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Keh dou jo kehna hay

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoZargham
People say that we girls take way too long when we are choosing dress for ourselves or doing shopping.
But, have you ever thought of this thing that you men have more technical taste than ours😂
You men are way too complicate in choosing a right color dress for you🙄 Especially in choosing a right color suit for yourself with a matching tie, belt, and shoes😂

What makes you attracted to the person you like?

I'm in that phase where my mind conjures up a fictional dream man for me to ogle at and go on imaginary perfect dates with. Okay, maybe he's real but in the form of a twisted grown-up version of a primary school classmate whom I was never close with and haven't seen him since decades ago. But besides that point, what I'm saying is that my crush is as real as Jacob from Twilight.
On a serious note, I've a thing for respectful, responsible and communicative men of their words.

:I I like this 19 year old girl, thing is I’m 26 and she only dates men at most 4 years older. People tell me I look younger should I tell her I’m 21 and do “things” with her then after that tell her my true age?

don’t lie about your age, i’ve done that before…i was sneaking into the bar when i was 20 and met a chick there and danced with her and we exchanged numbers. i told her i was 21…so she wouldn’t tell the bouncers i was underage. so later on when i turned 21, a week before my birthday i told her i was turning 21 and she definitely was pissed off and cut ties right away. moral of this life experience is don’t start any kind of relationships based with telling lies. it will only hurt you in the end.

هو الراجل لما بيحب بينسى ويقسى عادى ولا بياخد وقت كتير يتخطى زينا ؟

men r humans like us lw 7b bgd hy5od w2t, 3shan yt5ta l2n zy ma feh rgala 2dra tksr bnt fe bnat 2dra tksr m4a3r el ragel f mlhash 3lka 🙃

Hi umaira? I have being following you since a long-time and it is always fun looking to your answers. I have to say that you're a such sweet human. I just want to ask what tone do you find most attractive in men? Dusky or fair?

hey, stranger! thanks so much for your kind words I appreciate it. Also, all men are attractive in their own way, its their good character that makes them attractive but brown guys in white shalwar kameez w sleeves rolled up 🌚 >>>>

Hi Natalie? I have being following you since a long-time and it is always fun looking to your answers. I have to say that you're a such sweet human. I just want to ask what tone do you find most attractive in men? Dark, medium or fair?

Hey, sorry I only just found this!Aw thank you so much :) I can’t say I have a preference on that. It isn’t something I really think of or consider if I’m honest!

Hi Fatima ? I have being following you since a long-time and it is always fun looking to your answers. I have to say that you're a such sweet human. I just want to ask what tone do you find most attractive in men? Dark, medium or fair?

Bro wtf, racist thodi na hoon main🤣
What kind of freak decides ye skin tone attractive hai, ajeeb hi sawal hai ye.

Kya Chahty ho?? #bolo

Asadkazmi512’s Profile Photo#VerifiedPagal❤
in this modern age, you know what awrah is? its not just covering your body with a veil. its also hiding your beauty on social media.
beauty can be verbal; the words you use, the emojis/memes anything that has the tendency to attract the opposite gender, anything that can make them feel like you are approachable/jolly person bcs one of the basic purpose of hijaab was to create a barrier between you and the non-mehram men. this barrier becomes invisible when you allow them to see, what was supposed to be hidden.

Menim bir oğlan dostum var ve men onu sevirem. O da deyesen meni sevir amma ne bilim vallah. Her gün onunla danisirdim, gülürdüm, yazışırdım falan. Sevgili kimi idik yeni 😅 Sonra buna ne oldusa ne uzume baxdı ne de danisdirdi. Elebil heç tanimir meni artıq. Fikirlerinizi ala bilerem? Ne edim sizce

Mənimdə bir qız iş yoldaşım var, yaxınıq, onun etibarını çox çətin qazanmışam, və ona vurulmuşam, çox qeyri adi, pozitiv enerjili qızdı, oda mənə çox isti yanaşır, başqa qız yoldaşlarıma qısqanır, amma hisslərimi ona göstərməkdən çəkinirəm, öz hisslərimə görə onu itirmək istəmirəm, amma onun baxışları məni yandırıb tökür, yuxularımda belə odu, işə 4-5 saat qabaqcadan gedirem ki onu görə biləm, elə məndə sənin kimi, bilmirəm nə edəm

