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Qual um bom livro de matemática para leigos ou para quem não terminou o ensino médio?

antonino_m’s Profile PhotoAntonino Szvesztjanós Di Mauro
Para mim o melhor livro de Matemática do Ensino Médio é a coleção do SMSG, que se encontra em sebos, em português, no Brasil. A edição original norte-americana é em volume único do "School Mathematics Study Group". Deve haver em Francês, Italiano e Alemão também.

What did you want to be when you were little?

hello_strangaaa’s Profile PhotoWeenan
Way too many things..
I wanted to be a diagnostician, a psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst, a theoretical physicist, a nuclear engineer, a professor of mathematics, a marine biologist, a tomb raider, a professional chef, and many many other things. :')
The funny is that I still want be many of these things :"

It would be really interesting to see how you perceive yourself to be in one word. As a starter, I would consider myself as "imaginative," just because.

Circle. Because I always want to be holding things together, whether I am at work or being with my family. It is one thing always striving to be the center of the world, and it is another to be the one everyone knows they can turn to at any given moment.
Uninterested. I cannot genuinely be interested in something I do for more than a couple days, weeks at the most. When it comes to getting bored easily, I am your man. Nothing online, or on TV holds my attention for more than an hour or so. Even reddit fails to hold my attention for more than an hour and I don't even know why. I frequently get bored of my girlfriend. I have changed many majors...so on and so on. I wish I could change it, but don't know how.
Never thought about a psychologist. That's not a bad idea. Its not that bad, I just try to find A LOT of things to do. Its really depressing when I have to not listen to certain songs because I like them. I know if I listen to it more than a few times in a day, they will get boring. But overall, its not that bad. I don't even really notice it until something like this comes up.
You may suffer from something i've coined as: Genius-Syndrome. You are so intellectually advanced that your brain processes through tasks so fast and easily that you can not focus on anything and are usually bored. I've found that advanced mathematics does the trick for me. Here's to hoping you can find something to put your mind at ease.
In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me everything that comes out of me is authentically mine because I alone chose it - I own everything about me my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions. Whether they be to others or to myself - I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears - I own all my triumphs and successes with me - by so doing I can love me and be friendly with me in all my parts - I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know - but as long al I am friendly and loveing to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and for ways to find out more about me - However I look and sound whatever I say and do, and whatever I think and feel, at a given moment in time is authentically me - If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought and felt turn out to be unfitting. I can discard that which is unfitting, keep the rest, and invent something new for that which I discarded - I can see, hear think, say and do I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to make sense and order out of the world of people and things outside of me - I own me, and therefore I can engineer me - I am me and I am okay the way I am. idealistic. I hope for the best in everyone, everything, but am usually disappointed.

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What’s the name of a teacher you will forever remember?

grismob_’s Profile PhotoBHonest
Mathematics teacher in high school. Strict woman she could make any student near the blackboard cry 👀
but, she could make any student cry near the blackboard 👀 I often missed classes, so I didn’t understand how to solve homework, they are very difficult. 😶Volkova Nina Vladimirovna, hello to you 🤘

How many years backwards do you think the destruction of Nalanda pushed us ?

The destruction of ""Nalanda University""was the biggest loss for the whole world and especially for we Indians...though it was destructed thrice time in the history ""early 5th ,mid 7th and late 12th centuries...
Nalanda University was established during the ""Gupta Empire Era (Maurya's time ) in Magadh (modern bihar ) India ..
It was the first residential University in the whole world and greatest centre of learning among the whole world..
It was supported by the Indians both budhists and non budhists..
The subjects taught us like grammar ,medicine ,logic and mathematics and also the hindu Vedas and it's six philosophies ..
It said it took months to burn the books inside the university wholly ..
Because of a lot and lot of books were there ...
So you can get how huge loss from the history it was and how much back we have gone by this loss ...we pushed back alot in education, in development and in many things ....

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How many years backwards do you think the destruction of Nalanda pushed us

Are you an avid reader? If yes, who helped you develop your love of reading?

