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Are serial killers just misunderstood individuals who happen to have a really strong passion for human anatomy?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
The misunderstood artists of dissection... Serial killers, with their profound fascination for human anatomy, truly deserve a standing ovation for their unique passion... Moreover, medical researchers, these individuals have taken "hands-on learning" to a whole new level...
Who needs ethical boundaries and saving lives when you can delve into the intricacies of the human body in the most unconventional way possible?
So let's raise a twisted toast to these unconventional enthusiasts, for they've certainly found a chilling way to pursue their passion, right?

1)Полное название твоего института 2)Твоя специальность 3)Учёная степень (бакалавр, магистр, или ты закончил(-а) специалитет?) 4)Название твоей дипломной работы

1. Magix State Medical University
2. Офтальмология
3. Ординатура
4. У врачей в ординатуре нет такого понятия как дипломная работа, но мы пишем в течение двух лет отчет по практике, мой на тему «Современные офтальмологические лекарственные препараты и средства коррекции зрения»

1)Полное название твоего института 2)Твоя специальность 3)Учёная степень (бакалавр, магистр, или ты закончил(-а) специалитет?) 4)Название твоей дипломной работы

1. Magix State Medical University
2. Лечебное дело
3. Я закончила специалитет
4. Инъекционные технологии в косметологии

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I donated blood for the first time today!
It was both a very exciting and anxious experience, since I’m very much afraid of needles and medical stuff in general lol.
The staff was very friendly and helpful. They kept a good eye on my the whole time and that was a good thing since I almost fainted lol. 😂
Now I’m just a bit tired :)
Say whats on your mind

Why do so many Americans have an aversion toward the elderly?

“The denial of age in America culminates in the prolongevity movement, which hopes to abolish old age altogether. But the dread of age originates not in the "cult of youth" but in a cult of the self. Not only in its narcissistic indifference to future generations but in its grandiose vision of a technological utopia without old age, the prolongevity movement exemplifies the fantasy of "absolute, sadistic power" which, according to Kohut, so deeply colors the narcissistic outlook. Pathological in its psychological origins and inspiration, superstitious in its faith in medical deliverance, the prolongevity movement expresses in characteristic form the anxieties of a culture that believes it has no future.”
― Christopher Lasch, The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in An Age of Diminishing Expectations

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Why do so many Americans have an aversion toward the elderly

Hej! Mogłabym prosić o podesłanie paru emotek? Z góry dziękuję i przepraszam za spam. Miłego wieczoru 🌙

ryujinpl1’s Profile Photo류진 Shin Ryujin | ITZY Poland
Miłego wieczoru!
Annie Camden:''Well, it's not the teaching really. It's being around kids. You know how much I've always loved having children in my life, working with them, helping them. You know, in a couple of years, Sam and David... they'll be in school. Ruthie's doing great, Simon's in high school, Robbie and Lucy are in college, Mary's in New York and Matt's going off to medical school, So our kids need me, but they don't need me. If I teach every year, I'll have a new batch of kids who I'll need to help the way I helped our kids. It's the perfect job for me. All I have to do is take what I've been doing at home for the last 20 years and put it in the classroom. I can do it. I think I'll be good at it."
Hej Mogłabym prosić o podesłanie paru emotek Z góry dziękuję i przepraszam za

Ты уж определись одноклеточный я, биполярно-многоклеточный или одноклеточно-биполярно-универсальноклеточный) А то слишком много внимания моей одноколеточности уделяешь) Это такая любовь?) Ладно, дарю тебе 188 воздушных поцелуев, 163 поглаживания 45 открыточек и 208 обнимашек. Без лишних слов) ;-)

unicellular, I pay you exactly the same attention as other psychos from a madhouse called Mordor.
your disease is progressing, so I give my assessment of its development.
and I observe medical ethics, I do not accept courtship from patients.😹
Ты уж определись одноклеточный я биполярномногоклеточный или

How do you take care of the horses Natalie 😊

In what sense? feeding them, watering them, mucking out, hoof care/farrier visits, routine vet appointments like tetanus shots and dental floating, great massage therapist, exercising them, bathing them, sheath cleaning, filling haynets, brushing them, taking care of their medical needs (giving meds/first aid as well as having two great vets just a text away), wormer, fly spray/gel in the warmer months, providing salt/mineral licks to use at their leisure, taking them for walks, giving them lots of love and affection?

if a woman is in her early 30s and hasn't had a child yet, do you think she'll never be a parent? at around 30, biologically speaking, your body gradually begins getting old, which means your reproductive system too. that is why docs say the risk of pregnancy increases after 30.

