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Could you handle being in the military?

The fitness side of it, probably. The regimented lifestyle? No chance 😂 I've grown up with a lot of military influence in my family - my immediate family is made up of some pretty high level officers, my closest friends are majors, etc. I couldn't stick it, I'm not very good at pomp and circumstance.

Is the boyfriend/Girlfriend culture is that prevalent in Pakistan?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Zargham Ali
Yes it is prevalent.
And it's reasons are various.
1) Our main source of media is T.V. And television serious movies or dramas, both are either promoting it or demoting it in a rather unacceptable way.
2) Mostly when people are kept in a religiously rigid environment for too long, and by religiously rigid I mean to say that their wishes and needs are not fulfilled, they are exploited in the name of God for so long that they break that cage, they abandon everything and everyone when they find a chance.
3) Usually, when our youth enters a new environment, the trends of that environment are so attractive that they leave the lifestyle they have been brought up in, so that results in having such relationships for the sake of trends.
4) Sometimes the youth wants parents to become their support but parents bring in their ego and that results in such a thing as a boyfriend girlfriend relationship, and it too breaks one day.
5) Sometimes it's pure inferiority complex that is the reason of this all.
Whatever the reasons are, these can be solved.
Our culturally enriched society pays no heed to religion. Rigidity in religion is not the right way to make youth religious, it only makes them run away. Islam is a flexible religion , there's a lot of love for those who what to see.
Parents should also be more understanding. And children (to parents even a 40 years old is a child) should be patient and responsible to save themselves from anything as such.
Our society needs responsible, humble, loving, patient, sensible, kind and mentally tranquil youth.
I hope we can be that.

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Why we always forget that our purpose of life in this world is nothing but a temporary illusion. And whenever we loose someone close to us,we start focusing about it🥺

snowden007’s Profile Photoاحسن جاوید
Because society and media is selling us dreams about ideal house, ideal couple, ideal lifestyle etc. Allah told us the reality and it’s not sugarcoated at all. It is beautiful yet full of pain and struggles. People don’t want to deal with the idea of struggling and growing together and so they are running for the hills.

czyli mozna sobie elastycznie dobierać co Ci pasuje do lifestyle, a nie to co jest zapisane w biblii, bo Ci chłopak naopowiadal jakis teorii spiskowych. yak wlasnie wierzysz xd ok rozumiem już wszystko xd

Nie. Wierzę w Boga tak jak zostałam wychowana ;) istnieją inne wiary przecież, więc tak mamy wybór ;) ale każda z nich sprowadza się do jednego Boga i w każdej z świętych ksiąg jest co inno napisane

(shoutout) if internet didn't exist yet, what would you do in your free time?

f4irylights_’s Profile Photounknown
I don’t actually know?
I don’t like tv and, while I read books at the weekend and on days off, I’m too tired to read books after a day’s work.
I blog to the tune of my music
So I’d probably keep listening, and read magazines or something.
It’s not as though the internet is the only thing that stands in the way of the rock & roll lifestyle I’d otherwise have, as I’m too tired & poor for that anyway!

I have so many issues. I am a loser. im ugly, dumb, weak and poor. My parents hate me, wherever I go ppl bully me

You have a solution for everythinf you have mentioned above.
Try to get a skill or find a job, then earn money, and when you will have enough money you can change your lifestyle and you can easily groom yourself.
Try to work on things instead of calling youself a LOSER.

What if you love someone and he/she loves you too but you both know that we can not be together in future due to family differences(like life style)? and he/she is your bestie and neither you can lose him/her nor you want to back off. What would you do in this situation?

Different lifestyle ? I think It's not a big deal if you both are sincere and your partner is beside you.
Aur agr next person lame excuses Dy to just leave it 🤗

Pandangan kamu tentang fenomena hijrah gimana?

Wah sebenarnya agak gimana diminta pandangan soal ini, karena saya masih jauh dari kata lurus dan masih bodoh ilmu agamanya. Tapi baiklah.
Tidak ada yang salah dengan 'hijrah' atau dalam arti lain memperdalam ilmu agama. Saya support betul siapapun yang ingin berhijrah selama hijrahnya betul karena Allah, alias bukan hanya sekadar hijrah lifestyle atau hijrah karena ikut-ikutan.
Ikut kajian? Silahkan. Perluas ilmu. Asal pintar memfilter. Mana kiranya ada isi dakwah yang di rasa tidak tepat, tendensius, dan sebagainya, saran saya stop. Lebih baik pindah masjid, cari kajian lain yang jauh lebih menjernihkan hati dan nalar. Tapi, kalau ujungnya hanya ingin memuaskan syahwat politik sih saran saya kalau gitu jangan masuk komunitas hijrah, masuk parpol aja hehehe.

