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During an master program scholarship in HEC Paris, one interviewer ask me this question: " nowadays people says i am smart, if they really smart then why don't they find the solution of every problem?" Can anyone guide me what is the correct answer? Thanks 😊

Many people may claim that they are smart to impress the interviewers so as to prove their merit but the reality is that the majority of people are "wise fools." They know what's global warming, ozone depletion, murder, rape etc. They also suggest plenty of ways to overcome such problems in various interviews, exams, worskshops etc. But in real life people fail to apply their knowledge and wisdom to fight against the important worldly affairs coz they may be just too scared or coward to overcome their narrow-mindedness or may still be under the clutches of superstitions. Only a small percentage of people are able to apply their knowledge and wisdom in real life to overcome the wordly problems but again due to lack of mass and support, their objective fails.

Ciekawa jestem kogo obstawiałabyś w roli Sonki? Masz jakieś swoje typy albo przynajmniej cechy, które wg Ciebie powinna spełnić?

Ja totalnie nie ogarniam aktorów współpracujących z tvp, ale ostatnio znajoma zwróciła mi uwagę, że Sonia Mietielica mogłaby dostać rolę Sonki w kontynuacji KKJ. Aktorka ponoć grała w Stuleciu Winnych i na moje oko nadawałaby się na dumną Zofię. Osobiście chciałabym aby ostatnia żona Jagiełły pojawiła się na tym Wawelu i pojęła, że musi walczyć o swoją przyszłość. Jako jedyna z małżonek Władka nie polubiłaby kultu Jadwigi i chciałaby wiele rzeczy robić po swojemu. Miałaby też mały konflikt z Jadwinią, ale nie otrułaby jej oczywiście... Oleśnicki uprzykrzałby jej życie a ona jemu. No i chciałabym aby pokazali, że Sonka była bardzo rodzinną osobą. Kochałaby swoje dzieci i była gotowa nawet zrezygnować z kilku rzeczy byleby były bezpieczne... Także mogłaby być postacią pełną kontrastów. :)
Ciekawa jestem kogo obstawiałabyś w roli Sonki Masz jakieś swoje typy albo

Whats the most sensible thing you have ever heard someone say or the most sensible advice you've been given?

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSyed Sibtain Ali
Sensible information is very rare these days. 😅
But there is something that I do remember from my childhood. My father told me almost 10 years ago maybe that I'll become very rich if I won't ever miss a prayer. I may never understand the meaning behind those words, but I try to follow the way.

When you see a person who has lot more than you has success in career a perfect house n perfect family n lots of money, you get jealous? real answer atm pls.

Not at all my dear! I wish everyone in every possible way only the BEST !! May Allah give all of you more and more and keep you all blessed safe and happy my friend! Alhamdulillah in my heart is nothing like jealousy or hate for anyone. If you good may Allah give you million times more. That’s how I feel and think..
You’re all my brothers and sisters in humanity and should you not want the best for your family ? 💛☺️

Serious question what is the big deal about some women choosing not to wear bras?? Why does it matter if they do or not?

frostawolf20’s Profile PhotoAdam
If YOU don't keep fit , you may soon need a bra !!!!!!!
~ as for girls, women . . . . . it's largely only a big deal in some/many men's heads . . .
Some females are glad to get their bras off at the end of the day - coz they can hurt a bit . . . . sometimes it's the other way round . . . can hurt without adequate support . . .
But even men with 'mantits' , will never know how it feels , coz it's not the same . . . . so, I wouldn't worry . . . .
It's tragic if anyone ever feels pressurised from any irrelevant interference . . .
Now , Balls . . . . I've heard that inadequately supported balls , for any lengthy time , can coz problems , especially later in life . . . . so you may best ditch the 'boxers' , for for a comfy cotton nest . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWAko7gscP4igotamatch’s Video 172470236282 iWAko7gscP4igotamatch’s Video 172470236282 iWAko7gscP4

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Serious question what is the big deal about some women choosing not to wear bras

I didn't know you were adopted! Sorry if it's a difficult subject.

