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Have you really changed?

Danklord4073’s Profile PhotoDepressed Wajahat samosay wala
I went to see a friend in hospital today, she’s became a mommy after 4 years of marriage and a very very difficult pregnancy. Her whole family was happy that I came, she was the happiest ofc, I was the only friend there and she was telling her mother I was in touch with her throughout and I told her, I’d come see her; her amma said
*People are good with talking but not everyone shows up when you need them.*
^ this is why they were all happy.
Kinda made me sad cause it reminded me of when 12 years back, a friend’s father passed away, even that time i was the only friend who showed up.
Regardless, both instances hurt my heart. Having a lot of people doesn’t really matter, does it?

If you drop Lust, 90% of women don’t have much to offer and are actually really boring.

If you drop Money, 95% of men don't have much to offer either. I mean, the basic things that women want, emotional maturity, consideration, conversational skills, attentiveness, spending quality time, men don't bring these things on the table. They tend to hide behind the notion that 'I am bringing food on the table, I am earning for the family, I don't have to do anything else'.
Responsibilities aside, there should be some sort of connection between spouses. But I guess their (men's) mommy and daddy issues refrain them to be vulnerable enough to form a connection. And then they call women boring. 💀 You literally give one word answers when someone strikes a conversation or asks your opinion about smth. *smh*

Do you believe in love?

Yes. God's love, family love, etc. A mother love is one of the most beautiful things in this world. I'm the only one out of my siblings who is unmarried, and without her own family. I know my mom prays for me. I know my mom prays for my happiness. I know my mom wants to finally see me happy and married. I know my mom have been feeling my pain all these years. A wonderful mother wishes nothing but the best for her daughter, and that's my mommy. I'm working really hard to become the person that God has always intended I to be.
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> or at home being spoon fed by his mom - Poor woman. All horsesh!t aside, it can't be easy taking care of a grown man. Job, approaching 30, etc. Why the hell is he still living at home? And he wants a gf?! 🤣 Yeah, what woman wouldn't want a man who still lives with his mommy at that age... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
His twin brother lives there too! You know, one of my ex friends here that wanted a relationship with me lives with his parents in his 40s. I don’t like to judge but I personally don’t find that attractive. 🤣🤣🤣💗

Ahojte, máte niekto skúsenosti z IVF (umelé oplodnenie)? Nie, nechcem už chlapa ani s ním nič. Chcem bábo. Rozhodne od darcu spermií nechcem nič. Postarám sa sama. Ďakujem veľmi pekne.

janusiq158’s Profile Photoмаленькая Джейн 96
Nemáš v sebe doriešené veci, nie si vyrovnaná a máš v sebe plno zlosti a bolesti. Ak budeš mať dieťa, vychováš ďalšieho nešťastného jedinca, na ktorom budú psychológovia vďačne ryžovať. Pre toto ti nie je dopriaty potomok. Nedokážeš naplniť jeho citové potreby. Trpelo by pri tebe a nie je vylúčené, že by malo mommy issues, keďže ty by si stále behala za chlapmi a obviňovala celý svet z tvojho zničeného života. Ako som už písala, vyššia moc dobre vie, prečo dieťa nemáš. Navyše, ty sama si ako decko. Dupeš nohami chcem chcem chcem! Ale nedokážeš si uvedomiť, že musíš sa v prvom rade TY dať dokopy, zahojiť sa, spracovať tie bolesti a traumy a hlavne to celé v sebe uzavrieť. Ide z teba veľmi zlá energia, lebo nosíš v sebe staré krivdy. Stačilo mi zažiť a vidieť na praxi ako dieťa poznačia nezrelí a toxickí rodičia. Čo si ty za človeka, keď hľadíš len na seba? Absolútne ťa to netankuje, ako sa bude mať tvoje dieťa. Ty ho len chceš. Ale to, že na neho prenesieš nenávisť, ktorú v sebe máš a ktorú pravidelne ventiluješ na asku je ti ukradnuté. Aspoň raz sa nad sebou zamysli.

