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2x4 nils on the trot for Liverpool, while the Toon are doomed HELP !!!!!! lol #howeoutwewantpotch

princessali6’s Profile PhotoMáire Ní Einstein
I would love to see that scoreline on out next match and crush Everton! 😍 But the media say that Howe is the best English Manager around...apart from Sir Gareth of course! 😂 You'll beat Norwich in mid week. That will be the turning point! I'm very hopeful! It would be funny if you got Potch! 😂 X

Un vostro sogno nel cassetto? 🎀

AlessandraTasca96’s Profile PhotoAlessandra
Il mio sogno nel cassetto sarebbe di smetterla di dire cavolate e poi pare che Wikileaks avrebbe fatto in modo di dare e mail a Renzi per poter screditare l immagine del movimento 5 stelle. Ma comunque non risulta affatto che Wikileaks abbia fornito certe e Mail sospette a Renzi assolutamente non è una cosa vera ed è stata smentita. Poi vorrei pure raccontare dell attentato che c'è stato a Liverpool dove pare che un uomo si sarebbe fatto esplodere nei taxi. Pare che nel regno Unito comunque ho letto che Scotland yard pare comunque che non svolgano un ruolo molto importante perché se la smeterebbero di dare la caccia ai giornalisti e magari di più ai terroristi magari non ci sarebbero questi attentato. Quindi Scotland yard deve fare un lavoro più organizzativo.

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Post 20 facts about yourself 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
1- I have lived in 5 countries
2- i never broke any bone
3- i speak 4 languages
4- I'm a very shy in person
5- i never had a friend for long period
6-never have been in relationship
7-i hate cocky people
8 - i love criminal documentaries
9- i wanted to be a detective 😁
10- i have 2 nationalities
11- i have only 1 sibling
12- I'm a Liverpool fan ❤️
13 - I'm obsessed with stars and galaxy
14 - i love makeup and i had course
15- i work really hard on what i want
16- I'm good at cooking 👩‍🍳
17-i like Spanish songs
18- my favourite drink is iced coffee
19-i had covid (I'm out of facts😂)
20- my favourite cuisine is Greek and Arabic💯❤️

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How do you think racism can be stopped?

Educate people. I don't understand how people can dislike someone simply because of their skin. Most of you know I'm a football fan and support Liverpool. We have players from so many different countries. We love our players, it doesn't what they look like or where they are from. We all should think the same. 🙂

I am so sorry that you receive abuse on here. There is no need as you are always lovely and fun to everyone. ☹ Klopp is a genuinely nice guy so I'm glad too. I want to see the Toon do well although obviously not at the expense of Liverpool. The new owners will always make me uncomfortable. 🥰 X

darrenearl45’s Profile PhotoDarren
awww ty so much,
think everyone on here gets bad stuff especially women usually from from anons,
I'm cool, I probably invite some of it on so I can't be clutching my pearls
tho I would draw the line on certain things and remarks,
I'm not sure where to go with this but tbh next time I'm home I'll probably go to a game with my dad
he does come across as a nice guy but I'd say Klopp has his nasty side but then most people who get that far in football , probs do

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And yes Everton do indeed play in blue. Would you like Rafa back as manager? I would find it hilarious if he was offered the job and left Everton in the lurch just like Don Carlo did! Yes I know that's cruel! 😂 Hope you're having a fantastic weekend! 🥰 X

darrenearl45’s Profile PhotoDarren
Rafa is well liked on the Toon for sure but with the money they have now I'm guessing a 'big' name will be on the way from the Continent
haha I can see your dislike for Everton but naw I would be amazed if he was recruited
the Toon/Spurs game will be intriguing
be interesting to see if clubs like Liverpool Arsenal Spurs even Manure go chasing petrodollars owners

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Oh haha! Well or course I don't mind! 😂 Yesterday when this was sent they were electric blue Calvin's. Obviously I've gone for red today, blue at the front of the waistband with CK on! Tricky game today against Watford at Vicarage Road. They were the first to beat us when we won the league! 🥰 X

darrenearl45’s Profile PhotoDarren
all choices noted in detail lol
I'd forgotten about that Watford defeat
now that Dilly Ding Dilly Dong has turned up they may have a bit of a bounce but I'd be surprised if Liverpool dont win tbh

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How often do you travel to another country in Europe, and where to? Obviously the EU helps with travel to most of these countries, but as an englishman I have only ever been to five other european countries outside the UK. Is this good? bad? Do you travel more since you can drive instead of fly?

