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Is there a song that you’re tired of hearing? I am overly tired of Dua Lipa’s one kiss. I like her as an artist but that song has been literally played and played again and again ever since it came out, you can’t escape no matter where you go. I even heard it at the local farm☠️

I’ve never heard it or her in general. I’m not tired of any song. I’m only exposed to that which I choose to listen and recommendations from friends.

Do you believe being on benefits your below everyone else?

Not necessarily believe People situations are different why they on benefits but at same time working or on benefits no one should think they better then anyone as when it's calling we all go in same way out I like despise people who think they are God gift and somthing special bacause they have money look at me I have money remember these people when they have nothing never be idiot who thinks they above people

If u feel unstable mentally will u go seek a therapist?

meemoosj’s Profile PhotoMeemoo Meemoo
Yeah there's no shame in it. First you can share what's bothering you with someone you trust the most like any close friend of family member. If that doesn't work and you feel the same then surely you can go to a therapist. When I went through mental health issues and there was constant severe headache and fatigue day and night I visited neurophysician. It made me feel better so yeah never hesitate in seeking help.

Leave a message for someone without mentioning them.

ZeeshanAwan830’s Profile PhotoEquilibrium ⇌
Thank you so much for blocking me off because I didn't respond to your shitty show off materialistic stuff this time and didn't fake complement to your pathetic Eid shoot.
Trust me for all this time I hated you like hell. And that clown "hello" of yours on a starting of call literally makes me want to throw up because you are so lame you nerdy piece of shitty anime immature lover. 🙄

Why no one talks about lost friendships with your school/ college mates and cousins?

princess567l’s Profile Photoچھوئی موئیTouch me not
No, I talked about them alot.
They gave me a trauma and heartbreaks which literally took 5 years for me to get rid of them.
That I treated all of them like my own sisters but unfortunately some of them turn to be a Bitch. 🙄 who leak all of your secrets with a group of friends in a name of joke. 🙄
Your personal life is your personal life that's what I learned in a hard way. 👀

Let's listen to your teen days ...

Danyal_H’s Profile Photoدانیال
I always wanted to be one of those emo girls.
I used to wear kajal like hell. (Literally like hell hell)😂
I was also one of those girls who used to make that lame puff thing.😂
I never spent much time with my family as I always used to be to busy with my social life. (Worst thing).
My life was all about music.
The worst part was when I was desperate to have a boyfriend (okay, that side of me is literally so depressing).
School life was not that interesting because my father was an Army Officer, so yeah, we used moved alot and even in my teen days I've changed 4 schools😵).
Lets listen to your teen days

People say life is short. Why do you do so many things you don’t like, and like so many things you don’t do?

I don’t actually do too much that I don’t like 😂😂
The other things I like and don’t do are holiday type stuff like bungee jumping or skydiving but those things are not as good as playing with my pup anyway 😉

Ya gf ki izat ha 😂😂

Baat to sai boli hai bhai us ne. Apka bheja hi chota hai jo isay process nahi kr paa rha. It's not like girls don't get hit on by guys. But if she's loyal, she won't respond ya. Ja k kro usay ptanay ki kohshish. Agr pat gyi to disloyal bndi choot jaye gi. Na pti to loyalty prove ho jaegi. It's a win-win. Ab tumhari izzat ki def mukhtalif hai, to jo tumhay bhayo tum woh kro

i think we should talk about how romantic the rain is

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoZargham
Indeed, it is romantic, beautiful, and most of all peaceful weather with a gentle and fresh breeze, washing away all of my sorrows and healing my broken soul as it is a stress relief medicine falling off from the sky❤❤
A true romantic and loving sight that literally attract my soul like a magnet to go out in it and get myself heal from each and every drop like a million tiny kisses🥰

According to you, what can and should we do for the religion Islam in an attempt to bring back its real image in society? (Serious and practical answers only)

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
Ask your children for 5 time prayers and give them notebooks to note it down on daily basis. Prayer is the first thing we all will be asked firstly on the day of judgement so rather than burdening thousands of qaza prayers make this easy for you and your children. It's just like an exam. It's up to you how much you prepare for next world. 30%, 40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,90% or 100%☺️❤️

If you could, how would you change the world? 🌍 🌎 🌏 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I don't really know, I know I wouldn't start wars to begin with. Maybe just make it easier to live in general and help those who are struggling. Can't really change the opinions others have about other people but I'd probably fight for acceptance of people who are "different". Random acts of kindness can make a difference also, just stuff like that

