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Makeup tips e dy do yar koi

Experiment and find what works best for you… after all, all of our skin types are different!
The lighter the products, the better and more sustainable it will be!… match ur concealer and foundation with ur skincolour… i believe makeup should enhance your features not hide them!
Try derma razors with aloevera to get rid of the peach fuzz, it will help with a smooth skin to work on!
Setting sprays are my best friend 🥹
Find urs!

Are we all the same or are we all special?

hjk99g’s Profile Photo1111signfromabove
Both. We are all made of the same material, but no two designed alike in the combination of genetic makeup and life experiences. We don’t think the same thoughts, or experiences things exactly the same way. We grow and bloom differently. We both drift and are found in different spheres and circles. We are as intricately designed in mind as we are in atomically complexity. How much depth is merely felt and not fully understood?
Are we all the same or are we all special

What's the point of always getting dolled up if you never leave the house so no one sees you? not talking about you, i'm sying in general

in general, people don't put on nice clothes or wear makeup for the satisfaction of others. they do it because it makes themselves feel good.

Girls only sorry if this gets sent to any guys haha) do you have your future wedding dress picked out? Show a photo of it if you can :)

Itslaurencim’s Profile Photo♕ ʆɑuʀɛɳ
I am married 🙂 I wore something comfortable for me. I wore my favorite blue jeans and a beautiful all white throw over that hung low passed my thighs. I wore a white shir under it. You could see through the throw over. It was beautiful. Loved it. Was comfortable. I wore my favorite sliver cowgirl boots. I did my own hair and makeup and nails. Someone did my flowers. They were beautiful. I wore a necklace and bracelets and of course rings and my new ring. We have been together for 11 years now. I love my husband. My best friend. The wedding was small and simple. Not too big. We had a small honeymoon. We this year or next are actually planning on going on our actual honeymoon and are thinking of renewing our vows. Loved my outfit. Just easy going yah know. But hey. What we want is what we should get. 🥰 It's our big day. Good luck to any newly weds!

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Girls only sorry if this gets sent to any guys haha do you have your future

If you could create a makeup palette that reflects your inner beauty, what colors and shades would you include?

waleedelsayed20’s Profile PhotoWaleed Elsayed
Warm, with neutral undertones , Peach, light olive, soft lime, moss, French blue, sage green, oyster white, cream, light coral, aubergine, warm grey and gold.

https://ask.fm/kandydevil/answers/173255836155 - "It will pass, bruv" - You said that when I complained about waking up trembling with a cold sweat after experiencing nightmares where you and your mates smothered me in make-up, they still haven't f*cked off 🥴 Btw, what year was I referring to? 😏

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Well, that too still shall pass I guess. Maybe we can cheer you up with a skateboard and some hair bleach? 😁😂

💕A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear💕 Your smile lights up the world.💞💞 💕💜💫💕💜💫💕💜💫💕☆ •¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•` ☆ ‿.•*´ ⁀` 🍃🌸

waleedelsayed20’s Profile PhotoWaleed Elsayed
This is nice message 💕 and thank you for including me among the girls 😅🌼👍. My smile is little bit ironic, one of the reasons I like it too! 😉😁
A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear Your smile lights up the world

Is there a bit of an excess of photo filters in your pictures, or am I wrong? If you're already beautiful, you don't need retouching!

Thank you but it’s fun to be artistic with filters. I’ve posted no makeup, no filtered photos here before too. It’s the internet. Why not have fun with things and be creative? I’m a photographer and photo editor. It’s just in me to fancy up things.

