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Have you forgotten your bad memories?

Sometimes! Sometimes I'm totally better and I feel a little embarrassed about the girl I used to be.
But sometimes I feel awfully scared, and I lose my grasp completely. Then I remember why, and who, and where I came from. I'm trying to make that okay. Healing is ugly, there aren't too many ways around it.
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What's your favourite childhood memory?

natalyaldawod’s Profile PhotoNataly
All memories up to twenty years old. And only those memories where there is both mom and dad. Where the whole family is present. My father died almost three years ago, and I miss him
Whats your favourite childhood memory

What's one of the most fun childhood memories you have?

Mustafa_hassan1010’s Profile Photoمصطفى حسن
من چنت اتفرج سبيستون الصبح قبل لا اروح للمدرسة بالدوام العصري
ومن جنت اسولف وي صديقاتي بالطريق للمدرسة
و اخر يوم بامتحانات نهاية السنة بالابتدائية🥹♥️

Do you ever go back and read old messages for memories?

Yeah, text messages. Sometimes I need to go back and see what I said. Apparently I'm extra sweet and very lovely dovey when I drink. I get caught up in my feelings. Bahaha 😜😂🤣

share me some memories

لما بتيجي قصادي كلمه ذكريات الحاجه الوحيده اللي بتحضر في ذهني كأنها امبارح ع رغم من انها فاات عليها ١٦ سنه هي اخر ٢٤ ساعه قبل وفاه والدي رحمه الله عليه

What's one of the most fun childhood memories you have?

Mustafa_hassan1010’s Profile Photoمصطفى حسن
😂😂😂 when i was child i have a lot fun memories such as when i was 8 years old I gathered all the children of my area in front of our homes, and we brought a long table and filled it with all kinds of vegetables and fruits, especially lettuce, cucumbers and apples, and we laughed a lot.
And I was the head of the gang and this was the first time I was bold, I was always calm and never left the house, then my mom and dad were on their work hours
شوية ستعانيت بالمترجم اكو بعض الكلمات متذكرتها 😅🕊

Have you ever been afraid of losing your most beautiful memories? What do you think you would do if you "lost your childhood"?

Much of my childhood is not worth remembering; however, I sometimes worry that I might lose my memory and no longer recognize my family or friends. What bothers me most is not that my memory failed me but that in doing so I have hurt the people I love the most. For I cannot imagine the pain caused when your wife, son or daughter come to visit and you do not recognize them and no longer remember their names. How sad is that reality?
Maybe that is what is meant in GENESIS 3:19
“and to dust you shall return”

Memories of past love

prokopovaanastasia2’s Profile PhotoАнастасия Прокопова
Для меня вопрос не корректен. Потому что любовь, как она возникла много лет назад, так до сих пор продолжается. И мы вместе с женой может повспоминать только о прошлых событиях и что пережито.

Memories of past love

prokopovaanastasia2’s Profile PhotoАнастасия Прокопова
Ну, вот и всё, - вздохнув, старушка,
сказала деду. - Видно, срок…
И он растерянно в подушку
ей прошептал: - Погодь чуток…
Вот свадьбу правнуку сыграем -
тогда уж вместе и уйдем…
Оборвалось собачьим лаем,
мелькнуло что - то за окном.
- Скажи: просила, мол, любя,
простить её за всё, что было,
и пусть не сердятся зятья,
невесток всех, скажи, любила…
И, не скрывая горьких слёз,
он вспомнил давнее, былое,
как вечерами средь берез,
бежал он к ней в село чужое.
Как после, горюшка хлебнув,
их тенью молодость мелькнула,
как уходил он на войну
и как война без ног вернула…
Он посмотрел в её глаза -
в них ни слезинки, ни печали,
лишь чуть поблекла синева
и губы тихо прошептали:
- А ты живи...поберегись,
ко мне ходи, как на свиданье...
И было видно, как сплелись
их руки в нежное прощанье.

Н. Загумëнов.

Say something ..🦋🌹

I really enjoy reading old text messages, scrolling the old photos and videos in my chats, seeing how close we were, then we barely know about each other or how strangers we were, then closer we became ❤️
Seeing how much we changed and changed the way we talk or the way we treat others ❤️
Imagining how days pass so fast like this how naive we were and wiser we became...
I really enjoy remembering people even if it opens a bad and painful memories
Or maybe it opens a new chapter for good moments.

What sports do you play?

