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When in a relationship is it important to text most of the day or only sometimes?

Idk man text if you feel like it, don’t if you don’t. I’m a good morning and good night person but if one or both of us are busy between that it’s cool we can talk about our day later or send each other stupid memes when we have a minute 🤷🏻‍♀️


Musshafii’s Profile Photoمصحفی
I don't know what hope a person like me will draw from it. I can find a purpose or a meaning in my life that is same as this man's poem. My words are capable of transcending love and life, so I should keep writing. My departure can make the time stop, or I would be able to hear what I wanted to hear all my life on my deathbed, and I will be able to feel that peace that I longed for lifetime, while trying to stretch that last moment of my life.
what are you trying to tell me? Is it that, life is concealed in the veil of moments that can only be unveiled by the heart where the flame of love dwells?

I feel hurt, distracted, and confused. I'm going to get married in a few months. I love my single life but I chose to yes to a particular person for marriage. I know I have to get married but I'm traumatized by marriage. I always think of bad scenarios. I'm tired. It feels like I'm in a loop.

bro I was thinking the same today and I didn't get any answer from my inner self.
Istakhara kar lou, may be it'll help.

What do you think of people who tried to force their religion on others?

I don't like that. In fact anyone who tries to force anything on you just because they believe in it can stay away from me aha. I'm all for discussions and seeing each others points of view, I am not here for "my opinion/belief is the only right one so you must agree with me"

What are your views on swearing? Do you swear often or do you try and avoid it? Does it make you uncomfortable when others swear around you, or does it not bother you?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Nope I don't swear often and I'm not a swearing(?) typa person but I do use words like sh1t or fck here and there sometimes lol but that's it. Maybe because they're not my native language so I don't really feel bothered by it. Yup I feel annoyed when people swears around me especially in malay (my native language) it's very uncomfortable to hear, most words are very vulgar I swear 🥴

Serious question... 😱 (Ruh ROH)... *Puts lamp over your head*... Do you think someone has blocked you on here, before?!? *GASP!!* If so... Why do you think so??? What's their deal? Lol. You're super cool in my eyes, though 😎✨🖖🆒

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Out of topic but reading your questions are super fun like they're so cute with all these *gasp* *giggles* *chuckles* ok that's just me overreacting 😹🤍

But why did you take pregnancy test because you were on birth control, how did you think you should take a test for pregnancy, I am not understanding, how old are you?

I woke up not feeling good, I took a pregnancy test because I know that birth control isn’t 100%… as I keep saying.
How old am I? More like how old are you

Wouldn't you agree in order to be in a successful relationship with a future ? (Family,Marriage,etc). You need these three things: - Financial stability (cover for future) - Mental stablility (Be focused on it) - Genuine Love between two partners? Or disagree I'd like to know why ?

I agree with your statement. This needs to come from both sides and most importantly: don't live through your partner. Be independent. ☑️
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@ayishayousafk @onefinaltime_maybe

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Which omelette do you like most normal salt chilli omelette ,cheese omelette or Spanish omelette

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali baloucch
I prefer simple omelette on daily basis
On weekend I make Spanish omelette in which I add 9egg mixed ,salt red chilli garlic onion bayleaf powder Sriracha , boiled broccoli piece ,bell pepper pieces, diced onion , green chilli pieces , 2 tbs tin peas ,4 spinach leaves ,2tsp cabbage which cut into small pieces mix it put into cake into cake pan bake it 30 minutes then take out put 1 cup grated cheese bake 5 minutes it's ready 😊

Do you tend to remember your dreams? Maybe give an example of one you've had recently or that was particularly memorable? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Very seldom and it usually only happen when I'm exhausted. The last one that I remember was when I was still working in my previous job and in my dream I was doing my work nonstop haha. Something like this also happened back in college wherein in my dream, I was having a one-on-one discussion with my Prof after class regarding a topic for our exam. I just find this as a pattern/sign of experiencing burnout and I hate whenever like this happened lol

Is a relationship worth it if you have to put a lot of effort to make it work?

