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I'm going to a party tomorrow and the theme is "Vacation". If you were going to said party, what'd you wear? You can interpret that theme however you wish 😎🏝🛩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
An long orange sundress, an earring in the form of a cherry, earrings in the form of an orange slice, a straw and an umbrella in my hair - I'm a harvey wallbanger cocktail. The beauty of decision is that it is served even in Murmansk. Or, if the dress is midi and blue, "blue hawaii".
a Google maps navigator suit would be more logical, but I've already drawn so many of them that they make me siсk

Thoughts on pieces so loud that all ensemble members are wearing earplugs?

anonsynth’s Profile Photoanonsynth
I would never put myself in the environment. With the excellent sound systems today there is no need to subject your hearing to those excessive volumes. When I use an amplifier it functions more as a monitor for me and the volume is controlled by the sound engineer.
Sometimes I go direct out from my processor and perform using headphones. I see no reason to use 10 stacks of Marshall maps and mostly I use between 20 watts and 60 watts. Even 100 watts is excessive for a guitar, in my opinion. Instead I rely on the excellent sound systems.

Umiesz pływać ? 😎🏆

agnieszkazegar’s Profile PhotoPani DuCHowata ❤️
Od dwunastego roku życia posiadam kartę pływacką.
Wiecie co Wam powiem? Zaczyna być bardzo ciekawie, kto by się tego spodziewał, że Google Maps - Google.pl pokażą takie sprawy: https://wiadomosci.onet.pl/swiat/bunkier-putina-na-zdjeciach-satelitarnych-google-maps-zdejmuje-cenzure-z-rosyjskich/j0fe8t9?utm_source=browser_viasg_wiadomosci&utm_medium=pushpushgo&utm_campaign=allonet_00d_&srcc=ucs&utm_v=2

People who don’t like to travel, why is that?

There's some cool architecture and landscapes to see, but looking at cool old things isn't really very exciting to me, and I'm from the USA where we have every type of climate and geography, so there's not much gained by flying 9 hours to see a different mountain. I have to travel extensively for work, and before I had money I used to dream of being able to travel one day, but when I actually started doing it, I felt extremely underwhelmed. It's not that I don't like it, I'm just a little spoiled. I live near a major city, and my state is one of the biggest, so I have world-class museums, restaurants, and other attractions about 40 minutes away. I also like living/sleeping at home the best. Makes it hard to justify taking a trip to most places in the US, and places outside the US can be expensive and/or swarming with covid.
Sounds like you need a travel agent! Good travel agents today can do all the planning for you (flights, hotels, transfers, event tickets, etc.), and don't charge any fees since they get paid by the suppliers (i.e. the resorts or whatever that you book with). Most are hom online only so you don't need to go to them in person. Honestly there's really no reason not to book with travel agent these days, especially with all the insanity of Covid protocols, testing, etc. And they often have access to better deals (or extra perks) than you can find online, or can at least get the same pricing. Feel free to pm me for a recommendation (but full disclosure, it's my wife lol).
I personally LOVE to travel! But since having a family, I noticed that it’s way more work for me to take my family (with all their food allergies) away from home, where I know I can keep them safe and fed. The cost-benefit analysis has to come out in favor of seeing something special to take the risks.
I used to LOVE traveling but when I hit my early 40's I started getting super sick to my stomach every time I would travel. Add to that the fact that plane travel is horrible now it really discourages me. I still do it, though, just not often because I have to work myself up to it. I can only get by if I barely eat while traveling.
My SO is someone who just never felt the need to. It's not that he actively dislikes to travel, it's just that he doesn't have that strong I MUST HAVE SEEN X OR Y BEFORE I DIE feeling a lot of people have. I do like to travel, and he enjoys himself when he comes along, but he would've been just as happy had he not had those experiences, whereas I would've definitely felt I was missing out on something. People like to shit on people with no desire to travel (I used to) but honestly, if you'd ask me who is generally more happy or satisfied with life, him or me, it's him.
I get anxious when trying to navigate an unfamiliar place, and I don't like asking for help. That doesn't stop me from looking at maps obsessively and fantasizing about what life is like in other places, though.

