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اكتب بيت شعر تحبه أو اقتباس جميل 🌹❣️.

by Erin Hanson
You are not your age, nor the size of clothes you wear,
You are not a weight, or the color of your hair.
You are not your name, or the dimples in your cheeks.
You are all the books you read, and all the words you speak.
You are your croaky morning voice, and the smiles you try to hide.
You’re the sweetness in your laughter, and every tear you’ve cried.
You’re the songs you sing so loudly when you know you’re all alone.
You’re the places that you’ve been to, and the one that you call home.
You’re the things that you believe in, and the people whom you love.
You’re the photos in your bedroom, and the future you dream of.
You’re made of so much beauty, but it seems that you forgot
When you decided that you were defined by all the things you’re not.

*she was unaware till she trigger one switch snapped loudly on one of her little legs she forcibly covers her mouth in muffle her screams of pain she tries to force the trap open but can't she forces herself up dragging herself and the trap through the snow leaving a trail of green blood *

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*There's shrapnel from the trap embedded in her leg, causing chunks of flesh to fall off as Neo tries to move*
*She hears a dark chuckle, the malicious glee of a predator with trapped prey*
You know, even muffled, there's not a monster in the area that didn't hear you

Reflection Of The Day!

I borrowed this quote from Anastasia.
“Look for the faithful and honest. Who will not hide anger and tears behind hypocrisy and a smirk. They say what they think. Let it be sometimes unpleasant, sometimes the path is straight to the heart. But honestly. Not from evil, but from love. Who rejoice sincerely, laugh loudly and freely, melodiously and contagiously. Who do not hide and are not ashamed of their fun.
Look for those whom you can love forever. Look for those who stand and wait for your love. With which you merge two lakes and get the sea. Look for those who have a lot of life. Look for sonorous and juicy, with chuckles and wrinkles. Look for parks and stages, sad and funny, small and big. They are little children, they go through life with faith in goodness, but they see everything, of course, both black and white, but they live for the sake of yellow, red, blue ... Look for them. You just need to raise your head, because they are like stars, until you raise your head, you will not see."
💫 Ernesto Bonivour💫

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Reflection Of The Day

2. Que canción te recuerda a tu infancia?

emiliousuriaga’s Profile PhotoEmilio Usuriaga
ˢᵘᵐᵐᵉʳ ᶤᶰ ¹⁹⁹⁸.
ᵂʰᵉᶰ ᵐʸ ᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗʳʸ ʷᵒᶰ ᵗʰᵉ ʷᵒʳˡᵈ ᶜᵘᵖ.
ᵀʰᵃᵗ ˢᵒᶰᵍ ʷᵃˢ ᵖˡᵃʸᶤᶰᵍ ˡᵒᵘᵈˡʸ, ᵃᶰᵈ ʷᵉ ʷᵉʳᵉ ᵒᵘᵗˢᶤᵈᵉ, ᶜᵉˡᵉᵇʳᵃᵗᶤᶰᵍ ᵗʰᵉ ᵛᶤᶜᵗᵒʳʸ.
ᵀʰᵃᵗ ˢᵒᶰᵍ ʰᵃˢ ᵐᵃʳᵏᵉᵈ ᵐʸ ᶜʰᶤˡᵈʰᵒᵒᵈ.
https://youtu.be/FHhZPp08s74Theshadowbehind’s Video 170583196921 FHhZPp08s74Theshadowbehind’s Video 170583196921 FHhZPp08s74

What do you judge people by ? Iike chewing loudly or bad grammar etc

TheRealPeach13962’s Profile PhotoTheRealPeach
I'm not one to really judge people, I'm accepting of most stuff or let things slide.
If I had to say something though I guess, usually poor hygiene a bit. I don't judge judge them, but like if im at a job or out somewhere and someone there smells like they didn't wahs their uniform in weeks, and hasn't washed their hair etc, i can feel a bit off about it haha. Mostly because it's unpleasant to smell them haha more than it is a bad thing.
If someone's come from the gym, or had a tough day or been ill etc then it's understandable. But some people just barely ever wash and makes them look less professional in my opinion.

