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shit my thoughts on dat song first you you you n you. .in da finish of the rythm it's fucked up my grand ma can do better. 2nd the hole lyrics is cool hope u didn't meant anything in it 😆. 3rd thanks n chick the oc music bloc party blue light then tell me thoughts ms. musuc listener

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hahahahahhaahaha lol nah m8 its just that u love rap dats why nthn else =D nd ok will do mr.talented *0*/

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هو انتى شغاله ميكانيكى تليفزيونات ودشات؟؟

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bro, remain high. that's what we do best xD let's dance... No recording, we'll dance and take selfies and laugh and scream and make E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y jealous xD hahahaha ly2 =* but how can one love a funeral director man? :O

Ur myyyyy FUneraal directoooooor and I'm in love with u <3 sum body HIT THE MUSUC and STarrt the Pardddyyyyyy :Dee :D :Deeeeeeeeeeee <3 <333333

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I just found out i'm pregnant and while iim beyond happy to start this new chapter w my boofriend Im scared about the pain of child birth? All of my friends r pregnant but never experienced actually giving birth so I thought i'd come to you..can you tell me what it's like ? :/ it'd help a lot

I'm sorry I keep responding to this over and over I keep leaving things out ;-;
But okay,So at first you will lose your Musuc Plug. I looks like discharge but I will have a bit of blood on it.
You can lose this 1-2 weeks before hand, Or Like how I was where I lost it and within an hour I started contracting. When you start to contract, You will begin to feel crampy. The 'crampy' feeling will last a few seconds and it will end. It will begin again, and between the time it ends and it starts up again will shorten. The pain will get more intense and will last longer. once the time between each contraction gets less than 5 minutes apart and you have a hard time breathing and you feel like you need to push, You are definatly in labor.
You can go to the hospital before hand when you really feel like you are in labor and contracting and they will help you. They will send you home if you're not dialated enough and you go back a few hours later. Once you are in labor/delivery they will give you an IV and if you want, The Epidural. Which is the medicine that will help you feel less pain and It might be easier for you to handle the pain through out the process. Once the doctor says you are ready to start pushing, they will have nurses to help you (: They're extremely nice and they will help you through the whole thing. It depends on you and your body when the baby will arrive. But you have to remember to breathe, and stay calm. If you tense up a whole lot it might be harder for you to push and focus. But you can do it <3 And you might or might not get stitches afterwords. But they will numb you down there. They will have you push out the placenta, which is really easy and won't hurt. and they also have to push on your tumy/uterus from all the extra blood and gross stuff to come out. It doesn't hurt either It's just a gross feeling xD
After the baby is here! they will weigh her/him, clean them and give them to you to hold (: After you stay int he hospital for 2-3 days and you get FREE FOOD IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE OKAY IT'S FANTASTIC YOU CAN ORDER AS MUCH FOOD AS YOU WANT TO. And then they will checked you out to go when you're all set c:
You will bleed for a month or so, and afterwords you will feel tired and you will feel very achy. About the next 2-3 weeks you will feel very sore but they give you medicine (:
I arrived to the hospital in the ambulance and my water broke in the ambulence and when I arrived, I had to start pushing. No meds, no IV, nothing. It was very scary for me.
But the pain, It's worth it. It seems like the WORST feeling you will ever have in your life, but it's honestly doable. Your body is made for this hun you will be able to push through (: IF you do chose to take the medicine they give you, You will help you feel less pain as possible. I get that you might be scared about it, but it's honestly not that bad. once you see your child,and literally the second they are out you will no longer feel ANY pain

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velemenyed arrol az Arpikarol Musuc vagy ki a fasz...:)))) micsoda hulye nev.:)))) es amugy szerintedis egy nagykepu fasz mert csak a szaja jar mindig es miota van az a baratnoje annyira nagykepu meg lene rugom a fejet...:))))) azt a kicsi fejet.:))))=))))) valahogy a varosba csak fogjam meg..:)))))

Hüje fasz , nincsen neved édeske ?, Jó véleményem van róla , mindig meletem áll és megvéd , nem hülye név , a tied inkább az mert neked meg neved sincs , és nem nagyképű csak azzal aki megérdemli , ha annyira nem bíród miért érdekel téged hogy nagyképű bisztos megérdemled , nehogy egy ujjal hozáérj mert meggyülik a bajod , nem ajánlom , fordúly fel . ! És van barátnője , neked mi közöd a magánéletéhez az emberek változnak ha neked nem tetszik saját problémád :3

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