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Doctor can you tell me something for my acne scars. I had really bad acne for few months. Now the acne is gone but i've these pitted scars on my cheeks :( Any suggestion would be appreciated.

First of all, congratulations on getting rid of your acne. That is one of the toughest skin conditions to resolve. Anyways getting rid of those scars would take a while. I'd suggest getting a dermaroller of .75mm to 1mm (not .5) plus a vitamin C serum ( Body shop or The Ordinary are good). Use the dermaroller with vitamin C serum on a clean face twice first week then increase. Your skin will heal. Also, if you are looking for much faster options then I'd suggest microdermabrasion from a derma clinic.

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Hi jeanice! Mau tanya dong kalau tips kamu untuk ngatasin komedo gimana? Sama merk mask/scrub apa yang biasanya kamu pakai? Makasih :)

Halo, untuk komedo aku pakai produk skincare yg mengandung BHA (basically this is acid). Yang lagi aku pakai Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid tapi kalau habis mau coba bha dari Cosrx karena lebih murah dan katanya cukup efektif.
Untuk masker, pakai water clay mask dari laneige dan scrub dari kiehls microdermabrasion scrub something2 (lupa namanya).

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Hey shelbyyyy did microdermabrasion work well for you my dermo recommended it to me but I don't wanna spend the money if it doesn't haha(:

well you have to do multiple sessions before you really see any progress. which sucks because you're right it's totally expensive BUT I knew exactly the problems I wanted to fix on my face and was ready to do whatever I needed to do to get them taken care of so I'm gonna do 4 sessions but I've only done 1 so far. it made my skin feel good but hasn't helped my scarring yet

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