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Do you like being in a group, or being alone?

heshamabdullah02’s Profile Photoɪɴғɪɴᴛᴇ, ɴᴏ ʟɪᴍɪᴛ
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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That depends on whether I know and like the members of the group or not. I can be more of a loner since I am able to enjoy my time alone - I don't like to play the fifth wheel in the group so I try as best as possible to get rid of that feeling and to separate myself so I don't need to feel like I am the one disrupting the group dynamics.

How would you describe yourself?

I would say I'm shy, a follower, an idiot, not wise with my money, and very protective of the people I care about.
A man who had to settle with wasting his 20s just to keep his family afloat by tolerating no progress on personal goals. I don’t drive (can’t afford it) had to stop my education, had to suspend all romantic pursuits, etc. So, a disappointment. However, some major changes are currently in motion that I’m rather optimistic about.
Happy, successful, a little hungover, and a good sport about my fading youth.
A natural loner and greatly misunderstood by my peers. An idiotic, strange tempered, ginger, loudmouth, happy, caring, “hyper-calm”, smart, and kind child.
Smart, lazy, generous, selfish, caring, unpassionate, funny, socially awkward, independent, picky. Can't think of anything else as I'm braindead at the moment. Negatives: Clingy, overly-attached girlfriend, detached, moody, insecure, self-contradictory. Positives: Beautiful, sympathetic, intelligent, deep, loving, good.
I'd say so. There are many times when I think things in my head that I would be pretty uncomfortable saying out-loud. Just cause you don't voice it doesn't mean it isn't there...so maybe acknowledging it and allowing it makes it less of a big deal.
I hate calling myself arrogant, but I have to admit there are a lot of times where I privately think 'well, I could do that better'. It's better to be honest with yourself, right? I have the weirdest kind of arrogance where I simultaneously think I am better than everyone, as well as the worst person ever.
Forgiving goes under both because very often I'm too forgiving. I still think it's a good quality to have as long as I don't let people walk all over me.
Positive: intelligent, caring, hard working, organised and thoughtful. Negative: indecisive, anxious, snobby, self-pitying, serious (as in, I take myself too seriously around most people).

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"Ok, fine I'll trust you on this." *which is a big deal for her*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀⠀ˊ⠀✦⠀⠀ ̶ᴏ̶ꜰ̶ꜰ̶ɪ̶ᴄ̶ᴇ̶ʀ̶ - ᴍᴀᴊɪᴍᴀ . . . ?⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀❝Thank you for trusting me, ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇꜱꜱ.❞
The rest was history. Just as he stated, took upon himself to drive at a safe speed the entire way. He seemed quite attentive even though was such a loner way, well, he was a man of his word in all the glory.

Für was setzt du dich aktiv ein und warum?