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> that’s yeet’s ex husband - Yeet was married to Joshua? Did she ever date Moses? This is a development of biblical proportions! 🤣 > sorry you’re caught in the cross hares 🐰 lexy 🤣 - I'll never understand why Yeet includes me in these tantrums. You'd think I parted the Red Sea or something... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
She used to include me too but then somehow we became friends. You know I sometimes latch onto some of the ladies here with big energies. 🤣 Does that mean I have mommy issues? 🤔🤣💗

you don't even know what mommy issues is, stop using words you don't know the meaning of. clearly you're the one that needs therapy. get the help you need. maybe you'll learn how to love ur kids. if your parents never loved u. teen girls go to school, not get pregnant.

I'm well aware of what mommy issues ARE, stop whining in my inbox about school when you can't even form a gd sentence properly😂 I was very much loved as a child lmao & you ragging on me being a teen mom doesn't really matter. Like it was 12 years ago, get tf over it already. 30 really Isn't that far for me and you're crying over shxt that happened 12 years ago???🤡

how come you have time to always be on here at any given day? don't you have tings to do. like mothering for example? idk

I've literally only answered 3 things all day, all spaced multiple hours apart so?? Why are you trying so hard to project your own life onto me🤡 And why tf are you so obsessed with talking about my kids & telling me to "mother my kids" it's so weird. I have custody of my kids so obviously my kids are taken care of, fxck out of here with your mommy issues

How do you think your kids would describe you? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Haven would definitely describe me as almost thirty & she loves saying I'm a good mom until I've pissed her off so depending on her mood I'm old & either the best or the worst mom😂
Maddie would describe me as the fun, cool mom & auntie (I'm her aunt I just have temporary custody)
Jacob would probably just describe me as mom lol.
Shyla likes to call me f.a.t so she'd probably describe me as f.a.t lol🥴🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Hopefully as a good mommy too.
Ethan is a mommy's boy so hopefully something along the lines of me being a good mom.
And the baby's only about to be 2 so he's not really there yet lol

Do you sometimes can tell what age (or age range) someone is by the way they type, and the stuff they say? I could personally recognise a millennial from thousands of kilometers away. The old-school, instant messenger emoticons are giving them away, and the 9gag memes they still latch onto, haha.

what do you mean instant messenger emoticons? many of the emoticons we used are gone now. or do you mean :), :3, XD, what have you? because yeah, they're classic. they may take your emoticons/emojis away, but you can always rely on your keyboard.
boomers and gen x (or older gen x at least, like 50+) use a lot of capitalised words and elipses. zoomers don't capitalise their sentences (though sometimes us younger millennials do this as well – case in point), try to differentiate themselves from millennials by making up things like "ijbol", and are needlessly cold in their interactions with people, trying to get a snappy remark to go viral for clout. on the other hand, the only real bothersome thing i've seen about millennials as a fellow millennial is the sheer amount of horrible "mommy vloggers" there are in my age group, though older gen z is also guilty of that now.

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Wątki między jakimi postaciami chcesz zobaczyć?

