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Ibabalik ang ROTC para daw maipaglaban ang bansa. Yung mga nag-ROTC ba dati ay kaya ipaglaban ang bansa ngayon? Dumaan ako sa ROTC, puro martsa naman ang ginawa ko.

Legit. Puro marching and wooden rifle drills lang. Of course, yung nasa reserved list na after ROTC dadaan pa sa real training should there be a war in the future, and they are required to serve the country. Still, sa argument nila, they're making it sound like ganun ka tindi yung ROTC program, na after going through it, lalabas ka na battle-ready na, na grabe na yung discipline mo, at may new found love and loyalty ka na to flag and country.
Unless they make the program as strict and as hard as the actual training our soldiers undertake, it will never result in that. Then again, sino bang estyudante papayag na gawing ganun kagrabe yun lalo na pag-aaral naman pinaka dahilan nila sa pagpasok nila. Kahit siguro yung die hard DDS and Marcos supporters na students aayaw na dun. Saka discipline, loyalty, and love for country isn't just learned through basic military training. All that actually starts at home, and is further instilled in school and our everyday experience.

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1)Твой телефон, ноутбук, портативка обклеены наклейками? 2)Какое полное название твоего университета? А места, в котором ты работаешь? 3)У тебя есть пирсинг? Где? 4)Ты живёшь в доме или в квартире? Если в кв, то на каком этаже? 5)Катаешься на самокатах, которые сейчас на каждом углу стоят?

1. Нет, не люблю наклейки на гаджетах
2. Military University of Foreign Languages, а работаю я управляющим в морской компании
3. Была раньше серьга в ухе, но теперь не ношу
4. Дом
5. Нет

1)Твой телефон, ноутбук, портативка обклеены наклейками? 2)Какое полное название твоего университета? А места, в котором ты работаешь? 3)У тебя есть пирсинг? Где? 4)Ты живёшь в доме или в квартире? Если в кв, то на каком этаже? 5)Катаешься на самокатах, которые сейчас на каждом углу стоят?

1. Нет, это портит всю эстетику устройства.
2. Rainburn State Military Medical Institute, Translation Group.
3. Нет.
4. В квартире на десятом этаже.
5. Иногда.

saan o paano mo nakikita ang sarili mo after 5 years?

Probly working somewhere in Manila or Cebu as an Atty on a Lawfirm or join PAO and will also probly take the Military reservist course or enlist as an officer in the coast guard.
That's the plan, hopefully it works out.
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why u against army ?

I am still pro Army, but against blacksheep in military whether they are Generals of Pakistan Army.
Mere ghr 5 dalay aye hain, Inka muqabla ab hmary sath hai, Inko Inshallah AIK AIK General ko hum apny hathon se tangein ge.
Jab apky ghr 5 dalay ayein ge to btana.
Inko Ab TAKAR ky log milein hain, jo jald inki bandookon me ghusnay waly hain :)

Senate announces new gun legislation!

Prediction: It WILL NOT pass the senate and if it does, Biden will veto the legislation.
Because the democrats will demand that the 2nd amendment be abolished and all guns be confiscated from citizens.
What is this fight really about?
Before the globalists, democrats, RINO's and Neocons can create a New World Order (see U.N. Agenda2030, WEF and WHO) they must destroy the middle class. Before the democrats can destroy the middle class and confiscate their assets, including property, they MUST confiscate the weapons to leave Americans defenseless.
GOAL = Create New World Order (Great Reset, Build Back Better, One World Government)
Step#1 - Create maximum chaos by attacking all systems and institutions including the Constitution and all opposition (conservatives, Trump supporters, Republicans and Patriots)
Step#2 - Eliminate the 2nd amendment and confiscate all guns
Step#3 - Eliminate the Middle Class through inflation, high taxes, while confiscating all of their assets (property, savings, investments, etc), The government will utilize Blackrock to take ownership of your property and you will be charged rent to live in your own home even though your mortgage is paid in full. Historians will refer to this as "The Great Steal."
Step#4 - Create One World Government and select a brutal dictator to force people to comply.
Is there any hope? YES!
The globalists made a fatal mistake when they forced sanctions upon Russia and other countries for not obeying them. Russia, China, India, Turkey, Africa, South America, Hungry and most of the non western world are forming alliances based upon the ruble and yen which will quickly replace the dollar as the reserve currency. Also, Russia and China are building up their military strength in order to defeat any attack that America and NATO plan.
My belief is that in an all out war against China, Russia and their allies, the United States will suffer a massive defeat. The simple fact is that it is the Unites States and NATO who are attempting to create this One World Government via (U.N., WEF, WHO, Central Banks and the Intelligence Agencies) and Russia and China are prepared to fight to the death to prevent the globalists from taking over the world as they have done to America, the EEU, Canada and Australia.
The first domino to fall will be the defeat of Ukraine.
Taiwan will be next.
Also, if NATO continues to attack Russia via proxy, Russia will stop supplying gas, oil and food to Europe just in time for winter. The fact is that the globalists have already lost but they are to ignorant and arrogant to realize it yet.
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."
Isaac Asimov

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Do you ever feel like the government intelligence agencies are a bunch of immature childish bullying punks who have far too much power than they should be allowed to have considering how irresponsible they are managing it?

Yes. The federal government is too fat and needs to be trimmed by 50%. The way the USA is supposed to function is that most of the power is granted to state governments. The federal government exists primarily to provide for the security and safety of our entire nation (military) and provide other "inter-state" functions like transportation, health, etc.
I would also eliminate the DOE and CIA. The DOJ needs to clean house including the FBI. These agencies have become 100% corrupt and now see the American citizen as terrorists for wanting to get involved with local school boards. Also, and most importantly, we need to end the fascism by eliminating the corporate takeover of our federal government. The congress is completely beholden to America's corporations and this MUST end via term limits and punishing congressional members who accept bribes from these corporate special interest groups.

