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So where are all the men with #justiceforjohnny in their bio? I don’t see the same energy when it comes to the ab*rtion ban 🤡 where’s all that loudness. Oh they never truly cared for d/a and human rights in general how shocking

From what I've seen online, most of the men who were banging on with that hashtag are the types who wouldn't really care about reproductive rights. An overwhelming amount were MRAs or adjacent who wanted to dunk on Amber and women in general - regardless of how it harmed survivors of abuse, most of which *are* women - and used the case as a very public and very accepted reason to do so. You're not going to hear a peep from them unless it's in support of the ban because they barely give a f*ck about women's safety and rights.

If all men are the same, why do women take so long to choose one?

Demiuwu’s Profile PhotoDemi
1. They don't wanna endure and suffer the pain that is likely to happen in a relationship.
2. Misunderstandings or different perceptions and then clarifying them out. It seems exhausting. ╮(╯_╰)╭
3. Some are more happy if they're single.
4. They can do whatever they want. Like if they don't like sharing their feelings or if they want to concentrate their time on themselves then it can also easily happen. 😊
5. No one will tell you to change yourself and the girls will stay happy with who they really are. 🌞😊
If all men are the same why do women take so long to choose one

Why do you screw men that don't care if they get you pregnant? Any man I've had sex with always wore a condom and knew how to put it on correctly. Taking the pill and using a condom prevents unwanted pregnancies durrrrr

Only person I’ve only been pregnant by is my husband .
Your way to invested in what other people do in their bedroom .
Pro-lifers are dumb
I’m going to keep saying it

Anything you wanna say for a long time?

Usama_gujjar’s Profile Photoا سے اسامہ گ سے گجر
Since last night till this this very moment, I’ve seen atkeast three shoutouts all from men, one wanting to add others for Snapchat streak scores, one asking for the insta handles of awam and one MashAllah is asking for mobile numbers straight up! Lol
Honestly, mera meter urr gaya hai :) FOR FUCKS SAKE this is not a dating app. Go to Tinder. Kya gand phelaya wa hai yaha? Anonymous nae tou anonymous accounts bana ke awam apni desperation nikalny ajati hai baki shehhazey private account details mangty phirty ha on a daily! Kya bakwas ha ye sab?
Koi izzat, gherat, sharam naam ki cheez nae hai?
Nae kya samjha hua ha yaha awam kya karny ati hai? For the love of God, find platforms that suit your needs. Stop making this place filthy.
Have some dignity.

dlaczego kobiety ranią? płec zenska ma hobby aby ranić mezczyzn? i łamać im serca?

Does the female sex have a hobby to hurt men? and break their hearts?
Don't generalize, not every woman hurts a man. There are so deadly beautiful women who can kill by the very appearance. The guy will look at such a dazzlingly beautiful woman and he will lose his eyesight or life due to the impression 😊 https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/20618110785922984/ Nie wszystkie kobiety łamią serca
dlaczego kobiety ranią płec zenska ma hobby aby ranić mezczyzn  i łamać im serca

Is the term "Housewife" outdated and sexist? I saw women complaining about that term, saying that SAHM (stay at home mom) would be the correct term for a woman whose job is raising children and taking care of the house.

Personally I think those women who find the word "housewife" to be offensive should never visit websites like "pornhub, xvideo, xhamster or tubegalore" because "Housewife" is a popular category that millions of men enjoy but I am fairly certain these feminist women would find outrageous, appalling, abhorrent, disgusting, foul, gross, horrendous, loathsome, nasty, nauseating, obscene, rancid, shocking, sickening and deeply offensive.

کوئی مشورہ میرے لیے۔۔🌷

agar tmhain log kahain k tmhari soch toxic ya extremist men wali hai tou unko L pe krao kyun k yahan agar kisi k samne sirf itna bhi bol do k "jism dhakk k rakhna chahiye" tou aise aise angle se aa k gaand marain ge k aap ko existential crisis hone lag jaye ga. Socho ge shayad main hi chutiya hun

Is society erasing what it means to be a woman? Political parties like U.K. Labour, Australian, Canadian & American liberal/left politicians can’t describe what a woman is, and has referred to them as Child birthers. Women are amazing and should not be dehumanised or downplayed to appease people.

