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How would you describe your decor style? What are some decorating must-haves in your opinion? (For example, I love decorating with plants, so I have them in almost every room.) 🖼️🛋️🛏️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I'd describe my decor style as quite minimalistic! I like walnut and everything in the spectrum between black and white! Match that with warm lighting and bingo! Even my gaming stuff I try to keep somewhat subdued, I have a monitor which don't look like a crashed spaceship for example Haha One thing I have throughout my place are pictures I've taken on my travels! 🖼️🛋️
How would you describe your decor style What are some decorating musthaves in

Do you like……stuff? Do you have a lot of possessions or do you like to keep things minimalistic?

I have way too much stuff 🥹🥹 Because I LOVE them. I love keeping all the postcards that make me smile and the mugs from various places and the strange things I’ve picked up abroad. I love all of my clothes and my cushions and my sports kit that I’ll use once a year. I LOVE my book collection, and it just keeps growing. I love pens and stationary and lamps with warm glows. I love pretty bottles of wine and fancy champagnes that I’m saving for special occasions. I love photos and photo frames and old cameras and I am a NIGHTMARE to live with. So. Much. Stuff.

If a person agrees with asceticism, then he doesn't have to pursue happiness, receive higher education and find a good job. If the government agrees with asceticism, then the government doesn't have to pursue economic development and improve the life of the domestic people?

See all the four stages of life have already been codified .
The first stage is Brahmacharya where one focuses on the attainment of education , after that he enters into the second stage called " Grihastha ashram " where one gets married for the pursuit of happiness , sexual , economic gratifications ....then comes the Vanaprastha stage where the person slowly and steadily starts limiting himself or inculcating the behaviour of minimalistic requirements....then comes the final stage of sanyaas or asceticism where he is completely cut off from the society. Asceticism had been older part of our society , it does not have much relevance now . And yes our government is working for each and every down trodden
+1 answer in: “There are many ascetics in India. Do you agree with asceticism?”

Do you think we take a lot of stuff for granted? Have you ever tried to live in minimalistic way? To what level were you minimalistic?

PulkitSharma62’s Profile PhotoJustice
Yes we do take lots of things in our life for granted. Growing up we didn't had a lot of money so i was taught the minimalistic way of living and still holding onto that lifestyle is something i am proud of. It is a part of my comfort zone now tbh

Do you think we take a lot of stuff for granted? Have you ever tried to live in minimalistic way? To what level were you minimalistic?

PulkitSharma62’s Profile PhotoJustice
Personally, it's really easy for me to take moments of ease and comfort for granted. Being raised in a way where any moment of stillness is taken as lost productivity; it only makes sense to get attached to the idea of hustle and rush. Not to say that you should not strive for excellence; its just that you can choose to take things at your pace.

What are your favorite Victory Themes/ Fanfares in Lawl? You can pick themes from multiple Lawls too.

adamp5104’s Profile PhotoAdam Powell
From the original Lawl I really like Mama Luigi, I M Meen and Frollo's victory themes. As for spin offs, there's a ton.
Brad Armstrong's victory theme always gives me the chills for how minimalistic and deep it sounds. I also really like John Egbert and Jade Harley's victory theme for obvious reasons. The victory theme for any Gravity Falls character is also great because so is the theme of the series. Oh, and also Serval's victory theme, combined with her victory poses it's super cute.
Though Katie Tiedrich gets the gold medal, her theme always makes me laugh out loud.

That's a really cool list, great taste too. Melville makes these minimalistic thriller movies, very well paced and tense atmosphere. One of my favorites by him is Le Samourai.

KafkaGogol’s Profile PhotoFaysal Kadow
Aww thank you, you have a very nice taste too btw:))
I will start with Le Samourai then I will see Breathless because I like Jean Seberg and Jean-paul Belmondo.
+4 answers in: “Do you like Ingmar Bergman? I'm asking cause of your cover photo”

I’ve been seeing a lot of Thanksgiving themed questions lately and many revolve around Black Friday. I know a lot of you aren’t American but have any of you ever gone shopping on Black Friday? For those who have, has it ever been as bad as the stereotype? If you haven’t, what do you think it’s like?