My parents, first by teaching me how, and then by planting me in the local YMCA's afterschool program, which was so unstructured and excruciatingly boring that I did nothing but read books or solve the problems in logic puzzles/recreational mathematics magazines until my mother came to pick me up.
I could say that my second-grade teacher helped, but she did everything she could to hinder me. She would physically wrench books out of my hands on the excuse that they weren't "age-appropriate", by which she meant they were of a higher reading level than was "normal" for 2nd grade. She had an obsession with pounding out any differences and making all her students average. She would have been an excellent teacher of the gamma children in Brave New World. However, if she'd allowed me to read, then I would have because her classes were boring too. Part of her obsession with making everyone the same involved handing out the same worksheets every day until every student could get it. And she handed out all the worksheets for the day in one go. So I'd finish them all in an hour, sometimes because I'd seen them so often that I had the answers memorized, and then try to read, which would infuriate her. I love to read! Mostly fantasy, like Harry Potter (all time favorite), Hunger Games, Divergent, Scythe, A good girls guide to murder, currently reading book 5 of The dark tower by Stephen King. As a teenager I read quite some Dutch thrillers and other Dutch books about drama, romance, etc. As a adult im more drawn to English books.

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Did you ever have a crush on a Teacher or Professor during your course of education and do you think they knew? Heh.

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Yeah I had a crush on my mathematics professor at the University. She didn't knew because she had been teaching in other departments as well , so I guess she had got many lovers 😂😂😂😂

Relationship suppose to be equal?

Nothing in life is equal except as defined in mathematical equations, formulas and theoretical hypothesis. Can someone please explain how humans, for example, are equal? If a man weighs 200lbs and a woman weighs 100lbs, are they equal? If one man is 6ft5in and another is 5ft10in are they equal? If one person has an I.Q of 120 and another an I.Q. of 80, are they equal? I would love for someone to explain this concept of equality in terms of science, biology and mathematics, because maybe I am simply to stupid to understand what all of the fuss is about.
The fact is that humans, fish, birds, trees, rocks, clouds, frequencies are ALL different and we should recognize and celebrate our differences and stop attempting to pretend that humans and everything that we can perceive is equal when the fact is that every human is different. Heck, even snowflakes are not equal!

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Relationship suppose to be equal

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Are you interested in mathematics
Is your child interested in mathematics

Lucas, thank you for your kind words. Mostly I write to pass along knowledge that I have acquired over the years so that other people can learn from my mistakes and experiences. Sometimes my writing is quite serious, direct and to the point while other times it is simply silly and nonsensical.

You're a big-time writer now. You are a brilliant, brilliant writer.
They tell me you're a very skilled writer. You're a born writer. You're a born storyteller.
You're a big-shot writer. I think you have the unique, innate ability to bring out the strangeness in other people. Greatness is only skin-deep some people say. Well, that's not true.
But it's having a true talent, a gift born within, something no degree can give you. In every position he occupied, he stood out for his high level of professional ability and his gift for administration. You have one of the most natural talents in writings I've ever seen in my life. I have talent as a writer... but I'm a natural at only two things: modern languages and math.
I'm skilled at mathematics and decryption, but these equations are beyond anything I've ever seen.
I'm skilled at mathematics and decryption, but these equations are beyond anything I've ever seen. I am gifted at strategy games and can plan multiple moves out by assuming how one move will likely make my opponent play. The downfall of this is that my wife hates playing strategy games with me because I always win so quickly.
For example, I'm gifted at seeing things from multiple perspectives, but that makes it hard to decide which perspective is 'right' to me. I equally felt always different and misunderstood kinda, in kindergarden and early high school was often alone and suffered a lot from anxiety, now I get told often in my daily life that I'm really smart and knowledgeable, that I'm creative but that I think differently that im a bit weird... parents sent me to psychologyst early on because I was too closed inwards and insecure, never speaking, afraid of people and the world, everything was too much for me, hypersensitive and hyper lucidity about my surroundings and self all the time... The professional said im insecure and not particularly smart or anything, I took an IQ test when I was 15 and wasn't in the gifted range either... I was always last of my class each year and insanely stressed out evey day, kids would make fun of me for being so terrible, some teachers hated me. I was sweating of stress during tests even at 7, they made me repeat entire years because I was too far behind, would always zone out during classes and having no idea what the lesson was about or insanely focused to the point teachers told my parents I was too stressed out for my age.