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What's your plan 5-10 years from now?

I will work as a Lawyer, my choices are to be a Criminal defense Lawyer or a Prosecutor which is risky and dangerous or be a Civil rights Lawyer and probably join PAO for awhile to gain experience till I join up with a Lawfirm. I probably will move somewhere else probably in Cebu or Davao, Manila is also an option.
Also I realllyy want to have some form of Military training, working for the Coastguard/Navy/Army is an option.
Aaaand lastly, Travel the Country and conquer my fears.
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Rekomendrasi drakor dong. No romance or comedy, lebih seneng ttg detektif, pembunuhan, psikopat, forensik gitu gituu

qnzreflin’s Profile PhotoR E F L I N
These are some that I think was good, I hope you haven't watched them yet, wkwk.
• Class of Lies
A lawyer sneaks into elite high school and work as temporary teacher to reveal a secret of a murder case.
• Extracurricular
A high school student who became a 'germo' to pay his tuition fee.
• Voice 1-4
Chasing a serial killer.
• Signal
A profiler and a veteran detective try to save their past partner from being murdered with a special walkie-talkie.
• Tunnel
The detective who tries to catch a serial killer goes through a tunnel and finds himself in 30 years later.
• Children of Nobody
A child counselor, a detective and a murderer who saved abandoned children.

• Move to Heaven
A boy with Asperger's syndrome who runs a business to organize items left by dead people with his badass uncle.
• One Ordinary Day
A man accused of murder by an overnight mistake.
• D.P.
A military life.
• Duel
A battle between human clones.

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Do you think it’s ok the president make harder to get a weapon is gonna solve the problem?

Confiscating weapons or making it more difficult to obtain weapons will not solve the root cause of this epidemic in violence caused, in large part, by fatherless families and government social programs that promote dysfunctional and irresponsible behavior. Instead, only police, military and criminals will have access to weapons leaving the general population essentially defenseless. Please note that the democrat run cities with the most violent crime also have the most stringent gun laws.
How is that working out for NYC, L.A, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta??
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I don’t think there’s an “irrational fear of guns”. American children are being shot dead at school. Guns kill more children each year than auto accidents. More children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers and active military members. This is horrific, absolutely horrific

> I don’t think there’s an “irrational fear of guns”.
What we choose to "think" is largely irrelevant. This is not a discussion of personal opinion but rather, an evaluation of what is being said and who is saying it. When we examine the actions and sentiments of gun control proponents, we can clearly recognize that they have an irrational phobia and most of their conclusions are based purely on emotion.
> American children are being shot dead at school.
Would we feel better if they were *purposely* run over by a deranged individual like the six innocent people who were k!lled in Waukesha? How about the eight people who were k!lled (with eleven injured) in a similar incident in NYC? Both of those incidents were *intentional* and there have been numerous others like them. Suppose some lunatic wanted to plow his vehicle through a playground or a crowd of people (as we have seen in the UK, France and in other countries)? Should we ban vehicles too because they could be used as deadly weapons? While driving is a *privilege* in most countries (including the US), the ownership and use of firearms is a constitutional *right* in this country.
> Guns kill more children each year than auto accidents.
I'm afraid you're wrong. In 2019, over 1,000 children (12 and under) were k!lled in auto related accidents. In 2020, that number skyrocketed to over 4,000 (children and teenagers). The data isn't available for 2021 but crashes are a leading cause of death for children in the US - far more than firearm related incidents.
> More children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers and active military members.
Objectively false. Last year, nearly 500 law enforcement officers and about 14,000 military since 2006 (an average of nearly 900 per year). Total average per year, roughly 1,400 law enforcement and military compared to 1,200 children (of which nearly *80%* are suicides). I'm afraid that the data and statistics disprove your argument. Interestingly enough, roughly 400 children drown to death in swimming pools every year. Where is the outrage? Let me know if we need "common sense pool reform" too.
> This is horrific, absolutely horrific
Yes, I couldn't agree more. However, this is exactly why we should examine the data and refrain from making false statements in order to support a radical / *unconstitutional* agenda. Yes, there is a phobia when it comes to firearms and it won't be cured with lies, propaganda and emotional appeals. To conclude, if gun control advocates had any desire to protect children (which they do not), they could follow my city's example and place Safety Agents in every school. But don't hold your breath. For all of their constant virtue signalling, they don't give a damn about children. If they did, this matter would've been addressed and rectified decades ago. Their real aim is to confiscate firearms and leave us weak / vulnerable. When firearms are outlawed, only outlaws have firearms.

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Personal opinion: Guns don't k*ll people. It's not a gun control problem, it's a mental health problem and THAT'S what needs to be addressed.

There are several issues to consider. Let's take gun control. Chicago has some of the most restrictive measures in place and that city also has one of the *highest* rates of firearm related crimes in the entire country. Obviously, gun control is not the answer or that city would be a peaceful paradise. Simply put, criminals do not care about laws and as Chicago has demonstrated, time and time again, those who wish to use firearms for illegal purposes *WILL* continue unabated. Furthermore, restrictions remove firearms from the hands of law-abiding citizens. Civilians are left vulnerable and easy targets for armed criminals. Why some people continue to ignore these two blatantly obvious realities truly baffles me. Let's also consider the fact that most mass shootings occur in designated "gun-free zones." It should be no surprise that an armed criminal would choose to prey on people who have no means to defend themselves. Knee-jerk "solutions" and emotional appeals for more restrictive measures are utterly ridiculous, *unconstitutional* and downright childish. With respect to mental healthcare / related issues, I would agree that we are not doing enough. We also have a huge problem with drugs in this country and it is largely ignored. To what extent has that problem been a contributing factor? There are several studies and statistics but they are largely ignored too. America does not have "a gun problem" - we have a problem holding criminals accountable, providing adequate mental healthcare, constantly vilifying those who risk their lives to protect ours and supporting authoritarians who trample on our *constitutional* rights. As a resident of NYC where crime is high, resources are limited and gun control is more restrictive than it has ever been, we have managed to get one thing right: school shootings are practically nonexistent. Why? Because we had enough sense to put Safety Agents in schools with direct access to NYPD. If this country really wanted to prevent such horrors, there are plenty of former military and law enforcement officers who could provide security in every school. It is a practical solution and if it can work in this city, it can work anywhere. It's time to put our feelings aside and implement logical solutions which can save lives: armed security, metal detectors, quick access to mental healthcare for those who need it and allowing people to defend themselves and their communities in accordance with The Second Amendment.