No you're fine! :)
Yeah I am :)
I was adopted when I was 4 months old. I was in foster care before that, but obviously don't remember lol.
My biological parents were both just too young to raise me. I understand why they put me up for adoption, and I don't blame them :)
Besides, my adoption family IS my family. I may not be blood related but to me that doesn't matter. They raised me and love me. So in my eyes they are my family. I couldn't ask for a better mom and dad :3
I didnt know you were adopted Sorry if its a difficult subject


Bgigigi’s Profile PhotoBlissy~°w°
In the darkest of nights, hope may seem lost,
But keep your faith, no matter the cost.
For when tears are fallen and prayers are made,
Strength and resilience will never fade.
Hold onto the light that shines within,
And soon the journey towards healing will begin. .

Trăm năm nữa, có thể chúng ta lại một lần nữa gặp nhau, có thể một lần nữa yêu nhau và chắc chắn một lần nữa xa nhau. Những gì t làm, không cần em đáp trả. T tin dù ở kiếp nào, t vẫn lựa chọn dịu dàng với em. Tháng 3 lần đầu gặp gỡ và cũng một tháng 3 mãi mãi chia ly. Hẹn gặp em ở một cuộc đời khác.

"Mất trăm năm đôi mình mới chung thuyền. Một ngàn năm ta mới về chung lối..."
"Hẹn e kiếp sau. Kiếp này thôi tìm đến nhau. Mây về với nắng của trời. Em về vui với ai kia. Hẹn e kiếp sau. Sẽ không để lạc mất nhau. Nắm tay đi đến cuối đời..."
Mở 2 bài này nghe luôn cho hợp tâm trạng @.@

I dare you to write someone a letter and send it anonymously.

i’ll just write it here hehe
To : You ,
I finally came in terms w letting a lot of stuff go. Including feelings, people, friendships, relationships, fears. Just everything. And I’m happy. It’s time for new beginnings, new chapters that brings happiness, love and endless memories ❣️. I may have not replied to your last msg but i wish nothing but happiness and good luck on your career path. Wherever you are, i’ll make sure my support reaches you… :)

Which surah calms your heart?

This verse from surah Al- Baqarah
﴿وَإِذَا سَأَلَكَ عِبَادِي عَنِّي فَإِنِّي قَرِيبٌ ۖ أُجِيبُ دَعْوَةَ الدَّاعِ إِذَا دَعَانِ ۖ فَلْيَسْتَجِيبُوا لِي وَلْيُؤْمِنُوا بِي لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْشُدُونَ﴾
[ البقرة: ١٨٦]
And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me - indeed I'm near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.

What would happen to the innocent soul sparked one of the most controversial thing, called life?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Since life is a loss of innocence, it may be regained on the other side. Without controversy. From a silent grave or one's ashes scattered to the wind. As you know, I love to put a positive spin on things... 👍
What would happen to the innocent soul sparked one of the most controversial

What is the best way to live our lives without changing who we are as people?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
I don't know if there is a best way but I try to keep things as simple as possible. I prefer to go about my business and focus on whatever I have to accomplish. A silent hunter in the shadows. Prepared but willing to improvise. Ignoring the clamor helps. Distractions are avoided to the best of my ability. Since all external influences are either negative or positive, I must make a determination on which ones are beneficial or not. Certain changes are favorable or necessary. Others are detrimental or regressive. For me, it is important to have a plan which is designed in accordance with my values, objectives and abilities. If we proceed without a structured program, very little can be accomplished. Valuable time and resources may be squandered and there is a risk of being guided in directions which we might prefer to avoid - not just by others, but by ourselves. This method isn't complicated. It requires some forethought but there are few components and it permits me to remain steadfast, adaptable and productive.

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What is the best way to live our lives without changing who we are as people

Do you feel, or believe, that your way thinking (conviction/understand/persuasion) , allows for or suggests ~ a significant sense of consciousness/self-awareness/existence , after organic death ? (other than mass-communal reformation of non-individual life form) .. . . . OR ?

