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so this is the my question of the day... could a vampire lose and/or gain weight? it's nice to have your physique preserved for all eternity... but only if you have a smoking hot body at the time of turning. what happen to those who have.... "more to love?"

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Love this question!
I'm no expert on undead creatures, but for me the basics are that medically speaking they are.. well.. dead. In contrast to Zombies and Mummies, Vampires don't decay, though, but they are in fact dead.
Since they don't breathe and lack essential nutrients, anabolic and catabolic processes cease to work, making it (medically) impossible to lose or gain weight. In this concept the cells have just "frozen" and that's it. (Makes Twilight shit, because how can Edward father a child?! Even if he hasn't ejaculated for 100 years, that's definitely dead sperm!!! And unless your hair roots become untearable, all Vampires should be bald at some point...)
However, Vampires suck blood. So they may absorb all the necessary nutrients (and a teeny tiny bit of oxygen) from the plasma and in whatever weird way metabolise it.
Vampire bats do the same thing (at least the nutrient part, duh): they are on a strict blood diet! (Fascinating creatures, btw!) Unless you suck blood from a severely obese, sedentary guy with cholesteral values that are over the roof, blood almost exclusively contain protein, so not exactly the nutrients you're looking for to gain weight... Not to mention that we have no idea how Vampires metabolise the blood they actually drink...
As for the weight loss... Liposuction maybe? :D
For me Vampires can't lose or gain weight since they're dead but not decaying...
Moral of the story: Stay in shape, just in case you get bit by a vampire, you don't wanna be a blob of fat for all eternity!

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kak kalo ada temen yang ikut jb jb kita nonton kpop terus dia bilang "kok dia kaya oplas banget ya" dan kita sebel. kita normal ga sih kak?

kalo gue biasanya malah nanya emak gue "mi ini pasti oplas kan. pasti oplas"
"ini idungnya filler ga mi?"
"ah ini pasti liposuction kan mi makanya kurus"
etc etc
moral dibalik jawaban ini adalah
kebanyakan oppa oppa itu emang udah melakukan suatu tindakan agar semakin terlihat fana.
jadi terima saja.
santai. gausah perang ama temen sendiri.

boleh kasih nasehat/saran/cheers buatku yg ud ngelakuin apapun buat kurus tp ga turun2 beratku sdgkan pacarku trs nyindir aku supaya kurus? i know everyone would think its funny but deep inside, its totally not ?

Kok pacarnya jahat????
i mean he shud love no matter what shape you're in tho? But wait, did he ask you to lost weight for the sake of your health? OR for the sake of having some bony girl to be paraded around? That's a lot coming from a skinny girl with bones protruding out like me?
If it's the former, then it's a good reason then. Well, you sure you do everything? Hitting the gym? Hiring a PT? Exercising regularly? Or to the extreme liposuction or even surgery? Don't tell me you only reduce food intake then wait for miracles. I believe you arent determined enough cause once you be determined enough, there shud be any results.
But if it's the later, find a new boyfriend?
I am totally not helping, arent i? OTL???

D korea tuh diet nya gmn ya? Apa kebanyakan pd surgery? Liat sulli dan luna fx, trs jg member kpop star, drastisnya lumayan cepet dan badan nya bisa propositional mereka. Km tau ga sar metode diet umum para idol?