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What’s your biggest regret in life?

Not joining the military and leaving home immediately upon graduating from high school. Instead I decided to attend college while living with my mother and family who were alcoholics and abusive. This was a huge mistake. Eventually I moved out and completed my college education and became a Network Engineer and relocated and moved away from my abusive family members.
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London Council Claimed Three-Month-Old Babies Are Racially Biased.

"Racist Babies" by Alex
Racist babies!
Pregnant men!
Transgendered men competing against women in sports and winning!
White people are racist!
White supremacy!
Math is racist!
Language is racist!
History is racist!
BLM is peaceful!
Antifa is peaceful!
Fraudulent elections!
Tampon dispensers in boys bathrooms!
Puberty blockers!
Abortion 28 days after babies birth.
Unlimited NATO expansion!
Open borders!
Fake media!
Printing fake money!
Hyper inflation!
Food shortages!
Baby formula shortages!
Manufactured viruses!
Fake pandemics!
Mandatory masks that do not work!
Vaccines that are not vaccines!
Energy shortages!
Increased suicides!
School lockdowns!
Peaceful protests that are violent!
Corrupt ruling class!
New World Order!
Tyrannical One World Government!
Cultural Marxism!
Public school indoctrination!
College indoctrination!
Corrupt NGO's!
Corrupt WEF!
Corrupt CDC!
Corrupt WHO!
Corrupt United Nations!
Fake Russian Collusion Hoax!
Ukrainian Corruption!
Biden's Laptop!
Corrupt DOJ!
Corrupt FBI!
Corrupt CIA!
Corrupt Judges!
Corrupt politicians!
Corrupt military complex!
Attacks of Free Speech!
Ministry of Truth!
Woke Cancel Culture!
Cultural Marxism!
Attacks on founding fathers!
Attacks on Constitution!
Attacks on Electoral College!
Attacks on Supreme Court!
Defund the Police!
Attacks On Right to Bear Arms and self defense!
The premeditated attacks on America and it's citizens!
Build Back Better!
Great Reset!
Open Border Society!
Media Matters!
George Soros!
Bill Gates!
Klaus Schwab!
George Bush!
Warren Buffett!
Bill and Hillary Clinton!
Intelligence Agencies!
Military Complex!
Corrupt DOE!
Failed Schools!
Corrupt Media!
Mass Formation Psychosis
Mental Illness!
Sustainability (Agenda 2030)
Build Back Better!
Great Reset!
New World Order!
One World Government!

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What do a lot of parents do that screws up their kid?

There are many things that some parents do that psychologically damage their children:
1. Negative role model - some parents are hypocrites and are not good role models. They fail to realize that young people learn through observation. So when the parent fails to walk the walk and behave ethically/morally, their children are taught that ethics, morality, honesty and loyalty, do not matter.
2. Best Friends - Many parents want to be their children's "best friend." Big mistake! You are the parent and therefore you are tasked with setting an example and providing guidance, counseling and punishment when required. Once your child has attained adulthood and behaves in a responsible manner, then you can become "friends," but until then, you are the parent and your child IS a dependent not a peer.
3. Lazy Work Ethic - too many parents believe that their children should not work until after they graduate from college. Another BIG mistake! My most effective life lessons were a result of me having to deliver newspapers, mow lawns, shovel snow, empty trash, clean dishes, paint the house, help on the milk route and upon high school graduation being given 3 choices i.e. (a) work, (b) military, (c) college. Working is healthy because it teaches young people to be responsible, honest, loyal, frugal, manage time, set goals and to hold themselves accountable for their behavior. In essence, working as a child prepares you for reality and success. Not working does just the opposite, which is one of the primary reasons we experience so much chaos, violence and woke cancel culture in our dysfunctional society.
There are many other failures I could mention, but those I have listed are most critical, and if corrected would improve our societies health and wellbeing. /Alex
“I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” ― Thomas Jefferson

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crime thriller kdrama enthusiastttt 😍 henloo. which recent ones have you been watchinggg

I can’t seem to vibe with ongoing dramas 😒
But currently watching “Military Prosecutor Doberman” , “Again My Life” and “Through the Darkness”
So far only enjoying TTD because I am a huge fan of Kim Nam Gil 😂
will try “Rose Mansion” I think its first episode aired
hope upcoming June-July dramas will satisfy my crime-thriller urge 😐
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Do you feel that we are being forced to take these vaccines against our will

That is exactly what mandates are about. Several members of the US military have already been dismissed for refusing to get vaccinated. In my state (New York), many government workers, hospital workers, police officers, firefighters, etc., have been terminated for refusing. No exemptions. There are thousands of similar cases throughout the entire country (mostly in Blue states, of course). Vaccine mandates have been imposed in numerous other countries too. The whole trucker convoy matter in Canada was literally about vaccine mandates and there have been protests throughout the US, UK, France and several European countries. The same holds true for New Zealand and Australia. The situation is China has probably been the worst - people are still being confined to their homes and denied "privileges" such as purchasing groceries, medications and basic necessities. I am absolutely stunned by those who insist that "nobody is being forced to get vaccinated," especially when this issue has received so much media coverage. I can only conclude that they are extremely ignorant, lying or shilling for Big Pharma. Perhaps all three?

