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بشوف ناس معهاش شهادات ليها علاقة بالمجال بيكون معاهم مثلا ( كيميا، فيزيا، بيزنس) وقدروا يعملوا كارير كويس فى الماشين ليرننج؟ مع ان حضرتك قولت ان الشهادة مهمة + انا بشوف كده فى المقالات كمان

Physics and chemistry have a lot of maths, so no worries about them. If this is your background, this is good.
In general, any area with descent Math background is ok for machine learning

If given the opportunity to go on a short roundtrip to space, would you? 🚀

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Oh absolutely! That would literally be a dream. I wanted to be an astronaut growing up. Or to at least work in astronomy. But I'm just not that great with maths enough to get the grades for it, so I went the creative route for jobs instead.
If given the opportunity to go on a short roundtrip to space would you

What is the cold and dark for you?

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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→ winter
→ maths
→ people, who:
→ ignore the suffering of a loved one
→ ignore the suffering of a loved one in order to stick to an illusion about someone else
→ see abuse and choose to look away
→ see someone physically/emotionally in pain and just walk by
→ purposefully choose to hurt someone or themselves

Did you like math and physics in high school?

No, at least I did not like math. I have dyscalculia, which basically is the same thing as being dyslectic, but with numbers and formulas and such.
Doing basic math with numbers from 0-20 is hard, but okay. Anything above that is just impossible for me. Formulas don’t end up memorized in my brain, so it’s a constant struggle to do maths. 😬
Did you like math and physics in high school

All sexy people hate maths..🌚

Egoistic_101’s Profile Photoɐɯɐɯ ɹnoʎ ʇ,uı∀
A large store places its last 15 clock radios in a clearance sale. Unknown to anyone, 5 of the radios are defective. If a customer tests 3 different clock radios selected at random, what is the probability distribution of X=number of defective radios in the sample space?
Koi es question mein help kr do please 😭

I am a loser girl, I have no good clothes no good food no good face or IQ, no future, I scored 70% in olevels after that my parents just indirectly telling me to not go any further and waste their money and energy, they show hate, im disheartened, I deserve to rid me of myself!

1. Clothes doesn’t define a person, I’m sure I have way worse than yours
2. At least you have food to eat and face is irrelevant because they fear looks beget proudness
3. Idk where you’re measuring your IQ but those tests are general maths questions and not everyone is good at math but they are good in other subjects
4. 70% is low lol? You still have a good chance to land a better university. My cousin got admission abroad and that too below 70% score in O Levels
5. I think you should go till bachelors because degree will benefit you a lot
6. They don’t hate you, probably they’re frustrated with themselves due to financial pressure
7. If you do the maths, you’re still within those 30% of the Pak’s population who have the privilege to do O Levels. I think its even less than 30%
8. Don’t settle for marriage before completing your education. A woman’s education is necessary for the grooming of the future generation. Maybe this experience will guide you as to what you should not be doing with your kids when they face tough times.
Grades, clothes, looks nothing defines your worth. Your worth lies in your actions and behaviour. You’re not alive to impress the people on earth, impress Allah only. This world will always find a reason to hate you no matter how much success you attain.

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Maths teacher after damn minute: smjh me aya kya💀

My maths teacher was like if you don't understand ask me 100 times I will clear your doubt 100 times and if you just raised your hand twice in his class you are done with your life 💀💀.

📚 Your child is struggling with maths, do you help them yourself, hire a tutor, or talk to the teacher?

Probably see if there was a study group they could join or a tutor if I could afford one. I'd help them the best I could, but honestly it's been ages since I studied maths haha and have forgotten a lot, besides basics.

Education important to you.?

james24540954’s Profile PhotoJames
I think a good education can help you a lot. Not always with jobs haha but in life it can teach you important things. Like how laws of physics work, writing properly, reading, exploring creativity, maths, making things. All sorts. Even working to deadlines can help teach you how to manage time better for other stuff in life.
People don't need to go to university to be smart, but other education I think really does help build that foundation.

📚 Your child is struggling with maths, do you help them yourself, hire a tutor, or talk to the teacher?

