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Bro pehle I'd imagine getting married. But, logon k experiences sun kr I have concluded that men do not deserve women.

Ufff, I have started watching indian matchmaking, and then i realise how desperate people are to find partners and difficult it is to find one 😅 kaisa chaos hai yeh .-.

💐 What’s your stance on marriage? Do you see yourself ever getting married if you’re not already?

I've loved others' weddings, but not overly fussed about marriage here! If he did ever propose I'd just wanna sign the paperwork then go on a nice holiday 😅

If you are married with children at home, how often do you chat with friends or see them socially (without spouse/kids)? Sometimes I long for peer relationships but most of the time I’m overwhelmed with family and work and life to make the effort.

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Yes it can be difficult especially with young kids. I remember when my mini me was small I always brought her meeting friends. It's hard getting together with friends especially if they don't have kids. They don't understand what it's like 🙂

Why does society look down upon older people who never get married? I am 47 and 100% fine with it. It’s hands down the smartest decision I’ve ever made.

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People think if you are alone you are unhappy. You don't fit the norm. What they fail to realise is that a lot of people enjoy being single. It's so much easier and way less stressful than being in a relationship 🙂

You seem like a sane sage. Puck up a rage and spun it until something interesting comes out!!! No!?

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Had to reactivate my account to rant here again but anyways here goes, I hate how the world and the media portrays that you have to get everything figured out in your 20s. Have a good job, be in love, have your life laid out for you? It isn’t like that? I’ve seen people trying too hard in their 20s to find love, get the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect car. It was not supposed to be like this. You can find love in your 30s, 40s, in your 50s, you don’t have to get married at 20. The perfect job will come with time as you improve, so will that house and everything you ever wished for. I hate this idea of doing everything in your 20s and then being a burnt out former shell of yourself.

so I have been sending my ex money without my wife knowing, I still like my ex, not love but like... should I tell my wife..

I have eight questions for you.
1. Do you respect your wife?
2. If roles are reversed and your wife is doing the exact thing as you are, how would you feel?
3. Did you get married to someone of your first choice or someone whom you'be simply settled for?
4. Is your ex-partner your responsibility?
5. Is your ex-partner as helpless as you think she is?
6. Does your ex-partner respect you and your married status?
7. What seems to be lacking in your marriage that your ex-partner is providing?
8. What are some things that can be done to improve on your marriage life?

What is the best age to get married i say a" what do you all say i have genuine truth for it that all that what is requisite is completed by this age our desires our pleasures enjoyment ecstasy fun knowledge power novelties explorations fame game name traverse curiousity everything is fulfilled

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No age is perfect for marriage until you're ready.
It comes with responsibilities and if you aren't ready to share them then it's not the age to get married.
The person needs to be prepared first to handle the changes. If it's not a happy change then don't do the marriage.

🌸 What are 5 little facts about yourself that you'd like to share? Maybe things you'd like people to know! :)

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow.
1 I'm a professional artist, my website is shehitsback.com
2 I have three cats and a lovebird
3 I live in Washington State and I love it here
4 I have schizophrenia, but I keep it managed with meds
5 I'm married and uninterested in you, men of ask fm

What is the best age to get married i say a" what do you all say i have genuine truth for it that all that what is requisite is completed by this age our desires our pleasures enjoyment ecstasy fun knowledge power novelties explorations fame game name traverse curiousity everything is fulfilled

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✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
┊✔┊– People should marry when:
╰ they feel ready
╰ they feel safe in their relationship
╰ they are 100% sure that the person they are marrying stays with them until the end
┊✘┊– People should not marry when:
╰ people (friends, family, strangers) tell them they should
╰ feel unsure about their partner, even after a long time passed
╰ feel they need to get married because of their age (age doesn't really matter after people turned into adults. If you feel ready at 80 y.o. then marry at 80. No one should decide that except the two people who would like to get married)
No one has the right to pressure someone else into marriage. It's also okay to never get married because that's not everyone's final goal or wish in the end.

Arrange or love marriage ❓

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“The reason I am still single, while my brother, 3 years younger to me, is married for 1 & half years now.
I don't want a trophy wife. I don't want no doctor wife. I don't want a heighted or some rich girl. I just wanna spend the rest of my life with someone
I want someone, with whom I can feel at peace, with whom I can be the real me - a damaged, traumatized, broken & peaceful man. With someone, who understands me without saying a word. With someone, with whom long walks every day can be different slice of life.
I dream of human, who doesn't expect me to call her or text her every hour. But when we meet, we forget about all the worries of this world. We bring out the innocent kids in each other. Someone, who wanna experience the real life, not this digital fantasized version of life.
Someone, who bring out the best in me, who is as vulnerable as me. Who is not afraid to express the deep down fears, truamas and dreams, but wanna grow and learn & wanna live the life to the fullest in the available limited resources without having resentments.”

