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Was it difficult to start your Etsy shop? I've heard that it's hard to sell jewelry online and that Etsy takes too much commission?

no - once my shop was actually started, i had my first sale in about two or three days if i remember correctly. it wasn't even that hard to set it up, etsy makes it really easy to figure out shipping, keep track of your inventory, they have a very friendly interface to be honest.
in my opinion, it isnt - but i think part of the problem with that is that people dont .. stand out ? like not to sound mean or overly critical but some people think that they can just slap some mediocre costume jewelry together and charge $15 dollars for a pair of earrings or a necklace and then wonder why they aren't making any headway. i see a lot of that on etsy when im perusing to see what other people are selling like .. ive seen "fuck donald trump" kandi bracelets with terrible color schemes, poorly photographed, etc being sold for 12 dollars. and then you go to their shop and they have one sale in two years lmao
and idk why people complain about that. youre using their website, they save you money on shipping (etsy labels are cheaper than through USPS or third party shippers), your listings end up being indexed on google while they wont be on facebook, instagram, etc so you basically get free marketing. 3% for all of that is no problem to me.

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In small town few job oops working dead end job. I have job offer in dream field in expensive city, pays well. Hubs is hesitant to move bc he won't have job. I understand but I'm miserable here and am bread winner. Any way to make a decision here?

Ok. Don’t throw it in his face that you’re the bread winner. While true, he probably finds it emasculating and if he feels bad, he’s not going to be supportive. Point out that he won’t have a job YET and that there are job opportunities for him in the new city. If that’s his only hesitation, it can be solved easily. Help him find a job and show him listings that he is qualified for. If the pay is better than what he makes now, even better.
Focus on opportunities and how this would be best for your family to have more options. And that you’ve been unhappy and feel stifled by limited work in the town.
Another option: you can live/work in separate cities. It’s not ideal per se, but you wouldn’t be the the first or last couple to do it.

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الشفهي مال انكليزي كالت الثلاثاء و الاربعاء و خميس اذا بقت ع اسبوع الجاي تمتحنون بالكتاب كله ... و دمتم سالمين ?

انتو ثول لو ثول مو نطونه الجدول يبدي الاربعاء كالت باجر نمتحن بس listings
والله نمتحن بس listing
وباجر تتأكدون

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do you ever find some answers not showing up on your feed but show up on someone's page (when you go to their page) they answer? (hope that makes sense)

I've noticed . But mainly from people who send few(er) questions , & , i suspect , from those who supply to a greater volume of recipients , ie multiples of 50 ; ask varies the exact order of listings , so some get 2x & some missed . Plus Ask are bloody minded arrogant arseholes who treat their subscribers like shits & shyte . . . I'd do time for them if i could get my hands on them ; but not more . . .

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Ich wollte hat wissen, ob die Seite halt seriös ist und ob nach sich auf die Bilder der Personen von der Unterkunft auch verlassen kann, genauso wie auf die Bewertungen!?

musst halt wie bei allem im leben deinen verstand einsetzen. ich würde bei niemandem buchen, bei dem die bilder fragwürdig sind (wobei airbnb einem kostenlos nen fotografen schickt, wenn man vermieten möchte, um gute bilder vom raum/haus zu machen, also sollten dich professionelle bilder an sich nicht abschrecken.) oder die bewertungen nicht aufrichtig scheinen. je nachdem wie ausgereift die beschreibung auf dem profil der person / des listings ist, desto besser. ansonsten einfach mal anschreiben und fragen, ob telefonisch ein paar fragen beantwortet werden können, etc.
an sich werden scams auf solchen plattformen schnell entdeckt und demnach schnell beseitigt.

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#rooglesearch why q2 - why do we call rain as rain instead of water fall and why do we call waterfall instead of shower bc technically the water falls and for waterfall, it doesnt actually but it just showers the river or stream or whatever u call it.

ahrien’s Profile Photo어린아린.
Old English regn "rain," from Proto-Germanic *regna- (cognates: Old Saxon regan, Old Frisian rein, Middle Dutch reghen, Dutch regen, German regen, Old Norse regn, Gothic rign "rain"), with no certain cognates outside Germanic, unless it is from a presumed PIE *reg- "moist, wet," which may be the source of Latin rigare "to wet, moisten" (see irrigate). Rain dance is from 1867; rain date in listings for outdoor events is from 1948. To know enough to come in out of the rain (usually with a negative) is from 1590s. Rainshower is Old English renscur.
While rain can be considered being called 'water fall' there are varying degrees of amount, frequency, temperature and speed that would negate the term being used as a general replacement for rain. For example: if rain were to have a cooler temperature, almost freezing, then technically the water would not only be water falling from the sky but it would be more appropriate for it to be called freezing rain, eventually snow. If the amount of water in such cold temperatures were to accumulate in vast quality then it would eventually become hail, no? If the amount was decreased and at a normal temperature (whatever that may be) it could easily be referred to as dew or mist. All of these examples fit under the category of 'water fall' but are not the same in description, right?
Now the argument for shower vs waterfall is completely different. The word waterfall derives from the location of the movement of water off a structure such as a cliff and into a body of water such as a stream or river. While the direction of the water goes from horizontal to vertical in waterfalls, showers usually occur vertically towards their target. Sure, the water "showers" the body of water, but the clear course of water from one destination to the other relates to the term better as literally water falls from the top of the cliff down to the body of water of choice.

