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How do you cope with your colleagues at work?

Viho_Adams’s Profile Photo༺M_Adam༻
I don’t have to cope because I like them all 😊
First of all, I respect them, because they’re my parents’ age and older.
Secondly, I’m grateful that they’ve been so kind to me and greeted me to their environment, even though I wasn’t of a big help at first.
After working for some time with them I realized that all of them have their own temper and sometimes they cannot be patient with something or they might even annoy each other when they’re stressed out, but who is perfect, right?
In the end, I just see how they treat each other in other ways that are not related to work, and I just feel like they are a family together ☺️

Who is your longest-standing friend you are most proud of?

Viho_Adams’s Profile Photo༺M_Adam༻
She’s been my friend for 10 years now. We’ve studied together in music school and then in music college. She’s an amazing person and friend. Since she was 13, she would lead a club for local kids and help them with classes and teach them to perform their talents as well. She’s still doing that, while working at two jobs.
I made so many fun memories with her, and we went through so much stress while studying, but we greeted challenges together and always said, “It’s ok, We’ll wake up tomorrow anyway” 😂
Here’s a short part from our college days with her 😄
While other students were practicing in hallways, we were running around the college before the gym class 😂
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Who hurt you my friend?🍭

XxHeyRaveNnxX’s Profile PhotoRohma
وقت کی کبھی کبھی ایسی تھوڑ پڑتی ہے کہ ہمارا دل چاہتا ہے جان دے کر بھی اس وقت کو واپس لائیں۔۔۔ اور دوبارہ سے جیئیں!
میں اور پھوپھو ساری ساری دوپہر گاڑی میں اے سی لگا کے , پھوپھو کی فیورٹ پلے لسٹ سنا کرتے تھے۔۔۔ اور یہ ان کا من پسند تھا۔۔۔ یہ میرے دماغ میں کہیں فِکس ہوگیا ہوا ہے تب سے۔۔۔ مگر درمیان کا ایک عرصہ کہیں بھول گیا تھا۔۔۔ اب پھر سے یاد آیا ہے تو اپنے ساتھ درد بھی لایا ہے۔۔۔
پھوپھو کے پاس اس وقت پورا ساؤنڈ سسٹم تھا جس وقت "بیٹیوں کی آذادی" کے نام پہ قتل عام بات تھی۔۔۔ مگر ان کے پاس ہر وہ چیز تھی جس پہ آس پاس والیاں رشک کرتی تھیں۔۔۔
آہ! قدر۔۔۔
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Under it's only condition// One, or two, or just once, If we could hear, 'Love'! A premature definition//

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
What I use to tell to my daughter 👉 Love is not something that you notice him and he notices you and sparks are in the air on both sides 😂........ TRUE LOVE is the result of gradual building - conversations, shared experiences, shared memories and that is why it is important to be together - side by side, to be able to touch, to be able to feel, to be able to smell, to build a relationship on the same foundations and interests, and most importantly - to be from the same country and have the same social origin. 💟👍Otherwise it doesn't work.

Random thoughts maybe.

adeena9’s Profile Photo-Adeena
I feel lucky when I have children on my left or right side while I'm offering a prayer in a mosque. ❤️ I often pat them on the head, especially while leaving the mosque. Just because of their parents, I refrain from excessive interaction with them as you can never guess their reactive temperament. 😄
Random thoughts maybe

What events has changed your life

👧🏼 My childhood.
🥀 When my dad died.
🏥 When I was in hospital.
⚡ When I had ECT (both times).
💔 When I fell out with my best friend.
🤝🏻 Meeting my new best friend.
💞 Every relationship I've been in.
There are most likely more, but that's all I can think of right now.
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Where is the good mental state?

javaidbaig’s Profile Photojavaid baig
My mind is on peaceful,happy state .😃
Cut toxic people from life ,surround your self with positive people where your soul is comfortable
Think positive ,talk positive spread positivity around your circle and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali baloucch
Meditate bring your soul in peaceful state and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali baloucch

What makes you genuinely happy ?

ar0173166’s Profile Photoyourpsychologist
seeing my parents happy and healthy. ❤️
seeing them being older with the passage of time just totally crushes my heart 💔
with time, as i am getting mature and into my second half of twenties, i have realised that theres nobody on earth who deserves your attention, your time, your energy, your obedience , your love, your little presents which you bring on your way back to home more than your parents.
parents teach you everything about life,except how to live without them.