Most where makeup for different reasons. Why do YOU currently wear makeup?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
I wear makeup purely because I like it, it’s a fun hobby, and creative outlet. I used to say that wearing it made me feel more confident, but I don’t particularly align myself with that thought anymore. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Do I feel confident in makeup? Yes, but it’s not what MAKES me confident, that confidence already exists without it. If that makes sense.
I do like dressing up, and I find doing makeup kinda therapeutic and relaxing, but I don’t need it to feel good about myself, or to feel “pretty.” I simply enjoy wearing it on the rare occasion that I do nowadays, and then thoroughly enjoy taking it off afterwards, so my skin can breathe a bit. 😌
Most where makeup for different reasons Why do YOU currently wear makeup

Most where makeup for different reasons. Why do YOU currently wear makeup?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
I don’t wear makeup anymore but when I was younger, I used to love the idea of using makeup and would beg my family members to get me lipstick and/or lipglosses. As I got older, I started to lose interest in makeup but there was a period in high school when I was using mascara on a daily basis and would still wear lipstick every once in a while. If I ever wear makeup now, it’s probably because I’m going to a special event and know that others at the event will most likely try to look nice as well. I would’ve continued to wear mascara but when I was going to board on the plane to go to Turkey last summer, I didn’t know they discarded liquids so they took my liquid makeup remover and I haven’t bought a new one since then.

Do you think that masculinity and femininity, being social constructs, can be whatever you want them to be? for example, wearing heels and makeup can be masculine if that's how you want to define them?

Sure, those things used to be considered masculine anyway, it changes with the times because it's not a real tangible thing, so make it whatever you want and fork what anyone else thinks

You have sensual, arousing and provocative beauties that remind you of heaven. Why do you hide these beauties from us? Why don't you share these beauties with us openly? 😵‍ 😱 🚀 🦋 🐚 🔥 🍒 🍑

Thank you for the compliment.🌼
I wouldn't say I'm hiding anything.😅
I am honest and open in my answers.
Also, I have always been open to communication with other people.
Most of my images are filter-free and the presence of make-up is minimal.
I share my beauty, both visual and inner.🦋
The only thing I don't really share is my personal life because it's not meant for the general public.🐦‍⬛

What moisturizer do you use?

"vanilla birthday cake <3 I also use this cherry lotion.. I recently just got an illuminating dry oil mist by skin so soft from my grandma 😇 and that's what was sparkly on the middle of my chest earlier. However, I can't recommend using Moroccan argan oil any more than what I already am! Really it's amazing for your hair, nails, skin, and a little will seriously go a long way! (Just make sure it's actually from Marco or it'll be a knock off)
I like to lotion up after every shower (if I can/ remember) and yeah.. I used to used these makeup wipes before that had vitamins but I can't remember what they were.. I also used to used a face mask treatment weekly but then the CAFFINE they put in there caused lots of problems heart wise (i have heart issues and cant have caffeine ) .. anywho turns out for the best because those are all skin brightening for some reason... I don't need to be any lighter than I already am. 😂 I'll disappear in sunlight/moonlight haha"

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Christina_Furby’s Video 174412593126

Früher nach Schule Fernseher an und Anime geschaut und über Zusammenhalt und Freundschaft gelernt. Jetzt hängen sie auf Tiktok und schminken sich mit 10 schon.

Solche Aussagen empfinde ich persönlich als dezent ignorant und kurzsichtig gegenüber der dynamischen Entwicklungen von Generationen. Wir leben in einer digital schnelllebigen Zeit oder hast du diesen Shoutout aus der Güte deines Herzens von deinem Röhrenbildschirm aus gesendet? Man kann nun offenkundig über die Sinnhaftigkeit und Tragweite bestimmter sozialer Medien streiten (TikTok ist hinsichtlich Datenschutz und Doom-Scrolling ausgesprochen schwierig), aber das geht weitaus sensibler und differenzierter, ohne jüngere Personen für ihre Geburtsstunde zu bashen, die schlichtweg aus einer erhöhten Nutzung sozialer Medien und anderer Faktoren besteht (aber sicher nicht ausschließlich). "Wir" waren sicher auch die Zielscheibe lästernder Boomer oder X'ler, die weder einen Fernseher noch sonstige erste Zugänge ins Internet besaßen. Und Make-Up auszuprobieren oder sich dafür als junge Person zu interessieren, ist grundsätzlich kein Vergehen, das es so schmächlich zu bewerten gilt. Wer sagt, dass Menschen heutzutage nichts über Zusammenhalt oder Freundschaft lernen würden? Meine 14-jährige Cousine schaut auch Anime, begeistert sich für Fabeln und findet bunte Haare toll. Genau wie wir das damals vielleicht getan hätten (oder noch immer tun). Ihr habt einfach ein so verdrehtes und pauschalisiertes Bild von jungen Menschen, dass ihr einfach selbst nicht merkt, dass eure Kurzsichtigkeit und Lästerei euren Horizont kontinuierlich einschränkt.

