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Would you rather have every dream you have each night come true the moment you wake up or have the dreams of randomly chosen strangers come true the moment they woke up?

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My initial answer would have been "let someone else deal with it". Is that selfish? Perhaps. But can you blame me? I don't want the hassle of waking every morning to find three-headed cows, giant spiders, my ex, and every other weird thing I dream about in my bedroom. I'd much rather someone else deal with the burden.
But then I remember that somewhere, out there, there is likely a madman who dreams every night about taking over the world and killing everyone and if a person like that awoke to find their dreams had come true then, well, we would all be screwed. So perhaps it's better for all of us if I do the selfless thing. At least I know what to expect when it comes to my own dreams.

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They pop-up episodes not publicly available for the most part https://lostmediawiki.com/Ben_10_Pop-Up_Trivia_Episodes_(partially_found_alternate_TV_episodes;_2008) Madman Entertainment distributed them and the best bet to get the pop-ups would be from them

I asked for the pop up facts a couple time but never was able to get them

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+7 answers in: “People asked you about Ben 10K's "daughter" from Ken 10. The truth is, MOA - the OS creators - never said that girl was his kid. Dwayne allegedly said something but nobody knows for sure because the link is broken. The wiki claims OS Ben 10K had a daughter and fans just blindly believe it.”

"نفسي اكون بطلة شكسبير؛ نفسي اكون ملكة الجن الي إتسحرت بالفلاح الفقير في حلم ليلة منتصف الصيف" من فلم الأصليين✨.... هم قريتوا رواية او قصة و تمنيتوا تكونون جزء منها؟ وشنو السبب🥀

Aaslkefah’s Profile Photoعَہُسَہلہ ❥
ب طبعي مدمن أفلام و أحب قراءة الروايات " البسيطة " ...
القاريء و المشاهد يتحفزون ل محاولة التغيير سواء ب القراءة أو المشاهدة و دام أميل ل الأفلام أكثر ف لا ضير أن أكون ب أي فلم شاهدته ك " مُغَيّر " و مو شرط التغيير إيجابي تام ولا سلبي قاتم لكن تغيير وسط و يجعل الأحداث أكثر تشويق ...
The professor and the madman .
Murder on the orient Express .
Tenet .

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Buonasera stasera mi va di dire una frase a mio parere molto bella riconosci il rapper ?? Mettere insieme i frantumi rimasti, e schiacciare i fantasmi??

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Mettere insieme i frantumi rimasti e schiacciare i fantasmi
La vita è un libro, io sto con te per un altro capitolo
Per quanto possa restare in pericolo, sei il mio veleno ed insieme l'antidoto
In para per gli altri che ridono, non sento nemmeno che dicono
Oggi che sono finito, mi stringi la mano al patibolo
Gemitaiz & madman

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Hey latibulesh, can you please suggest me the names of all the books you had read and like, both Urdu and English. I would appreciate if you provide a long list.

Heyy, umm, I don't think it would be possible for me to list down all the books that I've read but I can give you a list of books that I love. ?
- Tell me your dreams by Sydney Sheldon
- After the midnight by Sydney Sheldon.
- All the bright places by Jenifer Niven
- The book theif by Markus Zusak
- Thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini
- Dozakhnama by Rabisankar bal
- Veronica decides to die by Paulo Coelho
- The picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde
- A man called Ove by Fredrik backman
- Sophie's world by Jostein Gaarder
- The madman by Khalil Gibran
- The prophet by Khalil Gibran
- The power of now Eckhart Tolle
For Urdu books,
- Safaalgar by Bushra Sayed
- Alif by Umera Ahmad
- Darbaar e dil by Umera Ahmad
- Namal by Nemra Ahmad
- Sans sakin thi by Nemra Ahmad
- Mus'haf by Nemra Ahmad
- Muhabbat man mehram by Sumaira Hameed
- Yaaram by Sumaira Hameed
I hope this would do. Let me know if you need more.

