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What is something that nobody understands about living a minimalist lifestyle?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
Probably how anyone can live with minimalism lol. Not everyone craves mansions, fancy cars, or even a bloated bank balance. Some people are simply content with a simple apartment, a simple car, a simple lifestyle, with more than enough in the bank - without it going overboard. Minimalism can be more than that as well. It can be doing things with less effort. Instead of starting a task all stressed out, you start a task with a refreshed and relaxed mind. Instead of thinking "ahh this sh*t sucks" you think "okay, I'm frustrated - I need a break". Then you take a break, and you come back to doing the task. You don't quit; you just temporarily stop. If the task is too hard, break it down in smaller steps. Eventually, it'll be super simple, and before you know it, the task is done.

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What's one specific topic that you could talk about for hours?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
Our universe. I find it so fascinating. Here we are, on this little spec of the universe. In a microcosm of our galaxy. In a little spot in the Solar System. On a small area of the Planet. In a minuscule part of the city. We are all insignificant in this universe. Yet, we are all significant at the same time. We are all alive, living a life on the only planet known to harbor life, and we barely know anything about our surroundings. 95% of our oceans are unexplored. There's at least a trillion stars in our neighboring galaxy - the Andromeda, and how many of those stars do we know about on a deeper level? Even if it's 10,000, that's still nothing. Even a million is still nothing. Compare a million to a trillion, and the difference is staggering.
Then we factor in all the weird oddities in our universe. Pulsars, quasars, neutron stars, black holes, gamma ray bursts, etc. They're not weird because they look weird. They're weird because of how differently they operate from the other objects in our galaxy. A planet is not a pulsar. A moon is not a black hole. There's so many different things that reside within our own universe.
Then the big thing, of course, is what's outside of our universe - if anything at all. If nothing is outside of our universe, then why? Why is this universe infinite? Does that mean life itself is infinite, and death is only the death of a physical body? Does that mean we will always be alive, but in different bodies?
And if there IS something outside of our universe, then why? Does this prove that parallel realities exist? What if the aliens are outside of the universe, and we can't see them because of the different dimensions? What if that's the portal to another world, and when we pass away, we enter that parallel universe?
There's so much we don't know that I cannot sit here and say I know anything. I think we should all strive to not pretend we know everything, or be in a rush to try and know everything. Because if we barely know the world we live on, how can we expect to sit there, and understand everything?

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Guys, when you like a girl and she told you that "I'm not sure whether it will work out between us, as I don't think the interest or attraction is mutual at the moment". What goes through your mind and how do you feel?

hi anon, via shoutout. I'll try my best to answer this as a girl;
"Guys, when you like a girl and she told you that "I'm not sure whether it will work out between us, as I don't think the interest or attraction is mutual at the moment","
she is letting you down gently.
"What goes through your mind and how do you feel?"
heart-wrenching disappointment and sadness.
of course, I don't speak for everyone when I say this. every individual experiences and handles rejection differently. some may brush it off lightly and take it as a learning experience, while some others may need time to grieve.
take rejection as redirection. when the door to one's heart closes, it could actually be leading you to a path to a better one;
whether it is a more emotionally stronger version of your own heart or to another's, know that everything in life happens for a reason.
whatever it is, it is perfectly okay to feel what you feel. we are all humans blessed with the ability to experience emotions. take however long you need to process your them, but don't let that deter you from living your best life. ☺️
all the best to you, anon via shoutout (and whoever else reading this). 🌼✨

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Guys when you like a girl and she told you that Im not sure whether it will work

What does your name mean?

My name on here? Or my actual name? Living Beyond Fear refers to my struggle with my mental health and needing to not let fear dictate my choices. It is also the name of my blog: www.living-beyond-fea.weebly.com
My actual name is Catherine (although most people call me Cat) which I beleive originates from a Greek word which means 'pure'.

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What does your name mean

Do you live in the past? Or are you just thinking about the present?

At the moment, my eyes are on what lay ahead. I have spent the past year living in the past, sulking over how lousy my life is and wishing I could go back to a happier, healthier, more productive me... But not anymore.
Now, I'm focussing on the future, chasing my goals, and building a better version of myself!

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I'd rather keep some faith in, because theory's aren't proven, and neither is God's existence, but id rather believe i have a place to go after this, than to believe i just die and that's it. I believe it when a Doctor tells me i have a brain. No i haven't seen it, but i know it's there.

dwilhite942560’s Profile PhotoDu$tin
That's fine. I think for a lot of people they fear death, and find solace in believing in a higher power. Knowing that death is part of life can be comforting, and knowing that we all have to experience this can be comforting as well. It's as if we're no longer alone in how we feel. Unless there comes a time when we can achieve immortality, we must pass away. Whether it's in 80 years, 50 years, or 30 years -- our life will come to an end.
I like to personally believe we never actually die, but that we just keep living as another person, or another thing. The only thing is that we can't remember who we were in our previous bodies because it may raise suspicion amongst people. They might wonder why we look similar to their great grandfather, or why we have identical interests that their grandmother had.
To add onto the brain part, we still don't know a good chunk of how our brain works. Yet we have it in our possession every single day. We can think, we can feel, we can type, we can blink -- all of these things are due to our brain. And yet here we stand, still not knowing how the hell most of it works. It's fascinating.

