deserved much worse than some unkind words.
She was very manipulative. Got jealous and start attacking me over nothing. For example. One day my best friend, her girlfriend and I, went out to celebrate my BFs birthday. Just the three of us seeing that she didn’t want a big party. My gf couldn’t come but I wasn’t gonna miss my best friends bday. When I got back home I looked at my phone and had over 20 missed calls, over 110 messages from my gf. I thought something terrible happened so I kinda started having a panic attack. But no... it was just her “checking in” to see that I wasn’t cheating. And then accused me of cheating with two lesbian girls just because I wasn’t answering... I broke up with her on the spot, never talked to her again and honestly I’m glad I didn’t invest more time in that relationship. Looking back I don’t even know what I ever saw in her honestly.

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are you ever afraid of people knowing who you really are?

s3ikatsu’s Profile Photos3ikatsu
I used to be afraid of what other people thought of me, but I realized that it is not worth worrying about.People will always get us wrong if what we are doing is not what they think.I am an ordinary girl who just want to live my own way and love whoever she wants.I am a girl who is no longer afraid of the opinion of others and does not even take it into account.I am a lesbian and I do not hide who I am.

If no guy flirts with me does that means that I am ugly?

No, that doesn't mean that!
If no guy flirts with you means... that you don't show interest to them. Like for example: "You might be stubborn, arrogant, spoiled brat, bitchy, or probably a lesbian." Because that's how guys think about girls nowadays in today's society we live in. The so-called 'Snowflake Era'.

Pro o contro le relazioni gay e lesbiche?

okey , anonymous….
let’s talk about….i have been avoiding this question for long time…. it’s very often question on my ask….
i answered it last year…. I won’t tell you that guys with non -traditional orientation are the best -friends…. and that i had such a friend….when i was study….
And about that i think personal life is a personal life….
i want explain something else….
that i have read about and know ….
LGBT 🏳️‍🌈- let’s start ….
L means lesbians…. ( in this case)
i don’t know anything about them….
following letter G
G-means gay….
here in detail….
You know anonymous that real gay
is born this way ( absolutely….)
and that until recently it was a disease…. and that its very difficult for them…..
because they were born a little different…. maybe they are want to be with the girl but all must know that real gay physically can’t to be with the girl….
they are can’t be lesbian guy why likes girls…. and it’s really hard for them…. because society has not yet understood it….
next letter B….
B means bisexual….it’s not a disease… it’s choice…. Bi are peoples who can be with both with the girls…. and with the boys….
and important moment….
undecided…. they are can be bi
all their lives…. and be with girls and guys…. or after
classify themselves as gay …. because chose to be with guy
but they are not real gays….( of course you can call them gays…. because they are themselves call gays
but they are not real gays… )
they are just
chose guy’s because they are more like guys….but with the girls they are can too….
and lesbians they are also just made a choice in favor of girls…. they had guys… but then they are realized that they are wanted to be with the girl….- personal matter….everyone
most hard
it’s next and last letter T-
T-means transgender
it’s very difficult for these people…. like real gays…. but it’s more difficult
for them than for gays….
because it’s disease too …. and it’s not a psychological disease….
i feel really sorry for them because they are born in that way …. when they are need change body….
and a lot of them who not born rich
all their lives…. they need search money….need to save up for surgery…
after …. undergo surgery and survive…. it’s all connected with psychological moments ….
and if you are can’t help you need respect everyone don’t need to laugh you don’t know what could happen with you ….!
hope you understand my answer anonymous….!

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I have been in a marriage for 5 year’s. I am bisexual but have not fully been with a woman. My desire to be with one has been killing me. I don’t find my partner attractive and perhaps I think I am going lesbian. Could that be possible?

> married for five years
> continues to lust after others
> doesn't find partner attractive
> attempts to excuse behavior
> expects compassion / vindication
> will probably receive it from simpletons
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wajar gasih suka sama cowo, gw cowo..pusingggg bngt

Wajar dan normal
You do not choose your sexuality, it chooses you. Nobody knows what makes people gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans. Whatever your sexuality, youdeserve to be with someone you love :)
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Выбор объясни: Лиза/Лив? Кэт/Эрин? Шен Х/Пайпер? Эмма/Лола? Лили Ф/Касс? Лили Г/Рей М? Джейн/Кьяра? Эшли М/Эшли Э? Тори/Ирэн? Белл/Эмбер? Эля/Инесса? Киара/Малия? Беатрис/Вика? Ким Э/Хизер? Кира Б/Саша? Алиса/Настя? Рейчел А/Ханна? Рейч Ф/Изи? Милла/Эрика?

