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I guess I Iove too much talking about fashion, dressing and celeb talk and sometimes I feel I'm annoying to others

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Not really...But I Love to Talk About Real Murder cases and Serial Killers Documentary or Black magic....
No one literally interested about that shit but I Love it ....I think I'm Much Annoying than You 🤣😒😂

Grand rising love🧘‍♀️🤍I read your name 🔮and felt a Strong energy and connection and thought you wanted a reading 💐⭕️ What’s your Zodiac sign love? Dm on my phone number

psychicmediumje’s Profile PhotoMegan Lofton
Is this kinda like how someone commented on my Instagram this morning that there’s a black magic curse on me and I will die if I don’t pay him to remove it? 😱 Vibe too high for that. That man was
Grand rising loveI read  your name and felt a Strong energy and connection  and

10 of your favorite books, fiction or not

I’m bound to forget a few, but these are the first that come to mind! (In no particular order):
~ The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
~ The Witcher (The Last Wish/or the Sword of Destiny) by Andrzej Sapowski
~ The Invisible Library series by Genevieve Cogman (it’s hard to pick one!)
~ From Russia With Love & Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming
~ Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
~ A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab
~ The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan
~ Neil Gaiman - Stardust
~ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling 💫
10 of your favorite books  fiction or not

Ever loved someone so much that its make u dead inside..

am_naaa7’s Profile Photoam_naaa7
so alone and wondering is this all there will ever be? day to night, dark to light, live and die, goodnight, goodbye. almost gave up hoping for something much more magic. i never dreamed there’d be a you, out here lost and hoping too, holding onto dreams that there might be a me.

Imagina que tuvieras mucho dinero, pero aún así tú eliges seguir trabajando. ¿Qué trabajo sería ese?

fatimadelrr’s Profile PhotoFátima Del R.R
@fatimadelrr 🏝️ Hola Fátima, buenas fotos y paisajes 📷
Ettoo... obvio que sería astrofísico o astrónomo 😎
Pd: siento a quien no le guste este grupo ruidoso 🙄
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Slayer 👉 Huntington Park, California, USA 🤘 www.slayer.net
Tom Araya (vocal, bass), Kerry King (guitar), Gary Holt (guitar), Paul Bostaph (drums).
Heavy metal, punk rock, thrash, speed. CD 1983/2015.
Ficha: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/116127819577
🎵 🎙️
Slayer - Criminally Insane (1986)
https://youtu.be/eqr4QrwSEj4salquial’s Video 171527553849 eqr4QrwSEj4salquial’s Video 171527553849 eqr4QrwSEj4
🎵 ♫
Slayer - Dissident Aggressor (1988)
https://youtu.be/by6iE-BbLfssalquial’s Video 171527553849 by6iE-BbLfssalquial’s Video 171527553849 by6iE-BbLfs
🎵 ♬
Slayer - Skeletons of Society (1990)
https://youtu.be/qm--ihHdLiwsalquial’s Video 171527553849 qm--ihHdLiwsalquial’s Video 171527553849 qm--ihHdLiw
🎵 ♪
Slayer - Black Magic (2015)
https://youtu.be/GtU6G4IWaHQsalquial’s Video 171527553849 GtU6G4IWaHQsalquial’s Video 171527553849 GtU6G4IWaHQ
🎵 🎸
Imagina que tuvieras mucho dinero pero aún así tú eliges seguir trabajando Qué