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Publikujesz opinie o miejscach np sklepach, w google maps?

spieyrdalaj’s Profile Photooffline
Mam mapy google, oraz mapy Ziemi (Ziemia widziana z kosmosu). W ogóle od dawna mam konto google, ale publikuję opinii o handlu.
Dla wszystkich czytających tą odpowiedź filmik z Facebooka (Tik-Tok) https://www.facebook.com/jolanta.wierzbinska.946/videos/721300115906217

Войну начали они, а страдать будут все. Список мировых компаний, ушедших из России (на данный момент их более 90, и количество растет)

a_stia’s Profile PhotoAnastasiya Pochotnaya
Мировые компании в знак протеста против военной агрессии Кремля сворачивают или ограничивают бизнес-операции в России.
Список этих компаний очень велик, и он постоянно расширяется.
Президент России лишил всех:
Apple Pay – частичная блокировка
Apple – полный выход из российского рынка
Adidas – отказ от работы со сборной России по футболу
Audi – выходят из рынка
AMD – запрет поставки микрочипов и вскоре запрет поставки видеокарт
Amazon – полная блокировка всего ритейла
Adobe – полная блокировка
British Petrolium – избавятся от своей доли в «Роснефти», которая составляет 20% акций
BBC – отзыв лицензий на вещание
BMW – закрывает заводы, блокирует поставки
Bolt – выход из рынка
Boeing – выход с рынка
Chevrolet – выходят с рынка
Cannes Festival – недопуск российской делегации
Cadillac – выходят с рынка
Carlsberg – ограничение экспорта
Cex Io – крипто площадка банит российских пользователей
Cinema 4D – не работает программа
Coca Cola – выход из рынка
Danone – выход с рынка вместе с дочерней компанией «Простоквашино»
Disney – отмена всех фильмов
Dell – выход с рынка
Dropbox – перестанет работать в стране через несколько дней
DHL – выход с рынка
Eurovision – дисквалификация, россия не сможет участвовать
Ericsson – выход с рынка
Exxon Mobil – отзывают всех специалистов по нефтяным компаниям РФ
Etsy – блок всех балансов на российских счетах
Facebook – бан аккаунтов российских СМИ
FedEx – полный запрет поставок
Formula 1 – отмена турнира в Сочи
Ford – закрывает все магазины
FIFA – дисквалификация сборной на ЧМ и запрет на проведение любых международных матчей в России
Google Pay – частичная блокировка
Google Maps – блокировка информации для РФ
General Motors – останавливает экспорт
HP – запрет ввоза
Harley Davidson – прекращение поставок
Instagram – блокировка кремлевской пропаганды
Intel – запрет поставки микрочипов
Jaguar – выходят с рынка
Jooble – удалили сервис и сделали заявление
KUNA – выход с рынка
Lenovo – выход с рынка
LinkedIn – готовятся к полному выходу из страны
MOK – отмена всех соревнований российских (и белорусских) атлетов
Mastercard – приостановка производства карт, отключение нескольких банков
Maersk – остановка поставок в/из России («Прощайте, шмотки с Ali express и ASOS», – прокомментировала Рыковцева)
Mercedes – выход из страны
Megogo – удаление всех российских фильмов
Metro – увольнение 10 000 работников
Mitsubishi – увольнение работников 141 сервисного центра
Microsoft Office – обсуждается широкий комплекс мероприятий
Mobile World Congress – отказ аккредитации для делегации из РФ
NFT – блок средств пользователей РФ и РБ, перевод их денег в Украине
NHL – полный блок для игроков из России
Netflix – блок для российских подписок, остановка производства российских сериалов
Nike – закрывают все магазины
Nintendo – запрет на покупки в рублях
Nestle – закрывает все 6 фабрик в РФ
OnlyFans – закрытие страны
Paysera – блокировка
продолжение списка во 2 части в профиле

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Войну начали они а страдать будут все Список мировых компаний ушедших из России

Apple прекратит поставку техники в Россию. Как теперь быть любителям данного бренда ?

