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What doesn't feel the same?

MalikShaheer’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Shaheer
Aye nothing feels the same without certain people. I can’t ever go back to Karachi cause my aunts aren’t there anymore.
I can’t look at any little cute baby without thinking of my baby polar bear.
I can’t call anyone “best friend” remembering the one I had and what she did.
*Mini melts* are a reminder of my childhood but they don’t feel the same without my little brother.

When you listen to a song for the first time, would you say it’s mostly the beat or the lyrics that dictate how much you enjoy it? Or do they have equal significance to you? Does it change depending on the genre of music you’re listening to? 🎧🎶

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I can evoke certain images or recreate memories by listening to songs. I'd say it depends on whether the song helps me to feel certain emotions and evoke images that I wanna see for me to be able to enjoy it. I don't really mind the lyrics the first time but I would eventually look it up even if it's in a foreign language. The beat/genre/musical technicalities, I don't really mind so much as I listen to a wide variety of music.

What makes a person unattractive instantly?

Taehunghh’s Profile PhotoLasagna
The way these people address and even look at the people inferior to them, says ALOT. Needless to say I hate everyone, who considers highly of themselves and misbehave with others, just on basis of what they own and what the other, lacks and it isn’t always about status. People don’t even consider other humans with disabilities, as a human. How fucked up is that?
Everything keeps coming back to shitty upbringing.

Sinumpa mo ba ex mo pti yung bago niya? Sana lokohin din ganon?

No. For what? Anong benefit makukuha mo? To revenge? The best revenge is to be happy. Di ka lang bibigyan ng peace of mind if you will always look at the past. It will not help you move forward. Para ka lang nastatwa sa kung nasaan ka tapos sila going forward sa buhay. Mind your own path. 👣

What's your biggest fear? When did you develop this specific fear? * - And how do you usually deal with it if and when you come in contact with it?*

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
I have two that are basically equal, in terms of fear level, and they are kinda in the same category… Bridges and tunnels. They legitimately terrify me. I hate looking at them, I hate being in, on, or around them, I just hate everything about them. 😬
As for when I developed the fear, I have absolutely no clue. Cause like, I remember hating them as a very young child, as well. I also have no idea what specifically terrifies me about them. Like, I’m not afraid of heights, I’m not afraid of them like, collapsing or anything, or at least not that I’m consciously aware of. So it’s really hard to say. The only thing I can think when it comes to tunnels is that they might be that they feel mildly claustrophobic… 🤔
Unfortunately though, I cannot avoid them. I have to drive over bridges, and when I go to the city, I’m going through tunnels and such as well. 😅
So, when I do have to come in contact with them, if I’m in the car and not driving, I just look down at my lap, or close my eyes and try to forget where I am. Or if I am driving, I just try to tell myself that it’ll be over soon, and try not to have a panic attack. 🙈😂

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Whats your biggest fear 
When did you develop this specific fear   And how do

I just got a personal question tagging you. It said your username and then “looking 4 boyfriend”. Just thought I’d let you know that before I delete it.

Thanks for letting me know, I'm aware. An anon is pissed I won't let him harass me, so he's sending my @ out, trying to make me look desperate. Despite having this amazing man in my life, so obviously I'm not looking for anything or anyone else.
I just got a personal question tagging you It said your username and then

Why don’t you moisturize?

I do occasionally but certainly no “routine.” There’s no need to. My skin is fine and why put potentially harmful ingredients on it when it’s not necessary? I’m convinced that some of these things that people do to look younger have the opposite effect.
Why dont you moisturize

Do you make gingerbread houses at Christmas?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion The Huntress
Sometimes I do, and other years I give it a miss and just make gingerbead cookies instead. It really depends how much effort I feel like putting into my baking endeavors! Gingerbread houses may look pretty but they can be a pain in the butt to esemble.
My partner and I actually tried to make one last year, emphasis on the word "tried". Needless to say, it didn't go quite to plan, so we ended up smashing it up and making cookies out of the little broken pieces instead. 😂

It's not on Spotify, it's a website that will generate what a festival would look like based on your Spotify, you just go there and sign in with your spotify, it's cute https://www.instafest.app/

Oh, okay. This is cute. Here’s my “All Time” one and I’ll post my “Last Six Months” on the original question. (I don’t think this is very accurate though. Some artists here I’ve barely listened to, while there’s some favorites missing.)
Its not on Spotify its a website that will generate what a festival would look

What are your plans for today? Happy monday!

