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What is your impression of the Arab person?

U 're an arab when u have to explain to ur foreign friends that Molokheya leaves aren’t weed
When 7up is the solution to every disease and olive oil is always the answer
When ur mother’s facebook profile photo is a flower
When falling in love with someone to only end up marrying auntie Fatima’s bloody son
When u listen to Fairouz at morning time
When u say "Wallah" instead of I promise
When ur foreign friend asks why is ur mom screaming.. When in fact she’s just talkin' on the phone.
When nobody can pronounce ur name except Arabs :)
Did u read what I wrote?
Then pretend u didn't see it cuz I was just kidding...😂
We are all humans nothin' special !!!!

Any of your family members have or have had an Ask account?

Nope :)
Only me! My dad doesn't really have any social media platforms. I think he has maybe 1.. not sure.
My mom has none. Social media doesn't interest her.
And my brother, again, only has a few. But ask isn't one of them :)
Any of your family members have or have had an Ask account
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Have you ever called a teacher by their first name when you were in school?

Nope :)
I have called a teacher mom before... but that was cuz my mom was the substitute teacher for my class a couple of times xD
Couldn't get out of the habit of calling her mom lol
Have you ever called a teacher by their first name when you were in school
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If you game, what got you into it? 🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My older brother. It was the usual story, you know? The little sister wanted to spend time with her big brother so, so bad and always tried to be part of his social group. Yeah, he told me a few years ago how annoying he thought I was and...yeah, fair. I get that. But I always wanted to play video games with him and his friends and my Mom told him that he had to let me and my twin brother be a part of their fun.
So Adoration for my brother got me into gaming...that is kinda cute I guess?
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Da li se ikada zapitaš koliko bi tvoj život bio drugačiji da se ta jedna stvar nije dogodila? Koja je TA stvar?

Ne postoji prekretnica u mom životu toliko velika da deluje kao da bi sve bilo drugačije da se nije dogodila. Međutim, verujem da bi promena čak i najbesmislenijeg trenutka dovela do potpuno drugačijeg spleta događaja i da ništa ne bi bilo isto.

What is you favourite birthday cake?

I’m easy, but as a kid mom made me a cake that looked like a present wrapped up with icing string. I loved it until dad came out with this little ditty….
There was an old man from Newcastle
That wrapped up a 💩 in a parcel
He sent it by train
With a note to explain
That it came from a dirty man’s xxxhole

London Bridge is down 💔

the saddest day for UK….🌹🇬🇧
and for the world too….
i decided to leave a small part of my thoughts….
in the book of condolences….
on the daily
princely blood flows in me…. ( i think everyone know about)
and since my childhood i loved and respected Her Majesty very much….
and when i grew up…
it was funny moment to see her photos in her youth because for me …. i saw her only as a grandmother….
but the most interesting my beautiful mom told me the same thing…. because when my beautiful mom was born her majesty was 38 ….
and when my mom was18 Her Majesty was already 56 ….
she was really a symbol of Great Britain…
London Bridge is down

Is there something that you haven't done yet ..and will nearly go for it ? something you'd tell your self : I will have this done so soon I wont wait anymore .?

flowur123’s Profile PhotoGaladriel
This situation will be in January in case that my son will be still unemployed 🤔, I will be forced to accept whatever work for him out of his university education what is now unacceptable for me as a mom who want only the best for child.

Kako si "podnela" selidbu u drugi grad tj fali li ti kuca i tvoj grad i sve tamo, ides li cesto i da li mislis ds je to imalo uticaj na pojavu depresije ili mozda na njeno jacanje i razvoj ? 😄

Nisam imala problema s tim. Štaviše, htela sam što pre da pređem ovde (nije mi kući bilo ništa lakše psihički, jer i dan danas trpim nasilje u tom pogledu). Ne idem često, prvenstveno zbog fakulteta, a ne ide mi se samo vikendom, već kad imam više vremena. Adaptacija na novi način života jeste sama po sebi stresna, prvenstveno fakultet i taj princip rada koji mi je dotad bio nepoznat. Međutim, kao što sam već spomenula, nije se dogodila neka konkretna situacija zbog koje sam počela ovako da se osećam. Prelazak u depresivno stanje nije jasno ograničen u mom slučaju.