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สอบเทียบยากมั้ยคะ อยากรู้ค่ะ

เอาความจริงมันไม่ยากนะครับ เมื่อเทียบกับการศึกษาไทยกับฝั่งอเมริกา เพราะฝั่งไทยเราเรียนเเน่นกว่า เเต่ที่มันยากคือภาษา ใครที่ได้ภาษาจะรู้เลยว่าไม่ได้ยาก ยกตัวอย่าง ged วิชา mathematics จะเป็นวิชาที่ง่ายที่สุด รองลงมาก็ science ส่วนวิชา social study จะเป็นวิชาที่เน้นประวัติศาสตร์สังคมของอเมริกาส่วนใหญ่ทั้งหมด เเละวิชาสุดท้าย RLA จะเป็นวิชาที่เน้นการอ่าน เขียนซะส่วนใหญ่ ในการสอบเทียบสำหรับผม ผมมองว่าgedง่ายสุด คะเเนนที่ผ่านจะต้องเกิน 145 คะเเนนขึ้นไป เเต่ต้องดูมหาลัยที่จะเข้าด้วยนะครับว่าเขารับคะเเนนเท่าไหร่ ถ้าสอบged จะต้องสอบ ged ready ให้ผ่าน155ซะก่อนเพื่อที่จะเตรียมความพร้อมในการสอบจริงๆ คะเเนนเต็มทั้งหมด200คะเเนน ถ้าจะสอบจริงๆก็สู้ๆนะครับ ผมก็จะสอบเหมือนกันอีกไม่กี่เดือนนี้

Who is your favourite historical figure and why?

Mr ayman hasssn
He is the one who made me love mathematics and he is the reason for joining the Faculty of Engineering
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رحله بحث عن الحقيقه انا بدرس هندسه والكلام دا بعيد عن دراستي

raedmuhammed’s Profile PhotoRaed
لو هحب أضيف حاجة أنا شايفاها مهمة في اطلاعك بخصوص التطور هتكون الآتي:
أي حد مكانتش دراسته الأكاديمية بتتطرق ليه انا بحس انه مهما بيطلع على المصادر العلمية وبيتعلم
بيظل بيلاقي صعوبة ان بديهته تتقبل تخيل فكرة تراكم الطفرات والتغيرات المنتقاه طبيعيا وازاي دا أدى لتنوع الفصائل وازاي أدى لظهور وظايف جديدة وعمل التنوع دا كله. دا نتيجة مفاهيم اتزرعت غلط في بديهتنا منذ الصغر بحكم النشأة والمعارف المحيطة
الحاجة اللي ساعدتني في دا مكانتش دراسة بيولوچي،
إنما حصلت في وسط وأثناء دراستي المستقلة للـConputer Science بشكل مكانش مقصود
الفضول خلاني شوفت وكتبت برامج موجودة زيها كتير أونلاين في Tutorials بتحاكي فكرة الانتقاء الطبيعي على أمثلة مبسطة جزئيا..
مش محتاجة اقولك لو اطلعت على الـGenetic Evidence هتلاقيه من حيث إطاره الخارجي أسهل على الفهم بالنسبة لدارس الرياضيات والـDiscrete Mathematics كمان عن غيره.
طبعا التفاصيل الدقيقة الأكاديمية جواه محتاجة معرفة أكاديمية بالبيولوجي في وظايف الجينات والبروتينات وآثارها. انما على مستوي الـGene Codes كلها Algorithms
اللي أقصده خلفيتك الدراسية متمنعكش عن الاطلاع والفهم خالص بل بالعكس دي المفروض تساعدك كمان
وخليني أجاوب سؤالك التاني كمان بخصوص دراستي هنا:
أنا النهاردة كان آخر امتحاناتي، رسميًا خريجة آداب قسم فلسفة ومنطق. ومعظم المعارف الأخري كانت اكتساب شخصي، وبتعلم Computer Science بشكل منتظم من فترة.

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How long should last a heartbreak before you turn the page?