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀︽✵︽ RP to @MistressOfEvil_

Captain_Marvell’s Profile PhotoCᴀʀᴏʟ Dᴀɴᴠᴇʀꜱ
✵On another planet there was an alien threat where Danvers, transformed into Captain Marvel, saved the other beings of the "Sagan" race who were in danger of the arrival of the enemy race "Vykanza" who wanted to eliminate them due to a breach of the peace agreement between the two worlds without having a real reason for such a massacre. The battle was almost over and Danvers tried to convince the Vykanza to stop the act, as it wouldn't do any good to still have to sow the hatred he had for the Sagan. The blonde then, without having the chance to be heard, decided to awaken her most powerful power where she would go through their spaceship to then destroy it, exactly as she had done with one of Thanos' ships once in the last battle on planet Earth. The hero then proved to be powerful while the leader ordered all of his troops to retreat, but before they left, he also had his card up his sleeve, where he used the power of his magic staff to hit the blonde who was soon thrown far away making her stop -the gods know how- in another dimension, but how bad she knew that this dimension would be a magical place surrounded by magical beings and that the owner there was "cruel". After Danvers was thrown, she regained her strength by lifting of the lawn while patting the suit to remove the dust and dried mud that was trapped in the garment. The blonde had her vision surprised by that different scenery from other planets she frequented, her gaze passed around the place until it landed in a small lake where there was a small water fairy that was scared by her presence and went diving from there and fast . Danvers tipped her head to the side as she arched her eyebrow, she even patted her head a few times to see if she was in a magical dream, but no, that was real. The blonde then started walking through the magical forest and trying to find out where the exit was for her to return to the planet Sagan.✵

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RP to MistressOfEvil

Difference between love and arrange marriage? 💑💘🚻

Wanderer444’s Profile PhotoAnonymous™
This guy sent his proposal for my cousin and got rejected. A few years went by, he didn’t resent her, didn’t bother her, did nothing but then he went on Umrah, prayed to marry her, fast forward year 2021 they happened to meet again accidentally, in a different city, alongside families and God changed her heart by showing her how humble this guy is.
This time his parents refused to take his proposal (again) to which he said; it’s either her or I have no reason to stay back in this country and Boom! second proposal. My uncle and aunt already liked the guy, it was just my cousin who had declined him but this time she said yes.
And the guy is actually really nice (BarakAllahu Feekum.)
I had a word with him after their nikkah (last year) that bro 🙂 you NEED to take care of her or you’ll be answerable to me as well. Poor soul didn’t even argue in the *doud pilai* thing, let his shoes got stolen 😂 and pretty sure I gave him a subtle sugarcoated warning, in his own damn house post their reception 🥲😂 He listens to everyone. God knows how many people gave him a heads up, on treating our girl well including my father. Either there are no daughters or just one daughter each, in the family so everyone stays very concerned and he got it! He isn’t the kind of guy with a toxic male ego. He’s a shield for her and is literally all about her, without suffocating her. That guy truly loves her and it shows!
BarakAllahu Feek 🤍
They’re the second real life couple that I like. I’m not against arrange marriages but love marriages are a whole different vibe. Everything is still the same but so very different. There’s no stress, no communication barriers, no lack of understanding, no need for adjustments and sacrifices. It’s close to real magic. 🥹

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In what ways did your parents make your christmas experience more special?❄️🎁 And are you going to do the same thing with your children? Do you ever get nostalgic and miss this experience from when you were a child?🎄

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
- My parents (mostly my grandparents) always went all out and made Christmas feel so warm, full of cheer and magic! 🥰✨🎄 My mom actually used to write letters to me, as Santa Claus, which was slightly funny, cuz looking back... It looked VERY SIMILAR to the tooth fairy's handwriting... 🤪😝 *Sus squinty eyes*... Everything about Christmas was my favorite... The way the ornaments sparkled on the tree, the beautiful Christmas music my grandparents would crank out and play on Christmas morning, being with loved ones and family/cherishing out time together, having an amazing homemade Christmas feast! It was one of my favorite family traditions ☺️🥹🥲 and... *boasts*... I never got coal! Which just means I was "always" good and Santa knew it, hehehe 😈😇
- I would like to share/have the same similar'ish tradition when I have a family of my own... My bf's family doesn't really celebrate it, but after exposing him to my family and how we did it, it seems like he would be up for it! I just really appreciate the "togetherness" and love we have on Christmas... It's something that's very much needed! ☺️🎄
- I'm definitely getting nostalgic about it now! 😂 Thanks for this great question! 👍✨