I normally visit England (have family there), The Netherlands (lived their for a half year a couple of years back) and Italy (have family there) at least every second year. I visit Norway and Germany (lots of Germans went to the same bachelor’s degree as me) multiple times a year. Living in the center of Denmark (Odense) makes it very easy to go to either central Europe or the rest of Scandinavia without it being too expensive or that much effort. But I do have friends who seldomly visits other European countries, but most of my friends and family at least visits some in a year, especially Germany, Norway or Sweden. As an Irish person I've been to.. UK (England & Scotland) numerous times France Spain 4/5 times Monaco Switzerland Italy twice Vatican City Czech Republic Denmark Sweden (day trip by train from Copenhagen) Greece And brief stop over in Belgium. Obviously I've had to fly to all except when I got to l the ferry to Liverpool once. Thank god for Ryanair! I wouldn't really considered myself 'well travelled' but with cheap flights from Ryanair we've been able to get to a see a lot of Europe cheaper and quicker than it takes to get to Dublin. I live in Helsinki so there's a very easy access to both Tallinn and Stockholm via ferries. Generally I visit both fairly regularly, maybe on average around three times a year between the two. The last time we booked a cruise to Tallinn was a bit over a month ago as a friend had some sort of membership points about to expire and we paid like 10€ each for the trip. Sadly most of us missed the stop in Tallinn the next morning, though, that tends to happen sometimes on those cruises... As for other "proper" trips to abroad, usually we go around once or twice a year. In recent years we've been to our favorite Italy a bunch of times and have made several long weekend trips to many interesting cities around Europe. Finland is quite similar to the UK as we're so cut off from everything we might as well be an island. Unless you're traveling to Russia you'll have to cross a sea to get anywhere, as going by land through the north is ridiculously cumbersome and useless for most, people in all the three countries generally live in the southern parts. I live on a small island which means that the amount of cities (Well, in this case they're towns) I can just regularly visit is low. Couple that with nothing really interesting to do for someone who's lived here for their entire life as well as no money to go anywhere else in the country, I can't justify going pretty much anywhere.
Although all that travel was when I lived at my parents and followed on their vacations. Since I left the nest I have not been to another country at all and do not really plan on it either since I hate traveling.
So "lets pop into austria for a snack" doesn't happen for me. But for someone living in Como, for example, it's pretty much expected that he will hop on the other side of the Swiss border to refuel because gas costs less.

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Sapevi che Garibaldi avrebbe lavorato per fare candele assieme a Meucci quando era stato esiliato a new York?

polle85’s Profile PhotoAnge light
No,lo stavo leggendo adesso. In pratica Garibaldi giunse a New York nel 1850 con una nave proveniente da Liverpool e siccome era in condizioni di salute precarie era seguito da un maggiore bolognese. I due soggiornarono al Pavillon Hotel e questo suscitò un grande interesse tra i patrioti italiani tra cui il patriota ferrarese Felice Foresti,che propose un comitato per festeggiare quell’avvenimento e nel gruppo dell’opera c’era anche Meucci in un momento in cui l’opera ebbe un enorme successo in America.
Garibaldi disertò l’invito e si prese a cuore Meucci e a staten Island nel cottage di clifton di un ricco tenore newyorkese, Garibaldi iniziò a scrivere le sue memorie e andava a pesca,coinvolse Meucci e i due comprarono una barca,la dipinsero e la chiamarono “Ugo Bassi” in onore del celebre patriota fuggito da Roma l’anno prima e fucilato dagli austriaci.
I due iniziarono ad andare a caccia (Garibaldi in particolare) mentre Meucci si dedicava ad insaccare salsicce in una piccola baracca e produrre salami,cosa che aveva imparato dal maggiore bolognese ma l’impresa non ebbe successo.
Così,per guadagnare qualche soldo,trasformarono la baracca in cui insaccavano salsicce in una società di candele

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That's not football thats soccer

Sorry no this is football. The official name of Liverpool is Liverpool Football Club. The players are officially called footballers. They kick around the pitch a football. ⚽️ The governing body that over sees the game in England is called The FA (The Football Association) In Europe the game is governed by UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and globally it is FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association). The game is football. I know in the USA they call it soccer but literally no one here or in most countries is it called that. 🙂

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☆ Lyrics; un artista británico.