id742896209’s Profile Photodelirium tremens
Статус бизнес-изоляции РФ на 02 марта 2022:
Apple Pay - полный блок
Apple - полный выход с рынка
Adidas - отказ от работы со сборной по футболу
Audi - выходят с рынка
AMD - запрет поставки микрочипов и вскоре запрет на поставку видеокарт
Amazon - полный блок всего ритейла
Adobe - полный блок
British Petrolium - вышли из Роснефти 20% акций
BBC - отзыв лицензий на вещание
BMW - закрывает заводы, блокирует поставки
Bolt - выход с рынка
Boeing - выход с рынка
Chevrolet - выходят с рынка
Cannes Festival - блок рф делегации
Cadillac - выходят с рынка
Carlsberg - ограничение экспорта
Cex Io - крипто площадка банит ру юзеров
Cinema 4D - не работает приложение
Coca Cola - выход с рынка
Danone - выход с рынка вместе с дочерней компанией Простоквашино
Disney - отмена всех фильмов
Dell - выход с рынка
Dropbox - перестанет работать в стране через несколько дней
DHL - выход с рынка
Eurovision - дисквалификация
Ericsson - выход с рынка
Exxon Mobil - отзывают всех специалистов из нефтяных компаний РФ
Etsy - блок всех балансов на ру счетах
Facebook - бан аккаунтов РФ СМИ
FedEx - полный запрет поставок
Formula 1 - отмена турнира в Сочи
Ford - закрывает все магазины
FIFA - дисквалификация сборной на ЧМ и запрет на проведение любых международных матчей в РФ
Google Pay - частичный блок
Google Maps - блок инфо для РФ
General Motors - останавливает экспорт
HP - запрет ввоза
Harley Davidson - прекращение поставок
Instagram - блокировка пропаганды
Intel - запрет поставки микрочипов
Jaguar - выходят с рынка
Jooble - удалили сервис и сделали заявление
KUNA - выход м рынка
Lenovo - выход с рынка
LinkedIn - готовятся к полному выходу из страны
MOK - отмена всех соревнований
Mastercard - приостановка производства карт, отключение нескольких банков
Maersk - остановка поставок в/из рф - прощай шмот с Ali express и ASOS
Mercedes - выход из страны
Megogo - удаление всех русских фильмов

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@forgottenfifth @Stoicviolet @AngryBlueLink @PyromaniaRed @MrImportantHero

FearTheBlood’s Profile Photoɢᴏᴏᴅ ʜᴜɴᴛᴇʀ. . .
ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʀᴋᴇꜱᴛ ʜᴏᴜʀ ɪꜱ ᴀʟᴡᴀʏꜱ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ ᴅᴀᴡɴ.
. . .
ꜱᴏᴍᴇ ꜱᴀʏ ᴛᴡɪʟɪɢʜᴛ ɪꜱ ᴡʜᴇɴ ʀᴇᴀʟᴍꜱ ᴍᴇʀɢᴇ ᴛᴏɢᴇᴛʜᴇʀ.
. . .
ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ ᴏɴᴇꜱ ᴀʀᴇ ʜᴜɴɢʀʏ...
The moon will show no mercy tonight. A foul wind is blowing. Upon the very edges of Hyrule, where maps end and wilderness begins, a gateway opens, and a Scourge spills out...
ɪᴛ ᴡɪʟʟ ʙᴇ ᴀ ʟᴏɴɢ ʜᴜɴᴛ ᴛᴏɴɪɢʜᴛ.
forgottenfifth Stoicviolet AngryBlueLink PyromaniaRed MrImportantHero

Which is the most exotic place you have been to?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
It must have been that time in school when our class went to South America. What a fucking place! All the delicious food, unbelievable nature and beaches from another world. You could even order drinks with fucking sparklers and shit.
Ah, those were the days! At least that's what they wrote in the fucking postcard. I don't fucking fly, so I had to stay home and study math.
I have read them so many times now that it almost feels like I have been there. I don't know. Maybe that doesn't count.
Let me think. 🤔
Hawaii is another beautiful place. 😍👌 I went there a couple of weeks ago on Google maps. Holy shit! I go there every winter. 😎

cewe bisa baca map gak?

BigBro_12’s Profile PhotoYooo
Pasti ada yang bisa, mau cerita dikit kalau beberapa waktu lalu pesan ojek online dan aku ganti lokasi (tetap dijalan yang sama). Btw abangnya baik, mau nganterin hehe, terus aku search coffee shop nya pakai Google Maps, aku arahin dan ternyata salah arah + harus muter balik jauh banget, akhirnya abangnya lihat sendiri mapsnya, dijelasin, dan diajarin cara lihat mapsnya. Maafin aku ya abang ojol 🥲

Czy kiedykolwiek jedząc w jakimś barze albo restauracji czułeś/aś się później źle po tym jedzeniu?