*She brings up her arms to protect her throat, so he just slices her arms open deeply, she swears loudly as the ground beneath the man turns to ice and she shoves him with one bleeding arm causing him to fall flat on his face on the now frozen ground*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀⚠️⠀ᴛ̛ʜ̕ᴇ̵ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏ͠ɢ ́ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴ̢ᴏ͜.̨⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀❝Nova-chaaaaan—! !❞ He used a singsong voice for her name in the midst of that abrupt fight without warning, until he was interrupted by the fall to the now ice floor.
Made a face of discomfort, accompanied by an almost inaudible groan. The katana slipped from his hand once lost the balance.

What was the cleverest thing you said to someone walking away?

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
Once my friend was going after fighting with me.Then I said loudly "Theak hai Chala ja,ab main akela hi ja k Zinger khaoun ga".Suddenly he stopped and came back and said "Kya ho gya Bhai? Naraz kyun hota hai? I am sorry".😂😂😂😂

"Keep telling yourself that." *She rolls her eyes in a teasing tone* (and yes I want evil to hit someone besides Geno and Reaper for once)

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
// They're suffering 24/7 omg let them be happyyyyy //
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀⠀ˊ⠀✦⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ.⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀⠀❝Heeey... d'ya think I don't know that cute look ya gave me recently—?❞
In a stealthy moment, a bunch of men in suits and indeed, the characteristic pin of the enemy clan on their clothes, appeared all armed with firearms immediately surrounding them. This immediately alarmed Majima and distracted him from looking at the rest, while he had realized later that behind Nova she had been grabbed by two more men, one of them using an electroshock weapon with the intention of immobilizing her.
That completely desperate one-eyed man tried to reach her and get rid of those guys, but before could do it, several of them were aiming at her and him leaving the man with no alternative.
He growled loudly, gritting his teeth and giving that real mad dog look.

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Does anyone struggle with high expectations?

So I've recently come to realize that I have way way high expectations of not just myself, but others. Especially my bf. And when others don't meet those expectations, I get very upset and sad. I didn't realize how big of a problem it was until recently; sometimes an unmet expectation can even color my entire day. And being a perfectionist seems to be a deadly combination. Do any of you have this issue as well? I've heard that it's something INFJs struggle with a lot. If so, how do you cope or how have you learned to lessen your expectations? I definitely had this problem with everyone I thought was important in my life. It obviously led to a lot of pain. I am not sure EXACTLY how I got over the hurt, but I think being hurt over and over teaches you to learn not to have expectations at all. What I have learned is that having expectations from others is not a bad thing. In fact, I think I only have expectations from people I genuinely care about. But that also told me that it's something in my head that I can control..like, it's not something that other people can make me feel. Nobody can dictate what to expect from others, that's all me. Once I had this realization, it was merely a case of reducing the hurt that I will face later on. I have come to realise this about myself too. I now have tried to have very low or no expectations which leads me to be apathetic about lots of things. I have tried to explain my "expectations" or preheld ideas about things to my INTJ boyfriend to try and work out a happy medium. Nobody can be upset if we didn't celebrate our anniversary with dinner if that expectation wasn't discussed previously. Right now the sore point for me is my quarter life crisis. Apart from a loving relationship pretty much everything else has gone to shit. I am trying to voice self love and loudly tell myself that it's okay that at 25 life isn't as perfect as I originally planned but the voice that shouts "you're a hideous failure" is often louder. Yes. I have them for myself and others. I am learning to not have such high expectations, and to do that I have to stay aware in real-time of my thoughts. This goes for emotions as well. I am a reactive type of person. I have to be aware of my triggers, and be careful not to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or in the wrong way. That's a challenge for me. Growing up, I felt like I was always held to very high expectations. And I had always struggled to meet them. In my last relationship, I learned a lot about how those expectations I was held to carried over in how I dealt with things. I would get really upset over little things because of the expectations I had created in my head and partly because of perfectionism. Since then, I try to only hold myself to expectations and don't expect much from others. If they do something then great, if they don't then that's on them and not me. This doesn't always happen, but it's becoming more common in how I deal with high expectations.

