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Mother day tomorrow so what somthing you have learnt from your mother that she guide thru your life with ?

missygls’s Profile PhotoGₑₘ ☆
And now it is tomorrow !
Aaaaaah . . . . she taught me to tie my shoe laces expertly , long before I had to start school .
We started school at 5 y-o in those days . Before velcro had been invented .
I recall marvelling how thick & uncaring some were . . .
She also taught me , at an even earlier age: "tomorrow never comes, you know . . . "
She was Irish , and full of eccentric sayings . . .
SO, HAPPY MOTHER'S EVERYONE, whether you're a mother or not . . . . . and if your country's mother's day is a little later!
*My Mummy with my oldest son , at 16 , trainee chef .. .*
Mother day tomorrow so what somthing you have learnt from your mother that she

koja pesma vam je non stop u glavi u poslednje vreme? mene počinje da izluđuje "mummy don't know daddy's getting hot at the body shop, doin' something unholy" 🤯🤯

nikolaapi’s Profile PhotoNikola
Dižem ovu čašu da nazdravim svima,da nazdravim svima nesrećnima,nije lako kada ljubav sve ti uzme,ko voleo nije tužne ne razume
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Caballero, caballero. Algunas personas entran desde el ordenador, otras desde la app en sus móviles. ¿Eres de entrar fielmente a una en particular o alternas la entrada a la plataforma?, Att: la curiosidad ... Te leo 🐦

Sofrosina0’s Profile PhotoSofrosina
@Sofrosina0 🍁 ten buen día/noche y cuídate 🙃
Ettoo... uso ambas, pero prefiero entrar desde PC 👍
"The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"
"La Momia 3 Tumba del Emperador Dragón"
USA (2008) 112 min.
ACTORS: Brendan Fraser, Maria Bello, John Hannah, Jet Li, Luke Ford.
PERSONAJES: Rick O'Connell, Evelyn Carnahan, Jonathan, Emperador Dragón, Alex O'Connell, Zi Yuan.
RESUMEN: China año 1000 aC, la bruja Zi Yuan con el general Ming, convierten al emperador y su ejército en estatuas. En el año 1946 Alex O'Connell encuentra la tumba del emperador y su ejército, que pueden revivir.
Momia 2: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/171468971833
Momia 3: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/135434924857

Trailer english
https://youtu.be/5-4qSE2Ch0Ysalquial’s Video 171481969721 5-4qSE2Ch0Ysalquial’s Video 171481969721 5-4qSE2Ch0Y

https://youtu.be/PLgUI9q0dGgsalquial’s Video 171481969721 PLgUI9q0dGgsalquial’s Video 171481969721 PLgUI9q0dGg
Caballero caballero Algunas personas entran desde el ordenador otras desde la

Si nunca nadie te hubiera criticado ¿Crees que tendrías autocrítica?

Miss_Cat_3’s Profile PhotoMiss_Cat_3
@Miss_Cat_3 🍂 Miss Cat, mi respuesta, pásate 😏
Ettoo... la autocrítica es de la mente, con la crítica mejora 👍
"The Mummy Returns" -- "La Momia 2 Regresa"
USA (2001) 129 min.
ACTORS: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo.
PERSONAJES: Rick O'Connell, Evelyn Carnahan, Jonathan, Imhotep-Momia, Anck-Su-Namun.
RESUMEN: Egipto año 3067 aC, Rey Escorpión vende su alma al Dios Anubis y su ejército de chacales arrasan Egipto. Año 1933, Rick y Evelyn (y su hijo Alex) descubren brazalete de Anubis, Alex se lo pone. Secta encuentra momia de Imhotep y con Libro de Muertos resucitan ejército.
Momia 1: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/171462564153

Trailer english
https://youtu.be/QPdYXu8_0OUsalquial’s Video 171468971833 QPdYXu8_0OUsalquial’s Video 171468971833 QPdYXu8_0OU

https://youtu.be/bCrVaAn61a0salquial’s Video 171468971833 bCrVaAn61a0salquial’s Video 171468971833 bCrVaAn61a0
Si nunca nadie te hubiera criticado Crees que tendrías autocrítica

Someone please explain why my kitten just discovered his shadow and can’t stop jumping at it ?!!

It's mummy told him/her scary stories of the 'shadow-pussy' . . .
maybe it's attention seeking . . . .
Ask your veterinarian on nest routine visit, or sooner ; it might have paranoia ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIYp4ZkQ8Y4igotamatch’s Video 171742610554 vIYp4ZkQ8Y4igotamatch’s Video 171742610554 vIYp4ZkQ8Y4
Someone please explain why my kitten just discovered his shadow and cant stop

Que buscas en una pareja?

