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Hari ini aku ngerasa bener-bener cape dan berulang kali ingin nyerah, harusnya aku ga kenal orang-orang itu. Orang-orang yg ngebuat aku susah percaya sama orang baru. Sekarang aku susah buat bedain mana yg bener-bener serius untuk hubungan, mana yg cuma penasaran.

You wouldn’t have to asking your worth / value. You wouldn’t have to be too hard to understand by them.
But sometimes, it’s better to live without a romantic love to grow and heartbreak would be a great start as pelampiasan. My mama told me to set and achieve our goals instead of thinking about love-life while we’re young.

Any adulting tips? Not about lovelife please lason yan.

Eto essential adulting tips hehe
- Get atleast two government IDs as this is essential and needed when applying for jobs, bank accounts, housing etc. (You'll need it sa future)
- open a savings account in a bank that suits you, need mo siya kasi dyan mo ilalagay lahat ng money mo lalo na when you're working.
- to manage your money, follow the 50%-30%-20% rule if you're working na. 50 for needs, 30 for wants, 20 for savings or pay debt.
-kung di pa nakakaluwag, only buy what you can earn. As much as possible wag mag credit card, as you want less debt as possible.
-finally, don't compete with others, compete with yourself. Focus ka lang sa growth mo.
Btw, im just a student ah, baka magtanong ka about work after eh hahahaha hope this helps 😊

Open ka ba sa magulang mo sa usaping lovelife?

heyoabby’s Profile Photo~Potchiee
Hindi, last relationship ko, against sila. Hirap magtago at ang hirap na mag open up sa kanila kasi noong nagtangka akong magkwento, ayaw na nila pag-usapan. Lumalayo na loob nila sakin kasi ang hirap ko na raw intindihin. :( Sira na rin kasi tiwala nila sakin kaya di ko rin sila masisisi.

Would you rather be in love or be rich?

Be rich muna kasi puro lovelife ka, mabibili mo ba lahat ng kailangan mo? Hindi naman diba saka kung magiging mayaman man ako makakatulong pa ako sa mga taong kapos o naghihirap.
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You are loved and the world would not be better without you. There is only one of you and you cant be replaced 💚❤💛

"For Without Love..." by Alex
Genuine love
Forgiving love
Reciprocal love
Demonstrable love
Intense Love
Honest love
Sincere love
Tender love
Meaningful love
Fruitful love
Empathetic love
Faithful love
Soulmate love
Twin flame love
Eternal love
Unconditional love
Love with all of your heart.
Love with all of your soul.
Love with all of your mind.
For without love...
Life is not worth living.

Tita what are the chances na magkabalikan ang ex kapag yung reason ng break up ay legit reason and maganda like gusto muna iprioritize yung career and family and di pa kaya ang lovelife?

Let's look at the statistics of reconciliations. Sorry but they don't exist. It's better to treat breakups as final and go through life trying to move on. Otherwise you'll never learn and be one a better person when you're hanging on to the past and to the person you were that didn't work for that relationship.

what do you think of parents that guilt trip their children when moving out even they are now already over 30 or 40, and parents who meddle with the lovelife of kids kahit lagpas na sa kalendaryo edad

What you allow will continue. 30 and 40 years old and you still allow people to treat you like a child? Then that treatment will continue. Parents will always view you as a baby, and unless you remind them some will feel they have the right to say anything to you. It's time to either tell them it's not acceptable and you won't allow it, or accept it as a part of your life. And if you did move out, you have so much control over the communication you have with your parents. Limit it if they can't talk to you like you're an adult. This is all up to you. Stop being the child they think you are.
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All this talk about love and people sharing their extraordinarily good lovelife stories sometimes make me creep out big times, esp the ones who share personal texts. So from that I concluded that either I'm just a jealous person or I'm miserable all in all. And I should stay away/leave any sort of social platforms.Do bless me with your thoughts on that to make decision making easy for me.:))

have you ever missed someone even when they're right beside you? when was the last time you felt that?

xenagabrielledizon13’s Profile Photoxeannie
Uhm, everytime we're together. Not because I cannot feel that he's with me. Pero alam mo 'yong kung maaari lagi mo siyang kasama at kausap? Gano'n. Lalo na in our case that we only meet on events and gigs, we cannot hangout that much because of conflict on schedule. Then we don't know which gig pa ang pupuntahan o kung kailan ba ang susunod na pagkikita. So yea, I am missing him kahit magkasama kami. Then the hugs are tighter every good bye. Nalulungkot nga ako kasi we are planning to meet on a gig kaso 'di natuloy dahil sa lockdown at sa virus. (Awit sa 'yo Miss Rona, nauudlot lovelife ko. Umalis ka na sa PH, 'di ka priority ng gobyerno rito.) Then ayon. Ngayon, I don't know when we will meet again. Hays. I'm badly missing him for his hugs are my soul's powerbank. 🙄🙄🙄
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Kenapa sih orang orang suka banget umbar masalah ke sosmed? Terutama masalah lovelife mereka dan parahnya soal rumah tangga pula, HERAN!