رسالة لشريك حياتك المستقبلي..

Plz don't say something u know that it will hurt me
Plz be kind always to me
I will be your mom , sister, your friend and the most lover for u
But plz be kind to me
U know what
Me. In this moment afraid from u in the future I know I will be very cute in our first meeting. U will be very kind
I wish u will be kind to me forever
I don't know what to say and how to say it. But just kind is this too much for me ??

If you game, what got you into it? 🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Just life..
There wasn't a special game or moment or something.
We all like gaming, mom is more of a mobile puzzle gamer and dad used to be stuck on the settlers for an eternity. He replaced that with a hunting game that's constantly running on his computer 😅
And my beother and I just grew up being interested in games. We both had the game boy colour and several other consoles and also our own PCs at one point. 😁

Ты единственный ребенок в семье?

At my mom's, I'm alone. And to be honest, it suits us both. I love my mom and I can't imagine if there was someone else, and she gets high from the fact that we are friends with her.
Ты единственный ребенок в семье

Ergänzend zu @Egal_gi58 Frage, wie ich damit umgehe, wenn ich mich einsam oder traurig fühle:

townofcats’s Profile PhotoArī
Wenn die Tage kommen, an denen ich mich dann tatsächlich aufgrund der Einsamkeit (oder warum auch immer) traurig fühle, dann habe ich ein paar schöne Methoden, damit umzugehen.
Zunächst mal lasse ich diese Gefühle zu und akzeptiere sie. Sie sind dann nun mal da, was soll man machen?
Dann versuche ich, das Beste daraus zu machen. Ich mache mir eine Tasse Tee, lese Comics, schaue Wohlfühlserien und -filme (die Barbie-Filme eignen sich da besonders gut, wie ich finde hehe), lese ein interessantes Buch, rufe meine Mom an, spiele mit meinem Kater, schreibe an meinen Geschichten, lese mir im Internet Artikel zu allen möglichen, merkwürdigen Dingen durch, schaue Videos von coldmirror (die bringen mich immer zum lachen), ...
Danach geht es mir meistens besser.
Ich finde, man darf auch hin und wieder Dankbarkeit zulassen. Dankbarkeit, dass man überhaupt etwas fühlt und dass man die Möglichkeiten hat, damit umzugehen und sich davon abzulenken. Dankbarkeit, dass man am leben ist und es wieder bessere Tage geben wird, Dankbarkeit für all das, was man hat und was man sonst vielleicht nicht so sehr zu schätzen weiß, weil man es als selbstverständlich sieht. 🤍

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Wie schläft ihr bei dem Gewitter ??

sergoo50515’s Profile Photosergoo
Richtig gut :)!
Ich liebe das Geräusch vom regen - natürlich soll es keine negativen Ausmaße nehmen wie Überflutungen und all sowas, doch wenn es einfach nur regnet hat es was total beruhigendes für mich. Genau so mag ich Donner und Blitze. Hab mir als Kind schon sehr gerne Gewitter angesehen und immer etwas ärger bekommen, kleiner Aberglaube meiner Mom. Deswegen stört mich ein Gewitter nicht beim schlafen, ganz im Gegenteil :)

Latest thing that made you happy?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
I had a really nice day with my mom today!
We went to town center nearby where I used to live as a young teen! It brought back sooo many memories, and it was nice to go back. And we went to a burger place and had a nice lunch, as well!
I won’t see my mom for quite a few days after this, so it’s been nice to spend some quality time with her! ☺️
Latest thing that made you happy

Where did you go on your last vacation and how much did it cost you? Was it worth it?