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جماعة انتو مابتكدبوش...وراء كل رجل عظيم إمرأة عظيمة فعلًا بس نسيتوا تكملوا الجملة بس وراء كل رجل عظيم إمرأة عظيمة منكدة عليه عيشته فقرر يطفش م البيت ويركز في شغله عشان ينسى النكد بتاعها بس 🚶🏻‍♂️🌚😂

To get a supporter is like to get a magic gift ✨🤍🤍
If you don't see that ,you really don't understand this phrase 💁🌚🙂

. . . "You're serious aren't you, sh!t no wonder Shadow lost control like that if he was fighting another being like himself. Well what the hell is your plan? You can't stay with us, if that kind of fight keeps happening there's the risk of Shadow regressing."

AngryBlueLink’s Profile PhotoBlue
Whenever he finds me I usually leave to the next world..*her ears droop slightly*It's an endless game of cat and mouse. I just need to keep running. If I stay around anywhere for to long I risk being caught. He was holding back this time. Next time I'm as good as cooked.*she's grips he sweater tightly its clear she's in over her head* I'll gather some magic and get out of here as soon as I can.. *she gives him a sad look*For now I best go back into the forest or at least hide out in castle town I dont want to put you guys in more danger.
Liked by: Nova Shadow Vio Blue

Darkness?*she seems confused*I do wish to stick around to study how magic and monsters work around here before I go if that's alright..! *though being a small rabbit in hyrule could bring a ton of danger for her*

AnimalOc’s Profile PhotoJasper Rabbit
"And how would you do that? I could bring you to the castle library so you could look at our books but-"
*he points to some of the writing in his journal, it's in a script she cannot decipher*
"No one from other worlds seems to be able to read written Hylian, can you tell what my notes here say? If you can't even understand some of my notes there's no point showing you a full book. At your size you can't do field studies, not without an escort anyways, and I would get looked at like a crazy person if I asked any of the knights to escort a Rabbit."
Darknessshe seems confusedI do wish to stick around to study how magic and

What is exactly is a monster? *Her nose twitches slightly*Where I'm from there's only really animals..Monsters would just be considered predatory animals.. But I'm sure it's not the same here... *She pulls out her grimorie spell book from under her sweater sensing Shadows presence nervous*

AnimalOc’s Profile PhotoJasper Rabbit
*Vio pulls out one of his journals and pages through it before showing the rabbit detailed sketches of many of the different monsters in Hyrule*
"Some like the Hinox are easily 30 feet tall and crush Hylians for fun. They're uncommon though, at least near castle town, the worst you'd find outside the walls here is a Moblin or 2. They're still 10 foot tall killing machines, but not nearly as dangerous as many monsters out there"
*he did notice her reach for her spellbook*
"Don't cast any magic here, you'll draw everyone's attention."
What is exactly is a monster Her nose twitches slightlyWhere Im from theres only

Monsters?! * He could swear the rabbit he picked up just talked. Maybe he was just imagining a female voice? She didn't seem anything special besides wearing a sweater and her unique coloration .*

AnimalOc’s Profile PhotoJasper Rabbit
*Vio just stares at her unblinking for several seconds, before he heads down a side street where regular folk aren't likely to tread*
"I know I heard you speak, and I can feel magic in you, so how did you end up here?"

Любимая компьютерная игра? 👾

Baraban117’s Profile PhotoBaraban117
их очень много.
Neverwinter Nights, власть и магия 6, dragon age 1-3, Настольные ролевые игры, Dishonored 1-2, Ведьмак 1-3, Grandia II, Path of Exile, The Stanley Parable, Starbound, Skyrim, Planescape: Torment, Divinity: Original Sin 1-2, Arcanum, Tropico, Magic & Mayhem, King Arthur, Mass Effect 1-4, Baldur's Gate 1-2, Ori and the blind forest, Pillars of Eternity 1-2, torment tides of numenera, Tyranny, Rimworld

How bad is your Sunday?