Yes, for the fact that consciousness eludes reason. We don't refer to it as "the hard problem of consciousness" flippantly. I would suggest too that our innate capacity for logic and abstraction may provide a clue as to the veracity of what we may refer to as the metaphysical, "inorganic" realm.

Shohor hota to us k liye dua krti.

Tou *shohar k haq main dua karne k liye *shohar ka hona zaroori tou nahi he.
He is not a part of your life but he must be existing somewhere on planet earth and must be dealing with the hardships of life...
Why to wait for him (whoever he might be) to come into your life and then only pray for him..
You can still pray for his existence (even though you don't know who he is), for him to stay safe and healthy and that may Allah Tala guide him in whatever he's doing in his life.....
Aap ki cheez he, aap k paas hi aani he, tou abhi bhi dua ki ja sakti he...

biggest hint a boy can give when he likes us?

Do I look like someone who is going to waste her time catching hints? No honey. When they say move mountains for girls they mean go fully crazy in love, show me how your world revolves around me and may be just may be I would be amused.
Nothing less than that is welcomed.

Give a creative answer to this question: name a reason or two why living in a first floor apartment is bad 😁

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
By first floor, you mean on ground level? Only we refer to it as ground floor here 😌
Living in a ground floor apartment would be pretty bad since there'd be a lack of privacy, you would need to have the blinds or curtains drawn whenever you're doing anything that you don't want people outside to see 🥴
Noise could be a problem too, since you may have to deal with more of it than the apartment/s above you 😬
Give a creative answer to this question name a reason or two why living in a

If the N-word is racist and degratory, why is it widely used within the very community that condemns it?

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
I have observed that it's used mainly among friends. In this respect, it would be no different than using a word like "a55hole." Yes, it is offensive when directed at others but between people who know each other, it may not have the same negative interpretation. Some would suggest that it's a term of endearment. Certain apologists and Hip Hop artists have made that argument. Other times, it could be used as a poor substitute for a more appropriate term. Moreover, its usage within that community has been viewed as an endeavor to nullify it. I am skeptical but this has been attempted with other offensive words and tropes. If the stigma can be reduced or its meaning changed entirely, it could be worth the effort but I might question this approach. All things considered, I would make the argument that such words mustn't be used in any context. I am not advocating for censorship but the English language is rich and it offers plenty of superior tools to express one's thoughts and to communicate freely or effectively. With civility and without the risk of being offensive - unless of course, that is the aim. In my personal view, there is little reason to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Regardless of how or why the slur is used, it may always have negative connotations. If one is more discriminating in his choice of words, there is a good chance that he will be less likely to discriminate against others.

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If the Nword is racist and degratory why is it widely used within the very

What really makes you angry?

Firstly, I don't have anger issues, but just saying: it's not that hard to get someone mad. However, to get someone to react in anger, that's what I'm narrowing this question down to.
What makes me really angry (and react on it) is when people won't stop pushing it. This means there are things they said that have already rubbed me the wrong way, but I haven't reacted to it until they keep on talking.
Other than remarks, it can also be someone's way of thinking. I can differentiate the difference between matter that are done on purpose vs genuine mistake on judgement though. If it's just a difference in way of thinking, the most I'll get is annoyed. But for them to force something on me (and again, keep pushing it) is what makes me flip out.
There are things I say in anger and they may sound so reckless, so disrespectful, or so 'savage' (as what people say nowadays lol), but tbh that's nothing yet. If u think that's over-the-top, then u are not ready for that actual anger I have. I'll have things flying around looking like it's Hogwarts. There's more, but I'm not gonna be here incriminating myself. 😆🤫 If u know, u know.
"There is three types of people in the world
Those who don't know what happened
Those who wonder what happened
And people like us from the streets that make things happen"
- Stranded on Death Row

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Hi Aaniat ? It is always fun looking your answer and you're a sweet human. I just want to ask what tone do you find most attractive in men? Dark, medium or fair?