Лиза, мы были лучшими подругами
Кэт, нравится больше как личность 🤌🏼
Хм... Я ничего не знаю об обеих, поэтому никто
Лола интереснее и нравится как человек
Лили Ф, ну блин, просто причина моей lesbian паники 🥲
Блин, не могу выбирать между ними. Хорошо отношусь к обеим, но Рей поинтереснее для меня будет
Джейн, Кьяру не помню...
Я их вообще путаю, сори, не шарю, вот просто ноль)))))))))))))))
Тори интереснее и нравится больше
Эмбер икона 😳
Инесса нравится больше
Люблю имя Малия, но Киара больше нравится внешне
Вика ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Не шарю за них, никто
Ну Саша, мы с Кирой никогда не общались
Настя классная...
Ханна интереснее
Рейч Ф конечно же моя малышечка
Эрика интереснее, но Милла нравится внешне больше

Hi Tita! I’m lesbian and almost all of my closest friends are straight. We’ve been friends for years. As they talk about straight relationships, getting married, having kids, sex (hetero sex), I’m feeling left out and could not relate to them. Sometimes uncomfortable. What's the best thing to do?

Find some gay friends! Whether or not you realize it, you need your queer space. We almost don't have straight friends for this reason. Once they start talking about the straight life, we want to either go to bed or walk out. Find some of your kind. If you don't believe that you need gay friends, try talking about gay life and gay sex and you'll see in their faces exactly what you're feeling about their lives. Promise.
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Do you feel the same kind of love for men and women? If not, how is it different?

The initial attraction is the same, but the approach to starting a relationship is vastly different. Generally, I find guys easier to talk to because we're usually starting from a similar frame of reference and there's less social baggage to untangle before we can be comfortable around each other. The trouble is actually staying in a relationship because a lot of guys seem to only be interested in the short term or even just one-nighters. I'd love to find a snuggly gent and settle down some day. Women are a much harder nut to crack socially, but as a relationship it is easier to fall into something serious so long as you're compatible. Its also easier in public because you don't spend as much time second guessing the looks from strangers. The day-to-day is harder because of different expectations from each of you, but when it works it is really nice. Definitely not. As a girl, I've been attracted to other girls for my entire life without even realising it. I don't find men attractive in the slightest, but since my crushes are 9/10 times male, I don't think I can call myself a lesbian. It's like my instincts are playing cupid, I find myself crushing on a guy who has no obvious redeeming qualities and it's useless.
For me it’s kinda the same and kinda different. I’m a woman and I’m generally attracted to boyish soft butch types and big cuddly teddy bear types regardless of gender, so the people I catch feelings for tend to all be sort of gently masculine. Above all, I’m attracted to kindness. Actual gender plays a much smaller role for me than for a lot of other bi folks, at least in my limited experience. When it comes to actual deep feelings, to generalize I’d say the love I feel for women is a bit more comforting, whereas the love I feel for men is a bit more dynamic. It really does depend on the individual person and our particular chemistry, though.
I definitely gravitate more to women, and I have found a deeper connection with women as well. I just feel I was better able to emotionally connect with a woman than I was a man. I’ve definitely fallen in love with a woman, but don’t know if I have with a man yet.
I think it's just easier for me to date men because it's what I'm used to, and also the women I'm attracted to aren't usually into women. Plus my family wouldn't approve, so a relationship would have to be worth risking my relationship with my parents and a couple of my siblings and that's a lot of pressure right off the bat. I feel like with women it's easy to care about them and develop really kind feelings towards them. I find that it's easier for me to develop romantic feelings with guys and more empathetic ones (?) with girls straight off the bat. I've never had a romantic relationship with a girl because I find it difficult to effectively get there. I do know I'm attracted to them though. With guys it's more immediate and makes sense at the time.