Julciopat’s Profile PhotoPani w okularach ☺️
Obecnie wybieram lokale na podstawie dobrych opinii pisanych przez odwiedzających na google maps, przez co niemal zawsze trafiam na pewniaka.
Bardzo dawno temu podczas jednej z imprez u sąsiada na wiosce kumple wybrali się "ogarem" po gastro w środku nocy, w dodatku przez pola (bo bliżej) na stację benzynową, w której mieli "szybki i tani" catering. Wszyscy poza mną struli się do tego stopnia, że wręcz latali jeden po drugim aby zwrócić zjedzonego przed momentem hamburgera. Z racji, że nie było mi absolutnie nic, stwierdziłem, że duża ilość alkoholu wraz z łapczywym zjadaniem fast fooda do niczego dobrego nie prowadzi. 😉


Gohan se sintió un poco mejor cuando aquel hombre no se burló y sólo sonrió, ¡Incluso le había respondido en señas! A pesar de que Driver estaba un poco oxidado, el robot había entendido perfectamente y apreciaba el detalle.
Al llegar al auto lo inspeccionó con la mirada y se subió en el asiento del coopiloto, fijándose *intensamente* en como el auto era conducido. Miró hacia el frente una vez le formularon la duda, intentando ubicarse.
— Sé de una ferretería, de dos mecánicos y una tienda de autopartes cerca. Dime cuál te suena mejor y te daré indicaciones. — Le mencionó los lugares cercanos y, una vez Driver escogió un lugar, Gohan comenzó a darle indicaciones tal cuál Google Maps lo haría.(?)

What was the most reckless thing that you have ever done?✨✌🏻

jawariaiqbal3’s Profile PhotoJairi :)
Mera Dimensions of Geopolitics ka class tha and sir ny bola students open your maps and mery mind mein Johnny Johnny wala poem tha Main ny open your mouth samjh ky reply kerdia Ha Ha Ha. Sir kehty "Noor you don't have to be a joker all the time" jis ka answer dia main ny ky Circus mein joker nahi hoga toh business kesy chaly ga? Sir ko ghussa pata nahi kiyu aa gya nikal dia mujhy class sy. 😂😂😂

wie war dein montag?

Ich hatte heute eigentlich einen Termin, habe aber die Praxis meines neuen Neurologen nicht gefunden. Alles war total unübersichtlich, ich habe eine halbe Stunde lang alles abgesucht und bei Google Maps sowie Google Earth nachgeschaut - zwecklos. Völlig überfordert hab ich dann dort angerufen, aber es ist keiner rangegangen.
Um mich zu beruhigen, saß ich im Anschluss zwanzig Minuten im Geschäft meiner Mom in der Toilette.
Danach bin ich in die Buchhandlung gegangen und habe mir spontan ein neues Buch ausgesucht. Es ist noch verschweißt, ich habe noch nie etwas davon gehört und bin sehr neugierig darauf. Normalerweise lese ich mir im Internet die Leseprobe sowie tausende von Rezensionen zu einem Buch durch, bevor ich eines kaufe. Aber ich habe vergessen, wie wundervoll es sein kann, einfach so ein Buch mitzunehmen und sich dann völlig überraschen zu lassen - ohne vorgefertigte Meinungen, Spoiler oder anderes, was meine Meinung im entferntesten beeinflussen könnte.

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What were some of the general highlights of 2021 for you? Was there anyone or anything that made last year better despite the circumstances? ⭐

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
- I achieved a Bachelor's degree in Geography, mainly focussing on geomorphology, environmental management and soil and water sciences.
- I got into photography more, which is a fun and pleasant activity.
- I improved my mental health a LOT.
- I started my Master's degree in Physical Geography and even though the first semester is awful and mainly focussing on programming (which I don't hate but three modules with the same stuff are too much to handle), I am looking forward to the second in summer. I am also planning on moving out this year and experience new things, explore other surroundings and learn to get by by myself.
- A friend of mine started playing video games and I just love to see her turning into a total nerd, haha. She even surpassed my level in Final Fantasy 14. >:(
- My internship from June to July was really nice. I learned a lot of new things about mining maps and digitalizing them with ArcGIS.
- After a long absence due to COVID-19 the Christmas markets were finally opened again (more or less), so that I was able to visit one nearby and it was such a nice experience. I didn't mind the rain, the cold or the many people.
- I joined Christy Anne Jones' monthly book club and even though, I have no time or motivation to read a lot at the moment, I am still happy to participate in the discussions.
- I started working out again one week ago and I love how I am feeling afterwards (tired and dead but proud and lean).

