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Apart from being pretty, what other nice things do you do in life?

MehrAR’s Profile PhotoAR Mehr
I read & read until I fall asleep with a book over my chest
Then I find links between Iqbal's paradigm of nation states & Foucault's biopower in my sleep
Then I wake up & choose to incorporate science instead of digital humanities into literature
Then I think of putting Russell & Nietzsche in parallels while I browse banal twitter hashtags
I sometimes imagine Ulysses on a span of years instead of a single day whilst painting whirling derveshis
And at night, as I close my eyes to sleep I try to find contexts of the disjointed letters at the start of some of my favorite Surahs
It ends on the same note: a book over my chest, my body on rest & a mind endless.

"I tried to help you because, you're like me, our circumstances aren't exactly the same, but we both suffered" *She pushes aside her ponytail, revealing the letters carved into her neck*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀【🍾】⠀ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ

⠀⠀There was a long silence. They were both on top of a building where the wind would serve as a silencer for a discreet conversation. Majima looked at that woman in front with a frown, not with an intention of annoyance, but confusion.
⠀⠀❝...Have you been watching me all this time?❞ he inquired, his eye giving meticulous observation over every detail and movement in her.
I tried to help you because youre like me our circumstances arent exactly the

What place does your mother have in your life?

Mom passed away from cancer in 2004.
All that remains are faded memories.
"Faded Memories" by Alex
Our letters and photographs are torn and tattered, like aged paper that has disintegrated over the years. All that remain are our faded memories, that have resisted the sands of time; but, as the hourglass dries, so too will our memories rest in peace.
What place does your mother have in your life

What are some of the worst crime cases you know of?

Ah there's quite a few I could mention, any involving kids are the worst. In terms of people committing the worst crimes it's got to be david parker ray (toybox killer) the transcripts of the audio he played after abducting women is extremely graphic and it messed with me for days after reading it or albert fish, I couldn't get far into his crimes without feeling sick and having to stop. He wrote letters to the parents of his child victims that describe in detail how he killed them and cannibalised them. I think hello kitty case and junko furuta have to be up there too!

In what ways did your parents make your christmas experience more special?❄️🎁 And are you going to do the same thing with your children? Do you ever get nostalgic and miss this experience from when you were a child?🎄

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
- My parents (mostly my grandparents) always went all out and made Christmas feel so warm, full of cheer and magic! 🥰✨🎄 My mom actually used to write letters to me, as Santa Claus, which was slightly funny, cuz looking back... It looked VERY SIMILAR to the tooth fairy's handwriting... 🤪😝 *Sus squinty eyes*... Everything about Christmas was my favorite... The way the ornaments sparkled on the tree, the beautiful Christmas music my grandparents would crank out and play on Christmas morning, being with loved ones and family/cherishing out time together, having an amazing homemade Christmas feast! It was one of my favorite family traditions ☺️🥹🥲 and... *boasts*... I never got coal! Which just means I was "always" good and Santa knew it, hehehe 😈😇
- I would like to share/have the same similar'ish tradition when I have a family of my own... My bf's family doesn't really celebrate it, but after exposing him to my family and how we did it, it seems like he would be up for it! I just really appreciate the "togetherness" and love we have on Christmas... It's something that's very much needed! ☺️🎄
- I'm definitely getting nostalgic about it now! 😂 Thanks for this great question! 👍✨

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What did you watch for Halloween?