vesselquestions’s Profile Photohiatus temporal (volveré) °
Paul McCartney (Liverpool, Merseyside; 18 de junio de 1942). Después de la separación de la banda, continuó su carrera musical en solitario y formó Wings con su primera esposa, Linda, y Denny Laine. McCartney fue reconocido como uno de los compositores y artistas más exitosos de todos los tiempos. Ha sido incluido dos veces al Salón de la Fama del Rock (como miembro de The Beatles en 1988, y como artista individual en 1999), y se le ha reconocido con veintiún Premios Grammy (habiéndolos ganado tanto individualmente como con The Beatles). McCartney ha dado a conocer un amplio catálogo de canciones como artista en solitario y ha compuesto bandas sonoras para películas, música clásica y electrónica. Ha participado en proyectos para ayudar a organizaciones benéficas internacionales relacionadas con temas como los derechos de los animales, la caza de focas, la limpieza de minas terrestres, el vegetarianismo, la pobreza y la educación musical. Se ha casado en tres ocasiones y es padre de cinco hijos. Ocupa el undécimo puesto de los 100 Grandes Cantantes, de la revista Rolling Stone. Asimismo, ocupa el tercer puesto de los 100 mejores bajistas de la misma revista. También figura en el segundo puesto de los 100 Grandes Compositores de la mencionada publicación, solo superado por Bob Dylan.

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Gracias por siempre pasarte por mi perfil @salquial🥀. Cada que leo alguna respuesta tuya, reacciono porque realmente lo merece:). ¡Saludos!

DarlingMarval’s Profile Photo☆゚.*・。゚.
@DarlingMarval 🌻 Gracia a tí por ser una personita positiva y encantadora, me atrapa tu forma de pensar y expresarte 🌷
Espero que estés bien, cuídate mucho "please" 🙄
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Ringo Starr [Richard Starkey] Liverpool, Inglaterra, 7-7-1940
https://www.ringostarr.com 🤘 Rock, Pop, Jazz.
Músico, compositor, escritor, cantante, actor, productor.
Vocal, drums, percussion, piano, guitar.
🎵 🎙️
Ringo Starr - Postcards From Paradise (2015)
https://youtu.be/-4BZgOEJfpssalquial’s Video 166968477497 -4BZgOEJfpssalquial’s Video 166968477497 -4BZgOEJfps
🎵 ♫
Ringo Starr - Give More Love (2017)
https://youtu.be/oWxGD7KZOkQsalquial’s Video 166968477497 oWxGD7KZOkQsalquial’s Video 166968477497 oWxGD7KZOkQ
🎵 ♪
Ringo Starr - Grow Old With Me (2019)
https://youtu.be/5wzIz0beyrosalquial’s Video 166968477497 5wzIz0beyrosalquial’s Video 166968477497 5wzIz0beyro
🎵 ♬

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Gracias por siempre pasarte por mi perfil salquial Cada que leo alguna respuesta

Cuéntame sobre tu preciosa foto de perfil, Salva. Llevabas tanto tiempo con la otra que no sé cuál me gusta más... 😊

SuavePili’s Profile Photo*⭐SUAVE⭐*
@SuavePili 🌷 Holaa Pili !! Espero estés bien y tu pareja se encuentre mejor. Me veía yo solo en la otra foto, ahora estoy en pareja en la universidad, así mismo estamos 😎
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Paul McCartney 👉 Liverpool, Inglaterra, 18-06-1942
https://www.paulmccartney.com 🤘 Rock, Pop, Blues, Electro.
Artista, músico, compositor, escritor, actor, productor.
Vocal, bass, guitar, piano, key, ukelele, mellotron.
🎵 🎙️
Paul McCartney - The World Tonight (1997)
https://youtu.be/G0hW_nZaK3Ysalquial’s Video 166890705977 G0hW_nZaK3Ysalquial’s Video 166890705977 G0hW_nZaK3Y
🎵 ♬
Paul McCartney, Beck - Find My Way (2013)
https://youtu.be/t2Q4hAQ4fEwsalquial’s Video 166890705977 t2Q4hAQ4fEwsalquial’s Video 166890705977 t2Q4hAQ4fEw
🎵 ♫
Paul McCartney - Hope For The Future (2016)
https://youtu.be/163_C5UVU-Isalquial’s Video 166890705977 163_C5UVU-Isalquial’s Video 166890705977 163_C5UVU-I
🎵 ♪