#kuwtkpl Cześć kochanie! Wreszcie jesteś! Bardzo chciałabym zamówić u Ciebie wygląd z Loren Gray. Zdjęcia wybierz sama. Napis główny: Art Of Femininity Podtytuł: Moda, uroda, lifestyle & celebryci. Jedyne takie konto na tym portalu! Czytelnicy = skowronki. /// Dziękuję ogromnie całym sercem!!!

trubjutkareal’s Profile PhotoArt Of Femininity
kuwtkpl Cześć kochanie Wreszcie jesteś Bardzo chciałabym zamówić u Ciebie wygląd

if theyre actually taking steps to change yeah. but doesnt shame work though? now everyones too comfortable and it makes them embrace being unhealthy and acting like thats empowerment

You’re talking about people who are extremes, the media portrays that everyone is too comfortable but in reality mental illness is skyrocketing.
Coming from personal experience of dealing with extreme levels of shame, shame is not the answer. Shame is more dangerous.
Also, being healthy isn’t as easy as people make it out to be. Eating really healthy food is expensive. People can get diabetes just from eating too many processed foods. There’s people who have thyroid issues.. it doesn’t matter how much they work out, there’s nothing that can really help them.
Which is why nowadays people are embracing a healthier mental outlook because these corporations that own are food is the real problem. If more people were able to eat farm to table foods & less of a stationary lifestyle these issues wouldn’t have increased in such high levels.

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Were you born before or after 2000? Do you think there's a difference between the generations before and after? In what way?

AsMaaGaDo97’s Profile PhotoAsmaa
🌷 Before😊 Yes definitely, there are differences between generations.
I reckon most of them were because of the changes in the environment that each generation grew up in. It could be caused by natural changes or man made changes - like in lifestyle, morals, ideologies, customs, beliefs, etc.


How’s the cost of living in your city pre and post covid? Is there a change? Did you change your lifestyle accordingly?

I don't live in a city lol
But either way, like everywhere else, the prices of most things have risen!
🌸 Fuel
🌸 Food
🌸 Cleaning products
🌸 Medicines
🌸 General items
All of these have risen in price! Not even by a little, some are a pretty substantial change. Most of this has nothing to do with Covid. It's mainly to do with the current conflict in the world, as well as England choosing to leave the EU.
As for what I've done, I haven't.
I still need the medication, so still get it. I need to use my car for work etc, so have no choice. Ditto with food etc.
Everything is more expensive, but wages haven't been raised to compensate. And by the attitude the government had, they won't be.
Hows the cost of living in your city pre and post covid Is there a change Did
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I am a loser girl, I have no good clothes no good food no good face or IQ, no future, I scored 70% in olevels after that my parents just indirectly telling me to not go any further and waste their money and energy, they show hate, im disheartened, I deserve to rid me of myself!

It’s totally okeyyyyyy and whoever you are
You are so beautiful love your self don’t compare your lifestyle and appearance with someone else
Bat rhei grades ki it’s just grades move on ❤️❤️more power to you

Why are women becoming lesbian and more men becoming gay? What’s going on?

Probably they want to bring God’s judgment on them as soon as possible.
I understand that it is good when no one bullies and harasses anyone, and it’s a normal thing to protect all people, whoever they are, but it’s not just a protection now. It’s a propaganda already…
For example, almost every latest American movie has gay people. It doesn’t change the plot of the story, but they have to put them everywhere 😑
Where’s the promised freedom of choice? What if I don’t accept this kind of lifestyle? Let them live their life and I’ll continue to live it with my way and beliefs. I hate when society tries to manipulate people’s minds…
Why are women becoming lesbian and more men becoming gay Whats going on

What makes a guy attractive to you?