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Wir Albanerin 🇦🇱 sind einfach die hübschesten Frauen mut Anstand und Charakter keine Nation kommt an uns ran.💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

Wir reden jetzt gerade von der Tonne Make-Up was die meisten im Gesicht haben, und dies „Schönheit“ nennen oder ?
Was manche als Schönheit bezeichnen kann man mit einem Feuchttuch weg wischen.

Do you think teens nowadays are different from your generation of teens

Yeah. We used to have orange faces with foundation shades 378448 shades darker than our actual skin tone. Clumpy mascara, no eyeshadow blending. What was contour? Teenagers these days seem to have skipped their embarrassing looking stage and are straight makeup artists. 😂
Liked by: igotamatch Khalid Livi;

Did you ever buy something with points instead of money ?

I earn points every time I shop with Boots, so I usually save them up until December and buy Christmas presents with them. I tend to buy a lot of makeup and skincare from Boots, so it does all add up!
Liked by: Khalid Paige Slater

Chci se tu jen vyjádřit k tomu, jak vypadám na těch fotkách, protože evidentně tu mám nějaký debily, co jsou asi slepý. 😂 To, že na nějaký fotce vypadám maličko jinak dělá to, že tam mám úplně jiný vlasy ať už delší či obarvený a to, že ta fotka je třeba 5-6 stará, takže je jasný, že tam budu jiná.

sarynay’s Profile PhotoSarynaY
A hlavně se zajímám o make-up, takže jedu kolikrát úplně jinej styl líčení, takže to též v tom hraje roli. Ale upřímně jsem fakt netušila, že mi někdo bude psát, že vypadám úplně jinak či, že to je úplně jiná holka. Myslím si, že ty rysy mě tam jdou vidět úplně v pohodě a kdo je kurva nevidí, tak ať jde k očnímu či jako už fakt nevím. 😂😂

Have you ever worn makeup or styled your hair in a way that made you look way older? I was looking at my graduation photos and remembered when I and other students went to this then-new salon. They made us look 30 at 17/18. Hell, I am 30 now and I look younger than I did then with that makeup&hair💀

It’s never happened before, thankfully. I never went to a salon to get my makeup done. I just got my diploma and went home.

In the ancient days Egyptean men wore make up and in 1700 European men wore wigs and heels. If men today wore makeup, or wigs, or heels, would they be considered drag queens?

Nope. Depends what kind of makeup. Black eyeliner, corpse paint… big fan. I knew a straight dude that wore foundation because he was insecure.

Miss your relatively revealing pics.You've been super conservative since you got a baby tf.

I literally live in pajamas, and if I do go out its to run errands, I haven't dressed up or done my makeup in over 5 months. Lmfao you think I'm lying around in lingerie all day when I'm constantly covered in spit up and changing diapers lol
This weekend is the first time in over a year I'm getting dressed up and I'm getting my hair and makeup done just to splurge and pamper myself

are you obsessed with your looks?

A little bit, but not as much as I used to be. There was once a time I wouldn't leave the house without my hair and makeup done. I don't enjoy doing it, but I'll now leave the house without makeup and I genuinely can't even remember the last time I straightened my hair properly. 😅. I think it's a mixture of getting older and not caring as much anymore.