:( lol its kinda funny but sad tho
mungkin caper, mungkin gapunya tempat buat cerita, mungkin merasa gapunya pilihan lain selain "diem ditempatnya" and just complaining, or just don't know what to do 🤷

Algunas vez te has masturbado?

Daniel15j’s Profile PhotoDaniel Nuñez
Si, y lo hago de vez en cuando.. Es algo natural gente, un tanto tabú en la sociedad pero mientras no se vuelvan adictos a su práctica ni al nopor, todo bien.. No es para tanto..
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Algunas vez te has masturbado

Jaja jedes Single Mädchen kommt mit der ,, dont need nobody“ ,,nobody deserves me“-Schiene wenn sie keinen abbekommen

des is absolut nicht des was hinter der aussage steckt weil ich tatsächlich sehr viele boys abbekomm, aber diese typen meistens nicht meinen vorstellungen entsprechen so dont tell me what u think u MIGHT know about my lovelife du dummkopf und übrigens is daisy meine katze
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+8 answers in: “Hows your lovelife going?”

So far, maayos at okay naman ang takbo ng oras sa araw ko. Hindi naman ako stress sa trabaho, wala masyadong ginagawa kaya hindi productive pero okay lang. Yung lovelife ko hahahaha hinihintay pa ko nun. Baka nilalamok nayun pero siguro nag sindi muna siya ng katol pansamantala.

KiBomo’s Profile PhotoMonkey D. Luffy
Hahahaha. Panalo 'yong katol! 'Yong scented sana para di siya masuffocate, matagal-tagal ka pa ata darating e. HAHAHA
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Hi naman sa mga kapwa kong wala naman talagang pinagdadaanan sa love pero kung maka asta kala mo madami nang experience HAHAHAHA hi sainyoooo pakasaya nalang tayo sa lovelife ng iba😂

Hahahahahaha, shaklap ng buhay mo dude. 😂✌️
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Hiiii Juls? Gising ka na ba? Nagising kasi ako, late na din ako naka tulog HAHAHAHAHA. Gooooooodmorning. Have a nice day ahead and I love youuuuuu. Ang swerteeeee ko dahil May kaibigan akong katulad mo hehe! Wait mo lang love lifeee mo, promise natraffic lang ata siya Mamsh! Dito lang me lagi 💜-Max

Hala ate bat ka ganito 😭😭 2 years ago pa ako naka tanggap ng ganito 😭 Good morning ate!! ANG GANDA MO NA NGA BAIT MO PA SOBRAAAA. AKO SWERTE EH 😭 Have a nice days also Ate Max!!!! MAMSH DI KO NEED LOVELIFE I NEED FRIENDS 😭💖

Name something over the course of your life that you failed at and tell us what you learned from the experience.

