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If you were a volunteer, where would you like to work?

I would go back to volunteering at a local paediatric cancer charity. They do amazing work there. Plus I got to do all the activities the kids were involved in as I was their photographer.
I had to buy nail polish remover because I constantly had my face painted with whatever design the kids liked that day. Nail polish remover was the only thing to take the kids’ masterpieces off my face.

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Regardez vous les infos ? Pourquoi ?

Local news is mostly irrelevant. Most fires and murders don't effect me. If they do then I know about them before their reported. It also breaks my heart when the reporter asks the surviving family members how they feel. After the first 10 minutes, local news turns into a advertisement. I will watch it for the weather. National news is either sensationalized or superficial. I prefer to read news. I read Christian Science Monitor or Wall Street Journal for news stories. I like New Yorker, the Atlantic and Rolling Stone for in depth, long form articles. What I can get is depressing, usually extremely local, sensationalized or fear-mongering, poorly reported on (often missing pretty important facts/generally getting things wrong), and if it's not the local stuff (which I tend not to care about), then I've already encountered it before the news comes on. I get my news from a couple places. The first news I encounter in the day is my dad's wall street journal left out on the table. I generally comb over the front page and read the "In the news" bit on the side detailing major events. If there's something noteworthy/interesting on a different section, I'll sometimes read that too. Honestly, I used to subscribe to a lot of news channel feeds on facebook, so stories would come in there. Eventually I got tired of a lot of the spin and unsubscribed to about half of them. This is sad for the country, but sometimes I will legitimately get news from the daily show. It's better than not encountering it at all, and I prefer to know about it before coming there, but I do encounter some there. As you can guess, the reddit newsfeed has brought me news faster than many other places often enough that I feel up to date through it. For actual analysis/thought about current issues and current affairs, I'll look to my new scientist subscription, which seems to do a significantly better job than scientific american. And honestly, a lot of what makes it into the news these days I just don't give a shit about. Where I'm at in life generally seems unaffected by 3/4 of macro news stories.
I go through phases of giving a shit about the news. Some news items I'll try and keep informed about after hearing about them. Sometimes I'm feeling pretentious and have enough energy to put in the effort to become informed. I guess this is a big chunk of the problem: acquiring news often takes some effort, and when there's so much fluff and useless opinion and spin out there, it becomes that much harder to get to what you actually ought to know. Hence the popularity of the daily show. My mate doesn't watch the news because she suffers from really bad depression and a few other mental issues, and whenever she watches the news it drags her back down, so I think she's happier just being oblivious to stuff happening around her.

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What would you do on your ideal day off?

Most of my weekends are like that! My usual Saturday: sleep in, wake up whenever, my SO makes us breakfast and coffee, we lay around in pajamas and watch tv. Then we go out for lunch to some place we love or have been waiting to try. After we walk around a town and poke in shops or the farmers market. If the weather's nice we go hiking or to the beach. If not, we go shopping or visit friends. Sometimes we do road trips to local places or historic sites. Then we'll either plan for dinner out or buy groceries and make dinner at home. Some weekends we have tickets to shows and go see bands play. If so, we'll stay out, grab drinks at the bar. Then we come home and chill. Sex, usually. And then bed.
Wake up early, coffee in the dark, while the house is silent. Head out the door for a morning run as the sun comes up. Home again and load up the boards and wetsuits.Throw some good shit in the crock pot and head out for a surf session with my kids and hubby. Go out and get exhausted in the water. Change into warm, comfy sweats and stop for a round of coffee/hot chocolate on the way home. Eat the good shit from the crock pot and then tuck in for an afternoon nap. Lazy for the rest of the day. Read or watch movies. Hot tea. Or a good beer. Sunset stroll on the beach. Then fall asleep early while reading a good book.
I like the idea of being able to make a really delicious breakfast, early in the morning, while catching up on my favorite podcasts. I have plans with friends to go shopping or go to a museum and we stop at some cute little ice cream shop and talk for a long, long time. Then I go get my family's favorite take-out with a bottle of Barefoot pink moscato and a cheesecake. My mom and sister and I fall asleep on the couch in the middle of a "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon. I wake up and read in bed until 2 am and fall asleep with the book in my face. Wake up naturally around 8. Head to a bakery and buy myself a nice pastry. Then wander around the little shops for a bit before slipping into a small bookstore. Browse for probably way too long, as I have no sense of time when I go into bookstores. Well, sleep in. And wake and bake for sure. Then I would indulge in breakfast at my favorite diner with my SO. Then we would take a walk by the lakefront, maybe stop for a honey latte. Then, we would go to the motherfucking antique shop, or to a cutesy hipster "shop local" place, or even our Public Market. Then we'd get diner as a gastropub or cantina, and end the night with cocktails at a beer hall type place, or a beer garden. That would be my absolute perfect day!
I sleep in a little, have sex with my SO. Then we get up, shower and go out to our favorite breakfast joint. Then we head to the farmers market for some veggies, meat and other things for dinner. When we get home we take the dogs out to the park or for a long walk somewhere. If it's nice out, we go to the dog beach.