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My wife (23f) is denying we're married and wants to be called my 'girlfriend'... I'm confused

Sometimes, such behavior hints at a deeper and complex web of emotional conflict within self. It'll be better if both of you are able to find time to have a heart-to-heart dialogue over difference of perspectives. Although these may or may not hold true, some reasons for her actions include fear of judgement over early marriagehood, stigma over being a tied-down woman, evasion of wife duties, unwillingness to change/set boundaries on past lifestyles, desire over freedom and independence, sensitivity over appearing old and having cold feet over the marriage.,

What was the most painful breakup you have ever experienced?

My most recent ex broke up with me at the beginning of quarantine. She kinda had a breakdown. I lost her the dog and her home that we lived in together that I had put countless hours of labor into redoing and updating it. It broke my heart. Crushed me. I had been looking for an engagement ring. Good news we hung out this past weekend. She told me how fucked up she was mentally at that time and she realizes now what we had and were building to. She wants to start hanging out again and work to try to bring our relationship back to even better then it was. Going to be a long process but I think I want to try. I've had some pretty shitty things said to me, but I think the most painful breakup was the guy who said nothing. I felt like I was the only one making any effort, and I felt very sad and neglected. I stopped making an effort to spend time with him and he didn't contact me for FIVE WEEKS, then he happened to run into me in town and asked, "So did we break up?" ANNDDD he already had a new girlfriend who was living with him because he decided to cheat on me since I 'wasn't paying attention to him'. This is after YEARS of doting over him, hoping that he would care about me back. I felt like a complete fool and like I had wasted years of the prime of my life. I guess when I decided to back off I had hoped he would reach out to me and make some romantic gesture to win me back, but instead he found an underage girl to do drugs with and stick his dick in. Joke's on me!
It was a wall of text he sent me while I was neck deep in exam stress. It was basically a huge rant about poor him for having to go back into the dating scene again. Nothing about his feelings for me, just how much it sucks for him not to be in a relationship. That really cemented the paranoia I had that he was just with me because he wanted to be in a relationship, not because he wanted to be with me.
Then when we broke up he said, “I’ve decided I like having a girlfriend, I just don’t like you.” Both those things have actually haunted me for years. I still don’t believe there is actually anything particularly attractive/special about me, I think the guys who have been with me just kind of wanted a warm body and I happened to be there at the time.
During our first split: “She was the only person I could see myself with, besides you.” (After I found a text message back before we were married...He was trying to get this girl to agree that they would both leave their respective fiancés. She told him it was weird and she was not leaving her fiancé. Apparently he contacted her with this idea unsolicited. He sent the note about a month before we were married. I found it about a year after we were married. )
During the grand finale about 2 years later: “you are so PATHETIC. You’ll find someone else, God! Just leave me alone!” ( after he told me he wanted a divorce and I asked him if he was really sure that this is what he wanted.

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"Świat według Bundych" to tylko polskie tłumaczenie, moim zdanie nietrafione. Oryginalny tytuł to "Married with childeren", czyli po naszemu "żonaty z dziećmi". To tak, jak swego czasu "Dirty Dancing" reklamowano u nas jako "Wirujący seks".

Historii tego serialu nie znan szczerze mówiąc, w życiu może z jeden odcinek i to nie cały oglądałem hah. Więc to u nas ktoś był fanem Teda

What is the secret to being married for 50 years?

I can't say with absolute certainty but if I had to guess, doing a spectacular job of concealing one's questionable online activities while she and most people are only aware of that holier-than-thou facade which one has labored so tirelessly to fabricate. But what do I know. I'm just some kid from the streets of Brooklyn who isn't even married...
What is the secret to being married for 50 years

It’s so weird to me how Dan changed overnight? He was a good father no? You praised him and praised his wife. Do you think he’s going through something

it's like once they got married, things changed. only reason I talked to him today cuz I told him he needs to financially help with cheyennes schooling cuz I have to pay an extra $85 to prove I live where I live. and he did. other than that, we don't talk. he doesn't call or text to talk to her or ask about her.
I stopped reaching out altogether. she saw her step mom earlier last month cuz she came down to get her for the day cuz it was his grandfather's birthday. they told me they wanted to try to come get her the following week to bring her to florida for the week and I heard nothing. not no reason why it couldn't happen, nothing.
I'm angry. very angry and I'm torn between what's right and wrong.