I wanted to share this thing para hindi lovelife lagi ang topic. When I failed one of my major subject back in college. Hindi ako pala-aral, puro stock knowledge lang ako. Hindi ako 'yong tipo ng estudyante na maggugugol ng panahon para mag-aral, tulog is lyfe besh! Pero sa lahat ng subject ko, isa lang ang pinag-aaralan ko kung saan pa ako nakareceive ng napakasakit na cinco. Puro pre-req ang major subject namin, meaning hindi mo makukuha 'yong isang subject kapag hindi mo nakuha 'yong isa. Nung nakatanggap ako ng cinco, nanlumo ako. Final na 'yong grade, sosobra na ako ng isang sem. Devastated ako no'n kasi sa buong buhay ko sa petiks ba pag-aaral, ngayon pa ako nadali. Mej mataas din expectations ng fam kaya naman shookt na ako. Ilang araw din akong di nakakatulog kakaisip kung anong gagawin at paano sa sasabihin. Alam mo ba, do'n ko napatunayan na alam ng mama mo ang pinagdadaanan mo kahit hindi sabihin. No'ng aaminin ko na sinabi ko palang 'yong word na "Mama" sumagot na siya ng, "May bagsak ka 'no?" Do'n na kami naiyak. Do'n ko din natutunan ba ang defense mo ay ang fam mo. Matatanggap nila kahit ano ka, kahit may mga sinasabi pa sila sayo. Tatanggapin nila 'yon. I though I will receive criticims and hate but they become my support system. Nag-round two kami ng subject after a year kasi nga first sem lang siya inooffer. Kung sswertehin ka pa, siya lang ang prof na nagtuturo ng subject na 'yon. Sabi ng kuya ko, wag daw takbuhan ang problema, harapin ito at sa puntong 'yon kailangan kong patunayan na di ko deserve 'yong grade na nakuha ko noon. To make the long story short, na-survive ko siya with flying colors. Nakabisado ko na kasi ang way of teaching niya at same lang ang mga lessons and all. Para kang naglaro ng game na ulitin mo lang at gamay mo na ang mga bonus part. Isang example 'yon na ang mga pangit na pangyayari sa buhay natin ay pwede nating gamitin para magbunga ng magandang bagay. 😉

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Why do I feel like no one's going to love me like I do? It feels like hindi ako woth it mahalin. Lagi nalang akong iniiwan, sinasaktan, niloloko. Bakit parang feel ko, kahit sino na mamahalin ko, lolokohin lang ako? Hindi ba dapat siniseryoso ang tulad ko? Napakasakit. Parang wala akong kwenta.

These are the exact words I told myself before, when I was grieving from my past lovelife experiences. I can't find my worth till I learned that I'm looking for it in the wrong people. First, please do know that you don't have to feel complete and worthy just by being in a relationship with someone. Di mo kailangan hanapin yun sa iba. Di kailangan magmula sa mga lalaking yan yung pag dedefine mo sa sarili mo. Magsisimula yun sayo. If you begin to find your worth in yourself you won't just settle for anything less. Believe me and take it from me.
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To be honest, idol kita. You seems very kind-hearted lalo na kapag nagbibigay kana ng mga advices sa mga tao dito. Sana mabigyan mo din ako ng advice soon. Nice to know you, Dj Love!! Keep up the good work.

sasutorechan’s Profile PhotoHans
Hiiiii thank you ate gurl huhu. Mag share ka lang kahit ano kahit masaya ka sa lovelife share mo nadin para mainspire kami hihi. Thank you ulit. More werpa sayong puso ❤❤❤
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Likers get love/heartbroken advice: Whatever it is that you're feeling, I hope you always remember that one of the good reasons to look back is to appreciate how far you’ve gone so keep going. Goodluck saiyong lovelife Prennie ❤

djloveadviser’s Profile PhotoDj Love
My heart's still reserved pa for someone who deserve it. ? Thank you po, Dj Love. I will keep this in mind ??

mahiya ka naman kase puro ka pizza starbucks! magkasakit ka sana! haha pops wala ka kasing lovelife kaya yung akin dinadamay mo! haha kawawa kong sis walang matinong boyfriend wala pang new phone haha!

pag ttripan ko room mo pag alis mo tomorrow..iniinis moko! di ko kailangan ng boyfriend!! pakyu ka! humanda ka tomorrow wala akong pake kung isumbong mo ko kay mama di nmn ako papagalitan non! bahala ka diyan!

bakit di ko kayang umamin sa crush ko tangina 4 years ko na siyang crush di na umuunlad lovelife ko jk

Take risk. Amin na po baka last niyo ng magkita. Kaw din nasa huli pagsisisi.
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bakit di ko kayang umamin sa crush ko tangina 4 years ko na siyang crush di na umuunlad lovelife ko jk

true, ako rin pero umamin ako thru giving him a gift
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haha dun nako nagalit kasi hindi naman na mmeasure sa itsura kung mahal mo talaga CHARR haha dun na rin na annoy and nag give up kasi nasaktan na nga akong iniwan nila ako becoz depressed ako , masasakit words mga sinabi nila sa lovelife ko hahaha anyway thank youu kaya ko to nakakasad lang kasi

Oo kaya mu yan. Ang swerte mu nga kasi maaga mong nalaman na iba ugali nila. Wag mu nalang sila isipin lagi para di ka nasasaktan diba? Aral ka nalang ng mabuti. Dun ka magfocus okay?

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