Ahsannkhann’s Profile PhotoHahahahsan
Tbh I enjoy each and every day to the fullest ,make zillion memories .
So mine day was super I started my day with morning hike then I made mango pineapple apricot yoghurt milk smoothie and stir fry chicken
Watched fear files Indian horror drama (based on real events )
In evening I step to terrace with mug of strong green coffee spread fragrance wherever I go , walk in breath taking view burn calories and look maximum best every passing day
I made kofta for everyone.let everyone relish the tasty food .magic happens when I step on kitchen and cook
Now watching Friend Request my all time favourite horror movie with peach ice tea (13 cup of ice tea )

*Shadow chuckles, indicating the holes in his clothes left by attacks and the fully healed flesh beneath them* "I heal real quick, especially in a place like this, where the darkness is plentiful. Are all a y'all doing ok? I probably should have dealt with it faster so y'all didn't get squeezed"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
/The taller skeleton was a bit relieved to see that Shadow was alright, he took the most damage out of everyone there currently, second place going to Allura with her wounds from Nightmare/ W-WOWIE-A-AHEM..I MEAN WOW! I HAD NO IDEA YOU HAD HEALING MAGIC LIKE THAT! MINE..ISN'T CAPABLE OF HEALING ANYONE ANYMORE..I'M GLAD YOUR OK EITHER WAY! I WAS ..A LITTLE WORRIED.. I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO STAND AGAINST FLOWEY LIKE THAT BUT WE SH-/Just as he were about to suggest going to help the others, he hears Shadow ask about his well being and..actually being concerned for everyone else as well? No, he didn't have time to think about that/

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*She gets up with several books on the kingdom and surrounding countries* "Aside from the books I haven't acquired much yet, so I guess I can move. Baharuth Empire, Arwintar, Emperor El Nix" *she repeats those words to herself in order to make sure she remembers*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
Jircniv is a manipulative individual, renowned as the Bloody Emperor, but he fears and respects my power, so he shouldn't prove any trouble.
And if you enjoy books, Arwintar is home to the Institute Of Magic headmastered by my disciple and the Imperial Court Mage Fluder Paradyne, renowned as the strongest human Magic Caster in the known world.
The capital is also patrolled by Magic Casters in the sky and exceptionally trained guards on the ground.
You will be quite safe there, I think."
Liked by: Shadow Geno Nova

*cont* *He walks away from them for a bit though so he can both calm down from the fight and give his throat time to regenerate, when he's sure he's capable of it he returns to the others* "Well dat coulda been way worse huh?" *he still has a cocky grin on his face*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
/Flowey may be gone for tye moment but all it would take is a single reset from Frisk once they discover the flowers absence and then everything will revert to how it was..including Papyrus going back into his horrifically injured state..unless someone takes him out of that timeline but I doubt they would/
/The taller skeleton was very surprised when Shadow had actually freed everyone and taken down the monstrous flower when he himself couldn't but more importantly, Shadow had gotten hurt right in front of him and everyone there, without realizing that Shadow may have healed his injuries, the taller skeleton runs over to him, it was odd..wouldn't most other Papyrus's be more..disturbed or frightened by Shadow's actions? Unless..he was actually used to such violent acts taking place../
A-ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? THAT WAS..I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD MAGIC LIKE THAT../he had to check on Neo, Dream and Allura too but he had to see the demon first since he took the most damage right now/