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Do you feel that we are being forced to take these vaccines against our will

Post lyrics of ur fav song

Russia has started a deceptive and disgraceful military attack on Ukraine. Stand With Ukraine!
How you can support Ukraine 🇺🇦
Shadows on the Wall lyrics
Artist: He Is Psychometric (OST) (사이코메트리 그녀석)
4 translations

Shadows on the Wall
I’m staring at the wall
It’s swirving in the dark
Like a shade

Shatters me again
Pouring down on me
The pain
Even in dreams

I’ll never set me free
The shadows on the wall

It’s crawling in the dark
I’m chained up to the wall
I’m drowned in my world

It’s turning back again
I’m longing to face
I’ll do it on my own

I’m going down the road
Leaving all behind
The world lost in dark

Never-ending road
But maybe at the end
I’ll dance in the lights

You’ll never set me free
I’m breaking out of you

It’s crawling in the dark
I’m chained up to the wall
I’m drowned in my world

It’s turning back again
I’m longing to face
I’ll do it on my own

We will make it end
Take a look around
All together we can break away

Running to the end
Story of our life

Together to the end
Oh whoa
Let it fade away
Oh whoa
Together to the end

And it will come again
The shadows in heart
We’ll do it all again

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Thoughts on people who don’t work, live off the government, get on food stamps, have kids, and don’t do anything productive for society?

I'm not concerned about people who receive government help like SNAP
I'm concerned about large corporations and banks and our military all receiving funding that they do not need + how they massively underpay their employees
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According to science and medicine, your brain is fully developed when ur in your late 20s. That’s when you truly are a full grown adult in the literal sense. So why is 18 considered the adult age, when it’s pretty obvious a 18 y/o is still not fully developed? There’s a huge dif between 18 and 28.

What an interesting question.
The truth is that I have no idea; however, I do have several theories/opinions. If you ever have the opportunity to visit an old cemetery that is at least 400 years old, you will notice that most people in the 1600's died by the age of 40 which is half the life expectancy we see today. This obviously affected the age people married (13 years old), when people began to work, and when they were considered to be adults.
Another consideration is education. Our public schools were originally designed to prepare young adults to work, right? The town I grew up in was a mill town owned and operated by the corporate owners of the various mills. It was expected that the local schools would provide the future workforce for those factories. At age 18, upon graduation, you had three choices: (1) work, (2) college, (3) military.
This brings me to my final point which involves the military. As we all recognize, war is a brutal business, but it is a business and as such, those lurking in the shadows (bankers, military complex, politicians, etc) earn great sums of money whenever wars are fought and they require a compliant labor force (soldier) that follows orders, does not ask questions and is willing to sacrifice his or her life for whatever cause the ruling class, political class and military complex deem appropriate (typically to defend freedom).
Because the brain is not fully developed at 18, but the body is physically at it's prime, the 18 year old makes the perfect soldier. They are strong, tough, naive, insecure, inexperienced, malleable, compliant, eager to please and most importantly, they follow orders and they never ask questions. So when their superior barks out an order to "charge" the 18 year old will run full speed ahead into oblivion and to his death only to return home in a body bag along with an American flag and Presidential citation thanking this 18 year old and his loved ones for making the ultimate sacrifice in defense of his country (wall street, the bankers, the investors, the arms manufacturers, the corrupt politicians and the greedy ruling class).
For these reasons I believe the ruling class, corporate class, political class and military complex have all conspired to select age 18 as the official age of adulthood.
Is it nefarious? Yes.
Is it corrupt? Yes
Is it evil? Yes
Is it a form of manipulation and abuse? In my opinion, yes. Is it wrong? absolutely!!
Will it ever change? NO.
As long as war exists, 18 year old's will be sacrificed on the political field of battle so that the wealthy can enrich themselves at the expense of the poor, the young, the naive and the indoctrinated 18 year old youth who do not know any better.

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May God take revenge on the Egyptian military intelligence and the obsessive-compulsive disorder

Сказка о несчастной семье
Вы приходите в дом к своей сестре. Стучитесь. Дверь открывается и вы видите на пороге... рожу того бандита, который все годы пытался отнять у вас ваш дом и ларёк, где вы зарабатываете на жизнь, чтобы помогать сестре и содержать свою семью!
Вы в гневе. Зовёте сестру, усталую молодящуюся женщину со следами былой красоты и излишеств вредных привычек.
- Слушай, как это понимать? Что это значит? Ты знаешь, кто это такой? Что он у тебя делает?
- Послушай - говорит сестра, вытирая руки полотенцем,- что тебе нужно? Какое тебе дело до моей жизни? Я живу с кем хочу.
- Но это же тот бандит, что 30 назад убил наших родителей и все годы угрожал мне и хотел отнять мой дом и тот ларёк, что нас с тобой кормит! Он и к тебе клинья подбивает не ради тебя, а чтобы ко мне подобраться!
- Перестань, с чего ты взял? Он хорошо ко мне относится. Тебе наговорили о нём разных небылиц. Он никогда не хотел тебе ничего плохого.
- Послушай, сестра. С тех пор, как наши родители погибли при очень подозрительных обстоятельствах, я был тебе не только старшим братом, но и старался заменить папу и маму. Я заботился о тебе как мог. Тот дом, что нам оставили родители, я разделил на две половины и твою отремонтировал, завёз мебель, даю тебе деньги на жизнь, оплачиваю расходы на коммуналку. Зачем же ты поселила у себя моего злейшего врага?
- Ты мне помогал?! Да что ты мне дал?! Ты же лишнюю пару колготок мне не хотел купить, всё денег нет, говорил! Зажимал деньги, мне работать не давал...
- Так если бы работать! Ведь ты всё время в проституцию стремилась! Я тебя хотел на завод устроить, в техникум...
- Спасибо! А ты у меня спросил? Этот мне хоть кружевные трусы подарил, детям печенье, игрушки вон дарит. А что я видела от тебя?
- Как что? А дом? А мебель? А еда в холодильнике? Думаешь, мне было легко? Я сам еле концы с концами сводил. Зачем ты разрешаешь ему жить у тебя? Почему его бандиты ходят у тебя дома, как у себя?