nah seru nih pertanyaannya, kapan kapan gue buka diet hour lagi deh.
oke, diet ala artis korea.
Pertama jangan lupa, buat dapetin badan bagus dan pas, mereka sebagai idol rela ngeluarin duit berapapun (at least, company nya ya) jadi semua bahan makanan yg dikonsumsi pasti berkualitas plus mereka akses ke gym juga juga ebbas kan. sementara kalo kita, nge gym suka sayang duit wqwqwq.
sebelum gue menemukan diet yg pas buat gue, emang gue pernah nyari tau soal diet nya artis korea.
tapi sebenarnya gue ga nyaranin ngikutin diet mereka banget karna lumayan ekstrim.
plus mereka work out nya gila-gilaan bgt dan gamau muna, kadang pasti ada diantara mereka yg pake jalan cepat alias liposuction etc.
diet yang paling sehat nya artis korea yang bisa gue pake mungkin cuma cara mereka nge-limit-in calories intake setiap harinya.
biasanya artis korea pake sistem diet "one meal diet" dimana mereka cuma makan sehari sekali, pas siang doang (ga deh, gue mah ga kuat)
makanan mereka di siang hari pun cuma dada ayam rebus ditambah sayur-sayuran seperti akcang merah, cherry tomato, kentang, selada dan lain-lain. Kadang ada yang ditambah tahu juga, akrena tahu itu memang bagus buat diet. Kalorinya dikit.
Tapi inget kalo olahraga dan mau bakar lemak, kita justru butuh protein, makanya tetep harus makan daging. Cuma ya kalo bisa dagingnya direbus aja. sisanya mereka kalo laper atau lemes paling makan tahu atau energy bar.
oh gue pernah denger kalo dietnya sistar dasom tuh seharian cuma makan timun ampe kenyang.
terus kalo cewek-cewek nin muses pake sistem bagi porsi (kayak pas pertama gue diet dulu, penjelasannya ada di bio) cuma kalo emreka tuh makannya di gelas. 2/3 gelas diisi nasi terus 1/3 nya diisi apa aja yang mereka mau. jadi tetap bisa berasa makan enak.
apalagi ya, kalo snsd pake sistem 1500 kalori per hari. Jadi makanannya dalam porsi kecil semua tapi tetep dibagi 3 kali sehari. Isinya sepiring cuma bisa ayam panggang kecil (ga pake minyak) atau salmon, kentang, cherry tomato, timun, sayuran sama buah kayak semangka gitu.
ada sih diet diet lain kayak pake apel atau tomat gitu, tapi jangan deh. Gue pernah nyobain dan sangat ga gue saranin.
kalo mau proporsional tetep kuncinya adalah olahraga supaya badannya kebentuk.
HMMMM apalagi ya,
intinya bahan bahan penting di diet mereka itu :
- kacang merah
- nasi merah
- kentang
- dada ayam
- salmon
- tahu
- timun
- tomat
- buah buahan (apel, alpukat, pepaya, semangka, pisang etc)

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I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY, I HAVE MY GOD AND I HAVE MY FAMILY....*she later accepted the money for a liposuction operation*

GlenSutherland347’s Profile PhotoScottish Twat

VVV people who have big boobs can be athletic too what are you talking about? thats not legit at all.

Yeah well about 90% of SUCCESSFUL athletic ppl don't have big boobs or get liposuction on their boobs cuz boobs are just fat anon

Beb aku juga tadinya gendut bgt, trs diet trs kurus, tp ga rata kurusnya, lengen masih gede bgt, dan bergelambir, betis segede tales. Pngn tanya kamu kecilnya ko bs rata gt gmn caranya? Pilates? Pake gel? Atau lipo? Gausah di ans tp tanya balik aj klo emg jawabannya privacy, biar masuk askbox ku :)

sillygipsy’s Profile PhotoCipi
Dear Cipi.
I'm truly sorry, but I found the word 'lipo' kind of offend me here 😊
Certainly, I don't have enough money to undergo the liposuction or lipotomy surgery 💉🔪
And honestly, I have nothing to hide about my diet or weight loss thingy.
I don't know how my body kecilnya bisa merata.
It's a looooongggg and haaarrrddd way.
Mungkin karna saya rajin olahraga?
I go to the gym every monday to friday to do the cardio and lifting.
Lifting here yang sebetulnya sangat berperan penting untuk pembentukan otot besar maupun otot kecil.
Mungkin dari situlah badan saya kecilnya terlihat rata (tho my arms and thighs is still big af)
Ditambah lagi saya setiap selasa dan kamis zumba 1 jam.
So kalo dihitung kira2 jam olahraga seminggu kurang lebih sekitar 12 jam.
So yeah that's it hehehhe
Feel free to check on my 'diet tips' link on my bio.
Good luck and have a good day, Cipi 😊

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Beb aku juga tadinya gendut bgt trs diet trs kurus tp ga rata kurusnya lengen

well a bikini body is a body thats skinny, but big ass and tits, so how would someone like you get a bikini body just by putting one on? liposuction or something?

ew people like you gross me the fuckout. size is just a fucken size, weither you're thick or thin everyones beautiful. the point of the picture is that to have a 'bikini body' is to simply put on a bikini!!

http://seoulbeats.com/2014/03/jonghyun-comfort-women-political-celebrity/ should more celebrities embrace this same attitude as Jonghyun and voice their opinions about current affairs often?