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— Osíris Eliott Cahill. —

apcly’s Profile PhotoOsíris Cahill
• Nascido em Massachusetts, Osíris sempre fora um garoto um tanto quanto diferente, como se costumava dizer na cidadezinha pequena de Salém, conhecida como cidade das bruxas. Como já era de se esperar, não era nada comum, nem seu jeito e trejeitos muito menos seu nome peculiar escolhido por sua mãe antes da mesma falecer de uma doença degenerativa anos antes do caos se instaurar no mundo.
Assim como o seu nome, Osíris tinha com quem dividir seu fardo de nome egípcio, tinha dois irmãos Anubis e Horus, sua mãe definitivamente amava o Egito por ter nascido lá e ter a descendência.
Após o falecimento de sua mãe, Osíris entrou para a polícia local como perito criminal e logo se iniciou o apocalipse, o que o fez se separar de seus irmãos.
Osíris foi levado à Hilltop por Maggie e ajuda nas patrulhas e segurança do lugar.
Embora tenha seu jeito "bobo" é um pouco ríspido, quieto e introvertido.

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Osíris Eliott Cahill

How do you cheer yourself up?

Going out to the local pub. I met tons of people and made great friends. Before that, I didn't know anyone. Then I lost control and realized I might be developing a drinking problem. Now I have people I can talk to and avoid drinking. I still feel lonely at times but not as much as before. I do miss the pub a little.
I wouldn't necessarily call myself lonely. Working 40 to 42 hours a week really helps take up a lot of my time. But I go through phases. I drink on Friday and Saturday nights and typically am lazy on the weekends. Play lots of games, watch movies, and tv shows throughout the week. Occasionally I pick up this one dumbbell I have at home and put it down. Then when I'm feeling pretty low or like things are stacking up, I clean. I clean the whole house especially in common rooms. Something about the process of cleaning everything and throwing stuff away cleans my head, makes me feel accomplished, and just makes everything in my life feel complete for a short while. Then I start my cycle of being lazy all over again. Also, cooking and music helps too.
Eat Ice cream, drink hot tea, exercise, yoga, meditate, dye my hair, paint my nails, clean, spend time with my son or watch youtube videos about funny animals. Listening to good music is a good boost too. And if you can afford it, go somewhere you've never been before, locally. I used to go on a lot of drives to my favorite spots or a go on a solo hike through the mountains. Hiking is very rewarding - beautiful scenery and exercise at the same time - how can that not cheer anyone up?
A hot shower with nice smelling shampoo/body wash and finishing with a moisturising body butter. I go to a coffee shop,get a cold brew and something chocolatey to nibble on. Read a book or just people watch and usually it serves as a nice distraction. Go for a long walk,maybe to a new destination where I live and that can distract me in the process of getting there and keeping moving. Calling a friend for a half hour or so just to chat,either about whats bothering me or just focus on them and whatever is going on in their life.
Sometimes I need to literally do nothing for like a week - I'll go to work, get groceries, do the basics of course but then if all I do is binge Gilmore Girls for the millionth time or ordering takeout so I don't have to cook for the week, or whatever it is - I just let myself be lazy af, or do exactly what I want (it's always lowkey stuff, it's not like i'm racking up a credit card or doing anything generally unsafe) and in a week or two I'M FEELING BRAND FUCKING NEW. Most of the time, I notice that I get especially down or feel "stuck" when my energy is depleting and I'm giving more to others, to my goals / projects, etc, than I am to myself. So just not giving AF about all the goals, pressure, time constraints, etc. is honestly what it takes to help me feel re-dedicated to everything I was working on!

