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What are some of your personal rules?

My personal rules require a bit of space. Like if I am making bed then no one is allowed to sit on it. If I am doing dishes I expect others to manage their eatables in their hands but if it's critical use one plate. If I have cleaned the room, I will lock it. No misplacing of things.

اقتراحات لحد لسه بادئ انمي جديد.. بسمع حاليا ديث نوت عاوزه حاجه في نفس المستوى وياريت مش كبير اوي زي ون بيس مثلا 😂علشان عاوزه اسمع مع الدراسة حاليا

Death note, dororo, buddy daddies, hell's paradise, dead mount, blue lock, mashle, jujutsu kaisen, demon slayer, the god of high school, one punch man, The eminence in shadow, The misfit of demon king academe, assassination classroom, Tower of god, plunderer, the promised neverland....

Never let your boyfriend stop you from meeting your husband❤️

lolguessme_’s Profile Photololguessme
~ how do you manage that , for sure?
~ lock him in the spare kennel before your pitbull comes home?
Nil Si nGra ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNrlgMVHrdUigotamatch’s Video 172486413434 rNrlgMVHrdUigotamatch’s Video 172486413434 rNrlgMVHrdU

If ppl dont want commentary, why do they post publicly and allow comments? Keep their business to themselves.. and if not, lock comments. Problem solved.

That doesn't make the behaviour of those leaving negative comments okay. I am talking about their behaviour alone. They are surely not mentally well. What drives them to leave rude comments? Jo unwanted opinions hain apnay dimagh tak rakhain zuban py lana lazmi nai hota.
Ap ghar sy bahar nikaltay toh hogay hi public mai , agar log apko bilawaja bully karna apka mazak urana shuru kardain would that be ok? Would telling you to stay home, away from public be a reasonable suggestion? Social media is no different.

Miejsce na ciekawostkę. 💫

Nie wiem, czy kiedykolwiek wspominałam tutaj o tej sprawie, ale jeżeli interesują was sprawy kryminalne, bo tych miały dotyczyć te ciekawostki, to przeczytajcie sobie na temat sprawy Lacey Fletcher, sprawa z zeszłego roku.
Nie mogę opisać tego tutaj, ale wystarczy przeczytać pierwszy lepszy artykuł na ten temat.
Generalnie znaleziono ciał.o, które wtopiło się w kanapę, ponieważ ofiara siedziała na niej przez kilkanaście lat, nie ruszała się, co rodzice tłumaczyli syndromem zamknięcia (lock in sydrome) i autyzmem.
Przyczyną śmierci było oczywiście skrajne zaniedbanie i następujące problemy zdrowotne, znalezione ciał.o ważyło 32 kilogramy.
Chodzą nawet plotki, że koroner, który był na miejscu zdarzenia nie mógł dojść do siebie przez kolejny tydzień, nie jadł i nie spał.

drop some netflix shows recommendations

MinhalBaloch’s Profile Photoᴍᴜʜᴀᴍᴍᴀᴅ ᴍɪɴʜᴀᴀᴀʟ
Wednesday, Stranger things, Dark, Dahmer, The midnight Club, Lock and key, The umbrella academy, Chilling adventures of Sabrina, 13 reasons why, Sex education, Riverdale, The Witcher, Vincenzo, Teen wolf, Squid Game, Money Heist, Money Heist- Korea, All of us are dead, Train to Busan, Heart Break high, 1899, Manifest, Elite, One of us is lying, Fate the Winx saga, The 100, Freaky, Devil I would like to suggest some horror movies too, Sadako, Sadako 3D, Sadako 3D 2, Sadako vs. kayako.

how to get my 4.5 y/o to sit and write? he starts playing, scribbling, dropping stuff. its driving me mad. i dont want to but i end up screaming, threatening to lock him in the laundry room. i hv a newborn too & im fxcking exhausted

