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do you think it's better to have them young because you have more energy and you snap back to being in shape quicker?

I think it’s probably different for everyone, for me it was the right age. I certainly wouldn’t want to go through pregnancy well into my 30s & raising babies lol

tell me that one moment a stranger was very kind to you, you gorgeous humans

There are many instances but one time i was outside when tears welled up in my eyes, and i tried to keep them from falling. An elderly man approached me and asked kindly if someone was bothering me or if i needed any help. Another time i was outside and couldn't cross the road, i asked another aged uncle to help me cross, and he walked with me, making sure i reached my hostel safely. And once there was a guy misbehaving with a girl outside. I decided to intervene, but before I could, an uncle and his son stepped in, beating the guy up. I've had many such encounters lol. There are good people out there.

How many times you repeat the same clothes without washing 😝 lame question I know lol 😂😂😂😂 hahaha 😂😂

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile PhotoLax
That’s not a lame question! lol! I don’t re-wear clothing but I do wear my jeans twice before I wash them. I can’t wear them more than that because the denim relaxes and they’re falling off constantly. 😅🙄 I’m sometimes guilty of wearing something for only a half day and changing and considering both sets of clothing “dirty” 😬😬😬.
How many times you repeat the same clothes without washing  lame question I know

he needs a graduation party

lol we have some manners training to work on first. He's good with up to 3 people at a time but that's about it.
But, we're taking a month off before our next training course, he is working with our vet on gradually adjusting his meds to a more reasonable dosage

What things energise you? 💪 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ₜₑₙₐcᵢₒᵤₛ ₜₒₘₘₐy™ ▩ ♚ ☻
•Singing 🎤
•Reading 📖
•Working Out🧎🏼‍♀️
•Eating 🌮
•Debating lol 🗣️
•Troubling mumma for no reason 💁🏼‍♀️

Hope you're doing well tonight? I finally posted more drawings. I'm proud of myself lol. Hope ton hear from you soon.

Beau_Abbs_Char’s Profile Photo♥️ Char ♥️
I am well today! Thank you Char! They are beautiful! I saved the one of the lady! I hope you don’t mind. :) You have great cause to be proud my friend! 💗🌸💗

I deteriorated before I joined Askfm... I come on here so I don't have to keep calling my therapist... Which in turn makes me want to call her more... It's a Humdinger 🥺

lol. Well to be honest, Ask changed me a great deal. I never had online friends or spoke to people at all. Also pretty misanthropic. I became far too nice and trusting to people here that didn’t deserve it. The misanthrope in me has quickly returned. 🤣

Have you ever gotten lost? How did you find your way back then?

Isn't it beautiful that sometimes we have to get lost inorder to discover new beautiful paths and open some new doors to better beginnings? Lol bakwas hai sab. I actually got lost in my early teenage and ever since that phase zindagi siraf jhand he rahi hai and abb tak wesi he hai xD

Did you see Maigua's post about seeing Kasey holding hands with a guy downtown? Maigua has good credibility so far but that tea she spilled needs proof and more details. Kasey is big & not very cute so it's hard to believe she got a new man so fast

You know Kasey & Devon are very much still together & Maigua is still running w/ her fake story. She knows she’s too deep in to even remotely tell the truth. LOL 🤡

If you're someone who either drive or take public transport, what conditions would have to be met for you to consider biking to your destination instead? 🚴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
If cars or public transportation no longer existed lol. I love driving٫ but if it became illegal to drive or for public transportation no longer existed٫ then I'd have no choice but to ride a bicycle or walk.

It’s funny how you ask people questions but they never try to answer them….I don’t know I guess they don’t on here. I wish someone would ask me questions cause it’s boring and dead on here😒😒😔😖😒

brown_fox359’s Profile PhotoBrown_fox35
True, people would be like, “Ask me questions” but then, when I ask them questions, they hardly ever respond and that really sucks but it’s not like I can force anyone to answer me lol. Just answer the questions I ask, I ask quite a bit but usually while being anonymous so you may not be getting them if you have that feature turned off.

Už si vylámali zuby na Rusku viacerí. Ešte nech si vyláme zuby na Rusku EÚ a bude fajn.