AmericanLass’s Profile PhotoC.
I haven't ever been and I don't think I'd ever subject myself to that kind of chaos. I have social anxiety & I once went shopping on Christmas eve & it was MADNESS. I can imagine it's at least twice as bad during Black Friday.
Personally, I just don't think any sale is worth the long lines or potential crazy encounters. I'm a get in & get out kind of shopper & that's not possible during extreme sales such as this. I also find it all a bit sickening. Sure, not everyone has bad intentions, but it brings out the worst in many people. Since I've developed an interest in living more of a minimalistic lifestyle, the greed & excessive consumerism isn't something that appeals to me.

To say you look extraordinarily phenomenal would be a colossal understatement Vaneesa. Time is evident of the fact that you have never failed to intrigue me. And you'll ever be my favorite. After all , who else has this minimalistic beauty except for Vaneesa Munir. ❤️

I wouldn't answer any of people's opinions now but thank you so much❤️ Your praise prompted me to do so.

what do you type in when you look up for your wattpad books cover? i try to search pics like some of the wattpad books but i found none ☹️ it's okay if you were gonna answer with "just google" then just ignore this

I'm not a cover expertise at all but I usually find my covers on weheartit. If you look for minimalistic photos, you can find really useful images for covers. Good luck and hope this helps! 💕

New guy I'm seeing recently mentioned he likes straight hair, saw a pic from years ago of me w weave. He thinks natural hair is lazy & a phase for most people, i checked him and admitted that although I am lazy with my hair (wash n Gos &high buns) natural hair is beautiful and more than a fad..

"Nat hair cont'd: I am in a dress and heels everyday but very minimalistic m as far as hair & makeup (tomboy growing up) guy mentioned he would like me to pamper myself more, I'm mid 20s heard all my life, parents/friends etc. I can do more as far my appearance..."
It's your face and your hair; do what you want with them. Period. If he wants you to be pampered, tell him to pay for it. If he prefers women with straight hair, then he should go find one.

Picture of your bedroom (if you don't want to post a photo of your own bedroom post a photo of your dream bedroom). Hope everyone is having a wonderful day :3

It's a mess and it looks like a tornado tore through there so I'd rather not haha. I think my dream bedroom only exists in my head, haha. Everything I see is too minimalistic for me :/
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Do you think its fair for companies to pay for famous people to advertise their products ? And how would you make an addvertisement of your own products

Um. Yeah it is. If that's what people want so that they could trust the label, then yeah it is. The only unfair thing about advertisements is false information about the product.
Meanwhile I really don't care about advertisements. That stuff just doesn't affect me at all. My advertisement would be simple, minimalistic and honest. Maybe it won't work that well at first but that is exactly what you need to gain trust over time.

okay then - title : catching heroes ; sub : when they fall ; author : nova/november ; ideas : anything related to superheroes - so cape/mask or maybe a girl's face like in the cover of saving monkeys by claire? idk go wild :) anything else : make it minimalistic :) tysm for this ella

herondaIes’s Profile Photon o v a
this sucks so much but you don't have to use it. i'm sorry if this sn't what you wanted!
okay then 
title  catching heroes  sub  when they fall  author  novanovember

a to s second hand oblacili pa prodajanjem svojih oblacil te je agnes inspirirala? samo vprasam, ne namigujem da ponavljas za njo al whatever. pa tud ce bi, v tem primeru je to cist vredu. men recimo so njeni posti v zadnjem casu dal precej mislt :)

V bistvu so se stvari v moji glavi premaknile in sem ugotovila, da imam precej prevec in da me te stvari bremenijo. Sploh pa sem opazila, da me bremenijo stvari, ki niso ravno v skladu z mojimi naceli. In tudi soping v katerem sem prej res uzivala, je zame postal nekaksno breme. I'm in a process of making my lifestyle as minimalistic and non-harmful as possible in moje obleke so del tega. Ker ce ne podpiram krutosti do zivali, je edino smiselno, da ne podpiram niti krutosti do ljudi. Sploh pa je proizvodnja takih oblacil tudi izredno skodljiva za okolje. In se mi zdi tudi pravilno, da se jih potem vsaj res izkoristi in ponosi. Kupovanje novih in novih stvari, ki jih ne potrebujem, kar pomeni povecanje povprasevanja po njih, pa ne prinese nic dobrega nikomur, razen velikim korporacijam, ki si polnijo zepe. Zdi se mi prav, da tudi z dejanji stojim za svojimi naceli in ne podpiram krutosti s svojim denarjem, kolikor je to le mogoce. Taki so nekako moji razlogi za te spremembe in mislim, da so precej podobni njenim. Tudi drugace se velikokrat zamislim ob njenih objavah, ker se mi po glavi pogosto podijo podobne stvari, ki jih morda niti ne znam dobro ubesediti. Ampak ja, res upam, da koga navdihne s svojim razmisljanjem in da koga spodbudi k spremembi. :D