yihab54326’s Profile Photoyihab54326
Verbindungen. Nervt mich ein wenig, wie passend es doch ist, so mit meiner Sozialphobie und depri loner teen und wuawuawua, aber ja, ich hatte immer Probleme damit, mich als Teil der Welt wahrzunehmen. So habe ich zu Filmen gefunden, Spielen, Büchern, Dating, alles, alles, nur Nähe, und nichts hat geholfen, bis ich echte Verbindungen gespürt habe, und den Moment wahrgenommen habe, nicht die Suche.
Nun sind wir in einer so isolierten, entfremdeten Welt, in der tausend Unternehmen tagein, tagaus die Einsamkeit in uns reindrücken wollen, sei's mit Tinder, instagam oder dem verfixkten Metaverse, das uns alle endgültig das Gehirn verbrutzeln will. Nein, da wehre ich mich gegen. Ich habe inzwischen aufgehört, im Zug meine Serie zu gucken. Zwar pendle ich drei Stunden pro Tag, aber ich will nicht noch einer sein, der mit dem digitalen Beispiel vorangeht, mit Kopfhörern und gesunkenem Blick. Das macht mir Angst, das ist so komisch in einer Welt, in der sich so viele allein fühlen.
Ich werde meine Romane nicht vermarkten, sondern verschenken. Ist mir alles nicht mehr so wichtig. Vielleicht wird jemand inspiriert, vielleicht fühlt sie jemand. Das reicht. Mehr, cool, aber mei. Dieses System ist mir nicht geheuer, mein Schreiben von Erfolg abhängig zu machen auch nicht. Es geht immer ums Verbinden. Wenn ich schreibe, dann sogar aus, irgendwie, gar nicht so egoistischer Motivation. Meine Einsamkeit kann und will ich aber doch nicht verhehlen. Ich bin ehrlich, und wertschätzend, geduldig, alles, so gut es geht, und ich habe kein Smartphone, ich will nicht, ich will die Menschen sehen.
Heute hat mich ein zehnjähriger Junge gefragt, ob ich Schach spiele. Ich hätte vor MONATEN mal ein Schachbrett mitgenommen im Bus. Er hat mich wohl jetzt erst angesprochen, weil ich mich mit jemandem unterhalten habe, den ich auch nur durch den Bus kenne. Das.... bedeutet mir viel. Viel, viel, viel.
Dann sitzen Leute, schauen Filme wie Zombies, haben den Moment verloren. Ich gucke Filme fast nur noch in Gesellschaft, versuche, die Inspiration zu teilen, freue mich, wenn mir jemand erzählt, wie er noch Tage später über den Film nachdenken muss. Kleine Dinge halt auch schön. :)
Ja, ich bin vielleicht ein bissel intense und obsessiv. Aber ich möchte mich mehr dafür einsetzen. Die Welt ist so bunt, nicht einsam, und auch nicht digital. Es ist so wichtig. Kleine Taten reichen mir da nicht so viel. Vielleicht widme ich meinem Leben diesem Schritt. Diese artifizielle Einsamkeit ist einfach.... nicht ok. Da geh ich nicht mit. Liebe vor, noch ein Tor, oder so, wenn auch mit melancholischer Violinenmusik. my body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one i love ist ein load of bull manchmal. Manchmal. Bitte, manchmal. Okay. Ganz schön chaotisch geschrieben, aber ja. Ja.

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Vai tagad bieži tiecies ar draugiem?

✠ Man ir apnicis saņemt jautājumus saistībā ar draudzību un draugiem.
Man nav draugu.
Call me a loner, loser or whatever, i don't care.
All friendships i ever had ended bad in one way or another and in the end i was hurt. So i ended up pushing everyone away.
Plus people tend to judge me before they get to know me so i can't get friends even if i wanted to. Believe me, i tried. I guess i am too different and nobody likes that 🤷🏼‍♀
Vai tagad bieži tiecies ar draugiem

If you're lonely and sad Don't be because you are a incredible human being and whatever is troubling you will go away and this test will be over. Remember you are a beautiful soul and a beautiful human being. The sun will shine on you again. You are beautiful.

"Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living."

This will seem like a really stupid question, because we are all social creatures, but what happens to you when you do stop socializing entirely? Do you save yourself in one sense but feel terrible in lots of other ways?

I'm quite comfortable being a loner. I actually prefer it. Yeah sometimes it gets lonely, but I've noticed that most people make me feel weak and dependant. Being on my own makes me feel stronger and more stable, and I'm more at peace that way. I have a few really good people in my life and I think they are enough.

If you had to guess, what about you would be the same and what about you would be different if you were born and raised only in Canada?

Personality wise I might be more social if I was born and raised here in Canada. But even then it's just my nature which makes me a loner artist so I don't think I'd be much different in that sense either.
What would most likely remain the same is my non comformist nature. And I'm not that way for the sake of rebelling or it's not just a phase for me. I have always liked carving my own path, and I'd say I have always been quite tolerant and open minded.

أقـْــتَــبِــسٰٰ ♥️🥀

I hate it when I express my feelings, people tend to immediately try to make me believe the opposite. I can’t talk about how lonely I am without people telling me otherwise. Sure, I have a couple of friends but where are they when I need them? Sure, I have friends but not in school. Which makes going to class extra hard for me because I’ll feel like people are judging me for being a loner. I can’t talk about how ugly I feel without people telling me I’m not. Sure, you like my instagrampicture with the right angle and filter. Sure, you can like the way I look but that doesn’t make me feel any prettier. It’s like I can’t talk about my emotions because people don’t truly listen. They just give their opinion 🌙🌸 .

Livi, how would you describe your social circle? For example, do you have a group of friends that get together regularly, say for dinner/drinks/other events? Or are you more a loner who doesn't really have a tight friend group? Or something else?

I’m the latter, I don’t have a friend group. I’m friendly with everyone I know, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying I have any solid “friends”, if that makes sense? It can be lonely sometimes, but overall, it works for me though :)

How do you keep your private life private in these world of gossips?