Lustrosaaa’s Profile PhotoUsuario Desactivado
@Lustrosaaa 💐 Hey Lu, bienvenida, pásate 🙌
Ettoo... igualdad, hacer cosas de acuerdo, viajar y comer, protección, amistad, diálogo, compañeros, diversión, leer, música, confianza, respeto, cariño, amor, sex 🙄
"The Mummy" -- "La Momia"
USA (1999) 125 min.
ACTORS: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo.
PERSONAJES: Rick O'Connell, Evelyn Carnahan, Jonathan, Imhotep.
RESUMEN: Egipto año 1290 aC. El sacerdote egipcio Imhotep y Anck-su-Namun (amante del faraón), se lían y los pillan. En 1923, el soldado Rick O'Connell y un compañero, descubren Hamunaptra, ciudad egipcia de los muertos. Con una egiptóloga leen el Libro de los Muertos y la momia de Imhotep resucita.

Trailer english
https://youtu.be/ZsDqiSP9aaQsalquial’s Video 171462564153 ZsDqiSP9aaQsalquial’s Video 171462564153 ZsDqiSP9aaQ

https://youtu.be/0HbGoPQdG7Isalquial’s Video 171462564153 0HbGoPQdG7Isalquial’s Video 171462564153 0HbGoPQdG7I
Que buscas en una pareja

Have you been to Universal Studios? If so, what is your favorite ride/attraction? 🎢😁 If not, what amusement park do you have in your area that you like going to?

Yes, I've been to Universal Studios Singapore twice in my early teens. I loved the Battlestar Galactica Human and The Mummy rollercoaster rides. I love the sheer built-up and release of momentum of such rides. It was an awesome experience that I wish to re-live again.
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Witam, odświeżam playlistę więc czy mogę prosić o utwór, który ostatnio wpadł Ci w ucho? 😁

lansik96’s Profile PhotoDเค๒lเςค
mummy don't know daddy's getting hot at the body shop doing something unholy, nie może wyjść mi to z głowy
poza tym słucham ostatnio więcej the neighbourhood, daddy issues jest znowu w mojej topce

If someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

I’m not sure, actually. In terms of literature, one could read “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” or “The Body Keeps The Score”, in understanding why I am the way I am.
Or most books by Neil Gaiman actually, he captures the beauty and innocence of life as well as deep anguish perfectly. I can see myself in the protagonist of “ Stardust”, as well as my inner child in “The Ocean At The End of The Lane”. That book in particular resonated to an uncomfortable level.
In terms of understanding what I love, then maybe my favourite book, “The Lies of Locke Lamora”, or the film “Back to The Future” or “The Mummy” (1999). They encapsulate the topics I enjoy and what I find funny! Cinderella (2015) felt like a protagonist I could relate to well in terms of values, as well as Captain America.
To listen to, classical music by Hans Zimmer or Patrick Doyle comes to mind immediately. Or in terms of my everyday tastes, anything with indie rock angst will likely fit the bill!

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How someone sell body 🤮🤮🤮

tomaszpietrzykowski9’s Profile PhotoTomasz Pietrzykowski
That's something you do not wish to find out.
I'd imagine they chop them up into manageable portions & sell them by the pound, or by the kilo . . . .
So you stay safely holding onto mummy & daddy's hands . . . . don't go wandering of on your own . . .
Or Senility Biden may get you , and eat you all up.
He and Mr Bentneck Volodymort Zelskinwalker like to eat little children like you!
That's how they both got mad-cow-disease . . .
How someone sell body

What’s your favorite 90’s movies? 🍿

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
I watched a lot of 90's teen/romantic comedies when I was growing up as that's what my mum liked so clueless, american pie, four weddings and a funeral were all up there. I love rush hour, pulp fiction was good, I watched the bodyguard about twenty times cos I love a bit of whitney, ghost cause of swayze and of course mrs doubtfire. The first scream film, silence of the lambs and I recently watched the mummy which I liked. My top three would be titanic, the lion king and girl interrupted 💓

Some Words About Pakistan?