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Wht would be reason behind the fact tht the develpers of insta nd ask.f,wrote the word "bio" instead Of complete word "biography" #Muslmano lagao tukkyy# 😂😂😂😂...staif

AliFarooq674’s Profile PhotoAli Farooq
Because it's the minimalistic Generation 😂
Where Facebook became fb
Instagram became insta
Okay became K
So they thought why should we use the full word 😂
#Lame #Lazy

http://ask.fm/Starrodkirby86/answer/133309237751 Damn the girl and expressions for small grades is an amazing idea! Could you share it?

Alright, alright! I give, haha. Here's the download link. https://goo.gl/rJA6Ya
It's incredibly messy and incredibly huge due to those combobursts. But hey, it's my own user skin, so I can do whatever I want!
But for anyone wondering, it mainly consists of things from other minimalistic skins, the Nagineko combobursts ( https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/394102/ ), and skin elements featuring Mayuzumi Yukie from Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!. It also has Love Live comboburst sounds for each 100 in combo. Oh, and the occasional Kirby stuff here and there. :^)
httpaskfmStarrodkirby86answer133309237751 Damn the girl and expressions for
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Here i go: Title: HALCYON Subtitle: SENTRY TO A SENTINEL Details/Ideas: minimalistic, something pastelly - a heart guarded by something/anything - or flowers/ velvety flowers all spreaded - Titles are caps lock - font is minimalistic too ( i dont know what font it is but it starts with letter f) -

1) Font colour change
2) Spelling error
[ E D I T E D ]
Gosh, sorry for all the mistakes :3

Hello, peeps. Inspired by Shane Koyczan's poem -- Heaven, or Whatever; if heaven were real and were specific to each person so that each person would have their own version of it. What would your version be like? Have a good evening!

stefanust’s Profile PhotoSte
hai, Ste. This is one hell of an interesting question.
My heaven would be/look like a lot of things. But mostly, I think, my heaven would take form of a house.
First we enter the living room.
It would be filled with my loved ones, or at least the people I care about, and a lot of pretty Asian guys, y'know - just because. HAHAHA. I'd also include Mark Ruffalo in this room because why the hell not?!
it would be like a small, intimate party, words are spoken softly instead of being shouted out, people would dress to the nines in vintage clothes - like a Gatsby party, more or less - or they could just wear their comfiest PJs, I wouldn't mind. I'd like these people to be happy, so I can be.
The kitchen would be filled with my comfort food, ranging from Nyam-Nyam Rice Crispy to Mac and Cheese to my Grandma Jenie's rendang and her ever-famous gulai kambing - it'd be filled with cans of tuna flakes and cheese sauce and pasta that magically appears everytime I want a plate - same rule goes to plates of sate Padang and the likes. My kitchen would be like Hogwarts' kitchen, except that there would be no house elves around.
The playroom would consist of the latest computer technology which allows me to play The Sims (yes, stupid, I know). Also there would be Barbie, tamagochi devices, Hot Wheels, figurines, and other collectibles I can never afford on Earth because I'm #ForeverBrokeSquad.
The next rooms are pet room (consists of a few of my favorite cats - KumKum, the missing childhood cat, Utik, and Hiro, the adorable snowy white scottish fold along with expensive toys and petcare to keep them happy), also there would be an effing huge library like the one they have in Beauty and the Beast, and time is not a concept so I would never run of it to finish all the books I can read.
The last is my bedroom.
My bedroom would be the simplest one compared to the previous rooms. It would only cosist of a bed and minimalistic bedroom furniture, and there would be someone I love tapping softly on the spot next to his on the bed, asking me if I would want to curl up next to him while he reads me poems or clips of paragraphs from whatever he's reading when I walk in. He would drown me in his warm embrace and lull me to sleep in peace, and that would be all:
my heaven would be everything I'm comfortable with, a collection of the glorious childhood and my current likes and future dreams.