Only one I was good at and still play is Racquetball. Was introduced to the game when I was in High School. Fast faced, requires good reflex's, good cardio, you don't have to go chasing after a ball like you do in tennis and just really enjoy the game (whether single, cutthroat (3 players) or doubles).
When I was in middle school, played soccer in some league play. Played High School Football.Played a lot of pick-u basketball games, played touchfootball on the streets (tackle in the grass), played some tennis, some golf as an adult etc. While I generally had fun with all of them, never had the impact - enjoyment of racquetball. I've played a lot of different sports in my life, and so many of them either attract assholes with something to prove, or they devolve into bickering about the rules. Curling is one of the few sports I've found where people remain courteous, just want to have fun, and don't turn into hypercompetitive pricks over something that literally doesn't matter.
Hockey. I grew up around it as my dad was a coach for a local junior team. I also just fell in love with the speed, the rough and tumble way it can be played. I got to travel to cool places, and lucky enough as a teen to be good enough to play a high-ish level in the the US for a season.
Used to play a lot of cricket. Didn’t pick it up until I was 7 and my cricketer step-dad said I had decent hand eye coordination when catching, and it kinda went from there. Couldn’t get my head around the field position names (apart from silly mid off cos I always used to get put there), but enjoyed playing it and found it quite a good opportunity to hang out and get to know my stepdad over the years.
Just to clarify, I spent a lot of time with my real dad, too, but my time with him was spent going to a lot of football matches rather than playing, but they are also some of my fondest childhood memories. Would say I’ve been really lucky in that respect, so I’m grateful.
I am a huge fan of the big 4 sports. My favorites are the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins & Patriots. College I like Notre Dame and don't care about college basketball too much. I usually don't watch sports unless my favorite team is playing, or it's a marquee matchup. I always watch the Super Bowl, whether the Pats are in it or not. This is going to be the first year in a couple years where I've actually got a huge interest in watching all (potential) 7 games of the NBA Finals, because Golden State vs Cleveland is going to be a rubber match and it will be so competitive that I don't even have a clue who will win. GS vs Cleveland for the third straight year makes it a trilogy, and it has made it's mark in the history books. I like watching MMA from time to time as well. I'm a huge McGregor fan (Irish pride!), and Joe Lauzon. Two favorite fighters, by far. Occasionally I watch professional wrestling.

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Are you happy with the current phase of your life?

rdawan1’s Profile PhotoTeacher Jeeh
i keep on finding little reasons to be happy in all phases, it doesnt take much for me to be happy. today i spent my whole day humming a poem and smoked cigarettes and took two meals and met a friend. thats a wrap, now im going to sleep with empty thoughts and some memories i made today. what else you need. nothing xD

share me some memories

Sadly .. all I remember is weak and kind hearted me accused of treachery by those I loved most , yet in the midst of the hurricane there were those who stood beside me , prayed for me and showed me that there is still hope and good in the hearts of those who lives , those I won't forget .

Do you miss something and/or somebody right now? If so, who and/or what is it? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Nope. Time flies and so do people changes with age and time. If the person doesn't remember me than why would I! It's useless to miss someone. But yes, memories never dies...

Why do we change positions when its same hole??

So that our bodies can touch each other from all around and our muscle memories can be filled for always, with the touch of the one's we are fucking right now... You are just a kid imagining things and trust me, reality tastes much livelier than mere imagination but reality have an expiry date printed on it... It keeps on changing...

I've spent over 500 years with my twin brother out to kill me, I think I can handle an AU, I know when to fall back if it gets too dangerous, and are you sure you don't want me to do anything about those wounds? I know you said before they never stay healed, but surely even some reprieve from pain

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
/Papyrus had to think for a moment, was Dream really like this? It reminded the tall skeleton of his old ways, he was so adamant to help..even with knowing how his timeline was or maybe he failed to explain well enough? But what really got to him was the offer to heal his wounds..it was a constant problem for Papyrus.. he had to constantly use his healing magic just to be able to withstand the pain he's in so he can still move around and fight, he has to make sure he doesn't use too much magic though..if he becomes unable to use his healing magic or uses too much, he could dust or worse..what would be worse than dusting? Suffering until you dust..
I think any Sans would be heartbroken to watch their younger brother be put through so much/
YOU HAVE A BROTHER TRYING TO KILL YOU TOO!? I FEEL LIKE YOU MAY HAVE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE..BUT WITH ALL THE RESETS HERE, IT'S HARD TO REMEMBER THINGS AT TIMES..I'M STARTING TO REMEMBER MORE AND MORE FROM THE PAST RESETS.. BUT SOME THINGS ARE STILL HARD TO REMEMBER..LIKE OUR FIRST MEETING, I FEEL LIKE I'VE MET YOU BEFORE../unlike Sans, Papyrus wouldn't be able to remember every exact detail from all the resets..not without a few reminders, like when Geno showed him a cellphone, he remembered he had one of his own before and started talking about how popular he was over the internet when Geno spammed "So Cool" on his phone just to see what would happen, you can trigger Paps past memories to pop back in by doing certain things like that but he didn't interact all that much with Dream before so it might be harder for him to have Paps remember him/