fatikhan548’s Profile PhotoFatima Khan❤️
Kuch bhi nai ho skta is country Ka bus mazeed khrb hi Hona jinka hath Mai sub Kuch hai unko rallies nikalna Aur economy girana k elawa Kuch nai ata hum sub KO chutiya bnaya hua bus sub topi drama Kiya Imran khan Kiya nawaz shareef Kiya bilawal zardari sub b.c awam Ka pudu kaat rahay and hum bhi janwaro ki trha naray lagatya pohanch jatay inho na Ghar ki gas bijli grocery fees wages Kuch nai Dyna ap Py itna tax lagatay jae Gy k Jo Kamao Gy sub tax Mai do Gy aur yeh Jo kehtay k awam tax nai dyti b.c aik needle sy ly k sports car tk sub Py 100% taxes laga Kar awam ki gaann******** Mai Dal dyti phr yahan hamaray high class ki mummy daddy bachay kehtay no bro Imran khan ki Soche different hai b.c 76saal Mai dollar itna uper nai gya Hoga jitna in 3.5 Mai gya yeh awam bus Farah hai inko 100 ruppe Ka petrol dalwa do ya lollypop Dy do Khush hai.. b.c Ghar Mai MAA baap behn Bhai b.v bachay Kisi Ka nai sochna bus muu utha Kar Jo jisko support karta pohanch jata Bhai in haramio na Kuch nai Dyna tum Ghar betho bus apna future bnao koi skills lo earn Karo aur is politics sy dur raho Allah Pak hamara mulkh KO salamat rekhay aur logo ko akal ata karay ameen ❤️❤️

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What is something common from your childhood that will seem strange to future generations?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Mummy jab ham bhai behno ko aankhein dikha deti thi gussay mein to ham log 2-3 ghante us jagah se hila tak nhi karte the ....
Or aajkal 1998 ke baad peda hua aulaadein , yahan tak ki mere nephew-niece 10 bari kahi baat tak nhi sunte :(

(If you don't celebrate Christmas, just ignore this question 👍) - What’s the first Christmas you can remember? 🎄 🎅 🎁 🌰 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Ͳҽղąçìօմʂ Ͳօʍʍąվ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
My dad was sent by his company to work in Prague for few years, and was home once every month I think and of course for Christmas :)
That year he came home and brought me and my brother presents.
I got a red Teddy bear (which was a mummy bear with a little baby bear), and my brother got this super cool big lego set 😆
So I remember how happy I was seeing my dad and how jealous of that lego 😅 they kept saying I'm too small to play with lego, and I just couldn't comprehend that 😆 I was very greatful of the bear though, don't get me wrong, I think I still have it :)

What is Elf on a Shelf all about ??

American creepiness .
Feeble attempt to intimidate children into 'being good'
The creepy doll/puppet sits on a shelf , spying on kids , deciding if they deserve xmas gifts
Sadly its been sent across to us
Ironically it is a corruption of various (more friendly) European traditions , where some character or other visits , WITH AN EARLY GIFT , and extols the recipient 'to be good' ~ at school , help mummy & daddy etc.
My dad did it , being Walloon-Belgian, when I was around 3 , brought the nice gift , stern-warning to be good . . .
I totally shat myself (metaphorically) , I went into shock so bad , my ma had to persuade me it was only my dad . . .
But it scarred me for life ~ haha ~
[REMEMBER: I don't have the damn ask-app ; so can't see comments there!!!]

what is your favorite childhood memory?

DavinaNsrnaila_’s Profile Photochicacao ✿
Stopping Ice cream waale bhaiya from window.
Bhaiya wait mummy is coming with money 💰💸
Thinking of leaving home and coming back after becoming a big person when mummy scold me.
I will run away in night and will come only after becoming a big person.
Going to other classes to distribute toffee with my best friend on my birthday in school.
You are my bestfriend take two.
Trying stunts on siblings after watching Power Rangers WWE.
Woke up at 6:30 AM and it's raining outside, mom told you not to attend school today.
Peacefully lying under the blanket watching rain through window.
Watching cartoon network while having breakfast.
Begging your mom for alpenliebe lollipop, Lays, and Maggi noodles, everytime you go to the market with her.
Mother making snacks :)
After a short post lunch nap, my mother would light up the charcoal stove and start preparing snacks.
Life was so good then. Every time I wish to go back in time and enjoy that moments again
Peace ♥

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what is your favorite childhood memory
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*Shino teleports in but cause she still doesn't know how to fully use her powers, she ends up dropping in from the sky* Oniiisaa--Uh oh--! Mummy!!

ReaperInTraining’s Profile PhotoShino
..What the heII are you doing here..!? *Geha looks at @onryotatarigami then back at Shino who's dropping in at the worst time* ..dammit.. looks like I'll have to end this quick..hang on! I have to finish this first!
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I have a sister!? Mummy! *Shino hugs @DontcallmeSans before hopping over towards Geha* Haaaii!!! I'm Shino! I'm so happy I got to have a sister! How did you get lost? Oh..wait, do you have boo boos? *These 2 are actually cute--*

ReaperInTraining’s Profile PhotoShino
*Geha stares at Shino before sitting up, given they're twins and Geha is basically staring at herself minus the glitches..and the fact Shino hasn't been corrupted..she immediately got attached to her and hugged her* I'm Geha! *She even switched to being cheery like Shino* I got into some bad fights Shino but I'll be okay! Don't worry!
I have a sister Mummy Shino hugs DontcallmeSans before hopping over towards Geha
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Movie/Series recommendations?

