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What do you wish you had spent more time doing when you were younger?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
idk, i can't remember much of my childhood. as for my teenage years, i wish i had spent more time with my friends instead of focusing all my time on school.
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Is everyone ready for Crimbo?

I'm "ready" in the sense that I am massively looking forward to it! However, I am nowhere near prepared for it just yet. I've still got a couple more gifts to buy and then I've got to wrap them... A task I always put off until the very last moment because I suck at wrapping gifts!

Czy można zespawać dwie polskie deski za pomocą chińskiej elektrody bambusowej?

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
Is it possible to weld two Polish boards with a Chinese bamboo electrode?
Wood cannot be welded because wood burns at high welding temperatures. However, Poles and Chinese are nations that can bypass even such restrictions. I will develop the answer in Polish more, because only Poles can understand this joke
Ze spawaniem drewna jest podobna sytuacja jak z malowaniem aluminium https://youtu.be/t8lnCA8PHJMmagdamagdalena90’s Video 172438900595 t8lnCA8PHJMmagdamagdalena90’s Video 172438900595 t8lnCA8PHJM Amelinum nie pomalujesz, a drewna nie pospawasz. Aby pomalować amelinum musisz mieć farbę amelionową, a żeby połączyć dwie deski musisz mieć dobry klej do drewna. Jedno i drugie jest bardzo drogie. Widziałam, że tym pytaniem narobiłeś sobie problemów, bo mało kto zrozumiał dowcip tego pytania

What do you find especially fun to do together with others? 🍣🎳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It largely depends on a person i am with and to some extend also other stuff like seasons and what my current hobbies, likes and needs are.
For example now that i haven't really sleep in 3 weeks and i am sooo exhausted, there is nothing i would like to do more than nap. Anybody who i would feel safe with, i would simply wanna nap together. I would be so happy if somebody was scratching my head/back while i can nap next to them (just like i was doing it to my roommate, such cute bonding moments).
Whenever i was around younger friends (most friends of my parents have kids years younger than me) i loved playing with toys with them. Like barbies etc. Or watching cartoons. I wouldn't exactly suggest to do so with older people 😅 activity i love to do with my husband is working out, which in general i don't like doing infront of people but i do like to walk and chat with everybody. I also love going out to restaurants or make feasts at home.
I have a thing for taking crushes/boyfriends to the pool for some reason 😅 there was only one guy that i had a thing with and we didn't go to the pool of some sort. Like other have dates at movies etc, well i have them at pools and wellness centers 🤣 speaking about boyfriends, in both cases where they had a car, i loved just sitting in the car with them and talk, listen to music or just be present while they drive, especially at night🥰
But what matters most to me is not activity itself, it's the people :) with people i love, i would be happy doing anything.

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*his injuries almost immediately close and he pulls away, healing Vio's neck* "S-Sorry, I hate having to do that, but you saw the injuries, it was more than I could deal with on my own considering how weakened I am at the moment" *he goes on to describe the events of last night*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*At some point during the retelling Shadow had come to rest in Vio's lap*
"Shadow I don't care, you needed help to recover, I told you before, I'm fine with you needing my blood if necessary. @PyromaniaRed is fine with it as well, I know you also know that, but what you encountered, that sounds highly worrying. . . and I'm sorry I revived you in such a way that you need to do this to recover."
his injuries almost immediately close and he pulls away healing Vios neck SSorry
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What makes you unique?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
My haters like to say I'm not unique they think they know me they have zero no idea
Myself I like say I'm different to most tell people when need to know I'm for peace and zero drama life and yeah I'm bitch to some in all honesty they know my weak points and what trigger me more now I like to be a better person think sod them I'm sorta of funny I'm somtimes random I can be deep I'm dosy ect

Who are your favourite people on here?

Alphabearry’s Profile PhotoJoel
These i like engaged with more and quality questions and coins giving
If I haven't tagged you still big love for my followers you are all awesome
And you too Joel

Do you think the future is bright?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
I like think you shouldn't have hopes or dreams about your future I'm firm believer what you set up yourself for when it crumbling down around you won't be so disappointed as the future might have different plan's for you I'm more live in the moment type as no one knows what life can throw at you these last few months totally see that now life can throw you curve ball and it's new type of future you will be living

I know this is a very cringy question because you don't even know me but I feel like I should ask anyways and hopefully I don't get bullied lol. I just need an opinion on which picture I look more suitable in for a profile picture for a dating site. right? Or left?

thebeginning770’s Profile PhotoWilliam Wallace
Personally the one on the right would catch my attention. You look unique and interesting there. But it might depend on what type of woman you’re trying to attract.
I know this is a very cringy question because you dont even know me but I feel

Do you have a problem with saying "I'm sorry"?