Sometimes I wish boys could do makeovers, eye makeup, and all glamorous looks.

I usually encourage people doing what they like, just know
Odds thing we find attractive are not always from inside, sometimes its from beside.
Do u do the morning evening azkar to protect you from evil we share our world, room and other things with? :)

What was the last thing that happened to you that had unfortunate timing? 🙃 (Today at the library, the fire alarm went as I was 15 min away from finishing an assignment)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I was going to attend a baby shower and was also planning on dressing better as well as showering before attending but things didn’t go as planned. Since I was constantly on my phone and putting off my to do list for hours, it was eventually time to leave and I still haven’t picked out nice clothes and didn’t have the time to shower so I looked less than presentable (imo). I didn’t want to go but eventually ended up going because my mom really wanted me to but the entire time I was there, I couldn’t help but feel like I stood out since the women around me dressed up more nicely and were also applying makeup next to me.

Sometimes I wish boys could do makeovers, eye makeup, and all glamorous looks.

Boys can do this but we have different social standards. We belong to a society where mard ko Dard nai hota! Taking care of yourself, being well dressed, maintaing a hairstyle will not question your manhood.
At the time of Holy Prophet (SAW), sahaba used hazab, kohl (surma), miswak etc to remain updated as per their time.
So by fulfilling the prerequisites of today's time men can also do whatever they want to. Islam has given us flexibility but we are religiously following an integrated society which is complex and make people full of complex and insecurities.

Do you come from a family that would care about how you’d dress when going outside and how you choose to present yourself to the world?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
My father did. He didn’t like the whole goth/metal thing and he definitely didn’t like me wearing skirts and makeup. My mother was always supportive of me and even influenced by my fashion and music taste.

warum sind immer mehr frauen so aggro gegen männer? man kann nicht mehr normal reden mit vielen

Hier mal eine (erweiterbare) Liste an Dingen, die Männer bei Frauen sexuaIisieren und fétischisieren:
- Hände/Handflächen
- Füße
- Brüsté
- Híntern
- Bauch
- Beine
- Gesicht
- Rücken
- der weibliche Körper generell
- Hijab, Bedeckung
- knappe/enge Outfits
- Tattoos
- Piercings
- sportliche Outfits
- Frisuren
- Augenfarben
- Ethnien (einfaches Beispiel: Russinnen, Asiatinnen)
- Unsicherheiten
- psychische Erkrankungen
- Stimme
- wenn Frau etwas isst/trinkt
- wenn Frau auf Toilette geht
- wenn Frau Luftballons/Tüten aufpustet
- wenn Frau auf etwas drauftritt
- wenn Frau einfach nur läuft
- schimpfende/fIuchende Frauen
- Pupse
- Schweiß
- High Heels (oder generell bestimmte Schuhe)
- Make-up
- rote Haare, blonde Haare
- Frauen, die Kampfsport machen
- Frauen, die tanzen
- Frauen, die ins Fitnessstudio gehen und trainieren
- Frauen, die schwimmen
- Frauen, die professionell Kraftsport machen
- Frauen, die Longboard/Skateboard fahren
- Frauen, die zocken
- Frauen, die atmen
- Badebekleidung
- Lesen
- Brillen
- bestimmte Berufe (z.B. Lehrerin)
- Freundlichkeit/Nettigkeit
- Sanftmut
- "Kratzbürstigkeit"
- Durchsetzungsvermögen
- Schüchternheit
- Schmuck
- Blicke
- junge/attraktive Mütter ("Milf")
- Schwangerschaft
- Lesbísche/bisexuelIe Frauen
- enge Frauenfreundschaften
- Sommersprossen
- sehr helle Haut
- Sommerbräune
- glatte Haare
- lockige Haare
- lange Haare
- kurze Haare
- Natürlichkeit
- aufgespritzte Lippen/gemachte 0berweite
- kleine 0berweite
- große 0berweite
- bestimmte Figurtypen
- Kleider und Röcke
- schüchternes Verhalten
- Körpergröße
- Tomboy-Style
- Körperbehaarung (oder die Abwesenheit dieser)
- Unterwäsche
- wenn Frauen gut mit Kindern oder alten Menschen umgehen können
- Romantische/melancholische Frauen
- vom Verhalten her "dominante" Frauen
- vom Verhalten her "unterwürfige" Frauen
- religiöse Frauen
- anti-religiöse Frauen
- asexueIIe/aromantische Frauen
- Geld
- biologische Frauen, die sich nicht (mehr) als Frauen identifizieren
- VerIetzlichkeit
- Singen
Ich könnte die Liste noch ewig weiterführen. Sprich, als Frau kann man jederzeit für so ziemlich alles von Männern sexuaIisiert werden, unsere Existenz ist anscheinend schon ausreichend für sowas.
Wenn das über Jahrhunderte hinweg strukturell geschieht und man die Auswirkungen stets spürt oder gar schon schIechte Erfahrungen gemacht hat, dann ist es meiner Meinung nach vollkommen normal, ablehnend oder sogar aggressív auf Männer generell zu reagieren, weil man nie weiß, was diese Männer denken oder welche Absichten sie haben.
Ja, wir wissen alle, dass es auch ganz tolle, liebe, respektvolle Männer gibt, aber man kann diese leider nicht immer sofort aus der Männermasse herauskristallisieren. Die meisten Frauen haben, denke ich, keinen Bock, sexuaIisiert zu werden und wollen einfach existieren.