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Qual vício você acha pior de controlar: Bebida, drogas, sexo, chocolate ou internet?

Todos kk
Pior é vício em bebidas,causa doenças hepáticas e problemas nos rins e fígados..
Chocolate à obesidade e o problema na pele
Sexo,diz que melhora à auto-estima,porém vira um vício compulsivo..
Internet vira um local pra suicida e criminosos..

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Do you like to eat tacos? If not, what about burritos or wraps in general? What do you prefer to have inside when you order / make them yourself at home? 🌮🌯

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
OMG Tacos!!!
Yes I make them at home almost every other week. Chicken, beef, flour or corn tortillas.
The photo was my lunch at a local restaurant. 3 tacos for $5.
I love tacos de pollo con cilantro y cebolla.
TRANSLATION: Chicken tacos with cilantro and onion.

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Do you like to eat tacos If not what about burritos or wraps in general What do

you do Today what you plan for Tomorrow

today...work on my thesis, my turn to do the hoovering, went to Supervalu, complimented my fave sailor on her writing skills, had a session with my vibe, a run in the park, dinner glass of wine and onto ASK
tomorrow.. work on my thesis, go visit my Aunt, lunch with my friends in Wexford, drive back to Dublin, dinner and maybe go down to the local Spoons [it's posh] for a few scoops , as the Irish say

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Example: Let’s say you gave it all & yet it wasn’t enough, then WTF now? Where tf u gonna go from there? Don’t frickin’ start over again cause u know that’s dumb & a waste of time! Thoughts 💭?

You raise and interesting question that I suppose many people struggle with i.e. how do you set realistic goals? Since some of us have never been formally taught how to set goals, we tend to learn from experience what works and what doesn't. Said differently, you must learn to set "realistic goals." These goals should be based upon your interests, experience, education and support system (including mentors, financial resources).
Let's look at an example:
Musician: when I was young, I wanted to be a great guitarist, but I had a few obstacles to overcome: (a) Lessons: I studied guitar at an early age but my instructor was not a professional musician (mistake#1). (b) Experience: I played in local bands but we played by ear and mostly had no idea what we were playing (mistake#2). (c) Mentor: I had no mentors to guide me (mistake#3) (d) Music Degree: Yes I obtained one through persistence and a refusal to quit, but it's usefulness is questionable (e) Reality: at some point, life takes over and consumes you while obliterating your dreams and goals, if you allow it. This is probably the most discouraging aspect of what I am saying. Don’t quit, but be willing to negotiate with yourself to create reasonable goals for yourself.
My father gave me the best advice when he said: "son, play music for fun and because you love it." You see, being the best guitarist was not a realistic goal for me for reasons that I had little control over. Then add to that personal limitations, and you experience what you so aptly called a: "WTF” moment, where you wonder if all of your hard work was a gigantic waste of time, right?
These moments are life lessons and they occur to help us adjust our goals and the course that we must constantly navigate to reach our intended destination. My advice is to NEVER give up on those things (hobbies) that you love and are passionate about. Instead, learn to establish realistic goals based upon reasonable expectations along with your experience, education, talent, interest and financial resources.

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Example Lets say you gave it all  yet it wasnt enough then WTF now Where tf u

Who is someone from your life who inspires you and why?