Super pytanie! 💕 A i uprzedzam tego też trochę jest bo ja chętnie zobaczyłabym wątek każdego z każdym haha Dobra ale przejdźmy do konkretów:
♡ Mustafa i Bayezid – no pliss kto nie czeka by zobaczyć obu braci w akcji to może być tak dobreee 🔥
♡ Mustafa i Hurrem – bardzo lubiłam ich sceny w serialu i czuję że w naszym RP ten wątek byłby równie dobry
♡ Bayezid i Nurbanu – odkąd tylko przeczytałam o tej parze w fabule, czekam jak na szpilkach by przeczytać ich wspólny wątek
♡ Nurbanu i Rana – w końcu czym byłby harem bez sprzeczek pomiędzy faworytami
♡ Mehmed i Hurrem – jestem ciekawa jak będzie wyglądała ich relacja po tym jak Mehmed dowiedział się co jego matka zrobiła Mihrunisie
♡ Mahidevran i BaliBey – Honey, where are you? Przecież to ma taki potencjał! Ile nasza mommy ma jeszcze czekać? 😏
♡ Hurrem i Mihrimah – czy muszę coś dodać?
♡ Mihrimah i Bayezid – bo jeśli nie mamusia to niech chociaż big sister utemperuje naszego buntownika
♡ Aybige i Huricihan – uważam, że to mogłaby być świetna przyjaźń
♡ Razyie i Mihrimah – mam wrażenie że to może być jeszcze bardziej ognista potyczka niż z Mahidevran
♡ Sokollu i Ibrahim – W końcu trochę polityki również nie zaszkodzi haha
♡ Hurrem i Huricihan – ich spotkanie mogłoby być bardzo interesujące, w szczególności po tym jak Huri uratowała Bayezida
♡ Aybige i BaliBey – czekam aż nasza krymska piękność wygarnie wszystko swojemu ex haha
♡ Defne i Bayezid – skoro polska piękność w końcu zawitała do nas, to chyba najwyższa pora na ten wątek 💕

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Wątki między jakimi postaciami chcesz zobaczyć

Heute mal eine Reverse Götterfunken-Frage… was wären die göttlichen Elternteile von anderen OCs, die du geschaffen hast, würde es sie ins PJO verschlagen. (Und weil ich die Frage wirklich spannend finde ist sie direkt mal auch an Nicht-Teilnehmende gerichtet. 😉)

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ich schließe mich der Touristengruppe von @nichtlichtsicht an. Wer gibt die Rundführung? :D
Mein PJO Wissen bezieht sich auf "ich habe zwei Bücher zuhause und komischerweise nie gelesen", mir steht die ganze Weisheit von Wikipedia zur Verfügung und viel zu vielen Spielstunden im Hades-Videospiel (inklusive simping für Aphrodite und Artemis, aber wer hat das dabei nicht getan?). Aber ich liebe die Frage halt trotzdem, also here we go:
Also, alles hier geht nach ✨vibes ✨
Aspen: Erster Satz zu Aphrodite im Wiki: "Es wird erwähnt, dass Aphrodite ihren Ehemann Hephaistos ununterbrochen mit Ares betrügt." thats my girl.
Gottlieb: Demeter. A vibe thingy.
Gertrude: Athena
Adelaide: Wenn es nicht komplett gegen den Canon gehen würde, wäre mein erster Impuls Hera. Aber nop, keine Mommy Hera für Addie. Dann muss ich Apollo sagen, nach viel hin und her überlegen. Aber das ist ja egal. :D

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Топ твоих любимых новогодних и рождественских песен 🎄

☃️Wham! – Last Christmas
☃️Jewel – Winter Wonderland
☃️Mud – Lonely This Christmas
☃️Taylor Swift – Christmas Tree Farm
☃️Sheryl Crow – Blue Christmas
☃️John Denver – Christmas for Cowboys
☃️Twisted Sister – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Imagine if you had a kid at 17. That kid would be an adult now. If you had a girl at that age, she'd be a beautiful, young woman and people would be shocked to find out you're mother and daughter, they'd all think you're sisters😂😂sorry if that was weird.

Oh I know. I could have a kid in their 20s. It’s weird to think about. It’s strange to think I could be mom to some of my acquaintances on here. I could be little Gianna’s mother. I feel protective of her in that way. I’m Ask mommy. 🤣

All die Pläne und Träume hier im KPop Fandom haben mich inspiriert zum ManCrushMonday der etwas anderen Art! Gibt es männliche OC Pläne, die dir im Hinterkopf herumschwirren? Konzeptschnipsel, die nur noch ein Zuhause brauchen? Ein FC auf der Shortlist, das dringend mal ans Tageslicht kommen soll?