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Cuéntame sobre tu preciosa foto de perfil Salva Llevabas tanto tiempo con la

Donde has viajado este año o donde viajarás? 🚙💨 Pasate por mi perfil si quieres 💕

longlivebrumas’s Profile Photo( ͡❛ ᴥ ͡❛)
@longlivebrumas 🌻 Holi, ten buen día 🙃
Este año sólo he viajado a un par de las Islas Canarias que no había visitado, ya que vivo en una de ellas 👍
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
John Lennon 👉 Liverpool, Inglaterra, 1940/1980 († ✝)
http://www.johnlennon.com 🤘 Rock, Pop, Folk, Psicodelia.
Artista, músico, compositor, escritor, actor, productor.
Vocal, guitar, piano, key, mellotron, bass, banjo, ukelele.
🎵 🎙️
John Lennon - Imagine (1971)
https://youtu.be/rxCWSHzxjlUsalquial’s Video 166910440249 rxCWSHzxjlUsalquial’s Video 166910440249 rxCWSHzxjlU
🎵 ♬
John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Thru the Night (1974)
https://youtu.be/kOI_R_cCy-ksalquial’s Video 166910440249 kOI_R_cCy-ksalquial’s Video 166910440249 kOI_R_cCy-k
🎵 ♫
John Lennon - Woman (1981)
https://youtu.be/_vglSEUsmnEsalquial’s Video 166910440249 _vglSEUsmnEsalquial’s Video 166910440249 _vglSEUsmnE
🎵 ♪

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Donde has viajado este año o donde viajarás 

Pasate por mi perfil si quieres

¿Qué cualidad en un hombre te gusta más?

vanesicaa2707’s Profile PhotoVanessa
@vanesicaa2707 🌹 Hi Vanessa, ten buen día 😼
Ettoo... en persona de cualquier género-orientación, me gusta respeto, confianza, cariño, amor, compañerismo, amistad, diversión, profundidad, complicidad, ecología, cultura 👍
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
George Harrison 👉 Liverpool, Inglaterra, 1943/2001
www.georgeharrison.com 🤘 Rock, Pop, Psicodelia, Folk.
Músico, compositor, cantante, productor, actor.
Vocal, guitar, bajo, ukelele, sitar, violín, teclado.
🎵 🎙️
George Harrison - My Sweet Lord (1970)
https://youtu.be/DiSwrrWPifMsalquial’s Video 166861331513 DiSwrrWPifMsalquial’s Video 166861331513 DiSwrrWPifM
🎵 ♫
George Harrison - Dark Sweet Lady (1979)
https://youtu.be/_tkWk41i8pgsalquial’s Video 166861331513 _tkWk41i8pgsalquial’s Video 166861331513 _tkWk41i8pg
🎵 ♪
George Harrison - Got My Mind Set on You (1988)
https://youtu.be/6ZwjdGSqO0ksalquial’s Video 166861331513 6ZwjdGSqO0ksalquial’s Video 166861331513 6ZwjdGSqO0k
🎵 ♬

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Qué cualidad en un hombre te gusta más

FC liverpool or Manchester United?

I don't really care about football. But I rather go go Manchester than Liverpool. So I guess Manchester United.
Follow me on:
Twitch: kellykitties
Instagram: KellyKitties / theragingkitties
Facebook: KellyKitties - Kelly de Does / The Raging Kitties
Snapchat: kellykitties
Swarm: KellyKitties

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FC liverpool or Manchester United

Kibicowalas kiedys jakiemus klubowi??

Liverpool F.C., to był pierwszy klub jakim interesowałam się za dzieciaka, oglądałam wszystkie mecze, wiedziałam na jego temat wszystko, wkręciłam się totalnie 😅 mój były chłopak jest największym fanem Manchesteru United, więc chcąc nie chcąc zawsze byłam poinformowana na sto procent, no i te mecze ciągle się w moim życiu przewijały.
Za dzieciaka też mój brat był team Barcelona i Messi, a mój kuzyn Real, a Cristiano był dla niego bogiem. Więc znowu - nawet jakbym nie chciała, to i tak wiedziałam wszystko, co było tylko możliwe XD

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What do you think everyone should do while in Great Britain? 🇬🇧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
This is tough as the country is so different and it depends on what you like doing. Scotland is a wonderful place to visit and I would recommend Edinburgh as there is a lot to see there. Wales is beautiful, especially North Wales. If you like castles, there are plenty to visit there. I would recommend the capital city Cardiff too. There are so many brilliant places to visit in England. From the beaches in Cornwall, the rivers in Norfolk, the Yorkshire Dales are beautiful and the Great District is definitely a place to see. If you like rides and theme parks then definitely go to Alton Towers. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is iconic. We have some of the oldest and most magnificent of churches and cathedrals to see. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you should go to Warner Bros studios to see where it was filmed. We have some fantastic cities too, not just London. Manchester, Liverpool, Bath, Birmingham etc. There is a lot to see here! 😊

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Anh với ĐA quyết định ở với nhau ạ?