Happiness. Someone who is happy in their lives, in their work, engaged with their "extracurriculars" or hobbies. A sense of appetite for more: improving themselves and with dreams, projects, goals. Generally OK, not in need of help or love, but open to the possibility. You don't have to be rich, or funny, or hot, or brilliant, but you have to be happy.
Intelligent without needing to always "prove" they're smarter than others. Confidence without being an arrogant jerk who can't admit they're wrong. Kind even when they're not having a great day. Interested in and passionate about something; the specifics don't matter as much as having something that makes his eyes light up with excitement.
As someone who is physically fit, I am significantly more attracted if a guy is fit or working their way to it. Obviously I'm not like "dad bods need not apply" but if you're just chilling in your inactivity and not making any lifestyle changes, it's a major turn off.
Having his shit together at least on par with mine and a plan. That plan doesn't even to have to include me. I'm a fairly independent person, I handle financials very well and I have a short-term, a mid-term and a long-term plan. If you don't have those things, then we are not going to be compatible.
I like guys that are taller than me, who work out and are muscular, who have a mature look to them (not into guys who look like they're still in high school), who have some kind of ambition/goal in life. There's nothing wrong with being shy and nerdy (I kinda am), but it's not going to be something that draws me to you.
Bonus points if you are creative or happen to have brown skin and green eyes. But those brown skinned, green eyed guys probably know how fine they are and are getting scooped up immediately. More importantly: Laid back, doesn’t freak out in stressful situations and has a good sense of humor (especially when things are not going well). Pursues intelligent things, like reading/art/literature/music because those are things I do myself and I want shared interest and conversation. Have some kind of passion/passions, because I have mine and I want to share or be able to have active participation on both our ends. Be able to have empathy and understand other’s positions, bc if you can’t do that with strangers, you can’t do that with me. Know how to listen and make an active effort to evaluate someone’s position. Be bold, but not brash, as in saying things you actually believe and accept people will have opinions, but know the contexts to keeping things to yourself. I think my most important thing is being humble. Realize your accomplishments and hobbies are for yourself, and not for bragging to other people. Know you aren’t the only person who does cool things, but be able to share and contribute to the community in a mature and intelligible way.

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*she snaps her jaws at him viciously nearly biting him*You wanna challenge me!? Im not some dog I'm a wolf I eat aggravating humans like you for breakfast! And you're working up my appetite... * She licks her canine lips she was only bluffing hopefully*

MysticWolfie’s Profile PhotoLexi Wolf
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀⚠️⠀ᴛ̛ʜ̕ᴇ̵ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏ͠ɢ ́ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴ̢ᴏ͜.̨⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀He was simply a curious spectator of all her gestures, acting as if he was not very satisfied with the result of the provocations, he saw it as insufficient. He needed to find that "spark" to exploit the matter, wanting to create a bit of fun along with the adrenaline rush. Goro's face looked somewhat dissatisfied and thoughtful at the same time, during the direct threats with which she attacked him, the one-eyed man set out to find something to test her wild animal instinct.
He brought out his cherished traditional weapon, a tantö that had accompanied him since his early days as part of the yakuza lifestyle. An emblematic symbol of that famous title... "Mad Dog," and a bloodthirsty purpose that followed him from the beginning of his history.
A swift movement would take place, as if he cut something with that dangerous steel edge. He didn't do anything to her, but suddenly there was blood dripping on the floor.
⠀⠀❝You talk too much, girl.❞ ⠀He said as a complaint. He completely showed the origin of that blood in full view of the wolf's eyes: his own left hand with an open wound resulting from a deep cut where the vital liquid would fall all over his arm. For any human it would be crazy and the pain could be hellish, but here he was...smirking. Giving himself the pleasure of becoming a prey in front of a predator. Playing with his fragile human life.
All to give Lexi a good reason to be hostile. That wasn't just crazy. HE was REALLY crazy.
⠀⠀❝Ya wanna eat me? Look! Yer next breakfast.❞ ⠀ As much as he goaded her into losing control, he profited from the thrill of danger. A personal taste since... his sanity was no longer the same.
⠀⠀❝All that booorin' ass chatter you've made…c'mere. Prove it to me with actions. Make me see that I should fear ya.❞ ⠀

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she snaps  her jaws at him viciously nearly biting himYou wanna challenge me Im

zaujimave to je len tym cvicenim? co ako vies alebo robis sebavedomejsie?