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Hello peeps Inspired by Shane Koyczans poem  Heaven or Whatever if heaven were

i knew it! lol it would be an honor. i'm actually scrolling through tumblr, looking for possible covers. idk i like yours and aurelia's minimalistic style better.

frostlines_’s Profile PhotoRose F.
I'm kinda pulling out of the minimalism game for now because I found a new style I like haha. And Aurelia makes the best covers. The original Passenger Seat cover from her old account (the pink one with the cupcakes) was so good I can't even
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máš airmaxy? pokud ano, kolik te stály? přidáš fotku tvých airmaxu nebo aspoň nějakých ktere se ti libi:) díky

Totálne sa mi nepáčia😪
Asi pred 1-2 rokmi sa mi páčili
To bolo ešte vtedy keď som ich nevidela na každom😳
Superstar (jj každý ich má) su o dosť krajšie 😍
Viac čiste minimalistic biač👿😂

Hey aashnai! I recently started working on a journal and it's going really bad like it srsly sucks. Could you please tell me what I can do to make it more like a journal than a freakshow going on a paper? Can you also please post a few pictures of your ones either on ask or Instagram 😭😅

hi. its really all about self expression. for example abyaaz's journal is super minimalistic with paintings and polaroids and sketches. and mine is a LOT of writing and doodles and flowers. follow your instincts, freakshows are never bad!! rant, glue pictures, tape flowers, paint, doodle, write poetry its kind of endless
Hey aashnai I recently started working on a journal and its going really bad

I do not intend to be nasty but would like to drop in a suggestion: please customize the web layout of the website. It certainly looks like an amateur blog. You've already gone Pro on WordPress,why not hire a web designer? You'd attract greater outreach which would lead to more content submissions.

Like we said before, we're revamping the website before the first issue is out.
On a different note, I don't know if you've seen literary and arts magazine before; the nascent ones always have an "amateurish" look. Some of the best literary magazines (the Noisy Island magazine, the paper lens zine, Assonance or even TBLM in India etc.) have a very simple and minimalistic look, which works for them.
Of course there are magazines like the Pank, Driftwood Press and the Adroit Journal that have very appealing designs, but it's taken them a lot of time to build them up.
We aren't against "pro" designs, but we certainly don't think they contribute to an increase in the quality of submissions. We've worked in different journals before, and trust us, its all word-of-mouth.
Phosphene Literary Journal, which gets submissions from the best of poets including Foyle Commended Poets, Scholastic winners etc, has a VERY simple look. Same goes for GKA.
Content was, is and always will be our first priority.
Inklette, as a literary venture stands for simplicity and minimalism. We want to publish the best of content on the most minimal space we can. So while we will make some basic customisations, we won't go for a drastic change. And the aim is not to attract greater "outreach", it's to attract more honest work. We believe in the fact that content brings content, and that it's better to publish just three good pieces of work rather than thirty not-so-good ones, irrespective of whether or not we're running short on submissions. (Which is what we did when we were a newsletter and we still managed to get the attention of stalwarts like Ruskin Bond, Ian Burnette and Vikram Seth.)
So that's that. (Also, this thesis was just to clarify what exactly we want as a magazine, and I hope it answers your question as well.)