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kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoKIM SEOKJIN | BTS ⁷ INDIGO
"Cześć! Zazwyczaj jestem ostatni, ale dziś nie chciałem, więc zrobię to w naturalny sposób, więc teraz będzie moja kolej.
Po pierwsze, ściąłem włosy, bo chciałem dobrze widzieć, a my nie jesteśmy jeszcze tacy starzy (odnosi się do nich, wyglądających młodziej z krótkim włosami) Ci kolesie (BTS) nawet jeśli zetną włosy, będą wyglądać na 23-latków, co nie?
W każdym razie,zawsze mówię dużo. Po raz pierwszy przyszedłem bez przygotowanej przemowy. Nie miałem myśli "co powinienem dziś powiedzieć na koniec?" Będąc szczerym, w ciągu 3 lat od ostatniej trasy Speak Yourself i koncertu Busan Magic Shop nie daliśmy porządnego koncertu.
Dziękuję Wam za czekanie tyle czasu. To pierwszy raz, gdy dajemy stojący koncert, więc pewnie zdarzyło się pare błędów. Mieliśmy zamiar zejść do Was podczas Run i Idol, ale zdaliśmy sobie sprawę z tego, że nie byłoby to dla Was bezpieczne, więc zrezygnowaliśmy z tej decyzji i chciałem dać Wam o tym znać. W każdym razie, nawet jeśli nie powiem dziś dużo, wierzę że znacie moje myśli i serce. Cokolwiek nie przydarzy się nam w przyszłości, jak powiedziano wcześniej, cała siódemka Bangtanów ma jedno serce i jeśli zaufacie naszym słowom, zaufacie nam, będziemy (BTS) w stanie przetrwać wszystko co stanie na naszej drodze. Będziemy tworzyć muzykę i pełni szczęścia dla Was wszystkich występować. Jak powiedział Jhope, mamy nadzieję, że wierzycie w nas i nam ufacie.
Byłoby świetnie, jeśli zapamiętamy ten dzień jako dzień pełen szczęśliwych myśli i wspomnień."

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Какому подарку ты обрадуешься, как ребенок?

veratrifonova2’s Profile PhotoVera Trifonova
Какому подарку радуется ребенок? Думаю желанному.
Сейчас обрадовался бы, если подарили шуруповерт аккумуляторный. А то мой сдох.
У одной из внучек скоро ДР. Вчера жена пошла покупать ей подарок, зная желание внучки, а это сразу две куклы с не русскими названиями. Купила. На коробке написано Magic Baby. Одна кукла понравилась, в красном в горошек платье. Вторая уродина, с ослиными ушами на голове. Но жене было интересно следующее. В Детском мире стояла цена 7500р. А подобные куклы, племянница жены делала легко за вечер, когда этим делом увлекалась. Пошла жена в другое место, типа рынка, и купила за те же куклы 500р. Вопрос, для кого у нас магазины Детский мир? И как при таких ценах, многим, сделать ребенка счастливым с этой рыночной под капитализм, системой.

As I said I apologize for interrupting your battle, however I need that timeline intact, if in order for you to leave them be they all need to forget about attacking @IoserSkeleton95 I can make that happen. My power can change their memories completely if I so wish it.

XEventRekindled’s Profile PhotoXGaster
"......I have spells necessary to mold one's memories to my will...
But the fellow Ruler Of Death will not listen to reason, and so I decide to make an example of his friend, to earn the respect of his peers and avoid further bloodshed...
The one you wish undamaged is in an interesting state, but his magic is relatively low tier. I surmise that it is his condition itself that interests you then."

How's Geno? He doesn't seem like his usual self

His magic seemed almost gone..I don't know what that Papyrus did to him..but I do know this..he just started a war with ReaperTale..
*Isn't that going a bit too far?*
Liked by: Shadow Nova Geno

Serious replies please. I want to live someone but I don't feel love for anyone. I did in past. It was one sided. Then I did again two sided but it ended. Due to the trauma of several rejections and one heartbreak I think I've lost love inside me. Maybe I'll never love anyone again idk.