As cliche as it sounds, my kids. When I see those little guys I want to do my best to provide for them. My daughter (3) also dig hearing stories, and I enjoy telling her stories. I aspire to be a writer and watching her hang on my words just makes me happy. I know the opinion of a three year old really doesn't hold any wait when it comes to becoming a professional writer, but it does give me a strange sense of motivation.
Mine would have to be my Grandfather who passed away a year ago today. He was 89. This was a man who was very hard to kil. He was a war veteran who was shot 9 times in the war. He lost his eye and part of his ear in the war. He used to take out his eye and let me hold it as a kid which was equal parts awesome and gross. After leaving the war he worked as a postman for 30 years. At the age of 54 he was diagnosed with cancer and the outlook wasnt good. They told him he'd be lucky yo be alive in a year. He fought cancer and he won. Lived another 35 years before finally succumbing. He lived a good life. Had 4 kids. Would do anything for anyone. He was a great role model and I miss him dearly. I think about him whenever I get down or complain about how hard life is. Mine would be my grandmother. She's the most altruistic, caring, genuine person I know. She had an extremely difficult life growing up and she never complains about it, but instead only wishes for a better life for her kids and grandkids. Whenever I talk to her she is always coming back from doing some kind of community work, whether it be helping at the polling booths during elections, working with the local church, or assisting in organizing events in her apartment complex. It's small stuff, but she just always seems to be helping someone. She's 93 and still so involved. To this day, she has never forgotten to send me a card on any holiday (Valentine's Day, Easter) or my birthday. She really is incredible, and a crucial fixture in my life.
The persons that inspires me the most are my uncle an my mom. My uncle has such a wonderful outlook on life, without losing his realistic side. He always seems to know the right answer to any problem we might have. He has accomplished so much, but he never loses his true self in that. I love how he can be very serious about certain topics but has never lost the joyous, adventurous part of himself. He taught me some amazing life lessons I live by every day. My mom is just an amazing person with incredible strength. She has been through a lot, but she's handled things incredibly well. She's been a huge supportive factor in my life. I know my mom will stand by her children no matter what. She is the most genuine, honest and altruistic person I've ever met.

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What does your teddy bear think about you?

My teddy dog actually thinks the world of me. We spent the Christmas holidays together. He is a stuffed dog wearing Christmas garb that I saw in a local store just days before last Christmas.
When inanimate objects like cute stuffed dogs talk to you and ask you to take them home, you had better listen and ignore all psychological stigmatisms that go along with that.
Remember… dogs are our friends whether live or stuffed. 🐶🤍🤎

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I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that

That’s quite the generalization. So all people who dedicate their lives to the service of others are sad?
I know a number of nurses who would vehemently disagree with you.
It feels incredible to help others. I have always been involved in charity work since I was 14. I take great offense to your false and narrow minded statement.
I challenge you to get involved in helping out a local charity and then tell us if you feel “sad”.

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La marque de l'eau que tu achète ?

Arrowhead is awful and Fiji tastes like rocks. It’s just an unpleasant sort of minerality. Come to find out that they filter it is through volcanic rock. Dasani is alright in a pinch but there’s something about the mouthfeel I don’t like. Even ice cold, it’s a very full-bodied sort of water. Crystal Geyser is the benchmark all water should be judged against. No frills to it; a very by-the-book flavor profile. Finally, to round out the name brand waters there’s Smart Water. It’s not a bad water but I feel you don’t get anything worth the price or similar to what the tasting notes describe. The ionic aspect of it has zero discernible impact on taste and it drinks much like Dasani. I suspect that if one were to inspect the bottle, it isn’t derived from a spring. There's a local grocery chain with the cheapest off-brand bottled water. Its definitely tap water from somewhere, but it beats my local municipal water which tastes like chlorine, and that bottled water tastes the most like properly treated city water of any bottled water I've had. Wissahickon Mountain Spring Water, which no longer exists. It had this great slightly sweet taste to it, probably the soft plastic bottle (frosted) it was sold in. We had it at Penn State in the vending machines. It got sold to Nestle over a decade ago and no longer exists. The well water from my parents house, when you'd let it run cold for a good minute first, or over ice made from the same water. Also no longer possible, a huge development was put in and it ruined the water shed, everyone had to covert to city water from well water. I like Just Water and Voss. Just Water’s supply is harvested ethically, and the bottle is reusable and recyclable in some towns’ recycling programs. Voss’s bottle is reusable and washable if you buy the glass one, most plastic bottles are not good to reuse since they have a tendency to grow bacteria. It just depends on the type of plastic used whether or not you can reuse. Unsure if Voss ethically harvests their water or not.
When I'm thirsty i literally just walk into the kitchen, grab a glass, turn the water on, wait for it to get cold, and fill my glass. And there's also several drinking fountains placed around my neighborhood so when you are walking outside you are probably near one, and you can have a drink from it, anytime.
I once saw a documentary about bottled water (I’m a wild one, I know) and iirc they said that the best bottled water is the stuff that comes from springs as it contains minerals etc. The worst is anything that is purified as it means all the good stuff your body needs has been taken out of it.
If I ever buy a bottle, which I only ever do if I've forgotten to fill up from the tap since I don't mind tap water (and have soft water where I live), I buy evian only to contribute to finding their advertising campaigns. Those adverts are a refreshing individuality when they come on between everything else!