I haven’t watched anything for Halloween.
On Halloween I worked all day in the chocolaterie making chocolate letters. Chocolate letters are a Dutch thing usually eaten between November and halfway December, they’re related to Sinterklaas which is celebrated in The Netherlands.
In the evening I watched my boyfriend participate in a bowling tournament. After that I was too exhausted to do anything. 😅
What did you watch for Halloween

Доброго времени, накидайте просто красивых картинок или со смыслом - на свой выбор 🤗🙃

Ugolek_Ada’s Profile PhotoU g ol e k_S v e t a
Целуй меня
Пока мы ещё здесь
Пока я ещё чувствую
Кукуха давно уехала
Крыша сорвана
И чердак пробит
Сжимай меня крепче,пожалуйста
Сделай из меня мешок бессмысленный
Оставь меня в пещере
Never Get Used To People - Life Letters
Доброго времени накидайте просто красивых картинок или со смыслом  на свой выбор

اکتوبر کی شام کس کے نام؟

sleepy2687’s Profile PhotoNainS.
we're words now,
but once upon a raging love,
we swam across the distance
between our eyes
till we met halfway
and froze there, together.
we're words now,
but many summers ago,
we left letters to each other,
promising to come back, someday.
now they're mere paper,
dying to be answered.
we're words now,
but when it rains, the ground weeps,
in moist anguish,
remembering how we were,
before we turned everything,
to blood.
we're words now,
but longing falls, silently
when your end of the phone
stays painfully silent, night after night.
maybe the only scar that absence leaves,
is on the inside.
we're words now,
but once upon a raging love,
we were more.
perhaps that is how we are,
leaving everything behind
but the sadness.

[ممّا يجولُ في خاطركم]\~

لك :
صامتا مضيت وتركت ورائي كل المتسائلين
ماذا... ولم ...وما تخفي .....ولمن كل هذا الحنين وما هو سرك الدفين
اضعت اعواما واعوام بين الحروف والقصص والى الحين وللاسف
لم اجد وصفاً لجذوة نوراحرقتني صغيراً..... ولم ازل منها ارتجف
For you :
Silently I went away and left all the inquiring behind me
What... and why... and what do you hide..... for whom is all this longing, and what is your hidden secret?
I wasted years and years between letters and stories, and unfortunately until now I couldn't find a description of the ember of light that burned me when I was young..... and I am still shivering from it….
YouTube made by Music Fairy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0FY5W8oV6Qfatinsadeq7710’s Video 170502560345 T0FY5W8oV6Qfatinsadeq7710’s Video 170502560345 T0FY5W8oV6Q

Why does my GP keep sending me health check letters every few months and a year I find it annoying what shall I do to stop them from sending them?

Go to the health check up. Imagine complaining that someone actually cares about your well being. Jfc.

God or 👿 devil who wins

A "devil" didn't exist in Abrahamic religion until the middle ages. It's little more than fanfiction inspired by popular fiction authors Like Dante Alighieri, John Milton, and some letters by monks which circulated around 900 years after the Bible was written. In Jewish myth there is no antagonist. The Satan is an appointed angel sent by Yahweh to test the faith of believers. Not evil. Just an angel doing his job
The new testament btw has no first person accounts. The books of the new testament were written between 75 to 400 AD. None of the original apostles except maybe Paul, a Roman citizen, could read or write. As 99% of the world's population was illiterate. Though numbers were higher in Rome. Though modern day Palestine and Israel were not direct Roman territory they were protectorates that Rome propped up for it's middle Eastern conquests.
If you get a New Interlinear Bible you can easily see the Hebrew to English for old testament, the Greek to English for New testament. You can see in context translations by native speakers from the original text. Something not done well in previous versions as the Greek and Latin Scholars who translated the mess of letters that would become Abrahamic doctrine probably never met a native speaker. They'd be a state scholars who learned from other state scholars
Ps if you made it this far God isn't real either

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It's a serious question. I want raise in my monthly income. How should I ask.