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Tatsächlich sitze ich seit einigen Tagen an einem Boy, auch wenn ich wohl nicht den Mut habe, mich zu bewerben. Aber seit ich die neue MMFF von @Flowersinthedust gesehen habe, schwirrt mir der folgende Boy im Kopf herum. Ich habe durchaus schon einen kleinen Background zu ihm, aber bin unsicher, ob ich ihn überhaupt anmelde. Zu Florian. Von seinen Friends Flo genannt war der Vorzeigesohn seiner Eltern, das perfekte Beispiel, wie es laufen sollte. Der Traum wohl jeder Mutter. Zumindest noch vor ein paar Jahren. Flo stand fest auf beiden Beinen und gefühlt standen ihm alle Türen offen. Doch Flo, er entschied sich alles hinzuschmeißen und dies nur wegen seiner ersten großen Liebe und noch bevor er selbst verstand, wie dumm er war, zerbrach seine kleine Welt und alles was ihm blieb, war zurück zu Daddy und Mommy zu kriechen, hoffend, dass sie ihn wieder bei sich aufnehmen. Schlimm nur, dass genau als er sich dazu entschied zurückzuziehen, dass Fest stattfindet und die Spirale erneut beginnt...

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как относитесь к детям? вы были бы sexy mommy

я очень люблю детей от 0 до 5 лет. мне нравится нянчиться, тискаться, играть, беситься с ними. дальше мне уже не нравится😂 про секси маму согласна)))

List the people who made the person who you are today etc the way you act, the way you do things shit like that

🍌My mom
🍌My grandma
🍌My oldest daughter
🍌My other kids too but to a smaller extent than my firstborn
Idk. I feel like that's it. I guess you could also say my ex husband if you wanted but to a small extent.
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Tud valaki ajánlani jó horrort? 👻 Az se számít ha régebbi a film

Ilyenkor mindig elönt a bőség zavara, éppen ezért biztosan pont a legjobbakat fogom kihagyni és utólag őrlöm majd magam rajta...
De azért sorolok néhány kedvencet:
• A platform
• No Mercy
• Old Boy
• Don't cry Mommy
• Bedevilled
• I saw the devil
• Taxidermia
• Malignant
• Ich seh, ich seh (talán Goodnight Mommy az angol címe)
• Fehér éjszakák

*Lux makes a sound of happiness as she runs over and hugs her mom, her little brother Starcross toddles along behind her, also joining the hug when he reaches them* Happy Birthday Mommy! *She hands Dream a drawing of their family that clearly both she and Starcross worked on*

StarsOfDreams’s Profile Photo⊰L⊱⊰u⊱⊰x⊱
*Dream kneels down to wrap their two kids in a hug, the smile on his face is one of a mind at ease, as opposed to the forced happiness he often portrays to the world. He gives each of them a clink on the skull*
Thank you so much, both of you. All I really needed for my birthday though was the two of you here with me
Lux makes a sound of happiness as she runs over and hugs her mom her little

Do you want any children?

i have answered the question about children many times…. and what a beautiful mom i will be….
that my beautiful mom our beautiful moms will never never see them….
like other moms of the earth
you know anonymous in me right this thoughts and feelings….
i know beautiful role of beloved daddy …. and mommy…. waiting us….❤️❤️
i saw our kinds in a dream recently….
and you know i open one secret ….
i once feel ….and decided to take a look at the app….
and God like from the dreams
what a beautiful babies are daddy’s 🕸❤️and mom’s beauty plus moms green eyes….💚💚 daddy beautiful hairs
showed two boys and one beautiful girl….
but you so funny … moment
the application has already
shown teenagers….
like you are should be faster….
❤️‘your unearthly babies…. from your unearthly love are waiting for you….❤️
and they are waiting for their arrival on earth 🌍
i feel he 🕸❤️ …. will be amazing daddy of our babies….❤️❤️❤️

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Do you want any children

FLASHBACK FRIDAY ⏮ 🥳welchem OC (egal ob Story abgebrochen, OC abgelehnt, Steckbrief nicht fertiggestellt etc.) trauerst du am meisten hinterher? Gerne mit ein paar Infos. 🖤