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Покупаете онлайн курсы ? 🌞

lolashina’s Profile PhotoLisa-Anna Olashina
Нет. Курсы - это систематизированная информация в интернете. Своего рода аналог книги. Хорошо, когда это живые курсы, когда есть преподаватель который все знает и готов консультировать, отвечать именно на твои вопросы и подсказывать, почему оно не работает и что не так. Я к примеру изучал программирование сам, но понял, что мне этого мало и закончил высшее в университете. Там я тоже не многому научился, лишь основам. Всегда выручает интернет, тут есть всё. Главное знать, что искать. А для этого нужно знать основы программирования.
Яркий пример: глупый ищет "как создать программу", потому что даже не знает в чем её пишут, а умный ищет "Google Maps API" на английском, потому что знает основы и представляет конкретные цели. Кстати, изучать язык программирования по готовым примерам - лучший вариант. Главное, чтобы изначально не попадался код написанный гуру. В нем вы точно ничего не поймете. Простенькие примеры лучше любого курса. Но начинать нужно с ОСНОВ.
📆 Пт, 17 дек. 🕠 15:06

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🙈 Vous aimez faire des quêtes ?

DaniaGio1’s Profile PhotoDania Giò ✔
question automatisée, mais j'ai tout de même une réponse à apporter. dans les jeux vidéo, oui, j'aime faire les quêtes, les principales comme les secondaires, même s'il est rare que j'aie assez de patience pour terminer mes quêtes secondaires, car je veux trop me focus sur mes quêtes principales pour continuer l'histoire mdr, mais j'aime tout autant explorer les diverses maps, “errer sans but” (si ce n'est ma propre distraction) dans le jeu... je trouve ça fun, d'admirer les environnements, de grimper partout... ಠ‿ಠ

Gdy ktoś na ulicy pyta cię o drogę dokądś to starasz się wytłumaczyć?

marcin_34’s Profile Photo⭐ marcin Ⓜ️
◦ staram się być uprzejma i pomóc, jeśli znam drogę bądź poszukać informacji na szybkości w google maps, bo czasami zdarzy się, że ktoś mnie zapyta i nie ma ze sobą telefonu lub jest rozładowany 😏

What are you naturally good at?

Music. I can pick up almost any instrument without really trying. I have guitar, bass, piano, drums, trombone, trumpet, tuna, euphonium, and various others.
All things sport. I'm just one of them people that can pick up any sport and be good at it in a short amount of time e.g. anything from tennis, golf, football (soccer for you heathens), to karting, snooker + pool
Bass guitar. I can play most bass lines by ear.. I dont really need to pactice, it just feels like I am "talking" or painting with sounds. Hard to describe.. I really love playing though and it is quite cathartic.
Imitating people's voices, doing cartoon voices, funny foreign accents. For years I thought everybody could do that, and just weren't as afraid of embarrassing themselves as I was.
Annoying people by succeeding at school without putting the effort in. I noticed during university as they would act a bit spiteful when grades were brought up. Now they joke about how far I would go if I applied myself. To bad I'm lazy as Fuck.
Learning to play video games. Somewhat useless as far as life skills go, especially because my ceiling for skill that much above average. But I love it when a new game comes out so I can play online and figure out all the best tactics before anyone else.
I remember when Monday Night Combat came out, I loved that game, but my friends and I were pretty much unbeatable. I ended up getting #1 on the leaderboards for a little while, it’s an amazing feeling that is just impossible to get with older games.
Adapting to any environment, from playing games, sports, social event, academics, work environment, etc. Can fit into any situation and survive. A chameleon if you will. Not trying to boast, it's just a life skill that I try to harness and develop.
For example: a while back I was visiting my hometown and was calling up a good friend that I had not seen in a while. I could immedielty tell that something was bothering him just by the way he said "Hello" when answering the phone. I asked him is he was okay and he told me something to the effect of, "Not my wife, not my brother, sister or my kids could tell that I've been depressed these past few days but within seconds you called me out on it man." and we had a chat about what was getting to him. I can also tell when people are done talking to me, so needless to say I can tell pretty good when it time for me to shut up and let them go.
I've had friends ask me for recommendations in cities I haven't been to in five or ten years. If I can't remember the location of the place I'm recommending off the top of my head, I can go to google maps, find a spot I know I visited, and retrace my steps back to any point in my trip. Even for cities I've only been to for a day, 10 years ago.