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Do you post many selfies

Not really. I take a lot of photographs in general, photography is a hobby of mine, but I am rarely the subject of said photos. I prefer to use photography as a means of documenting life, of capturing precious moments and preserving happy memories, rather than just taking a bunch of pictures of myself.
That's not a slight on people who do take/post a lot of selfies, by the way! I'm all for people doing whatever the heck makes them feel happy and confident... It's just not really my thing!

If you're referring to "fat" that's literally the term people use and it's not a bad word, it only is if you haven't unlearned your fatphobia. Have a good day.

I didn't say it's a bad word and I'm aware people use it, but I'm also within my right to say this isn't something I'm happy to have on my page nor discuss. And I have seen you sending this kind of thing to people hoping to get a reaction so you can call them fatphobic even if there is literally no evidence to it. What you're forgetting with all this is that people may have traumatic memories attached to being called fat, and it's not OK to force them to have to relive that just because you want to use that word. You need to educate yourself on these matters before you go claiming the moral high ground. So again, this terminology will not be used on my page. Any further messages now will result in you being reported and blocked. End of discussion.

What are your thoughts on can ex's be friends after breaking up ?.

jiglii’s Profile Photojiglii
Well this is quite tough because of the fact that both of you have spent alot of time together. And even if you think, you will be as friends the reality wont be the same.
There will be awkwardness. While talking or hanging out , as there will be a flashback in your mind of the old memories. Which may lead to the same old feelings.
Which may affect your newer relationship and hold you back from dating or meeting newer people.
Morever No one on this earth , are happy with the fact that their better half are friends with ex (which may cause instability ,problems, arguments in your new life), coz im sure you yourself would not like your present soulmate hanging-out with ex. Ain't I right!

what's your most painful memory?

ffsike’s Profile Photofvqt4rt
Elementary to high school days. Those were the worst days of my life. I've already said it here. But to be clear, I had memorable childhood memories that I will look back on once I'm old. There were just times when I was a teenager that I felt like I had to beg or exert extra effort to have those things I wanted.
I grew up selling my thoughts just to earn a penny. It was continuous until I entered my freshman year in college.
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ازاي انسى شخص كل حاجه في حياتي بتفكرني بيه

مش هتنسي،هتتأقلم وهتتعود وهيبقي مش فارق بالنسبة ليك مع الوقت،اعرف قيمة نفسك، اعمل حاجات بتحبها شوف هدف محتاج تحققه واسعي فـ تحقيقه،جدد شغفك،إلهي نفسك قدر الإمكان ولو فيه اي نوع م ال memories امسحها سواء شات او صور او اي حاجة ليها علاقة بالشخص دي اول حاجة هتساعدك تكون كويس علشان متفضلش تشوفهم وتتعب اكتر،متسيبش نفسك لدماغك خالص كل ما الموضوع يجي ع بالك اتشغل عنه بحاجة تانية،واتأكد ان اللي ضاع مش بتاعك ومحدش بياخد اكتر م نصيبه وانه لو نصيبك لو ايه حصل هيكون ليك "لو يعلم المرء ما يُخفي الزمن له لَفَر المرء مما تمناه احنا بنحب اللي فـ تعب لقلوبنا ودايما بيكون الخير فـ اللي ربنا بيختاره" وربنا يريح قلبك ويروق بالك 💙.

It really feels bad when people leave but you still got their fave songs in your playlist 🤡

isn't it so beautiful? they're not in your life anymore but a small part of them will stay with you always. i used to be salty about it but now i just appreciate the happy memories i have with people, even when they're around any more.

Have you ever asked any of your haters why they hate you, what their problem is? If so, did they give a good explanation? or there wasn't any, just the simple fact that they had issues and projecting them onto you? :))