¿Walter H. White o Hal Wilkerson? ¿Cuál eliges y por qué?... Aparte de Bryan Cranston, ¿qué otro actor/actriz conoces que haya hecho dos personajes de forma magistral y sin quedar encasillado con ninguno? Algo que no pudo hacer Daniel Radcliffe. (Por ejemplo)

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Elijo a Hal solamente porque nunca he visto Breaking Bad. Además, Malcolm es mi serie favorita de toda la vida; le guardo mucho cariño a cada uno de los personajes, he visto muchísimas veces esa serie desde mi infancia y nunca me cansa, siempre me hace reír mucho.
Respecto al actor… Bueno, a mi punto de vista diría que Anne Hathaway, debido a que no se estancó siendo la Princesa Mía, hizo excelentes papeles en otras películas, por ejemplo en “The devil wears Prada” (una de mis películas favorita), en “Rachel Getting Married”, y no olvidemos en “Los miserables”; la admiro mucho desde esa película, fue lo mejor su interpretación.

Best age for you to get married?

Personally, i would say 30+ na 😂 kasi no joke, it really takes time for me to be ready for marriage. Techinically, due to K-12, students will graduate by 22-24yrs old. Mag board exam pa plus 1 yr na, tapos siguro 5yrs to find a stable job, baka nga yung iba, jobless pa rin non ih 😂 by that time 30 na siguro ako 😅 pero wala pa kong ipon, gusto ko magpayaman muna ih, para financially stable ang future anak ko (kung magkaron), ang mahal ng tuition fee ih. So i dont know, baka 30 something pa kung mahanap ang the one, or better yet wala na siguro, tatanda na kong dalaga with my baby dogs 😂😂 gandang plot twist ten 😂
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My ex was in a relationship with his ex during our entire relationship. I have a baby with him and he is now married to his ex. Why was I so clueless to see he didn't love me?

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Love is blind hindsight is 20 20. It's easy to look back and blame yourself but it wasn't your fault. You can be so in love with someone that you don't see what's right there. They are good at hiding it 🙂

In your opinion, is it wise for a couple to live together before getting married?

djx1985’s Profile PhotoDov דוב
For those who want to save yourself completely for their future spouse, it is not wise. What if it turns out that you don’t want to marry this person, but you already “connected” with them on many different levels. So, I don’t think it’s a wise decision.

There are other ways to get to know each other better before the wedding.

Say in you are in relationship for 8 years but have just met your soulmate and that relationship would work out. do you leave your relationship for your soulmate?

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If you were in a relationship for 8 years, then does this mean you’re married? If not, you should know that he’s not serious about your relationship and just wants to keep things as they are. If you are happy that way, then it’s another story. I think you are the only one who knows the answer.

what do you mean soon to be committed? whats going on? are you getting married?

well since you're so curious, a rishta of mine is in process. we haven't said yes yet because we have some reservations. but it would most probably happen. and when that happens then i'll probably get nikkahfied in the winter. i don't believe in long engagements. and yeah its within the family and mom really wants it to happen. happy?

Why would anyone claim that you are not a family member simply because you are not married? I do not understand the implied logic. /Alex

Whuuut? Sorry, Google translate did a terrible job translating what I said. I was just annoyed at some colleagues who wanted me to do an overtime since according to them, I don't have much obligations in life because I'm not married and don't have my own family yet.

Hi Shakira, i know busy ka... Pero just want to hear your thoughts... Is marriage something u really wanted for you and your wife or being in a common-law partnership is enough? Bakit for you mas pinili niyo ang being married? Thanks a lot. Gustong gusto ko kasi thoughts mo eh...

For the first ten years of my relationship, marriage wasn't even an option for us so then we weren't allowed to want it. But building a life with someone means securing your future together, something you will understand once you build a life with someone too. There are 1,300 rights and privileges same-sex couples don't get when they're not allowed to marry. This includes giving your spouse health insurance, pension, inheritance, healthcare proxy, etc etc etc. Adult things I know, but it's foolish to think that marriage is about romance. You can have that without marriage. Marriage is primarily a contract. Not to tie someone to you, but to protect your relationship and the family you're building together legally. You can have a strong commitment without it of course, but in this world we decided to protect our relationship, assets, and each other with marriage. Here's to hoping you'll never have the complications in life that would require legal protections. Here's wishing you're also allowed all the rights and benefits straight people get automatically even if they've just met.

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