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Voglio leggervi. Dita sulla tastiera e pronti alla scrittura. Buona serata.

Myssidia’s Profile PhotoMelissa
Credo nel potere benefico delle docce calde. Lo scorrere dell'acqua tiepida sulle spalle riesce sempre a donarmi conforto, ecco il motivo per il quale - in simili circostanze - preferisco spesso il silenzio. Mi piace raccogliermi al centro della cabina, stringere le gambe al petto e poggiare il mento su di esse. Ascolto il suono che mi circonda, osservo la mia pelle ruvida e mi lascio abbindolare dai pensieri che passano. Di recente ho scoperto un anime davvero grazioso - “Voglio mangiare il tuo pancreas”, pellicola del 2018 - il quale ha lasciato una risonanza piuttosto forte tra le mie riflessioni, una traccia andata a sommarsi a pensieri che prendevano spazio oramai da qualche giorno.
Senza voler avanzare spoiler, nel film la protagonista parla di scelte e di come le nostre, in un modo o nell'altro, ci portino ad incontrare le persone alle quali siamo destinate. In parole povere: serve tempo per conoscere il nostro destino.
Meditavo ancora una volta sull'Amore - fin qui niente di nuovo - e sul tema della fretta, in particolare. Non comprendo la smania altrui di voler trovare, quanto prima, qualcuno da poter tenere al proprio fianco. Bello sentirsi innamorati, che dolce sensazione. Credo che a nessuno verrebbe spontaneo negare una simile affermazione; detto questo, tra le regole non scritte del manuale del buon vivere, compare la voce “per ogni cosa il suo tempo”, e questo - miei cari lettori - vale anche per l'Amore. Non si ha spazio per un sentimento tanto grande se prima non si ha modo di gratificare la propria persona, se non si dispone del volere di accogliere e se non ci si presenta umili di fronte alla sorpresa. Non si tratta di nomi, neppure di fortuna, e non si tratta di dover attendere molto o poco; si deve poter credere, ecco quanto. Ne ho avuto prova nel mio lungo vagare, nutrendomi delle esperienze altrui, facendone tesoro, curando le mie ferite nel profondo. Non crediate serva guarire per poter meritare Amore: esso ad ogni modo sa scegliere quando - e in chi - infondere il proprio veleno, un veleno che si rivela esser cura per l'anima. L'attesa fa parte del cammino, la prima di innumerevoli prove da poter affrontare. In diciotto anni non ho mai perso le speranze, ho sempre creduto che qualcosa di buono fosse stato creato anche per me, e che ne sarebbe valsa la pena, un giorno, uno di quelli solo in apparenza simili agli altri. E non mi son lasciata distrarre da inutili passatempo, no signore. Non ho mai rinfacciato il destino per il tempo perduto, per la pazienza sprecata, per quelle volte in cui mi son ritrovata a pensare “anche io vorrei”. Non ho avuto fretta, e non comprendo chi se ne lascia travolgere in pieno. Ogni minuto speso ad esistere ci avvicina man mano alla meta, inevitabilmente, ma viviamo nell'autentica realtà delle cose, in cui non disponiamo di un conto alla rovescia come in Maps, non di una clessidra con la sabbia che scorre e neppure di sciocche regole imposte. Godete del presente, lasciatevi sorprendere.

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Voglio leggervi
Dita sulla tastiera e pronti alla scrittura
Buona serata

¿Alguna vez te ha jugado una mala pasada GPS como el de Google Maps? En caso de que si ¿cómo fue esa experiencia?