Cvičení představuje pro každého trochu něco jiného. (Spíše tedy pojem fitness)
Ja to beru jako životní směr, lifestyle. Protože pokud chci cvičit, vidět výsledky .. tak je celkem dobré vědět něco o jídle, technikách cviku a dalších věcech.
Takže člověk provádí takový seberozvoj, u mě to tak bylo a stále je. Zjišťuje nové informace, učí se, zdokonaluje. A právě proto se mu mění mindset a dokáže nabýt sebevědomí.
Řekla bych, že se to projevuje ve všech stránkách života. Člověk je optimističtější, dokáže ustát kritiku a třeba se z ní i poučit. Umí říci ano, či někoho odmítnout….

is it difficult to speak with a native speaker in Russian?

sakarinaaa’s Profile Photo天気の子
2 my mind, it isn't difficult. There are some things, which connects with our lifestyle, but there is a small group strange words. Practice can help u 2 learn language more effective. Unfortunately, it isn't always available 2 speak with a native speakers. Maybe, my English is not good, but I try get more practice with a native speakers and also watching films and listening 2 music (for example, Eminem, Rihanna and other singers, who sing with using usually words, which everyone using everyday). If u want 2 do smth, just do it!
Good luck🙂

Society seems to treat fat people badly. They are seen as lazy, undisciplined etc. How do you feel about fat people? Do you have prejudices about them? I think I do, unfortunately, but I try to treat everyone with respect.

Fatphobia is just a way of the system, unfortunately. There is very little love for fat people, regardless of whether or not they enjoy being fat, they put on weight while recovering from an ED, they have medical issues that caused or contributed to weight gain, etc.
I have internalized fatphobia, as I've always been, at the very least, on the chubby side. It's a doozy to unlearn, as I've been taught my body is wrong - even when I was healthy and walked to get around my hometown instead of taking transport (and would have people hollering out the side of *cars* at me to exercise and lose weight, imagine that!) Now my medical issues make it easy to gain and hard to lose weight, rather than the weight being the specific cause for my ill health in the first place. However, as long as I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercise, my health picks up somewhat and I feel better within my (still fat) body.
De-stigmatizing fatness and changing our perspective that fat automatically means unhealthy will help people of all sizes, tbh. Also, as fatphobia is a tool of capitalism, it's very cool and anticapitalist to do so.

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Have you done a change in your life this year? Even if it's a minor one.

I changed the amount of anti-psychotic I take twice, first adjusting up for a period of psychosis, and then back down when that passed.
I quit drinking. I've had one beer since Xmas.
I started exercising every day and eating breakfast this year
I lost a noticeable amount of weight as a result of healthy lifestyle changes.
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Thank you so much doctor it means alot🤗 And sth main ajkal ajeb kuch ho rha hay Like mind weak ho rha ho jasy. Mushkil a re hay kisi be baat ko samajny main.. Shrink ho ra ho kasy es k liye kya krun

dekho ye sarey symptoms depression k hein and you should start on antidepressents with lifestyle modifications inshallah you will be allright

‏1 - تقدر تتحمل تعيش مع شخص مثلك؟ واذا لا ليه ؟

nadya700’s Profile Photoloading..
ااه.. وياسلام لو بيحب يسافر وبيسافر فعلا 😂💔
على كل مش بالضرورة زيي ف كل حاجة كفاية يكون ترتيب أولوياته: ربنا، نفسه، أهله (زوجة/زوج واولاد) ، عائلته، أصحابه... ويكون دايما بيدور على how possible can I make THIS better?
و THIS includes..
Relationships, mindset, lifestyle, health, food, income...etc
وأولهم علاقته بربنا. فمهما كان الشخص القدامي مختلف عني بس مجتمعين إن إحنا آلأتنين عايزين نحسن وضعنا الحالي هكون مأمنة إن ال end result لأي نقاش أو قرار بناخده محسن جودة حياتنا ب 1% ع الأقل ولو لا قدر الله ماكنش ف محله هنتحمل المسؤولية من غير مانريش جناحات بعض (لوم). 🙄

What’s your spirit animal?