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Mir ist es egal ob du Transgender , Gay , lesbian , bisexual, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual , non-binary du bist perfekt so wie du bist Bitte vergesst das nicht Love is Love 🏳️‍🌈

Davidfansro’s Profile PhotoDavid
Danke💙🌊☁️ Gut dass es noch heterosexuelle Männer gibt die nicht grundlos jemanden als Schwuchtel titulieren müssen
Mir ist es egal ob du Transgender  Gay   lesbian  bisexual intersex
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Mir ist es egal ob du Transgender , Gay , lesbian , bisexual, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual , non-binary du bist perfekt so wie du bist Bitte vergesst das nicht Love is Love 🏳️‍🌈

Davidfansro’s Profile PhotoDavid
Du hast es auf den Punkt gebracht!!💯❤️🏳️‍🌈
Denn egal welche Leute lesbisch, pan sexuell, schwul, hetero sind. Es sind auch nur Menschen, die man so akzeptieren soll wie die sind. Vor allem finde ich oft das schwule oder lesbische Personen viel netter und ehrlicher sind als z.B hetero Leute.
Aber ja Love ❤️ is Love ❤️. 🏳️‍🌈

Mir ist es egal ob du Transgender , Gay , lesbian , bisexual, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual , non-binary du bist perfekt so wie du bist Bitte vergesst das nicht Love is Love 🏳️‍🌈

Davidfansro’s Profile PhotoDavid
ich weis das ich so bin wie ich bin perfekt das hat mit allem dem was du aufgescherieben hast nix zu tun jeder mensch ist auf seine art schön und perfekt

Do mosquitoes also love you? or it's just me their first love.⚠️🤦‍♀️

aqsazubair5’s Profile PhotoTrouble Maker‍
Only female mosquitoes bits and drink human blood to lay their eggs human blood or any blood is a nurishment for the their offspring.
What I mean by that is even female mosquitoes don't want to be around me 😜. And if they are near you then I guess lesbian is not tolerated xD

,,Kdyz vite, ze jste gay nebo lesbian, tak je vasi povinnosti nechtit mit dite". Tohle jsou slova pana Volneho. Jaky mate na to nazor vy?

Pořád nerozumim proč lidem tak moc vadí, že lidé stejného pohlaví by vychovávali dítě. Nevim v čem jim to tak moc v životě vadí a překáží a celkově ta potřeba dělat z hetero párů bohy ve výchově, když je pomalu každej druhej pár rozvedenej, někteří rodiče nemají dostatek finančních prostředků pro sebe, natož pro dítě, někteří absolutně neumí svoje děti vychovávat...v čem je tohle lepší, než to, že to dítě budou mít dvě ženy například, že ho budou mít lidé, kteří to dítě vážně chtějí a budou se o něj starat s nejlepším svědomím, to fakt nechápu.

What celebrity makes you question your sexuality?

None have made me question my sexuality, but I can think if I was a guy, which I would be inclined to be most attracted to. I am most "attracted" to girls with cute features, usually petite. Like Ellen Page or Carey Mulligan or Emma Watson.
No celebrities. Women I have met and know of have made me genuinely wonder if I am 'straight' (and I'm still wondering what the heck my sexuality is, if I'm honest.. I have no idea). Ellen Page (even before the recent revelation) is the closest I have gotten to feeling that way about a female celebrity. In general celebrities don't 'inspire' those kinds of feelings in me, not even male ones. I can obviously see if they're attractive, but that's like a separate thing from who I am personally attracted to.
I would straight-up marry Jennifer Lawrence if she were into that. It's not even just about sex, I genuinely like her as a person (as far as I've seen, of course). I know she gets a lot of hate on reddit now that it's cool to hate her, but I got nothing but love for her.
I'm really infatuated with Amanda fucking Palmer. I don't know why maybe it's her unique look combined with her awesome personality, but I'd definitely turn lesbian for her. I've never been attracted to a women especially like I am to her. I don't even get infatuated with male celebs. I'm not completely straight so my answer doesn't really count, but when I was younger and hadn't fully come to terms with my sexuality yet, I saw the Five Finger Death Punch video with Danielle Harris in it. I think Ivan Moody is pretty hot, so it was a little bit of a wake-up call for me when it was her I couldn't take my eyes off of and not him.

