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How hungry for power are you?

I think a lot of those things would be interesting, but on examination I'm more after power (such as it is) for the sake of stability; power/money provides a buffer from being batted around by life and other people.
I certainly want to be great in some area.
It could just be the need to excel, the side effect your seeing is power, however if you invent something the side effect others see wont be power, it will be a cure for something. My lack of a social life makes me feel unaccomplished, so I feel as though acquiring power would give me that feeling. The top of maslow's hierarchy of needs. I've realized that all my obsessions, fantasies, and what I want to do for a career all center around power.
I wanted to be a magician because I used to think I could make magic real with technology in the future. I wanted to be an inventor so I could actually make that technology. I wanted to be a genetic engineer so I could straight up play with life, and now I want to be a businessmen so I could use money to exert my influence on the world(Because I'm too lazy to do any lab work, and I genuinely believe technology is at a point where you actually need large labs full of people, having one inventor just won't do). Not really... I'm more of a behind the scenes kind of guy (quietly making a difference but never in the limelight). I am always craving for more power and for more accomplishments, wherever I can.
My biggest career accomplishment is making the leap from a strictly accounting role to moving into general management and strategy, which I find very rewarding.
If you've ever watched "House of Cards" you could probably see how being power hungry affects politicians especially in a bad way. Personally, I feel like you should focus less on gaining power and more on helping others. If you earn respect by doing this and that leads to you gaining power, then more power to you.
What’s wrong with having ambition? You’re ambitious, you want people to either fear or respect your authority, you want to be in control and there’s nothing wrong with that. Who cares if your happiness comes at the expense of other people. Worry about yourself. If it feels good then who gives a damn. I’d say good on you for taking the initiative to take what you want when you want. People like to ask those in power “What gives you the right?” all the time but that’s just it. No one gives us the right. We take it.
Depends on the kind of power you are looking to wield. Are you looking to control people, to show how strong you are by making them miserable? Then yep, this would be a person who ought to have as little power as possible. Were it up to me, such a person would be at the mercy of a little girl's pet hamster. (I can be power hungry too.) If the power being sought is one aimed at lifting people out of the ancestral thuggish soup from which we are all derived, then, depending on how that power would be wielded and guarded from corruption.

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How do you tend to show your love for those who matter to you? ❤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
every time I turn into a magician. Seriously. It's not enough just to give someone a gift, I desperately need to dig out at least a lifelong dream from a person and fulfill it. ""No dream? Let's look for it!"(с) I am not particularly strong in words and emotions..
somewhere in the back of my mind, I feel a little sorry for the people who were unlucky enough to be in the focus of my hurriсane attention.
How do you tend to show your love for those who matter to you

ابعتوا فليرتات حلوه اثابكم الله😂💙

Is ur name Google?
Because u have everything im searching for😉
مش بشوفك عالتايم لاين ف عملت سيرش عالاكونت بتاعك مش راضي يظهرلي
بيقولي invaild you're looking in the wrong place angle in the sky not here
Are u a camera?
Because everytime i look at u, i smile
Are you made of copper? Cause I Cu in a relationship with me
Are you on the periodic table? 'Cause you are SODIUM fine
You must be related to Alfred Nobel, because baby you are dynamite!
Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you're CuTe.
You must be made of uranium and iodine because all I can see is U and I together.
Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you
Forget hydrogen, you're my number one element.
Are you made of Fluorine, Iodine, and Neon? 'Cause you are F-I-Ne.
If you were an element you'd be francium because you're the most attractive.
الفرق بينك و بين القمر
ان القمر في نص الشهر بس بيبقا كامل انما انت طول الوقت مكتمل متكامل
Are you made of beryllium, gold, and titanium? You must be because you are BeAuTi-ful.
هو انت لينك؟
لا ليه!
اصلك مهكر قلبي من فتره 😂
are you jahanam? Because damn you are too hot
I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
بتحب ال camping؟ طب انت تعرف ان كل الولاد اللي شوفتهم ميجوش حاجة camping؟😂❤
انت بتحبي ال Art؟ طب انت عارف ان نفسي Art_bet بيك؟
Are you from Korea?
Coz you sure look like my Seoul mate
You like Star Wars? Cause YODA only one for me
sending ur selfies to NASA, coz you're a star
“Did you feel extra warm this morning? That’s because I sent you hugs from my dreams. Good morning!”♥
مش هتبطل تحلو يا واكل الجو😂💜
All the cops in this world and they still can’t get you for stealing my heart😂💕
hey! what's that thing all over your face?
oh! it's beauty
are you a meme?
cos you're the reason of my smile and laugh😂♥️
You’re so beautiful that I forgot the pickup line
You must be Jamaican cause you Jamaican me crazy!
Get to the real talk we’re not socks but I think that we’ll be a great pair
Roses are red, Violets are blue, and I really want to start a relationship with you💖
Are you Indian food? Cuz you’re so hot!
I thought happiness starts with H but why it starts with U?
Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!
I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.
They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Well apparently, no one has ever been standing next to you.
Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.
My atoms like your atoms , I think we have chemistry ! ❤️
Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers
I’m lost. Can you give me directions to your heart?
I was wondering if you had an extra heart. Mine was just stolen.
Would you grab my arm, so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?
Hey, you’re pretty and I’m cute. Together we’d be Pretty Cute.
If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?
There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you
I’m sorry, were you talking to me