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Sadly it's not a progression. Women have always been viewed as lesser beings. Thankfully not everyone sees us that way! I've seen so many men standing up against what happened yesterday in America.
We are so much more than just "child birthers". But so much has been overlooked with yesterday's outcome!
If a woman suffers a miscarriage, but her body doesn't dispel the child (whatever stage), she would have to have an ab*rtion. If not, she could potentially d*e. Same problem with ectopic pregnancy. This will put mothers at risk.
But to make it so we no longer have a right to choose what to do with our own body is f*cked up. Especially if it comes down to a life or d*ath situation.
This feels like the first pebble of what will turn into a rockslide...
Women have once again been told and made to feel like we are nothing but vessels. Inferior. Like we don't matter.
It comes to something when g*ns in the US have more rights and control than women...

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Is society erasing what it means to be a woman Political parties like UK Labour

All feminists saying feminism is about equality, equality from whom? Males? And when asked they said they are fighting for men's rights too. The question is if feminists want equality from men, then how can they give them justice?

It's not equality "from" anything, yous eem to not understand what equality means, it means that we have equal rights for everyone regardless of gender.

The Supreme Court overturned roe v wade. Thoughts?

It’s only 8:30am and I am done with today….. I had an abortion in March 2020…when I was 18….my body my choice….you aren’t the one having to go through all the rounds pregnancy does on your body…I am…you aren’t the one that has to go through labor and delivery…I am…you aren’t the one that has to put up with the unwanted kid for the next 18 years…I am….and before you say don’t have s*x then….what if you are r*p*ed? How is that fair to have to have the r*p*st baby? Why can’t men control themselves? So many women are going to suffer severe consequences….because they are going to think of ways to abort the fetus….if there’s a will….Theres a way… Honestly I’m about to get on the next flight out BACK to DC….March my a** to the Supreme Court and protest!!!!

Do you know any facts? 😊

n_savage’s Profile PhotoNoah
I know countless facts... I could answer this question all day long lol.
One of my favorites is world war one was started because two men stopped to get a sandwich. I know what you're thinking what about the Archduke.. welp the assassin's initially failed and misses there chance... But they ran into Archduke Ferdinand by chance while stopping for lunch...thus getting another shot at him. Literally. So a sandwich started ww1

Why are some mens mentality so oppressive over woman? Just because a lady chats with people, doesnt mean shes bad. Whats your take on that?

flowur123’s Profile PhotoSarcastic Bee
Many things, misunderstandins and problems would be solved better and quicklier if people were talking together more. 👍And women are more smooth-talking, men should understand and accept it !!! 😂

Фильм, который смотрели много раз?

люди в черном. первые три части этого фильма я посмотрел очень много раз, четвертую же смотрел раза два, но через силу! она мне не понравилась, совсем другая атмосфера, юмор, актеры.. эх.
[ men in black. ]
` - позвольте узнать, зачем вы пpистpелили малышку тиффани?
- я подумал: что делает восьмилетняя белая девочка одна ночью посреди гетто среди монстров с учебниками квантовой физики? она явно задумала что-то недоброе.
` - пёс должен моему другу деньги.
` - это тянет на девять баллов по моему личному дepьмoмeтpу!
` - что скажешь?
- ну, интересная. этакая королева царства мёртвых.
- я про тело.
- всё при ней.
- я о трупе.
` - только не зелёный.. дьявол! знаешь, какой пришелец хлебает сироп и оставляет зелёный спектральный след?
- погоди, это было вчера в шоу-викторине... черт, запамятовал!
[ men in black II. ]
` - вчера вернулся я домой,
а в доме ты, словно ты с луны свалилась из небесной темноты...
что же я не забрал ключи?
не повесил большой замок?
я тебя прогнать хотел, только слов найти не мог...
давай уйди!
скорей уйди!
` - когда тебе грустно, идёт дождь.
- многие люди грустят, когда идёт дождь.
- дождь идёт, потому что ты грустишь, детка.
` - я должен принять любовный совет от чувака, гоняющегося за своим хвостом?
- полегче, приятель. это собачий расизм, и меня это возмущает.
[ men in black III. ]
` - это не кофе, а смола!
- ну разумеется, его же только что смололи.
` - это тебе за то, что врал мне [удар]. а это за то, что говорил мне правду [ещё удар].
` - я тоже любил поиграть с отцом в бейсбол. правда, мяч я сразу бросал в стену, потому что отца у меня не было.
` - тишина украшает многое, но если тебя заткнуть - ты задохнёшься.
спасибо за вопрос.