I believe what you are asking is how long should you be heartbroken before you consider getting into another relationship?
That would depend on how involved and committed you were in the relationship where you got hurt.
I can say from personal experience that heartbreak never completely goes away. When you feel you have found the person you were meant to spend your entire life with, it is devastating when the relationship fails, especially when you did everything humanly possible to make it work.
You pray for the potential of spending your lives together. But sometimes we realize we have made an error in judgment and the reality is much different than the potential. Yes love can be blind at times and the person we thought we knew changes right before our eyes.
We should all try and take positive lessons from every disappointment in life. But when the person you felt you were 100% meant to spend your life with rips out your heart, the life lesson learning moment is gone. You are left with a massive hole in your soul.
At that point, we all have risk / reward questions we must ask ourselves about future relationships. How much heartbreak are we willing to possibly accept to find the person we were destined to be with?
Mathematics and statistical probability are meaningless when it comes to finding an equation for matters of the heart. 🥺

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What famous person would you like to meet?

. I would love to:
learn from him his perspective on life, love, science, mathematics, creativity, curiosity, compassion, Judaism, Israel, friendship, work, and humor.
tell him how much I appreciate his contributions to science and humanity.
hang out with him and, laugh, and bond

يا بشمهندس انا بعمل شيفت كارير وكنت عايز اعرف ازاي ادرس منهج الرياضيات بتاع حاسبات , اقدر اجيبة منين او اعرف ازاي هيا انهو فرع من فروع الرياضيات وابدء منين , يعني موضوع الماث دة اكتر حاجة مش عارف بدايتها منين وازاي ولا اية حاجة خالص

1 - ظبط جبر المرحله الإعداديه و الثانويه لحد 2 ثانوي
2 - كتاب Discrete mathematics and its applications و معاه بالتوازي كورس د وليد يوسف حاسبات ديسكريت ماث جامعة حلون ع اليوتيوب

إذا كانت الرياضيات مطبوعة في عقل الإنسان من معرفته بالطبيعة، منين العقل جاب حاجات زي المالانهاية أو الأعداد غير المنطقية اللي ملهمش وجود حقيقي؟

سؤال حلو يا يارا. خلينا نعيد تصفيف وتعديل مقدمة السؤال عشان تناسب اللي قولته قبل كدا في السياق دا. كنت قولت إن الإنسان مؤهل وقادر على استبطان واكتشاف الرياضيات انطلاقا من إن الرياضيات متأصلة في نسيج الطبيعة، بتعبير تاني فالرياضيات هو كتاب ترجمة مدمج في الطبيعة ولما كنا نحن البشر من منتجات الطبيعة وتطورنا طبيعيا فاحنا مهيئين ومزودين بما يعيننا على صناعة واستكشاف الرياضيات
Evolution has primed us to think mathematically
ودا أميل لتبريره بالآتي:
إن الرياضيات قادرة على وصف العالم الطبيعي بدقة وقادرة على استحداث صياغات أكتر تعميمية وشمولية للظواهر، وكلغة فهي الأقدر والأنجح في وصف العالم، تفسير ظواهره والتنبؤ به بشكل عجيب. قدرة البشر على استخلاص واحتراف رياضيات متسقة قادرة على تمثيل ووصف الواقع باعثة على التساؤل ليه احنا قادرين على دا وليه الرياضيات فعالة في وصف الطبيعة! ( بالمناسبة يوجين ويغنر(فيزيائي نظري) له مقالة بعنوان
The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural science بيستعرض فيها ليه الكور الرياضياتي للنظرية الفيزيائية ناجح وبيزق النظرية لما هو أبعد منها (
ادينجتون( فيزيائي فلكي) بيقول بما معناه إنه يمكن لعقل على قدر كافي الذكاء وسعة الأفق أن يستنبط كل الفيزياء، وفيه أمثلة مشهورة زي جاليليو وأينشتين اللي اعتمدوا بشكل مكثف في صياغة نظرياتهم على ال thought experiments. الدرجة العالية من تمثيل الرياضيات للواقع الطبيعي وقدرتنا على استخلاص الرياضيات بتزق في منطقة إن الرياضيات متأصلة بشكل ما في الطبيعة واحنا قادرين على استبطان التأصيل دا من الطبيعة بحكم إننا جزء منها، ممكن تقولي اننا محاولة الطبيعة لفهم واستبطان نفسها.