i feel you bro.
but know, love is magic, it fills up a heart magically.
magical stuff, disappears but never ends, or dies.
don't rush, the scars you have on your soul are due to rushing & getting rejected from the wrong people.
you had this urge to be with a pretty lady ASAP you reached 9th standard, and That's quite common.
the right person will have this magical touch, the day they'll touch your soul, you'll be as fresh as new,
all this crap, like i can't love, i can't trust, the anger, the greif, the pain will vanish away,
imagine you'll feel her magically breaking up all these strong walls you built around your heart,
will make it to the child in you, and you'll once again listen .. your giggles, the real ones.
you'll crave for her, you'll admire her, you'll miss her if shes not arround.
you'll smile for no reason, write her super expressive texts,..
i will just say look closely, she's somewhere near you, she might not look like a Disney princess but she's surly one! 💛

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If you woke up as one of your favorite cartoon characters, who would you be? Why that one? What would you do as said character? Is there something specific you’d want to experience? 😄

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I watch more anime than cartoons lol
Soooo potentially Sakura Avalon (also known as Kinomoto Sakura) from the Cardcaptor series!
Honestly I'd just wanna use magic and summon the clow / star cards :3
If you woke up as one of your favorite cartoon characters who would you be Why

*Geno does use the flower on him, letting lose with his magic when Papyrus is no longer dusting*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
/The taller skeleton looks very confused when the pain he was in had suddenly vanished, he drops into the snow and sits himself back up, his wounds were actually healed up, painlessly..it was unreal..how could a tiny glass flower hold so much power? unfortunately his soul and bone structure couldn't be entirely fixed..but that's nothing compared to the shape he was originally in..if only he could stay in good condition/ I..I DON'T..UNDERSTAND... YOU WERE HELPING ME? BUT..WHY? WHY DIDN'T YOU..LET ME DUST?
Liked by: Dream Nova Geno

*Geno hesitates but suddenly Papyrus' soul is gripped with Blue magic keeping him from moving so Geno can use the Life Flower on him, he's just hoping using some of his magic on Papyrus isn't going to trigger him*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
/In this instance, since he's far too weak in too much pain, even if he were to be triggered, he couldn't do anything and believe me, he is triggered, his Sans had caused this damage to him by using the same powers Geno and every other Sans possess, he would be a bit traumatized after that, upon being picked up with blue magic, the skeleton starts shivering out of pure fear and squeezes his eyes shut as tight as he can/ I-I THOUGHT YOU WERE DIFFERENT!! P-PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!! I CAN'T TAKE MORE ON TOP OF THIS!! I'D RATHER DUST!! L-LET ME DUST!!
/This would be a good chance to use that flower...if Geno didn't change his mind/
Liked by: Nightmare Dream Nova Geno

Во что можно интересное и одиночное поиграть на компе, выход игр до 17-го года?

Kitaizerus’s Profile PhotoГлебольд Из Цимляндии
Игры серии Might & Magic (а конкретнее 6-7-8), это по сеттинга героев 2 и 3.
Огромное количество РПГ могу посоветовать, если вам интересен этот жанр.

If Harry Potter can fix stuff with magic,why doesn't he fix his eyes?

fenixnick09’s Profile PhotoYou will never know
For the same reason that Dumbledore, Mr Weasley, Percy Weasley, Rita Skeeter, Professor McGonagall, James Potter, Professor Flitwick, Professor Trelawney, and many other wizards don’t.
Obv magic can't solve every problem !

What are the painful ways to die?

Old Gods of Asgard and Poets of the Fall - The Poet and the Muse
https://youtu.be/GLxb7m0j5JgAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171196116803 GLxb7m0j5JgAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171196116803 GLxb7m0j5Jg
Theres an old town wrought
With mystery of Tom
The poet and his muse
And the magic lake
Which gave a life
To the words the poet used
Now the muse she was his happiness
And he rhymed about her grace
And told her stories of treasures
Deep beneath the blackened waves
Till in the stillness of one dawn
Still in its mystic crown
The muse she went down to the lake
And in the waves she drowned
And now to see your love set free
You will need the witches cabin key
Find the lady of the light gone mad with the night
That's how you reshape destiny
The Poet came down to the lake
To call out to his dear
When there was no answer
He was overcome with fear
He searched in vain for his treasure lost
And too soon the night would fall
And only his own echo
Would wail back at his call
And when he swore to bring back his love
By the stories he create
Nightmares shifted endlessly
In the darkness of the lake
And now to see your love set free
You will need the witches cabin keypFind the lady of the light still ravin in the night
That's how you reshape destiny
In the dead of night she came to him
With darkness in her eyes
Wearing a mourning gown
Sweet words as her disguise
He took her in without a word
For he saw his grave mistaken
And vowed them both to silence
Deep beneath the lake
Now if its real or just a dream
One mystery remain
For it is saidOn moonless nights
They may still haunt this place