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Lagi nonton drakor apa nich?

interesting0808’s Profile Photointeresting0808
baru tamat nonton 2521 dan forecasting:) berarti skrg sisa apa yaa
senin selasa: business propo (tp ini jg mau tamat huhu), military prosecutor doberman, sama crazy love
rabunya ada grid sama soundtrack#1
kamis jumat: kill heel
jumat sabtu: tomorrow
sabtu minggu: love ft marriage:)
udah deh, udah tinggal dikit soalnyaa drakor slot sabtu minggu baru aja tamat nih dua wkwkwk

Как проходит твой день?

andreyk0904’s Profile Photoandrey.k
Do you know how my day goes sometimes? it comes with dread because you've been studying for something related to computers, even if you only want to play games on your laptop. And in theory, if you think with your head, I don’t work by profession, I studied, but I don’t work, I’m simply not interested. And in principle, because of my mother, I didn’t enter when I wanted to. She didn't want to let go of me. I wanted to study and be an actress, but my mother was against me and now it is against me to let go somewhere alone. Basically there were 2 options:
1. Either I will go to study in Chernivtsi at a military school.
2. Either all the same for an actress.
What do you think mom did? due to the fact that she did not want to let me go anywhere and keep me forever near her as a small child, she sent me to a psychiatric hospital, said all kinds of nonsense there, and stayed to control whether they would give me injections and give me medicines. Basically ruined my life.
Now it is pointless for a psychiatrist to say that you want attention, she stands her ground and talks about some side effects of drugs, despite the fact that I always wanted attention and education, but no one wants to hear me. After all, a psychiatrist has a diagnosis, and she can say whatever you want, even if this, in theory, is not at all.

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Як ти лікуєшся коли хворієш?

shadylady0769’s Profile PhotoOks
When I want to be treated and I really need it, it usually depends on what kind of disease. If this is a disease associated with a cold, then naturally mom buys various powders (yes, I have been fond of powders since childhood😅), and some throat syrups.
And if it is a disease of a more productive nature, then another matter. For example, I don’t even treat social phobia and don’t take any pills, because they made me a group because my mother decided that I was crazy, that I wanted to go to a military school. When she heard this, she immediately sent me to a psychiatric hospital. Since I had 2 options - it was for an actress (and I had to study in Kyiv), or a military school, and since my mother had no desire for me and no desire to let go of her hands, she made me a group.

Вы пересылаете деньги в помощь нашей армии или как гуманитарную помощь для обычных горожан?

testvm’s Profile PhotoVm
Do you understand what's the matter? If I lived in Portugal in my house, with my parents, then I think I would give up on this war and this Ukraine, that's all.I think I wouldn't care what happens here. Because I don’t even want to say anything more about what I experienced as a whole. After such people, they definitely would not have received any financial assistance - no, with such an attitude that they had towards me.In general, what I want to say. Why do I have a group? my mother just decided to cripple my life when she found out that I want to enter a military school.That's why I went to the administrator.

Як справляєшся зі стресом?

shadylady0769’s Profile PhotoOks
Now let's talk about a specific topic of life, which morons unfortunately do not understand.If you do not know English, then you can not answer this question.What causes most of our stressful situations? in general, when someone offends us, and writes nasty things anonymously, being afraid to write something in a personal to someone. These are people who have show-offs in the foreground, but in theory they don’t have brains at all.At the moment, war brings us stressful situations in life. And a lot of those stressful situations.
But most of all I was surprised by the blogger "Mikita", when he communicates with someone, he always sends to the channel that he obscenely calls people names, and that I think he is subscribed to by the same narrow-minded than him. And believe me, that there is only smearing of Donbass, nothing else. These people are not inherently adequate people.But why do such people live, and if you meet a moron, he will not understand what you will tell him, but he will walk behind you or shout after you because he does not understand what he is doing. All morons have a wonderful life, even when it’s not very good, and even if you explain this matter to them, at least don’t explain it, they still think that what they are doing is right.It's the same with Andrew. For the fact that I had small breasts, not big enough lips and, in his opinion, there is no pumped up priests, then these are signs apparently that if a girl is without all this, and if she tries to attract attention to him, then he can show her the middle finger, call her somehow, tell her that she runs after him like a sheep. It would be better to ask: can I cook? wash? clean up and look after the house. Not about body parts. And people like that amaze me. There is no point in talking to them at all.For example, I studied to be an administrator, and because after that I told my mother that I want to go to study at a military school and connect my life with the military, she simply decided...

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Buat yg suka drakor. Rekomendasi dong drakor on going yg kalian tonton selain Crazy Love sma Proposal Bussines😊

Ayuhlmn’s Profile PhotoAyuuuN
kok lucu masuknya ke personal:) nih ya aku lg nonton ini semua
crazy love sama business propo kan hari senin
selasa rabunya ada military prosecutor doberman di viu
rabunya: grid, soundtrack #1
rabu kamis: thirty nine
kamis jumat: kill heel
sabtu minggu: 2521, forecasting love & weather, sama love ft marriage
minggunya: a superior day
itu yg aku tonton wkwkwk:)

Why is russia invading Ukraine?