I don't accept my neighbours friend requests on fb. I only post in private groups there, or anonymous sites like this.
It's easy...I don't talk about my private life to others unless I know they can keep it to themselves. A great indicator is how they talk to you about someone else. Is it positive, negative or just after gossip. Some people show interest in your life just to have something to gossip about. A sad reality but nevertheless true. You have to be very selective in who you let into your private space and thoughts.
I don’t care… let them talk if they want to.
People are going to say what they want even if it’s not true…
I don’t share private things with others, and I only have 2 or 3 people in my life I actually trust. The rest I don’t care about, haters gonna hate. Yes, I may reveal too much of myself but my family life is sacred.
I think the main reason I'm private is because we live in such a judgemental world. Sometimes I find it hard to talk to friends because I don't get listened to, the first thing they may do is just tell me "Lol why did you do that? That was really dumb haha. Have you tried this? Why don't you do that?" As you have pointed out, sometimes its more beneficial/comforting if we evaluate how we are going ourselves and the situation, rather than immediately seeking another opinion/perspective.
I am pretty open. Speaking through my work and actions. If someone carefully observe how I work or perform my duties, they'll have a very good idea about me. Problem is nobody pays attention. Not my problem actually.
I hate being asked personal questions too. If someone is being way too nosy I can’t help but hold back. I used to be an open person until I learned that very few cared and the rest were just curious. Some people use your information to gossip behind your back. I don’t make up lies, I just choose to keep most things to myself nowadays. Though the only ones I can open up to are people online.
I'm always keeping my cards close to the chest. Anytime I'm asked personal questions I give the most vague answers possible, brush it off, and quickly change the subject. I'm pretty alright in any casual conversation but it all grinds to a halt when personal topics come up. Dating is gonna be all kinds of hell when I finally put myself out there. I know I'll have to force myself to actually talk openly, as well as somehow meeting someone compatible in the first place.
My parents don't know me. I don't care that they don't know me and they don't pry too much which I am grateful for. Nobody at work really knows me even though they keep talking to me after I've told them I like being alone, am a loner, and am pretty cut and dry with my responses giving as little away as possible without being an asshole. it's kind of hard because they think you're mysterious or trying to be and that draws them in which sucks. Still my only real issue with how I am is how will I ever find my hermit/quiet girl if she's the same way...?

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Ppl say they won't judge you but 1st thing they does after meeting you is to judge/discriminate on the basis your looks and background. This thing is making me loner 😔

You're in inferiority complex if you're letting them judge you. Everyone has their own characteristics and backgrounds. Be who you're. Don't care what others think. You're practically allowing them to empower you.
'Kuch tu logh kahin gy loghon ka kam ha kehna'

Amikor nagyba várom hogy írjon végre valaki instán, de tudom hogy nem fog , mert nem vettem fel ismerősöket 😂😂😂 aki meg írhatna, az már nem fog 😏🤪🤪🤪

hadari235941’s Profile PhotoElla
Ezért jó, ha loner vagy, mint én. Nem fog írni senki, de ezzel tisztában vagy. 🤷‍♂️😂😂😂

So now it's been 7 years since I'm living alone in this world no friends no cousins no fun, alone hustling not happy but still going. Never met loyalty just in online i did some broke me again. Just me and three other which is my family is what i have in world. "How would you live this loner life?"

Like seriously? Dude?

So now it's been 7 years since I'm living alone in this world no friends no cousins no fun, alone hustling not happy but still going. Never met loyalty just in online i did some broke me again. Just me and three other which is my family is what i have in world. "How would you live this loner life?"

Well what i think is that it all depends on a person's perspective about life if you say you got only 3 members in fam So i got only 2 still they complete me & i don't feel alone at all.
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So now it's been 7 years since I'm living alone in this world no friends no cousins no fun, alone hustling not happy but still going. Never met loyalty just in online i did some broke me again. Just me and three other which is my family is what i have in world. "How would you live this loner life?"

*Akely aye ho akely jaogay*

So now it's been 7 years since I'm living alone in this world no friends no cousins no fun, alone hustling not happy but still going. Never met loyalty just in online i did some broke me again. Just me and three other which is my family is what i have in world. "How would you live this loner life?"