Hubo una vez que para ir a trabajar tuvimos que ir a un lugar a 150 kilómetros y parte del camino es por carreteras de montaña, y en un momento dado nos confiamos porque teníamos que ir unos 40 kilómetros hasta girar para otra carretera, y cuando miramos el GPS solo quedaban unos 150 metros, un poco más y la liamos parda

Te has perdido alguna vez,ya sea en metro,bus,viajando?

No 🤔 afortunadamente 🤭🤭 pero si me da mucho miedo perderme y cuando tengo oportunidad de que alguien me acompañe aprovecho para no irme solita y si no se puede pongo mi Google maps 🙈 y así me siento más segura para llegar a dónde voy 🙈🙈🙊
✨Que tengas una linda noche ✨

In welcher Stadt wohnt du? :)

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Die Stadt in der ich wohne, werde ich nicht verraten. Aber wenn man intelligent ist und sich wirklich dafür interessiert kann das ja mal auf Maps herausfinden, ist eigentlich gar nicht so schwer: Ich wohne ca 50 km nördlich von Freiburg.
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Do you like going to the park?

i wanted to go to a beach but there’s no beach near my house but there is a lake so i thought chalo next best thing let’s do this ,, worst decision of my life. mai ghum gayi thi raastay main aur ghar pe kisi ko nahi bataya tha phir maine baith ke thora panic kia phir mujhe yad aya google maps hote hain and i walked back home without going to the lake:(

جماعه ازاي ارجع الشغف تاني انا حرفيا بقي عندي لامبالاه

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بجد الموضوع ده منتشر بشكل رهيب ولاحظته عند ناس كتير اولهم انا يعني ف حاولي على اد ما تقدري تتخلصي من الفكرة دي وتفضي دماغك اول بأول، هاتي ورقه وقلم واعملي mind maps، وخرجي كل حاجة فيها وشوفي انتي جواكي ايه وعاوزة تعملي ايه
لان فقدان الشغف بيجي من تراكم حاجات كتير ف بتقومي راميه كله من ايدك ورايحه قعدة ومش عاوزة تعملي حاجة

Wolisz być ciągle w ruchu, czy leżeć na kanapie i nic nie robić?

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Chyba raczej tak. Już się przyzwyczaiłam biegać w ciągu dnia za różnymi sprawami i nie potrafię funkcjonować inaczej. Do max 14 szkoła. Potem z google maps biegam po ulicach do rodzin. Raz w miesiącu biegam też po sądach, żeby dostarczyć Panu Prokuratorowi zaopiniowanych sprawozdań, które tworze, gdy rodzina wychowawczo ze mną nie współpracuje. Jak mam wolne na weekend to jakoś dziwnie się czuje siedząc. Albo idę na spacer albo do Roberta. A zapomniałabym zaraz zaczną się wyjazdy na zajęcia od października.

Quel destination aimeriez vous allez pour vos futurs vacances ?

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Those three ideas are always floating around, but I just need time to actually go. As for my next trip, I have no idea. If it's not a long, multi-week trip, it's very spontaneous. I may decide to take a trip to French Polynesia out of the blue one day, and you'll catch me on the next flight out. I actually do this semi-frequently, as whenever I need to focus on an important essay for one of my classes, I'll leave town for a few days to focus. Small <1 week trips are always spontaneous and I go wherever I feel like. It's the bigger trips that require planning and lots of time.
Before I watched the video series in Vietnam though I really wanted to travel to Italy and explore the country in depth. So I was also in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Italy (both of these trips would be over a year away because I just recently booked a flight to Lisbon to start a 5 month solo trip already).
So now I’m just planning over a year in advance honestly. I’m thinking when I get around to my next trip I would do 2 months in Vietnam on a motorbike, a month in Taiwan, 2 and a half months in Italy and finish off with 2 weeks in Malta. (again I only really thought of Taiwan from posts on this subreddit, and then from lurking in google maps I saw popular tourist attractions that looked beautiful, so I thought taiwan would be cool to visit)
Money is a big factor for me and skyscanner has been a life saver with its wide search options. I can look at worldwide prices for a given month. They have some results from iffy sites though so you have to be smart but I’ve booked most of my vacations because of deals found there. I do more nature/dive trips (done lots of the Caribbean) now while I’m relatively young but sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on European cities but hopefully I’ll live long enough and see those when I’m a bit older and not as keen on scuba diving and hiking all the time. Thailand and Cambodia is my top dream trip though and I’ve decided to do it next fall regardless of the cost.
For example - I was looking for a place to go to. fiddling about on a flights site. Hmm Ireland maybe? I could split the time with Scotland? oh wait these are some seriously cheap rides to Istanbul...hell yes Istanbul it is! Do I know anything about Istanbul? no....nothing more than what Ive come across in passing...Well lets go find out. In another case its more planned. My GF is finishing nursing school (seriously bad ass) and we have talked for a long time about going to Morocco. She was there with her family when she was young. And I love me some middle eastern stuff. So Ive always kept that destination on hold as "our thing". So I was fiddling about again with flights and I was seriously considering Spain. The idea of roaming Spain by train had serious pull for me. And my GF says "I think Im going to take a break between degrees this spring" well hey girlfriend, can I take you to Morocco?