Colour shouldn't matter for all...u are asking for humans not a piece of cloth that seems attractive!!!!
Ppl in the present may have fair tones but what about dark souls??

[W SZ] Rzecz po Twojej prawej stronie jest związana z Twoją supermocą, którą otrzymasz. Jaka to moc?

valkyr_’s Profile PhotoValkyr


Po mojej prawej stronie stoi oparta o ścianę moja gitara elektryczna.
Jako, że jestem Bogiem, to posiadam wszystkie dostępne moce we Wszechświecie, aczkolwiek jak już się bawimy w te pytania, to powiem, iż będzie to moc porywania tłumów za pomocą gry na niej, przez co zostanę najzaj3bistszym gitarzystą w historii świata.
Ach, no tak. Przecież i tak się nim stanę!
Tak w ogóle, to opracowałem już wstępny plan dostania się na backstage!
Po koncercie Vic i Belch będą musieli odciągnąć jakoś uwagę ochroniarzy, czyli na przykład udawać, że jeden z nich umiera, a drugi przeraźliwie zacznie wołać o pomoc, akurat przed nosami tych typów.
Wtedy ja i Henry przekradniemy się tam z moją gitarą i wzmacniaczem, które wyjmiemy uprzednio z auta.
Gdy już cichaczem wniesiemy sprzęt, to Bowers wyjdzie, a ja zostanę, wypadając prosto na członków zespołu!
Wtedy to zademonstruję im swoją zaj3bistą grę i na pewno tak ich ch⛧lernie zszokuję, iż mnie przyjmą od razu!
Jeśli jednak będą się wahać (chociaż nie ma takiej opcji), to pokażę im inne swoje atuty, takie jak zaprezentowała Sidowi Viciousowi ta ści3ra, Nancy Spungen, tylko, że ja nie skończę tak jak ona, martwy, siedząc koło kibla, z raną kłutą brzucha.
Trzeba umieć wywalczyć sobie to, czego się pragnie, co nie?
Zastanawiam się, czy nie podkreślić sobie oczu eyelinerem, nadając im drapieżnego, uwodzicielskiego tonu.
Tylko jest jeden mały problem, a mianowicie Henry, jaki wyzywałby mnie od części od roweru.
No i drugi, czyli to, iż ktoś musi pomóc mi nałożyć to ch⛧lerstwo, a do tego nadałby się wyśmienicie Vic, który by to zaakceptował, nie zadając żadnych zbędnych pytań, ale znowu — Vic będzie albo udawał umierającego, albo wołał o ratunek, dlatego może to on pójdzie ze mną na backstage, a Henry zostanie z Belchem?
Sam już nie wiem, muszę chyba jeszcze zmodyfikować ten plan.


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W SZ Rzecz po Twojej prawej stronie jest związana z Twoją supermocą którą

In every social site,or Wherever you go, Girls are in demand, Bt then, Why everyone wants only Boy as their child ???

curosity46’s Profile Photoritesh kumar
Statement 1 : In every social site, or Wherever you go, Girls are in demand.
What demand are you talking about brother ? IDK about social site, but elsewhere wherever we go, if its a workplace, then there's a hiring team, there are some professions where girls are preferred, but its not generalised. And vice - versa is true, at some places , men are preferred, and at most other places, jobs are gender neutral. Beyond this, you go to any recreational place or anywhere else, its just a person's choice to go there, there is no "Demand" factor.
Also for this "social site" , where do you get this idea that Girls are in "Demand" ? Social Media is just a place to be , everyone can choose to be there or not be there for XYZ reasons, social Media isn't a marketplace where something is in "Demand".
Statement 2 : Why everyone wants only Boy as their child?
IDK where are you getting this idea for "Everyone" but "Everyone" doesn't want a boy child, some don't even want children, some want 1 boy 1 girl, some want 1 child any one, some want boy, some want girl, this is just a personal choice, its not a generalized thing. You may want a boy child, maybe you can also justify why you want a boy child, but it doesn't mean everyone wants a boy child.
Now , What are you trying to say by your question actually? Online aao to sabko ladkiya chahiye and ghar par sabko ladke chahiye, something like this?