Yar don't think like that enjoy every moment do whatever you can do don't run after something that can't be achieved or seems impossible spread love but don't let others play with you👍☺️

— would you consider yourself an open or a reluctant kind of person? do you think you’re a hard person to get to know?

vzanswers’s Profile Photoanother ask account
I am a hesitant person because I don't trust people right away. I am a loner by nature and share my whiskey with someone when it comes. It has become today's trend to be a tough person that you don't really get to know quickly. It is especially common with popular characters. They get a lot of compliments, they have a status, so to speak, because they are also spread in some gossip. To be honest, I'm really tired of seeing something like that. That's why I stay away from such sites and just try to enjoy my life as much as I can.

Green is starting to think Vio is a better leader than he is, he's a total wreck without Blue and Red--

JustThreeDays’s Profile PhotoM̷̞͕̏́ȧ̶̬̼̈́j̴̖̇̍ö̸̬́r̶͇͑̄a̵̽͒
....Viiiio hasn't lead anything and he's kinda a loner anywa--
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*Shadow scouts ahead and finds somewhere they can rest for awhile* I'm pretty sure Hylians need food and rest to recover right, I wish I knew how to help with your injuries like you did with mine...

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
Vio slowly followed, and nodded. “Yes, but..don't worry about it, Shadow. It's not like I knew exactly what I was doing when I first helped you. Besides, I came out remarkably less scathed than I'd anticipated upon walking in, and I'd have to thank you for that. But...you know you don't have to worry for me so much.”
Vio had been a loner by choice since the Four Sword split up Link and gave him existence. Having a companion, a friend to stick by him, someone for him to really care for, was something he was able to get used to quickly. Getting used to them acting like they actually cared for him, in the form of worry, or putting themselves in harm's way for him, was something that'll still take longer to adjust to.
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*another darker Link stepped out of the shadows from behind Vio* Still a loner I see, then again it suits the two of us, going our own way

Vio looked behind him, and smirked slightly. “Suppose you could say that,” he then adverted his eyes and proceeded to mumble with a hint of disappointment, “the others are the same as usual, too...”
“But I didn't expect you visting around now. You've been gone for days.”
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Cheers on you being better 😊 btw that’s what I did completely forgetting the fact that I am a lone child so now I am a popular loner ykwim......fukkk it sucks for me tho mate...damn I feel fucking lonely ngl

We all feel super alone sometimes even if we're surrounded by people, but what you gotta put first is yourself amd your mental health.
And find people who match your energy, you font just fake but give too.
I hope everything turns out good for you ❤️
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What do you do on your days off? To avoid overthinking and leading crying myself to sleep, I work 6 days. I don't have hobbies, per say, so I am a loner loser. I agree with the solid reasons part.

I don't think being a loner means you're a loser. I mean yeah it would be nice to have people around but being on your own really does make you tough. I know I can take a lot and still bounce back quickly.
Mostly I just paint or draw, listen to music, write.
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I guess we both have that in common then. Let me tell you this tho, I was a lot happier when I was 21/22 compared to now. It's only a downhill if you continue to surround yourself with the same people. Change your everything while you can.

I don't surround myself with people. I'm a loner. Everytime I try to come out of my shell and interact with people it just gives me more solid reasons to go back to being a loner again haha.
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Hi Aishwarya, ik you must bored af. Why not you join the ask.fm group. You might know some of the members already, as everyone is from askfm. We talk, share memes, play games and lot more. . https://chat.whatsapp.com/FyEoUA98rOv2bNktU5aZTr . Don't Post

nah thanks, i don't feel like making new friends and i'm ok with being a loner

38. I'm writing the rules.

⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Deep in my heart I know I am a loner.
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I have tried to blend in with the world
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ and be sociable, but the more people
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I meet the more disappointed I am. So,
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’ve learned to enjoy myself, my family,
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ and a few good friends.
38 Im writing the rules