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Deyir ya olduğun kimi görün ya göründüyün kimi ol. Bes siz necə göründüyunüz kimisiz ? Yoxsa mələk qiyafəsi geymisiz)

Perviz_Asadazer’s Profile PhotoПарвиз Асадазeр
Men 'geyimsiz' gezirem. Olmaqla-görünmek arasında gedib-gelmeye calıshmaq da bir shey deyil, insan axırda qısaqapanma verir. Mene birce shey maraqlıdır ki, xadimesinden-vezifelisine, azyashlıdan-yashlısına etrafımdakı hami Cavid deyende 1 xarakteri olan insan xatırlasın, buqelemun kimi rengareng birini yox.

What are my chances of finding love if I think all guys have bad intentions?lol

If you want real chances, stop projecting into the future about whether or not all guys have good or shit intentions. See them for what they are and how they are. Like I always say, actions carry a tremendous amount of weight. Yes, there are lots of shitty men but not all of them are shitty. That's painting all 4 billion men as shitty. You see how unreasonable that is?

oh, i meant if bullying was common in general, not if you were personally bullied. do you think some ppl demonize social media unfairly? i was bullied as a kid and didnt have many friends. but i had met alot of great, supportive friends through social media that otherwise i would've never met.

Ok,,,now I understand. Yes bullying was very common because people were not very accepting of people who were different. Keep in mind that most communities tended to be either Irish or Italian in the community where I lived. So in extreme cases you would have two Catholic churches i.e. one for Catholics and one for the Irish. For many years Irish and Italians were discouraged from dating or marrying. Italians viewed the Irish men as drunks while the Irish viewed Italians as criminals in the mafia.
With time these tensions did fade away but I still remember these behaviors as seen through the eyes of a child.

Hey ? Iam a long time follower of yours and i have noticed that youre so sweet human being. Its rare the way you treat your followers with kindness. Such a humble person you are. Keep smiling:) I want to ask Dark, medium or fair men? Which one do you find most attractive?

Thank you so much ,I appreciate it ,you keep smiling too,well actually im not interested in a specific skin color

Oh look at this woman hai tu kitni pidi aur batain daikho zra kay ohh I read oh I do this gumh jaie tou pochay bi na koie tera fucking bit*h to hell with u oh please deactivate and get lost from here I can't even stand u meri feed men tmary questions aty he dil krta hai bhar kr galian du 💥💥

I can't be the only one who noticed that "oh" precedes direct quotes in this passage. Is "oh" your introductory marker?

why do you think cat calling is insulting, why not take it as a compliment

unless you have felt what it is like to be a woman walking in the streets, minding her own business, and having disgusting men cat calling you i say you have no opinion. it’s not a “compliment”, it’s disgusting, insulting and gross
Liked by: Molly woody anna jack Harvey

is it true that men never forget their first crush-love?

I think that depends per person,I don't think it's a gender thing. Most people probably don't forget the person they first fell in love with.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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is it true that men never forget their first crushlove

I actually feel bad for future generations.

At this point, there is no doubt in my mind that many young people will never own property or enjoy the liberty and freedoms that my generation (boomer) enjoyed. And yes, there is enough blame to go around for everyone, but I will say this: my parents generation (WWII) gave us a country that was well run, in great fiscal shape and had a society that believed in God and respected their country, their neighbors and their family. And now our country is destroyed. Instead, we argue with our neighbors and our families are broken and in many cases. fatherless.
We have been taught that men do not matter and are irrelevant. I think that one could argue that in Western democracies, God is dead. And that is precisely why western democracies are in decline and will ultimately fail.
The United States was created on the believe that We The People are ruled by God, not the government. And, in fact, if you look at the back of the dollar bill you will see the following phrase: "In God We Trust." In my opinion, the ruling class and the political class in America and in most western democracies no longer believe in God, and instead believe the following: "In Government We Trust."
This is, in my opinion, why the United States is no longer a great country. How is it possible to be "great" when you no longer believe in the existence of God and in fact reject God? It is not possible, and we are living through the consequences of such misguided and false ideologies and beliefs. And this is why I feel sorry for future generations. The rejection of God will result in unimaginable pain and suffering and will ultimately establish a tyranny of immense proportions that will will culminate in the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people around the world. And for what? Power?
What good is power and money when life and entire civilizations have been obliterated and wiped from the face of the earth? It's insane. Absolute and unmitigated insanity dominates and engulfs the western democracies!