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Write what's on your mind..

SakuraSilver’s Profile PhotoSakura
I have learned that there is a difference between caring and over caring about your clients , their lives and their decisions that you had no part in
I can be empathetic , but I remind myself daily that I am neither a magician nor a time traveler ..
I can only do my best with what I am presented .

“ Inna, are you a magician ? Because when I’m looking at you, you make everyone else disappear!”

maybe…. anonymous….but i want and i’m a magic or “magician “
for only one….like he for me….♥️
for my handsome 🦋man ♥️
for my E….♥️
who live in my ♥️his moon face Inès heart….♥️
i think we don’t need a magic…. becouse our love is magic….we are magic
there are no others ….- do not need to apply magic….

Lets see who gets my shoutout ?

Only to a magician is the world forever fluid, infinitely mutable and eternally new. Only he knows the secret of change, only he knows truly that all things are crouched in eagerness to become something else, and it is from this universal tension that he draws his power.
Lets see who gets my shoutout
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Stereotypen/Archetypen-Samstag. Ich bin gestern Nacht mal wieder über die „12 Charakter-Archetypen nach Carl Gustav Jung“ gestolpert und wie immer bei sowas drängt sich selbstverständlich nur ein Gedanke auf: Wie würdet ihr eure OCs einordnen? https://boords.com/storytelling/character-archetypes

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ziemlich interessante Frage, allerdings konnte ich keinen meiner OCs nur einem Archetypen zuordnen ':D
» Raven → evtl Mischung aus The Joker & The Ruler
» Kairi → The Rebel, The Lover (allerdings bezüglich ihres Bruders, also geschwisterliche Liebe) & The Seducer (abgesehen vom Mangel an Loyalität)
» Syrena → Mischung aus The Innocent, The Caregiver & The Orphan
» Florence → Mischung aus The Innocent, The Caregiver, The Lover & The Orphan
» Penelope → Mischung aus The Rebel & The Magician
» Miyu → Mischung aus The Rebel & The Seducer (abgesehen vom Mangel an Loyalität)
» Hoa → evtl Mischung aus The Mentor, The Magician, The Lover & The Ruler

Stereotypen/Archetypen-Samstag. Ich bin gestern Nacht mal wieder über die „12 Charakter-Archetypen nach Carl Gustav Jung“ gestolpert und wie immer bei sowas drängt sich selbstverständlich nur ein Gedanke auf: Wie würdet ihr eure OCs einordnen? https://boords.com/storytelling/character-archetypes

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Spannende Frage ^.^
Kalaziel - The Innocent & The Caregiver
Dardariel - The Hero, The Seducer & The Joker
Hermesiel - The Magician & The Rebel

Stereotypen/Archetypen-Samstag. Ich bin gestern Nacht mal wieder über die „12 Charakter-Archetypen nach Carl Gustav Jung“ gestolpert und wie immer bei sowas drängt sich selbstverständlich nur ein Gedanke auf: Wie würdet ihr eure OCs einordnen? https://boords.com/storytelling/character-archetypes