BradJones427’s Profile PhotoBrad
You know, there is no specific animal that I would choose totem because my mood changes at the speed of light, my lifestyle can not be compared with anything, everything is very multifaceted, then life brings surprises💫🔥🧝‍♀️🤩
Вот знаешь нет определенного животного, которое я бы выбрала тотемным ибо мое настроение меняется со скоростью света, мой образ жизни не могу ни с чем сравнить, все очень многогранно, то ровно то жизнь преподносит сюрпризы💫🔥🧝‍♀️🤩
Whats your spirit animal

I have tw options... I need opinion on them... Option1: I marry a rich boy nd go to austrailia with him leaving behind my all family and support them by financially, only. Option2: I marry a average boy who earns enough for household,as my family need me,I earn enough to support my family myself

Go to Australia.....earn more and help your family financially
. In this case your family's future is secured , your son's and daughters will have a better lifestyle and education then here , when u get nationality u can bring your parents there....❤️

What has your breakup taught you about yourself? (Positive or negative).

My breakup has taught me that I was too submissive. I was living my life for someone else's disposal. I was very needy and dependent. I loved someone so much that I forgot to love and believe in myself. I gave more than I got and I was used. I didn't stand up for myself, and it was my own fault for why I was treat as such. Now though, I'm starting to believe in myself. I'm focusing on me and pulling my life together. I'm growing and adapting. My confidence has gone up, I know my worth and I know what I deserve. My breakup has really showed me how strong I really can be on my own and that you don't always need to be with someone to be happy. You are capable of your own happiness. Life is what you make it and you have all the power in the world to mold it into what you want.
I put off pursuing my dreams and used her as my primary source of happiness. I felt so damn lucky to have her that I forgot sometimes that she chose to be in the relationship to. When she broke up with me, it was because she loved me but was no longer romantically in love with me, and I know that it was my own damn fault - I killed that romance. I think the worst part of all of this is that now that I've had a chance to step back and really look at what happened, it's so damn obvious to me how to fix everything, but now she doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore. I blew my chance with her by not living my own damn life. So, now I'm not putting things off anymore. I've learned that I need to love myself and love my life before anyone else, or I'm going to set myself up for failure again. I am a good person, and I was good to her, and I'll be good to somebody someday, but I will not make my life completely about someone else ever again - my life is my own and I need to embrace that. I used to know it, and somewhere along the line I forgot. If I want a chance with her or anyone else, I need to reclaim myself and be the sexy, enthralling, confident guy she fell in love with when we first me. I learned that I've been alone for so much of my life, that I don't change my lifestyle easily for someone else. I expect them to live to my standards, but I'm unwilling to live to theirs if it means changing my habits. I've learned that I can be selfish; Taking what is given, and not giving enough back. I learned that I have a drinking problem. I always kinda knew, but having someone point it out was a big catalyst. I learned that I tend to get lazy in relationships. And so after I've gotten the girl, I just stop trying. I've learned that relationships are work. Always. When you stop working, the relationship stops working. I learned that I was too wrapped up in my work. I thought it was so important. And now I know that life is more important. Work needs to be done, but not at the expense of my happiness and sanity.

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Ti piace l'uomo con i capelli lunghi?

Se ha più di 22 anni mi fa senso, scusate la franchezza. Può avere senso se è windsurfer, velista, quel lifestyle, o se fa lo spogliarellista (che tristezza) Ma vorrei un attimo portare la discussione sul trend mainstream che da un decennio😱 ci perseguita: genere maschile che sfoggia la "testa a forma di casetta/ di ananas" con i lati a picco verticale, tristemente sfumati (o no, se il tuo parrucchiere non è proprio il top) e la sommità o a triangolo (tristissima) o con ciuffi che vanno qua e là. Tutto per essere MAINSTREAM.
Nella migliore delle ipotesi in questi tagli anche i capelli al centro del capo sono verticali e per un 17 enne è un bel taglio. Ma se inizi a fartelo a 17 anni non puoi continuare a portarlo fino agli 80, è un taglio PER ADOLESCENTI. FERMATEVI. È come andare in giro col succhiotto (aka ciuccio) dopo i 2 anni. Non è una bella cosa.
Ah. Era ora che qualcuno lo dicesse.
PS.: solitamente il taglio che sta bene a tutti è
il taglio corto da uomo, con TUTTI i capelli MEDIAMENTE corti a incorniciare il viso: in allegato il livello di corto massimo a cui arrivare, giacché siete uomini e non marines.