According to you, what can and should we do for the religion Islam in an attempt to bring back its real image in society? (Serious and practical answers only)

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
Hmm I'm a big sinner, I'm not a perfectionist, bt I am practicing my deen.
According to me, to bring back islam real image in society:
*we shud do pabandi of Praying 5 times of namaz, wid including tahajjud.
*we shud Try nd normalize the following of Quran.
*"la illaha illalah muhammadur rasoolAllah". We shud Normalize following Sunnah nd hadees, they are frm Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
As sunnah is the acts done and hadees is the words said by our beloved prophet.
*we shud Try to know about sahaba e kram nd Hazrat Ali R.A., as prophet (P.B.U.H) said if I am the door of knowledge, Hazrat Ali R.A is the key to the door.
*we shud normalize Takhreer's nd ijtema's every week like Qutba every Friday's.
*we shud always Remember Allah (swt) by doing loads of zikr nd dua.
*we shud Repent as many tyms as u can nd try not to repeat sins, nd don't get attached to this temporary world though as much you can. Bcoz eventually "Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajioon"
*we shud Do always remember the main motive for which we are here in this duniya. "Takbir- Allahuakbar" nd "la illaha illalah muhammadur rasoolAllah"
*May Allah(swt) guide us to the straight path. Ameen ya Rab. ❤️
*May Allah(swt) forgive all our Sagheera gunah. Ameen ya rab.❤

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What makes you attracted to the person you like?

I'm in that phase where my mind conjures up a fictional dream man for me to ogle at and go on imaginary perfect dates with. Okay, maybe he's real but in the form of a twisted grown-up version of a primary school classmate whom I was never close with and haven't seen him since decades ago. But besides that point, what I'm saying is that my crush is as real as Jacob from Twilight.
On a serious note, I've a thing for respectful, responsible and communicative men of their words.

Do you block people easily? I kind of do, and I found it to be one of the greatest reliefs. I don't have the patience nor the energy to deal with people's bs. My energy is already super limited, I'd rather spend it on things that matter, like my wellbeing. I'm a priority in my own life.

I’m not easily bothered so, no. Plus people are rarely rude or inappropriate with me here. Had one last night that I was about to block for being overly s*xual but he stopped. I only have one person blocked.

:I I like this 19 year old girl, thing is I’m 26 and she only dates men at most 4 years older. People tell me I look younger should I tell her I’m 21 and do “things” with her then after that tell her my true age?

don’t lie about your age, i’ve done that before…i was sneaking into the bar when i was 20 and met a chick there and danced with her and we exchanged numbers. i told her i was 21…so she wouldn’t tell the bouncers i was underage. so later on when i turned 21, a week before my birthday i told her i was turning 21 and she definitely was pissed off and cut ties right away. moral of this life experience is don’t start any kind of relationships based with telling lies. it will only hurt you in the end.

ماشاء الله تبارك الله اهدي علينا ي چميلة 😂💖

yassmienmaher8’s Profile Photoيَ ㅤ
Like look who’s really talking 🥺🥺💞💞💞💞💞
أنا اللي كل شوية فعلًا بجد والله بنبهر بجمالك أكتر من الأول ما شاء الله يا ياسمين 🥺🥺💞💞💞💞💞💞

هو الراجل لما بيحب بينسى ويقسى عادى ولا بياخد وقت كتير يتخطى زينا ؟

men r humans like us lw 7b bgd hy5od w2t, 3shan yt5ta l2n zy ma feh rgala 2dra tksr bnt fe bnat 2dra tksr m4a3r el ragel f mlhash 3lka 🙃

my ex and i have been on and off for 8 months and only recently i just cut ties completely , i’m missing him like crazy and being told by my best friend to reach out if i love him that bad. what now?

Open your eyes and look around, whatever the reason he is that now he is your ex hasn’t gone away, so learn to live without him for another few months and see how you feel then 😉

How come you no longer answer questions 🧐

I do answer questions, but only when they've been sent to me personally. I don't like answering shoutouts because they're not directed towards me. Although I will answer some on occasions because, after all, this is a Q&A site. A lot of people I used to talk to have left and nowadays only stick to their group of people, which is annoying but not a big deal. I enjoy answering questions, but I'd rather they be sent to me personally by users who are actually curious to know me.

Have you ever had a crafty project that you just had no passion for but it needed to be done, and it just felt like it dragged on? What did you do to help keep yourself inspired and motivated?