Here's the thing, it shouldn't be questioned. It's no one business.
For all you, me or anyone else knows, that couple could have been trying for a baby for years! It may not be possible for them! They may have an underlying medical condition that makes the risk too great in general! Thus meaning, questioning why they haven't had a baby yet, could be a very painful thing to talk about!
They may genuinely not want children. Or would prefer to go down the adoption route.
Just PLEASE think before asking. I know this was meant innocently, but for some, it could be heartbreaking.
if a woman is in her early 30s and hasnt had a child yet do you think shell

Should adopted children have the right to know their biological parents?

It's more the right to medical history.
I have no information about my biological parents medical history. So there's no knowing if I could be prone to anything.
Sometimes it is made known to the adoptive parents, but in other cases (like mine), it wasn't. That being said I do know my parents names, where I was born, etc
Should adopted children have the right to know their biological parents

فيه وظايف ممكن تشتغلها جنب وظيفتك كدكتور وتكون متعلقه بالمجال الطبي برضه ؟

Medical Instructor
Medical Writer
Medical Coder
Medical statistician
Medical Interpreter
Healthcare Administrator
ممكن في Research, Nutrition وهكذا، ابحث هتلاقي

Are mushrooms safe to take? What does a micro dose do?

I can’t really say if they’re safe for everyone but they are generally known to be. Microdose can help with depression and other medical issues I have read but I don’t know for sure. I think maybe they’re legalizing in some places for medical use. I’ve only used mushrooms once many years ago and it was a “bad trip” but I value the experience to this day. (Heavy Alice in Wonderland vibes that are very much still with me.)
Are mushrooms safe to take What does a micro dose do

Should i go for MBBS or ACCA, it's difficult to take decision! Any suggestion please?👀😩

MBBS anytime anyday of week, month & year!
MBBS VS ACCA is a mismatch bruh!
Mbbs is a proper degree where as ACCA is only certification and that too acceptance in UK only as far as i know!
But it all comes to whether you are passionate enough to become medical professional or you see yourself as businesswoman!
Won't advice you MBBS if you don't have passion for it but still won't suggest ACCA, go for something more rewarding!

You can choose to spend 12 hours in one of these environments: (1) Victorian England (2) A distant space-station city (3) an Elven forest (4) Ancient Rome (5) Aztec Mexico There is 10% chance that you will experience your chosen place in poverty. Which will you choose and why?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
The distant space station city. Although Victorian England and ancient Rome are intriguing as well. But it also scares me a little that I could end up in jail for not knowing the social norms of that specific time that might be accepted nowadays while they were punished at that time. How could I know? Also, the medical healthcare was more experimental than safe... so I go with the space station. Living close to the stars must be peaceful and stunning. I would also love to visit the elves, but also I don't know what they would do to me if they'd see me. x'D So I'm going for the stars anyways.

Are you medical student 💉💊

﴿ يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اتَّقُوا اللَّهَ وَلْتَنظُرْ نَفْسٌ مَّا قَدَّمَتْ لِغَدٍ ﴾
أمر أولًا بالتقوى استعداداً ليوم القيامة ، ثم أمر به ثانياً لأن الله خبير بما يعلمون ، فلما اختلف الموجِبان كرَّره مع كل واحدٍ منهما .
ابن جزي ، التسهيل لعلوم التنزيل ( 2 / 362 )

Are you still in hospital?