The opposite... I say it more than I should.
It's kinda something that happened due to things that happened in the past. So I say "I'm sorry" to things that aren't even my fault and stuff... it's something I'm trying to get better at..
Do you have a problem with saying Im sorry
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🎉 what are your aspirations for 2023?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
My main aspirations for the new year is to continue working on all the things I started this year. I plan to keep making progress with my fitness/weight loss journey, with renovating my house, planning my wedding, and earning my degree.
My other goal is to travel and do more fun, spontaneous stuff in 2023. I feel as though I allowed my anxiety and a general lack of confidence hold me back far too much this year. That's not to say that I didn't have fun, that I didn't travel and make some good memories, but I know for a fact that I could've made MORE if I didn't let anxiety get the best of me.
I'm hopin' next year will be different.

«Любовь из жалости»… Как вы к ней относитесь? Что думаете по этому поводу? Поделитесь мыслями.

lapochka66321’s Profile Photolapochka
Не знаю даже. С одной стороны плохо. С другой стороны на безрыбье и рак - рыба. Думаю, из жалости в действительно плачевной ситуации более актуальные какие-ио непродолжительные, разовые действия. А не что-то глобальное и имитированное. Понятие жалости в мире, полном слабых и немощных, которые придумали себе силу и волю, слишком закошмарено и унижено. Но предел у этого есть. Зависит от личности, причин жалости и того, насколько вещи, совершаемые из жалости, равносильны, соответствуют этому. Глубокие понятия под жалость не подтянуть.
Я знаю одну песню, которая мне очень нравится. No more regrets. Песню на любом языке "Никакой жалости" я не знаю (хотя она есть наверняка, но вряд ли мне придется по вкусу). А у многих эта песня вшита ими же или окружающими в базу

would you ever tattoo someone's name on you?

I don't think so, not because I think it's a bad idea but because I just don't like name tattoos. I think they're kinda boring. I'm all for getting a tattoo in honour of a special person in your life, I have a memorial tattoo for my grandmother after all.
But I think there are far more creative ways to pay homage to someone than slappin' their name on your flesh and calling it a day. That's my opinion at least.

How much do you care about your public appearance? And do you follow the society's beauty standards?

AsMaaGaDo97’s Profile PhotoAsmaa
🌷 Whether I'm in public or at home in general I do like to be clean, I care more about my hygiene than my appearance. I mean, making sure I got my nails trimmed, I've washed and got some clean clothes on. Decently presentable. It's not for anyone but my own comfort.
I wouldn't know what's the beauty standard now a days. I style according to my mood. I don't follow trends. I remember there was a time when I liked to change the colour of my hair, pretty much every month I would colour my hair at home. Also, I used to wear different colour eye contact lenses, just out of curiosity. In one of my profile photo with a quote on it, I was wearing contact lenses there. But for the past year, I don't feel like doing any of those. I guess it was just a phase. I'm happy with what I'm blessed with😊

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SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY. He spoke to me for one month straight. We bonded really well. Things were going good. And then one day (out of the blues) he apologizes for nothing and blocks me from everywhere the next day. What could’ve happened? :’)

Playing hard to get.
He realized that you only want to stay friends or you have some boundaries. He doesnt like that & dont want to stay this way.
So, he wants you to think that he may have feelings for you but cant confess. This will somehow make him look a nice guy to you.
This scheme work likes magnets. The more you repel the more other person wants to talk.
Also, He may be planning something long-term. Like in future if you guys have a fight he may pull out "I left you, you came back".