If I had children, I could home school them myself with the aid of traditional / experienced tutors. I would have absolutely no desire to allow propagandists and other unhinged extremists to indoctrinate my kids and poison their impressionable minds.

Do you think that children who cant study well can also have a bright future like children who can study well?

mahnoorshaykh’s Profile PhotoMS
I'm the child who wasn't very good academically and once I gave lecture to my seniors in a collage on request from principal's son and they all went to the principal office to request him to hire me as lecturer.
For more you can visit my LinkedIn 🥱✌️
If you're not good at something it mostly just means your brain works differently. Like you'll see people with a creative, artistic mind being forced to do maths. They are suppose to be in art and design field, not in maths or science.

Is everything we think we know only limited by our beliefs and subjective perspectives?

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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Everything we know is limited by the priority we give to the topic. I would say that most of the knowledge I learned about maths except for the basics is gone by now. Because I was never good at maths it never had too much priority in my life. But I know how to be there for the people I love, how to write a short story or how to calm myself down through drawing because that's important to me. So yes, the knowledge that we let happen to take influence us is always a subjective process.

The most helpful advice you've got from someone so far?🌝

ash_m_khattak’s Profile PhotoAsher
My father. Bachpan se mjhy math mushkil lgta ha and he always said jis cheez se jitna dro gy wo utna sr py chary ge. Jese hi feel ho you’re afraid of something us k peechy pr jao whether it is practising a lot of maths, climbing heights, going in dark, availing an opportunity in uncertainty or any human. Ye implement krny ma bht mushkil lga ha mjhy but it’s worth it.

What's the happiest you've ever been?

As a kid my family and I used to go to a family restaurant called S&S Cafeteria, which served home style food in a sort of cafeteria setting. It was an amazing buffet without the endless trips. I would always get their hamburger steak and jello as a kid and always loved it. But around the time I was 8 or 9 they closed. Until 2 years ago I thought I would never eat there again. Apparently they had a sister location about 3 hours from my hometown. So when I found out I had to go there, this time by myself as a grown adult. I got my tray and suddenly I was a kid again with no troubles in the world. I got my hamburger steak and jello, and didn't feel any shame in the fact that I'm a grown man eating jello by myself. It was perfect. It couldn't have been happier. I think it was when I bought my house a few years ago. I had saved up cash for it and I own it outright. It wasn't too expensive but I own it and have amazing neighbors. It's a little bit of a fixer-upper too. The day I moved in I walked into an empty room and did a sort of "carpet snow angel" on the floor.
I had an Italian girlfriend a couple of years back and we went back there to stay with her old friends. The next morning I had a realisation that I had woken up in a house in the centre of Venice sharing a room with 3 incredible-looking Italian girls. At that moment I knew life wasn't bad and I could brag about that to my grandkids one day.
It was about three years ago. I had been informed that my master thesis was approved. My girlfriend was away on a bachelorette party so I was alone with the kitten we had received the day before. I spent the entire evening watching Archer, eating pizza and snuggled with the cat. It was wonderful.
Probably family bbq's when I was a kid. Grew up on a street where everyone knew each other and had family that lived on the street as well. That sense of community is really what my life is lacking these days. As a kid, you never think that the community will disband and family members would move away.
I get comments on my intelligence fairly often (i'm decent at maths and remembering facts. I'm not really that clever) amd my mum calls me handsome, but people complimenting my eyes is the only genuine compliment i get that i actually agree with.
When I met my current girlfriend IRL for the first time, when we fell in love for each other, in December last year, after knowing her for about 3 years on Discord. She's a golden person, I love her so much.