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😇 What do you do to free yourself from bad thoughts?

I shout something out (or talk to myself loudly) when really dark intrusive thoughts interfere with my thinking. It works for me, but then I’m not in a workplace environment so others don’t often get to hear me! If I’m socialising and they do, and ask what I just said, I say “oh, nothing” and leave it.

«اللَّهُمَّ إنِّي أصْبَحْتُ أُشْهِدُكَ ، وَأُشْهِدُ حَمَلَةَ عَرْشِكَ ، وَمَلَائِكَتَكَ ، وَجَمِيعَ خَلْقِكَ ، أنَّكَ أنْتَ اللهُ لَا إلَهَ إلَّا أنْتَ وَحْدَكَ لَا شَرِيكَ لَكَ ، وَأنَّ مُحَمَّدًا عَبْدُكَ وَرَسُولُكَ» - ٤ مرَّات.🌼

moom62876’s Profile PhotoMØõ Âz
me: *embarrasses self in public*
me: *loudly* i sure hope no one MURDERS me tonight in my sleep WHERE I LIVE at 125 west (that’s W-E-S-T) roa…

When did you wake up this morning?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Actually slept last night but still woke up about 4AM.
The tender nudges and purring of my cat, eager for his morning snuggles. The sound of diesel engines starting as my neighbors warm their trucks up to head to the frac well. The light breathing of my beautiful, sleeping wife. A mild back ache. The rugged brrrrraaaaaapppfffsss of my surprisingly vibrant morning fart, and the smell of broccoli and graveyard dirt wafting from the depths of my comforter, as though a diseased and angered mallard had snuck into bed over night.
Woke up in the crabbiest mood because school wasn't canceled. First world problem. I then made the seemingly safe walk to school, and slipped in ice right in front of everyone walking up. Tried playing it off and slipped again. 3/10 morning with rice.
My SO and I are long distance so we try to facetime as often as we can. So much that we fall asleep together. This morning I woke up to her saying my name loudly to wake me up because my TV was on too loud and bothering her. It's not much, but I love that we are able to have semi-normal interactions like that.
I like that it's 24 hours so I don't risk waking up to an infomercial any time of the night. There is literally a late-night infomercial titled, Got A Turkey Neck? It's on all the time, at least where I live, on every channel. I'm 30. I don't want to accidentally wake up to that. I don't need that kind of terror in my life.
I ended up waking up and opened the blinds to find a light snow cover on the car in the driveway, a smell of stale cigs and looking at the alarm clock to see I finally got some rest.
The feeling of being loved enough for my fiancee to be out running the snowblower so I'd be able to easily get out of the driveway. We BOTH work.
The sound of my sink running. Our pipes were frozen last night so i cranked up the heat and left the faucet in the bathroom off my bedroom on. Didn't think I'd get to shower today.
My SO. She's beautiful, and last night was the first night she stayed over at my place and got to wake up to her face. She had to leave to go to Seattle for the weekend, and I miss her.
Thing that woke me first time: boyfriends alarm (he had an early meeting, I didn't have to be up that early so I went back to sleep for another half hour). Thing that woke me for the day: boyfriend putting our dog in bed with me to wake me with puppy snuggles right before he left so I didn't have to get up to my alarm.
My husband getting home from work and the dog excitedly running out of the bedroom to meet him.
Between 7 and 9 usually. I just naturally wake up in that timeframe. Also, I have designed my life so that I don't have to wake up very early in the morning (i.e. by an alarm clock), since doing so makes me actually hate my life a little bit.

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Does it hurt? When you're crying loudly but no one comes to you while everyone knows that you're crying??

You have to accept that some people are not made for deep conversations, or for holding you together when you’re about to fall apart, or for keeping you from unzipping your skin, or for talking you out of suicide, or to love you through the worst moments of your life. Some people are made for shallow exchanges, and nothing more. And that’s okay. That doesn’t make them horrible people because they simply aren’t able to handle a storm like you. It doesn’t make you a bad person because you won’t divulge all the gritty details of your horror show. It makes you smart. You have to accept that there will be people that cannot give you what you need.

