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What is your favorite quote?

ojesvi’s Profile PhotoOjesvi Rathore
When you fall in love, you love with all that you’ve got. You must learn to bear anger, hatred, keep your ego and attitude aside and handle things with care, calmness, and love."
"Human beings are nothing but a medium of the general process of carrying out life. They do want to live in peace, but want to win it over by war because ultimately victory is what brings them peace.
What is your favorite quote
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Siemka, gdy dziewczyna proponuje przyjaźń chłopakowi i mu mówi że nie patrzy na wygląd tylko na uczucia i charakter to co znaczą według ciebie te uczucia w przyjaźni proszę o szczera odpowiedź ??

Hiszu420’s Profile PhotoHiszu
Może po prostu powiedziała tak, żeby ta druga osoba nie poczuła, że to przez jej wygląd. Nie wiem, nie jestem medium, najlepiej byłoby zapytać tej dziewczyny.
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If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep, what genre would you pick?

Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess. Something without a laugh tract or loud music. I find films from the 30s or 40s are fairly mellow - no war movies. Maybe a drama? I was raised in a small house, so I was used to falling asleep with the distant sound of the television. Spirited Away. Wonderful movie, I've seen it a million times and the adventure never gets less breath-taking. But when I want to fall asleep it's perfect. Soft yet rich colours, whimsical, airy and childlike tone and that wonderfully soothing soundtrack
The Ring The muted color palette and the abundance of rain makes me feel super cozy under the covers. Once you've seen the movie a dozen times there really aren't any more scares to be had and I usually fall asleep during the first half so miss some of the jump scares of the second half.
John Wick. I know the movie so well I probably quote it in my sleep. I always enjoy watching it but I know it so well that missing parts of it while dozing off doesn’t bother me. I can fall asleep 20 minutes in and then start up from the same point the next night
I see I'm not the only one who does this exact same thing. I put on movies that I know well so I can follow them in my head as I try to fall asleep. 3 that I use quite a bit are Jerry Maguire, Fools Rush In and The American President. Maybe give them a try, they work for me at least.
Anything by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. I say this as an admirer of his films: extremely pleasant to watch 20 minutes of and then just drift off. They're slow-moving, gentle, and have really engaging sound design so they work like a charm. Most of them tend to have pretty dark/subdued color palettes too so it's not a strain on the eyes.
I’ll be the one to actively not post movies in the movie group. I listen to podcasts a lot at night. Less exposure to blue lights when trying to sleep, infinite topics to pick from, most don’t feature abrasive audio. They are usually a steady stream of lower voices. I typically put some smaller ear buds in so that it’s not uncomfortable so the volume can be adjusted as needed. Hell, I listened to a movie podcast last night with Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino. If you do specifically want movies, I will always throw on Fellowship of the Ring on a sleep timer. Love the movie and seen it a billion times, so the pressure/desire of staying awake to watch it is minimal. The opening and set up is just long enough that before they even leave the shire I am typically out.
I also have tinnitus, add very bad insomnia for extra bonus points. I also use movies to help me fall asleep- and when a movie is working I'll start it every night when I go to bed until it quits working (I have an android tablet set up by my bed with both USB and microSD, with several medium with many movies on them). I'll also restart the current choice when I inevitably wake up several times through the night.

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ايه رأيك في معجون الفحم والفرشاة كمان وهل بيجيب نتيجة وكدا ولا لا؟

رأيى .. انا شخصيا بستخدمه هو مش بيبيض الاسنان بدرجه ملحوظه اكيد بس كويس
بالنسبه للفرشاه Oral-B أحسنهم بس تبقى Medium او Soft لو بتضغطى ع الفرشاه

Valaki tud jó sorozatot ? Vagy esetleg filmet?