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hahah youd get alot of such tests on web if you try finding them! WOULD NEED A LITTLE OF YOUR EFFORT lol but yes these IQ checkers can be difficult if theyre time bounded. our psychometric tests are more like this but have more of accounting mental maths analytical skill checkers and number patterns

so basically you just picked up my answer and now u selling me your website damn 🤡 amazing how gullible i can be, even more amazing i’ll actually check it out🤡

Je donne des cours de maths en ligne, mais je pourrais aussi donner des cours de français, certains en ont un énorme besoin, ça fait de la peine de voir, entre autres, des "é" pour "er" et réciproquement, etc.

rpetryszyn’s Profile Photoriribreizh
En effet, ça pique quand tu vois que certains font une faute par mot , ils ont réussi le bac à sable 😂😂😂
Je c'est , ses pas drôle, est ces cons de fer au temps de faute 😂😂😂😂

The story about you Maths teacher made me 😭. There are some very special teachers out there 😭

Aw 🥺🤗 I know, some people were just born to teach, and we all need teachers like that in our lives - it’s incredible the impact they can leave on us, even years after we’ve moved on. I’ll always be grateful for his support!
It’s one of the reasons why I admire @nurbzee so much; the dedication and love she has for teaching and nurturing her students is so inspiring :)

Is there a teacher that you’ll always remember? What makes them be so memorable?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
My maths teacher at secondary school. I’m not sure why, but he always had tremendous faith in me. I think he could see that I enjoyed the subject and had an affinity with it, while simultaneously, I had very little faith in my abilities as I was insanely withdrawn and quiet.
I remember him saying in class one day that out of all the students he had taught, I was the only student he had taught consecutively for five years. He likened it to him being a sports coach and having a star player, and that person was me. I was embarrassed at first at the attention, but honoured, too.
I felt invisible to everyone at school, but for some reason, he saw me, and I’ll always be grateful for that :)

If one teacher can't teach all subjects Why is one child expected to study all subjects?

kinzanoor267’s Profile PhotoKinza
teacher must have expertise over that subject , later on students also choose one major but for early stages maths science english social science is important
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Have you ever had to throw up in public?

Yup. That one time when maths teacher didn't let me go to toilet coz she thought I'm faking being sick to get out her lessons 😆 it landed on her desk.
And numerous times on school trips due to travel sickness. Trips were worth it though 😆

Le/les défaut(s) du système scolaire français ?

lea__83580’s Profile Photolea__83580
- un niveau qui baisse d'année en année car on juge plus important un haut taux d'obtention du Bac qu'un réel niveau. Résultat, une catastrophe dans les études supérieures.
-Des professeurs des écoles majoritairement mauvais en maths. Je suis passé sur les bancs de la formation, c'est catastrophique.
-Une mésentente entre gouvernement/énarque et le corps enseignant sur le terrain. Mauvaise communication, mépris des uns envers les autres, mesures absurdes et, bien évidemment, grèves.
-Une volonté d'être inclusive, noble, mais amenée n'importe comment, et rendant juste plus difficile le travail collectif (le manque de moyen n'aidant pas).
-Méthodes alternatives , notamment le modèle Finlandais (qu'on peut élargir à Scandinave) est un peu moqué et on ne s'en inspire que trop peu, sous prétexte que la France a un rythme de vie différent.
-On ne permet pas aux étudiants de prendre du recul sur leurs carrières à venir, sur les études sup, on les pousse dans des voies royales très tôt et on se lave les mains de ce qui leur arrive.
-Malgré le côté communauté d'une classe, on cultive l'individualisme.
-Système de notation aux fraises qui n'évolue pas.
-Manque de positivisme dans l'évaluation, la note est une sanction, l'école devient un bagne, une corvée.
-Dévalorisation des voies professionnelles, vues commes des voies d'échec.
-Beaucoup trop de professeurs ayant un côté "je sais tout" ridicule et se présentant en défenseurs de la morale, dictant parfois aux parents comment éduquer leurs gosses.

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How often does your brain go on autopilot?

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Most of the time... 🙄 It's actually a thing... Brain on autopilot..it's Not always necessarily a bad thing brain goes to autopilot when you are enjoying something and have grip on it.you no longer need to pay attention to do things right your brain just do it for you muscle memory does it for you.. Like doing maths and listening to songs at times you're so invested in it that you don't even notice anything happening in the environment.. It can be bad.. It makes you forget about things.. Important details, makes you passive to your goals... Long story short Alot of things happens.. And yes I'm on autopilot most of the time.

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