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Asi que tu Alicia el canalla de Pedro y el malvado Javier osariais llamar a la policia si el dueño del bar os echa del bar sin motivo? pues aunque no haya motivo el dueño puede echaros a todos-as si el quiere ya que es su negocio, su local, y ni vosotors ni esmitorriso ni Juan podriais rechistar

No. Salvo que vaya a cerrar. Si estoy dentro en horario laboral, estoy haciendo una consumición y no molesto a nadie, y no estoy haciendo nada ilegal, no me puede echar. Puede intentarlo, pero como yo no voy a irme, tendrá que llamar a la policía. Que se explique con ellos.

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What's something most people get wrong?

Decarrado’s Profile PhotoTristen Koss
Understanding another person's perspective. There is the belief that somehow evolution "improves" things and the implication that there is some predetermined path that humans are following. The idea that one day we will all be "cleverer" or less "ape-like". I see questions like "are humans still evolving" which is a nonsense question if you understand evolution. Of course they are. Evolution is the process where members of a population are more likely to be naturally selected to parent the next generation because (whether by random DNA combination or actual mutation) they have characteristics making them better adapted to their environment. What the advantageous characteristics are will depend on how the environment changes. If we overpopulate then those that can survive on less food or with less space may be selected, if temperatures rise then those that can survive higher temperatures. If we go and live on Mars, then those that can survive the lower gravity, pressure or temperature may have an advantage. Most interestingly, if there were some kind of massive depopulation event (disease, comet impact), the world may go back to being predominantly jungle and it may be advantageous for humans to live in trees and occupy environmental niches that are currently occupied by apes. This, however would not be "reverse evolution" - the direction can only ever be forwards - it would just end up meaning we had evolved into creatures very like the ones we were millions of years ago. On one hand is my home-life. I'm 22, for context. At home I'm an introvert. High-school friends live miles away, so I spent my teens sifting through Reddit and playing video games. I think I've behaviourally-conditioned myself to do this whenever I'm back at home. On the other hand is my university-life. The total opposite. I live with my now best friends, I'm never in the house other than to sleep. Partying at least once-a-week, driven by my course like it really means something to me (and it does (I love ecology)). I feel like I was always like that but the circumstances back home never nurtured it. The original, local secondary school I went to just wasn’t for me. And so going to another one further away from home just meant that I couldnt see friends without pestering my family for a lift, or 1.5hours on public transport. That I'd be scary in a fight. I'm 6'1" and run about 240, but I dont look fat at all. I have a deep voice, and if I project, you'd be able to hear me in even the noisiest of environments. Other that scrapping it out with my brother as little kids, I've never thrown a punch, and I've never had one land. I'm actually just a big teddybear.
That I’m going to have an emotional response to their political/social commentary/current events posts. I mean, I might laugh a bit…

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You know several languages. Which language do you use when you think? If you use English, do you think in Singapore English or standard English?