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AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171196116803 GLxb7m0j5JgAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171196116803 GLxb7m0j5Jg


makerofkaleidoscopes’s Profile Photo❀ : bitchy witchy !
❀ : ❛ are you really stupid ( enough ) to dare challenge the D E V I L ( herself ) and expect a win? ❜
Name: Khaleia, ( just ) Khaleia.
Age: +500.
Status: Transfigured/Undead.
Species: Witch.
Alias(es): The great damned, The vanished one, The mother of darkness, destroyer of all righteous, The enemy of nations.
Origin: Unknown.
Powers & Habilities: ( Dark ) magic, white magic, vanished spells, elemental magic, alchemy, incantations, necromancy, metamagic, thaumaturgy, occult witchcraft.
Weaknesses: The chosen one.
Personality traits: Reckless, spiteful, aloof, vindictive, scheming, cunning, seductive, strategist, fearless, brave, loyal, artsy, ( may be compassionate with a few ones.)
Universe: (( #behindwitchiness: Khaleia is a #multifandom adaptable character !! ))
Face claim: Alisha Boe (( #behindwitchiness: i'm not nor trying to pass as Alisha!! this account is only for #roleplay purposes. ))
(( ❥ ; #behindwitchiness: hi all! i'm new to this character but not to rp/ask.fm rp!! Khaleia is a multifandom character so everyone feel free to interact/plot a SL with her!! xo ))

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*he is seeping magic and blood through his wounds he yelps out in pain feeling some of his bones shattering he summons flames in his skeletal hands trying to burn the blaster enough to cause it to drop him*

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
*Like its master the blaster doesn't react to pain and just crashes it's prey into the ground before unleashing a devastating blast few monsters have ever managed to survive*
he is seeping magic and blood through  his wounds  he yelps out in pain feeling

*he winces getting forcibly pushed through the bones he is stunned for the moment at least it didnt dust him*Ouch. *he attempts to get up the smallest bone shards now implanted into his skull bleeding in spots*

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
*his attacker is nowhere to be seen, suddenly that same hate filled blue magic sends him skyward where a blaster bites into him, Killer is atop the hate seeping blaster as it's bite strengthens cracking through bone*
he winces getting forcibly pushed through the bones he is stunned for the moment

