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What are some of your favorite snacks? Do you tend to always or at least often have those stocked up? 🍪🍫🍓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I really really love mochi! I don’t tend to stock them up, but I do get them once every one or two months, since they contain a lot of sugar, don’t benefit me much and I’m trying to eat healthy, lol.
I also snack on protein bars! Barbarian is a really good brand imo and I also really love the FulFil Salted Caramel Protein Bar! 😄
What are some of your favorite snacks Do you tend to always or at least often

At what age did you begin using anti aging products? Ik from my mom that it's all about preventing and delaying the aging process. If you're already "old", they don't work. Only botox does. I'm in my 20s, I only need sunscreen and a night cream. A serum is optional, but I use that too ocasionally.

I don't use any anti aging products lol
I obviously use sun screen when I go out in the sun for prolonged hours during summer time. But that's about it :)
Otherwise it's just moisturiser, but that's more so on my arms!
At what age did you begin using anti aging products Ik from my mom that its all

I believe pet names in relationships to call your partner can be cute, meaningful and affectionate, however I also see some of them, mainly on here by anons use pet names that are cringeworthy like “My little sun flower”. What is the worst/cringe pet name you received that made your skin crawl?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
I really don't like "babe"... I don't know why but I hate it xD
Plus it just makes me think of the movie lol
But I think babe, baby, petal and chick are the ones that make me cringe the most lol
I don't like being called any of them...
I believe pet names in relationships to call your partner can be cute meaningful

Have you ever looked at a house while you’re on a bus or driving and thought “I don’t have a chance having a place like that”? Obviously not your fault as you can’t find decent work or the costs of homes is too damn high these days. (If you have your own place, ignore 😅)

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Yep lol
I see so many really nice homes when I'm driving around and stuffs. There's an adorable cottage with a lovely garden for sale in my village... I'd love to live in a place like that!
But yeah can't afford it lol
Have you ever looked at a house while youre on a bus or driving and thought I

Remember those *F*ck Google, ask me" T-shirts? They were all the rage back in late 2000s until like early 2010s. I just noticed that queen M.I.A wore one in her 2010 "Sunshine" video. It's kinda hilarious how, in the present, the opposite message is totally in. I miss the October golden hours sm🍂☕️🍇

Weirdly they didn't really catch on here lol
I don't think I ever saw someone wearing one xD then again, I didn't really pay attention lol
Remember those Fck Google ask me Tshirts They were all the rage back in late

You guys hate humans, but I still think there is some good in them. I know they have done many atrocious things, and continue to do so, but there are some amazing people out there. Humanity may be shit as a whole, but not every human is. You will most likely disagree and that's fine, this is my view

I do agree that there are indeed, decent people out there. However, it is often due to selfish reasons.
For example, making a video of them saving an animal. Sure, it is a good thing to do. Though, it is often done to receive praise. Or, to make themselves feel better. Which is often to them, more important than the well being of the animal. Real, genuine good deeds don’t exactly l tend to call for a camera to post on the internet. And others, do it because it is morally correct to do, and they don’t want to deal with cancel culture. Or the guilt, of not doing said good deed. Lol.
I could go on entire rants about charities as well. Most of the money goes towards their merch, and other advertisements for their organization to gain more money. They do not pay nearly enough of it to what they are supposed to. It is a business scam. Those who go to Africa, and other countries with poor villages, to feed the hungry, do not do nearly as much as they claim. They pose for cameras, give a few groceries, and leave to stay in their air conditioning. Hospitals could have so much more to cure chronic illnesses, if charities payed them the amounts they are given for the cause. Cancer could have a cure. But, that would ruin the business. Lol.
It is human nature, to be selfish. And evil. Though attempts are made to be better, it is just not in their nature. It is how they were made. Lol. Unnatural. Though, I suppose I won’t go into those details. Lol. Too many Catholics and Christians with closed minds.
- A

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What do you fill your feeling of loneliness with?

Sleep if it’s possible, lol.
I don’t often feel lonely, in truth. I feel pretty low and down atm, but I think it’s mostly tiredness, and the last thing I want is to be around people rn, aha. If I do feel lonely, I just hope that I’ll be able to sleep it off and feel better in the morning. I always feel somewhat detached from the world anyway :)

Did you have a Jubilee Street Party? 👑🥳🍰

I didn't lol
I was working, and it has been raining pretty much all day lol
There was a local event, but I didn't go. I came home from work, washed my uniform, got something to eat etc
According to the group chat with my neighbours, not many went because of the rain sadly.
Did you have a Jubilee Street Party

Do you like to travel?