Rose Reed
"You know several languages. Which language do you use when you think?"
I usually think in english. unless I need to be more gentle and kind with myself, my thoughts switch to malay. 🌸
"If you use English, do you think in Singapore English or standard English?"
I'm pretty sure it's standard english! I don't think in "singlish" (i.e., singaporean english) — but I do use it outside the classroom around local friends. these were such interesting questions to answer, thank you! ☺️
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPCXixIY2kwnurbzee’s Video 168113655495 mPCXixIY2kwnurbzee’s Video 168113655495 mPCXixIY2kw
read also: https://ask.fm/nurbzee/answers/165425424839

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You know several languages Which language do you use when you think If you use

Would you prefer living in a large city or small town?

A smaller town that's no more than half an hour drive from a big city but it's also got mountains and forests nearby. And preferably a rocky seashore. Oh, and it better be a cold climate because I hate summer. The big city needs to have an opera house.
I live in New York (about 9 million) and I'm definitely a city person. I just don't see any advantages to country life. And suburbs just mix the problems of both of those into one hellish broil (now you get the inconveniences of travel/homogeneity, and shitty neighbors, fun). I prefer to be indoors, am horribly allergic to pollen, appreciate and share local attitudes and the varieties in arts and food. I don't see the point in a lawn and never want to deal with the headache of home-owning. I have a car, but I've had to commute with it in the past and traffic was just a sick joke I wouldn't want to repeat. I'm a night person and it's vital that I can still get emergency items and food through 4 am. The list goes on.
I've always lived in major areas, and have been living in one of the biggest cities in the US for the past five years. I always think it would be nice to be in a small town, but anytime I actually visit one, I realize I'd only be able to tolerate it for so long. I like the ability to go do whatever I want to do and have it nearby. I think living in a small town would eventually get stale, especially if it's so remote you'd have to do an extended drive to get to a different town or city to do things. Small towns are vacation destinations for me; not a permanent place to live.
Eventually I would like to leave the city. I love public transit, but hate all the people and the prices. Still, I tried to visit Boston and was incredulous when everything closed down at midnight. I might be turning into a city boy, god help me.

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Would you prefer living in the city or the countryside? Why?

Although the cities are much more polluted, crowded as someone who's living in India even more so, but I think the opportunities to excel in other aspects of life like education, better healthcare and much broad minded people(in India atleast) makes a city a much more attractive option even though my health gets degraded
Countryside. I dream of acres between me and my neighbors. Stepping outside on my pouch and hearing nothing but nature. Have a small farm and grow food for my family. Have a house with those huge floor to ceiling window walls and never need curtains. Nothing but trees and green for a far as I can see. A quiet and simple life for me please.
I'd choose a city. Everyone romanticizes country life but in reality your surrounded by nothing, will get bored of it quickly and won't have much interaction aside from the same 20 people so you never get any sort of challenge to your viewpoints. I've lived in both small town and big cities and much prefer the city. The people are friendlier. If your not from the small town/country, your ostracized for not being a local no matter how long you live there.
I grew up at a large former farmyard. I'm in university now, having a flat in a city but I try to return as often as possible. Currently, I'm spending most of the semester break here in the countryside, at home. Cities might be a nice place to live in on an interim basis, a good place to study, but it's not where I want to live later.
It changes and depends on where I am in my life. I grew up in a rural area and very much enjoyed it, wouldn't change it for growing up in a city. The enviorment was very safe for a kid to grow up in. However right now heading into my early 20's I'd probably pick an urban area at this moment in time, more opportunities and stuff to do. Once I'm older and wanting to settle down with a family I'm sure I'll return to a rural or at least semi-rural area. I was born and raised in London and love urban living. A lot of capital cities feel too small for me and not ‘urban’ enough. But my ideal is an urban area but with green space such as large parks (my area has some parks with forest in etc) and where it’s not too hard to get to more rural areas. But I wouldn’t want a quiet rural life.
Practically the same for me. The solution is to live in a village close to a town. We have forests, fields, lakes here and an hour ago some kids just rode horses on the road but it takes literally 20-25 minutes for me to get into the city centre by bus. Of course it's a smaller city (150k citizens), not exactly Paris or Amsterdam.