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– هناك دائمًا الكتاب الذي لا تعود تستلذّ بعده بأيّ كتاب، والفيلم الذي لا يعود يُبهرك بعده أي فيلم.. شاركوني ما سكنَ داخلكم وعجزت قلوبكم عن نسيانه ((':

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الكتاب كان رواية قواعد العشق الاربعون عن جلال الدين الرومي و شمس التبريزي .. الرواية هذي عدتها 5 مرات
و الفيلم كان ;
The professor and the madman

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هلو شونكم عيني 😁 صارلي سنة مشايف و لا فلم اريد فلم ع ذوقكم اريد مشاهد دموية مرعبة و نهاية تكون حزينة اريد شي تراجك و دراماتيكي بنفس الوكت و شكرا جزيلا

abud_21’s Profile Photoعبدالله المدريدي
The professor and the madman
هذا الفيلم احبه .. مراح تندم من تشوفه بي معاني و ابعاد نفسية عميقة .

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شونكم عيني 
صارلي سنة مشايف و لا فلم اريد فلم ع ذوقكم اريد مشاهد دموية مرعبة
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Basta non fare gli ipocriti come nel suo ultimo post su Instagram (a cui tu hai messo il like) che scarica TUTTA la colpa a chi ha spruzzato lo spray (ragazzini 15enni vulnerabili e plasmati dalle sue canzoni violente e che incitano a fare bravate).

e comunque, io ascolto eminem da quando ho 10 anni, mi sono fatta tutta l’adolescenza con i suoi testi eppure non ho mai ucciso nessuno.
ho sempre ascoltato madman eppure non spruzzo spray al peperoncino in discoteca.
se siete dei rincoglionitï di merdä non date la colpa agli altri.

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+1 answer in: “Il tuo amato burattino della Universal UMG (utile di 7miliardi$ nel 2017) Sfera Ebbasta con le sue sözze canzoni che parlano di sëssö, drôgå, dönnä-oggetto, abiti Gucci, armi da åssaltö, insieme ai disumani gestori dei locali hanno cåusato la mörte di 7 persone "1400 biglietti venduti capienza 870"”

Ascolti musica attraverso piattaforme legali (Spotify, Deezer etc.) oppure la scarichi illegalmente (come faccio io 🙄)? Ascolti principalmente per generi, per playlist o per artista? 🤗

Salve caro.
Io non uso nessuna piattaforma perchè personalmente mi dan fastidio ed occupano spazio dato che principalmente ascolto Madman e basta tipo, quasi tutti i suoi album sono in Free Download e quelli a pagamento, li ho comprati, non sono un criminale come te.
(con alcune canzoni devo per forza fare il criminale però eh, tranquillo, sh.)

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Masha Allah. ☺ I'm good too Alhamdulillah. 😄 How're vacations going? Can you suggest me a good book to read? I like your choice😅

Haha aray vacations kahan, I've my finals in sept so uski tayyari jaari 😂 will be free after sept in sha Allah 😄
Haha hmmm.. what types of books do you like to read? If you're into wisdom and spiritual/poetic books phir I like kahlil Gibran's work us category main.
Jaise The broken wings, The Prophet, The madman and Sand and foam by Kahlil gibran are really deep books.
Baaki there's this book called "Don't be sad" by Abdullah Al Qarni, its beautifully written.
And of course, Rumi 😍 his masnavi translated by Coleman barks is great too. 😄

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+4 answers in: “Heyy! How are you? How's everything?”

YOUR ANSWER CAN ALREADY MAKE AN IMPACT ON SOMEONE. E YUNG MGA SHOUTOUTS BA SAYO? I repeat, you dont know what they're going through and sometimes they just want an escape once in a while, you can ignore it or delete. So simple. Wth man. Kesa magkalat ka ng pagkainsensitive mo, suppress it nalang.

13. Well, your being a madman over something as petty can also make an impact on someone. Lucky you, I'm no sensitive ass like yourself.
14. And I repeat; he who gets triggered with every answer he didn't like has the option to not send a shoutout to begin with. And please, quit the guilt tripping.
15. And I repeat pt. 2, you can just ignore or delete my answer from your notifs. So simple. Wth, man. Kesa magkalat ka ng pagkatriggered mo dito, suppress it na lang.

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+25 answers in: “Why do you have to be such an asshooooolllleeeee?”

Ahhh, sai che non avevo visto che tra gli interessi avevi Clementino, Gemitaiz e Madman! Allora sei il top.🔥

Clementino è il mio preferito, sono stato a tipo 5 concerti, ho tutti gli album, foto e autografo.
Di Madman invece sono stato al suo ultimo concerto a Napoli, una BOMBA!
E poi c’è Gem con cui mi ci vedrò tra una settimana

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Ahhh sai che non avevo visto che tra gli interessi avevi Clementino Gemitaiz e