Filmből túl sokat tudnék írni, szóval írok olyan sorozatokat - a teljesség igénye nélkül - amik nekem tetszenek.
Amiket mostanában néztünk meg, és viszonylag újak is:
- Szirén
- Mondj egy mesét!
(Ezek közül nekem a Szirén tetszett jobban, de mindkettő jó volt. A “Mondj egy mesét!” csak 2 évadból áll, és a második évadnak teljesen más a története, mint az elsőnek. A szereplők is mások benne. Mintha egy teljesen más sorozat lenne.)
Azok közül néhány, amiket régebben néztem:
- Két pasi - meg egy kicsi
- Monk, a flúgos nyomozó
- Jim szerint a világ
- Jóbarátok
- Doc Martin
- Doktor House
- Médium
- Szellemekkel suttogó
- Született feleségek
- Szívek szállodája
- Roswell

Hello haya following you since a while. You're so kind to people and your answers are so lit🔥. I really respect you for your amazibg personality. I want to ask Dark, medium or fair men? Which one attaacts you the most at first look?

Men with light beard and medium color having attractive personality wearing black dress melt my heart 🌚🙈 btw its just answer of question in real i have different criterias....

What is your favourite food to cook?

Thank you so much for posting this! I visited India a few years ago and I got a cold while I was there and some awesome and sweet little old Gujarati ladies found out I was sick and fed this stuff to me. They tried to tell me the recipe at the time, but I couldn't remember it later and didn't know what it was called to look it up again!
Meatball sandwich. I'm not very good at cooking and I don't eat very many different things. I mix 97% lean ground beef with bread crumbs, cook those on medium heat. Add prego meat sauce, cook on high for 5-10 mins, put 2 slices of provolone cheese on a french roll, add meatballs and bake on broil until cheese melts. It's quick, easy, and taste delicious
Enchiladas. I make spicy red sauce, then put that in the fridge. When hungry I heat up three corn tortillas, put in mozzarella and any veggies or leftover meat, roll them, put sauce on them, then microwave for two minutes.
Tourtière. It's a québécois meat pie. I use a lard crust (recipe from the Tenderflake package), ground pork, mashed potato, and spices. Do the google, most of the recipes are pretty good. There are regional variations that don't use ground pork, but I prefer it.
My favorite dish to cook is Bolognese. My favorite recipe here . I just love taking my time in the kitchen sometimes and this is a great recipe to spend an afternoon on. In the past I've used different meat blends (can't always find ground veal, I've used just beef/pork, beef/turkey, I've even made a version with only minced chicken) and typically use bacon in place of pancetta. I've had it with a lot of different pastas, but my favorite so far has been shells (like velveeta mac). Although it's one of those really traditional Italian pasta sauces, I've put a handful of spins on it and it comes out great every time.
I kind of just wing it when it comes to food measurements and it always turns out fine for me somehow. The lasagna is basically layers of the noodle, spicy tomato pesto sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms, chicken, spicy italian sausage, a ricotta/mascarpone/parmesan cheese mix and then topped with a mozz/parm/asiago cheese mix, parsley and chili pepper flakes. Woo boy.

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I was a minor at the time (17) so my mom stayed with me. I remember the "addiction floor". At dinner time we would all gather in the "big room" and eat dinner together,. And all the mid age ladies who were caregivers would whine that they dont get medium rare steak and white wine, lmaaao

Lol i mostly hung out with the older group on the addiction floor, in general I had a good experience I was there for a month and a half total last year

Długie czy krótkie włosy? 👱‍♀️💇‍♀️

mrsBieberxx3’s Profile Photoѕαи¢ια♡
U dziewczyn długie. Nie podobają mi się włosy ścięte "na chłopaka" i takie do ramion. Oczywiście są osoby, którym taka fryzura pasuje, ale generalnie większość młodych kobiet widzę w dłuższych włosach.
No a jeśli chodzi o facetów - nie lubię facetów łysych albo bardzo krótko ściętych, nie lubię też, gdy mają włosy długie albo jak "na metala", u facetów lubię włosy w stylu medium.