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Kalo Kalian Pergi Ke Luar Negri Kalian Mau Pergi Kemana ? ✈️ Terus , kalian mau Ngapain aja Disana ? ? *If You want to Go Abroad , Where would you go ? And What Is Your Listings When You're There ? ✈️✈️✈️

isaac_ars’s Profile PhotoIsaac Nugraha
pngn ke maldives atoga fiji atoga bora bora ahahahah ngapain? yg pasti pngn enjoy view nya bcs ktny bcs bgt disana :') trs pngn floating pake kaya ban yg ucul' ala tumblr gt?? trs liat sunrise & sunset ofc

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so basically you're never moving and everyone wasted their money on your lime crime palettes and kvd foundation?

as i look at apartment listings right now i'm keeping my personal life to myself. get over it. people who i trust know my moving situation/moving plan, and where i'm moving. y'all definitely aren't my friends so don't act like i have to tell y'all anything

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Where can I buy cheap Twitter Followers? I also need my Website to appear on Google 1st Page - SEO , I guess. right?

Try going to: http://aDollarSEO.com/
which has thousands of SEO and Social Media Gigs from Hundreds of Experts all over the world- ALL for $1 Dollar!!
All their Listings are Categorized & arranged in Order, descending from MOST Popular (TOP) to least- and is Updated almost every Minute.
I use it a lot - especially for Outsourcing.

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Where can I buy cheap Twitter Followers I also need my Website to appear on

Got any other vegan make up producers besides Impulse Cosmetics and Manic Panic? All vegan-friendly make ups I've found from Finland are rather boring, so all help is appreciated. TwT

The only completely vegan brand I know of is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Sugarpill mostly have vegan stuff, you can choose vegan as a category when browsing and the even mark all those products with a small sign. I don't think all of Manic Panic's products are vegan because it doesn't say so on their website and I can't find any ingredients listings either, though some products are marked vegan there as well. However, all of these brands are cruelty free (not testing on animals). There's also Limecrime who claim to be both cruelty free and vegan but they've had a bunch of scandals going on so I'd make a little extra research before trying them out, just to be sure. :)
Finally, I'm just gonna link this awesome blog that's helped me out a lot in my search for good and ethical products. http://www.veganbeautyreview.com/

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If you were to send two Malaysian teams of eight into a a tournament what lineup would you have regardless of Chitoge or Onodera

Personally not too fond of these kind of questions, which was why I did not answer seriously the last time round. It is almost impossible to judge players without tournament experience and my listings might make some players feel bad.
Anyway, here is my serious answer.
Team A : xsrsbsns, Gon, ClawViper, TequilaWolf, ffstar0716, Rumia-, [ -Scarlet- ], NazzzF
Team B : caleb123456, ZYuan, Conflict, Amane-, L u m i n o u s, AkoSuminoe, sushipack321, Rawn
I only selected players who have played in tournaments over the last year like OMWT, OSST, OCWT, except Amane- who I have played several multiplayer sessions with him, and can determine that he is solid. Spritzer sold his tablet so I didn't include him.
Why is caleb in team B? I value work ethic very highly and I can't rely on someone who doesn't practice the maps at all.

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https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/293841 Please help us come up with a good system for this, Aqo-sama. You're our only hope!

I think osu ranking system is overall dumb. Why can't it be like LR2 ranking site...
- every map is ranked (from the moment anybody plays it, it gets a scoreboard, scores are saved forever and you can see all scores, no limit just for top50 or something like that, players can even leave a comment under their score that everybody sees)
- there's an over-ranking system by the community where every month players vote for popular maps that many people like, and those maps are added to a pool of recommended maps that has its own score display. (for LR2 that's the Stairway site). that's a good way to know which maps are good and popular and not just WIPs/random spam/low quality/boring.
There are no "BATs" or "QATs" or any random farts who can decide your map doesn't deserve a scoreboard simply because they don't like it, and stairway supports user-made tables where everybody can make their own listings of popular chart recommendations, so if you have good tastes that cater to specific groups of players you can make your own stairway and share with others.
Why can't we have this in osu.

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Hi, Iro. I will buy my firts wig in internet and I'm scared bc I don't really know which can I buy. I really like this that you are wearing here http://instagram.com/p/i4ltWVS9Af/ and http://instagram.com/p/e-PqAyy9MS/. If you can give me the link or something you make so happy. Well, thank you

myimmortalsoul10’s Profile PhotoRikka
I'm sorry but I don't save links, and even if I did, it wouldn't help you much because eBay listings end after a while. If you look in my FAQ and go through the guide-posts I've published on my blogspot you'll probably find some useful info there though!
Good luck and don't worry. I understand your anxiety but it'll be fine. ♪

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That's a big jump for you Son. I think you forgot to see you'r face in mirror today. To become a Good actor or emma & rebbeca Co-person you really really need to do that. ._. Have a good time. :D

Sir Please check those local listings at your home. Your mum's womb is bleeding. xD
Isi liye kehte hain chote logo ko zada sir pe na charhao, CHOD k rakh dete hain. :*

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Mashy! Do you know how I can find a cute schoolbag? I was looking on ebay for something similar to the black bag with angel wings or something but I just can think what to put in the search box u v u

Here you have a whole lot of different listings to the bag that I have: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=m570.l3201&_nkw=wing+bag&_sacat=0 ^-^ If you want something else, just try searching something abstract like "cute backpack" or something. That usually works. And don't forget that you can easily add things to a simple design yourself, like bows and so on ^-^

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