Yeah, screaming isn't going to help anything. We usually do 20 minutes increments and I don't stress about her scribbling. It's part of learning.
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You find yourself trapped in a mansion, knowing that a dangerous monster is lurking somewhere inside, one that is completely blind but reacts to sound. Do you think you'd survive while searching for a way out? 🙊🏠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Not gonna lie, the first thing I thought of when I envision the monster, was a “clicker” from The Last of Us. Since they are almost the exact definition of what you described. Minus the fungal infection, of course. 😆
I feel like mayyybe if luck was on my side, and I wasn’t stumbling around and being clumsy, that I could get out. If I could distract the monster with noise of some kind, like turning on a radio or a television, I could hopefully speed walk out of there once I knew it wasn’t listening for me anymore. Cause sounds would probably disguise my footsteps. 🤔
Or, maybe if I did distract it with the TV, radio, etc… and the monster was in a room with a door, I could take a chance and try to close and lock the door. And if that was successful, I could hopefully just get out of there. Buuuut, there’s probably a decent chance the monster would notice me as I was trying to shut the door… 😅
The only other thing I could think of would be to bait it some other way, where the focus would again, be off of me and onto something else. Just not quite sure what kind of bait it would be, and I don’t know if I’d guarantee myself enough to time to actually get out. Sooo, it may not end well… 🥴

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You find yourself trapped in a mansion knowing that a dangerous monster is

A cosa ti fa pensare la parola vita?

richwick96’s Profile Photorichard_awakes_777
Kq parole vita mi fa pensare a ragazzi che A fare tornei di videogames che vengono da tutti il mondo però vorrei farti capire che comunque i giovani non devono andare a fare rave party illegali dove sono tutti strafatti e poi devono solo cercare di andare a fare tornei in cui si divertono i po' to pare? Poi vorrei dirti i giovani devono cantare a suonare accompagnato dall arte e poi vorrei dirti che comunque la musica deve essere accompagnata dall arte ed è unf forma di musica e di intrattenimento che deve avere l'interesse Dell arte ti pare? La musica è arte contemporanea. Poi vorrei dirti che comunque la vita è anche non litigare però vogliono ancora ribadire cole il lock down abbia trasformato tutte le persone in bestia assetata di potere. Poi ancora con oq raffinerie del petrolio in Sicilia in cui aggirano le sanzioni. La vita può anche essere ostacolata da molte cose

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Remember during lockdown everyone was obsessed with dalgona coffee? I used to watch people make reels and tiktok on it. Maybe we are on to something. Have you ever made or tried a dalgona coffee?

anon_j_ymous’s Profile PhotoJANAN
Yum ! I made it once
In lock down I promoted tea for immunity on youtube every possible page where corona new flash let me tell the tea
Tea for strong immunity: take tea pan add 2 cup water grated ginger ,lemon juice ,lemon zest ,lemon tea bag ,grated turmeric giloy ,over night soaked amla boil 4 minutes put strainer on cup take out
Aloevera-gooseberry(amla) juice
Sit in sun light
Take jug of water squeeze 7 lemon juice, apple cider vinegar ,honey drink through out the day
Majority foreigners loved my tea recipe ,it helped them in recovering from corona

What is your rules for living your life the way you want to live?

I think the rule is, you have no strict rules of your own, go with what interests you. Generally I do follow the law off work and every safety rule in the book at work but I don’t lock myself down personally 🙏

Why girls avoid marriage at the age of 23-24.? 🤔

Alakazam995’s Profile PhotoDaniyal Ahmad
It’s probably becz we’re all fed the “career before marriage” wala scam on media and by elders- as if marriage is such a terrible thing that’ll lock you up lol.
As long as you have a good man and his supportive family, you can have both.
Its either that or maybe they just wanna live more of their youth in adventure and experiment, which is fine too.

"Well slipping through the seams in reality to end up here wasn't easy even for a being like myself, I doubt regular mortal types would find it." *Her eyes drift off the game board and lock with his lone humanesque one* "So what's the endgame here? Eternal amusement?"