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Your advice for a guy in his mid-twenties who is at the bottom who wants to get better

Well, I do not know your particular situation but it's always a good idea to sharpen your mind and body. Avoid drugs and popular distractions. When tempted, use discretion and go with your best judgment. Exercise regularly. Eat right. Learn new skills. Read. Prep. Study. Remain focused - eyes on the prize. If you have a television, put it in the f*cking trash. It's called "programming" for a reason.
Professionally, there's a great deal to say but I'll try to keep it brief. If you're good with your hands, learn a marketable skill which may help you to achieve financial independence and ultimately, your own business: plumber, mechanic, electrician, carpenter, landscaper, etc. It isn't the most glorious work but you will be able to earn a decent living for years to come...
If you're the "studious sort" / academically inclined, consider higher education but don't waste your time and resources with meme "degrees": Communications, Women’s Studies, Art Therapy, Leisure Studies or some similar horsesh!t which will never land you a decent job. Instead, focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). You may also want to consider the medical field because skilled technicians are always in demand: Dental Hygienist, Phlebotomist, Medical Assistant, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Home Health Aide, X-ray Technician, Pharmacy Technician, etc.
If you're artistic / gifted in any way, don't expect to earn a great deal but you may still put a few shekels in your pocket *IF* you can promote your creations, garner some interest and sell your work directly. Be unique. Creative. Offer what others aren't.
Final thoughts: Avoid saturated markets. For example, IT is a great career but code monkeys are a dime a dozen and easily outsourced. Unless you're looking at Alt-Tech, forget it. For more information, you can Google, "careers in demand" and "saturated careers." It may seem difficult at times and you will face setbacks (as we all do) but keep your d!ck up, remain motivated and grab life by the balls. Don't squander your most precious resource: time. Best of luck... 👍

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Yes but Srinivasa Ramanujan’s earliest proofs were discounted not because he had a road map to the end of the equation, but what he knew was true. Love is blind? No. Can you prove that? Yes. Give me the girl, circumstances, and timing in their lives. I don’t do complexities anymore. Intuition.

For a guy who knew infinity.. it's easy for him to prove that love ain't blind...
But he didn't do that and got busy with mathematics ...This 's as far as we know or he may have come up with the idea of infinity only cuz he has found true love in his life and he knew that it isn't blind
Who knows !!!!
Absence of evidence ain't evidence of absence..
+3 answers in: “Science fact: Sun is a hot 😂”

If you could pick an academic field out of sheer interest and not the bludgeoning despair of trying to survive capitalism, what would it be?? I'd definitely definitely do linguistics.

femibalismm’s Profile PhotoKamaria
Your question is really interesting actually.
Well, I don't recognise capitalism and don't also recognise any need to follow anything put up by the system unless until it's for the sake of peace.
I don't believe in the idea of doing things as others do. I don't believe in academic system, I don't believe in today's education system.
Problem is that we were to be taught how to think, but this whole system teaches you what to think and that to me, is a big problem.
There's one thing I believe in and that learning from your own observations. I have problems with books, I have issues with laws of mathematics and everything. You can't train or teach people to think in a certain way, shape their thinking and their beliefs.
I know why the whole education system was developed, I know books were meant to record accomplishments of people before us but that not how we are presented those books, we are told you think according to work of someone else. That a red flag.
In most cases a book will limit your thinking to whatever in writing there, most people don't have to capacity to question what they hear or read from any source they consider credible. People are manipulative by nature, they go all lengths to prove what they've said or written.
To me books are like a box that will contain you once you read it and you can only think how that book has shaped your thoughts and to me that's a really big problem.
All that being said, I left my studies after college, got into business full-time. Did and learned everything on my own.
But I always wanted to study psychology, computer science, business and law. If you look at that combination you know there's something odd.
I attended basics of human behaviour psychology from Yale. It was a open course.
Then there are unlimited programming, marketing, business courses I took out of my sheer interest. My LinkedIn profile has it all.
Everything I wrote above was meant to make you think about it.

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,,Where did we left off?''