fahadmushtaq5’s Profile Photoندامتِ گمان¶
Now this is the question of the year so far in my personal opinion that a lot of people should ask but no one actually does.
Asking for a raise. its a tricky thing my man.
It needs a very well scripted letter from you to you HOD or boss or CEO or CFO or director of the company. You will be writing that letter to gain your desired purposes but... You have to write the letter in a way that you are telling the addressee that how beneficial you are for the company/organization/institution/Dept. And how much have you added to company's worth in last quarter, last two quarters, and last one year.
You should not start the letter with your desires and demands you know.
1:- a brief history of your tenure in dept/institution with your promotion's timeline if there are any.
2:- your current roll/position in the Dept/institution.
3:- list your accomplishments throughout your time in Dept/institution.
4:- list what you have learnt on board and how can you use it to add to the net worth of the institution in future by obtaining a better position.
5:- writing the letter you should be very careful about few things, do not repeat things. do not write lengthy paragraphs. do not use flattery. Do not use pride and arrogance. do not use the word "I" too much. Do not repeat key words, instead use healthy and cool and positive alternative words.
6:- write your aim (future plans, goals) within the Dept/institution and how much are you thriving to achieve them and a tentative timeline of succession of your goals if given opportunity.
7:- provide your promotion and salary raise request in an honourable and legit way. You can also mention if there is anything you are facing as a financial crisis or you think you are going to face that in future that might effect your performance e.g. need a bigger house, children education expenses, health coverage, vehicle upgrade etc.
Before writing it finally I recommend going through some online proofs of letters written in the same regard.

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Лутко ти би ми била леп поклон само да си мало већа

n47stefan747’s Profile PhotoStefan
A set of Russian letters. It’s not at all clear what you are writing about .. If you don’t know the language, then it’s better to enter it in Google in your own language and translate it into Russian.

When you've applied for jobs in the past, how has it been for you to write resumes, personal letters etc.? 📄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
None of the jobs I've ever had asked for any of those things....just usually ask me if I have experience and that's basically it.
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When you get questions in languages you don't understand, do you translate them or ignore them? I saw a person saying they'll always use a translator, bc they don't believe in discrimination. I understand what they're trying to say, but is it really discrimination? Isn't that term a bit incorrect?

On the app they've made it really difficult to translate asks, you can't copy and paste the text anymore you have to type it out which doesn't always work for languages that have different letters, so it's not discrimination to not translate everything, sometimes you actually can't.

Nothing is sexier than a man; who admits he wants you instead of staying silent and hiding it inside in his chest, shows that he loves you, cares for you, respects you, give his time and attention to you, protects you, can do anything to make you smile, can let you wear anything you want.

eesha7’s Profile Photoع
stop please stop!
talkative men? log love and good morning text each day? ahhh that's not attractive.
imagine we had eid everyday and than EID IT SELF A DAY!
would you or mankind be happier for it anymore? excited like they are today?
men confess lesser, but that does not means they dont love you, get closer to a man who really loves you,
and you'll feel his love in every action, the touch, the way he sees you, the way he talks to you, things he gets for you, his worries, his happiness,
men tend to live for their woman, all their life.
ask him what he wants and he'll give you a list of thing he wants for you, or his children.
our dads dont really wrote those love letters each day, but they are loyal, their love is pure and unconditional.
men cant impose stuff on you
but i have noticed they dont want you to look good to other men if they love you, they fear loosing you.
and if they dont love you rather you are something they use to be superior in the men circle they let you wear anything, smoke they use you as an asset.
learn about men, they are simplest creatures that exist.
(its women that wicked) 🌚🥀😆

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do guys like to receive handwritten letters, love letters perhaps?

NoceurIsWeird’s Profile PhotoNoceurIsWeird
Yess, i think its such a sweet gesture. Thinking about how that person gave his/her effort and time to write it using pen and paper, its just genuine for me. The last time I recieved a letter, was during my HS days pa, puro recollection letters and i all kept it in a tin can box 😂 ayan sila 😂
do guys like to receive handwritten letters love letters perhaps

Can i finds a real friend here, to practice english language?! I am Arab man

hazemmahameed’s Profile Photohazemmahamid
I'm shit at English and live in the uk don't ask didn't pay attention in any of English classes people insult me over my spelling as type fast and add extra letters but I don't care it still English 🤷‍♀️
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ممكن توضح يعني ايه elective ؟