😇😍 I will keep loving you from my heart until I found the right one . 😍😇

as you want anonymous…
whatever i don’t feel anything….
but i think i don’t need your love….
or you someone who want
here someone like to turn everything into riddles sometimes in order to be connected with we….
i feel only him 🕸❤️and his love….
our maddening love….❤️❤️
i don’t like to talk about a lot but it’s true….
about your message:
you couldn’t anonymous…
if your heart research someone else….
it’s meaning only one thing :
you don’t love
because when you love you don’t see anyone else ….
it’s another level
not you don’t see …. you see a lot of men or women…. every day ….everywhere
every second you are in surrounded by different women
or men…. and you love and liked….it ( or them…)
of course… or not if these women and men are unpleasant to you…
but you don’t have
any wishes ….because love lives in your heart….❤️
and if your ❤️love have power…. you have power to protect your love…
no girl will look at you as an abject of desire….
because you ‘belong’….❤️
and inside their heart …. or soul they are all understand that….
and stories about was in relationship but fall in love with ….
it’s mean only one thing:
that stories like your message
in the heart they are research
all men are different
but they calm down inside themselves when they find their own ….

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Whats your favouriteeee novel?

romahaider1616’s Profile PhotoRameeeennn
From blood and ash series. (not completed)
It ends with us.
Too late.
Heart bones. (Rest few other novels of CoHo are way too ideal)
The silent patient.
The maidens. (Must read)
Harry Potter obviously.
Angel and demons.
Deception point
The DaVinci code.
The lost symbol.
The devils half mile.
Keep you close.
Defy the stars series.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
The girl on the train. ( End is fun)
The fault in our stars.
Let it snow.
Blood men.
Book of a thousand days.
The bone season.
16th seduction. (It's kinda series too but I've read this only)
••• I'm terrible at choosing favourites•••

Men aren’t stupid, don’t underestimate them. They choose to be stupid, because it makes their lives easier if they pretend to be stupid and not understand, so they can get others to do things for them, it’s laziness. I call it weaponised incompetence. “Being dumb” is a skill.

Yep, well said! Some men really are like you said. The same thing about the cheating. They aren't poor babies and women don't charm them. They make a choice, simple as that.

Do you think human morality is learned or innate????🌛

Zainab_Bajwa13’s Profile PhotoZainab Bajwa
Humans are born with a natural sense of empathy that lets us feel good when we help others and feel bad when we hurt others. That is is basis of all morality.
Humans are then taught specific rules that seek to codify this innate morality. Those rules differ from time period to time period, from culture to culture and from religion to religion.
Sometimes, the moral rules that get taught serve to expand upon and amplify our natural empathy, helping us to better understand how to treat our fellow men with respect and how to better serve society as a whole.
Sometimes, however, the moral rules that get taught serve to overcome our innate morality, telling us it’s OK to discriminate against those who are different. Morality is not genetic since it has no evolutionary purpose. It is taught by each generation separately

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Hi Alina ? It is always fun looking your answer and you're a sweet human. I just want to ask what tone do you find most attractive in men? Dark, medium or fair?

Heyy thank you so much ♥️ .. i think men ka lye to medium acha lagay ga . Baqi Allah ki marzi jo unho ne naseeb me likho ho. Is sb k ilawa nature , respect, trust and love is all I want. ✨

Don't forget to hurt men, no matter how innocent he is. Hurtttt!!!

You may hurt some desperate boys but you're REALLY underestimating what a man can do when there's no respect to defend, no memories to burn and no feelings to suppress. That's the version that traumatizes tf outta you, and then you take revenge from poor innocent boys. Boohoo! hahaha

Kiedy ostatnio byłaś w kinie? Na jakim filmie?

adi222222222’s Profile PhotoWhisky_Lover
Ostatnio w kinie byłam w zeszłym roku, bodajże w lato, na filmie ,,Men”. Film podobno ma mocny przekaz i przeznaczony jest dla osób o zdolnościach interpretacyjnych. Zinterpretować go umiem, przekaz rozumiem, aczkolwiek nic szczególnego w filmie nie widzę. Nic przyjemnego.
Kiedy ostatnio byłaś w kinie Na jakim filmie

Serious question what is the big deal about some women choosing not to wear bras?? Why does it matter if they do or not?