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Ti piace luomo con i capelli lunghi

Parents left for a trip and will be back on sunday, so I must live in this house alone til then. A high level woman w/ a major in psychology once told me that only losers can't enjoy their own company. I don't mind being alone it's just that the house feels awkwardly silent. Do you like being alone?

I enjoy being alone because several of the hobbies I am passionate about (writing and music) require silence and zero distractions. Since I was 10 years old I would sit by myself practicing and that level of concentration and dedication has become part of my lifestyle and routine. So I do not mind being left alone for extended periods to practice my craft.

why parents are often too much controlling ?

waleedbutt465’s Profile PhotoWaleed.
Because they literally own you unlike any other person in the world. 🌚
Not all parents are alike. Some won’t say a word and let their child do whatever. Too much of love can spoil your child obviously. They need to know what is acceptable and what’s not, since a young age.
Other parents never realise the fact that their child is a living breathing human too and after childhood they can not impose their own likes and dislikes and choices on them. Once they’re an adult, they’ll have their own pattern of lifestyle which can be influenced by their upbringing but not by them anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I know what parents do is out of concern for their children but they too can go over board with it. Too much concern, too much possessiveness, even too much of love and care cuts out the breathing space for the other.
Nobody wants to write an essay of why they’re just feeling low. You’re human you’re allowed to have both happy and sad days. “Bas esy hi” needs to be enough you can’t always explain ku? Kis liye? The concept of “Personal space” does not exist within desis. Be it from parents side, be it from family, be it from siblings, be it for spouses. Let a person breatheeeee.
You can’t always possibly know what goes through someone else’s mind. It’s not possible so why tire yourself and them with the stupid questions?
Then comes the category of parents who can’t accept the fact that it’s their child who has to marry someone not them. So they don’t get to choose. Theak hai shit happens but where does it say shit won’t happen if your parents are picking someone for you? Ffs beauty and money isn’t everything. I’d never say it does not matter. Ofc it does but it’s not the sole criteria to settle down. Parents normally don’t give a shit about vibes and mental connection and I don’t think you can spend a lifetime with someone without it unless Ofc you just want to enjoy their status or literally only bow down to their looks which is more than common here. Pathetic honestly
The only problem parents and anyone who loves you have is not keeping a healthy balance.
If it’s control and possessiveness out of love it’s, over the board like the other person is an idiot and can’t live their life without it.
If it’s freedom and letting them have their space that too is overboard to the point they have children involved in all sort of evil and they still accept them. Just like women often stay back with cheating husbands lol.
They’re both stupid!
A healthy balance is needed which I don’t see anywhere honestly. It’s an absolute chaos out there. Crazy how you can be blinded by love to the point you’re hurting yourself or them.

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Would you recommend pads or tampons for someone just starting out? What is your favorite type and brand? Thank you!

It truly depends on what you’re comfortable with, and which one would suit you best. What I mean by that is, depending on your lifestyle, pads specifically, can be quite inconvenient.
An example would be, if you’re an athlete, a swimmer, a gymnast, etc… Tampons would be the most logical choice for you.
It is important to note though, that pads are significantly easier to start out with than tampons, as you have to learn how to use tampons properly, first.
Personally, I have tried both, and I almost always prefer pads. But I’m also not super physically active, and they are just more comfortable for me.
I wear the Always Maxi pads! There are a few different types, like ultra thin, super absorbency, with/without wings, etc… And I can’t really recommend a certain type just because that is something you have to test out and see what works best for you!
I really hope that helps a little, and that you are successful in finding the right thing for you! 😄

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Would you recommend pads or tampons for someone just starting out What is your

What would a world populated by clones of you be like? In what ways do you imagine a world like that would thrive? Where would it need improvement? 👥 🗺 ✨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
One thing is for certain, the world would need a loooot more swimming pools 😂 Considering my lbeing a person living in a western country I feel like the world would be running out of resources really quickly. Though, I'm one of those people who'd be willing to drastically adapt my lifestyle to save the planet. With me being a a PC gamer I'm sure the world would need a lot more electricity. And with me being a fan of clean energy the world would be covered with wind turbines and solar panels 😆
What would a world populated by clones of you be like In what ways do you

Was denkst du über den Lifestyle Minimalismus?