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Whats your favorite food?

I love me some lemon chicken and mac and cheese. It was basically the only thing I'd ever eat for dinner that was home cooked for a long time in my child hood... So it's a thing that always makes me happy when I eat it.
I meant the taco bell isn't that healthy, but diet Pepsi isnt all that great either. While better then regular Pepsi, artificial sweeteners can fool your body into thinking its gonna get sugar, and when it doesnt get the sugar, it has a bunch of insulin that made to deal with the sugar that now doesnt have anything to break down. Not the worst, but really, the caffeine doesn't help my anxiety, and I really should jus drink water, but the Pepsi taco bell combo is just so good!
I love food. I have a lot of favorite foods. I love momos. I love phuchkas. I love penne Arrabiata. I love tandoori chicken. I love Dal Makhani. I can't decide which is my favourite food. It's like asking which one of children is my favorite child.
Biscuits and gravy. I was the unofficial chef of my fraternity for 2 years.(We weren't a big house so we didn't have a cook) After a big party weekend, I would make biscuits and gravy for everyone if I wasn't too hungover myself. It would bring people back from the dead. If I was too hungover we would go to the local mom and pop diner for some.
I never liked it that much but when I moved to India it became a comfort food for me because Pizza Hut basically tastes the same everywhere in the world. So it became my hangover food and even now that I've been living in the States again for years I still crave that greasy, cheesy goodness when I'm hungover.
I use regular Jimmy Dean, but that is because I would make it for a bunch of people. I would also make a small pot of just gravy for a few guys who couldn't eat pork for religious reasons. If it is just me I prefer the hot sausage. I've never heard of using instant coffee what does that do to the flavor?

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Your favorite food? 🥘

Sandwiches... Absolutely love them. There are infinite combinations that can be combined. Even when someone else and I make the same sandwich with the same ingredients, they will taste different. Breakfast sandwiches, soup and sandwich, Sloppy Joes... you can make sandwiches for any meal. I truly believe its the perfect food. Tacos. Well, the ones I make aren't anywhere close to authentic tacos, so calling them tacos might be a stretch, I just put my favorite meats, vegetables and condiments in a tortilla. Can't go wring with a good wrap!
Hands down crawfish. I just wish I wasn't getting old and swelling up/getting mild gout when I feast on them. There's a place close to where I live that sells the best bought crawfish (I'm an ok cook, but I've got really good ones in the family) and I typically get 6-8 pounds after work. Being that they run about $6.50 a pound, I lose weight during crawfish season because I skip eating out/going to lunch in order to keep within my budget.
I had a milk man that came around the block, dropping off milk every couple days. One day I am playing outside and this guy walks by and says "Howdy partner, just here with your daily dose of milk." When I saw him drive away, I looked through the back of the van and saw some off colored milk. I asked him the next day what it was and he explained it to me that it was an odd request for a neighbor down the street. Now I have never seen this neighbor but he lived in a large house. The lights were always off and the windows were always closed. It seemed vacant. Too this day I do not know why this bothered me so much, Just a guy ordering strange milk, whats wrong with that. But curiosity got the best of me and I rang his doorbell the next day. The door creaked open but no-one was insight. I make my way to the kitchen and open the fridge. Bottles and bottles of milk. I opened one up and took a drink, this wasn't regular milk. It was cold, but fizzy, almost....carbonated. Before I had time to collect my thoughts i heard the door slam behind me. I dropped the empty bottle and ran outta there as fast as I could. I returned back to my house and waited. I asked some neighbors if they new about the guy the next day, however no one knew what I was talking about. I hopped on my bike and rode back to the guy's house but all I saw was an open field. It started to rain at this point but I pushed on to find something. It started raining hard and in the middle of the field I found an empty bottle. I tried finding the milk deliverer but the company did not seem to exist. Its been years, decades maybe, since the incident but I have always been fascinated by the carbonated milk. I've been living wealthy and have a large house but have spent many days alone with only the company of the neighborhood milkman to bring me my special order of Carbonated milk.

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I need some help yar I've been in a relationship for 6 months and my gf is super loyal I've all her passwords and she loves me no doubt i love her more but i just can't help it yar time nahi dia ja raha she has no friends besides me or wo pura din meri call ka wait krty he but idk how to givehertime

Love is not about giving time, it's about living with the fact that my better half understands me. She knows my routine is tough and she totally understands it.