Can you share your feelings when you came home after a long hectic day .how do you feel when you've surround by your loved ones.either you're a person who came home .eat something and go to sleep without talking to anybody

khan244’s Profile PhotoDr.Poison
Yeah, i mean the idea of everything is always a nice thing to discus or even imagine about but i guess i am a loner since always. Like i love to see everyone when i get back to home but i never feel bothered to bother them... So i guess i feel like me and i sit with them while we dine and we talk things and then this good night moment, so yeah i see dad before i go to sleep... and yeah sometimes someone visits so we all sit together... And i sit with them as long as they all sit together...
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Actually i never was the kind of person that had alot of friends, i was always a loner and i could never fit in with people in school and i had the hardest time trying to understand..now to an extent i understand now that i've got older

michaeljarreau18’s Profile PhotoCiyote-warrior
That is definitely always hard.. Sorry that you always struggled with that.
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Okay so .... i can rank this the 1st on my top 5 seasons ...tied with FRIENDS and wallah yr eurus was scary .. but i still didnt get how was she scary like besides all the puzzles and games ... and the deductions..could she deduct? ... i think she could ... but what distinguished her from holmes

namikazexafi5084’s Profile PhotoDawlence liya tou bugs bunny
She was kinda a loner in her childhood which turned her into a Psychopath... the girl in the plane that was her voice .. she was expressing herself about how she felt her whole life ... she kill redbeard( sherlock’s best friend) just so she can get her brother’s attention ... but when her uncle ( who was in the secret service realized that she is a complete pshyco he staged her death and kept her in Sherrinford)
Her deduction abilities were the highest even more than sherlock ... so mycroft used her to deduce terrorist attacks and everything .. other than that u know about the enslavement quality of her ... so she was kinda super mad genius 😂
I love her acting 😍😍 it is just So Macho 🖤🔥
If u rank the Holme kids:
~emotional intelligence
Mycroft is the worst ( having no heart at all)
Sherlock is the most emotional one although he pretends he doesn’t care ( but the whole series shows how much he excelled emotionally and all thanks to John and his friendship 😩♥️♥️♥️)
And talking about being Genius .. no one can be compared to Eurus .. then comes Sherlock and Mycroft is just a big old Dummy 😒( although i did appreciate his last act when he is telling Sherlock to kill Watson ♥️🖤 that was the most heroic thing he ever did 😂)
I can talk about this the whole day 😂

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rq: character archetype (https://screencraft.org/2018/07/09/99-archetypes-and-stock-characters-screenwriters-can-mold/)

• ʜᴏᴛsʜᴏᴛ — this character is often skilled, but reckless, known for taking risks.
ʀᴇʙᴇʟ— the rebel takes the loner attributes to the next level as they push up against anyone and everyone, walking strictly to a beat of their own drum without caring what others think.
ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴅᴇʀ — a competitive underdog.
sʜʀᴇᴡ — a bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman.
ᴛᴏᴍʙᴏʏ— a girl usually interested in sports, activities, and displaying attributes that often fall under the umbrella of boys and men in society.
ʟᴏᴠᴀʙʟᴇ ʀᴏɢᴜᴇ — they break the law and don’t always seem to care about anyone else, but they often show enough heart in the end for audiences to like them.
rq character archetype

rq: character archetype (https://screencraft.org/2018/07/09/99-archetypes-and-stock-characters-screenwriters-can-mold/)

›› All Loving Hero — A character that loves everyone and will suffer for the sins of their loved ones.
›› Girl Next Door — An average but attractive girl with a wholesome quality to her.
›› Loyalist — They have the strong ability to support others and always remain loyal in doing so despite their own lack of abilities and feeling of self-worth.
›› Maiden — Usually the innocent and pure female that is often in need of rescue. She can be naive, sometimes overly self-confident, and can be attractive but also child-like.
›› Mother Figure — The mother figure is always the source of nurturing and comfort, offering guidance while also sometimes coming off as over-controlling and worrisome, but always acts from the heart.
›› Peacemaker — They try to force the peace between characters and situations. Usually the voice of reason between all.
›› Rebel — Despite the fact that many believe James Dean inRebel Without a Causeis the quintessential rebel (he’s actually better defined asthe loner), the truth is that the rebel takes the loner attributes to the next level as they push up against anyone and everyone, walking strictly to a beat of their own drum without caring what others think.

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Ugh! THAT'S SICK! 🤦‍♀️ Sweety, Don't pay heed to these loner meanies, it's a mindset you are up against not some tbh/thought 🤷‍♀️ Shine bright! 💗

AneeqaSikander’s Profile PhotoANEEQA SIKANDER
Hi Aneeqa. 😘
I'm just showing the harsh reality of some people. There's no difference left between educated and uneducated individuals now. Tbh, I pity on them and their family for raising their kids with zero morals and not teaching how to respect a women.
Thankyou so much tho. ❤
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