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Nehme ich mal meine 'Maskenspiel' OCs und...sich bei allen OCs auf je einen Archetypen zu beschränken ist echt nicht leicht. :'D
Amberlyn: The Mentor
Elisabeth: The Caregiver
Ariana: The Joker
Samaria: The Magician
Halsey: The Creator
Jocelyn: The Magician
Lysander: The Caregiver
Edward und Elian: The Orphan, wobei das mehr Edward drunter fällt, Elian auch, aber er fällt auch unter the Caregiver
Laurel: The Lover
Magnus: The Rebel
Cecil: The Mentor und irgendwo auch the Magician

Stereotypen/Archetypen-Samstag. Ich bin gestern Nacht mal wieder über die „12 Charakter-Archetypen nach Carl Gustav Jung“ gestolpert und wie immer bei sowas drängt sich selbstverständlich nur ein Gedanke auf: Wie würdet ihr eure OCs einordnen? https://boords.com/storytelling/character-archetypes

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Takuya: The Caregiver (und zwar sehr text book)
Ambrose: The Seducer (aber 'n bisschen abgewandelt?)
Mercedes: The Creator (aber auch the rebel...misch-masch)
Neele: The Caregiver (bisschen weniger text book als takuya)
Shixin: The Magician (figuratively and literally)
Enid: The Ruler (aber eher von der netten und nicht von der tyrannischen sorte)
Yrjö: The Mentor (gemischt mit the joker und ein bisschen caregiver)
Zwei Caregiver, und das in meinen Reihen! Faszinierend. :D
Und ich hab' mir bei der Zuordnung mal ein wenig künsterliche Freiheit erlaubt, damit sich nicht allzu viel doppelt...und besonders Yrjö ist eher eine Mischung aus Archetypen als ein bestimmter. (Ich mag' ja Stereotypen with a twist)

Howdy bf..I'll give you one of my jokes..(lame).. A man is lying on the beach, wearing nothing but a cap over his crotch. A woman passing by remarks, "If you were any sort of a gentleman, you would lift your hat to a lady." He replies, "If you were any sort of a sexy lady, the hat would lift itself

askamanz5506’s Profile PhotoRock Chick
A Mexican magician tell the audience that he will disappear on the count of three
“Uno..dos..*poof*....he disappeared without a “tres”
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Hahaha ap try to kro. I am pretty sure I'll put you in at least a better mood eventually. Not a magician of course but if you are already in a bad mood, I can't really screw it up more so it's a safe bet to take really

hamza7071’s Profile PhotoHamza
Array Yrr Thankew So Much, Likn Zaroorat ni Kuch b krne ki ☺🌸
No one can chnge my Mood except 1 person ✌🏻☺
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If you had the opportunity, would you choose to become an immortal creature such as a Vampire, Werewolf, Dragon etc? Why or why not? Also what creature would you choose to be?

ErinWolf4919’s Profile PhotoErin Wolf
Oh, I would definitely choose to be an immortal creature with special powers. I think I wouldn't choose any of the categories above. I would prefer a magician or a super-human, but I definitely wouldn't say no to some body-shifting. :)
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سلام عليكم بالنسبة للرجالة اللي عندها مشاكل كتير في التمثلات (ملك . محارب. ساحر,عاشق).. إيه بيبقى الحل للوصول إلي الإتزان بينها و هل كتاب (king warrior magician lover ) مترجم للعربية

١- يشتغل على كل تمثُّل.
٢- لا.

Well, depends on how the squad does initially. The league is difficult with messi busting our balls. We might do better in the UCL. Hopes are higher this time around. It'll be exciting with atletico new talent and our new signings.

Best of luck with that!! Atletico's quite strong though. Felix looks like a straight upgrade on Griezmann haha.
And that lil magician Messi. He's out of this world. Gonna carry barca to another league title i feel.
+4 answers in: “They act like royalty always demanding. I mean whats up with not showing cris in the all the flashblack videos of clashes. But the player pool is good, so the love remains constant.”

Cum plm sa am eu o colega care a luat 9 la bac si era sa ramana corigenta si eu aveam note ok si am luat 6,3 media? Corectorii au fost prosti. Prietenul tau poate merita mai mult.