I went to Cornwall for a camping holiday for the week. The campsite had a private lake you could swim, row and fish in. We also went surfing, kayaking and coasteering. Detoured to the Eden Project on the way back. The most expensive thing was eating at Rick Stein's seafood restaurant where it was about £120 for two people. All together, including the petrol to drive the 300 miles there, I reckon we spent about £450 for two people.
Toronto! It was somewhere in the mid-hundreds for all 3 of us to go for a weekend. We drove there, visited the CN Tower and aquarium, walked to a food festival, and spent the evening playing in a park. The next day, we breakfasted in the Kensington Market area and spent the rest of the day walking and eating around Chinatown before driving home. It was absolutely worth it! I really enjoyed going without a full itinerary and staying in a relatively cheap hotel within walking distance of almost everything we wanted to explore. France and Belgium, staying in Amiens, Ypres, Brussels and Bruges. Travel and accommodation was probably £500 each I think. More was spent on food and good beer. My next holiday is going to be Cancun in October/November for a week. I’m going to the Beloved Playa Mujeres which is a properly fancy all inclusive, adults only resort. That cost £1500 each, including flights. It will be worth it. I plan to make the most of the all inclusive stuff!
Total 300€ per person for about a week in Malta in February. We had already visited Malta in August 2016 and still had a few things on our list that we didn't have time to do back then, plus I wanted to escape our harsh weather for a bit. It was worth it. Malta in February is much warmer than Germany, where I'm from, in February (though of course way too cold to swim in the sea or something). It didn't rain at all I think. There were relatively few tourists and the hotel was cheap because it was off season. All in all it was probably the best destination possible for the date and budget.
Las Vegas back in June. Between the two of us, probably $2000, most of which was spent on airfare (we live in a small city in the middle of nowhere and no close big cities), entertainment and food since EVERYTHING is marked up there. We had a lot of fun though so it was worth it. Split a room with my mom and aunt, but they paid for most of that since they wanted the fancy suite with two bedrooms. We saw Rod Stewart, the Michael Jackson One show, and spent a day going to the Grand Canyon. Not big on gambling, but we still had a blast.
Had a mini break in the National Forest for a couple of nights with Beard and Child. Paid minimal moneys for a YHA room, self catered on the cheap, visited an amazing outdoor activity centre on clubcard vouchers. Kiddo made friends, we sat around drinking cider in the sun. Including petrol and food we probably paid about £70 for the weekend. Cheapskate breaks are my favourite, we're hoping to have another one in a few weeks.

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What's ice cream?*he looks confused*Look no k!lling dad it's not his fault I exist I'm an accident mom said I happened because they fought alot.....*rip Rott even his mom reminds him he's a mistake 😂*

RottenSouls’s Profile PhotoRott
*Oof**Raven looks dumbfounded and tilts his skull* You've never heard of ice cream..and uhhhhhh...THAT'S NOT HELPING!! Our parents fight and argue too..was that how we were made too!? *Raven.exe has crashed*

How are you and your parents doing,Neo? Do you think they will get another kitty?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda
Mom will be ok. I didn’t realize how attached my dad was. Kitty followed him around like a dog. My mom offered to adopt another. He won’t because there won’t be another with her personality. Sigh.
They want a framed pic of her. A pic I sent was ideal. She won’t get around to putting it on a memory stick and go to Walgreen’s for prints. I’ll just do it, make different size prints, and send via mail.
How are you and your parents doingNeo Do you think they will get another kitty

Do you like to cook or eat 😁

Yes I like Cooking ☺️
Actually my mom believes that boys should learn everything they should not be dependent on anyone for anything so she taught us cooking.
And I prefer homemade food mostly and don't eat in hotels and whenever my parents go out for some functions I had to eat in hotels so to overcome this I learnt how to cook.
And Today since my mom couldn't prepare breakfast for me I had to prepare myself and I had prepared this,
Do you like to cook or eat

What do u do all day?

Well I'm running a home based baking business. Other than that I am also running a small page of hand knitted items that my mom makes. And also going to be launching a new page for hand painted clothes soon.
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moja drugarica je 16 a ja 30 g. mislim za pravo drugarstvo godine su samo broj a ja i ona kao najrodjeniji bolje se slazemo od vecine koji ne veruju u musko zenska prijateljstva gledamo se kao brat i sestra mnogi mi govore i vicu kao lepa je zgodna oni bi ju na mom mestu otresli i odvukli u krevet

Onda se ponašaj kao i do sada. Nije valjda da zavisiš od mišljenja drugih? Nemoj da budeš kao drugi.