Venuci’s Profile PhotoVenuci
Das wäre dann wohl Gwen, Gwendolyn Breen für Hitchhikers "Keep them Safe"
Sie war mein Comeback Fanfiction Charakter und daher natürlich nicht annähernd an den Standard der Steckbriefe zu dem Zeitpunkt angepasst.
Ich habe in Gwen all meine zersprungenen Träume, Polizistin zu werden, fließen lassen und ihr daher ganz viel von meinen Charakterzügen, Vorlieben und Ängsten gegeben.
Gwen hat sich mehr als alles andere eine eigene Familie gewünscht, war aber mit ihrer aktuellen Beziehung absolut unglücklich und eigentlich Hals über Kopf in ihren Chef verliebt. Sie war der Mommy Typ, der für jeden immer ein offenes Ohr hatte und ein kleiner Herr der Ringe Freak.
Ich hatte detaillierte Liebesszenen im Kopf und eine ganze Playlist an coolen, passenden Songs. Klar, war ich super traurig, als es dann mit ihr nichts wurde. Aber verstanden hab ich es auch.
Daher hab ich dann Gwen einfach einen ganz kleinen Cameo in WOT geschenkt. :D

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY  welchem OC egal ob Story abgebrochen OC abgelehnt Steckbrief

حبك الأول فين دا دلوقتي 🤔

I'm over here like ready to cry bc my son said hello mommy to me when I got home from work, like the fact that he's finally learning how to talk and calling me mommy after 6+ years of being nonverbal still makes me so proud and so happy🥺 I literally gave up on the hope that he'd ever talk & here he is being social asf
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Jis din shohar beewion ko shopping karatay hain os raat bewi ki khair nahe hti

behan_ka_aashiq9’s Profile PhotoHate Me
A dog was humping a bitch on a street. A kid passing by with his father asked his dad, daddy what are the dogs doing? Daddy replied, they are making puppies. The next night, daddy was making out with mommy and kid came into their room and asked, daddy what are you doing? Daddy replied we are making babies. The kid snapped and said, daddy quick, turn momma over; I dont want siblings I want puppies.

How long have you lived in your current home for?

Bought my first home in 2008, lived in it for 7 years. Bought my second home in 2015 and have been living in it for the past almost-4 years. There was 4 years of apartment living before that and 4 years of university dorm living before that.
Going on 15 years in December. It was supposed to be our "starter" home but life got in the way and we've decided to stay a little longer than expected. We do plan on moving in the next 2-4 years to a bigger home and closer to family.
Coming up on 5 years since we bought our house. The apartment I was in before that was for almost 13 years, 10 of them with my wife. I've only lived these 2 places since I moved back to Chicago in late 2001.
It’s difficult to live with parents as an adult. I often found myself apologizing to my child, because they no longer were a child, and they didn’t need their mommy. But let me tell you, that string, that pull to parent/protect your children is strong! She was able to laugh it off, most of the time, but I know we got on each other’s nerves a bit. We’re both happier, and we like each other more.
That said, as others have mentioned, living with your folks might not be good for you, date or no date. It depends a lot on the person and family of course, but it definitely feels to me like a crutch on your brain, like there's a lot of life stuff you just don't realize you don't know because you don't get to practice it proper until you're on your own. I moved out at 26 and was super happy to do it, even if I love my parents. It's a great age to live alone too.
You could be like me and end up signing a year lease apartment but staying at your parents still because you enjoy being there more and hate being alone. I’m also the same age and thought to myself that moving I’ll have issues with dating at my parents and thought my mental health would do better on my own. So just make sure you’re actually ready to be on your own because obviously I was not so now I’m wasting thousands of dollars on an apartment I don’t stay at.
The times I can remember, I've lived in 9 houses/flats, but moved several other times (I spent a lot of my early 20s moving between different flats and my mum's house, depending on circumstances). My husband and I moved into our first place together just after we got married last year, and I think we'll be here for a while. 5 years in the same place is more settled than I've been in a long time.
I'm up to twelve, the third with my wife of thirty years. My dad was in the Met Office (MoD Air) so we moved a lot when I was a kid. There was a few years after moving out of the family home where I was in a bedsit, house share another bedsit. Met the wife and we have only lived in three homes in the last thirty years. I'll probably be leaving this one feet first in a pine box. God I hate moving!