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I've asked about turn offs now I want to ask about turn ons. Do you have any personal turn ons in videos? (eg. styles, fandoms, songs)

smiles4milesbro’s Profile Photo☺ Smiley
- good music choice
- pretty not too heavy coloring
- minimalistic - emotional - smart videos are my everything
- aesthetic style : so beautiful for the eyes omfg + if there's a storyline and emotions it's just heaven ♥
- originality : try to do your own thing. I know it's hard, especially when you're new to the vidding community but you truly do not need to fit in the current trend to be noticed or apreciated. Trust yourself and try not to be too influenced by others even though inspiration is GREAT, that's where it always starts anyway.
- if it's obvious you put effort and time in your video
- if you vid something original : wether it'd be an unusual fandom, pairing, subject (family, firendship, loneliness, happiness any theme really that is not ALWAYS romance). Romance is great, I've made several videos with pairings, but I think there are other subjects that are often relegated or forgotten which can make such beautiful, unique, emotional videos if done right. Videos about family will always win my heart. ♥
- LITTLE RANT haha : Videos about 1 character. Few years ago, there was plenty of those. Videos with depth, that presented a character in itself. Now, we mostly see "couples" videos, AU videos, multifandoms, multi this multi that, super aesthetic videos with no message or storyline, and we don't see these smart, interesting videos of one character's evolution in a show. I miss them. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the aesthetic, badass style, I've done it myself many times, but it's only that now (especially in the TVD/TO/TW fandoms), and I prefered the diversity we had 2-3 years ago. Let's say I miss those videos that went in depth with the characters, now it feels like everything is about looks, popular/AU couples and cool songs. But I could be wrong about that; it's just my personal take of the evolution of vidding in the past 2-3 years :) And I don't mean to offend anyone, I still truly enjoy the videos of my feed, I just miss some old stuff we used to see back in the day. ^^

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Ive asked about turn offs now I want to ask about turn ons Do you have any
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Looks like you're copying Noelle (Hepburnettes) cover style too now. Why cant people be more creative?

honey, i'm sorry to burst your hateful bubble.
1. i'm not a fan of copying other people's work and definitely not a fan of being copied. tbh, i don't need to copy anyone. all you need on wattpad is a little imagination. and i've got that, don't you worry.
2. i make covers for everyone and for everything, i've had threads and cover request books for a while now and people actually use the covers i make for them. i take time to find good pictures to edit so yes i do my research and i do use my deviantart and my friend dafont.
3. i seriously don't see it like have you seen the hundred million other users having covers with plain white backgrounds and minimalistic stuff in the front and a text on it? ok well go ahead and sue me. oh, and sue the hundred million other people too while you're at it.
4. i make my covers for me and my readers and they will look like how i want them to look like, i'm not going to sit here and change them just so an anon like you is content. don't act like noelle is the only person who can edit and use covers. i love noelle and guessing from your tone you do too but just stop acting like everyone else is irrelevant. i doubt noelle thinks that way.

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Kak,I suggest you to make a tudy tips ala Margareta Vania on your youtube channel. Your editing technique is on fleek,by the way.

Thank you for your kindness dear... I am still learning to do a minimalistic editing concept.
I will make a video about study tips or education related video asap. But I did finish editing my "Vanity Tour 2015" video. Wait until the video is ready on my youtube channel!
Go subscribe to get a new video notification : http://youtube.com/margaretavania
KakI suggest you to make a tudy tips ala Margareta Vania on your youtube channel

ooh tell us more of ur fave artists (not music, like art-art artists lol) and also ur fave pieces by said artists!! also do u like halsey?

• jean-michel basquiat. his work is so raw and real and very expressive. it looks like he's actually putting his feelings on paper and that's a v hard skill to achieve, i feel. he also dealt with themes such as racism and sexism through his artwork and while it's very colorful it always has an important underlying message that's open to interpretation. my favorite piece by him is "sculls."
• monet is p much the only artist to make me cry. i love the details of his work and his color schemes are so so pleasing. i could stare at his works all day tbh. his impressionism period was v v iconic. i love "in the meadow" and "woman with a parasol."
• van gogh, along w being one of my faves, is also a precious cinnamon roll. i connect to his story a lot more than i connect to his art but i still love his style. my faves are his wheat field series (esp "wheat field with cypresses") and "sunflowers ii."
• i have mixed feelings abt keith haring's work but his style is v unique and his bold color schemes are really nice to look at!! i like the way his work follows a similar, seamless pattern and while i don't have a favorite piece by him, i really like all his subway drawings.
• i LOVE yoshimoto nara!!! i've said the word "love" a lot here but i'm honestly so in love with all his works. his angsty childlike characters are so cute and his work is so minimalistic and adorable. my favorite piece by him is "wall painting for nara's cabin" bc it's so ridiculously cute. also his book "the lonesome puppy" is a+++
this was a bit long i'm sorry!! also to answer ur other question i LOVE halsey i can't wait for badlands to come out so i can listen to it forever.