According to BBC News, they posted this article yesterday:
The Russian leader's initial aim was to overrun Ukraine and depose its government, ending for good its desire to join the Western defensive alliance Nato.
He told the Russian people his goal was to "demilitarise and de-Nazify Ukraine", to protect people subjected to what he called eight years of bullying and genocide by Ukraine's government. "It is not our plan to occupy the Ukrainian territory. We do not intend to impose anything on anyone by force," he insisted.
This was not even a war or invasion, he claimed, merely the fiction of a "special military operation" that Russian state-controlled media are required to adopt.
The claim of Nazis and genocide in Ukraine was also a fiction. And there was no swift victory.
The goals he set at the start of Russia's invasion appear to have been watered down but what is clear is that the Kremlin sees this as a pivotal moment in Russian history. "Russia's future and its future place in the world are at stake," says foreign intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin.
You can read the full article by clicking the link below: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56720589
Hope this helps.

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Why do you think people bully?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I think people bully for different reasons, but have the common goal of taking something from another person or another country that does not belong to them. In the case of the 13 year old boy who is bullying another boy in order to steal his lunch money, the bully is probably acting out because he is being abused at home by his father or one of his older brothers. His aggressive behavior toward those he perceives as weaker is a learnt behavior that makes him feel like he is in control. When the bully sees something that he wants, he takes it without any consideration or regard for the pain inflicted upon his victim.
Another example would be when one country attacks another country. Throughout history there are many examples of this type of behavior, but once again, the common thread is that the stronger country wants to control, dominate and steal something from the weaker country. During the 20th century, I believe the country that epitomized bullying was, and continues to be, the United States. As an American citizen I take no pleasure in exposing and condemning my country in such a manner; but, the fact of the matter is from Vietnam to Iraq to Syria to Iran and Afghanistan and now inside the Ukraine, the United States has been pushing for a New World Order where the Globalist tyrants (ruling class) from the USA and Europe, dominate the entire world. Why? Well as bullies often do, these globalists are experts at propaganda and misinformation. And so they invent one crisis after another crisis to both hide and justify their real intentions. First it was to stop the spread of communism (Vietnam). Then it was to stop North Korea (China) from taking over South Korea, and of course the USA now owns South Korea. Next it was to kick Iraq out of Kuwait (can you say oil?). Then it was to invade Iraq to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction which never existed. And next it was to invade and take complete control of Afghanistan in order to kill Bin Laden (think oil pipe line, minerals and strategic military location to attack Russia or China). Then it was Covid-19 a Virus that was intentionally weaponized in a Wuhan laboratory that received 3.7 million dollars from America's Center for Disease control in 2017. Why? There are many theories about this, but I believe it is all directly related to the Globalist goal of establishing a One World Government and a New World Order by 2030.
These are all examples of bullying in order to control, manipulate and ultimately to steal something from someone else, in this case, the freedom to choose and the right of self-determination, the right to Life, Liberty and the right to Pursue Happiness and to make your own decisions on how to live, how to think, how to speak and who or what to believe in. Globalism is an attack on our humanity.
If you want to learn more about bullies and the grave threat they currently present to the world, please visit: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/

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Why do you think people bully
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https://ask.fm/Gorogorogorochan/answers/169345134905 //HEEEYA, OHBOY-//

Gorogorogorochan’s Profile Photo❯⠀ ᵐᵃʲⁱᵐᵃ ᵍᵒʳᵒ
ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʀᴋ ɢᴏᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴅᴇꜱᴘᴏɴᴅᴏꜱ
"You. . ."
Muscular footsteps march across the ground in military ambition, arms and thighs like tree trunks as this mammoth of a figure approached.
To think he had to resort to TRICKERY, such tactics beneath him.
"You know where the girl is. . .
One of the only obstacles to my plans. . ."
Cornering the much smaller Majima, glowing hues of ruby fixate upon him from beneath the visage of Japanese demon.
"Then we have some BUSINESS, you and I. . ."

What is JFK's secret society speech?

JFK's Secret Society Speech
"We are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day."
"It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
Its preparations are concealed, not published; its mistakes are buried, not headlined; its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed,
no secret is revealed." ~ JFK
John F. Kennedy Secret Society Speech (Part 1/2)
https://youtu.be/E58u3_8oHsYalexandermonroe397579’s Video 170380048427 E58u3_8oHsYalexandermonroe397579’s Video 170380048427 E58u3_8oHsY
John F. Kennedy Secret Society Speech (Part 2/2)
https://youtu.be/t5XVUhJ1RVsalexandermonroe397579’s Video 170380048427 t5XVUhJ1RVsalexandermonroe397579’s Video 170380048427 t5XVUhJ1RVs

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 170380048427 E58u3_8oHsYalexandermonroe397579’s Video 170380048427 E58u3_8oHsY

Goodnight love you 🥰😘❤️

I’m screaming this old friend of mine who was in the military that I met on kik just reached out and found my insta?? I lowkey deleted him off snap for whatever reason and he seems so upset LMFAOO not me ignoring.. weird enough I was literally listening to a song he showed me while I was studying today and then he ends up finding my Instagram. What a yikes
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The President of Ukraine made a statement to people of Europe and asked them not to be silent and to support Ukraine. 🇺🇦

askfm’s Profile PhotoASKfm
Zelensky said he has three minutes to appeal. He announced the first minute of silence in memory of the military, police, rescuers who died defending the country.
The second minute - a minute of silence for civilians - children, women, men, elderly people who died from bullets, bombs and under collapsed buildings.
Further, the President of Ukraine addressed the Europeans, urging them not to be silent, to take the support for Ukraine onto the streets of their cities.
”If Ukraine falls, the whole Europe will fall. If we win, and I am confident in my people, it will be a great victory for democracy, a victory for freedom,” Zelensky said.
The President of Ukraine made a statement  to people of Europe and asked them

How do you feel about yourself?