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günaydın hanımefendi. haftasonu tatilin nasıl geçti?

Good morning!
My weekend passed so quickly I couldn’t even blink.
Yesterday was a very busy day.
I had a service at the church that I attend and after that, I had to stay for at least 3 more hours to watch kids.
Since we have 2 services, I was helping on the second one with kids 3 months - 3 years old.
It was a blessing yesterday, because there were too many kids, but all of them behaved well (which is rare) and almost nobody cried. There were some that constantly wanted me to hold them, because they missed their mommy, and some just wanted to hold my hand or sit on my lap while I read a book to them. Me and other volunteers also received 3 month old tween girls for a short moment. They were so tiny and beautiful 😍 and one of them even smiled at me when I talked to her 🥰 These moments just brighten my life and bring happiness 🥰🥰🥰
After the services ended, there was supposed to be a meeting for gospel leaders of our church, and I just had to watch their kids in the gym with another helper. It was great too. We ate lunch together and talked about their interest and after that, the kids started playing, and I was talking with another helper. This way, I got to meet and get to know one more person from my church, so it was nice.
After helping, I was so tired that I came home and fell asleep for like an hour 😅
But then I woke up and did homework until midnight 😁
So that is basically all my Sunday 😌
P. S. - there was also a thunderstorm that day, and the tent that we had outside our apartment was torn from the ground and almost blown away 🥺 I had to help my dad putting it back, but it was damaged a little already 😒
Below is the picture after the rain 🌧 👇

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günaydın hanımefendi haftasonu tatilin nasıl geçti

Sure but your a mommy and your real name is Trin 🤷🏻‍♂️ So do you have a drivers licens?

1. That doesn't give you the right to call me a pet name.
2. I've never once said that Trin is my real name.
3. Until you can give the common decency of not disrespecting my wishes, I won't answer your question.
4. I've literally answered it multiple times before any way.

Co sądzisz o dawnym Erenie?

Erenów było kilka, więc ciężko domyślić mi się o którym konkretnie myślisz, ale wypowiem się o tym pierwszym, bo jakoś najbardziej utkwił mi w pamięci, może też dlatego, że najdłużej z nami był. 🥰
Eren niemal już na samym początku skradł moje serce. Wszystkim dookoła wydawał się najbardziej nieodpowiednią osobą na swoim miejscu, dlatego, że to jemu przypadła władza nad Imperium. Uwielbiałam czytać jego perypetie, zarówno te życiowe, szczególnie z siostrą, jak i miłosne, bo nie oszukujmy się tych ostatnich było chyba najwięcej! 😂❤️ Jego związek z Sahdane to był ogień! I ją też chyba najbardziej uwielbiałam z jego kobiet, aczkolwiek miło czytało się jego wątki z Ahsen. Były bardzo urocze i piękne! ❤️ Poza tym nasz kochaś Eren miał chyba największe mommy issues z wszystkich facetów w rp (pomijając tutaj Selima, bo jego romansu z Mahidevran nic nie przebije😂❤️). Wydaje mi się, że to właśnie śmierć Elif była punktem zwrotnym w jego życiu, który skłonił go do popadnięcia w nałóg. Te wątki czytało się już z ciężkim sercem, naprawdę szkoda mi było sułtana, że tak jego życie zaczęło wyglądać... A sprzedanie Imperium za opium to tylko zwieńcza jak tragiczną postacią był Eren... 💔💔

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Co sądzisz o dawnym Erenie

lo malo de ser hombres es que no podemos tener amigas no podemos salir con mujeres pero cuando la mujeres tienen sugar dady quedantes mejores amigos y luego piden igualdad 😂

Quien dice que no puedes tener amigas ¿? 😂,Bueno almenos que tengas pareja es diferente,lo haría por respeto a tu pareja pero eso depende de cada quien , pero normal no ¿? ,No sé si tendrá o no pero eso ya es conciencia de cada quien y ya está si los tienen no es tu problema ,si tanto críticas a mujeres que tenga eso ,es por qué tú quieres tu sugar mommy , a tu abuelita :v jjajajajaja, bro ya relajate