One day, someone will come along and you're going to be his favorite person. He'll take notes about your favorite food, what your favorite song is, what your favorite clothes are, and how you like your hair done. When someone loves you so much, the best part is you'll always know that they love you.

MohammedNoor342’s Profile Photoچونى
I am waiting to meet the person who will focus on all my details and whoever loves me more will make me love myself more ❤️

⁎⠀♡⠀kiss my eyes to sleep .

wastelandofemotions’s Profile Photo⠀⊰⠀the music man⠀⁎⠀⊱⠀╱⠀ℳ .⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀❛⠀⠀⠀you⠀smelled⠀of⠀d a i s i e s,
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀drive me crazy⠀⠀╱⠀⠀gonna take
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀you for a ride on a big jet plane⠀♡
kiss my eyes to sleep

Ever cried on your birthday?

imabubakr6446’s Profile PhotoGoogle
To be straightforward I used to untill I realize things are beautiful even your birthday can be beautiful but you have to see the things positively-My family always make my day beautiful each of them put the best efforts to it- So I started to believe why should I cry on my birthday when my parents love me so freaking much and Alhumdulliah I have luxurious life so why not be excited rather than crying!!!❤️

What was growing up like for you?

Viho_Adams’s Profile Photo༺M_Adam༻
It was like a fairy tale for me. My memories are vague but full of bright moments and small adventures.
- I remember going to kindergarten. My favorite memories from there were when I and other kids were searching for brown tiny rocks on the ground because we believed they were pieces of chocolate 😂 and when we would go to the kids' gym and stretch with other exercises with a woman playing on accordion for us.
- remember going to the local church and how many members liked to hug me because I was very tiny. I was always afraid that they might squeeze me to death 😁
- remember my childhood friend, who lived in a private house, unlike me, living in an apartment. It was fun to visit his house because his dad built it in an unusual way, plus they had small chicks and I loved to hold them in my hands carefully. They were so soft 🥰 With the same friend and with my brother, we would spend time when our parents would go with us to the Bible study group, and the favorite part was to get the sweets and go to the other room and play 😂 It didn't happen often that there were always other kids, so I also enjoyed sitting with other adults at the table and listen to their discussion.
- I remember how I loved visiting my grandma's apartment, which was in the city, and her summer house which was out of the city. I recently shared how my dad let me practice driving a car when I was little, so he was letting me do that when we were going to that summer house.
- I remember going to visit my other grandparents that live in Crimea. My dad would drive us there and we would spend from 2 weeks to a couple of months there. It's one of my favorite places in this world, my grandparents' house. There are so many memories from that time... When we went to Crimea, we made sure to visit and spend a couple of days at the sea beaches too.
- I remember enjoying going to school and crying when the summer break would come.
- remember playing on a playground in front of our building with apartments. We knew a lot of games and it was torture when our mom's called us from their windows to go home. Sometimes, we were even afraid of going back to our apartments to drink water, because we could have stayed there and not gone out 👀
- remember trying to attend different clubs that my parents put me in, but in the end, it was violin classes that I chose to attend and kept going for a long time.
There is so much more, but those were the first memories that I remember. Growing up for me was very fun, and I consider my childhood to be the period from my birth until I was 9 y.o. That's when my grandpa died and soon my family moved with me to another city, where I had a different life and other experiences.

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I’m just done with people’s behaviour how they treat us fine when they are free and how we’re nothing when they are busy.

EemanMalik636’s Profile PhotoEeman Malik
🌚 I mean I’d be pissed too but that being said, I throw my phone away when I’m working cause it’s legit distracting and I don’t bother about checking it, when I’m with my frens (too) but again, managing a few mins on a daily, is no big deal. Maybe you’re just not a priority.

Are You In Love With Someone?

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
I will never forget a single second I was lucky enough and allowed to spend with you.
You have been and always will be my home, my rock, my refuge, all of my hopes and dreams, my heart, my whole world.
There is no me without you. No colors in the world, no music, no laughter, no sense.
You and me we get to live on in my dreams. That’s where I will look for you. That’s where I will forever wait until we meet again.
Are You In Love With Someone

هل كل خروجة date تُعتبر موعد غرامي جاد لخطة علاقة طويلة الامد بالضرورة؟ ولا ممكن تنين يخرجوا تحت مسمى "date" وهم فقط friends with benefits او علاقة عابرة او صحبة فقط ويخرجوا date؟

Theoretically, in a perfect world, the easy answer would be, yes it's ok. But if we were to be perfectly honest, 99% of us would admit that it's just not a good idea. I’ve seen many people have affairs in my life time and every single one of them (100%) started out with the phrase “we're just friends".