Nope, I'm home. I was meant to be there a couple more days but cause of certain other medical issues they decided it was better to send me home and then have the team come to see me at home after the course of meds has finished and then go back to get x-rays again in six weeks. I'm on bed rest until the excruciating rib pain relaxes itself though.

how is sonny and timmy and ron lol up to much 😃 xo

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Double trouble are all good! Ron has had a couple of medical things going on, he's just finished a course of antibiotics and is on breathing meds for the next couple weeks. It's like he went oh mum can't breathe? suddenly neither can I 🤣 he is feeling a lot better and sounds a lot better - wish I could say the same! Haha x

اى رأيكم فى جامعة جاردن؟!

Shaymaa_Ali1278’s Profile Photoالداعية الصغيرة⛓❤
الجامعة لسا جديدة وماخرجت ولا دفعة يادوب حتخرج أول دفعة، و غير موجودة في اعتراف او تصنيف موقع World Directory of Medical Schools،
عدا انه إجراءات تجديد الاعتماد لعام 2024 أعتقد مادخلت فيها كمان،
فليه الواحد يضيّع عمره بجامعة جديدة وماعندها تجارب و لا اعترافات سابقة؟
في كذا جامعة كويسة وقوية بإمكانك تبحثي وتسألي عن الجوانب الايجابية والسلبية وايش اللي يناسبك فيهم.

What do you think of Matt Hancock?

He was a total liability during the pandemic, £8.7 BILLION of sub-par PPE wasted and had to be destroyed, much of it bought from companies set up by his mates that left medical staff having to wear bin liners.
He’s a disgrace.
If it wasn’t for the NHS properly managing the vaccine roll-out that he claimed credit for, he’d have been looked at like he was another Failing-Chris-Grayling. (If you recall, Grayling was another minister around the same time who destroyed everything he touched - e.g. the procurement of a post-Brexit ferry system from a company with no ships and no shipping experience and using the website of a pizza takeaway.)
If it wasn’t for Hancock’s political shiteshow that caused people real harm, I’d just write him off as a hapless wazzock.
His latest stunt of trying to participate in a reality tv series based in Australia while he’s still a sitting MP saw him lose the Conservative Party whip given he was basically intending to desert his constituents while still being paid to represent them as their MP.
An absolute twat.

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Kinda curious keh what courses/subjects does a dietician/nutritionist take during their academic sessions ?

Mo_Addy’s Profile PhotoAbdullah
Majors are human anatomy, physiology , diet and drug interaction , dietetics , medical biochemistry , Food analysis, Nutrition & human metabolism, psychology, food safety and quality management , enteral nd parenteral nutrition , food and drug law, food supplements , nutrition diseases, meal planning, patient care etc etc

Have you ever kicked someone in the balls?

Why is this your fetish? It's really weird, and it's even worse when you keep trying to force people, who have already said multiple times that they don't want to discuss this, to have this conversation. Get help, proper professional medical help. You need it.

What is your favourite "that definitely happened" story that someone has told you? (a story that is almost 100% guaranteed to be untrue or grossly misrepresented)

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
🕺🏻 In the late 1980s and very early 1990s a pre-internet viral rumour went round my local nightclubs about organ legging operations.
🍹 A friend would approach you (as they did me) and let you know quietly that there were attractive people going round offering to buy clubgoers a drink.
🔪 However these were spiked, and the clubber would the following morning wake up in an alley and find themselves in a medical mess and without a kidney or whatever, with no memory of the previous night.
👮 The friend would tell you that the police were close to catching the criminals, so not to say anything publicly that might tip them off, just not to accept drinks from a stranger, however sexy.
💊 Although it was untrue (at least in the UK) it’s interesting to me how this fake scare actually preceded a future era of the very real threat of rohypnol and date r*ape.

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What is your point of view about breast cancer?