Gefällt mir persönlich nicht. Ich bin zwar kein Fan davon, alles so zuzustellen und vollzustopfen, aber eine minimalistische Einrichtung wirkt für mein Empfinden oft sehr leer, kalt und unpersönlich.
Selbiges gilt für einen minimalistischen Kleidungsstil: man mag zwar nüchtern betrachtet "gut angezogen" sein, aber in meinen Augen auch fade und ohne großen Wiedererkennungswert.

Are you inspired by someone

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
My full lifestyle is inspired by American people
I mean only watch American chef authentic recipe
I take fashion inspiration by looking at American male celebrities Instagram accounts I take ideas from them
I watch only American people YouTube vlogs ,cooking videos ,grocerry shopping videos
So I watch American astrologer videos
We become what by which we are inspired
Trying to bring American lifestyle in Pakistan

Il lifestyle da rapper: ti affascina o lo ripudi?

nobidoraemon’s Profile PhotoMethylidyne ☾
Penso sia davvero sciocco uniformarsi ad una moda americana, relativa ai bassifondi poveri e criminali delle grandi metropoli, quando fino a poco tempo fa, eravamo noi europei a lanciarle, le mode. Ed erano più interessanti. Invece di seguire la massa come pecore, lanciatelo voi un messaggio. Lasciate una diversa impronta.

Il lifestyle da rapper: ti affascina o lo ripudi?

nobidoraemon’s Profile PhotoMethylidyne ☾
Da ex appassionata di rap ammetto un minimo di bias a tal riguardo ma, prendendo in esame il rap e la trap odierna e relative tematiche – di cui ormai si è fatto uno stile di vita – no, decisamente non mi affascina più da un pezzo.
Sono cresciuta con l'idea del rap che era essenzialmente la vita di strada nella sua interezza.
Non era perfetta, ma era piuttosto realistica. Sincera, in qualche modo.
Mentre al panorama odierno direi che si è arrivati alla più totale saturazione, esaltazione ed esasperazione degli argomenti (basta ascoltare già solo tre canzoni degli FSK di fila per avere un'idea) e di quello che dovrebbe essere il lifestyle di un rapper/trapper, al punto che difficilmente trovo che ci sia ancora qualcosa da dire (nonché il motivo principale per cui mi sono disamorata di tale genere e sono migrata altrove).

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Was haltet ihr von so hardcore fans/fandoms? Also Menschen die fremden Leuten ihre ganze Aufmerksamkeit schenken etc...?

jhoptidyscoop’s Profile PhotoSoraya박
No offense, aber diese Menschen brauchen ganz dringend psychotherapeutische Hilfe dabei, Inhalte in ihrem Leben zu finden. Ab dem Punkt, ab dem es das Leben einschränkt, ist es bedenklich. Die Grenzen von extrem enthusiastischem Fan zu gesundheitlichen Bedenken sind fließend, aber es hat viele Parallelen zu anderen Suchterkrankungen.
Und Liebes, sorry, aber Sasaeng ist kein Lifestyle. Sasaengs sind ganz normale Stálker, die in therapeutische Hilfe und von ihren Ópfern ferngehalten gehören. Ziel von einem Stálker zu werden fühlt sich scheußlich an. Und nein, ein gestálktes Idol fühlt keine Connection, sondern bestenfalls Abscheu.

What should I do at 5 in the morningN!

Demiuwu’s Profile PhotoDemi
5AM Club (20-20-20 mins)
• MOVE - make the bed, stretch, run/jog, do some cardio— wake up your body
• REFLECT - journal, meditate, set goals for the day
• LEARN - read a book, listen to a podcast, watch some ted talks
Customize the routine to fit your lifestyle! Always remember that:
What should I do at 5 in the morningN

Soll Dope legal sein oder nicht ?

Nichtmal Zucker Fleisch Alk Milchprodukte E Stoffe Kuchen Weissmehl Süsswaren Fast- und Junkfood sollten legal sein bei der dummen kranken sü.chtigen missgestalteren A.sso Bevölkerung die es hervorgebracht hat. Lidl, Aldi, Norma Food und Lifestyle bringt keine Genies hervor. Nur Kali Yuga Zombies.

