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Why did you pick your profession, or did your profession pick you?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
I've always liked being around computers. I like technology as a whole, and find everything about them to be amazing. I don't know everything about technology, and never will. But the more I learn, the more I can improve on my skills. Like look at Assembler code for example. That is a hard language to code in. I bet most experienced programmers would struggle with Assembler. Not because they can't do it, but because it's way more intense to code at a low level like Assembler, than it is with C++. C++ is low level, but Assembler is even lower. With Assembler, you're literally coding on a computer instead of using an IDE.

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Dba ULTRA ESPORTS ka dti? Bkt nging INVICTUS GENS ESPORTS kna? Lumipat kba?

securefacebookprofile’s Profile PhotoCaveman
Ano ba~ nakapag move on na ko.😩 It's was really hard since I was the team captain. The bond we had every practice, tournament, scrimmage and rank game will always be precious to me but we have to part ways to grow more. It was hard to let go, really... but due to some issues from the clan, we need to disband. The experiences we had will be our stepping stone to expand more in the gaming world. I know one day we'll see and encounter each other in different teams as enemies but that won't change the moments and what we learned from each other especially the strategies to survive BattleRoyale to win. Invictus Gens Esports is now my home and where my heart is. I'm with my new team now and as the team captain again.💖

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Dba ULTRA ESPORTS ka dti Bkt nging INVICTUS GENS ESPORTS kna Lumipat kba

All things being equal would you date a millionaire who was really nice but was kinda chunky or a guy with the exact same personality but the only difference was he was hot but pretty broke?

I have a child. So, therefore to me, it’s unreasonable to think I’d be with someone who didn’t work. Not only financially but also as an example and role model to my son. I also wouldn’t be with someone who wasn’t kind and considerate to others. Once again, an example and role model. Looks are very important also in the equation too.
TLDR: The whole dating scenario changes drastically when you have children.

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What's the most expensive meal you've ever eaten?

My boyfriend and I stayed in the Balmoral in Edinburgh, Scotland and when I was drunk I ordered up a full breakfast, with 5 different types of fruit juice and tea and coffee for room service. That came to £80 for breakfast and the meal the night before came to £500. I wasn't the most popular the next morning when the bill had to be settled. Including the room price. I went on a trip to the Soviet Union in 1989. I was 20, most of my group were 15, 16, 17. At one meal they served very expensive caviar (back in USA this stuff was $80 an ounce) and the teens didn't want theirs. I must have eaten like $500 worth of caviar. New Years Eve dinner at the New York Grill, Park Hyatt Shinjuku, Tokyo. It's the bar/restaurant where Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanssen meet and hang out in Lost in Translation. 5 course meal plus drinks and champagne at midnight. Pretty sure we spent around $800 on a meal for two. Totally worth it.
My grandparents wanted to take me out for dinner a few weeks ago. My grandparents are the type of people who when we go out, they go all out. We went to some super fancy seafood restaurant. I always try to go cheap when someone else pays, my grandfather wouldnt allow this and ordered for me. My meal alone was around $100. Crab stuffed shrimp, crab chips, and a xl cold water lobster tail. Very delicious but very expensive.
This one time at a bar some friends and I went to in order to watch some hockey, we got dinner and some drinks. Some drinks turned into getting completely shit hammered. The waitress we had was phenomenal, never had an empty beer bucket, would complete all the stupid drink requests that our dumb drunk asses asked for, and was super fun to talk with. I’m usually a generous tipper, but my drunk self was extremely generous. I tipped her 100%, I think. That’s how shitty sports bar food and a fuckload of drinks became the most expensive meal I ever paid for.
I was once on a project with ~60 people from my firm. We were in Minneapolis, in the winter, and this project was not known for being a career-maker, so no one was thrilled to be there. One of the more social consultants was being rolled off and so we had a last-week dinner for him. Typically, this just means the different teams meet up at a slightly nicer than usual restaurant for dinner together (when you're on the road, every dinner is out somewhere, so this was mainly just convenience).
Several years ago, when money was somewhat more available than it is now, my wife and I ate at The Fat Duck, a three-Michelin star restaurant that at the time was considered by many to be the top restaurant in the world. It was around $1200 for the two of us. That doesn't include the cost of flying from the US to the UK (we did a few other things while we were there, including eating at Gordon Ramsey's flagship restaurant, but The Fat Duck was the reason for the trip). Stupidly expensive. Worth it? Yes, no question.

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Why do you think you no longer have friends?

I do have friends — I no longer have people who take advantage of me and those people were never my friends. I learned to set boundaries and the wrong people don't like. People dislike how honest I can be and that I don't apologize for the truth. I'm happy with my small circle, with the people who love me for I am and that's what matters.

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🖤🗽... S. P. 🗼. C. E... 🗽🖤

qd227’s Profile Photo❤️Belal 123❤️( المتخاطر)
My eyes caught this while scrolling down my homepage ...Something that puts your pounding heart at ease :
"لا يؤخر الله امراً الا لخير، و لا يحرمك امراً الا لخير، و لا ينزَّل عليك بلاءاً الا لخير، فلا تحزن ؛ فرب الخير لا يأتي الا بالخير"

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Když vás někdo otravuje, hoďte mu blok a nefňukejte. Kdo to má pořád číst, ty vaše fňukance. A holky, vy se nefoťte jak k*rvy, pak se můžete divit, že vás někdo pořád otravuje. My god.

"Nefoťte se jak kurvy". Ono to je jako upřímně složitý, když hodíš jen fotku s výstřihem či v plavkách a automaticky tě někdo nazývá kurvou. A co tak sleduji, tak stačí i normální fotka a máš tu několik úchylů. A blok? Zablokuješ jednoho přijde x dalších. Takže tvoje rada je úplně k hovnu 🙂

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A ja chcę wam podziękować i to bardzo :) Polska wersja novelki Re:Zero najdalej zaszła w tłumaczeniu i prawie że dogoniliśmy japoński odpowiednik ^^ Jeszcze raz wielkie dzieki Ps. super ta kolekcja tomików na półce razem wyglada :d No i angielskie tłumaczenie przegoniliśmy w het daleko ^^

[Wyderek] Dziękujemy za miłe słowa! My też nie możemy się doczekać kolejnych tomów! Mam wrażenie, że z tomu na tom ta historia jest coraz ciekawsza!

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Ooooh! I'm very not fine! -He looked up at her- Wait a second! Where are we going? -He pulled her arm, making her stop- You have no idea how bad this is!

MouthMercRP’s Profile PhotoDP
Harley jolted back as he pulled her arm, an annoyed sigh leaving the jesters bright red lips. ❝ What? How bad your visit may be?? Well, that's not my problem! I'm just followin' orders my Puddin' told me! Or are ya talkin' about that kick? ❞

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