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Do you ever feel bad for clothes you don't wear or items you just don't use in general? Like "Sorry, today is not your day" 😂👕👟

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
Oh no 😂
Sounds like me. I feel bad for the food I leave on the plate because I'm full and I just have to stuff it in, because.. I felt bad 🥲
But honestly, it's a living hell.
I bought two stuffed animals because they sat there being sad on the shelf, no one wanted to buy them. Like why? 😂
Also, whenever I pick a plant, I stick to the first one I chose, because it's a living thing, probably thinking it'll go to a happy home and then it gets put down. What is wrong with me 😂😭

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why does love drive/inspire/motivate people? 💞✨

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
If u focus u'll realise that love is the only thing we 're living for.
Of course we do things for ourselves.. but if no one 's there to notice it.. If no one 's there to clap..If no one 's there to love us throughout the process. Our efforts 'll have no meaning..
so it feels great to have a relationship with someone who can connect effortlessly to ur core..
Someone who ain't afraid to share ur fears, vulnerabilities and emotions...
U 're blessed to have people who hear u out every single time u 've a troubled heart.
Love.. it's the password of life.❤️✨🦋💪

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If your parents lived to like 110 and didn't give the money to you and your siblings til their passing, would you think they were selfish?

No, cause thats my mom. She has all her money in assets & living trusts lol she just lives off her property company/rental properties.
My dad is the one who helps me with all my medical bills. My dad spoils me, im such a daddys girl LOL

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Have you always been rich

Nah, i grew up in a wealthy household but when i became 18 years old i wanted to understand all walks of life so i lived in poverty, lived in someones living room, lived in a trailer park, living out of bag/car, living in a traphouse & lived in the boonies. Then, i went back to the rich style of living with a more understanding of how fortunate i am. I wanted to learn how to be grateful. I want to understand what different struggles look like.
It truly made me a better person. 💖

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What do you think people must understand?

People must understand that other unknown people won't be living up to their expectations. When I see people who see,in their own reality something that they don't like start to complain at how the world is fucked up, I feel sad. I also feel sad that I am the same kind of person who sees some of the stuff in my own reality and then wonder how the world would of be like if some other things was different.

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What do you think people must understand

As technology becomes ever more sophisticated do you it'll one day be possible to create a computer simulated reality indistinguishable from base reality? Could it have already happened and could we be living in an an 'ancestor' simulation, designed by an advanced civilation to study it's own past?

Buffyfan’s Profile PhotoAlex
I feel it's already happened and we're living in it right now. Given how seemingly perfect the Sun and Moon are positioned, how our planet is not too big nor too small, how we seem to know very little about anything, and so on, I feel the odds are high that this reality is fake. It just seems real because we're living the human experience. It's like a video game. The characters in that game don't know they're in a game, but they play it anyways. Since they re-spawn after dying, without any harm done to them whatsoever, it's arguable that they're shifting realities in that game.
I also believe that we'll be able to create a reality like our own with the technology we're about to get. So it would be a reality, inside of a reality, inside of a reality, and we'll be simulating a reality whilst we live in a simulated reality - that's being run by someone who's simulating a reality within a reality.

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Which aspect of your self-care routine would you recommend to others?

beyondfeartalk’s Profile PhotoLiving Beyond Fear
Meditation. I think some people would be surprised at what they can discover that's hidden deep beneath them if they made meditation part of their routine. Like hidden emotions, uncertainty about the future, etc. We live in a hectic world. It can be a world that never stops, and it leaves us feeling shattered. It makes us wanna wish we could go to the Himalayas and be a Buddhist Monk lol. However, we don't need to go to the mountains to find peace. We just need to find it from within.
I feel meditation can allow us to see things from new perspectives, to be reminded of how everything's okay, to figure out who we want in our lives. It's a practice anyone can do, and the more you practice, the more you can do it anywhere at any time. You can meditate on the bus, in the park, while walking, or even when watching a dog bark. Anything can be meditation if we allow it to be a meditation.
Ultimately, we may think we are humans, but we are just souls living a human body. When we pass away, the human body evaporates. However, the soul finds another place to go. Whether it's another person, another world, or it decides to transform into Neo himself. Whatever the case is, I think we can come to some rather life-changing realizations that can turn our fears into strengths. Which includes the fear of death itself.

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It's hurt ,I really need to say loudly it's hurt Cuz I'm stupid,depressed I'm living for nothing No achievement no dream and no happiness I feel nothing

Just believe in ur self and fuck off for any thing else
Try some thing u didnt try it yet
And remember the change start from ur heart and ur mind
The road when they build it to walk not to cry and set
Move on

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Give some example of paradox 👀👂

Wrote something last night.
"So many questions need to be asked from myself. Or should I ask them from you, the ones in hiding, ones who couldn't face me directly.
Is it a crime to think about someone, after they've left you?
You were so much & nothing at all, a living paradox.
A deliberate waste of words."

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How would you characterize a parent's feelings for a child who is too rude to interact with regularly? If you were in that position, do you think you'd stop loving your kid because you didn't like who they had become?

Well, ive asked many parents this before - “if they weren’t your kid, would you like/love or want your kids to be friends with them?”
Because that makes parents realize that they are just living by obligation & letting their kids develop horrible character traits that they wouldnt want to see in other people & as a parent is kinda your responsibility to exhibit good character traits/habits.
When i become a parent i am going to be a tough fu.cking parent. Just because their my kid doesnt give them an excuse to be rude/entitled little sh.its. When they get into the real world I’m not going to be there all the time so they are going to have to learn how to behave. Lol.

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