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
That's happened to me so many times in the last few courses at uni I've been taking, since they're very creatively driven! Luckily, having a deadline is usually enough to get me motivated lol Though, I try and find inspiration in the things that I like, especially in the more freeform assignments! One example is a photoshop assignment where we had to create a world of something small in real life. So I took a keychain I bought in Amsterdam and continued the city landscape based on it 🇳🇱
Have you ever had a crafty project that you just had no passion for but it

How far ahead do you like to plan? Would you say you are the sort of person who likes to go into each day with an idea of what you want to do/achieve, or do you prefer to live in the moment? ✨

JoyouslyJoanna’s Profile PhotoJo
I don't really have a preference! Sure it's nice to have things planned but I can also be very spontaneous! I often have a few goals set up for the day though. When it comes to long term planning I write things down when I know they'll happen and then simply take things from there. In the past I've literally gone to a concert in Denmark the same day I learnt of it cause a friend had a spare ticket 😂 But, as long as I have nothing planned that day, that's totally fine! 😊
How far ahead do you like to plan Would you say you are the sort of person who

Do you exercise? What's your favourite exercise? Do you own any gym equipment? 😁

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I do exercise! I either go swimming, both with a swim team and alone or I head to the gym! When I swim I like to put on paddles and a snorkle and just swim laps upon laps, I find it very relaxing! Not in that it doesn't tire me but it's a good way for me to clear my head 🏊‍♂️
I own some resistance bands, jump ropes and a "multi trainer band" but I very rarely use those at home to be honest with you 😅
Do you exercise Whats your favourite exercise Do you own any gym equipment

Do you like bowling 🎳 what most you get a stike/spare/split ?

missygls’s Profile PhotoGₑₘ ☆
I love bowling! Though I play it way less than I'd want to, I only do so like once a year! Last time I played I had a pretty good round filled with strikes, spares and LOTS of nines. Frustratingly many nines 😂 But I ended beating my personal best with a score of 140! Not too bad I'd say for someone who doesn't play it often Haha
Do you like bowling   what most you get a stikesparesplit

What do you do when you are bored? 🥱 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Recently I haven't had much time where I didn't have anything to do! Like, I spend a lot of time editing movies for my student organization, working on uni assignments and musical stuff! Though, with our last show being a few weeks back, I felt like it was the right time to get back into answering questions on here! Since I haven't done so in like two months almost lol But in the rare cases where I have had nothing to do, I've been playing Jedi Survivor and Anno 1800 🎮
What do you do when you are bored

Can you delete a post Becuase people keep replying to a post I made

dylan_Ap18’s Profile PhotoDylan
If it's YOUR post; you can do anything you want with/to it.
The triple dots. . . . . like
*just after hospital ~ hearing all the bad news*
Can you delete a post Becuase people keep replying to a post I made

How does Parker like the snake?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWar
Alas! I regret to report that Parker and toy snake's meeting has been delayed by an unexpected twist of fate, and by "twist of fate" I mean "the package containing the snake got lost in the post".. 😭
I've ordered another from a different retailer and I'm waiting on it to arrive. It's due in a couple of days. On a happier note, we did recently get a new cat tree for our boy! He's a big fan of it. He loves sitting on the top shelf and looking out the window! It's the perfect vantage point for him to spy on the neighbor's cat.
How does Parker like the snake

What should I do if someone is harassing me? Blocking doesn't help, they even told me that It doesn't matter how much I block them they'll always come back.

Nothing you can do. Last year I was receiving daily death threats by someone that made like 50 accounts against me. I emailed ask about it but they did nothing with his main account. All the accounts against me were removed but that’s all. Just ignore the person and they will probably stop if they’re not getting a reaction.

What's the last thing that you saw that left you "starry eyed"?

Our neighbour across the street has this enormous cherry tree in his front garden and every year, when spring rolls around, its branches become covered in fluffy, pink blossoms. A couple of weeks ago my partner and I decided to get up early to go for a walk.
When we left, the tree was in full bloom. A strong breeze must have blown through while we were gone though because the branches were bare by the time we returned, and the petals were scattered all over the street. Like pink snow.
The sight alone was enough to stop us in our tracks.
It was, truly, breathtaking.
Whats the last thing that you saw that left you starry eyed

How long does it take to know that you love somebody?