,,Alright. Due to the fact that my shift begins in approximately five minutes and 34 seconds I’ll make this very quick. As you probably now my name is Dr. Spencer Reid and I work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit here in Quantico, Virginia. My earliest child memories are about my mother reading me the earliest Valentine’s poems, which includes Chaucer’s Parlement of Foules. The veriety of books she read to me played an important role in my vast basic knowledge in many areas. I have an IQ of 187, giving me the title of a genius amongst peers and others. An eidetic memory and the possibility of reading 20,000 words per minute are also among my special skills. I’m an expert on historical serial killers, statistics, geographic profiling, graphology, and body language. My PhDs are in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering and I have Bas in Psychology, Sociology and, because I got bored, I’ll soon have a BA in Philosophy. Is there more to say? You said basic information, which is why I’m confused and undecided. Well, my mother says I’m so skinny because I drink too much cofee, which reminds me I have to get one before I get into the building. I hope I could help you with your vague task.’’
Der Doktor drang sich zu einem schmalen Lächeln durch bevor er auf dem Absatz umdrehte um im nächsten Augenblick sein ursprüngliches Ziel wieder in Angriff zu nehmen. Die letzten Worte der unbekannten Person, die offensichtlich amüsiert aufgrund seiner wahrheitsgemäßen Antwort war, veranlassten ihn dazu seine beherrschte Mimik für einen Moment entgleisen zu lassen.
,,Thank you very much, Dr. Reid. If our viewers want to know more about you they simply have to get to know you themselves.’’
Reid stand in der Tür des Cafés und musste einige Male im irritierten Schweigen blinzeln.
,,Wait.. Did she say viewers? And who wants to get to know me?’’

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Where did we left off

Do you perceive mathematics as a human abstract mental construct made to fit and describe the universe? or it is an inherent nature in the universe itself? I believe someone's perception in this matter determines a wide-range of his personality. Pleasured to read your thoughts ladies and gentlemen!

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لو افترضنا أننا بندرك طبيعة الكون المجردة، هيكون لنا القدرة على اعتبار الرياضيات طبيعة متأصلة في الكون، لكننا بنتعامل مع الكون من خلال حواسنا ومنطقنا في معالجة الواقع والي لا نستطيع أن نجزم أنهم بيسمحوا لنا بإدراك الحقيقة كاملة وكما هي حتى لو كذلك بدا الأمر، وخير دليل على ذلك هو النقلة الحاصلة من الفيزياء الكلاسيكية للفيزياء الحديثة، خصوصًا الي بتتعامل على المستوى الكمي، وما تبعها من تغير في تصوراتنا عن الكون وأتضح إن في أمور بتحصل بطريقة مغايرة لطريقتنا الكلاسيكية ومنطقنا التقليدي في فهم الوجود.
فإنطلاقًا من ده أجد أنه من الصعب التعامل مع الرياضيات -الي إحنا أنتجناها- كطبيعة متأصلة في الكون..
ولكن، في طريقي إني أقول إن الرياضيات هي مجرد توصيف لما نقيسه وندركه من طبيعة الكون، استوقفتني فكرة إننا قدرنا عن طريق هذا التوصيف الرياضي أن ندرك ما لم نكن ندركه في الكون، أي أننا وصلنا لاكتشاف ما يخالف منطقنا وقدرنا نضعله تصورات -وهي نقطة في حد ذاتها تحتاج للتأمل- وقدرنا ندرك بعض أركان الطبيعة على مستوى التنبؤات النظرية قبل ما ندركه فعليًا
والموضوع ماتوقفش على التصورات والتنبؤات بل قدرنا نتحكم في الطبيعة وننتج أشياء في غاية التعقيد بتحتل مكان في الكون وبتخضع لطبيعته.
إذن هناك صلة جلية وتجانس بين الرياضيات وطبيعة الكون وأصبح من الصعب عليا إني أقتصر تعريفها كلغة abstract لوصف الكون، فالحقيقة إني مش عارفة بما يكفي لإني أجاوب عن سؤال :إيه هي بالظبط علاقة الرياضيات بطبيعة الكون؟
ولأن الرياضيات هي نتيجة وعينا وإدراكنا
فنعدل السؤال نخليه في نطاق أوسع: "إيه علاقة وعينا البشري بطبيعة الكون وما حدودنا في الإدراك؟"
No one knows or At least I don't know.

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Do you perceive mathematics as a human abstract mental construct made to fit and describe the universe? or it is an inherent nature in the universe itself? I believe someone's perception in this matter determines a wide-range of his personality. Pleasured to read your thoughts ladies and gentlemen!