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I got yelled at by my new lady friend for this, I said to her I pefer her without makeup than with makeup apparently that's rude. All I said was she looks better without makeup what did I say wrong

Bro... Well We men think it's a compliment, and it is, but... I think she would feel that the time she spent on makeup not worth it, So I guess that's why she got upset, maybe she put on makeup to look more beautiful for you.

I got yelled at by my new lady friend for this, I said to her I pefer her without makeup than with makeup apparently that's rude. All I said was she looks better without makeup what did I say wrong

Some people like how they look with makeup and it can be a bit insulting to them to say they look better without it, like you called them ugly with makeup on 😂 it's fine to say you like how they look without it but saying better probably makes them feel bad about how they look with their makeup on

What activities/hobbies give you dopamine? (What hobbies make you go absolutely crazy?)

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I absolutely LOVE hiking, bowling, gaming, hairstyling, doing makeup, cooking, baking, drawing, painting, and writing. I also, love going to amusement parks and festivals, but it’s rare I actually get a chance to go to either one. I was lucky enough though, to experience TWO festivals last year, and it made me so happy! 😁
However, hiking has to be one of the top ones… Especially if it’s a more difficult hike, and you get the payoff of an amazing view at the end, plus being out in nature, it doesn’t get much better than that for me. Like the amount of dopamine is HIGH! 😂☺️
(Took this after completing one of many hikes in Hawaii. This is what I mean when I say payoff.) 😍
What activitieshobbies give you dopamine What hobbies make you go absolutely

For cewek², please gw butuh jawaban kalian. Jd, gw mau belajar make up buat acara perpisahan sm nanti kerja. Nah, tolong sebutin peralatan make up dari yg basic sampe ke yg cukup diperluin, dan fungsi+cara pake. Asli gw baru tau foundation, bedak, lipstik, pensil alis, maskara, eyeliner. Tolong bngt

Hi girl, I need to see your face so I can give a simple tips because for some girls they don't need to use foundation, just bedak (can be pensil alis), no need eye shadow, just add eyeliner (or use eye shadow black) and lipstik
^ini untuk daily use tapi tergantung juga sama bentuk mukamu
btw, rutin cuci muka pake sabun cuci muka sebelum makeup and apply toner before makeup

Say, Askians, if you had to choose a topic or a type for your vlog, what would you choose? Bearing in mind that it would be for a project.