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اللي مسمي نفسه دكتور نسوان ... ده ايه ده بجد نفسي افهم الناس عقلها بقي فين بجد👽

This account has been around since I created my account and I think that is about 6 years ago, if you want to have a glimpse and understand what humans do when there is no one watching them and they're completely anonymous, you can take a look at "the goodness paradox" or "the paradoxical nature of men"

Have you been in a toxic relationship.

Many times. My entire family, in my opinion, was toxic. While most normal families were drinking water or milk, my mother, brothers and sisters preferred alcohol, cigarettes, gossip and hate. And those attributes are the elements of extraordinary toxicity.
At age 18 I was in love with my first girl friend who swore on a bible that she loved me until one day I caught her sleeping with another boy and then she slightly modified her story to include both boys. Her justification was that it was perfectly normal to love multiple men and therefore I should simply accept her distorted perception of reality, which I refused to do. In retrospect, breaking up with Ruth was the best thing that could have happened because at age 18 I was naive and had no idea that humans, and in particular females, could be so dishonest, deceptive and manipulative. It was a lesson I will never ever forget.
Lastly, there have been many male friendships that were extremely toxic and not worth a pot to pee in. Once again I learned the hard way that people will say and do anything to get what they want. And so I decided to study some psychology while in college and specifically "Abnormal Psychology." After being hurt so many times I was determined to understand human nature and what motivated people so I could protect my own self interests, which I have done and continue to do.
Life is tough and those who survive (1) learn from their mistakes and (2) establish personal boundaries with other people to protect themselves from a variety of potential abuses perpetrated by liars, thief's and unscrupulous scoundrels who do not give a damn about you, your family or your health and well being. So as a matter of common sense, it is imperative that we learn to understand human nature and human intent whenever we are dealing with other people.

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Enta men elmansoura ???

زارت قَبرَهُ فِي اللَيلةِ السابعةِ عابِسة.
تُردِدُ، عُد إلي فمُنذُ رَحيلِك شِفاءُ روحي يابِسة،
جَف الدمع، جَف البحر، ولا أثر حولي ليابِسة.
إرتح فالمُقتَرِنةُ بغيرك ماتت على قيدِ الحياةِ عانِسة.
لك الجِنان و ليَّ الويل، فَ النارُ لِلنار والخيرُ لِلخير.
في ليالي الفِراق، أطِل العناق ثُم إرحَل أبداً و كُن بِخير.
- مُحرّضةُ الجِن.

I see ppl being desperate all the time and a lot of them are really good looking. Why do you think is that so? Why would an attractive person commit such an “ugly people thing” to desperately go after people and initiate conversation? Normally they attract people, they are NOT the initiators.

Great question, but because I've been out of the dating scene for so long and do not frequent places where single people hang out I can only repeat what my co-worker who is single tells me almost every day. He tells me that many single women today are mostly interested in wealthy men who can give them a better life even if there are single men with better personalities who treat them with kindness and respect but they are financially poor. I do not know if this is true or not but if it is, that might explain the "ugly people thing" you are referring to in your question.
I live in Florida where there are many older men who are financially well off in Miami and in the Tampa Bay area where I live and hang out. Based upon my own personal observations I have seen many young women between the age of 20 and 30 dating men who are between 40 and 60 years old. These older men are typically in good physical shape and they drive very expensive cars which is indicative of wealth.
My 29 year old friend tells me that he believes that many young women between 20 - 30 have given up on men his age and essentially ignore them, at least this is how he perceives his situation. He also tells me that he finds it difficult to even find a woman in his age group who will talk to him. Now in all fairness he is a video game junky and I've have read that young women are not interested in immature men who play video games all day long and they prefer men who will wine and dine them and take them on vacations, to concerts and who have the means to show them a good time. In other words young women want what most women want, a serious man who is well educated and fun to be around. Sorry guys, but that eliminates you gamers who love video games more than females.
Summary: I don't know who is correct. I think that young women are correct when they complain that young men between 20 - 30 are very immature and are more interested in video games than in having a meaningful relationship with young women. And if that is true, and I am not saying it is, then it makes sense that young women prefer older men, because what other choice do they have? Dating a immature man-boy who is addicted to video games or dating a man twice their age who treats them like a lady and has the financial resources to have fun and show them a great time?
I don't know.... you decide.