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
"Amusement is a big factor but.. These piece are all nothing compared to what I'm working towards. Once I've created another being to rival myself I'll throw away all these wasted beings. The figure Draven Crowe demon guy is strong but he's no god he's PATHETIC. I have only master creating life below myself. Even in my human form I could care less for the little lives I've made.. All I want is..Another me. But they are always so unstable and fall apart and d!e.." glancing into the Hell chest she finds many rejected broken clones of himself that perished from power overload destroying them. I can only create things weaker than myself it's quite irritating.. If I ever create the perfect being all these rejects will be trashed. Including the little alien and all of her friends. They will have all severed their purpose. "she can tell he's a very hateful empty guy

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What is the most useless invention in your opinion?

bellmona212’s Profile PhotoMona Bell
You go to type numbers on the number pad and discover nothing got typed because the damn number lock was off. You don’t need it to type with number keys in qwerty keypad, either. This little mf messes up your typing speed and accuracy even more than autocorrect does for bilingual texters :(
What is the most useless invention in your opinion

How to move on from a guy who never loved you and was pretending all along? Need serious advice please I’m so depressed, want to end this pain.

Lock yourself In a room for a day. Cry , cry and cry your heart out. Just think (aj ka hi din Rona hai bas) and let that dog bark just shut your ears honey. You are important for Soo many people. You are gold and gold never fades out. You just tried to make his world beautiful but he was blind so let him be.

99 reasons to die and 1 reason to live. What would be your 1 reason?

Death is only the beginning.
Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit
https://youtu.be/v2H4l9RpkwMAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171074960963 v2H4l9RpkwMAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171074960963 v2H4l9RpkwM
Memories consume
Like opening the wound
I'm picking me apart again
You all assume
I'm safe here in my room
Unless I try to start again
I don't want to be the one
The battles always choose
'Cause inside I realize
That I'm the one confused
I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean
I don't know how I got this way
I know it's not alright
So, I'm breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit tonight
Clutching my cure
I tightly lock the door
I try to catch my breath again
I hurt much more
Than anytime before
I had no options left again

Ti piace il mio Profilo 🥸? Scrivimi ✍

Franco3Avati’s Profile PhotoFranco Lord Avati
Il baykatar il drone turco pare che abbia usato 38 Miliardi per avere distrutto equipaggiamenti russi. Però voglio dirti che comunque pare che il terremoto che c'è stato in Cina è stato tremendi e poi loro essendo in lock down comunque non potevano scappare da lì essendo prigionieri. Poi voglio dirti che comunque pare che comunque vogliono dare un nuovo gasdotto tra russie e Cina chd mettono a discapito altre cose

Rimpiangi qualcosa nella tua vita?

Marceline65597’s Profile PhotoMarceline, the vampire.
Dopo comunque il fatto che comunque ho sentito Giorgia meloni che sogna che un docente non Debba avere per forza pa tessere drl cgil io l ho sentita che l ha detto. Quindi ha attaccato pure la magistratura che hanno la tessera. Perché he detto così lo so però la tessere sono importanti perché un magistrati debba avere una tassare d iscrizione e se no come si fa ad identificare un certo gruppo. Poi sai vorrei anche dire che ci sono partito politicoi che vorrebbero fare una specie di commissione prr il lock down a sono accordo. Quindi cari politici firmate un patto contro il lock down perché i virologi so sono arricchito troppo e non deve più capitare questa cosa orr favore fate qualcosa. Io rimpiango che nessuno ha capito nulla da questa disgrazia. Chi ha problemi vengo a sapere che il governo non lo ascolta

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C'est quoi vos séries du moment sur Netflix ?