I feel like I should be more focused and prioritized for school but I always procrastinate. I also hate that I'm really shy. However I love that I'm extremely competitive and will look out for my friends. Physical wise I wish I could lose like 10 lbs and gain some muscle. Side note, that gif, scary as hell for the guy but he was being a dick. Kind of shitty. After high school I joined the military for something to do and got out after 3 years with college benefits. Found out it wasn't really for me so I kind of wasted 4 years of my life with that stuff. I want to get into IT work so I'll probably start working on some IT certifications that are much more relevant than a degree for IT in many cases. Until then I'm stuck working for 10$ an hour and wondering if I'll be able to make it.
I am disappointed with myself for not improving my social skills. I mean I tried but while I am very lonely I also kind of hate socializing. Very rarely do I actually want to talk to people but having no one but yourself to talk to for 90% of the day gets to you. People try to talk to me sometimes and in some instances I actually make a friend, but I always eventually stop talking to them for no reason. Not really because we have any problems but i'm just not comfortable with people, and it's hard for me to say hi when passing by people and I don't know why. Then when I actually do get into a conversation I have nothing to talk about and I just ask them about themselves for a while and laugh at their jokes. It works for a while but then we never have anything to talk about afterwards and we drift apart. This has happened to me so many times now that I have just stopped trying. Doesn't help that with people I take on a completely different personalities that how I usually am. I act happy and sometimes cheery when in reality I am super fucking depressed, incredibly cynical, hateful, and just fucking tired. I used to actually have a good bit of friends, but that was when I pretended to be something I wasn't so I started to act a bit like I actually am and that was when everyone I knew drifted away from me, or me them. I know I have problems I just don't care enough to fix them.
I hate myself. I suppose the positive side is that I hate myself so much and have for so long that I'm actually less of an asshole for it than I used to be. It's a lot easier to let my irritation with idiots and assholes go when the irritation they cause is like a drop of water in an ocean. I suppose that's depression and a lifetime of quietly internalising a broken and fucked up childhood. I work on it. Really hard, even. Still, I'm pretty sure I'll end up killing myself one day. At least I'll have the satisfaction of killing the person I hate most when I go.

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In the event of a disaster, do you have a plan of what you're going to do? Do you know the location of nearby shelters etc.? ☄️☢️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I know in Sweden during the Cold War a lot of properties were built with shelters as standard.
There are no nearby shelters for anything here though, so far as I’m aware other than a cold war bunker in York and some decommissioned military bunkers on the North York moors - but if we get a four minute warning there’s no chance of getting there even if I wanted to (which I don’t).
I wouldn’t be able to cope (or succeed) with the dog-eats-dog battle for survival going on between people trying to cram into a public shelter even if there was one nearby.
Pic: me and a couple of friends in a public bunker in Berlin, Germany.
In the event of a disaster do you have a plan of what youre going to do Do you

What's your opinion about the war so far ?

So this is it. Russia has launched a full scale Military invasion of Ukraine.
I studied International Relations and have been following this situation since 2014. It's been a long time coming and absolutely horrifying to see finally unfold.
Remember to be aware of disinformation.

What's an unpopular opinion you have? And I'll tell you how I feel about it too.

exquisitexxo’s Profile Photo•amanda•
(Impressive question)
Here is an extremely unpopular subject... ---Native Americans--- Couldn't become a citizen of the USA until 1924. •Weren't granted full rights to a fair trial until 1968 •Couldn't practice our languages in school until 1990. ---Today its 2022. •We still have to always carry our citizenship card, drivers license or military ID •2022- we still don't have clean drinking water on the majority of the reservations. •2022, our history thats been around for centuries, still isn't taught in public schools, nor the genocide of 95% of all indigenous (in the name of their God) to claim our land as their own. USA recognizes every ethnic group except indigenous Americans...this month we celebrate African Americans who, like the indigenous were forced into slavery. But unlike African Americans, who were got their freedoms in Abraham Lincoln days, the last proven sale of a native American boy was in 1952 for $10. In 1978, laws were passed to stop that.
Looking for to hearing how you feel about it, Amanda

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What did you want to be when you grow up?

I had relatives who served in the military and law enforcement and when I was very young, I wanted to follow in their footsteps. Things turned out differently but I managed to serve in other ways.
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What was the hardest decision you had to make?

Coming out. My family and three nonrelated people know, and that was hard enough. If I fully come out, I will most likely lose my childhood friend who's extremely homophobic, has a religious family and tried to get them to force his ex girlfriend into a conversion camp (pray and maybe electrocute the gay away) and due to his family being military he has access to firearms so I might be killed, and he's in all of my social circles (he has friends at my school, I might be going to his school, I lose my scouts).
Whether or not to cut my stepmother out of my life after she did something creepy and violated my trust. She has a tendency to not be very nice but I put up with it to spend more time with my dad but I put my foot down and said enough was enough. Thankfully my dad understood and we decided to see each other whenever he was in town instead of every other weekend.
I’m an older student (27, not too old, but older than average for beginning Uni). I’m completely settled with my partner of 6 years. I got into my dream course, which is difficult to get into because it’s competitive. I also got offered a place at St Andrews Uni, which is very close, but doesn’t offer the degree I really want to do. I could have went to St Andrews and done a postgrad later. I chose the other University, which was an extremely hard choice for me as I’m going to have to live in student halls during the week, and travel home at weekends. I still don’t know if I’ve made the right choice.
So there was a period for several yaers where I couldn't hold a job. The longest I worked was some 3-4 months grassroots projects. Then my friend in Florida tells me that he could get me a job where he works (I live in Washington State), if I could move down there and help him pay rent so he doesn't get kicked out. That was an easy decision. Hard one comes a couple years later, after I've been in Florida awhile. I hate my job, but I'm in the best shaoe of my life, paying rent and working like a functional adult. Then my grandmother (who has previously had a stroke) takes a nasty fall and breaks her hip, and now needs round the clock supervision to make sure she doesn't fall again.
Admitting to my family and loved ones that I had been using heroin for the last 15 years of my life. When you're trapped in the cycle, giving up on yourself seems like the most rational decision because it is the easiest way out.
Steer clear from doing anything with the love of my life after I was diagnosed with genital herpes (we broke up; I met someone who ended up being extremely awful to me and gave me the herps; but now we’ve been hanging out again). I didn’t want to be friends with him because it hurt too much but I’ve been extremely depressed and had a lot of suicidal thoughts and decided I wanted him in my life because he was the only person I remember ever being my happiest with/around.