Hypothetically speaking: if your S.O. lacks passion/drive in figuring out their career, do you remain patient with them, or do you walk away? Do you think people are born with that spark/will to do something? Or... Does it just show up one day? 🤔

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Well, considering that passion/drive for a career has been something I’ve struggled with with both of my exes now (in polar opposite ways), I think it really depends on the person and what exactly it is they’re missing. My first ex, for example, was totally fine working a minimum wage job and not really doing or trying anything to improve his career despite not being happy with the job he had. That wasn’t ok with me long term because it’s just not feasible to live working part time at a minimum wage job and I want someone who is self sufficient and at least ambitious enough to try working their way up in a company if nothing else, even if the company/job itself isn’t what they want/enjoy.
My most recent ex was the total opposite. He started working where I am now as a foot in for his desired career and then about a year into the job was already looking at other jobs in bigger cities because this one doesn’t pay enough and doesn’t offer enough room for advancement. But he’s *too* ambitious in that now that he’s got 1 year of experience in the field he’s going for all these big time jobs at big name companies and wanting a livable wage for an entry level position in a huge city and basically is kind of like an arrogant ambitious instead of a smart ambitious. And we had talked about “settling” vs “settling down” where I had said I don’t want to spend the rest of my life moving from state to state or city to city in search of better pay every few years, especially if we’re both in a place with pay that provides a comfortable life and he had basically said he can’t promise that he won’t want to keep searching for better options elsewhere. That’s the kind of ambition that (imo) is best suited for someone who doesn’t actually want a long term SO or wants one who is malleable and doesn’t have their own dreams and ambitions.
I think some are born with it and for others it just shows up one day. And for others yet, maybe they don’t have it because of certain extenuating circumstances. As someone who struggles with depression I know how hard it can be to find motivation or interest/passion for things and I think maybe that’s why I’m more understanding of those who maybe don’t have a passion but at least are willing to work toward something. I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about my job, but I do enjoy it and on the good days I also find it gratifying and fulfilling, so I think for me that’s a happy enough medium lol.
So tldr: passion and drive and ambition are all great but as with everything else, to a certain degree. And lack of those can also be worked with to a certain degree, depending on how the person lacking them handles it moving forward.

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In which platform are you planning to move? I read somewhere you are planning to leave this.

PulkitSharma62’s Profile PhotoJustice
One of my ask friends has recommended Quora and Medium. So I plan to look into those two to see if I think my writing style will fit. One of the reasons I feel compelled to make this change is that I am not being allowed the freedom to write what I want to write without being punished and having my account suspended. There are terrible things going on in our world right now that we the people need to discuss but our high tech companies, media and governments have conspired to prevent the people from being informed enough to have the discussion. So that is a big reason that motivate me away from sites like this.
Another reason is I need a literary challenge. Writing with folks who are better writers than I am will hopefully motivate me to become a better writer. I am not sure if this makes sense but I've been here since 2015 and there once were some outstanding writers on this platform. Writers who I literally woke up each day and looked forward to reading whatever they penned. It was like magic. But now people write one or two word sentences comprised of monosyllable words and incoherent and irrational thought. And least I forget that I have my fair share of haters and those who believe whenever I post something it is about them. For example, I have posted over 400 shoutout questions and you would be surprised how many people get upset because they think I am writing about them and they take offense. And for some strange and unknown reason it never dawns on them that the writer does not know them, has never met them and therefore is not writing about them. In a goofy sort of way posting in askfm is like writing graffiti on the walls of an insane asylum where the patients hear voices that don't exist and think that everyone is talking about them when the truth us nobody gives a shit.
But these irrational bed fellows sure make for some interesting story lines, right?