Merita pe dracu dacă eu i-am zis să nu se ducă să dea. Nu mi-e coleg, mi-e tovarăș. Eu l-am luat acum 4 ani. Frate, asumați-vă notele, nu găsiți scuze că nu v-a mers televizoru, că s-a ofilit o floare, că n-ați găsit țigări de care fumați voi. Aiae. Lorena cum a luat 9.80? Asta e problema voastră cea mai mare, nu vă asumați! Next, my friend! Pregătiți-vă mai bine data viitoare și gata. Un magician indian a vrut să facă trucul lui Houdini și-a intrat în apă legat, având la dispoziție câteva zeci de secunde să scape, altfel murea înecat. Finalul? A avut o zi mai proastă și-a murit! Credeți-mă că toate notele s-au dat pe merit dar vă cred, încă sunteți mici, profesorii au ceva cu voi dar voi sunteți ofertați de facultăți din S.U.A și Anglia. Procedați precum tovarășu ăsta al meu "Bă, am fost prost, aiae". Ce dracu atâtea scuze 🤷🏽‍♂️

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in your smile in the twit photo I see something beautiful than the stars but you are a magnificent magician cause when ever I look at you every one disappear

You exaggerate a lot in speech, so do not send anything after that because I will not answer you !🙂🙂🙂
+7 answers in: “I LOVE two things you and flowers Flowers for you and you for me👌❤”

Yes, yes, go build your perfect worlds or whatever it is you and that magician have in common. Stay loyal to me Chara, and you will continue to be richly rewarded. *Leaves*

WelcomeToMySpecialHell’s Profile PhotoN I G H T M A R E
XCH: Well I have no intention of turning on you just yet you haven't exactly given me a reason to either..so for now we're on the same page..If you need my services again let me know!
*this is going to be a horrible day for all the AU protectors I can imagine all of them quitting their jobs lol*
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Ah come now! If you kill me, you'll never get your powers back or achieve your goals! *The Magician says with a laugh, never walking, but always floating*

TheUltimateShow’s Profile PhotoDimentio
..Powers back? I already HAVE my powers unless your talking of the Overwrite switch that's been drained thanks to a certain half breed and her flower companion..
*Cross is very unamused and looks slightly annoyed with this new being* ..Are you even a type of monster?
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Pakistani Rupee Crashes to Rs. 137 against US Dollar ? But.... Ghabrana nahi hai ?? Apna Wazeer e Azam Bht Handsome hai ❤? Aur Angrezi Bhi Bht Achi Bol Leta hai?? Ps..Not A Patwari ?

Umair_aayy’s Profile Photokuekuatsheu
Lol if us dollar reaches high it didnt only effected pak but whole world so whats the reason to blame imran khan for that? And i dnt get y people want him to make naya pakistan in 3 months is he magician or angel or what 30 yrs of dust cant be clean in 3 months ✋

Ok, so. Read on chaos magick and ah...without ever even hearing about it I've sort of developed a philosophy with its principles? Waht.Basically a variation of panteism and nihilism and who knows what, but also my experiments with techniques like Reiki(but not exactly)and achieving pain alleviation

GergiAtanasov’s Profile PhotoḘ̷͇̫̓̾̏͊͌̓̽͗̂̓͑͑͆͐̋̄̓͘
You really got THE POINT HUH
I honestly dislike chaos magick even though I'm a damn thelemite (thelema is Aleister Crowley's religion-like... philosophical movement that relies heavily on the concept that he really did get some cryptic messages back between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th when he was in Egypt high on coke, absinthe and opium for three days straight and wrote it all in a book, if you haven't read about that already) and Crowley was damn big on chaos magick as he believed in the WILL OF MAN and that only, and the main part of the magick part of chaos magick is that you could use AnYthING, any rirual, any bit of any religion or any kind of spiritual movement, a n y t h in g, even combining completely opposite magickal... Tropes, for example using an orthodox st. George image in the middle of an upside down pentagram to invoke him lmao, just to get what you want. So magickal immorality, really, as most ritualistic mages that follow any certain spiritual path or religipn tend to, just like Christians do, hate on EVERY OTHER spiritual path that isn't theirs.
I have a chaos magician ex who says memes are sigils. I'm quite sure you know what a sigil is, look it up if you don't. Also for some reason chaos mages tend to LOVE "energetically charging" things by cumming on them. Like literally shooting sperm and all. Crowley liked that alot too. He, which was very chaos magick of him, considered "sexual acts of perversion" or any... Irregular sex to be where True Will ™ is at, he thought that's the strONGEST POWR A MAN CAN USE
I have no clue why im bombarding ypu with all of this information, hope u wanted it