hebagirlies’s Profile PhotoHanamichi
As someone who keeps up to date politically only to see my friends shrug in ignorance when new policies are being debated in parliament, in favour of talking about which Kardashian had liposuction this week, I definitely support Jonghyun's actions.
People are often so distracted by celebrities and trivial shit they're barely informed on politics and donkey vote their way through elections.
This level of apathy and ignorance leads to people like Tony Abbott and the liberal party coming into power. A self proclaimed minister for women who says the greatest thing he's done for women since being elected is "axing the carbon tax", whilst domestic violence rates rise to epidemic proportions only to have funding to shelters slashed. Not only that but the literal title of their policy for domestic violence support is called "go home and stay home"
Leads to a treasurer who thinks there is no housing crisis for first home buyers (as foreign investors buy out Sydney properties and skyrocket their cost) because "the way to buy a house is to get a high paying job". Great. Lemme guess. The way to end poverty is to just eat more food.
Our immigration policy for refuges is "nope nope nope" despite many displaced in wars that our own involvement has left them homeless. Aka "we'll go to your country and claim its to 'help the people' but when you show up here actually needing help leave you to drown at sea"
The indigenous population are being displaced from their land so that mining companies can buy it to frack and drill for coal.
This government wants to and has tried to introduce $100000 American level uni fees, slashing Medicare, 6 month waits for social services. And blaming poor people for the economy because it's much easier that bringing the attention to multinational corporations who don't pay a cent in tax. Aka those who actually are responsible for the countries debt and cost us billions a year.
But no one knows or cares about this because the news is run by the same people (Rupert Murdoch) who got these idiots into power. So all they do is paint the liberals in a good way and everyone just blindly swallows their 3 word slogans of "STOP THE BOATS" and how bad "dole bludgers" are (when statistics show the majority are genuine job seekers and that there are over 1.3 million people looking for work when only 100000 jobs are available. "Facing statistically impossible odds to get work? No you're just lazy and a bludger")
But people still think a carbon tax is bad (it's not) the liberals are good at economic management (they aren't) and labor drove us into debt (they didn't and if anything saved the country from recession)
Ignorance is dangerous and for any celebrity to be encouraging awareness of politics (even if only under the guise of pseudo intelligence) is a seriously good thing the world needs more of

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Kim K doesn't have a plastic ass. She got liposuction done and removed the fat from her thighs to her ass, she didn't get any butt implants. Looks like you don't keep up with the Kardashians

Couldnt give a hairy baboons ass less about the Kardashians my friend
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You're right..good thing it's yours and not mine b/c id prob kill myself if I was that fat. Or get liposuction .

you'd kill yourself because of something as stupid as a number on a scale? that's depressing.
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Someone as fat as her can't change anymore , she over weight . Probably more , she simuler to a hippopotamus . Unless she do liposuction . But no guy wanna date a hippopotamus . You gonna try to get ya mother to scrub your floor cause you gonna be in one of those Chaires where fat people sit in .

Okay this has gone to far. My best friend is beautiful and she probably has a greater bod than you ok she's not fat she just has a butt, your dumbass needs to go on fucking Google and search up what it means to be overweight because clearly you don't know. How dare you say that about her I seriously hope you die and burn in hell because that shit crossed the line. You can talk all about me I don't give a fuck but not when it comes to my best friend. Watch her in 5 years probably have the hottest boyfriend and whoever the hell you are will still probably be trying to talk down on people or try to bring people down just so that you can make yourself feel better. Your probably so insecure that's why you can't get off anonymous and say who you really are right? Don't try to talk shit about Iliana when your ass probably looks like a burnt toad okay bye.

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And I still am like those girls! And do you think it makes me any better by seeing post of girls skinny then me, because I fucking wish I looked like her. I wish I could be proud of my body but I'm 98 pounds and I can't look at my body with out thinking I'm fat.

wishing I could be 98 pounds(':
if others don't complain about your body then you shouldn't either, hun
and besides, it's your body, not theirs
so so so so many people diss on my body bc I'm not a DD cup and my ass doesn't look like I got injections and my stomach doesn't look like I've gotten liposuction but GUESS WHAT? I'm fine with my body so none of it bothers me anymore. I agree with them whenever they say shit and they stop.
if you let them know it gets to you, they'll just hurt you more.
it's never too late to get help either

I don't need your favour. You might as well take it down. In fact, please do or I'll have bare with your blind anon 'FANS.' Will be more than happy if you take it down. And high time you stop 'WANTING to fuck people over.' Ask.fm was created for a reason, my friend. Don't be a spoilsport.