VotreLilith’s Profile PhotoLilith
J'ai regardé Echoes. J'ai beaucoup aimé
J'ai regardé la dernière saison de Lock & Key aussi
Et j'avance sur Outlander
Après j'ai beaucoup de série en attente x) Et j'en ai vu beaucoup que j'ai apprécié
J'aime beaucoup le principe des mini séries sur Netflix. J'en ai vu plusieurs qui étaient sympa

Any movie or series recommendations ?

Okay so I'm in to horror, crime, science fiction and mystery genre movies and series so my recommendations are /The 100/, /Girl from nowhere/, /All of us are dead/, /The uncanny counter, /Fate: the Winx saga/, /Vincenzo/, /Sweet Home/, /Sell you haunted house/, /Sabrina/, /Stranger things/, /13 reasons why/, /Alchemy of souls/, /The umbrella academy/, /Greenhouse academy/, /Lock and key/, /The Witcher/, /Switched/, /School tales the series/, /Re:Mind/, /First Kill/, /Gotham/, /Lucy/, /No one gets out alive/, /Army of the dead/, /Fear street part 1,2 and 3/, /My Name/, /One of Us is lying/, /Arcane/ there are many more pr abhi k liye itni kafi hain xD

You call it the most perfect religion? Where 4 shadi's are allowed for men and women have to be kept inside homes like objects and have no right to make any decision on their own? This is a male dominant religion. Gender discrimination. Inequalities everywhere. This religion makes men extremists

More than one marriage is only allowed if a man can do justice between the wives. Which he won’t ever be able to do so and WILL BE PUNISHED in the here after.
And ISLAM DOES “NOT” say to lock your women in their houses and treat them like objects. That’s our society which is clearly going in the opposite direction to what Islam has ordered man to be like.
Allah has always commanded muslims to be kind to everyone. He has commanded man to treat his wife with love and respect.
So whatever pre-existing notion you have of Islam, is actually due to our society.
Islam is perfect. Muslims are not perfect. 💕

Best way to end the day?

Lukebh92’s Profile PhotoLuke
Huge Beluga Whale Stranded In French River Rescued: Report
After nearly six hours of work, the 800-kilogram (1,800 pounds) cetacean was lifted from the river by a net and crane at around 4:00 am (0200 GMT).
WorldAgence France-PresseUpdated: August 10, 2022 8:48 am IST
Huge Beluga Whale Stranded In French River Rescued: Report
The whale placed on a barge under the immediate care of a dozen veterinarians.
Saint-Pierre-la-Garenne: The beluga whale stranded in the river Seine in northern France was removed from the water early Wednesday in the first stage of an ambitious rescue operation, an AFP journalist said.
After nearly six hours of work, the 800-kilogram (1,800-pound) cetacean was lifted from the river by a net and crane at around 4:00 am (0200 GMT) and placed on a barge under the immediate care of a dozen veterinarians.
The beluga, a protected species usually found in cold Arctic waters, will next be placed in a refrigerated truck and transported to the coast, Isabelle Dorliat-Pouzet, secretary general of the Eure prefecture, said ahead of the rescue operation.
The four-metre (13-foot) whale was spotted more than a week ago heading towards Paris and was stranded some 130 kilometres (80 miles) inland from the Channel at Saint-Pierre-La-Garenne in Normandy.
Since Friday, the animal's movement inland has been blocked by a lock at Saint-Pierre-La-Garenne, 70 kilometres northwest of Paris, and its health had deteriorated after it refused to eat.
But its condition was "satisfactory", Isabelle Brasseur of the Marineland sea animal park in southern France, Europe's biggest, told AFP earlier on Tuesday.
A seawater basin at a lock in the Channel port of Ouistreham has been readied for the animal, which will spend three days there under observation in preparation for its release.
The "exceptional" operation to return it to the sea is not without risk for the whale, which is already weakened and stressed, said Brasseur, part of a Marineland team sent to assist with the rescue, alongside the NGO Sea Shepherd France.
"It could be that he dies now, during the handling, during the journey or at point B," in Ouistreham, she said.
The 24 divers involved in the operation and the rescuers handling the ropes had to try several times between 10:00 pm and 4:00 am to lure the animal into the nets to be lifted out of the water.