It's dangerous but chemotherapy treatment hn
My cuz had breast cancer but now she's fine alhumdhillah
But wearing black bras cause cancer more and using cream for breast enlargement
I'm medical student so it's ok to share information about such things

Would you rather live in the country or the city, and why?

in the city. I can't really explain it. I just love that there's always something going on in a big city. I love the ambiance. and I love watching city skylines at night. my ex boyfriend used to live in downtown Toronto and his apartment had such a beautiful view at night.
Moved from city to country 2 years ago and I'll never go back. No traffic, less ppl so stores are never busy. Stars and wildlife instead of noise and pollution
I grew up in the countryside; most of my childhood memories revolve around climbing up trees, getting lost in the mountain side, stealing my dad's car to speed down dirt roads and having no swimming skills whatsoever. I'm in my mid twenties now; I have been living in my country's capital for half a decade; I adapted to the city life quite easily. I am however faced with deciding whether to settle in this city or move back to the countryside. The city offers every needed service, proximity to the sea and a variety of personalities to explore and befriend. But knowing and remembering the countryside (despite its lack of commodities), it offers a level of serenity I could not find elsewhere anywhere else. But, on a day-to-day basis, more of my practical needs are satisfied in an urban environment. I have more greater variety of employers, food sources, and housing choices. I have more reliable utilities and communication. I have a shorter commute to work, school, errands, family, friends, library, post office, museums, entertainment venues, etc. I have better and faster access to emergency services (police, fire, hospitals). Literally everything I need is available, closer and easier, in an urban area. Overtime, if and when you have kids, when you age and need more medical attention and services, there is more available in an urban area.
I've since settled in the suburbs after meetingy wife. Im not sure your familiarity with suburbs but they are essentially town surrounding city with easy public transport access to the city yet just a short drive to the country side. I love being so close to both, and because of that I wouldn't change where I live, but I frankly hate the actual suburbs. Every house in every neighborhood looks the same, and the roads are packed like city roads but the scenery is nothing but Walmarts and Pep Boys. That last paragraph was probably more American centric, but if you have the option to rent and it is easier to do in the city, I would recommend renting and living the city life for a few years. At some point you will either decide to stick with it or settle in the country.
Country for sure. But somewhere near a large city for swifter access to hospitals and similar in case of an emergency. After having lived in both environments I've found I hate traffic, I'm not fond of having too many neighbors, and I like having acreage to grow a large garden and work on my other outdoor projects.

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What do you think about spouses sleeping in separate bedrooms?

Sometimes sleeping in separate rooms is necessary for medical and safety reasons. If, for example, a spouse suffers from PTSD or REM Sleep Disorder where they talk, scream, thrash, kick or fall out of bed while sleeping, can result in severe injury. In that case, sleeping in separate rooms might be necessary. It is unfortunate, but there are various physical and psychological ailments that can cause night time disturbances that make sleeping together unsafe and potentially dangerous.

Felt like checking up on everyone I follow so, how are you doing? Anything special you've been up to recently? 😄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Doing ok. Still following up medical from my July trip to the hospital. I don’t think they know anything useful though. A test is scheduled for Jan.
Apparently, the “professionals” must not think it is anything critical considering the waiting time for appointments.

What is the most useless invention in your opinion?

bellmona212’s Profile PhotoMona Bell
That reminds me of a story about microwaves. The invention of microwave in itself is pretty interesting. It was in 1947 when an engineer was working with military radars and he found out that the electromagnetic radiation from the magnetron was capable of melting a chocolate bar in his pocket and could be used to heat stuff up. They called it "diathermic heating". It wasn't until later though that these things were commercially introduced as what we use in our kitchen today, largely due to magnetron technology developing a bit and becoming more compact. That was in the 1960s.
But before finding their place in the kitchen of an average household, these little boxes were used in something a bit crazier than warming food. In the 1950s, a team of scientists were doing some experiments in the lab of a medical institute where they would freeze hamsters and then try to wake them up by applying heat in different methods. The whole thing wasn't very successful as you would expect but then one of them had this idea of using the same diathermic heating from a magnetron. They actually put frozen hamsters in microwaves and the little guys would start walking after some time. Now of course it doesn't work with larger animals for a few reasons, it's still fascinating.
In conclusion, before their current purpose of heating up your coffee for the third time after you forget to drink it, microwaves were being used to reanimate hamsters. Just a little thing to remember next time you go to the kitchen

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ᴡʜᴀᴛ ʀᴇᴀʟʟʏ ᴍᴀᴋᴇꜱ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀɴɢʀʏ ¿?