Happy Monday to you too anon :D
Well I have already done some stuff lol. Got my shopping done this morning. Some stuff I needed didn't arrive over the weekend.
Also a local garden centre has now once again got Christmas decorations! They haven't sold any for like... 10 years! So I went and took a look... and honestly I felt like a child again! They were so beautiful!
I've just emailed my brother about Christmas! I'm basically sorting presents and what not with him lol
Then once I have had my lunch, I'm gonna overhaul my desk and give it a thorough clean :3
What are your plans for today Happy monday

Do you usually shop around Black Friday? Have you gotten any good deals this year or previous? 🛒🛍️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I heard that just before Black Friday, some retailers up their prices so it looks like you're getting a better deal when you're actually not. I've usually done most of my Christmas shopping by Black Friday, so it's never a big deal for me. I did have a look at some shoes I've been eyeing up, but they were only about 3% off, so it wasn't worth it really.

Do you plan in advance, or save things for the last minute?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I plan things in advance.i am one of those who buy eid clothes two months before eid actually happen .I am that excited !! I have to look fabulous ,dope ,Stylish and get more clothes on chand raat
Excitements are always on the peak
Clothes are pre-ironed .I am always prepared

I guess I'm ugly and that is why people ignore me

I always tell my siblings the same thing whenever they say that I'm not wearing stylish clothes or making a proper hairstyle:
جیب بھاری ہونی چاہیئے, باقی چیزوں سے کوئی فرق نہیں پڑتا۔
I know many people around me who are rich Ma Sha Allah but don't focus much on how they look or what they wear. I can tell you that nobody cares about those things if you have money. That's how society behaves.

Do "looks" matter to you?

i love when everything is beautiful in a person….
inside and outside!
and if a person is beautiful he is beautiful in any situation….
one day after my beloved mom left me….
i that day i looked terrible honestly in my opinion…. i was not dressed up as always…. i had light makeup…. my hair was not well groomed….
and i was so sad so ….so it’s even not a sad …. it’s like you not exist more
and i meet one girl she said Inna those is a chance today my daughter dreams of meeting you…
I said look at me how i look today
and she said your features Inna your features…. always with you
you like a diamond beautiful in any condition in a grief too but i wish you to be beautiful only in happiness diamonds also need a cut
but anonymous i like only well groomed people…. and for me everything is very important appearance style … style of day …. clothes…. especially care …. cleanliness and neatness….

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What's your day to day look

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I love seeing versatility in my fashion
Sometimes I wear t-shirt jeans with sneaker
Next day I do monochromatic look that's denim look head to toe like dark blue denim shirt ,dark blue jeans with white sneaker
3rd day check button down shirt with blue Jeans sneaker
Move to another I do complete black look : black button down shirt black jeans black sneaker
Other day I do fawn look : fawn colour button down shirt , beige jeans and with beige sneaker
Or complete white look.white button down shirt,white jeans and with white sneakers
So yeah I keep creating look In mind and do fashion my creative way

Make up or no makeup? I love natural beauty

part I
of answer
in next question
will be part two
okay guys….
let’s talk about
recently…. one girl told me …. I want to be beautiful like Inna….
real natural beauty without makeup….
i answer her …. you don’t need …. and couldn’t
to be like me…. because me it’s me….
you must be yourself and to be beautiful like you….
and second no…. no…. no ….
i’m not without makeup…. and i really like and do makeup….
but you know guys she was right about one thing about natural beauty…. because i’ve never even been to a cosmetologist in my life yet….but if over time i need or i wish to change something in me
and my health and financial situation allows me….
i will change….of course….
and i love care about myself…. i love makeup
and love people who care ‘expensive ‘
care about themselves…. with cosmetologist….surgery or not….
i just don’t like a few groups
of the women….and about natural beauty…. about without makeup you know anonymous i really don’t like when some women talk about their natural beauty…. or post photos supposedly without filters…. and makeup….but in fact everything is “chipped “and remade and they try to prove everyone that it’s true….
but in fact all that i’m without
makeup it’s about money they are several groups of such women
one groups of them usually is divorced, and in the middle of the years…. who got to big money or not big
and o my God everyday so many procedures….new nose… new face body hair…. plastic surgery….
new breasts a new working ass ….
( sorry for this word …. i can only write it and today i wrote it twice …. in life i even pronounce it…) sorry
but they are all presented as a phenomenon that their noses decreases over years…. grow those places on the body
that are needed
usually they are very arrogant women …. and very ugly
who somehow got to the money of someone husbands
one week without money …over
all see how “beautiful “ they are look without makeup ….! with big money and lot procedures they are weird…. what will be without money
but they are
ordinary wh***res who call other wh***res to hide their essence
some of them who have more rich and more old or have a wife man imposed on society….
they are everywhere on tv… on movie ….everywhere
and they are really spam women….
open one time news about them after everywhere will be news even you don’t want read about them
i know that before i read and swear no no more
it’s even not a trash 🗑 and i even don’t read anything about women from that group
usually they are very intrusive women…. really they stick to men
and really hard after to get rid of them
specially if you are good man with name and the money
they are
o i forget about that they are all swans…- this is insult to my favorite birds by these nasty and weird women
they are have a lot of twisted followers ….
all time compete with young and beautiful girls…. sometimes they are
alone like they saw to much good for men….