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Thank you for the info on Quora and Medium. I investigate and let you know if I create an account. That is great that you and you Mom have a good relationship and enjoy spending time together. Saturday I will hit a few golf balls and repair a fence. Sunday I play music in several churches. :)

Awee no biggie. Thank you, we're very close and I know it's not easy for her to have her children live far from home so I make sure to make time for her as much as possible. Your weekend sounds fun as well😁

I came up with an idea that would both satisfy my need to write and hopefully not offend anyone i.e. write anonymous questions using the shoutout feature. Since most of the questions are lame, I can create challenging questions and not get my account suspended. I will still post quotes, poems, etc

Ah I just found a platform where you can post your writings/poems. It's called Medium. I don't know if it's better than tumblr since I haven't been on there for long. There's also Quora where you can ask questions and get mostly well written and thorough responses. There are also specific spaces there which you could follow that suits your interests😊

Ciao, come va? Ho appena creato questo nuovo profilo per trovare gente appassionata all’arte, al fumetto, al mondo animato, e qualsiasi altra forma artistica. Ci sono delle opere ( musica, disegni, ecc… ) che ti hanno particolarmente segnato e alla quale ricorri nei momenti tristi?

iinithra8’s Profile Photoiinithra
Ma salve!
Da accanita fruitrice di questi medium, non è raro che in tali momenti tristi io 'sparisca' letteralmente, mettendomi ad ascoltare musica e a leggere forsennatamente finché non mi sento meglio.
Tra la musica che mi ha segnato e a cui ricorro massicciamente in tali momenti c'è un sacco di roba, principalmente rock e metal (duh) ma anche qualcosa più verso il prog, tipo i Rush. Mentre come opere cartacee spesso mi rituffo in fumetti come The Killing Joke, uno dei Texoni o ancora in uno dei miei preferiti, ovvero Murder Falcon (che ho felicemente scoperto a caso e che ad oggi è tra i miei preferiti).
Nel caso in cui invece non me la sentissi di leggere fumetti invece ricorro alla mia libreria, strapiena di classici e opere di filosofia. In tal caso uno dei miei autori preferiti è Seneca, ha qualcosa di molto tranquillizzante nelle Lettere a Lucilio, oppure i Pensieri di Marco Aurelio.

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Is money the root of all evil to you

No. The root of all evil is ignorance. Money isn't inherently "good" or "evil." It's just a medium of exchange. What one does with it is an entirely different matter. It can be used for lofty or useful purposes too: charity and empowering other people, investing in one's education, creating opportunities, spurring economic growth, settling one's debts, obtaining financial independence, encouraging fiscal responsibility, conducting business transactions, etc.
Is money the root of all evil to you

Vielleicht bin ich zuweilen grotesk Pseudo, stimmt, aber das ist hier eigentlich jedem schnell klar. Vielleicht bin ich hier der Pseudo-Phobosoph. Und Vielleicht schreibe ich zuerst, um dich dann zum Denken zu bitten. So oder so - mein Vergügen! ^^

Schlagtot’s Profile PhotoDer Prinz von Bad Air™
Das Vergügen ist ganz meinerseits :) Wir sparen uns das formelle N als Ietzscheaner und Ihilist. Ich werde mich mal an die Begründung der Pseudo-Phobosophie machen, schließlich fühle ich mich von dir dazu geradezu herausgefordert, dabei knüpfe ich selbstevident an deine Frage an: «Ist der Anfang die letzte Ursache oder die erste Wirkung?» Die Phobosophie hat ihre erste und oberste Wirkursache in der Angst, dass Standpunktbezug zu persönlich nachteiligen Konsequenzen gesellschaftlicher und sozio-ökokomischer Art führen könnte. Denn schließlich und endlich ist es so, dass der Mensch zwar nicht immer Schmerz wohl aber immer den Nachteil für sich meidet, so zum Beispiel bereit ist, für ein ernst genommenes Paradiesversprechen sich in die Luft zu sprengen; da dieses Martyrium als von Vorteil angesehen wird; indessen würde derselbe Mensch merken, dass er beim Autokauf über den Tisch gezogen wurde, wäre er furchtbar erbost. Die Phobosophie versucht sich derlei Erkenntnissen durch offenkundigen Quatsch, den zu vertreten man öffentlich bereit ist, indem man es einfach als dem Medium geschuldet deklariert, zu entziehen. Die Phobosophie ist die durch Argumente kultivierte Angst, sich des Ernstes eines Gedanken ernsthaft anzunehmen. Wer immer Quatsch macht, kann seinen unbeabsichtigten Quatsch in der Masse seiner Gedanken und Handlungen leichter verbergen. Zudem gilt der Phobosophie der Ernst als zu konventionell. Der Pseudo-Phobosoph erweckt den Anschein der Systematik in der Phobosophie, ist sich aber seines unsinnigen Treibens zum Zeitvertreib ansonsten nicht bewusst. Aber es gehört zum Kern der Phobosophie, sich der Pseudohaftigkeit in jeglicher Hinsicht zu verschließen. Es kann in sozialen Medien nicht zwischen Pseudo- und Nicht-Pseudo-Phobosophie unterschieden werden, weil das Medium selbst und nur sich selbst als einzig wahre Tatsache weitergibt und jegliche Information zur Pseudo-Information transformiert.