Depends on what kind of travel lol
I really like going to places on holidays etc! But if I have to fly to get there... oh boy xD
But mainly yes! Just haven't really had much of a chance to in the last few years!
Do you like to travel
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What are your views on swearing? Do you swear often or do you try and avoid it? Does it make you uncomfortable when others swear around you, or does it not bother you?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Not gonna lie, I do swear, not to the point where it's excessive!
But I think it doesn't bother me as much just cuz everyone around here does lol
I do sorta get a bit eh when people excessively swear at or around children... yeah no... that does make me uncomfortable! Especially if the child then picks it up :s
What are your views on swearing Do you swear often or do you try and avoid it

I have a birthday coming up next month, family has asked me to do a wish list of ideas. Problem is I don’t need anything, I have always put others before myself but I got to find something I want for my benefit and entertainment. What do you get someone who has no needs? 🤔

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
I gad the same problem lol
I ended up just saying if I end up needing something, they can contribute to it if they'd like :)
That way if I find I desperately end up needing something, the aid is there :)
I have a birthday coming up next month family has asked me to do a wish list of

Do you ever have any trouble sleeping before an important day? Are there any tricks you employ to be able to sleep when you feel nervous etc.? 😐🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I do . My anxiety is at it’s all time high . I try to smoke and maybe clam down but I feel like in those times smoking makes it kinda worse lol.
I just honesty deal with it and have a sleepless night . Lol
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Dump a stupid thought here🗑️

XxHeyRaveNnxX’s Profile PhotoRohma
I can be a villain, because they have superpowers. And in like the Disney world they're never gone, I mean yeah they're defeated but they're like "I'll get you" and coke back in the next film lol
I don't mind living in just a tower with a crow. Just one room with a crow and a mirror.

What's your current mood?

Exhausted & starving lol.
I worked today 9am-7:30pm today.
I packed a lunch (usually my team stops between clinics for fast food but since I’m trying to eat ~better~ I’ve been packing my own lunch) but for some reason today,, I took 3-4 bites of my food and wasn’t hungry anymore?
(Which is very unlike me, LOL.)
So anyway,, I’m finally home now.
Bf and I are about to smoke a lil w33d and then grill some steaks!!

Estamos de acuerdo en que Lapis era el mejor personaje TuT aunque antes me gustaba más Peridot pero después la hicieron loli y ya no me gustó ewe este capítulo fue muy hype cuando salió https://youtu.be/WSDuZ45RX3g

StrongerThanYou3’s Profile PhotoFran.
Es hermosisia, encima la tuvieron encerrada como 10 mil años en el espejo uwu parece una bailarina e imaginate controla el aguita le podes decir que haga que llueva y en verano te refresca uwu xd
lol me paso lo mismo con peridorito aunque igual me agrado al final
si uwu encima pobre lapiz de nuevo se dusiono para tener atrapada a jasper y salvarlos a todos T_T esa fusion se veia poderosisima
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When you were a kid did you get allowance? Plus do you give your kids Allowance if you have any?

My grandparents use to give me pocket money (an allowance), but that was it :)
I get some parents give their kids an allowance for cleaning, tidying etc but eh lol
I don't have children of my own, but an allowance is something I might do. I haven't really thought about it lol
When you were a kid did you get allowance Plus do you give your kids Allowance

Is spending $40 on body soap too excessive? It usually lasts me about 6 months

SirensSilentScreams’s Profile PhotoFrankie Graves
I am a Material Gorl™️ nothing is too excessive to me, LOL.
I spent $23 on a big bottle of shampoo and $23 on the big bottle of matching conditioner so I completely understand.
I also buy Bath & Body Works body soap which usually isn’t cheap!!
If you like it and you can afford it, TREAT YOSELF.
Is spending 40 on body soap too excessive It usually lasts me about 6 months

Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It really depends on my knees and the weather and the distance honestly. A 10-15 minute bike ride is doable for me to do daily. A 30 minute ride is too hard for me to do daily and causes my knees to hurt. Especially since there’s lots of wind here and it’s somehow always against you. 😅
I really thought about cycling 30 minutes to work instead of taking a 20 minute bus ride. I did it once. Never again. It hurt my knees so badly I wasn’t able to walk the next day lol.
I think that maybe if I had an e-bike, things would be different though!
Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally How easy  hard is it to

Are you similar to the person you were in high school or very different?