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Gaes kalian pro/kontra lgbt gak?? Minta pendapat kalian donggg p.s: gw nanya kek gini soalnya gw lesbian hehe:)

actually aku gak terlalu peduli sama kehidupan orang lain, selama gak ada hubungannya sama aku. itu pilihan kamu, tapi bukan berarti aku mendukung atau membenarkan lgbt yaa. aku diajarin untuk saling menghargai satu sama lain, jadi aku menghargai pilihan kamu.
dan aku yakin setiap pilihan yang kita ambil, kita paham betul apa resikonya.

Ciekawostka związana z fanami 👑

ryujinpl1’s Profile Photo류진 Shin Ryujin | ITZY Poland
Podczas jednego z konwentów, fanka dała Harry’emu do podpisania lesbian pride flag – dopisał tam sam od siebie „Power up, Lesbians!” 🤣💗
Ciekawostka związana z fanami

It is not obvious. Do you know that there is a lot of discrimination against gay or lesbian people in Russia? There are no laws in Russia that protect these people.

It's obvious because The Netherlands was the first country to allow gay relationships, gay marriages and help protect the LGBTQ+ community. I know that, sadly, not every county is as accepting. Russia seems like an awful place to be at.
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It is not obvious Do you know that there is a lot of discrimination against gay

I think I am a lesbian. The problem here is that I am married and have a daughter with my husband - I love him to death. I came out as bisexual about 3 years ago to him and he was really supportive. I keep having dreams/fantasising about other women. I am so scared bc I love him so much

Tell him how you feel, be honest etc it's better to get it out then have it destroy you by overthinking it. He sounds really understanding and really supportive I'm sure you'll work it out, if you feel like you need time to figure out how you feel or be 100% sure just tell him, talk about it. If not to him then friends, family, therapists etc. It's completely okay to think that and you aren't doing anything wrong, I get that it can be scary but it's better to get it out then be overwhelmed by it or scared etc.

Hmm... ok do you smoke? Are you lesbian? Random question about sex. Random mean comment from thag bully guy. Do you like Erin? Is Mermaid her real name? Ok I think that's everything 😂❤️

I do smoke
I'm bisexual
I don't like Erin. Maggie is cool, but her girlfriend is shit
No, Mermaid isn't haha. That's a nickname
Much love c:

เธอคะคือเค้าเป็น LBGT แต่ไม่กล้าดูคลิปช.กับช. แล้วโดนเพื่อนโพสต์ด่าประมาณว่าเป็น LBGT แต่ไม่กล้าดูก็ไม่ต่างกับความคิดค่านิยมเป็นญ.ต้องคู่ช.หรอก คือเค้าผิดใช่ไหม;-;;

ไม่ผิดค่ะ ส่วนตัวเรา เราคิดว่าพฤติกรรมการดูคลิปที่เกี่ยวข้องกับสังคม lgbtq ไม่ได้บ่งบอกถึงทัศนคติต่อสังคม หรือค่านิยมในใจเท่าไหร่เลย เราเองก็เป็น bisexual แต่ก็ไม่ได้ดูคลิปญญ แต่เราก็รับรู้ถึงการมีอยู่ของ lesbian และสนับสนุนพวกเขาอยู่แล้ว
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just sharing, gw baru sadar bbrapa bulan lalu kl gw *menyimpang asexual n aromantik (kl ga tau search google) gw udh ngerasa ini dr setaun yg lalu semenjak gw coba pacaran tp g dpt feel apapun, im not lesbian or bisex gw msh bs suka sama cowo tp ya gt nothing happen, bener" flat aja, tanggapan kamu?

Ya biasa aja sih karena gwe pernah ketemu orang yg sama kyk lu tapi dia laki-laki, dia Aseksual Aromantik. Dan gwe hanya menghagai dia aja. Sebutanya Ace ya kalau gk salah. Dan temenku ini atau orang yg punya masalah kyk kamu tu cocok dijadikan sahabat.
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What common misconception do you dislike to hear repeated as a fact?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
That anyone who isn't a same sex attracted person is gay... and that "bisexual lesbians" are a thing. “Bisexual lesbians” is an oxymoron only used by actual morons.
Lesbians are same-sex attracted females, bisexuals are attracted to both the same sex and the opposite sex. Both sexualities cannot exist at the same time.
If you aren’t solely same sex attracted, you are not a lesbian or gay.

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