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Hey ? Iam a long time follower of yours and i have noticed that youre so sweet human being. Its rare the way you treat your followers with kindness. Such a humble person you are. Keep smiling:) I want to ask Dark, medium or fair men? Which one do you find most attractive?

Thank you so much ,I appreciate it ,you keep smiling too,well actually im not interested in a specific skin color

saran film / series. Genre apapun asal jangan korea

• The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
• My Name is Khan
• Bruce Almighty
• The Cable Guy
• Penyalin Cahaya
• Fiksi.
• Marlina si Pembunuh Empat Babak
• Modus Anomali
• The Silence of the Lambs
• Midsommar
• The Omen
• The Medium
• Joker

Hey Noor? Iam a long time follower of yours and i have noticed that youre so sweet human being. Its rare the way you treat your followers with kindness. Such a humble person you are. Keep smiling:) I want to ask Dark, medium or fair men? Which one do you find most attractive?

Hello anon! Thankyou so much for your kind words but I really don't find any reason to be rude to anyone so it's the bare minimum. But still thanks for appreciation, other than that I don't really understand the point of your question?😂
I mean I don't care about such things, have passed that phase long ago insaan ko insaan hona chahiya or ap insaan tbhi bente jab ap main ehsaas name k koi cheez houti hai to.🤌😆

Hey Rameen? Iam a long time follower of yours and i have noticed that youre so sweet human being. Its rare the way you treat your followers with kindness. Such a humble person you are. Keep smiling:) I want to ask Dark, medium or fair men? Which one do you find most attractive?

JazakAllah thanks for your kind words♥️ i prefer men/women with good hearts face is not what i search for in people.

Mikkel játszol xboxon?

Bocsi a késői válaszért, csak méltó választ szerettem volna írni. :D
Így hát készítettem egy képet a könyvtáramról :D
Sajnos nincs annyi időm xbox-on kockulni mint amire vágyom. 😩😩😩 csak hétvégén van időm, ahogy az askra is, és sokszor egész hétvégém az askra szánom. 😅
Na de imádom a verekedős játékokat: Soulc Calibur, Tekken
Meg a kaland enyhén ügyeségis és történet központú játékokat mint: recore, lost in random plague tale, contrast
Imádom még a pszichológiai horrort is mint pl: moons of madness, the evil within, the medium, visage
Valamint mmorpg-k serege pl:
Skyforge Bless
Mikkel játszol xboxon

صيدلي راح يتقدم لواحدة زميلته " عندها أنيميا فحبت تختبره حطت قدامها أقراص حديد وكيس فوار راني أخدت قرص وقالتله حاسه بحموضة ، راح جهزلها الفوار و اداهولها ا مجرد ماوصل بيته رنت عليه قالتله اصرف نظر عن الموضوع يادكتور اللي مايهتمش ببنات الناس قبل الجواز مايستاهلهاش حد عارف هو غلط في إيه ؟ ! ..