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Are they're any benefits to being childless? Do you and your spouse ever get jealous of your peer who have children? My apologies if these questions are insensitive.

No, we're not jealous of people who have kids. We made a conscious decision to not have them. Theoretically we could reverse it at any time (although I've become even less interested in being a parent over time. I've seen how it's taken over other women's lives in unhealthy and unfair ways).
This isn't a sore subject for me at all, so feel free to ask more questions about it if you'd like it.
What are the benefits of it?
All of our free time is available for us to spend in any way we wish.
We only rarely get less than 7 or 8 hours of sleep.
My body has never been subjected to the inherent risks of pregnancy and childbirth.
We don't have to rely on a school calendar to tell us when we can go on vacation.
We can live a very minimalistic lifestyle.
We can have sex whenever we want to.
When we're sick, we don't have to look after tiny people while feverish or hacking up a lung.
Our niece and nephews get a LOT more attention than they would otherwise.
I have extra time to volunteer for causes that mean a lot to me.
No one will ever be in therapy 20+ years from now because I didn't want to be their mom.

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Chi, where do you recommand people to shopping in HCM? For example brand clothes. And can I ask where you got your Pandora braclet? Thank you :)

alright sure em :) I mostly order my clothes from the US. But I also get my clothes from TopShop and brands like Nosbyn, The Blue T-shirt, Lookbook Saigon, Outfixsaigon, etc. Their clothes are very trendy and some of them is associated with simple, minimalistic concept which I really like. Also, I got my Pandora bracelet in Diamond Plaza. But the charms i collect most of them when i travel to Japan, US and some I got as gifts so yeh :) i hope this helps ❤

art is primarily about using a visual medium to create an emotional reaction in the viewer, whether it be awe, wonderment, sorrow, revulsion or just a spontaneous giggle. inspiring mild perplexity is a poor substitute. expressionism wins over impressionism, but that's just my opinion.

I'm really sorry for taking this out in the open. I'll take it down if you want. I don't mean to. The word limit on questions is seriously annoying me.
Or, has it ever occurred to you that you are 'mildly perplexed' because you haven't studied it enough or taken an interest in it enough to understand it? All those artists I named to you are very simply the most famous in their fields and styles, but they most certainly do not make up a minority.
Expressionism is a movement inspired by Impressionist artists but they are two COMPLETELY opposite movements. And it is more likely to leave you confused and saying "wtf is this, bc" than impressionism is.
Don't disdain modern art because you've seen a painting by Barnett Newman (who just so happens to be an abstract expressionist. Surprise!) with nothing but a plain minimalistic background and a white stripe on it (posted below) sold for 40-something million.
Don't disdain it. It is misunderstood as it is. I cannot count the number of times I have tried to say this to someone. It just makes me sad.
I'm not trying to force this upon you, I'm not trying to tell you ki listen you HAVE to like it. You don't. I'm just saying before you decide don't like it, at least see what it has to offer?

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mention a few of your favorite instagram user (girl) from your grade and why you like that person's instagram

well i do have a few
- hichrish: feedsnya valley girl bgt lol
- andrietata: her food pics tho
- ariellanatanya: feedsnya minimalistic i guess...?
- feliciakurniadi: idk why but i like her feeds
- mglouvre: same thing as above
- carla.cordelia: ^
- nessiegunardi: ^
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what comes to your mind when you say "guys dressing nice"? in the summer there's not much we can do other than wear basics and it gets boring