Was sind deine persönlichen Ziele bzw. Vorhaben im diesjährigen Sommer (falls vorhanden)? Du kannst diese gerne teilen, wenn du magst. - @feytality

feytality’s Profile PhotoFey ✧˖°
I'll give it a crack in german for once I suppose!
Das wichtigste Ziel für diesen Sommer ist vermutlich die "großen" Fragen des Promotionsprojektes zu klären. Einige Sachen stehen schon, einige Grundlagen sind gelegt und die schemenhaften Umrisse eines Typsystems bahnen sich an, auch wenn gefühlt jeder zweiter Tag daraus besteht, sich Gegenbeispiele zu überlegen, wieso es so nicht gehen kann. A special kind of fun.
Das ist irgendwie wichtig, um nicht in einen Dauerzustand der Panik reinzugeraten. Weil wenn man den erstmal erreicht hat, kommen auch keine guten Ideen mehr.
Das ist irgendwie noch wichtiger, weil wenn irgendwas schonmal läuft, kann man Paper einreichen, und irgendwie die vorzeigbare Quote erreichen, mit der die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft dann zufrieden ist.
Plus es eilt irgendwie, einer der smartesten Personen aller Zeiten verlässt den Lehrstuhl. Ich bin nicht der Einzige Doktorand der zittert!
Jedoch viel wichtiger ist der Post-Covid Reboot meiner typischen sozialen Kreise. Ich bin sehr auf der extrovertierten Seite angesiedelt, und ich bin froh das alles langsam wieder aufwacht. Leute erscheinen aus der Senke, die meisten Wochenenden sind endlich wieder verplant mit persönlichen Treffen mit oder ohne längeren Trips in andere Städte. Es gibt wieder Night-Life, und ich kann die Lichter wieder genießen. Das Vorhaben/Ziel ist es wieder den selben Zustand wie vor der Pandemie zu erreichen.
Ich hätte gerne meine zwei Jahre zurück, aber wenn ich das schon nicht haben kann, dann möchte ich zumindest soweit möglich meinen Lifestyle zurück. Und als erster Schritt ist Cocktailbar und K-Pop Party in relativ großer Gruppe ziemlich gut, zumindest ein Ziel was aktiv direkt kommendes Wochenende in Bearbeitung geht.
Hmm. Yeah. This text reads ugly. Sighhh.

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Napaisip niyo rin ba, what if "nag patingin na lang ako sa therapist?" will it end ba? Will it be possible for me na mawala lahat ng sakit?

Not every mental health is curable. What they actually do is give maintenance. Because it is also factored by other things such as lifestyle, behavior, environment etc. If those things cannot be ideal for a certain person who is affected, then it's tend to be useless too. It takes time talaga for it to be somewhat "okay" din. But let's not be pessimistic about it, what you need is support and love and be open about it. Cheers. I had thought about that, Pero I haven't went to a therapist pa even my parents were like supporting it, so it's kinda ironic to get supported pero I'm still not visiting one yet.
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What kind of entertainment did you do with your family when you were young? Do you think it has contributed to who you are today?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
I was born and raised in Saudi, so my childhood was a really quiet one because of the lifestyle there. For entertainment we used to go to park. Shopping was also entertaining to us as kids who are in the house all the time. Hmm what else 🤔 I think in the holidays when we came to Egypt we used to go to the sea but not so often tbh. I barely remember such thing. So yeah it was kinda quiet activities. It definitely affected on who I am now, but I don't think in the same way. Like it's expected that I'll keep loving the really quiet lifestyle, which is true for some parts of me, but inside I'm dying to go out there and see the world. I want to be part of interesting adventures and do scary stuff. Which I don't know how much real is that. I keep thinking maybe it's only beautiful in my head and it'll turn out something else if I get to do all of that. But tbh I want to throw myself to such things to make sure if it's as exciting as I imagine. Huuuh Donia.

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I got so much hate on saying how much I adore Maryam nawaz shareef. Is that how much intolerant we have become?

zainabsaysss’s Profile Photozainabsaysss
Sorry to say, but it isn't about intolerance in the society. & If you admire her for her dressing sense or how she carries herself at this age, you should know it's the taxpayer's money she's been spending on her own physical appearance & lifestyle for almost last 5 decades. You could have the Kardashians & Jenner sisters as your role model or anyone else you admire, & we wouldn't have any problem w that. But being influenced by someone who wears 6 lac slippers for her washroom after horribly looting a country that's currently on the edge of the bankruptcy, & inspite of all the other facts you know is pure absurdity.
However, can't deny the fact that we are an indescribable intolerant society though.

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