Tagesfrage #Gestern ist die Queen verstorbe*. Wie gehst du damit um?♡(9.8.2022)

austriawienbarbie23’s Profile PhotoMama_von_7_wunder♡
Mit etwas Verspätung 🥀 ..... Man muß nicht unbedingt ein Brite oder Royalist sein, um ihr Anerkennung zu zollen 👍 Bereits als Kind habe ich gerne die Geburtstagsparade der Queen angeschaut 😁 Früher, als sie noch zu Pferd und in Paradeuniform die Truppe inspiziert hat 🇬🇧 👋 Irgendwie hat man immer gedacht, sie lebt ewig 🤔 Natürlich ist 96 ein stolzes Alter ! Aber die 100 hätte ich ihr durchaus zugetraut 🍀 Ihre Mutter ist ja auch 101 geworden 😁 Das es so plötzlich gekommen ist, damit hat wohl kaum einer gerechnet 🤔 70 Jahre im gleichen Job ! Wer schafft das schon 😱😁 Vielleicht hat sie den Tod ihres Mannes doch nicht so gut verkraftet wie es nach außen gewirkt hat 🥀🤔 Dazu noch der Zirkus innerhalb der Familie 🤬 Vielleicht hatte sie bereits abgeschlossen und gedacht: " Macht doch euren Scheiß alleine " und sitzt jetzt gemeinsam mit Prinz Philipp auf einer Wolke und schlürft einen Gin 🥃😁 ..... Oder war das ihre Mutter Queen Mom die gerne einen gehoben hat 🤔😉 .... R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II 😇

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Tagesfrage Gestern ist die Queen verstorbe Wie gehst du damit um982022

How long do you like to keep your nails? 💅

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I like them as long as I can get them before I eventually end up ripping it off bc it got snagged and I just pick n pick at it til it has to go and I can never find a file for the life of me Jesus fuck I bought a 10 pack of emery boards n can't find any
N my mom gave me like 5 a few weeks ago and poof they're gone the couch eats them I think 👍

Your go to place, whenever you need a break from your routine? 🤔

Alakazam995’s Profile PhotoDaniyal Ahmad
Is your question about where do I go whenever I need break? Or Do I take breaks or not when I need most?
I take leave from work and cover-up the work in advance. I used to go out my favorite places, spend time alone with mute ON phone calls except my mom calls, messages, office mails and calls.
I always give prior on my mental peace no matter what I manage time for me and take a break from regular schedule.

Do you think its fair to have children if the spouse are not seriously responsible or committed?

flowur123’s Profile PhotoGaladriel
If you want to have children, what do you think that is worse :
1. To be a single mom and to give all your love to your child without danger of domestic tensions and arguments ........ or
2. In the desire for a child to marry some ignorant fool and raise children in an atmosphere of arguments and negativity ?😉
........................ I think no.2 is worse ! Thats why I am advising to my daughter to live with her future boyfriend in one household before marriage minimally one year to know all their Pros and Cons each other. It is easier to split without children than to divorce and cause trauma to them 👍

I am sending you hugs sweetheart 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💋💋🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
I was at her coffin and fainted, it was good that my foster dad and mom were there, it was terrible.
and I still have to participate in the funeral process, it's so hard, tears are constantly flowing and the whole makeup is washed off.😿
I am sending you hugs sweetheart

có phải con trai càng yêu lâu thì càng ko hay tỏ ra mặn nồng như hồi mới quen, cũng ko hay để ý quan tâm những thứ nhỏ nhặt như hồi mới quen, còn con gái thì ngược lại, phải ko anh? em cảm giác như yêu càng lâu con gái càng cần được qtam, càng chú tâm vào ny, còn con trai thì hơi vô tư