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#PreguntaDeRelato ¿Has contratado los servicios de una intérprete en algún país extranjero?

No, ni contraté ningún intérprete, pero un día me pasó que caminando por un polígono me crucé con un camionero turco, y el hombre no hablaba ni papa de español, y buscaba una empresa solo con la ayuda de un papel con el mapa de Google Maps, que era buena ayuda pero la empresa no estaba donde decía el mapa, y al final, después de unos cuantos minutos conseguimos encontrar la empresa en otra calle.

Esti frumoasa, inteligenta, realizata, mergi in locuri unde unii nu stiu nici sa le caute pe google maps, ai un barbat frumos si destept langa tine. Ai muulte calitati si o viata de regina, cel putin din ce se vede pe ask. Nu e de mirare ca esti invidiata si latrata de frustrati. Keep going❤️🤗

Iti foarte multumesc, dar nu sunt de acord cu portretizarile de genul asta pentru ca nu sunt deloc realiste, nimeni nu are o viata perfecta, that's bs. Eu doar incerc pe cat posibil sa iau decizii care sa ma faca sa fiu mandra de mine, sa invat si sa ma dezvolt cat mai mult si in general sa mi vad de drum. Cu cat inaintezi in varsta cu atat realizezi ca aia care latra pe margine sunt doar super nemultumiti de viata lor ^^

¿Os iríais a vivir a la "España despoblada" ?¿Por qué sí o por qué no?🌸

NowemiMillan’s Profile Photonoemí♡
Buenas noches
Si que me iría a vivir a la España despoblada porque tiene algo que no tiene la España poblada.
Tranquilidad, paz, calma, espíritu interior y libre.
Una persona que ame muchísimo me llevo a pueblos que no aparecían ni en Google Maps, y perderse allí entre montañas y cuando te apetezca tienes cobertura, que eso con un buen móvil lo tienes arreglado.
Eso no tiene precio.
Un sábado por la noche en un pueblo de unos 5.000 habitantes, aproximadamente, está foto tiene un par de años.
No dudaría en irme💯
Buenas noches
Os iríais a vivir a la España despoblada Por qué sí o por qué no

Jakie przydatne aplikacje polecasz na telefon ?

wyluzowaana’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym Sercem♀❥ ¥
Flo (dziewczyny).
TV time, jeśli chcesz sobie ogarniać seriale, a korzystasz z innych platform niż Netflix.
Square Pic - do kadrowania zdjęć, te białe paski po bokach, bez tego Facebook czy Instagram kadruje jak on chce i przez to zdjęcie często jest przybliżone.
No i pyszne.pl ewentualnie inne odpowiednie do kraju w którym jesteś, ja mam pyszne.nl ale zamówienia i tak przychodzą z Belgii.
Janosik zamiast google maps.

Apa bener gw ketinggalan hari foto sedunia ?? Pap nya boleh di share dong guys!! Monggo 😀

Jadi inget ke Jogja waktu ada bapak presiden ke Jogja juga, macetnya minta ampun. Semua tempat wisata full, bahkan tempat kulinerpun full.
Akhirnya iseng cari view di google maps, dan nemu Bukit Hitam ini, gilaa banget pemandangan sebagus ini. Bahkan sepi banget karna tempatnya masuk banget ke pedesaan:’)
Apa bener gw ketinggalan hari foto sedunia  Pap nya boleh di share dong guys

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