"Abusive Behaviors" by Alex
You ask me the most interesting questions and the truth is that your questions are intriguing and capture my imagination which keeps me coming back. Please keep sending me your questions.❤️
When I was young and naive, I felt hurt when people did not like me, but by the time I entered high school, I did not care what people thought about me. And asking people why they hated me was like asking a thief if he stole money from my wallet. Most people are going to tell you what they think you want to hear. So why bother asking? What's the point? I do not like dishonest people and I do not have the patience to listen to their bullshit.
Your last sentence, when you mention people with issues project them onto you is really the description of a bully and to some extent a person who abuses alcohol or drugs. Instead of confronting their demons they project their insecurities onto you and in a sense attempt to blame you for their problems. For 30 years I had to deal with an abusive mother who behaved like this. She was abused as a young girl and as an adult she abused her own children. Was there ever any explanation given or apology rendered because of the abuse? No...never. In fact, people who behave like this and project their fear, hatred and insecurities onto other people seldom, if ever, show any remorse or contrition. They behave as though the abuse never occurred and if it did, it is always the victims fault.
Oh I could write a book about this type of abusive behavior. But I suspect that what you really want to know is how to avoid or manage such behavior. You must first admit that you are not the problem, you are the victim. Next, you need to establish personal boundaries. This is where you take control of your own life and decide what behaviors you will not accept and how you will react when such abuses occur. My trick was to always have a plan (A) and a plan (B). And... always have an exit plan. Also, when forced to deal with difficult personalities, set time limits. Two hours was the maximum time I could be around my mother, but if I had to leave after 30 minutes, I would invent an excuse I quickly depart.
What is important is to not enable or feed into the abusive behaviors because then it escalates and the situation can get ugly. Plus family members who sympathize with the abuser will gang up on you and it becomes a feeding frenzy. So set your boundaries and enforce them no matter what anyone says or does. It's your life and nobody has a right to treat you with disrespect or with malice or contempt! You fight for your rights and for your rightful place in this world!! And if people don't like it, you give them a piece of your mind and walk out holding your head high without any regret.
Sorry for the rant; but, when I write about these things terrible memories bubble up to the surface. Contact me at any time if you need to talk.❤️

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wht if u met ur childhood frnd randomly on ask? :D

ksbee3’s Profile Photoks.bee
He/she will be surprised to see me first (a white beard and a shaved head obviously)... Then he/she will be even more surprised when we'll start talking (cuz i still talk like i used to do when i was a kid)... And he/she will be speechless when i will tell him/her about my memories from the past cuz i have a dangerously deep memory 😂

Qué canción debería de escuchar🔝

mariajzo’s Profile PhotoMaría
@mariajzo 🌻 Holi, ten buena semana, pásate si te apetece 🍹
Ettoo... puedes escuchar cualquiera de las canciones que publico en mi Ask, según tus gustos 🙃
🎶 ♫ ♪ ♬

Bryan Adams - Here I am

BTS - Fake Love

Buckcherry - Everything

Bullet For My Valentine - Your Betrayal

Burzum - Dunkelheit

Bush - Comedown

Busted - Year 3000

Candy Hearts - I Miss You

Cannibal Corpse - Encased in Concrete

Carcass - The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills

Carnal Forge - Blood War

Cartel - Honestly

Celtic Frost - Circle of the Tyrants

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - In Friends We Trust

Clutch - Earth Rocker

Coal Chamber - Fiend

C.O.D.E - Imperfect Love

Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home

Cold - Gone Away

Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime

Coldplay - Clocks

Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend

Coldplay - In My Place

Coldplay - Trouble

Coldplay - Yellow

Coronatus - Vor Der Schlacht

Counting Crows - Mr. Jones

Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine Fix

Creed - One Last Breath

Crowbar - Symmetry In White

Crown the Empire - Memories of a Broken Heart

Crucified Barbara - Rock Me Like The Devil

Crystal Viper - The Witch Is Back

Daft Punk - Pentatonix

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Qué canción debería de escuchar

•How can we see our own hypocrisy When we are bred by its ideology?• PC

N_Emo’s Profile PhotoCelestial
It is not easy unlock but humans have the ability to see beyond the memories the society has breed into our brains and access to our instinctive reality. I call this state "being awake", the ability to see beyond the "truth" more precisely the ideological truth. Which again is different for different people and societies.

Would you rather get back and fix your bad memories , or live your dreams?

AhmedKELSheRiiiF’s Profile Photoكولدبلاير
I already tried fixing things &it didn't end up well , even tho i still need to try fixing one more thing 🤡bs i prefer not to.. at least not now , & about dreams it's complicated 🤡 i stopped dreaming long time ago .
I'd prefer peace of mind اه والله

How did your life improve or worsen after a breakup?