Đó là 1 quyết định khá khó khăn, bọn anh yêu nhau hơn 3 năm, đầu tiên thì 1 thằng ở Mỹ, 1 thằng ở VN. Sau đó thì 1 thằng Mỹ và 1 thằng Úc, và giờ là 1 thằng ở Anh 1 thằng ở Úc. Bọn anh cod quá ít thời gian ở cạnh nhau, mỗi lần lên kế hoạch gặp nhau, anh đều háo hức tận 1 tháng, mỗi ngày của anh trôi qua rất chậm vì anh cứ phải đếm xem bao lâu nữa mơia đến ngày được gặp nhau. Vì thời gian và những công việc khác của bọn anh khá chênh lệch nên thời gian nói chuyện cũng ít. Muốn nhìn mặt Đức Anh cũng phải chờ đến lúc Đức Anh ngủ dậy, hoặc đi học/đi đú đởn về :))) nên dù yêu nhau nhưng thời gian dành cho nhau không có nhiều. Đôi khi anh cảm thấy khá áp lực, mệt mỏi và cô đơn, anh luôn nghĩ “mình có người yêu mà, sao mình phải chịu đựng 1 mình?” Anh muốn cùng Đức Anh chia sẻ mọi thứ, hoặc đơn giản chỉ là hai thằng ngồi cạnh nhau thôi. Nhưng bọn anh luôn cách nhau khá xa. Nên mặc dù Đức Anh luôn muốn được học ở La Trobe nhưng cuối cùng Đức Anh vẫn lựa chọn từ bỏ. Đầu tiên anh cũng thấy khá có lỗi, vì thật ra anh có thể chọn sang Úc cùng Dưcd Anh. Vì 2 năm trước Đức Anh có thể sang Mỹ và học cùng anh, nhưng Đưcs Anh lại thích la Trobe vl nên quyết định tiếp tục yêu xa, và giờ Đức Anh từ bỏ. Nên anh thấy bản thân có lỗi với Đức Anh, ở Úc có nhiều trường luật sịn mà, nhưng anh chỉ vì thích Liverpool mà quyết định học ở LJMU. Còn la Trobe mà Đức Anh thích chỉ có ở Úc. Dù sao thì đay cũng là 1 quyết định rất khó khăn, nhưng thật sự nhay cả bản thân anh cũng không chịu được việc cách xa người yêu mình suốt 3 năm yêu nhau như thế. Vì trong tình yêu luôn có 1 người phải hy sinh cho cả hai, và lần này Đức Nah chọn hy sinh. Nên anh sẽ trân trọng tất cả.

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Szurkoljál te is az angol Liverpool csapatának: 19x Angol Bajnok, 7x Angol Kupagyőztes, 15x Angol Szuperkupa-győztes, 8x Angol Ligakupa-győztes, 6x Bajnokok Ligája, 3x UEFA-kupa/EL, 4x UEFA-szuperkupa. YOU’ll NEVER WALK ALONE LIVERPOOL!!!

Dehogy is én Chelsea vagyok.💙💙
Kék a szívem kék a vérem Chelsea leszek amíg csak élek!!💙💙💙

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Szurkoljál te is az angol Liverpool csapatának 19x Angol Bajnok 7x Angol

Tak, tylko powstaje teraz projekt o takiej nazwie w piłce nożnej, gdzie mają zagrać Barcelona, Atletico, Real, Juventus, Milan, Inter, Liverpool i kluby z Manchesteru i Londynu w jednej wielkiej lidze, tylko PSG, Bayern i BVB ogłaszają sprzeciw.

BaccatePlayer’s Profile PhotoTomaszek
A to nie słyszałam o takim projekcie, dla mnie to totalna bzdura. bardzo dobrze że ogłaszają sprzeciw.