I wish my mom was better understanding of me 😴 they way she talks to me is not how a mother talks to their son whatsoever it’s sad to say I can never rely on her to just LISTEN!!! Always got something rude or smart to say and criticize but nothing to help 😒

MoMmY nEvEr LoVeD mE wHaTeVeR sHaLl I dO 😭😭
Instead of whining on the internet, seek help. Nobody here is your therapist.
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Kiss, marry, kill: Do wyboru: Hürrem, Mahidevran, Hatice

kiss: Mahidevran (mam mommy issue i pragnę ognistego romansu z naszą Wiosenną Różą)
marry: Hatidża (tylko mi nie przypominaj o tym, że jestem twoim niewolnikiem, a jak przypomnisz to w perwersyjnym sensie)
kill: Hurrem (sorry not sorry, ale jestem pewna, że jak odnalazłaś się w haremie, tak piekło też rzucisz sobie do stóp ((:
// Q

Najgorętsze pary? 🥵😻

Takie pytania to ja lubię 😏
⠀⋆⠀ᴍᴜʀᴀᴅ ɪ ᴍɪʟɪᴄᴀ⠀:⠀kto by się spodziewał takiego shipu? Jedno jest pewne — na pewno polecą iskry, ale czy to w pozytywnym czy negatywnym sensie to się dopiero okaże!
⠀⋆⠀sᴇʟɪᴍ ɪ ᴍᴀʜɪᴅᴇᴠʀᴀɴ⠀:⠀co tu dużo mówić? Chyba tak jak Selim mam mommy issues 🥵
⠀⋆⠀ᴍᴀʜᴍᴜᴅ ɪ ᴍɪʟɪᴄᴀ⠀
⠀⋆⠀ᴍᴀʜᴍᴜᴅ ɪ ᴇᴢᴇʟ
⠀⋆⠀ᴍᴜʀᴀᴅ ɪ ɴᴜʀʙᴇɢᴜᴍ⠀:⠀praktycznie każdy ich wątek był hot🔥
⠀⋆⠀ᴇʀᴇɴ ɪ sᴀʜᴅᴀɴᴇ⠀:⠀ile bym dała, żeby znów poczytać wątki tej dwójki 🥵
Jakich wy macie faworytów do tytułu najgorętszej pary? 🔥
Najgorętsze pary

kalau ada duit lebih kalian lebih milih hidup sendiri kaya ngekost atau tetap tinggal bareng org tua?

Dewirhny’s Profile Photodewirhny
aku nak Daddy Mommy jdi ttp tinggal bareng ortu uangnya di tabung / jga dibagikan ke ortu kita lebih baiknya gtu sih. Tp ya semua org berbeda² sih ada yg mau ngekost..
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รวี sugar mommy ซื้อๆค่ะคิดภาพรวีหลงเด็กที่มาทำงานที่บ้าน ใหญ่อย่าทำตรงนั้นมาเหนื่อยมานวดให้พี่ดีกว่ามาๆโอ๊ยๆ (อยากจะบอกว่านี่อาม่ากับก๋งเราเลยค่ะเขาเจอกันเพราะก๋งมาทำงานให้ที่บ้าน)

เขินจมูกบานแระ จบที่รวีไปแต่งกะคนอื่นเพราะมีคู่หมั้นยุแล้วตั้งแต่ยังเด่ก ก็คือลูกจากวังสุทธิวงศ์ 😃😃😃

คุณพิมคะ สมมติว่าน้องรวีเป็นฝ่ายมียศมีศักดิ์สลับกันกับพี่ใหญ่คุณพิมว่าเรื่องราวมันจะออกมาเป็นแบบไหนคะ🥺🥺