Who you secretly admire ?

I admire my self.🥰✨🌙
Whenever I get to see a mirror, I make sure I smile at myself and call myself beautiful. ( not loudly ☺)
I love the curve over my face. They help me forget everything. I will get mesmerized on seeing it.
I love my dark brown eyes. They speak lot more than I do.
I love my body. Even though it is not perfect It is mine.💫♥️🙈I love every single aspect of my body, soul and mind. After all, It is me.
Love your self 🌈💫🍁

*The Hammer that slams down just barely misses her, well most of her, it did crush her tail* "That was a warning"

AngryBlueLink’s Profile PhotoBlue
*she squeaks loudly *WATCH IT!!You could of serious hurt someone with that! *glares back at him trying to free her poor tail*
Liked by: Red Shadow Vio Blue

ايهً اول حاجه هتعملوها ف الواقع الافتراضي 👏🏻🤣

TokaOuda’s Profile PhotoToka Ouda
هعمل كل حاجة اتمنعت اني اعملها وانا في واقعي الحقيقي ، لو انا في الشارع هجري ، لو علي السلالم هتزحلق ، هلعب بالاسكوتر ، وهskate ،swim, sing, jump، هسافر برة مصر ، هشتري قطط كتير ، و shout loudly من الشباك ،و dye my hair ، وهشتري قطط تاني ، بس كدا ☺☺

What is something you like to do when you are home alone?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
I turn my music up loud and sing loudly while dancing like a crazy b!tch.
Or I just see myself in mirror as in how I look while crying or laughing. Sometimes, I talk to myself. And in both situations I enjoyy being home alone and often prefer it.

You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do? 🥴 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
My behavior was dangerous, but it turned out well:
I turned on the light in the bedroom, called: "Hello". I went into the hall very loudly. I turned on the lights everywhere. I went down the stairs very loudly as well, knocked on the room door in the ground floor, shouted "Hello" and only then unlocked the door. It was all quiet and so I closed the door again. The next day the police discovered, there had been housebreaker in the house, who had fled it again.
Mein Verhalten war gefährlich, ging jedoch gut aus:
Ich machte im Schlafzimmer Licht, rief laut: "Hallo", dann ging ich sehr laut auf den Flur, überall machte ich Licht an. Danach ging ich die Treppe sehr laut runter, klopfte an die Zimmertür im Erdgeschoss, rief laut "Hallo" und schloss dann erst die Tür auf. Es war alles ruhig und so schloss ich die Tür wieder zu. Am nächsten Tag stellte die Polizei fest, dass Einbrecher im Haus gewesen waren, welche fluchtartig das Haus wieder verlassen hatten. Glück gehabt!

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Have you ever ditched school? If so tell the story.

Yeah I was in math class and there was a girl who would always stare at me, and I had enough and my friend texted me saying he was about to smoke so I left and the TA tried to stop me and I said very loudly, I’m leaving and if I go back in there I’m going to beat her fucking ass bitch doesn’t need to be staring the whole class. I left. And she never stared at me again. 😂😂😂😂

╱⠀⠀VIENNA⠀⠀+⠀⠀TOKYO⠀⠀⊰ https://ask.fm/darkenedself/answers/169573939457

darkenedself’s Profile Photo— VIENNA.
»» ━━━━━ tokyo & vienna ║ chapter one ━━━━━ ««
⠀⠀During her long and chaotic life, Silene Oliveira had made many mistakes, but definitely, having her precious daughter - Emaline - had been her greatest success. TOKYO AND VIENNA. Mother and daughter. Side by side. Together, even in their dangerous occupation, if that could even be considered such a thing. ━━ Before their next heist, Silene wanted to make sure her daughter had a fantastic night... after all, once the mission started everything would be equal to CHAOS.
⠀ ❝Really? You already know the answer, my dear. I was born ready❞⠀ Tokyo quickly answered Vienna's first question, funny smile curving her lips as she laughed. Her eyes were yelling excitement. She just couldn't wait any single minute more. ━━ The older Oliveira turned around on her heels, showing better her outfit after hearing the other's compliment.⠀ ❝You like it, huh?❞⠀ this time, it was Tokyo the one using a teasing tone of voice.
⠀⠀Her big deep eyes completely scanned her daughter, trying to help her with the hairstyle decision that she had to make.⠀ ❝you look great either way... but if I must choose, I say hair down❞⠀ a mischievous smirk crossed Tokyo's lips⠀ ❝that makes you look wilder and sexier❞⠀ emphasizing the last two words, the mother laughed loudly⠀