Mne sa strašne páči ako si tu píšete svoje výlevy, ale na to je denníček alebo napr kamoši, ktorých to zaujíma. Nie jebnut to do shoutu pre cudzích ľudí, ktorých to absolútne nezaujíma lol
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If you were a character on a popular sitcom, what character would you be and how do you relate to them?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
I’d probably be the bubbly, happy naive, but actually smart blonde girl.
That’s basically my life, lol. Because I have working memory and attention difficulties, people often assume that I am a bit dumb, when in fact, I’m the opposite, I just need a bit more time, not even explaining. I also love to make everyone feel safe and comfortable to be themselves!

different anon why do you think anons wants to get in your pants? lol no one cares it’s funny how you think anyone would be attracted to a woman in her 50s

Is it hard being this dumb?
I literally just said I don't care if I'm unattractive to you.
it's really sad how you think continuing to send me things like this makes you cool or something. We all read these things and feel sad for you.

How are you doing Char? Did your headache finally pass?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
I'm doing a whole lot better. My headache is finally gone. It was weird and crazy. My headache started with my whole head٫ then it was on the right side٫ and then the left. Tylenol wasn't doing the trick٫ so I took ibuprofen and it worked. I was able to rest and now I feel really good. I'm just waiting for my coffee to get done lol.

What do you do to try and keep a healthy diet? Like, to not cave into your cravings etc. 🍌🍏🥗

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don’t make much of an effort to be healthy like I used to in the past but every once in a while, I do remind myself to eat healthier and the good thing is: I love salads. The reason I don’t make myself a salad everyday is because I’m too lazy to wash the lettuce or do anything these days lol. I switched to another antidepressant that opened up my appetite about a year ago so I found myself craving sweets every so often but luckily, as a family, we don’t regularly buy cheesecake or vanilla cakes like we used to in the past because I’d finish them in three days. I also stopped going to Starbucks every so often because of what’s happening in Palestine and because I don’t crave it as much as I used to so that’s good. I usually try to drink black tea on a daily basis out of habit and use brown sugar to sweeten it, which fulfills my cravings for desserts that have a lot of calories. Maybe if I was really unhappy about my appearance, I’d make sure to incorporate exercise into my daily routine as well and wouldn’t be too lazy to make myself a salad. Also, my mom cooks Brussels Sprouts once in a while or cooks carrots, broccoli, and potatoes together for breakfast sometimes so I eat those whenever she makes any and that reminds me to eat healthier/better.

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Czy wszystko u Ciebie w porządku?

tak, czołgliwymi mackami swemi obejmuję stopy następnej potencyjalnej ofiary, u której błagam o praktyki uwu
tym razem w BigCity, ale mają super laby, powiązane z roślinkami i zahaczają o bioinfę, analizy filogenetyczne i biolkę molekularną, więc myślę, że będzie całkiem fajnie
mam nadzieję, że nie wrzuci im mojego maila do spamu lol

What are some of your favorite Eid traditions or memories? 🌙🌸

Warisha_khan13’s Profile PhotoWarisha khan
jis tarah jag reha hun eid ka din sotei hue na guzar jyei> lol aur when i saw her eid pics my mind started singing "teri nazron nae dil ka kiya jo hashar" this girl do deserve flowers>

Allah I was going outside now and there I saw something dark standing,, aik dam sa mujay itna dar Laga . It looked like that something was standing at the stairs😂😂 I haven't looked back aur jaldi sa room main a gayi .lol I'm so lame Yar

mein jab raat ko gate lock karne jata tha ya fridge say kuch lainay tou aisay mazaydaar scenes/jinns/faces imagine kar k apne aapko khud dara deyta tha k aesa tou Blumhouse/New Line Cinema walay nahi daratay 👻😎

If you were thrown in a field with a murderous madman on loose, alone, for how long do you think you would survive?

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
Yaarr, then people say I have thousands of tales to tell on every topic. But khair, you asked for it. 😝 This actually happened to me once.
A pickpocket who actually had a very nice and shiny Browning or whatever it was; casually strolled in our duty room where I was posted alone and asked me to prescribe him some medications for his sore throat (😭😭). I saw it shining and realized aaj tou hogaya kaam. He kept saying 'ap tou meri sister ki tarah hain, meri job keliye dua karein na, mein pareshan hun', etc. It was only after 5-10 minutes that a security guard came in and took him along with him that I was told ke he ran away from them because koi puchne wala nahi? 😅 So yeah, I survived. Kese kiya, bus karliya uski "sister" ban ker. Lol. 😂

- suppose Ask arranges an official meet-and-greet. Which user are you looking forward to meeting? xD

People here are a nightmare. Physical interaction mein tou murderers hi hosakte hain, so I'll politely decline this offer, lol. 😂
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