Anh nghĩ là em nên xem xét lại thực tế bản thân đang tư duy nhị nguyên quá hay không? Con trai có nhiều người và con gái thì cũng vậy. Tình yêu là vấn đề của cảm xúc , đáng tiếc thường nó không bền vững nếu thiếu đi lí trí. Chúng ta có phần người cũng như phần con, phần con của chúng ta được thừa hưởng từ tổ tiên khả năng tồn tại, sự tồn tại của tổ tiên đòi hỏi khả năng thích nghi và đổi mới, đáng tiếc điều này đem đến cho chúng ta sự thèm khát đổi mới, cũng giống như ăn 1 món ăn mãi thì cũng chán vậy, nó nằm trong bản năng của chúng ta và không thể chối bỏ, tuy nhiên có thể dùng lí trí để điều hướng nó. Hãy học cách nghĩ mỗi ngày mai thức giấc ta vẫn còn bên nhau, hài lòng từ những điều nhỏ nhặt nhất , không cần gì to lớn, nếu cần sự thay đổi thì chỉ cần thay đổi ở những điều nhỏ nhặt nhất rồi học cách hài lòng với những điều đó. Cho dù có thể bên nhau mãi nhưng sẽ đến 1 lúc 1 trong 2 chúng ta đều sẽ phải lìa đời trước, gở mồm hơn 1 chút thì có thể nói ngày mai 1 trong 2 chúng ta hoàn toàn có khả năng gặp bệnh hiểm nghèo hoặc tai nạn ,hãy trân trọng những gì nhỏ bé vì có thể đến 1 ngày chúng có thể lớn lao hơn ta nghĩ.

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Liu, how are you? Did you have a good day today?

constantineadonis41056’s Profile PhotoAlex
Good evening 😊
I’m doing better emotionally, but not so well physically. It’s been a second day today that I wasn’t feeling well. Nothing serious, but between the time when painkillers stop and start working, it could bother me.
Unfortunately, it affected my productivity, so I didn’t do much besides taking naps during the day, eating, and spending time with my mom in the evening, but I feel like I should feel better tomorrow.
I didn’t post a lot since I didn’t have interesting questions, but it was enough for me to read other people and you too.
As I wrote earlier, I’m happy you’re back!
I hope no one bothered you and you had a great day!
Lately, I look like this guy with a concerned annoying face 😅
Hope this period will pass soon 😌
Liu how are you   Did you have a good day today

Do you think either of your parents care?

Mt dad is the first to post on Facebook when a celebrity dies, don’t actually think he cares though.
My mom doesn’t, however I think she’s feeling a bit sad because when she saw a picture of the queen from yesterday she said it reminded her of how nan looked, my nan was bed bound though.

كانت دائماً تمنعني من التدخين ، ولكنها رحلت لا بأس سأدخن مجدداً ربما تعود لتمنعني مره اخرى

ahmedashour2233’s Profile Photoگئيب
hahaha interesting opinion - your health, your choice. Everyone who stopped smoking has his own reason for it.
I stopped in my 30 because I did not want my children remembered me like "smoking mom" 🤦‍♀️😅

4 more days until 9/11, do you remember where you were? Have you been to any of the memorials?

Sadly yes. I will never ever forget. I was a sophomore in college when it happened and our campus was just a few miles away from Manhattan located just across the Hudson River in northern NJ. We could see and smell the smoke from campus. I was in my journalism class in the morning when the first plane hit and our professor dismissed us from class and told us to stay safe but to cover these historic unfolding events throughout the day. I drove to Cliffside park, saw the area completely lined with news trucks and crews, and watched the two tours billowing smoke and fall. I’ll never forget seeing a massive sea of grey moving across the bridges … it was humans … people covered in ash … they looked like ghosts. Later that day I found out one of my friends on the volleyball team had driven her friend to the airport that morning to fly back to California. Her name was Deora Bodley and she was the youngest person on United 93 to perish that day. Every single person on that plane was a hero. I met her while having an early breakfast in the cafeteria before she was taken to the airport. I not only visited the new 9-11 memorials, I assisted the pr team for One World Trade, and was later asked my by pr agency to work the red carpet movie premiere for United 93 and met Deora’s mom and sister for the first time in person. In addition to experiencing this on 9-11, I’m also from Washington DC which was also under attack and was terrified my mom would die because she worked for the government at the time and her offices were right next to The White House. That day I remembered calling her over and over again with no answer because all the phone lines were jammed.

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How to deal with mean people

depressedjoker’s Profile PhotoDepressed Joker
One golden rule... You are at your own... Chose your people wisely to share you life, share you joys, share your hard times, share your secrets, share your business plans, whatever... People dont hurt us ever... Its just us how do we not get the fact that we picked them for the job ourselves... Except mom dad and sibling makhlooq...

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