Many things - but these actualy now:
- bad gossips
- judging people without knowing them
- humiliating people because of things they are not responsible for such a race, sexual orientation, medical handicap
- reality of these days that people educated and ready to work are not accepted by employers and cant get a chance to show their abilities.

Help, I can't stop these thoughts in my heads. I can't find my purpose and I just want to give and I am getting tired of my life

abiepgonzales’s Profile Photoabie
Aw Abs, is there anyone in person you can talk to to alleviate some of your worries? Would chatting to your family help in any way?
You’re incredibly talented, wonderfully kind and have so much to offer, you may just need a bit of a break to regroup really! Is it possible for you to book a couple of days off work, if you don’t have much holiday? Trust me, it will help so much just to get a change of scenery - I can only imagine how immensely stressful it must be in your profession. Things that have helped me is doing meditation - it doesn’t have to be anything that woo woo, but just taking the time to sit or lay still, even if it’s just listening to peaceful music, and focusing on your breathing, deep inhales and longer exhales. It does help calm your body down a little, which in turn may help things feel a tad more manageable at that moment in time.
If it’s really bad though, is it possible for you to seek any advice from a medical professional?
I hope you feel better soon bud, I’m sending lots of hugs your way 🤗💛

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SALAM EVERYONE from Peshwar,I have done my fsc pre medicl ,waiting for result kpk Someone helo me ..Im preparing for mdct ...huge competition nowdays im getting into anxiety .I dont wanna waste my year ..not even doctor concious suggest some othr fields ? Mdct ky bad BS admission mil gai na 🤕😭

Official_sanakhan’s Profile Photoثناء خان
Hey Sana, I know this time period is very crucial and what you are feeling right now no one else can cuz I also went through this during my time. I was an Fsc Pre Medical student as well but didn't pursue medical field. And honestly what I'm doing right now I'm way happy with that. So have trust in Allah Almighty and wait. Cuz Jo hota hai usmai behtri hoti hai and Allah apnay bando k saath kabhi bura ni karta. Whatever field you'll go in it would be the right one for you and iska ehsaas apko baad mai hoga. 🤝🏻

Hey, Nico! How’s your health? Do you feel a little better or maybe there is improvement?

sonador_de_ua’s Profile Photoside_effects
The pain comes and goes depending upon how I bend, twist, sit down, etc. I just talked with my doctor and am taking an 8 week medical leave so the rib can heal properly. Thank you for your concern. I don't know about how you feel about being sick or injured, but I do not like it one bit, but unfortunately these accidents, sicknesses, disease seem to be an integral part of our life hear on earth. So the best thing is to accept it, fight back and hopefully overcome the condition/ailment, right?
I see you recently got paid for work? Better late than never, right? btw... I liked the manner in which you handled that guy yesterday that was making insinuations and falsehoods out of thin air. You showed great patience, something that I must admit I am quite deficient in. God blessed me with many blessings but patience was not amongst the attributes baked into my DNA. 😂

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Do you believe people can change if they love someone?

faryalfatimah’s Profile Photoʀᴜʙᴀʙ ғᴀᴛɪᴍᴀʜ
No. Not really. They can try. Effort matters. But as a matter of fact, human brain and personality are completely developed by the age of 25.
It's hard to break/amend habits, thought patterns, and attitude after that.
But if someone is trying hard to improve when in love, that effort alone is praiseworthy.
Just a side note though, don't ever think love can "fix" someone. Love is not therapy. It's not a medical miracle. It's not professional help.

Stupidest thing you ever done?

onelovekatielynn’s Profile Photoaskyourself
The list is pretty long...
But let's go with the time I was trying to smother a fire with a rug, and didn't realize the rug was synthetic, not cotton...
So it melted to the palms of my hands, and my forearms.
2nd and 3rd degree burns, and the medical team had to pull strips of melted rug off me with hemostats.
Fun times.

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