Even Liposuction is created

Bruv I've already had 6 GFs you little fat ass globlin. Clearly you give a shit about my opinion you wrote a fucking para in reply. Now go get some liposuction for that double chin

hello this is beth and tarans double chin is beautiful and you can smd you stupid dumb cunt.

Vanessa is the hottest babe I know. Obviously we need to get some niggas some glasses up in here! Keep dressing like the hottie you are b!

Let me just go have liposuction and a bunch of plastic surgery to make everyone's ass happy because everyone is so fucking concerned about everyone elses body instead of gettin there ass on a damn treadmill. Triflin ass hoes.

i had a liposuction and when the doctor ask me how i pictured myself i showed him a photo of your legs. how does it make you feel?

I'm not sure. I've never had someone tell me something like this before. But I know before I had my breast reduction I looked at pictures to see how I wanted mine. I never showed a picture though. I didn't feel my breast ahould be a different shape, just a lot smaller.
I can't fully put myself in how you think around the subject. I hope you did it for yourself and not because of what society is trying to force us think is beautiful :) I also hope you feel better about yourself now. I know how it is when what you see in the mirror doesn't match what your head tells you :/
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يسعد مساك يادكتور انا زرت طبيب خاص وقرر علي نحت الجسم بتقنيه lBJ وبصراحة ماني مرتاحه لكلامه الله يسعدك وش رايك فيها ؟

LBJ غير مفيدة
شفط الدهون liposuction

short note bae U V CUTE and chubby and flex and u dont need liposuction lets go eat ramen again OKKK it was funn being in the same hiphop group as you yay i think we did well yooo love you have a nice day :)

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️u v cute HAHAAHAHAHAHA
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What's your opinion on people being allowed to have a gastric band on the nhs? Should we fund that? Why/why not

youcuntx’s Profile PhotoJ.
it actually depends on the person! if they wanna loose weight they would surely fund for a lap band but if you asking me i would say or would've done his following thing if i was certainly unhappy with my body and was over weighted :
# done a lap band surgery! it's because the side effects of this thing is temporary and i'd be sure i'm as healthy as a normal person to bear this effects
# then after i've done with that i'd prefer liposuction to shape my body after 6 months or maybe a year after i've completed the surgery
i would surely think lot and search for a lot of care taking lessons to the side effects before actually attempting it on myself!
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Awwww! Jealous much sweet heart? You are nothing but a typical Indian nerd who can't tolerate other girls being 'good' friends with guys! So kindly shove your ass. And sweetly you badly need a liposuction done :* K,bye!

Ok so i wanna finish this shitt once and for all !!
I noe ur jealous , itna jealous ki jal jal ke kaali hogyi hai tu ! -.-
Thanks for noticing me soo much from my lips to my ass :)
Girls ... ooppss soorryy nigas like you obviously cant give time to themselves because they are too busy
interfering into other other girls lives,
Pata hai no amount of vintage dresses or ridiculous gossips can make u famous and make u earn the
dignity and respect i've earned because of my nature , i dont poke into other people's life and forget that i
have my own life which isnt sorted out much and maybe it wont be sorted out ever because i jst cant stop myself
from commenting on other people.
And if typical indian nerds are like me then i guess INDIA HAS THE BEST INDIAN NERDS in the world ! So thanks for
the compliment anyways.
Abhi toh mere lips ki baat ho rhi thi , ab guys and girls ki frndship kahan se aagyi , ooppss sorry nigga i forgot
u wanna noe everything abt me , MUMBAI MASALA newspaper mai jo chaapna hai tune , Newspaper ke print ka color
and ur skin color match a lot kahi agle din tu hi na chap jayiyo sambhal ke nigga ;)
And the most important thing Hamari technology itni advanced nhi hui ki Liposuction of the lips can be done and well Liposuction means removing fat from
any part of the body and LIPS MAI FAT NHI HOTA toh first get ur own fcking facts clear and then tell me what to do !
Well nigga tune apne lips kyu bhej diye rakh vapas inhe " :* "
And i think now you've got it and u wont poke into my life agn !! :)
Tanya and keeru baby P.S. - I love u both soooooo soooooo sooooo freak in much
and my followers plz don't scroll down without liking aakhir itni mehnat lagi hai XD

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how do you feel about plastic surgery? would you get it? i feel pretty insecure and i actually wouldn't mind getting work done if i had the money. sucks that i'm having such thoughts when im only a teenager. i really wish i didnt care about how i look..