How it got worse: I lost contact with all of my friends that were also his friends. I never hung out with him unless they were around, so it made sense, but they didn’t like me anymore because they took his side and it hurt for a long time. I kind of got a complex about everything hating me and even though we’re all friendly again I still feel disliked and don’t really say much except friendly small talk if we see each other.
It got worse before it got way better. He was mentally and physically abusive, kicked me out of our apartment, I had to go back to my parents house, and start from zero again. I was left wondering what I did wrong, why I wasn’t enough, why he treated me like shit, so and so. I was very depressed for a few months until I started taking therapy, started making friends in school, started dating again, finding new hobbies, and overall finding happiness in the little things again. I started looking for my own happiness, realized I was codependent, I started giving love to my family, friends, pets, myself, and even my community, and eventually I realized I was living the life of my dreams (minus who I thought was the man of my dreams).
My anxiety has DRAMATICALLY reduced. The last few months I had fallen out of love. I realized he was selfless with others but selfish with me.. That he never would commit & enjoyed having me fit into his life rather than creating a life together.. I also realized he did gaslight me.. He made it seem like I was irrational for wanting to move forward after 4years together.. I still have fond memories & in the first couple years he was very attentive but when I truly needed him, he overworked himself & took on the burden of everyone.. I truly think he needs to learn to set boundaries & I realized life with him would always be on his terms or keeping my mouth shut to keep the peace when others took advantage of him.. I am happy I had that relationship as it made me realize my self worth & what I want versus what I dont. I think I ended it at a right time because any earlier, I would of gone back & any later I would of grown resentful I was slowly beginning to & hated him. Now my life feels free & open like never before.
Cons: Materially; I lost everything from the clothes on my back to all my former friends. I lost my pregnancy Lost my home Lost my job Lost my savings It was my first relationship and marriage so I also lost my virginity into the bargain. Lost my sense of self-respect because I made the WORST choice of a spouse that a person could make, which undermined my confidence in my ability to make choices. I lost my health and consequently my independence since I suffered brain-damage as a consequence of this relationship.

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What's your opinion on drinking culture around university students?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
It’s definitely encouraged, to the extent that if you don’t drink or drink very little, you are made to feel somewhat of an outsider or weird. It can affect things socially. I was a tad luckier because I commuted, so my excuse was that because my trains were so sporadic, I had to make sure I was a bit more “with it” to be able to get home! I don’t drink at all, but the reasoning behind the commuting seemed to make people understand more, as opposed to the disbelief and shock you get when you mention that you don’t drink!
On one hand, I think it’s a great way to bond with others to have the “classic uni experience”, of clubbing, pub crawls, etc. You must make a lot of memories that way, and strengthen friendships pretty quickly. It’d just be nicer if the classic uni experience kind of extended beyond that though. I think it does with the arts - no one has time to go to clubs due to the workload, so everyone smokes, gets high and creates art instead, with the occasional drink at the pub, aha. With the academics though, it does seem to be more centred on clubbing and such :)

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• Carel pregunta | ¿En qué sueles gastar más tu dinero? Hablando de cosas que probablemente no necesitas.

KRLKN’s Profile PhotoGive in to me
/Últimamente me estoy dando por comprar los volúmenes mangas de Vampire Knight, toca esperar si habrán los Vampire Knight Memories. Cada día más y más me estoy enamorando de Zero Kiryuu, es tan lindo que no puedo con tanta belleza junta siendo un personaje 2D. Ahora me compré un volumen de manga de One Piece, pero no es para mí es para un regalo para un streamer de twitch que vengo conociendo hace mucho y ya era hora de ir al evento ComicCon que es diciembre y quiero darle ese regalo junto la figura de Boa Hancock siendo su waifu. También en comprar posters, pero esos son para mi mejor amiga (entre ellos uno de Nirvana siendo su banda favorita). Estoy antojada de de comprarme todo el volumen completo de Beastars, amor infinito a Legoshi y una figura chibi de Chifuyu Matsuno, de Tokyo Revengers. Soy feliz comprándome cositas en lo que me hace feliz. Soy feliz comprándome cositas en lo que me hace feliz.

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Давай топ 10 песен) их буду слушать😇

1. Unzucht - Deine Zeit Läuft Ab
2. Megaherz - Einsam
3. Motionless in White - Necessary Evil
4. Motionless in White - Voices
5. Black Veil Brides - Scarlet Cross
6. Motionless in White - Thoughts & Prayers
7. Falling In Reverse - ZOMBIFIED
8. Falling In Reverse - Popular Monster
9. Jonathan Young - Unravel (cover)
10. Fable - Killing Our Memories

According to you, what is life?

justicelady’s Profile Photojusticelady
Life is nothing more than an amalgamation of experiences.
The past isn't there,
only a concept reinforced by memories, experiences that once were.
The future is a concept as well,
reinforced by ideas of what is to come.
All we have is our current experience of ourselves and each other.
This moment, this breath and heartbeat, is all we have.
And it's all we need. .
According to you what is life

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