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🎄 Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, what do you do around the holidays? :)

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow.
Bake red velvet cake bars and cookies for 'santa' with my kids, take them to look at Christmas lights around the city, read them a Christmas story on Christmas Eve & give them their Christmas Eve box, celebrate with my family on Christmas Eve usually but idk if i'll be working or not this year. We have a big dinner Christmas Eve instead of Christmas bc I let my kids eat all the candy they got in their stockings on Christmas. Saves me from cooking on the holiday😂😂

🥭 What are three foods you'd like to try that you don't think you've ever tried before?

The first one that comes to mind is strawberry daifuku, I've had mochi before but never one with red bean and strawberries in the middle, they look super yummy though. Next, I would like to try burrata! I've heard you can make it yourself at home with mozarella and cream but I'm not sure I trust myself to get it right!
And I'm struggling to think of a third thing... Um, maybe lobster mac and cheese? I've eaten lobster before and of course I've had mac and cheese, but I've never had them together. I dunno, it sounds like it'd be tasty!

Just saying I don’t abuse or rape women and no other man should either and be called good.

My perception of the situation was abuse and non consensual sex. His perception and intention was not that. I try to see things from all angles. He’s put me through hell and he would say the same of me. Though we both realize that there are good people underneath because we are both the type to look deeper.
Just saying I dont abuse or rape women and no other man should either and be

Have you ever visited a castle? 🏰

Technically yes! Though it seemed more like a fortress lol
I went to Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria :)
I did archery there, saw a falconry display and generally had a nice look around!
Lil fun fact! It's also where the movie "Where Eagles Dare" was filmed :3
Have you ever visited a castle

I cannot help but get the feeling im highly disliked on this app, might it be something I've previously said or done?

creedofiron’s Profile PhotoBen
I hope you don't mind my saying , but you look a little bit like BEN ISSACCCS . . .
Why yet another account ?
If you send the twisted ones an email, they may reinstate .
Especially if you tell them who you are ?
I cannot help but get the feeling im highly disliked on this app might it be

You thought your ex had good energy too and look what happened there.

I do not recall ever expressing anything about any ex’s energy. All my ex’s actually do have good energy and are good men. I’ve been in contact with all four men that I’ve been in serious relationships with in the past year and to this day they’re all still thoughtful of me and likewise. I doubt that’s a common thing and it shows I attract a certain character or energy. Imagine thinking you know things about people in my life. 🤣
You thought your ex had good energy too and look what happened there

Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror ?

you know anonymous
sometimes I go into the bathroom…. and look at the mirror….
and sincerely can’t not understand
why …. without my beautiful mom and ‘where ‘ so much happened…. 😞
with the person who is so immaculately beautiful
beautiful …. magical should only be happy!
why happiness in another places not with me

Do you like to ride motorcycles??

Uh, honestly probs not hey. Like some look cool and I imagine it feels cool to ride one but they also death traps and loud and obnoxious and we have bikie gangshere in aus and just yeah. I don't care 5
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Why is everyone almost always convinced they're right

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I don't think it's fair to say that about everyone.
I think there is certainly such kind of people, that you are talking about. And I also believe they are called: Narcissists. XD But I don't think that everyone naturally believes they are (always) in the right.
And the reason why narcissists believe they are always right is that it's easier to run away from your responsibilities and point your finger at someone else than to look in the mirror and tell yourself that your actions or words actually hurt someone seriously. That way you don't have to reflect on yourself and your self-worth gets a boost by putting the guilt in another place.

I wish Ask would let us (mainly me) be able to select all the people I follow at the same time when sending questions, instead of one at a time, sure it’s lazy but would rather work smart than hard. What do you wish you could do on Ask?

askfm used to do this, but i wish we could change the color of the app again. years ago, they had like 15 color options that you could choose from and it made the app look personalized and pretty. idk why they ever got rid of that function.

I saw a homeless dude today who had a nicer hair than mine. Water only touches that man’s hair when it rains meanwhile I use hair products that are $100. Life is so unfair isnt it😭😭

Good for him. Being homeless doesn’t mean he has to look like shit and not take care of himself. Reread this and then check your entitlement cause this attitude is ugly 🥴

What does getting out of your comfort zone look like for you ?

missygls’s Profile Photo_oxgls
Well , I do look . . . .
~ like, getting old Samson out and telling, "no, not walkies, just peeeee "
(photo reserved)
or the meninblack going acoustic
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lg5Sp0SCHMigotamatch’s Video 171831931258 0lg5Sp0SCHMigotamatch’s Video 171831931258 0lg5Sp0SCHM

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