If Morning was a song ....what song would it be?

flowur123’s Profile PhotoGaladriel
Don't worry about a thing
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right!"
Rise up this mornin'
Smile with the risin' sun
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true
Sayin', ("This is my message to you-ou-ou"). Rip Bob Marley 💔
If Morning was a song what song would it be

Hey darren! It's been a while since you've been online. Are you ok?

Hi! It's been a few months since I've been on here. I believe someone actually said that I was dead! I'm alive and reasonably well I just took a break from here as I have had a lot going on. I am always on my other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. I do miss interacting with many people on here and I'll be hopefully be back very soon. I didn't think anyone would miss me! 😂

Свободный пост для ваших мыслей💭

"сотни часов, тысячи минут. . .
когда рухнул "my time", моё время рухнуло на меня вместе с его стенами. Неисчислимое количество секунд, задымлённые кирпичной пылью дни. Я попросту утратил счёт всему.
засыпая ночами, когда удавалось, я отмерял прошедшее мыслью, что всё ещё жив. Жив, потому что ещё не сделал всё, чтобы отомстить (?) потому что мне позволяют (?) потому что я грёбанный хозяин Сеула, который не может быть погребён во времени.
чем тогда заканчивались ваши дни?
думаю, это не имеет совершенно никакого значения. Кипы бумаг, стопки догадок, вместо стрелок на часах - необозримый лабиринт красных нитей, что тянутся от одной пресной рожи к другой. И перестук стаканчиков с кофе о столешницу.
вам ведь давно известно даже то, какого бренда моё постельное бельё. И, уж тем более, от вас не скрыть, что часы я ношу только на левой руке. Неизменно. На правой для них банально нет места. Ха-ха. Сойдёт за шутку. Мелкая деталь, въевшаяся на подкорку мозга привычкой, как чернила в кожу.
моё время важно для меня. Однако, так, мне не приходится отвлекаться. Я ведь левша.
when the sky is on fire
I know that I can run wild with you
when I'm so blue
теперь я не отмеряю то, что уже прошло. Я просто живу. Благодаря (вопреки?) вам."

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Свободный пост для ваших мыслей

ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴊᴇᴄᴛ ꜱᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ ɴɪᴄᴇʟʏ 🥲🤌🏻

RaziaShah_’s Profile PhotoKURKURE ❥
When some seller is calling 👉 Thank you but I am not interested in your goods.🤷‍♀️
Nowadays my son looking for new job is receiving very polite answers 👉 Dear Mr. XY, we are very pleased that you wish to work in our company but we already chose other person for this position. We recommend you to follow our next offers and we wish much happines to you! 😬

Inspired by a question - Do you collect anything? What is it? Give us some "backstory" of how it started. If you don't collect anything, ignore this question. 👗👜👟

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
I received a personal question from s ⭐ i:
I collect some things . . . . .
They got pillaged . It was a terrible thing
There's a CHAIN . . . . I collected , it got smashed . . . .
Now I collect . . . . my thoughts . And My Most Precious Viki x
Our Chain is for ever , no-one can touch
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmd4Se9m0dIigotamatch’s Video 171499691642 dmd4Se9m0dIigotamatch’s Video 171499691642 dmd4Se9m0dI
'coz we walk among the hills . . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1r-VRF2CpQigotamatch’s Video 171499691642 V1r-VRF2CpQigotamatch’s Video 171499691642 V1r-VRF2CpQ
Inspired by a question  Do you  collect anything What is it Give us some

What if I dont make my organ into/inside my girl, and we both get into a Nikah for the time being (Nikah for a specific time / for a week, a month or so) and make love each other being all nude, would it be a sin as well?

Yeah its not a sin if your parents are your witnesses in your nikah and your uncles are your attorneys for the contract of a weak or a month... Other than that its pure sinful sex whether you put it inside her veg or asss or mouth... or maybe you just rub it in between her tits... Upon which you can surely repent later as God is always the most merciful...

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