AthenusVena’s Profile Photoav
🌷 There lots of movies that I liked☺
The Help
My Sister's Keeper
A Walk To Remember
Benjamin Button
Mr and Mrs Smith
Easy A
My Bestfriend's Wedding
The Chronicles of Narnia
Avatar - the one with blue alien
The Mummy (saga)
Tomb Raider (saga)
The Scorpion King
Jupiter Ascending
In Time
The Bone Collector
Maze Runner
The Time Traveller's Wife
....the list goes on😅

What is your opinion on the activists who are against killing of animals during Eid?

HammadQureshi’s Profile PhotoHammad Qureshi
These liberals gonna rot in hell.
If Allah hadn’t sent a sheep to exchange with Hazrat Ismaeel (AS) tou yeh sunnat betoun par aajati. Allah has perfect plans.
These mummy daddy people are literally like “oh no! He gotta suffer from so much pain.” Tou bhai tujhay kaatain phir uski jagan?

Yeah 😎 sara I really heard from them but I’m really scared 😟 of them they make a creepy noise

Don't be afraid, they are the greatest human beings who ruled the earth, and left a civilization and puzzles in which the greatest scientists in the world are confused. They are dead, and the dead can do nothing, we just have to respect and preserve their bodies and possessions.
I always see mummies in the museum because of my studies.
The day of the transfer of the 22 mummy was great, all of the world talked about it. ❤️

Do you have a daily routine that you follow? What routines did you start early in life (if there's any) that have now paid off big time?

shaireen’s Profile PhotoYūgen
¡Hello dear @shaireen !!
I used to have a daily routine in terms of sport, that I want to return😂, my daily routine nowadays is to study, to read, listening to music and to stay at home.
I would say that the routine that I've started since I was a kid is to study English, that's why I love the language, someday I would like to learn German and how to play harp🙂.
In addition too, since I was a kid I've learnt how to be a houseowner 😂,my mummy always has taugh us (My brother and I) that is important to know about it.
Do you have a daily routine that you follow What routines did you start early in

James and I are making Edie an account on here

KeiraCKnightley’s Profile PhotoKeira Righton
The occasional blurred out picture of her will be posted and just her items she loves and some statement she makes. But I swear to god, someone try to pose as her, and you will get daddy and mummy coming down on you like hells fire. I even made a paparazzo back off when Edie was a baby. I hate people trying to get a picture of her face, so don’t even try to pose as her.

You get trapped inside a pyramid and can only escape by solving increasingly tougher math questions as you walk through the pyramid's various rooms. You only have a few hours to get to the top until the way out closes forever. Do you think you'll make it? ⚱💀⚖ (Inspired by a game I played as a kid)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Haha despite of the fact that I liked math during study, the time limit always was and still is stressful for me so I would become next mummy probably 😅🥴
You get trapped inside a pyramid and can only escape by solving increasingly

Are you scared of injections?

hammadhussain1’s Profile PhotoHammad Hussain
I actually am mortified by the concept of injections and stitches. Only imagining a needle penetrating my skin makes me go dizzy. 😂 bchpan mai sarr phata tha ek bar, puray sarr p bandage lgwa k haftay tk school mai the mummy bnke ghoomlia pr stitches ni lgwaye gaye.

Ssshhhhhh aesi batein bataii nai jati Kyu k ap b wohi hai naw jiski mummy usy baalo ay keench k ghr wapis ly k jati hai or marty howy kehty thi "ab bolo khao gi mitti" 😂😂

Usama_gujjar’s Profile Photoا سے اسامہ گ سے گجر
Lol mujhy shuru sy allergy hai mitti or dust sy 🌝or baal phir mery hamesha chotay rahy so blaahh🌝😂
+13 answers in: “What to do when your best friend sleeps early then you?😂😂”

iss tark ko hum aazmaane ke liye Kahenge aapse bas nothing else. rahi baat restrictions seh lenge... don't worry. tum ha bolne wali bno kabhi mummy kabhi restrictions. ain't no fear Ali 😌

Aazmane k zaamane ab beet gye janaab! Haan nahi ab tou direct qubool hai bolungi usse jo nikaah krne wala bane girlfriend banane wala nahi 😂
+5 answers in: “I want you to be my girlfriend😞”

What’s your biggest cooking failure?😂😂😂 Mera suno palak paneer banene ja raha tha muje pata nai garm palak maine grinder me dal diya socho air pressure itna hua pura kitchen Palak palak so Gaya aur me 😂😂😂😂

Well ...m first time chapati bna ri thi...n all the shelf was spread with aata ..meine shelf ko clean kiya to pta chla meri roti jall gyi😂😂usk bad jo mummy s daant pdi😂vo jalli hui roti mujhe hi khani pdi😂

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