What kind of soundscape do you prefer to have around you when going to sleep? 😴👂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have a fairly loud sound machine (basically a louder, more powerful version of a fan) and a regular tabletop fan! That’s essentially the only thing that puts me to sleep. 🙈
I cannot really listen to music, even instrumental stuff, as my brain just keys in on what I’m hearing and I can never really drift off, cause my mind is too occupied. Same with other sounds like water, or nature sounds, a show playing, anything like that. Aaand, I also cannot stand total silence either. 😅
So basically, I have one very specific way I like to sleep, and that’s pretty much it. 😂😴
What kind of soundscape do you prefer to have around you when going to sleep

What's your own philosphy about: money?

SaUDiPOWER’s Profile PhotoMr. Ahmed
🌷 Personally, I have happily lived with less or more than enough of it. It is definitely not the most important to me. And there is nothing wrong in learning how to earn more of it. Just like power, beauty and knowledge.... it's up to the person to turn money into a blessing or a curse in their life. Money could either help a person to enter jannah or jahannam. It all depends on the intention of how we use it.

i pray for you every night, inna. i hope you're hanging in there. i can imagine it's a rough journey & the only thing i can do is pray for you to have a peace of mind

hideousnake’s Profile PhotoDavid the Angel
i can’t even express my gratitude to you David , thank you so much for such care
I’m sorry that i haven’t answered for more than month….
i didn’t have any desire to talk to anyone at all…. here too….
i don’t know how i feel myself right now….
i losing a most important
landmark and my secret compass
maybe the pain went from very acute to acute….
i can’t talk about my beautiful mom….even one word like right now
tears spray from the eyes ….
recently i met an old woman and she ask me about my beautiful mom….
I’m standing…. i’m trapped … I’m trembling…. tears are suffocating….
I start crying…. i can’t say a word
that woman
said sorry so many times ….
one word about my beautiful mom….it’s all …. over ….
i couldn’t stop….
but education immediately makes itself felt, I try not to put people in an awkward position….
because the pain is became personal….sometimes people know
about your pain but they may ask why i have such beautiful but sad eyes …. how why ….
it’s about forever…. i
love my mom even more like i love myself …. everyone know about ….
i believe that we are coming back …. and i want my beautiful mom …. in next her return to be a one from the most beautiful ….carefree….and happy in completely different part of the world…. happy….
i believe this how sometimes people found each other though time ….
but we don’t know anything about what is there ….

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What do you think about someone 27 And dating a 50-year-old

I think 50 is not old age….
but i have a theory that a man or woman should not to be “fit for fathers and mothers….
father and mother up to 20 years old
rarely happens…. so a difference of up to 20 is possible….
because he couldn’t be your dad or she couldn’t to be your mom….
up to 10 years old , it’s not even a difference with anyone because you were both children….having developed girls more or not , you are still kids and have a development of children’s thinking….
for me if more than twenty is too much….
i know there are many girls why likes - “daddy - man” ( man like daddy)
i’m not because the most terrible thing for me in the world is the limitations of inner self….
you know i’m really really good girl…. but i don’t want to be constantly good and very comfortable…. for the some old man
i want to be free and different…. free to talk about everything …. sometimes makes fun oh him….be have the way I want to behave….
(and a lot of things….)
and the older ones …. usually they even really do not understand what are you talk about …. their ages absolutely everything that concerns you …. you will have to be polite of courteous all the time…. and if you are not it’s mean you married an old man looking for money ….
i don’t want …. i know myself in final
could be only one thing breakup….
but guys who how like it
you never need to offend anyone….
saying married to an old man…. or married an old woman….
i recently saw a couple he was somewhere in his early forties…. she was 65 for sure …. and that they didn’t look scary …. an example with a woman because there a lot of examples with the man
( who older i mean)
it’s everyone’s choice….
and if discussion begins
then this “leads” exactly to some doubts not everyone is strong….
never to be cause of bad changes in a person life….
something like this …. but i think you understand what i mean….
and for you anonymous
according to my theory…. he must be three years younger ….than 50
must be 47
he could to be your daddy…. but if you are like love him or her …. it’s your life and your choice
❤️about me….
my ❤️
handsome ❤️🕸
who lives in my heart….❤️
mine❤️🕸 is neither older nor younger…. he is mine …. and for me….
special creation and delivery’ ( not yet delivery - because we not see each other yet)
of heaven to each over ….
and the differences don’t at all…