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VIENNATOKYO httpsaskfmdarkenedselfanswers169573939457

It's hurt ,I really need to say loudly it's hurt Cuz I'm stupid,depressed I'm living for nothing No achievement no dream and no happiness I feel nothing

Just believe in ur self and fuck off for any thing else
Try some thing u didnt try it yet
And remember the change start from ur heart and ur mind
The road when they build it to walk not to cry and set
Move on

Have you ever seen somebody making a big deal out of a small thing in public? / Heb je ooit iemand veel problemen zien maken over iets kleins in het openbaar?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Yes! There was one time while I was riding the bus and there was this lady who played some kind of foreign music REALLY loudly from her phone. Someone came up to her and asked to turn it off and she got absolutely furious! 😅😂
Have you ever seen somebody making a big deal out of a small thing in public

Hey Hierarchy :O Do you know anyone named Dirae?

Berith: Dirae?................................................
Astaroth: Why does that name ring a bell all of the sudden.
Azazel: -Sweats-.......
Ba'al: Ohh? -Tilts head-
Melech: Dirae?
Gadreel: -Tiredly stares-
Lailah: I don't think so...
Verrine: Hmmmmm
Asmodeus: -Frowns and sighs-
Lilith: No, not really.
Mikhail: HELLO EVERYONE. IM FEELING SO MUCH BETTER NOW! -Interrupts their thoughts-
Azazel: Mikhail!?
Ba'al: Mikhail!!!!!!!! Q^Q
Leviat: -Stares- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Berith: O.O
Astaroth: Well someone looks extra energetic!
Ba'al: ^^; well not all of us but we got our friends!
Mikhail: THAT WORKS AS WELL! ^______________^
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"Life is short. Break your ego, forgive quickly, live truly, laugh loudly, have faith in self, never avoid anything which makes you smile." Good morning everyone ?✌?️✨☀️️?.... have a great day ahead..????????????????

RashidahOfficial’s Profile PhotoShi Elysian
Just do what you wanna do. Live your life. And jangan menyesal. Plus, fuckoff kan semua orang yang nak berdengki je?? hehehe good evening everyone. Have a nice day ?

Space. To share whatever you want.

To the men who are trying to teach me to fear my best friend,
Hi, I'm the girl you love to hate. I exemplify the West - middle-classed, white, educated, and above all else - unapologetically female. Until just a few months ago, I had very little idea as to who you were, or what you wanted. All I knew was that heinous crimes were being committed, and in the name of Islam.
Since March, when you first murdered twenty one tourists in Tunisia, you have been a blight. You terrorise and murder and rape and do so to make a point. You would have me, meek, cowering, afraid, jumping at Muslim-shaped shadows.
But you missed something.
You are one voice.
Yes, you shout incredibly loudly. Yes, I have been terrified for my loved ones lives when you have been attacking their cities. Yes, I feel sick when I discover that you have sent four girls their brother's head in a box. You are the creatures of nightmares.
But you are one voice.
Every time that you show your tyranny, one of those who actually IS Islamic stands up to prove you wrong. They do so by helping, by healing. Every time you drag the name of Allah through the mud, a Muslim reaches out to those who desperately need them.
You have tried to take a religion that is rooted in peace and compassion and you have tried to soak it in blood.
You are not men of Allah. You are men of terror and that has no religion.
To the men who would have me hate my best friend,
I will protect her at every turn. I will protect the religion that she loves at every single turn.
The white girl with a Muslim best friend.

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