In my opinion, it just takes really well fitted basics for me to consider a guy to be well dressed. Menswear is all about the fit! When it comes to graphic tees and printed stuff, I'm really picky and tend to always tend like more minimalistic or classic designs. Also I don't really like when people wear more than one patterned item of clothing at a time, or have multiple colourful statement pieces within one outfit ya kno. Soz I'm like hella picky.
Yeah I guess I know what you mean :( you could probably change things up in the way that you accessorise then. Like wearing patterned/textured snap backs (not so much the ones paying homage to sporting teams) or wide brimmed/pork pie(?) hats, except the latter aren't the easiest to style well. Jewellery and hella nice shoes are always pretty cool as well, and they're pretty hard to get wrong. But also you can kinda play around with interesting graphics and patterns and different necklines and such. Would give you examples but ugh don't want to make this whole thing too too long haha.
TL;DR: just have some well fitted basics and don't wear more than one patterned/printed item at a time. Change things up with different types of accessories, graphics, patterns & necklines.
Hope this kinda helped! Pop up or send me another q if you need anything more. (:

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hi kev salam kenal!! aku udah follow kamu sejak lama dan selalu tertarik sama review fashion kamu huhu why so smart sih?! hahah btw aku request boleh gak, bahas airport fashion beast dong hoho makasih~!

prmth’s Profile Photoparamitha.
hi Paramitha! hahahah adudu smart dari segi mana ya :") but thanks anyway i'm glad you've enjoyed my posts :)
though I hope you're ok with a quick recap since I've never paid that much attention to BEAST.
so as for rankings:
• Hyunseung
• Junhyung
• Doojoon
• Dongwoon
• Yoseob
• Gikwang
small note, I find all of the boys looking their greatest and wearing the best of collection during fall/winter compared to spring/summer.
Junseung are honestly a very tight close tie, as they are both diverse in their style choices. but even so, Hyunseung takes the first spot. he's freqeuently decked out like his motto is either go big or go home. but as he is a dancer, sporty streetwear and especially tanks are no stranger to him. he'd usually pick the square types that are able to gain attention with the arm muscles instead of the neckline. though when he's dressed up, he risks with both color and texture picks. risktaking but perfect results in most of his airport shots.
close second goes to Junhyung, took a while for me to consider who wins top spot without being biased. this trailblazer can go from street to edgy and sleek, yet still has this original vibe that only he can accomplish with.
also a definite risktaker for color, heck the dude even looks good in a soft mauve dress shirt. not every guy can pull off a shade of pink. as well as patterns and motif, like the edgier the better. though he definitely looks best wearing clean cut but also pattern-detailed dress shirts, as well as long jackets or coats.
Doojoon's quite the shocker since I didn't expect that he'd be so in style? so far his looks are very much on trend and he pulls it off effortlessly. though sticks to mainly monochromatic as well as neutral, he experiments more to prints and details along with it. he matches his attire along with the accessories very well. also very much a fan of hats, but he's the one that tries on almost every category.
Dongwoon dresses more smart casual and model-esque, to keep up with his godlike looks perhaps. though tends to dress simple, he experiments more on the graphics and prints. also he very much favors big bags, clutch or sling or hand carry he'll go all out.
Yoseob and Gikwang are more simple and cares about comfort. though Yoseob tends to go on a more smart casual side, Gikwang stays more sporty. Seob keeps it safe through attire and color, minimalistic as possible. and as Gikwang tries to mix and match, it tends to result in a few fashion blunders. it's better to keep it casual yet still with some of his signature sport elements.

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hi kev salam kenal aku udah follow kamu sejak lama dan selalu tertarik sama

I have a crush on someone and when we chat the convo is like " hi hi how r u fine u fine " thats it and he doesn't text me for like 1 month after . Plz help me i think im losing him :(

i think you have to try and contribute more to a conversation if you expect to get anything out of it. like you get what you give and can't hope for some beautiful connection to be made out of minimalistic effort and shallow attempts

mbak, makasih ya buat suggest paloma faith kemaren, selama ini termasuk yg blindly worship lana del ray, ada rekomendasi lain ga mbak? mbak suka caro emerald ga?

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Hahahah "blindly worship Lana del Rey"! I don't have a problem with other people's taste in music, thooo. If you like her, then good for you, girl.
I love Caro Emerald! I'm a sucker for minimalistic music, and she could do some powerful stuff with only a guitar and contrabass. I love her live performances as well.
This one is for you:
http://youtu.be/sd7GLvMYSHIwawawizal’s Video 116725151996 sd7GLvMYSHIwawawizal’s Video 116725151996 sd7GLvMYSHI

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