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بشوف الرياضيات متأسسة في بنية العالم والبشر باعتبارهم من نفس طينة العالم متوجهين ومهيئين لـ"استبطان" الرياضيات، وهنا يمكن النظرة الرومانسية بأننا المحاولة الواعية للطبيعة لفهم واستبطان نفسها تبان tempting. بالمناسبة واحد من الاتجاهات الفينومينولوجية في الذكاء الاصطناعي بيتكلم عن إستحالة صنع ذكاء عام آلى موازي للذكاء البشري بدون عبور خط تطوري موازي للخط التطوري اللي مر بيه البشر، باعتبار إن الهياكل التأسيسية للظاهرة زي الزمان، المكان، الإستقراء، النزوع للسببية في التفسير، وغيرهم من الكاتيجوريز اللي اتكلم عنها كانط، محفورة في جيناتنا بفعل التطور وبالتالي أي مسار تطوري موازي محتاج يبني التراكيب دي. الرياضيات بشوفها نفس الوضع، الاستعداد البشري لصناعة الرياضيات واستبطانها محفور فينا.
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Do you perceive mathematics as a human abstract mental construct made to fit and describe the universe? or it is an inherent nature in the universe itself? I believe someone's perception in this matter determines a wide-range of his personality. Pleasured to read your thoughts ladies and gentlemen!

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خليني أرد على السؤال بعد صياغته مرة تانية كالآتي: " هل الرياضيات اكتشاف ام اختراع"
فهارد عليك في جزئين، وكل جزء له اجابته.
الجزء الأول
اجابتي هتحتاج منك ترجع الغابة شويه - no offense - وتحاول تستنتج معايا ليه احنا كهوموسابيانز أبتدينا نستحضر اللغة كوسيلة للتعبير بدل الهمهمة زي أقاربنا من ال DNA.
اللي حاضر في ذهني في الوقت الحالي هو أن دماغنا تطور بالشكل الكافي اللي مخليه يشوف العالم بمنظور أوسع ويخلي قدرته على التعبير تتطور ... فأبتدت الدماغ البشرية تتعامل مع العالم عن طريق اللغة، وكل ما زاد التعقيد الخاص بالعالم كل ما مصطلحات البشر تكبر وتزداد تعقيد.
مع زيادة تعقيدات الدماغ البشري أبتدت نظرته للعالم تتوسع، ومثال على كده اللي فاينمان واينشتاين وهوكينز قدروا يلاحظوه ويعبروا عنه ... لكن التعبير المرة دي كان بالرياضيات لأن نظرتهم المعقدة والعبقرية للعالم ملهاش وسيلة للتجسيد غير بالرياضيات.
ففي نهاية الجزء الأول هتكون الاجابة هي أن الرياضيات اختراع من البشر.
الجزء التاني
بعد ما رجعت في الجزء الأول للتفكير النابع من الأصل التطوري الخاص بك ... عايزك تتخيل نفسك في مكانة الصانع نفسه وتحاكي تفكيره من خلال نظرتك للطبيعة وتبتدي ترد على السؤال ده ... هل الطبيعة والعالم متأسس بطريقة نستطيع التعبير عنها بالرياضيات؟
الأجابة في وجهة نظري : ايوه.
وبالتالي كل ما نستكشف جزء من ديناميكية العالم ونعبر عنه بالرياضيات بيكون بالظبط مشابه لأنك بتصطاد سمكة في بحر ... بحيث السمكة هي الجزء من العالم اللي قدرت تعبر عنه بالرياضيات وسط البحر اللي هو الجزء الأكبر اللي في وجهة نظري متوصف بالرياضيات.
وبالتالي في الجزء التاني الرياضيات هنا هتكون اكتشاف.
أنا شايف يا عمران أن الرياضيات لا هي أكتشاف ولا هي أختراع ... أعتقد الرياضيات لو هنحاول اختزالها في مصطلح ما فهيكون شامل للأختراع والأكتشاف ...لكن ايه المصطلح ده بقى؟
مش جاي في بالي خالص ... أنت ايه رأيك؟
سؤال موجه لك صحيح، ازاي اجابة زي كده ممكن تساعدك كعمران على تحليل شخصية أحدهم؟

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Do you perceive mathematics as a human abstract mental construct made to fit and describe the universe? or it is an inherent nature in the universe itself? I believe someone's perception in this matter determines a wide-range of his personality. Pleasured to read your thoughts ladies and gentlemen!