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Ughh 🌸 Why are you so good to People 🌸 GOD bless You ♥️

ademstrems’s Profile PhotoAdemstrems
Because it just feels good and it doesn't cost anything. Some might say 'people just take advantage'. I do agree to this and that's why as soon as I sense I am not being valued I leave, without wasting a second, I just leave. Had been taken for granted, abandoned and left alone by my own people when I was at my worst, but that won't change this nature of mine. I don't do it for others, I do it for myself, at the end I sleep with a happy heart. I have enough love in me to love myself and much more to give others. Everyone has to face harships and sufferings in life, but it just needs one kind word from someone to regain strength, faith in life and faith in self. And it doesn't cost nothing to be that 'someone' ☺️ People who were the closest abandoned me, people who were complete strangers gave a shoulder to lean on, so it all depends from person to person. Not everyone will come to take advantage, some will be there to hold you even without any reason or relation. We just have to be attentive to other's intention in order to protect ourselves.
This world is selfish, but it is just as selfless.
And then comes people like you who encourages me to be better. Thank you so much for blessings.🤗 May you have the brightest smile on your face and a peaceful heart 🌸

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Why are you so good to People 
GOD bless You

You may cause a war in the USA.

Honestly, I have no idea how women do it. The constant sexual harassment and objectification of men and how incredibly toxic women are to other women. As a bisexual man, a man in general women already hate me for simply existing and forget even trying to compliment a girl. I can't even talk to women anymore without getting chewed out and they used to be the people I always went to. Just the end of 2022 I have never experienced so much sexual harassment and objectification from MEN in my life and now WOMEN too? What the hell is this? I can't go on social media without feeling like shit about myself and that's incredibly sad.

Emocje się przeżywa, a nie naprawia.

Znasz to uczucie, gdy nagle zostajesz wyrwany ze swojej strefy komfortu? Cała pewność siebie ucieka w las, jak spłoszona łania. Czujesz się mały, gardło masz ściśnięte. Po całym ciele rozchodzi się nieprzyjemne w tym wypadku ciepło. Dłonie Ci się trzęsą. Kwestionujesz swoje ja i to, czy aby na pewno powinieneś się tu znaleźć.
Pamiętaj o oddechu. Bo tak, właśnie takie momenty są potrzebne do tego, abyś się rozwijał. A to nie jest prosta droga.
Emocje się przeżywa a nie naprawia

I'm looking for a guy to go on a lunch date with😁 He should be above 6 as I'm 5.8" myself 😌 A charming personality would be a plus💕 (P.S: Not really gonna do that🙊)

I mean it’s a cute idea, I would take you out, except I’m not 6 ft and we aren’t in the same city. May you find a cute lil date thing someday, even if this was a lil joke 💐

Any advice for someone who's struggling with body confidence ?

I was/am too, not so much anymore that I'm doing something about it but I still have the occasional soft drink here and there but it hasn't affected my weight so far now I'm only drinking one every few days. But eat healthier/exercise and drink a lot of water, you don't have to cut everything out but do it slowly if you do. That is if you want to do something about it but I'm sure you are also beautiful the way you are now, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful no matter what the size. Your weight is not who you are and it's not all you are. If you want try to get motivated to exercise or drink water at least once a day however that may be, for me I just do it I don't think about it or I look in the mirror and see how well I'm doing and that kinda motivates me to get back to the weight I was when I was 18 which is slowly but surely working. It is difficult to get into the right mindset and I know there are days you just want to lay around and read a book or something after a stressful day, it's more what you put into your body then exercise but it is a part of it. Whatever you decide to do remember your body isn't all you are and you are beautiful exactly the way you are

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Каких русских исполнителей слушаешь?

