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Like = If I was You Boyfriend. If I Was your boyfriend , i would come for photoshoots with you <3 i would be really lucky to have you :* i would get so so many chocolates for you . we would go for longdrives and dinner dates are so very important <3 Pillow Fights and cuddles is a must. <3

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Aww?This is so cute hotty?

like - if I was your girlfriend I would irritate you lot,too much of lame jokes, I would plan something new on every occasion for you, cook for you , longdrives , late nit chats , spending time together, selfies , make you laugh , make you mad thn go mad cze you got mad, ill make gujju food for u 😂

Girlfriend Goals Heer!
Gujju food is Bae 💕
As a boyfriend, I would write really long paragraphs about how pretty you are after you fall asleep, so that you wake up with a smile in the morn. Tell everyone 'bout you. Literally say 'I love you' at every chance I get. Will be available whenever you wanna talk. Will help you cook and clean afterwards. Will make you text me when you get home from outside so I know you are safe. Will leave you till your doorstep if it's after dark. 😄

Likers get if I were your gf/ Haha yaar, if I were your gf what more could you want?💁😂 I would make sure we are first and foremost bestfriends. I wouldn't be clingy or possessive. And expect you to be the same. Jayenge longdrives par every weekend 😌 Will be the reason for ppl's relationship goals

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Ohho maza aa gaya 😂😂 thnx 😊

What Is Love? Please Explain It . I Want To Hear What Are Your Experiences Or Thoughts On It? Please?

Just For Your That Please ((:
See "LOVE" Love, Is A Thing Nor You Can Touch? Nor See. It's Just A Feeling Which You Can Feel. It's A Feeling Like When You Want Someone Besides You To Eat Pani Puri With You. Like Someone To Keep Tickling You In Awkward Times. Like Someone You Want To Go On Longdrives With? Like Someone You Want To Go Clubbing With, Chill With.✨ Like Someone Whom You Want To Take Care Of You Like Your Mother Cares That's "LOVE"✔️. Like Some You Want To Be With You In Your Bad Times & Just Hug N Say That Everything Will Be Allright Yeah?
Keeping All Things Besides Love Is A Strong Feeling . But It Hurts Sometimes When The Girl/Boy Doesn't Loves You Or Just a Don't Care About Your Love Or Don't Wants To Be In A Realtionship With You . Or Hide It From The World Blah Blah . It Hurts When You Want Someone So Badly That It Made You Cry ? When Rains Come And You See Couples Around & Think That If He/She Would Be With Me It Would Be So Amazing? When You Are You Not Well And You Want That One Special To Take Care Of You. That's "LOVE"❤️ When You Go On Vacations With Your Family To Different Places & You Miss That One Special & Imagine That He/She Would Be With Me? It Would Be Succha Amazing . That's Love😌.
But Make Sure . When You Love Someone Is He/She Loves You & Cares For You That Much Or Not. Love Someone Who Gets To Know About That How Fucking Rare Your Love Is.
Don't Fucking Love The Ones Who Just Don't Fucking Care That How's You Or Are You Just Fucking Alive On This World Or Not?
Think 100x Times Before Loving Someone . That? Is That Someone Deserve To Be Loved By You Or No.😌✔️

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Like - if I was your boyfriend.....we would go on longdrives ?? buy you chocolates ?? take you for shopping ?? will play with your hair ❤❤ click random pics of you ? give you surprises ?? tight hugs ? selfies 2geda? etc

That was sweet except the shopping part :/
I hope this isn't same for every girl :)
Anyway, when did I even like your answer? O_o

Like - if I was your boyfriend.....we would go on longdrives 💕💕 buy you chocolates 🍫🍫 take you for shopping 👛👛 will play with your hair ❤❤ click random pics of you 😘 give you surprises 👻👻 tight hugs 😍 selfies 2geda📷 etc

Hhahahah this be so fking cute love u😘❤❤ meet me soon❤💕💕

Ir I was ur bf- I Would Be Dating a Cute girl;;) , Would Take you for Longdrives ,Hand in hamd LongnWalk Pulling u Close More Close Holding you tight and Slightly Whispering in ur ears LOOK AT THE WORLD NOTHING IMPORTANT EXCEPT YOU♥♥

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hahaha so cute jayeshhh❤🙈

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