ال elective هو عبارة عن فترة Clinical rotations لمدة مثلا وليكن شهر او اقل أو اكتر
بيبقى خاص لو أنت Medical student يعني ما ينفعش تعمله لو أنت خريج بتعمل ساعتها حاجة اسمها Observership
الفرق بين ال Elective وال Observership أنه الاليكتڤ عبارة عن Hands on clinical experience
يعني تقدر تتعامل مع المريض بخلاف ال Obervership اللي just بت Observe بس مش تقدر تلمس مريض ولا تتعامل معاه فكرة ال US clinical rotations أنها مفيدة جداً في ال CV وأنت بتقدم على الماتش خصوصا ف التخصصات ال Clinical و بتقدر تاخد منها letters of recommendations كويسه جداً م الدكاتره بتفيدك جدا ف الماتش

Серьёзный вопрос. Как можно пополнить баланс App Store для айфона в России? Чтобы купить Айклауд и Эпл Мьюзик? Варианты через номер телефона, киви кошелёк не предлагать

camomilepage’s Profile PhotoСоня К-К
The inhabitants of Mordor will soon be writing letters on birch bark, because their government will return them to the Middle Ages.😹

Sometimes even a decade is not enough to keep someone loyal to you...

You know how small of a circle I have when it comes to friends. I do not recall texting anybody details of my life after you.
Quite recently I texted someone DRIVE SAFELY. Just these two letters. And it hit me like a train. My theory of drive safe, the one you mentioned. That I used to tell you this.
I realised how much of you is still in mundane routine of my life.
Iss shehar mai sab kuch hai. BAS IK TERI KAMI HAI :)

What made you smile today?

GhanwaMohiuddin’s Profile PhotoGirl In Gold
“Dear Milena,
I wish the world were ending tomorrow. Then I could take the next train, arrive at your doorstep in Vienna and say: “Come with me Milena! because the world is ending tomorrow.” Perhaps we don’t love unreasonably because we think we have time but what if we don’t have time? Or what if time, as we know it, is irrelevant? Ah, If only the world was ending tomorrow. We could help eachother very much.”
- Franz Kafka, letters to Milena.

Do you ever keep a box after buying something instead of throwing it away? I have this plastic ice cream box that I haven't thrown away just bc it's aesthetically pretty, it's pastel pink and mint green and you can make use of it too, I keep my phone charger and LED lights remote in it.

Sometimes yes. Whenever I order a pair of sneakers or shoes I find the shoe box useful to store letters, or credit card receipts, bills, etc. :)

لجمال حروفك 😌🤞❤ For the beauty of your letters 😌🤞❤

faresclass2’s Profile PhotoSolo dz
"هي عشرة أيام"
‏إنّ العُمر لا يعود، والموسم لا يدوم، وإنّ لله نفحات فتزوّدوا فإنّ خير الزّاد التّقوى وأكثروا فيهن من التهليل، التحميد، التكبير 🕋📿.
اللّٰهُ أكبرُ، اللّٰهُ أكبرُ، اللّٰهُ أكبرُ..
لا إلهَ إلَّا اللّٰهُ..
اللّٰهُ أكبرُ، اللّٰهُ أكبرُ، اللّٰهُ أكبرُ، وللّٰهِ الحمدُ.
لجمال حروفك 
For the beauty of your letters

What's your dream birthday gift that you have imagined someone giving to you?

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Something that shows effort, not something that we can easily buy from any store or like that.
May be the letters, a fun day spent with me, any jar having sticky notes written by someone whenever she/he thought of me, a treat where the person makes something for me like cooking baking etc.
hand made cards or something like that 💜🥺

they would charge you even for voice mail if i recall. if the person you were trying to call had their phone turned off, it'd automatically direct you to the voice mail, unless they had that deactivated. and you'd get charged

i don't remember that, tbh. those years are so blurry to me. i just remember my first phone was a brick of a flip phone that had no color on the screen and texting was so ridiculously hard because you had to press the number keys a million times to get to the letters.

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