ถ้ามันแค่หม่อมเจ้าหม่อมหลวงบลา ๆ เราว่าก็ไม่น่ามีปัญหาค่ะ เขารักพี่ใหญ่อยู่ละ แบบ รักมากกกก รักคนเดียว รักที่สุด เขาก็คงพร้อมจะอยู่กับพี่ใหญ่ไม่ว่าจะยังไงเหมือนกัน คงฟีล sugar mommy 555555555555555 พี่ใหย่ : ฮีเลิฟมีฮีกิฟมีออลฮิสมันนี่

เห็นที่คุณพิมตอบว่าน้องรวีเก่งถ้าได้โอกาสทางการศึกษาคงเป็นพญาหงส์แล้วอยากอ่านแบบคู่ขนานที่น้องรวีฟิลนั้นแล้วตาใหญ่เอื้อมไม่ถึงไรงี้จังค่ะ น้องรวีก็ฟิลหยิ่งๆเหมือนดอกรักงี้55555555555

โอร๊ยจิง อ่านแล้วรุสึกฟีล sugar mommy บอกไม่ถูก 655555555 น่าสนนะคระ แบบ ฝั่งน้องเป็นยศเจ้านาย ฝั่งพี่เป็นเด็กในเรือนไรเงี้ย เริ่ด ๆ


คุณแม่ครับ เป็นสิ่งธรรมดาของโลกใบนี้ แต่สำหรับกินะคุณแม่แสนจะโคตรพิเศษเลย พิเศษแบบคุณจักรวาลชุบแป้งทอด10ชั้น! 🌌
LOVE U 3000 , MOMMY (‘∀’●)♡

Já pensou em ser sugar daddy ou sugar mommy ?

Já pensou em estudar, ter sua profissão e não depender de macho, nem de mulher? Sou independente. Mesmo casada não sou dessas.
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ты мое сокровище, моя козырная карта.

kol_ko1’s Profile Photoдилер нежности.
[ бам-бам-бам! батя в здании, будет поздравлять mommy. чужим не читать, а если читать, то после этого завидовать! ]
один из миллиона тысяч праздников, которые мы проведем вместе, наступил. я поздравляю тебя с твоим днем рождения! ты, конечно, не понимаешь всей важности этого события, но я тебе расскажу~
ты родилась, как звездочка на небе, чтобы освещать судьбы окружающих; как огонь, чтобы греть руки родных в холодный осенний вечер; как солнце, чтобы дарить тепло и обеспечивать жизнь; как святой дух, ты оживляешь мертвое, создаешь прекрасное и даешь надежду.. как ангел-хранитель, как иисус, ты спасаешь от демонов в реальной жизни.
для тебя поют птицы на рассвете, как будто своей нежной песней пытаются разбудить лес и поляны, опушки и пляжи, кварталы и улицы, чтобы тебе было приятно жить в этом мире. для тебя цветы пестрят разными цветами, привлекая красивых бабочек, чтобы радовать тебя. для тебя я дышу, чтобы всегда быть рядом и напоминать, что ты лучше всех, несмотря ни на что. для тебя существует этот мир.
все вокруг меня шепчет о тебе, напоминает, заставляет мечтать. я пропитался тобой. будь ты спиртом, я бы боялся подойти к свече! будь ты сахарной конфетой, я бы не лизал тебя, чтобы ты не исчезла! будь ты статуэткой, я бы протирал пыль с полок чаще! будь ты паром, я жил бы в бане! будь ты мной, ты бы поняла, что.. что кайф я поймал, мне всегда мало.
я поздравляю тебя с наступлением нового года твоей жизни. наслаждайся миром вокруг себя. никогда не грусти, никогда-никогда! по крайней мере, пока я буду жив, я тебе этого не позволю. разрешаю тебе только быть самой счастливой. но для этого ты должна хорошо кушать, причем очень вкусно. прослежу.
просто послушай меня, пожалуйста, и запомни: я люблю тебя до кончиков пальцев. всю до конца. поэтому самое главное пожелание: пусть люди, которые дороги тебе в прошлом, настоящем или будущем, любят тебя так, как я. навсегда и бесконечно.
с праздничком!

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