frostawolf20’s Profile PhotoAdam
If YOU don't keep fit , you may soon need a bra !!!!!!!
~ as for girls, women . . . . . it's largely only a big deal in some/many men's heads . . .
Some females are glad to get their bras off at the end of the day - coz they can hurt a bit . . . . sometimes it's the other way round . . . can hurt without adequate support . . .
But even men with 'mantits' , will never know how it feels , coz it's not the same . . . . so, I wouldn't worry . . . .
It's tragic if anyone ever feels pressurised from any irrelevant interference . . .
Now , Balls . . . . I've heard that inadequately supported balls , for any lengthy time , can coz problems , especially later in life . . . . so you may best ditch the 'boxers' , for for a comfy cotton nest . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWAko7gscP4igotamatch’s Video 172470236282 iWAko7gscP4igotamatch’s Video 172470236282 iWAko7gscP4

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Serious question what is the big deal about some women choosing not to wear bras

Is it natural to desire polygamy for men?

It is natural for a Muslim man to desire polygamy in his life because he knows that Allah has permitted it with only one condition and that is "justice among the women he marries". People today say that it's an impossible condition to be met, but these are just baseless statements. Truth is that polygamy should be promoted. If you can afford to marry twice or thrice then you should. But, you can't just make it about getting rich, taking dowry, or l*st. Most of the men today, or let's just say all of them, want to marry because of the last stated reason. It's all valid and Halal if the condition is fulfilled. Society has made it a taboo. Women today can't accept this fact. Thus, weak men are obliged even when they want to marry more than once.
A few years back, I also wanted to marry 4 women instead of 1. It was because I wanted to shelter and support women who got oppressed in any way; war victims, orphans, etc. Society does not provide for such women. So, if they have Haya intact, you should just marry and protect them. You can also marry widows with their permission and will of course. That was my intent back when I thought the world could become better. Today, I can't even think about marrying 1 after seeing the fights that occur after marriage. 😄✌🏻

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Os homens são do tamanho da sua generosidade? (Livre Interpretação.)

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoLgrabb
""dz9ronin’s Profile Photo
"Are men the size of your generosity? (Free interpretation.)" ""
Once there were giants walking amongst us
Now I have to deal with little men withlittlehearts
I'm glad myfather's not here to see
What happenedto men like him
They fought the battles these dwarves can only talk about
Times have been better but littleness won't invade my soul . . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyXJFXz-14oigotamatch’s Video 172460019834 tyXJFXz-14oigotamatch’s Video 172460019834 tyXJFXz-14o

Some men overheard my niqabi friend's conversations in the uni (she is really wise, has a great personality and has a cute lively laughter). And now whenever she is walking or sitting, they will stare at her whilst walking by or smile suggestively, or just look twice. What do men want??

Take a stand for your friend, inform the student affairs department about it or your mentor or anyone you trust in uni that would take a step or if you’re confident enough then confront the guys yourself.

What do you think about feminism ? I always adored your attitude and mindset so I’m really curious about this. Please explain your thoughts janu:)

Okay okay jaaaanuuu😂 let’s get into thisss :
You’ll be surprised maybe, but I don’t stand for the „feminism“ of today. What I mean by that is : Fighting for the right’s God gave you as a human being is absolutely right and good. Rights God gave the women despite what certain cultures or the society might say. No question about that. But what these „women“ do nowadays is to spread hatred and haste. Saying they are oppressed and dishonored by men but being themselves the ones who do these things towards men by showing no respect. Also this competition mindset… I don’t get it. Ladies men aren’t your enemies!! Why you acting like you’re in a competition with men?! Why you trying to become more and more like men ( in looks, job status etc.)
Let the man be a man and you be a woman. THAT SIMPLE. And show some respect! The same way you want to be respected by a men, you should respect a man too!
Look for me its simple- I believe in God and whatever he says is the truth MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT ( Thanks God) BUT EQUAL.
And theses rights no one has the right to legislate except God. Allah - the One and Only God, The God of all humanity, all of us, the CREATOR of both- male and female HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY WHATS RIGHT AND WRONG. And who has which RIGHTS.
So my dear I don’t care what the society says, because I believe in heavenly laws, not man- made laws. So if standing for the truth makes me a feminist I am one. If not I don’t wanna be one. The end.