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Best way to end the day

لبداية سهرتك .... 💌

Ghribah’s Profile Photoغہصہونہ العجوز
الغيره تصنع المستحيل يعنى انا هجيب معلقتين وهنزل شيفشينكو واجيب دروجبا عالشمال زى الاكل منغير ملح تسده وتستريح مهى الدنيا مش مستاهله دوس زرار power مع الhome مع اللى بيوطى الصوت وعملت lock للبروفايل عشان في عيل حدف طوبة جت فكاوتش العربية فالخلاط اشتغل وعملت احلى عصر مانجا بناتى لما الفون فصل وانا بكلم خدمة العملاء بعد ما حبل الغسيل اتقطع دخلت ف اوفر دوس وكنت هموت بس الحمد لله طلعت سليم مالعربيه ف روحت ماسح بابجى عشان بقت رخمه فصحبي سجايره خلصت فقالى هات سجاره وولاعه قولتله خخ انت جاى بصدرك بس فالكهرباء قطعت فطلعت اظبط طب الدش واشتريت اتنين كيلو تفاح احمر عشان اعمل صلصلة احطها عالكنافه باللحمه المفرومة فروحت اجيب انبوبة الغساله مالسايبر راح العيش وقع منى لقيت ميسي جاي بيقولى حاسب ديك ام الطوبه بعد مانزلت البسين وانا فساحل العاج والحمد لله طلعت بمقبول
لبداية سهرتك

Which worries you more – doing things right or doing the right things?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
If I don't do things right, I could end up injured or dead. If I don't do the right things, I could end up in a fucking prison as someone's little Tinker Bell or Pippi Longstocking. I'm just trying to get things in perspective here.
can imagine back home:
- Mom, dad is dangerous, right? That's why they need to lock him up inside a prison? We will become untouchable in school now. Untouchable – just like our dad. Dad's untouchable, right?
- Kids... We got some photos of dad and his new friends in prison today...
When you put it like this, ending up dead doesn't seem too fucking bad in comparison. I say option B.
Which worries you more  doing things right or doing the right things

مفيش طريقة نعرف بيها مين اللي بيدخل صفحة الاكونت مثلا بتاعتك عالفيس؟

احنا وصلنا ٢٠٢٢ و السؤال ده ملوش اجابة 😂
و الصراحه مش شايفه انها حاجه ليها داعي يعني ماذا بعد ؟
لو انتي مضايقه من شخص و عايزة تتاكدي انه مبيخشش الفيس بتاعك اعملي بلوك
لو مش عايزة حد يخش خالص اعملي lock 🤷🏼‍♀️
و لو عايزة تتاكدي ان شخص بيراقبك او لا يعني ففرضا يستي طلع بايت فالاكونت كل دقيقه ماذا بعد بردو و لا اي حاجه😂😅
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Kilka ciekawostek związanych z produkcją "The 100"?

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoKIM SEOKJIN | BTS ⁷
✨ Plan The 100 znajdował się w lasach deszczowych, dlatego obsada musiała przywyknąć do tego że są prawie cały czas przemoczeni; Marie dodała, że to pomogło jej jeszcze bardziej wczuć się w rolę Octavii, by spróbować przetrwać.
✨ Ostatni odcinek „The 100” został nakręcony w dniu ogłoszenia lock downu.
✨ Podczas nagrywania The 100, gdy Marie miała na sobie nałożony tatuaż Octavi następnie spała w nim przez tydzień, ponieważ codzienne robienie go zajmowałoby kilka godzin.
Kilka ciekawostek związanych z produkcją The 100

Just recovered from covid , i used to go out but now should i stay home or go out again since i can catch it again ?