Hmm good question! I feel like it isn’t worth it for me if you constantly have to work hard to make it work.
My current relationship goes very naturally. We make time for each other whenever we can and we rarely argue on things since we’re on one line with most things.
I’m happy it comes so naturally, it feels very relaxing and actually like home instead of having the feeling you have to work hard to make it last.
Is a relationship worth it if you have to put a lot of effort to make it work

~have you ever experienced 'deja vu' ?

dokhtarafghan123’s Profile Photonimrah ( :
Toxic "friends"
Experiencing the same patterns again and your mind goes like "I don't wanna be here, I've seen this before and I don't have the courage to go through this again."
And its all so chaotic in that moment qnd the best part is, didn't had the comforting shoulder then, won't have it now cz those I have, I don't wanna bother... By the end of the day I'll be the bad person. 🙌

Do you tend to remember your dreams? Maybe give an example of one you've had recently or that was particularly memorable? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I remember my dreams very clearly and it's not that unusual that I remember all the dreams I had in one night's sleep.
For example, just now I woke up from a dream where I received a package I'm waiting for and before I took out the things, I wanted to take a picture for the one who sent it to me. But my cats or the angle or my SO or the light or everything together were unhelpful and I just couldn't get a good shot.
Funny thing that this took place in a room I usually don't use or even take a step into anymore, though I lived in that room as a child. A few days ago I already had a dream taking place there, I kinda recorded myself making a tutorial or something similar? Unusual stuff for me, to sum it up, but then a relief kinda haunted me and hid (? however a stone can do that) behind a corner watching me. That was scary.
Oh, and tonight I also dreamt about a movie, one that was already comedy/parody and mocked on a lot of things, getting a parody movie by the one who created the original one as well. It's kinda weird now that I'm awake, but it made totally sense in my dream and they even planned the one for the second movie as well. And I had a good talk with an interesting singer/actress who participated both in the original (in reality) as well in the parody in my dream. I don't know where this stuff comes from, hahaha.
A week or so ago I also dreamt memorable stuff about the game I play with friends. We usually play a competitive mode with lots of strategic stuff, including the capture and defense of different buildings. One of them is a unique, big (shiny) castle, the greatest object in this game mode, sometimes hard to capture and sometimes hard to defend. It's a matter of silly pride and prestige to give that castle your guild tag, but we're silly, ostentatious humans, so we like to do that. In my dream the guild which claimed that castle could also start to decorate it in a special way, and that'd be so awesome, really. My friends and me were in awe and totally captivated by that in my dream, completely forgetting the original purpose of the game mode. There were for example fancy furnishings or thick, wonderful carpets you could lay around, really beautiful. Though, we practice a kinda religious (completely satirical) worship of the color pink, so everything simply needs to be pink. In my dream we faced the problem that the carpets were not available in pink and that made us really upset, haha.
I've told my friends about that dream the next day and ever since they want to text the developers about including that feature. With PINK carpets, of course. "Laying out pink carpets" became also a running gag in my group of friends, and to sum it up, they were in AWE about my dream. After they had a good laugh about the weird stuff I dream, of course.

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How do I get people to like me? :( I have tried everything.

i learnt this the hard way. you will always be a bad person in some peoples lives. some will find you really likable for some reasons and others will find you equally unlikeable for the same reasons. their disapproval of your choices and personality does not necessarily equate to you being a bad person. you can’t and don’t need to please them thats all thank u for coming to my ted talk please like me if u agree or disagree

Why do certain people suck the life out of you?

Dr. Anton LaVey referred to them as "psychic vampires." I didn't always agree with all of his observations (many were shamelessly "borrowed" from Ayn Rand's Objectivism), but there were instances when he was right on target and the one mentioned supra should speak for itself. LaVey nailed it. In life, we will encounter creatures that are only capable drawing energy without making any attempt to reciprocate. Learn to identify them and steer clear at all costs. Your spirit will thank you for it and who knows, you might meet others like yours truly... =)
Why do certain people suck the life out of you

Do you tend to remember your dreams? Maybe give an example of one you've had recently or that was particularly memorable? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I remember the occurring one the most vividly!
The one where I just running down a never ending corridor in what looks like an old manor house! To the right are those typical wooden panel walls, the left are windows. It's night and the only light in the corridor is from the moon. It's pitch black behind me, as well as infront of me. But I keep running lol
Do you tend to remember your dreams Maybe give an example of one youve had
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Do you like to do farm work?

The closest thing to farm work I do, is plant flowers, shrubs and the few herbs I currently have in my planter pots lol
I don't live on a farm :)
So I don't do farm work, or what is potentially seen as farm work :3
Do you like to do farm work

Your hybrid is like a EV did you buy cause it's better for the environment ?

> Your hybrid is like a EV
No, not exactly. A hybrid has two engines. One is powered by gasoline or diesel, the other is electric. When the fuel side is running, it charges battery packs which power the electric side. An EV is fully electric with battery packs that have to be charged externally. It does not have an engine but several smaller electric motors.
> did you buy cause it's better for the environment ?
It is a little more efficient so I suppose that helps. It really depends on your driving habits, etc. City driving can use less fuel but on the freeway, I haven't noticed a significant difference. On average, you can expect better mileage by 20% to 40% depending on vehicle. EV technology is still fairly new and more expensive. The average price for an Electric Vehicle is $50,000 to $60,000 and until the market adjusts (which may take years), I believe that a hybrid is a better option. Personally, I would not consider an EV until they reach price parity with conventional or hybrid vehicles.