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What is the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make, and how does it affect you today?

Deciding to move. I had a job and good friends but no career in my extremely small town. I decided to move over 1500kms away to be nearer my family and to attend university, when my son was almost 3. Hardest decision ever. I regret it in many ways, but also don't, because I got my degree and a career, just have minimal friends and one family member still around here, everyone else moved away! My son loves it here and refuses to consider moving back to a place he doesn't even recall. I can't afford to move back anyway.
Left owning a franchise restaurant, to become a police officer. I had pretty good money coming in, power over decisions, "status", and a " guaranteed future" (not to mention all the alchol and drugs at my disposal). I decided to leave it all and become clean (still drink but quit cigarettes and drugs) . I chose this path as I was always sold on the fact that making 100k+ and having status was the goal in life but as I got to that level, I realized life is what you make of it and you should spend your time doing things that you want to do and that you seem valuable. I always wanted to be in the military/ police but was always told I was too smart for that and that I should go to business school so I did, but that's not what I wanted . So now here at 26 years old (which is still young imo), I'm finally doing things for myself instead of "what's right"
Cutting my brother out of my life. He threatened to hurt my daughter after years of being a bully to me, that was an easy decision. The hard part is sticking by that decision when my parents and family refuse to accept this and use every pressure/manipulation to sweep it under the rug and make me change my mind. Sorry I’m not going to pretend my unemployable 35yo brother who spends his days smoking pot, gambling and gaming is normal and there’s no way my kids are growing thinking him and his behaviour is normal either.
Moving home after my house and workplace got torn up in a typhoon. I had to choose between roughing it out with not enough money to move, and the prospect of living without power and possibly without water for the next few months; OR moving back to my very small hometown with little to do, very few job prospects, people who never liked me, but with a free house and car at my disposal.
Breaking up with my first girlfriend. For the first few years it was really difficult. So difficult that I don't even clearly remember those years. 18 years later I had an "episode" and started remembering our relationship more. I wound up having panic/anxiety attacks first the first time in my life and had to stay in a mental hospital for 3 days because I was constantly crying. Dem medz helped a lot... Love makes us do crazy things...
Now, a year later, I’m in a loving relationship with an honest man. My past sometimes does rear its ugly head, but my boyfriend is very understanding and supportive and helps me to let it go.

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What should they teach in schools but don’t?

I feel like my schools done a good job at preparing us for the real world, including the subject of civil defense, methods of protection against various threats (including military threats) and preperation to deal with natural disasters, survival skills in extreme environments, cooking, sewing, fixing and building stuff, knowledge about taxes, economy, budgeting, family life, farming, practical knowledge about plants that commonly occur in the wild and how they can be used for medicine etc. Development of critical thinking, practicing debates in a rational manner. A lot of useful knowledge there. I'm aware that a lot of it is missing in the UK's curriculum, so I think it'd be beneficial to include at least some of it.

I cured my Omicron by smelling dirty socks of young women I bought online.

Wow, that's just crazy. Why didn't you take the experimental mRNA gene therapy "vaccine" and endless boosters until the end of time? Just because it may destroy your immune system, have severe risks or cause death is no reason to take chances. So what if 99.97% of people survive Covid? So what if it doesn't prevent infection? So what if the viral load in the vaccinated and unvaccinated is the same? So what if it was rushed to market in less than one year when the average vaccine takes ten years to fully develop and test properly? So what if there isn't any data on the long-term effects? So what if one of the doctors who invented mRNA technology continues to warn people? So what if 2,000 doctors and scientists have recently warned against experimenting with mRNA technology until more data becomes available? So what if the Department of Defense has shown substantial increases in numerous health problems, in some cases over 300%, among vaccinated military personnel just a few days ago? So what if there are safer therapeutics which have been around for DECADES and continue to cure infected patients with practically no adverse effects? So what if Omicron is so weak, many tests can't even detect infection? So what if the New York Times reported that Covid tests have a 90% rate of failure or false positives over one year ago? So what if the director of the CDC recently admitted that 75% of those who die from Covid have FOUR OR MORE comorbidities? So what if the actual deaths are roughly 6% of what has been reported due to a "clerical error" which listed any person who had Covid in the previous 29 days before death and died for ANY OTHER REASON was listed as a "Covid death?" You anti-vaxxers are ridiculous. Please stop smelling dirty socks and get vaccinated immediately. Big Pharma has your best interest at heart and just because 2 / 3 of "approved" medications are recalled by the FDA for causing serious injuries or death is no reason for you to deny the science!

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I cured my Omicron by smelling dirty socks of young women I bought online

What Thing You Are Afraid To Lose?

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
While SEALs learned to accept the deaths of others casually, we have no tolerance for death in our own ranks. Most military commanders, preparing for an operation, calculate what it will cost in terms of dead and wounded. Plans are made to replace those knocked out of action. The SEALs are different. We tend to think that if a SEAL is killed or wounded, somebody did something wrong.
What Thing You Are Afraid To Lose

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