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I know very well and I don't want to have sex without marriage at all but I try to marry a foreigner because they don't ask for money

I can understand your pain, but the problem with men like you is that you don’t think about the rules that apply to you, I bet you’re the type of man who only cares about the rules that affect women like hijab. Let me remind you that Muslim men must lower their gaze. The fact that you have made these sexual comments towards me shows that you haven’t been doing that, and I hope you repent and be a better person.

Just checking am I still on your wallpaper?

okay anonymous….
i have been asked about this …. a lot in last time…
in different versions….
but essence of question is the same….
who’s on your screensaver….?!
and why not him….🕸❤️
i really don’t know how someone found out …. but someone really want to know about ….
on my screensaver….
Edo…☀️Prince Charming….
only me call him like this….
Edo have a partner….
his orientation….
and choice…. it’s his private life ….
i don’t want to talk about ….more…
but i know i’m special for him….
and he miss me…. or not
it’s not important
why i don’t change the screensaver to his….🕸❤️ photo ….
because…. because anonymous….
because i want our …. together….
probably a lot of ….
inside me …. but i want to write only this
i know that i’m loved and read my millions
and i can’t be outspoken…. but
you are not Prince Charming….
even your question started with the words I checking
but if it’s you Edo….☀️
hello….✨ Prince Charming…
no , no….
i don’t think …. and i don’t feel….
he’s ….🕸❤️even a little bit jealous
because honestly…. i was think about….
if we start being
jealous of each over ….
we’ll have to be jealous of the whole world of women…. and even men
because men like him too…
but he isn’t gay…. and not bi
and he is jealous of the whole world of men …. and even women….
i don’t believe that i write this …. but it’s true…
i believe in power of love….our love…
and…. and… and …. o lot of inside

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She probably more in love with you than any man has ever been

ups …. stop 🛑 girls….!!!!
i know that i super delicious girl….
for girls…. and women too…
but you
know anonymous….
i absolutely
and very very much love men….and men only …..
and you know everyone know how much they love me…
i could be i can if i m familiar be the best friend in the world for the girls….
but not more…..
and i honestly began to notice how some girls and women look at me … with so much love in the eyes….
it’s so strange for me….really….and yet girls how i noticed fall in love with me with another kind of madness….
o my God…..
i used to answer:
i love … not love i adore men….
i find only opposite sex attractive….!!!!
god what am i writing….
god, i answer this way to a girl not a man….who is love with me…..
hmm …..anonymous you even can’t imagine how men loves me…..
since i was born

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would you rather date straight men or bisexual men or have you not been with a bisexual man 🤔

I am a Christian and I believe and try to follow the Bible. The Bible says that it is a sin to have sex with the same sex and it is disgusting for God. So, I have not even a slight want to date anyone else other than straight males.

He might come back to you and he might not… but wait with me. When he come back then make a decision

do you see …?!
it’s your🕸❤️ fault….!
for you : anonymous…. my
we haven’t broken up with him….
we are not even see each other yet ….
o my God….
why do you understand everything in it’s own way
but i’m pretty sure in one thing
i don’t want to spend “my wait “
with someone….
i’m absolutely loyal …..
millions of the best men …. if i want will be ready …. like you ….
but i’m loyal …. girl….!

A kiss and a hug my dear Hinata San, blessings and greetings from Mexico to the country of fire to the Konohagakure village🥰🌹💐🌻🤲🤗☺️😇

xoseph0112575’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar ⚔️
Hello .. Joseph
actually, I can't accept "a hug and a kiss" .. Because that's a violation of My rules and the boundaries of dealing and interacting with men .. I am a Muslim girl and also Arab girl .. So I can't accept something like this ..
just accept your greeting .. Thank you Joseph ..🖤🦋
A kiss and a hug my dear Hinata San blessings and greetings from Mexico to the

Hi Aaniat ? It is always fun looking your answer and you're a sweet human. I just want to ask what tone do you find most attractive in men? Dark, medium or fair?

Colour shouldn't matter for all...u are asking for humans not a piece of cloth that seems attractive!!!!
Ppl in the present may have fair tones but what about dark souls??

How'd you rate your looks?

I'm just an average looking guy, simple person. Not everyone will or has to accept me. But I know that after a limit, your looks don't talk but your power does. People today are more conscious about someone's wealth than how they look, at least always true in case of men. Not saying that I'm eager to follow the pattern but just stating the fact.

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