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
I would chose my life like it is as simple as shit, you don't need to make any content you don't need to dress up and makeup yourself you don't need to make fake things just post what ever you are doing name will be also simple like life with Berlin and you have alot of things to show your followers so I would prefer my daily routine ❤️

Dior/Chanel? Charlotte Tilbury/Patrick Ta? Maybelline/Covergirl? Tower 28/Saie Beauty? Nars/Anastasia? Rare beauty/Glossier? Huda beauty/Haus Labs? Fenty/Milk Makeup? Gisou/Glow Recipe? Too Faced/Kosas? Ulta/Sephora?

🍃 Dior
Ну вообще-то так нечестно 👺
Но я объясню
Chanel - это классика, один из лучших брендов косметики и всего остального, как и Dior
Но блески для губ и помады от Dior - это что-то божественное! Поэтому я выбираю Диор
🍃 Charlotte Tilbury
Очень качественная косметика с эстетичным дизайном
🍃 Maybelline
Я не знакома с брендом Covergirl, а Maybelline у меня на слуху с самого детства, и он реально хороший
🍃 Tower 28
У них офигенные блески для губ
Дизайн более эстетичный, качественные тональники и крутые помады
🍃 Rare Beauty
Выбираю чисто из любви к Селене, а так мне нравятся оба бренда
🍃 Haus Labs
Выбираю из любви к Леди Гаге 😂
А так не пользовалась ни одним, ни другим
Но у Huda Beauty палетки теней выглядят офигенно
🍃 Fenty
У меня есть несколько продуктов этого бренда, но второй тоже выглядит прикольно
🍃 Glow Recipe
Они оба выглядят клёво, и я однозначно попробую оба бренда, но у Glow Recipe всё с какими-то фруктово-ягодными ароматами, и меня это не может не подкупить 🌝
🍃 Too Faced
Безумно милый и эстетичный дизайн 😍
🍃 Sephora
Ну это база, это знать надо, как говорицца
А с брендом Ulta я не знакома

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Ej, laski, współczuję wam tyle wydawać na kosmetyki 😮‍💨 Pudry, nie Pudry 😅

Murzyniopl’s Profile Photokocimiętka
Kto musi wydawać ten musi. Ja zawsze i wszędzie czułam się komfortowo bez makijażu. Może raptem 2 razy miałam w życiu make-up. Kiedyś usłyszałam słowa, które utkwiły w mojej pamięci, a mianowicie „Kobieta, która się maluje dba o siebie” czyli rozumiem, że jak mam cały czas naturalną twarz, to nie dbam o siebie!? Od kiedy makijaż decyzuje o tym? Nie każdy musi lubić tapetę. Czuje się kobieca, pewna siebie gdy jestem naturalna, nie obawiam się niczego, nie oszukuje samej siebie, nie jestem sztuczna:)))
Sztuką jest czuć się piękną nie mając maski! :>

Dior/Chanel? Charlotte Tilbury/Patrick Ta? Maybelline/Covergirl? Tower 28/Saie Beauty? Nars/Anastasia? Rare beauty/Glossier? Huda beauty/Haus Labs? Fenty/Milk Makeup? Gisou/Glow Recipe? Too Faced/Kosas? Ulta/Sephora?

1. История дома Chanel мне больше нравится. И сумки их люблю
2. Выберу Charlotte Tilbury, потому что продукты бренда Patrick Ta не пробовала
3. Долгое время блески для губ Covergirl были моими любимыми, поэтому выбираю его
4. Больше нравится дизайн Saie Beauty
5. Nars проигрывает из-за своей ужасно маркой упаковки, выбираю Anastasia Beverly Hills
6. У Rare beauty очень нравится дизайн, качество румян тоже на высоте
7. Люблю Леди Гагу, так что выбор падает на её бренд Haus Labs
8. Fenty, потому что со вторым брендом я не знакома
9. Нравится Gisou
10. Конечно мои любимки Too Faced
11. Sephora

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