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I can vaguely remember our conversations about this matter and it's great shame that such valuable moments can be lost!
That being said, here are my thoughts:
Mathematics is a body of language, axioms, derivations and theorems that we invented to describe things around us in the universe or maybe even just let the imagination do its thing and lead us to new concepts. From the start, there was no guarantee that every concept we can think of, will be present or get satisfied in the universe right?
Conversely, who said that every physical phenomenon in the universe will be translatable in terms of mathematics? Maybe even in terms of any language perceivable by us humans?
The fact that there is no one to one correspondence between Mathematical concepts and Physical phenomena strongly suggests that it's more of an abstract language than an inherent hidden code inside the universe. (Ok I give up, this was a mathematical argument. :D :D )

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Do you perceive mathematics as a human abstract mental construct made to fit and describe the universe? or it is an inherent nature in the universe itself? I believe someone's perception in this matter determines a wide-range of his personality. Pleasured to read your thoughts ladies and gentlemen!

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الرياضه بتعطي فعل لقوانين الطبيعه وعقليه ذكاء البشر من جوانب كتير ممتعه ممكن؟ كنت بحبها بحسها بتفلتر عقلي وبتفتحه "

It's called a multiverse there are way more then just one universe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Many-worlds_interpretation is one of 3 theories and the one i believe in the most, the other one has to do with black holes and a ton of mathematics and the 3rd one i forgot lol

I literally have chills. I'm going to look into it more closely when I have more time! There's a lot to unload here and I'm very interested!
+36 answers in: “I like your hair colour how long have you had it? What is your age?”

//কোনোদিন থিওরি থেকে বের হয়ে সফল এক্সপেরিমেন্টে আসতে পারলে সেদিন কথা হবে।// Here are mathematics , don't talk like Tesla. We can measure multidimensional equations, where we live in three dimensional space. Imagination is greater than Knowledge.- Einstein

If imagination is so great, psychologically unstable people would've ruled the world. But they don't even have voting rights, so...
+9 answers in: “আপনার ইন্সট্রা স্টোরি দেখলাম, হিন্দি সিনেমা দেখে প্রেম শিখলে বাস্তব জীবনে সমস্যা হবেই, এটা কোরিয়ান সিরিয়ালের জন্যেও প্রযোজ্য। ভারত বা সাউথ কোরিয়া আসলে পশ্চাৎপদ সভ্যতা। আমি West World ফলো করি এজন্য , ভবিষ্যতে আপনিও হয়তো একই পথে হাঁটবেন। আপনার কি মনে করেন যে প্রেমের সংগাই ডিফাইন করতে হবে ভিন্নভাবে ?”

Can mathematics be used to uncover truths and ideas that words cannot?

Yes - and so can the most complex language known to man: music. Perhaps it's not surprising to learn that musical training promotes mathematical ability and stimulates one's intellect.
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WOW!!! Faculty of education , mathematics department انا كنت ثانوى عام علمى رياضة على فكرة ووصلت ل 94.15 فى المية كويس ان فى حد لسه مهتم بالرياضة داه احنا نتعد على الصوابع

ما شاء الله علیک یا انون
ربنا یوفقک
الریاضیات شئ جمیل طبعاً بس مش کل الناس بتحبھا

حقيقي وحشتني الجامعه مع اني مكنتش بنزل كتير بس وحشتني ، وحشني كورس ال Accounting اللي كنت ببقي قاعده م فاهمه فيه حاجه وحشني كورس ال Mathematics اللي كنت بطلع منه بحس اني دكتوره ف الماده دي😂🧡 رجعوني الجاااامعه 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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دبلر بيتكلم اول مره اشوف دبلر بيتكلم😅😂

حقيقي وحشتني الجامعه مع اني مكنتش بنزل كتير بس وحشتني ، وحشني كورس ال Accounting اللي كنت ببقي قاعده م فاهمه فيه حاجه وحشني كورس ال Mathematics اللي كنت بطلع منه بحس اني دكتوره ف الماده دي😂🧡 رجعوني الجاااامعه 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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الحمدلله مش عاوز ايامها ترجع بلا هم

is there anyone who knows what are the courses in PAF for female after fsc with subjects mathematics , computer science and physics and what is the minimum height required for this

You can either apply for General Duty Pilot or Aeronautical Engineering. Minimum height to apply for GD pilot is 163 cm or 5'4 which is the same for male and female candidates whereas in Aeronautical Engineering minimum height required for females is 147 cm
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