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ha eun | yoon gi https://ask.fm/thkillesr/answers/167381954327

thkillesr’s Profile Photo(寝込)
Eu, junto com os demais membros do grupo, estávamos nos mantendo no ápice da nossa fama. Não é nenhum pouco fácil fazer sucesso e se manter nele por um longo período. Desde que começamos a fazer mais e mais sucesso ficou difícil ter tempo para reviver as amizades do passado. Também pouco queria retomar aos conhecidos de um tempo que se foi, especialmente na época de treinee que fiz poucos amigos, afinal era mais na minha. Mas não só por isso, muitos daquela época não botavam fé em mim… por essa e outras também tive algumas inimizades na época.
Mas não era momento para retomar essas lembranças. Essa noite seria muito especial para mim e meus colegas do grupo. Mais um daqueles grandiosos eventos se aproximava e com isso deveria me portar bem e dar o meu melhor assim como sempre fiz.
O horário do evento se aproximava e eu estava reunido com os demais meninos e nossos staffs. A ideia era que ficássemos impecáveis para essa noite dado a importância do evento que tanto comentavam. Mas, ao meu ver era mais um evento comum, não estava entendendo o porquê de tanto alvoroço. Mas enfim fiquei apenas aos cuidados dos staffs aguardando a hora de finalmente irmos para o evento. E enquanto isso, foram-se alguns minutos de conversa com os rapazes. Por fim, era hora de irmos ao evento e com isso tivemos apoio dos nossos motoristas particulares que nos levaram até lá, e assim ficamos nos bastidores aprontando com os últimos ajustes finais antes de adentrar o local.

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what was the last charity/cause you donated to? what compelled you to donate/give? 🌼✨

nurbzee’s Profile Photobday fundraiser: link in bio ✨
It was a local charity supporting mental wellness. Their fundraiser involved both a 5 km and 10 km nature hike in a location where I wanted to take pictures. It was a very well run charity and I was pleased to be involved. Their cause and their method of fundraising were very appealing to me. Win-Win.

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Have you ever done anything against your will? What it was? 🙄

Yes, I have.
When I worked in the Housing office №2 they asked at first time, then demanded and even ordered to work on Saturdays without a written order, it means that they had no responsibility and we would not be paid fairly. At first time I agreed because I didn't want to be as we say in Russian - A white crow ( a rare bird). But soon I could see how the administration went the limits and I decided to get all the troubles with the supervisors but have my legal day off.
One our foreman decided to work extra hours 12 instead of 8. I told that we would get just troubles. I was told that the foreman and his friend prepared problems for me.The foreman showed the supervisor how fast we made the roof, but the equipment couldn't stand the load, people from other squads hated us, our salary was a little more than the others.
Once I met a company of friends in the park near the local lake. There was a girl that I had never met before, we talked all the evening, she had already seen me walking with а pram. She asked about the baby, I answered that it was my nephew. Some time later a girl, who had never talked to me asked me to escort the girl home. It was only 8 PM, Summer, the sun was shining and I realized that she had plans towards me... She phoned me almost every day, I understood that she wanted a date, by I didn't want. Once my mother was cleaning the apartment, when that girl phoned, she heard all the talk and when it finished, she told that it was non-sence that a girl was seeking a date and I resisted. I had to agree. I came 15 minutes before the date, waited 30 minutes, I made sure that she didn't come and escaped.
When I worked with Coroplast. I was transferred from the production department to the packaging unit. Once a guy, who had been my partner in the production department went on vacation, they hadn't prepared replacement and ordered me to go to work with his machine. I didn't want to do it, but I had no reason to refuse. We obeyed to the supervisors of the logistics department at work, but be were officially belonged to the production department. So we were "neither fish, nor flesh". It was the fault of the management.

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Dacă o prietenă de ale tale ar veni în România in vizită și evident v-ați vedea, ai duce-o undeva gen la un local cu lăutari in Mamaia, să-i dai dedicații să-și auda numele acolo? Ar fi ceva nou pentru ea, ceva ce n-a mai experimentat. Băi, vorbesc serios=))

Consider ca exista lucruri mult mai interesante pe care le poți experimenta in Romania decat dedicatiile lautarilor, deci nu.

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