Why would you lock yourself away because you're afraid of something? You had it before, you recovered, so you know you'll be fine. You could walk under a bus tomorrow or get a heart attack next week. Maybe just don't do anything at all.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Just recovered from  covid   i used to go out  but now should i stay home or go

How to deal with sadness and pain after breakup? 😩💔

creepy_lady’s Profile Photocreepy_lady
Process it by letting it consume you. Feel every bit of this pain. Don't lock it inside you pretending like it's gone. It will grow into something alot worse then.
Cry about it, express it. Express the pain. Give yourself 1-2 hours every day to feel its pain.
Over time you'd realise that the pain is decreasing as you get busy with life and start focusing on yourself (which you have to along with all that). The pain will decrease and become almost non existent. This is a crucial point because at this point, many people choose to maximise the pain again and renew it because they don't want to let go of those memories and close that chapter. So although the pain is gone, they forcefully try to remember all the good memories in attempts to keep a part of that person in their lives. Be aware of that point because it's all done subconsciously. When you feel like the pain is over and I'm forcefully looking for ways to maximise it? Congratulations! You've moved on successfully and opened that place for someone who'd love you a lot more.

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عملتيلي بلوك على الفيس لي🌚

والله يا unknown كان بودي اقولك اه😂💔 بس الحقيقة ان الـaccount معمله lock لحد ما ادخل الـcode اللي بيتبعت على رقمي القديم اللي هو اصلا مش معايا و بحاول ارجع الfacebook عشان حاسة بكمية نضج من ساعة ماوقف مش طبيعية و ده غلط عليا👈🏼👉🏼😂

Do you eat regularly or only when you are hungry?

I eat only when I'm hungry. I make my own schedule because I keep odd hours. I don't go by the clock. Unless I have plans to go somewhere. But I eat when I want to and sleep when I want to and I would like to be on my regular scheduled but if I'm not I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Our bodies tell us what we need and so that's why I listen to mine. My weight loss plan is so easy it's not funny. I'm in charge, not food! Haha I have customized my plan according to my needs and it is working perfectly. I'm losing weight and effortlessly. Like this morning I ate breakfast at 1 a.m. and now at 7:03 am, I'm hungry, so I'll be eating again. As long as I eat the right things, no problem! I don't gain. And that's really saying something for me because I have a bad thyroid and slow metabolism. I'm just not going to lock myself in a self-made box because society says we must do something this way or that way. Haha I wish you the best of luck on yours! Anyway I've read and heard dozen of theories, a doctor say this the other say that. I'm not a big fan of 'eating' I eat mostly cause my body needs it and I generally don't like eating if it's not lunch/dinner time. I'm a chaotic person so I try to have a schedule in many things I do. Also, many times, especially during summer I don't feel the urge to have a dinner, but if I don't, I'd probably get a headache.
I never used to have a breakfast, just one or many coffee while commuting but recently I started being more regular even on that.

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In a door lock that has two turns what does the second turn do that the first turn isn't already doing?

there are several types of lock systems that use double rotation. The first thing that comes to mind is the normal lock mode (when the lock tab is extended by a third, then the door and door frame will suffer the least when knocking out), and the double lock mode when the tab is extended to its full length. There are locks in which one tab is pushed out at one turn, and at two - the second and third.

Hy Leute... Wie hoch kann die Strafe sein wenn man gegen Corona regeln verstösst... beim lock down draussen war und keine Maske und Abstand hatte? In München?

1. Keine Ahnung wie die regeln in Deutschland sind und 2. juckt mich das um ehrlich gesagt nicht mehr 🤷🏼‍♂️ hat schon genug genervt

What’s your most embarrassing moment in school? 🥺

umm back when I was in first grade, I went into the washroom for a pee, I have always been a dumb kid I didn't lock the door in fear of being locked inside..so a girl prolly from 5 or 6 grade kicked the door wide open 😹😹
and I cried the heck out, she got scared and run away! xD

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