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+2 answers in: “Basiu, interesujesz się piłką nożną, więc możesz wiedzieć o co chodzi. Co sądzisz o pomyśle powstania tej superligi?”

Szurkoljál te is az angol Liverpool csapatának: 19x Angol Bajnok, 7x Angol Kupagyőztes, 15x Angol Szuperkupa-győztes, 8x Angol Ligakupa-győztes, 6x Bajnokok Ligája, 3x UEFA-kupa/EL, 4x UEFA-szuperkupa. YOU’ll NEVER WALK ALONE LIVERPOOL!!!

Szolgálati közlemény! Megkérek egy takarító munkatársat, fáradjon a 4-es sorra. Köszönöm. Egy retardált vásárló megint hulladékot szórt el a területen.

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Najzabawniejsze jest to, że tak się złożyło, że mój brat był zapalonym kibicem Manchesteru United a mnie bardziej urzekło serce do walki Liverpoolu czyli kibicowaliśmy dwóm największym rywalom. I on się śmiał, że ostatnie mistrzostwo Anglii zdobyli w czasach gdy football był jeszcze w 3D (poniekąd racja bo w 2020 Liverpool po 30 latach doczekał się tryumfu w lidze). I dochodziło między nami do kłótni na tym tle i czasem do braterskich bójek 🤣

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Heyyy! Sorry I was asleep when you answered this haha! Awwww no is the snow bad? It's forecast to snow here tomorrow! I've never seen that! 😂🙈 I've only recently started watching Narcos and it's brilliant! I watched Liverpool last night and they won! 🥰 xxx

darrenearl45’s Profile PhotoDarren
The snow is so bad, the roads are so gross!! Did you end up getting snow? I love that show! Its so good!! & yay!! For your team!!! 😍💖
I am just laying in bed entertaining myself with ask so im pretty boring right now but I really want ice cream. 😔

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+1 answer in: “Sav! How are you? What are you up to today? 🥰 xxx”

It's funny when people try to talk "British" as really there is no such thing ? in the space of 30 miles we have completely different ones from Manchester (Manc) to Liverpool (Scouse) and then there are strong Lancashire ones like Wigan and Leigh! I live around in between xxx

darrenearl45’s Profile PhotoDarren
Oh i know theres so much dialect with it comes to British English. Wait are we supposed to say American English and English since its from United Kingdom? Idk i think i need food ? anyways, i wish i knew more about the areas in England ? i mean the smaller towns... wow like i said I really need to eat hahaa

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+4 answers in: “Which is more funny to you an American trying the British accent or A British trying the American accent?”

Awww that's really nice, what did you donate? Sounds like you had a productive day! ❤ I watched my film and then the football as my team Liverpool were playing. It sucks because of the local restrictions I couldn't go out to watch it with everyone so had to watch it from home ? xxx

darrenearl45’s Profile PhotoDarren
A bunch of old clothes, shoes, furniture, and books ect. ?
Awh, im sorry. That must be hard.. ?

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+1 answer in: “What did you watch in the end Sav? xxx”


Staram się z reguły mieć obojętny stosunek do piłkarzy, nawet do piłkarzy za którymi nie przepadam, ale kibicuję Liverpoolowi i Pickford celowym, bandziorskim faulem na van Dijku mi podpadł. Jak Liverpool będzie grał w defensywie bez van Dijka? Cwaniak z Evertonu i tyle.

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Oạch =))) lâu lâu mất phương hướng trong chuyện tình cảm t lại vào ask cậu để xem á =)))) 2 cậu đáng yêu thật sự luôn =)))) hehe cảm ơn đã viết mấy cái hay hay cute cứu rỗi t mấy lúc như này =))) chúc 2 cậu mãi hạnh phúc nhé 🎉 nma Liverpool mãi vô địch ạ =))))

Cảm ơn cậu :))) năm nay Everton mạnh lắm. Thêm quả Liverpool thua 7-2 nữa :))) cũng hơi đắng lòng

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Thế tóm lại bác thi ở đâu ngành gì

Tôi với Cún học ở trường nào đó ở Oxford hoặc London vì tôi fan Man City còn Cún fan Liverpool, tôi học lập trình máy tính còn Cún l học lập trình game nhớ :))) chưa tìm hiểu sau lắm nên không biết ở đây phân ngành như nào, còn Ninh chắc kèo ở trường Liverpool john gì gì đó rồi. Anh em lại chia cắt :((

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