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*Have you forgotten shadows thrive where its cold and dark, a blizzard won't bother him at all, he looks up at the oncoming storm, guess it was good he was sent out alone, the Colors would have much more trouble surviving these weather conditions*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
The onset of the maelstrom is quick to arrive, sparing no time and offering no mercy as the teen's vision quickly became covered entirely with fleeting, frigid white.
The cold itself was nothing to fear, but what comes with it can be terrifying, even for monsters.
Tales of starvation, madness, cannibalism. All brought upon by the unfeeling whims of Old Man Winter.
But what's this? Tracks in the snow... Some human, most... Not.
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Kung makikita ka naming tulala sa isang tabi, ano most likely ang iniisip mo? 🤔😸

fourwallsofhome’s Profile PhotoPhilip
reflecting on what i did or what other people did.
last month was like a rollercoaster ride. at some point i was too happy. then the next days i was too sad. the following days i was angry. and the next days again, i was sorry.
and this was the biggest lesson that i learned last month: WE ARE OUGHT TO FEEL WHAT WE MADE OTHERS FEEL.
i realize that it has no rules, no self-righteous conditions such as "he/she deserves to be treated like this". as long as u do it, expect u'll have it, too.
u cheated, expect to be cheated, too.
u lied, expect to be lied, too.
u left without saying goodbye, then expect to experience the same, too.
u robbed, expect to be robbed, too.
u bashed, expect to be bashed, too.
u cancelled people, expect to be cancelled, too.
but this time, expect that u will experience this from the people u love, from the people u cherished, and from the people u thought were meant for u.
whether we do good or bad, we will receive shares of good and bad, still. but what u give more is what u'll receive more. ✨
pero char. pagkaon gyud bitaw nakapatulala nako most of the time huhu

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هو بجد ف ديسمبر تنتهي كل الآلام ..؟

Kimoayman204’s Profile Photokimo Ayman
If it ends? It is now it fucking starts. All the awful fucking Christmas music. All the annoying fucking kids who go:
- Momy!Momy!Momy! I want this! I want that!
Yeah? Here is a fucking Christmas present for you: "Life is a bitch, and then you die." The sooner you learn that shit, the better. So merry fucking Christmas, and shut the fuck up!
Then we have all the homeless people who go:
- I have no home. I have no food.
Too fucking bad for you. If I gave away all my fucking money to all homeless people I met, I probably dont have a fucking home and food, either. You sit there because of bad karma. And I know all about that shit. I will probably end up there myself in my next life. So excuse me if I have more fucking important things to spend my money on here while I still can.
And then people say they like honest people. Yeah, I guess that's why I must have gotten so many fucking Christmas invitations every year. Whatever...

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هو بجد ف ديسمبر تنتهي كل الآلام

Not a Question but I have a feeling that I'm going to end next year single yet again probably because no girl wants me and I'm probably not good looking either, so it makes sense lol

SteelerSwag2016’s Profile PhotoAmanda Frye
Well yeah nobody likes a "pity me, i'm so ugly nobody likes me" ass mf. Drop the woe is me attitude & focus on more positive things. Maybe work on yourself if you think no one likes you. Things come to people who work for it.

Feel free to post your Spotify wrapped if you have one, it's that time of year again! 🎧🎶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When it's broken down to its main highlights, it's actually kind of funny.
I listened to 14,638 more minutes than last year.
For the second year in a row, Billie Eilish is my #1 top artist and a CORPSE track is my #1 top song—this time at 98 plays.
MIW's new album came out in June, but it wasn't until roughly 2 months ago that I started listening to Sign Of Life. And considering this is supposed to be A YEAR summed up, it's a little startling that it ended up as my #2 top track.
Feel free to post your Spotify wrapped if you have one its that time of year

How's your day been / going? 😬🌚😁

It's been really nice :3
My best friend and I went into town, did a lil bit of shopping! I got a crystal necklace and a crystal mountain depiction.
Then went and had a really nice curry for lunch! Perfect for a cold day :3
Then came home, played some games, I'm gonna have a bath, then probably play some more games :3
Hows your day been  going

do ppl get upset when theyre being real talked abt how they look bc theyre concerned? ( this is a general question sent to many)

Outside of severe cases, people need to keep their "concerns" to themselves because it usually winds up someone accusing someone of having a condition that they don't have, simply because of their size, and its more than a little insulting.

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