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Your hybrid is like a EV did you buy cause its better for the environment
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Is Narcissistim a mental health illness or is it someone who is just a complete Sh# person need views ?

It's a personality disorder. Not all people with NPD are shitty people. I've seen loads of people who don't have it and are shitty haha. So I think it comes down someone's personality /morals /opinions etc that make someone inclined to be a horrible person. Not what illness they have.
Also every person has narcissistic tendencies however mild they may be. Just like people can sometimes have obsessive tendencies but don't have ocd. Etc etc etc.

What was the best compliment you've ever received?

modelzmodelz9053’s Profile PhotoLove
I think these beautiful words about me not compliments…. it’s truth….you’ve just never seen me….and there are so many …. and that words so beautiful…..
and i tell you one from them….
l know these words will be stolen from my Ask….
and I understand when you are open in social media in life too not only in social media…. you have to be ready
for it….
And I myself really like to watch and read people who offer their skills….
It’s all created for people….
I’m against one thing that someone reads and impersonates me
because I it’s I
green - eyed Inès
and earth have only one Inès….
and will be no others….
but you guys…. my guys…. who loves ( not like a man love a woman…. )
because my the 🕸one and only …..❤️couldn’t stolen this words if he read 🌏me….
i feel yes he read …. sometimes no … he not…. how it’s possible…
but in real love possible everything…..
but okey about words…. he couldn’t
stolen this words ….( what i will writing right now….)
because he has to express in different way what he will feel when
he will feel when he sees me….
but you guys…. my guys…. who loves ( not like a man love a woman…. )
me and read me…. ( girls and boys…. women and men….)
you can steal these words …. which I evoked in a person….
If someone in you actually evokes such beautiful feelings….
you know what i think that even when you guys will be use this words… you are all will be think about me….)
These words were said to me a long time ago….
but i remembered
( and many others from different people I also remembered….)

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La cattiveria torna indietro?

L'unica cosa in cui spero che i 600 mila like che presto avrò non torneranno mai, indietro. Del resto non mi interessa.
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Appena raggiungi i 580 mila like 1 like a chi mette like?

Appena arrivo ad I 600 mila. Like solo a me. Delle altre persone proprio non mi interessa manco se esistono o no.
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Sisliydi kirpiklerin ve gözlerin yağmurlu...

Was foggy ….tears like a rain were dripping from your eyes…. ( translation…. - of the meaning of this phrase from anonymous….)
thank you anonymous….
(i just saw it now….
months later…. )
it’s about my beautiful mom….
anonymous expressed in such a form…. what I wrote then….
if i had read it earlier…. when my beloved mom was with me….
and when i sometimes was just upset…. and sad ….
I would have thought how beautiful and romantically expressed….
but now these words…. fog …. rain …. on eyes…. and on eyelashes….
it’s so painful….

Do you consider yourself a hero, villain, or antihero?

silver_syrup_1’s Profile PhotoSome Guy
I have been ALL three, at different times in my life … just like EACH AND EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET…
Well… no not ev… never mind . Well just let that tiny lie slide, wouldn’t want any one to have hurt feelings now….
Do you consider yourself a hero villain or antihero
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Have you ever been punished for something you didn’t do?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
I had a science teacher that did not like me and openly admitted that and I used to get the blame for every sound made in lessons even when it wasn’t me. One of those times I protested and got sent to the isolation building 😒

Should you stay with a partner who doesn't support your dreams?

I think staying or leaving depends on the affect the lack of support has on your life and goals.
If their lack of support makes you feel bad about yourself, trapped, makes you feel like your dreams/goals aren’t so important (anymore), then I suggest it’s good to talk about it. If that doesn’t change the situation and how you feel I suggest to leave.
Should you stay with a partner who doesnt support your dreams

Today is my first day👩‍🏭👩‍🏭👩‍🏭👩‍🏭 I am looking for a girlfriend not for timepassing just good bestest friends who can help each other in any occassion of life so therefore if a girl who don't want is wasting of your time with in social media regurally then she became my girlfriend😘😘😘😘😘

arslanmnv86’s Profile PhotoArslan Ahmad
You disrespect yourself when you beg someone for bare minimum things like love, attention, affection, support, reciprocation etc. Don't do that shit again. Cheers 🍻

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