Physically I am different. In high school I could play hide and seek and hide behind a telephone pole. Today I would need to tie 4 telephone poles together to hide. lol
I would say as far as my love of music and intellectual curiosity, I am the same person. Emotionally I would like to believe I have matured but sadly, I am not convinced that I have. Also, I have hair growing out of my ears now that I did not have in high school. God sure has a strange sense of humor. lol

What kind of vibe does your home give off? Eg. Simplicity? Cluttered? Vintage? Pastel paradise? Bachelor pad?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Generally it's quite homely. Cosy!
Then my room... xD
To me it's aesthetically pleasing! But I doubt others would think do lol
I have attached if plants, lots of ornaments, books, plushies, crystals etc :3
It's just where I feel safe and happy! Where I can relax and shut out anxieties and stresses! :3
What kind of vibe does your home give off Eg Simplicity Cluttered Vintage Pastel

Can’t believe I lost followers because of my joke ask yesterday, some (1%) of y’all are easily upset/offended. 🙄😅. Anyway, while I’m bed ridden today, tell me what is your perfect Saturday?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Not gonna lie, I hadn't seen it xD
Least not til now but I don't see a problem with it? It was blatantly a joke! Dear lord xD
BUT! Whatever the reason, I hope you feel better soon and won't be bed ridden for long!
I don't really have an idea of a perfect Saturday, just cuz mine are constantly fluctuating lol
I guess it depends on my mood? Like I'm not working today, but I feel like doing something productive!
Other days I'll just game or read, or watch movies lol
Cant believe I lost followers because of my joke ask yesterday some 1 of yall

GIRLS ONLY!!! Do you like wearing make up ?

I do!... when I can be bothered and my skin is going to actually be good to me lol
I admit now, I'm no master at makeup.. in fact I'm terrible with it xD
But there's time where I wanna get dolled up and just have fun with my look :3
Do you like wearing make up

When was the happiest time of your life?

25 until now, soon 29. Why? I am an established, independent man, university is behind me, with a hot girlfriend, great career, financially well off, great work life balance. Enjoying life's fruits, travel a lot, meet friends, have hobbies. Am also the strongest and fittest I have ever been. It's like, I wish it would remain like this forever.
I'm 36 now and without a doubt happy and mostly content with the wife and kids. I don't mean to sound like I'm having an early mid life crisis or any regrets because I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's. Just remembering back, I was too busy having fun to realize how much fun I was having. For me, everything up to 18 kinda sucked because I was not happy at home. I was awkward at school, confrontational, and was on edge 24/7. but university was great for me (17-21) Sure I was broke, but so was everyone else. I grew into myself, became a more confident, positive person, and made friends with people that I actually liked and not just random people from my hometown that I tolerated.
Not any age, but at my happiest when I was truly loved. I think it was only three times in my 50 years. The first was my true love from HS, the third my 1st wife, mother of my kids. My 2rd love loved me, but I didn't love her back. Still enjoyed that feeling. I was respectful and ended it, so she could find happiness with someone who truly loved her.
Probably back when I was 5-8 years old. I was baby sat by some pretty mean people when I was young so when I was able to take care of myself it was better. Then around when I was 8 my parents went through a rocky time in their marriage which lasted through highschool which really made me hate being home because I was afraid of hearing them screaming at each other. Then I went to college and lived on a banquet meal a day and didn't do much there. Took me forever to get a bachelors degree. Now I'm just living off rice, eggs, and bacon trying to get a job in my degree field.
I remember walking a mile to the store to buy a sobe drink at $0.99 a bottle. Good times. Also buying a 3 pack of cheap pizza for $3 and eating ramen noodles cooked or just dry with the packet sprinkled over the noodles. I was really close with my cousins during that time and we would play in the woods all day and just chill. Coming back from Afghanistan after 13 months. I haven’t felt so light and heavy at the same time. Feeling light because I’m finally done for a bit… and heavier when you think about what you just came back from lol.
I went from a very confident, social, independent person to someone completely different. I wound up in an extremely emotionally abusive relationship that really, really did a number on me and I fell into such a deep depression and had PTSD to the point that I had to stop working. I became a shell of myself.

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What sort of books do you have? Like, are they all fiction?

I think probably 3/4 are probably fiction lol
I tend to go more for the fantasy based novels! Newest one being Kith and Kin!
But I have books on Folklore, various Wicca books, books on astronomy, nature based books about identifying plants for cooking etc! I have an illustrated book about Studio Ghibli and the mastery behind their movies, etc etc etc :)
What sort of books do you have Like are they all fiction
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