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Advice for the mom with a twerking 12 year old who talks to grown men?

I am assuming you are referring to a 12 year old female using an internet connection to talk to men?
1. Explain the dangers to your daughter and make sure she understands that some men are perverts who are only interested in sex.
2. Set the rules of internet activity and make certain that she understands the consequences for her behavior (no smartphone, no computer, etc)
3. DO NOT use the computer and internet as a babysitter!!
4. Get your daughter involved in activities so she does not sit in her bedroom all day talking to perverts.
5. Talk to your internet provider about methods and applications used to monitor your daughters online activity and set time limits where she can only connect when you are home say for 2 hours and then her internet connection is disabled.
6. Put her computer or smartphone in the kitchen or some place that is visible where you can look over her shoulder and monitor.
Our 15 year old daughter uses the internet to text girlfriends and draw art and upload to instagram. I have access to all of her applications including instagram.
MOST IMPORTANT: Keep your daughter involved in healthy activities and keep her away from peers who are self destructive, abused, drug addicts or sexually active. Remember you are what you eat and your behaviors are influenced (good or bad) by those people you associate with.
Our daughter is an honor roll student who is kept busy with:
- math lessons
- reading lessons with emphasis on comprehension
- private art lessons
- violin lessons
- piano lessons
- golf lessons and golf tournaments
- plays violin in youth symphony
- plays violin in church youth group with parents
- Plays golf with dad
- We bike ride together
- We take our daughter and her friends to movies, baseball games, museums.
My wife and I are active in our daughters life to the point where we meet with the vice principle to discuss and arrange her course curriculum each year. We interact with our daughter every day and we drive her to and from school. Because we love our daughter we refuse to allow the school, society, or her peers to manipulate and control her behavior and so we work with her to set realistic goals and objectives. In other words, we succeed or fail as a family and are not absentee parents.
Being a parent in today's corrupt society is probably the most difficult thing you will ever have to doin your entire life. There are so many distractions and evil people lurking and waiting to corrupt and destroy your children. And so you must be active, dedicated, vigilant and aware 24x7x365. For it takes a life time to train and prepare your children for success and only one minute for them to become a victim.
Yes being a parent is difficult and exhausting, but in the end, it will be well worth the effort. /Alex

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@tarekdaud Don't delete your threads. It's not a dheet pan, it's the toxic mentality which exist in some of the cringe men who tryna get cool but still unki kameena pan majood hota hain. IDK how many girls are silent because of their shyness. Alas :(

AyishaYousafK’s Profile Photo✨ ԹՎɿՏɧԹ ✨
آپ ہیں ہون حضور والا۔۔۔ ایک نقلی نام ایک نقلی چہرہ ایک نقلی شخصیت !!! معلوم ہے ویسے آپ کو خود کہ آپ کیا ہیں۔۔۔ خیر مجھے کیا ڈیلیٹ کرنا ہے میری وال سے کیا نہیں اس کا فیصلہ تو خیر میرا سرا سر ذاتی ہوتا ہے۔ مجھے حیرت دراصل خود پہ اس بات پہ ہو رہی ہے کہ میں نے ابھی تک آپ کو بلاک کیوں نہیں کیا۔۔۔ سلامت رہئے 🙏🏽💐

As-tu confiance en toi ?

lea__83580’s Profile Photolea__83580
Oui. J'ai une assurance naturelle, j'ai conscience de mes forces et de mes faiblesses et pourtant je ne m'en vante pas. Je reste humble et je ne me considère pas comme supérieur aux autres, je prends en considération les points forts et les points faibles de chacun. Je me mets à la hauteur de la personne en face de moi. Et je ne suis jamais dans le jugement. Je ne me montre jamais hautain et j'ai horreur de rabaisser les autres.

If Apollo 13 had been crewed by women, would men at ground control have been expected to jerry-rig a mission to catchup and repair the capsule so they could still have their moon landing, and then bring them back safely?

No, and I think you mean Apollo 11, but they would probably have said “one small step for woman……..one giant leap for humans”
…or if you did mean Apollo13 they would have said “there are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen and there are men who wonder what happened” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Why is it a good thing for women to support other women but a bad thing for men to support other men?

It's not, men can support men and women, women can support men and women. Just support people, it's not that hard. If someone is doing bad shit, male or female, I'm not going to support them or defend them. And if someone is going good, male or female, once again, I'd support them.

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