It is my personal belief that "falling in love" isn't something that happens all at once. Sure, we might meet someone with whom we have an instant connection, but having a connection is not the same thing as being in love. To love is to entwine your life with someone else's, and to grow alongside them.
It's a journey. And, like all journeys, there will inevitably be dips in the road. There will inevitably be times when you dislike the person you love. There will be moments when you think you cannot possibly love them any more than you already do... Then they go and surprise you. And without warning, you catch yourself falling just a little bit deeper.

how do you feel about followers in real life? people that do everything you do, or think — ik they’re watching close, but how do you feel about them?

I’ve had it happen because couple of female friends that I’ve had were younger and looked up to me/ wanted to be like me. It was cute but in adult life I don’t know. Depends on the context.

Eine WV Frage zum Sonntag: Im Steckbrief werden wir ja nach dem 'Most likely to..' gefragt, aber was wäre denn das Senior Yearbook Quote eures OCs?👀 Was will sie/er der Westriver High zum Schluss noch sagen und kann das auch so gedruckt werden? 🌚🌲 (Frage bitte weiterschicken!)

Hanna_Blub’s Profile Photohanna
Auch, wenn das jetzt vielleicht langweilig ist, aber ich könnte mir denken, dass Tre tatsächlich ein Zitat aus der Schwarzen Hip Hop Szene nehmen würde. "Keep your head up" von Tupac z.B. oder den vom Moodboard "I'm like an energizier cause you see I last long".
Gut, der wäre vielleicht für Amerika schon zu unsittlich. xD
Vielleicht würde ihm auch dies Bob Marley Zitat gut gefallen: “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

What users makes you happy?

@talionislexx @laxmikanth_cool @HysterPsy @vexiled @Moonloauch @Bearhead01 @redoasis2017
I hate feeling like I’m leaving people out. Not naming anyone I haven’t had many interactions with but still plenty that make me happy. Plus there are so many kind anons. I love everybody. 💗

You go to make a grilled cheese sandwich: What cheese do you use? Do you add any extra fillings? What about sauce? Don't like grilled cheese? What kinda sandwich do you make instead?

I would use spicy vegan cheese. Maybe tomato if I had it. Maybe hot sauce. But I haven’t made that probably ever. I just make peanut butter and jelly.

What sort of fucking ass holes we have in Pakistan that can't stand or protest for a leader who has dedicated all his life for them.. SHAMEEE!

A leader who has cultivated a cult of personality around him so huge that we can't even see his shadow and the tiny pathetic man behind it.
A hypocrite and a serial liar who would do anything or say anything to get what he wants, who would set a whole nation on fire if it benefits him.
Sound bites designed to impress smooth brained people like you won't change the fact that he failed to deliver when he had power and played the major role in starting the current economic crisis that we have today so go burn some tires in Faizabad and maybe cry.

I make prediction Slovakia will win IIHF World Championship. They have good talent. They are in a golden generation like Finland. I will foresee more Slovak players to graduate to the NHL. You're going to be relishing in Gold ;)

Hahaha I dont think so 😅, maybe our boys till age 18 are perfect, but older WCH team lost now with Austria in friend match, so it is not good prediction 😂. Anyway I will support them till their last moment there! 🥰🤍💙❤️🇸🇰

Nicola porro che comunque è stato nominato ib Rai

polle85’s Profile PhotoAnge light
Ma codesta persona mica compra una vascha idromassaggio come me. Certo se la potevo pagare in like, alla fine sono 1,620 euro. Se erano un pagamento di 1,620 like era un piccolo risparmio.
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Akhir kitni sy dhoka Kaho gi?

sab se bara dhoka tou university hai, school mei bataya tha ke yahan sirf grades ke liye parha jata hai asal parhne aur seekhne ke liye university jaatay hain leikin idhar bhi sab ko sirf grades se hi matlab hai, agay grad school ke bhi kuch yun hi halaat nazar arahay hain isse behtar mai biscuit consultancy ka business karlun i really feel like peakfreans can do better and i can help them with my opinions on their products

Canada is literally made on English and French and Indigenous languages but it seems like Justin Trudeau is letting in people who type in handwriting.

Brooo i have been reading canadian history since grade 4 and i had history courses till grade 12.. Canadian culture only revolved around aboriginal ppl and first nation ppl.. which was lost decades back by British taking over and red Indians .. since than Canada has always been a multicultural country. Canada is known for its multicultural nationality. Canada doesn’t have his own culture or identity.. canada is made from different race and culture. First nation and aboriginal ppl still exist but rarely..

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