a_gofman’s Profile Photo乂 H I N A T A
Ария; Louna; Flёur; Сплин; Люмен; Слот; Юлия Славянская; Радио Тапок; Ai Mori; Немного нервно; Смысловые галлюцинации; Мельница; белинда наизусть; Алёна Швец; Алиса в стране тоски; IC3PEAK; Помни имя своё; Stigmata; Белки на акации; Амели на мели; Georgiy; Otto Dix; Animal ДжаZ, Aion May; Кино; Земфира; Эпидемия; Наша Таня; Алсу; Грот; Сергей Лазарев; polnalyubvi; pyrokinesis; ДДТ; 4 Апреля: дельфиньи слёзы; Андрей Губин; найтивыход.
Каких русских исполнителей слушаешь

Ano bang benefit sa inyo kapag sina-silet treatment nyo partner nyo?

Ako kasi para sa akin, ginagawa ko yan kapag kunwari may ginawang mali yung partner ko na ikina-inis or ikinagalit ko, tahimik lang talaga ako. That's my way to lessen or let go my inis or galit. Kasi ayoko naman makipag usap kapag galit ako kasi baka hindi maiiwasan may masabi ako na hindi maganda na makakasakit ng feelings niya.

Is happiness a choice, or is depression real?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
For some, there is hardly any difference. It would appear counterintuitive but there are plenty of people who choose to find pleasure in misery. It is familiar territory. A convenient crutch. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to garner sympathy. Yes, genuine depression exists but it can be addressed and it is important to remember that medication or therapy isn't required in every case. A very serious condition may require intervention but there are times when a positive mental attitude will suffice. Those who truly need help should seek it. There is no shame in doing so. If services aren't available or accessible, one could turn to friends, family, colleagues, mentors, spiritual advisors, etc. Merely talking with another person can do a world of good. Surrender is not an option. Joy can be found in simple things but we must be willing to find it. The cost is less than what I charge people to visit my page. Please deposit $0.00 in my Ask account and don't forget to smile. Often. 🙃

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Is happiness a choice or is depression real

Do you believe in the supernatural? Heaven, angels, ghosts? Luck, fate, magic? Mind reading, lizard people, the Illuminati?

I prefer to approach these topics with a reasonable amount of skepticism. Without substantiated facts and irrefutable evidence, very little can convince me. Faith is great but I would hesitate. In my opinion, there could be a scientific explanation for everything that you've mentioned except for a few points which will be addressed below. The science changes constantly and there are countless riddles which we still cannot decipher. With that said, it is important to recognize that science isn't always a final conclusion but an evolutionary process which, at times, can be a mystery in itself. Some might suggest that all questions have already been answered long before they were asked. There may be something to this notion. It may also be true that revelations can be somewhat challenging to ascertain, comprehend or disseminate but in the absence of adequate answers, we must continue to investigate further and avoid jumping to conclusions. Along the way, we will encounter numerous enigmas which are (or may seem?) inexplicable but we should resist the temptation of interpreting concepts, events or experiences from our limited perspectives. Plausible theories deserve our attention. Illusory proposals do not.
A) Luck. A figure of speech. Nothing more.
B) Fate. At best, a self-fulfilling prophecy?
C) Lizard people. Quite similar to flat earth. Pure nonsense.
:::uncontrollable laughter rebounds through my sanctum:::

D) The Illuminati. Yes, it existed. Google "Adam Weishaupt."
I have reason to believe that his quasi-Masonic experiment was a perversion of Freemasonry and an abject failure. If he were alive today and experimenting with such reckless abandon, I could think of one mischievous fellow who may be persuaded to infiltrate his cabal and thwart such efforts.
:::smiles fiendishly:::
Initiation ceremony in Viennese Masonic Lodge, during reign of Joseph II by Ignaz Unterberger (1784).
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is seated on the extreme left.

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Do you believe in the supernatural Heaven angels ghosts Luck fate magic Mind

Czy jesteś gotowa na bycie matką?