hmm i don't think that i would. not because i'm 100% satisfied with my looks, but because (as cliched as it sounds) i think looks aren't all that important. pragmatically speaking, plastic surgery is expensive, and isn't a good long-term investment, considering the fact that the effects of certain procedures could wear off in a few years and require regular um touch-ups (?) (what word to use here??), AND the world's definition of beauty is constantly shifting. have you seen those ads from the past advertising weight-gain programs for women to have wider hips/fuller figures? what if i get liposuction then suddenly fat is the new black LOL that'll be super sian. i'm also terrified of needles so.. i don't think botox or anything of that sort would do.
on a more serious note though i don't believe that correcting what's on the outside can fix what's on the inside. insecurities work their way from inside out, not the other way around. i think that insecurities stem from a place of not being able to love yourself, which is an emotional/spiritual/psychological problem, not a physical one! changing your nose bridge or jawline may make you feel more confident and prettier, so you would love your face more, but it doesn't mean that you would love yourSELF any more. for me, when i really reflect and think about why i feel insecure about my fat legs or bad skin, it isn't because my legs or fat or because my skin is bad. it's because i'm deluding myself into believing that my legs and my skin actually define me. and they don't.
i am not, you are not, WE ARE NOT defined by our looks. we ARE defined by who we are (: i wouldn't judge anyone who goes for plastic surgery, because i know not their personal reasons or stories, but i guess as a christian, i believe that my trivial insecurities about my looks can be more easily solved by letting my heart be filled with love so that i may love myself, just as i am loved wholeheartedly by someone who sees right through my chubby face and tubby body, and straight into my heart. smile, anon (: you are beautiful!!

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Your sexy and awesome? Hahahahhahahahahaha :') Your a blob of fat :-P I may need a dictionary but woman you need a liposuction :-P

Lesson of the fucking day-
Your - Fucking possession.
You're - You fucking are.
Since that's out of the way, you're probably right. Can't afford liposuction right now. And I can't afford to diet either.
Much work. Very tire.
So sorry, anon, you will not get what you want.
But then again, you referred to me as a whore. I'm confused. :(

So I'm pregnant right now and I don't want my mom to know. My plan is that I'm going to gain tons of weight so I look obese so my pregnant stomach won't look like I'm pregnant. And when I'm in labor I'm going to tell her I'm going to get liposuction on my stomach without her consent. Is it good?^^

It's really hard to gain weight for some people LOL She's gonna be like "where are you going to get money for lipo". I don't think you can do that without parents consent. It's terrible. What are you going to do with the baby after it comes out lmfao

How did you loose so much weight? How did you do it? I'm trying to loose weight, and I don't know how to do it. What did you do?

Well first of all I went on a very extreme diet. I lost 30 pounds in one month, do not go that! People thought I got liposuction haha. Actually right now I'm starting to work out for vacation. So everyday I don't eat about 1,300 calories. Lots of vegetables and fruit! No processed foods at all. I also work out every night for 45 minutes or more. Please lose weight in a healthy way! Just know, you're perfect just the way you are! My transformation⬇️
How did you loose so much weight How did you do it Im trying to loose weight and

Who screenshots pics of other bitches and they nigga and put it on there page and u calling somebody obsessed bitch u look like the only thirsty one bitch go get liposuction with your rich ass

Like I said ill say what n do the fuck I want if u posting shit about mine like it's yours im gone say something flat out to whoever the fuck it is THATS JUST WHAT IT IS an i don't need liposuction bitch im more then happy with myself just the way I am if u gotta problem wit it oh fucking well do Something till then shut the fuck up and gtfo like I said you obsessed wuth me cuz guess what u on my shit asking me ?????
Who screenshots pics of other bitches and they nigga and put it on there page

Dana has manners? She can't even contain her hunger the moment she stuffs her mouth with meatballs and actual balls. I really need to be honest... Dana needs several liposuctions in order to get all that meatball out of her system. Same with you Nare ;)

Oh ur still awake? Im sorry i thought u fell asleep thinking of a comeback! Did u ask ur slutty mom for some help? Or was it ur barn cow so called dad? Anyway .. It dsnt matter who it was because speaking of liposuction i've been meaning to ask u, does it hurt? And ask ur mom for the name of her doctor .. Oh wait no not really .. He's really bad at it .. I mean she still looks fat with all those surgeries /: and do u want us to start off with how many times u beg for food in school? U beg more than a homeless person does .. Even they feel bad for u and intend on giving u their food! That's how much they feel bad for u
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