على حد معلوماتى البسيطة ان الرانى famotidine ولا Rantidine الاول H2 Blocker فهيقلل ال acidity بتاعة ال stomach و اغلب minerals عموما better absorption in acidic medium
بس دا مش سبب يخليها تبوظ الجوازة الصيادة فوق برضو 🥰♥️

Findest du schlimm wenn Erwachsene Leute noch animes und Mangas anschauen und lesen oder nicht?

KVlad92’s Profile PhotoKVlad92
Warum sollte das schlimm sein?
Ich find's eher peinlich, wenn Leute ein gesamtes Medium als "kindisch" hinstellen.
Das zeigt, wie albern sie selbst sind, da sie scheinbar über Dinge Urteilen, mit denen sie sich gar nicht auseinander gesetzt haben.

Anyone! Long hair or short hair? Or medium hair for girls? Ano bet mo?

Para sa akin, yung long hair kasi parang ang bigat tignan at nakakamatured. Maganda lang yon para sa mga taong magaling mag alaga ng buhok, tas magaling pa mag ayos ng sariling buhok. Mas bet ko yung medium hair lang, saktong haba at iksi, nakakabata DAW tignan, tyaka di rin ako pala ayos ng buhok, panay pony lang ako, kaya mas okey sa akin na ganon lang kahaba HHAHAHA

Ich hatte letztens eine Diskussion, dieser sagte "Wasser ist nicht gleich Wasser". Es würde unterschiede geben (vom Geschmack) bei den Wasser Marken. Stimmt das? (Ich selbst kann da nicht wirklich was dazu sagen, wir haben Sodastream, daher Wasser aus der Leitung) Welches Wasser ist dein Favorite?

Nadii_ne’s Profile PhotoNadine ♡
Ja also finde schon das es da Unterschiede gibt und wenns nur die Kohlensäure Art ist Gerolsteiner Medium kann ich die ganze Flasche auf einmal trinken 😂

Perks of being your friend🌚?

FaaizAli’s Profile PhotoFaaiz Ali Khan.
I can tell you that one of my major flaws as a friend, i.e. I'm terrible at staying in touch over the phone or via any electronic medium. In person, I'm the best friend anyone could ever hope for (Ooff), but I'm not a text or call person, which causes friends to drift away from me as they get tired of being the only one trying to text or call. I'm so bad that even responding to a simple text takes me days. I know it's wrong, but I can't help it. I'm so grateful for friends who understand me and stick by me no matter how long it takes me to text or call them. ALLAH HUMA BARIK 🖤

Hey , the cutest girl here. Iam a long time follower of yours and i have noticed that youre so sweet human being. Its rare the way you treat your followers with kindness. Such a humble person you are. Keep smiling:) I want to ask Dark, medium or fair men? Which one do you find most attractive?

Care not what they say about the colour of your skin let the brilliant light of your soul blind them

Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen.

Was desch koscht...
Natürlich könnte hier Werbung für irgendwas stehen, aber dann müsste man erstmal ein Produkt, eine Dienstleistung oder einen Service haben, für den sich Werbung lohnen würde.
Dann muss es in einem geeigneten Medium sein, dass möglichst viele Menschen erreicht, jedes zusätzliche Medium kostet natürlich auch...
Könnte, sollte, hätte, würde... tut es aber nicht. Also lassen wir dieses Feld leer.
Liked by: Fritzi Denis Lorbach

How would you describe yourself?