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Хахахха не е истина колко заблудени бедни душички като теб има, мъчещи се да излязат умни, но всъщност простеят ужасно.

ок обаче като избягваш темата със заяждане доказваш тезата ми,
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Посоветуй пожалуйста каких-нибудь треков, а то настолько заеб, что хочется отвлечься и послушать чего-нибудь крутого ❤️

Imagine dragons - bad liar
Midnight kids ft. Matthew Koma - serious
Lil Wayne ft. Post Malone - what about me
$uicideboy$ - scrape
The chainsmokers - beach house
Selena Gomez ft. Gucci Mane - fetish
Bebe Rexha ft. Lil Wayne - the way I are
Julian Perretta & The magician - tied up
Dua Lipa - new rules
Meek Mill ft. Tory Lanez - litty

Hai sa iti raspund la intrebare cu o alta intrebare , daca ai sti cum face un magician trucurile te-ai mai uita la el?

Eu te înțeleg😊
Știu ce spui
Și îți răspund la întrebarea ta și ar fi da
Știi de ce da că aș fi curioasa cum face trucurile😏
Dar te înțeleg, e decizia ta, doar am spus nu e obligatoriu.
+6 answers in: “Esti de treaba si imi place de tine , esti faina rauuu , dar ai iubit .... 🙇🏻‍♂️”

I know this concept and i was having it 😅😂 But it's my first time i like someone without any reasons Not for beauty, body or any thing else Just i talk with her and saw her beautiful smile 🌸🌸🌸 She was magician ❤

Oh! ☺️
That's beautiful 🌸
I really hope things will go okay with both of you. I'll pray for you to be together and always be happily, passionately devoted to each other and the two families of each of you too 🌼
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Это лето выдалось жарким и щедрым на релизы!😃 Какие летние хиты запомнились тебе больше всего?😁 Мне было бы интересно послушать такой плей-лист от тебя!😎😘🔥

this_is_my_event’s Profile Photovalencia
Хорошо😅 я накатаю здоровый ответ!😹
Это лето запомнилось мне многими релизами например тот же One Kiss от Calvin Harris и Dua Lipa😄 песня играла изо всех радио дыр всё лето😹 от этой простой мелодии уже глаз дёргается😹
Или Pink Panda - Love It Like That, думаю всех уже раздражает это «ла ла ла ла лаааа ла ла ла лаааа ла ла ла лаааа» ахпхахха нет?! Не всех?! Тогда вы счастливчик!😹
А Bolier & Joe Stone со своим Keep This Fire Burning?, ну окей эта мне не сильно приелась и может даже не так популярна была на радио, чему я рад собственно😄 но работа яркая, летняя с таким «вечерним басовым дропом»🙌🏻
В целом мой плей-лист пополнился где-то на 600 аудиотреков🤔 самых различных жанров, начиная от горячего мумбатона и хауса до энергичного псай-транса бигрума и хардстайла🔥
Напоследок трек-лист:
Damon Hess & Deep Matter - 95
Puri, Kilate Tesla, Kalibwoy - Palo
Dropgun - Somebody
R3hab x Quinn Lewis - How You’ve Been
Fisher - Losing It
Blasterjaxx - RIO
Neil Bronson & Axeonic - Pitch Dope
Breathe Carolina x Lucas & Steve x Sunstars - Do It Right
Dannic feat. Polina Griffith - Falling In Love
Junior J - Back In Your Heart
The Magician x Clew & Prov - Build A Fire
Bazzi - Mine
Faul & Wad - Wild Love и многие многие другие..
А какие релизы запомнились вам?😊

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Это лето выдалось жарким и щедрым на релизы Какие летние хиты запомнились тебе

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