Matką jestem od 06.05.2017r 🥰
Leon dzisiaj do mnie: "Mama kocham Cię", odpowiedziałam mu, że ja go też kocham, a on do mnie: "ja chce abyś była na zawsze taką mamą jaką jesteś teraz" a ja taka zdziwiona, mowie: "przecież zawsze będę Cię kochać i na zawsze pozostanę Twoją mamą" a Leon do mnie: "Ale Ty wiesz o co mi chodzi"
Ps. Chodziło mu o to, że kiedyś umrrręę i On zostanie sam beze mnie 🥺 a druga rozmowa była taka, że zapytał mnie kiedy będzie sylwester.. a ja mu odpowiedziałam, że dopiero za rok, a on do mnie: "ale wtedy Ciebie już nie będzie" 😳 a ja od razu wielkie WTF... mały jest mega wrażliwy i strasznie się przejął tym, że mialam wypadek i teraz boi się, że to coś poważnego, bo dopowiedział się o mojej "ewentualnej" operacji.. I teraz się martwi o mnie, czy będę żyła.. ehhh.. powtórzę do 48274727272743 raz... mam najwspanialszego syna na świecie! Jest mega wrażliwy i empatyczny.. jak na swój wiek, wiele rozumie... tak bardzo go kocham... 🥰
A tutaj stare zdjęcie, miał 3 latka 😇

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Czy jesteś gotowa na bycie matką

Hello, I am from Slovakia and Sweden is one of my dream countries. I would like to know, how would you rate your country. Is it good place to live? Also, what is your major?

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Sweden can be amazing! 🇸🇪
We have things I think the whole world should embrace, like free higher education and healthcare. Students even get PAYED in benefits to study, not much but still 💵
There is gorgeous nature, which is made easier to explore and experience thanks to laws which allows you to walk on private property as long as you are respectful. Sweden has a rich history which is reflected in the beautiful old architecture in most Swedish city centres. Many palaces and mansions can also be found in the countryside 🏰
It's also a country where you're truly free to be who you want to be, cause of the longstanding separation between religion and state. Some of the best pastries can be found here too, from princess cakes and chocolate balls to "semlor" 🍰
But there are times when it's not so amazing. There's been an increased amount of violent crime and substance abuse recently. In the town where I live it's apparently very easy to get a hold of dr*gs if you want to. I don't notice it in my regular life though, except for the ways my student organization tries to crack down on it. I think it very much has to do with what kinds of circles you're in. You also often hear about shootings and gang wars in the news 😨
It may not be perfect but comparitively speaking, I still think Sweden is a great place to live. I'd be hard pressed to come up with many better alternatives 😊
And I'll soon have my bachelor's degree in urban planning! 🎓

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Hello I am from Slovakia and Sweden is one of my dream countries I would like to

Good morning sweet beautiful girl with honey. How are you enjoying?

Thanks and the day has been good to me so far. Thank God. I love you all! Good day to you all! Be safe and reach for your goals guys! My last question I am answering for a few weeks! Y'all leave me some questions and I will answer! If anyone wants my Snapchat! IF I KNOW YOU... I will give it. Message me a question asking for it and I just may add you! Let's stay in touch! Stay happy! Keep positive! Touch the sky! ❤ Sweet Bella 😊
Good morning sweet beautiful girl with honey How are you enjoying

W jaki sposób się zazwyczaj uczyłaś, do egzaminów itp?

Robiłam sobie mały zapas jedzenia i picia, wcześniej robiąc sobie spacer do sklepu i słuchając fajnej muzyki
Jak już byłam w domu zamykałam się w pokoju siadałam/kładłam się na łóżku i czytałam na głos
Po jakimś czasie sprawdzałam co zapamiętałam a co muszę jeszcze przećwiczyć i co ważniejsze na wyrywki tematy bądź słowa, bo inaczej często się myliłam gdy nie było po kolei
W jaki sposób się zazwyczaj uczyłaś do egzaminów itp

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