How easily do you "get in the zone"? Is there anything special that usually triggers that for you? 💻📚🖌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It depends what zone you are talking about. Let's take a look at a few "zones."
1. Creative Zone- for me this involves writing and performing music and improvising. My favorite time to write is at night when I cannot sleep and an idea pops into my head. The words just flow onto the paper like magic. With music, once I walk onto the stage and we get into the first song for about 30 seconds and I can hear that all of the gear is functioning properly and I can hear the mix where the vocals and instruments are blended properly and everyone is in tune and the rhythm is precise, then my confidence increases and I am willing to take risks that sometimes are not possible when the sound is not right. Unfortunately, when the sound and performance is not right, I quickly lose interest in playing and if I could, I would walk off the stage in disgust and go home. When I show up to play, I want to play without any excuses or if's and's or but's. Ah, but such is life and many times the sound isn't right.
2. Athletic Zone - When I was younger I ran competitively in 5k road races. After about one mile is when I would zone out and find my groove. Now I play golf and the groove is found in my swing. The movement of the club, arms, hips must be synchronized in order to transfer maximum energy from the body through the golf club and into the golf ball. So the backswing and follow through, must be executed like a well timed ballet or symphony.
3. Anger Zone - this one I like the least and I prefer to not get into this zone because my ability to use logic and reason is cancelled by my emotions. Mostly I am able to organize my life and schedule to avoid toxic and dysfunctional people who trigger my emotions. However, this is not always possible especially when I am online and just want to write, but have to contend with the hatred and abuse from stalkers who are deeply offended by my writing and thought process. They make these absurd and false claims, as if I give a crap. Luckily these individuals have been identified an a case has been opened with askfm to address the issue of fixing the blocking function.
I have many years working as a Network Engineer and I have spoken with several engineers at askfm and explained how blocking should function and what they need to do to fix it. Once blocking has been fixed, stalkers, when blocked, will no longer be able to see your account or any of your followers. To be honest, I have a major problem when my stalkers start attacking my followers and friends on askfm. This is not just unethical, but it is potentially dangerous as one of my online friends rightly pointed out. I have expressed all of my concerns to engineering and management at askfm and they are fully aware of the situation and are monitoring the affected/offending accounts.
Will askfm do anything to fix the blocking problem? Time will tell. If they do not address the problem within 30 days, I will be disabling this account.

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Why doesn't he bother me yet some one else does? When you ..(complete the phrase)

> Why doesn't he bother me yet some one else does? When you ..
"Whatever Happens Around You" by Alex
Why doesn't he bother me yet some one else does? When you live with someone as dedicated to music as he is, I suppose you cannot take things personally such as when he disappears for days at a time composing music in his recording studio or traveling the world performing in front of audiences comprised of tens of thousands of adoring fans who just want to listen to his music or watch his fingers slide effortlessly along the neck of his guitar as he performs musical magic, blistering arpeggios and intervallic leaps, turns and bends that would make Beethoven blush.
Yet other mundane and trivial things such as not emptying the trash or taking the dog for a walk or putting the cap back onto the tube of toothpaste frustrate and anger me. Why? Have you ever grabbed a tube of toothpaste and the toothpaste squirted everywhere because your husband was on some distant planet composing another wonderous melody and forgot to screw the cap on properly? Or have you ever sat on the toilet only to discover, after the fact, that there was no toilet paper? How could anyone be so damn inconsiderate and rude? And then I think why me? What have I done to be treated with such disrespect, inconsideration and contempt?
It is then that I remember the words of Don Miguel Ruiz:
“Whatever happens around you, don't take it personally. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves.”

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Why doesnt he bother me yet some one else does When you  complete the phrase

If you felt uncomfortable at your workplace whilst being around your coworkers, how would you go about building your self confidence?

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
I suppose it partly depends on the cause of the discomfort. Is it because they’re difficult people, for example? I’ve often worked with people that I’d never socialise with or that I didn’t “gel” with, even people that I thought were trying to undermine me.
In many if not most circumstances I’ve been as positive towards them as I could, praising their work when justified, thanking them for their help, offering to give them a hand when needed and so on, to gradually try to break down any barriers they may have thrown up.
But I suspect someone like you already does that kind of stuff naturally as you’re a good egg.
Just to help me: If I waved a magic wand right now and you had the confidence you wanted, what would it look like in practice? How would your relationship with your colleagues change?

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Do you have any tricks you employ to keep a conversation interesting / flowing? 🗣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
A bit of humor, some brain candy and the occasional "magic trick." Simple illusions are entertaining and everyone wants to know how I did it. If it's a serious conversation, I put an end to all frivolity and listen intently. Most people will open up, speak their minds and discuss whatever interests them when you offer your undivided attention. My greatest "trick" is to shut my big yap and keep my ears open. Now THAT is sorcery of the highest order! 🤣
Do you have any tricks you employ to keep a conversation interesting  flowing

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