I am a naturally sane and good-natured person who always looks on the bright side of life. I look out for everyone. Shy, honest, anxious, determined, cat lover, antisocial, pluviophile, funny, boring. I try to bring out the best in people. Caring, oblivious, vindictive, creative, trustworthy, indignant, self-pitying, verbose, introspective, affectionate. I am a very caring person who's looking for making people's days a bit brighter and
Insecure, shy, reserved, distrusting, understanding, ride or die, funny, witty, intelligent, chunky but funky
Empathetic, self-motivated, nonjudgmental, endlessly curious about the human condition, introspective. Empathetic, dog-lover, insecure, easy-going, wine-lover, intelligent, sensitive but strong, hard working, perfectionist. How would I describe myself? Three words. Hard-working, Alpha male, Jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable. You and me both. Worst part is knowing it and knowing that I'll suspect tremendous potential until the day I die, having achieved nothing to measure up to what I suspect could have been.
I'm happy and funny and smart and good looking and radiant and medium build and brown eyes and well read and I love rock and roll and I live in the city but I wish I lived on a farm but not too far out 'cause I like to party and socialise and go to movies and shows and i like shoe shopping and sometimes I feel a bit guilty for eating all the ice cream but mostly I'm OK with roast beef for dinner but I also like pizza for a change and I like Reddit a lot and I sometimes play Guitar Hero but only when there isn't any Mock the Week on repeat on Dave and sometimes I like to cycle to the park and sit and check all the hot mommas out and every time I go home and touch myself I die a little inside.
I got asked this in a job interview not too long ago. It completely threw me off guard (it was my first real job interview) and I really had a hard time coming up with a good answer right away. I was literally slurring my words. Needless to say, I didn't. Visionary, I suppose. I have the habit of always drifting off into thought and coming up with ideas, theories and explanations randomly in my head based on stuff I see. It's a habit of mine, I guess. I always like to come up with my own solutions for things. Check out the synonyms: admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, attractive, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, easy on the eyes, elegant, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fine, foxy*, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, nice, pleasing, pretty, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, sightly, splendid, statuesque, stunning, sublime, superb, symmetrical, taking, well-formed, wonderful.

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What's your favorite thing you own and why?

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I would say every medium that helps me to join another reality is my favourite thing. No matter if it's a book, my pc, my VR or other consoles. I study media sciences so it's kinda my thing to love all types of media. x'D

You were how old when you learned the 'numbers' on a toaster were how many 'minutes' you wanted the bread to roast for?

I just put the toast down and wait.. it seem the toasters were always screwed up 😩I would adjust it on the medium and it was either to dark or light or just right 🤪🥺😩
You were how old when you learned the numbers on a toaster were how many minutes

Makasih loh Bu udah bikin saya jadi manusia kuat. Yang awalnya gak kuat begadang jadi kuat gak tidur 2 hari. Yang awalnya gak kuat minum kopi jadi bisa minum kopi 2 medium coffee. Ibu dosen terhebat 👍💯 Makasih ya Bu, makasihh 🤧😭😭🤧

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Uwaaahh semangat yakk, pernah diposisi ini sih sebenarnya 😂
tapi jgn keseringan minum kopi dan gak tidur ya neng. Sumpah itu bahaya bgt :( badan itu alatnya kamu, sebuah alat kalo dipake terus, non stop gitu pasti bakalan ada yg error. Gitu juga kamu, badan kamu punya hak utk istirahat. Kalo kamu tumbang, bukannya malah tugas2 kamu gk bakalan selesai?
Semoga kamu sehat dan kuat selaluu✨
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If you were completely enclosed in a plain white room, and could choose a single medium to transform the room into something creative, what medium would you choose?

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As fun as this concept is, I'm kinda claustrophobic and would be too busy freaking out to even think about making art. I'd just wanna be out of there as soon as possible.

If you were completely enclosed in a plain white room, and could choose a single medium to transform the room into something creative, what medium would you choose?

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Only one?!
That's hard because I would want to mix it up! And paint would be the logical medium.. but I really don't know...
I like to go natural.. so possibly harness plants as my medium.. it's possible but yeah xD
If you were completely enclosed in a plain white room and could choose a single

Kariery internetowe trwają krótko, ale są intensywne. Taki charakter internetu. O dzisiejszych "gigantach" TikToka za 10 lat też nie będzie nikt pamietał, będzie nowe medium, nowe kariery itd.

Tik tok, to dopiero szambo. Ale taki murzyn khaby czy jak mu tam, teraz pierdoli, zarobił na ułomach kupę szmalu

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