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Tell me something interesting 🤞😎

MehrAR’s Profile PhotoAR Mehr
🌷 I don't know how to start the story, just thinking about it makes me cry already.
Anyhow, I'll give the background of the story first.... last 5th Jan this year was my Dad's (step-father) 1st death anniversary. I have booked my plane ticket to see him on the 6th Jan 2023, but I missed him by one day and wasn't able to say goodbye🖤
On his last few days of fighting cancer, he was having trouble breathing (we suspected he contracted covid), I've asked a Muslim friend who lives close to them to bring some zamzam water. I've explained to my Dad what it's for. Actually, he has been taking blackseed as well for the past 3 years.
My Mum told me that as soon as he drank the zamzam water, a lot of phlegm came out and he was relieved, alhamdulillah. He was able to breathe better and also got his taste back. He already had lost his sense of taste for months, hence he had lost his appetite. Then the next day he was smiling and enjoyed eating again and had asked my Mum to groom him like trimming his nails, shaving and he had a body wash. He was already looking forward to see us. But unfortunately he died that day around maghrib.
This year on the 4th of Jan, I was feeling so down because the next day was his death anniversary. There were so many things I was thinking about, like what was the status of his faith before he died. I mean for the zamzam water to work, he would have atleast have the faith. Has he considered accepting Islam after witnessing such miracle or had he already done so by himself?
While I was having all these thoughts in my head and wondering where is he (his soul).... I was doing situps in the bedroom, and then when I looked outside the window, over the mountains I saw the clouds that looked exactly like him. I cried because I missed him and wanted to see him so bad.
Allahu alam why did the clouds took a shape of his face and what does it mean. But I was happy to see it♥️

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Tell me something interesting

fake nails, fake hair, fake lashes, fake eyebrow & you want a real man.🙂😒

waqarali1337’s Profile PhotoMalik Waqar Ali
Boys and their these lame jokes about makeup. You people sound more obsessed with makeup than girls. It’s actually that the society has made norms for women to always look beautiful that’s why they’ve to put makeup in order to look good. And please don’t talk about real men, we all know extra marital affairs ratio.

i feel like this is such a puerile "problem", but my favorite local nail creator said she'll not have this particular model available until march and i need them this saturday, because i want to wear this specific model on this wedding. would you offer to pay twice the amount? like idc,i want those.

I’ve never had my nails done but yeah if I want something enough I will pay more than I should. Example today is that black metal panda bear I bought today. I did offer on it so I at least got a little bit better deal.
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How's your day been so far? 😄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm having a really hard time sitting up today.. I keep being weak. Anywho I finished this blue heart gem nails last night and I'll try to do the nail that popped off my mom. Other than that I'll just be answering questions and adding to the wishlist on Amazon if I can 😇 I hope you're having a spectacular day! I've spent so long trying to send this one post out and keep getting communication error
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What hurts more than a breakup?

maryamwaheed129912’s Profile PhotoMaryam
You know when you're biting your nails and you pull it and then a flap of skin comes off with the nail too. The more you pull the more skin peels and it just doesn't stop and then you have to cut it with a nail cutter but that hurts too cause then the free skin flap dries and gets hard and it hurts whenever you move your finger or it keeps getting stuck with things

We are 14 days into the new year. What have you done so far?

Celebrated my child’s 8th birthday
Found out my best friend is having a baby girl ( party included).
Haven’t bit my nails once yet this year.
Dry January (aka dry life) is going well.
Celebrated my sister turning 50!
Completed 9 school runs.
It’s been quite the year already.

in your opinion, is it creepy for a customer to compliment your looks? for example if you work in a store, and someone comes in and while you're scanning their items they start talking about how good looking you are, would that make you feel uncomfortable?

It depends entirely on context. Like who's saying it, what exactly is being said, how is it being said. Women usually give actual compliments, usually on my makeup, tattoos or nails and it's not uncomfortable or creepy in the slightest. Men usually don't & are usually very creepy. "That's a nice a.ss", "thanks for the great view" etc etc etc followed by creepy questions like "how old are you, what's your name, do you live close, where are you from" & it's almost always guys old enough to be my grandfather.

need something for nails coz they are very flimsy n break super easily xx

Best thing for strengthening your nails is Biotin but you have to get it through your diet: eggs, oily fish, legumes, that kinda thing.
Next thing: water. Stay out of it for long periods and drink lots of it.
Also, gel/acrylic nails? Ax them. Same with nail polish. Keep your nails natural and short.

What kinds of problems and disadvantages do you have for looking like you do? What do you mean?

People don't trust me much. When it comes to jobs or "manly" stuff.
They look at me, see the hair, nails, make-up, clothes, body and that's all. They won't want to look behind all that.
I look like a doll and that's how people treat me often.
Usually that's only happening with strangers or people I don't know too much.
But every friend I have was a stranger once, right.?
There's something else but that's too private.

What color do you think suits you best? 🎨👕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Red, red, red! 🥰 Nails, lipstick, dresses, shirts, earrings, necklaces, heck even eyeshadow. I just love the way it looks on me, and I tend to feel quite confident in it. And as if to prove how much I love it even more, two of my all time favorite pictures of me is when I’m wearing red.
Also, as you can see, bright red is what I lean towards versus maroon or like other darker reds. I used to be more into dark red but I think this suits me better. 😁
What color do you think suits you best

09 : sʜᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴀᴜᴛᴜᴍɴ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛs. ✿.

thinkthrough’s Profile Photo❴ • Rome and Ami • ❵

˹⋄ ˢᵗʳᵃʸ ᵏᶤᵈˢ ᵃˡˡ ᵃʳᵒᵘᶰᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ʷᵒʳˡᵈ
⠀⠀⠀⠀ʸᵒᵘ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ˢᵗʳᵃʸ ᵏᶤᵈˢ ˢᵗᵃʸ ⋄˼

⠀❛❜ Inhale, c’mon breathe oxygen, gotta move that body.
Guitar, bass, drums, paint those nails pitch black.
We gon’ rock, rock, the moves don't stop, stop.
Go for rock.
09  sʜᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴀᴜᴛᴜᴍɴ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛs

If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be and why?

icepumpkincream’s Profile Photoicepumpkincream
Mastering Patissier🥹✨ Patissier is a dessert chef, it is often called a pastry chef, or, if you're fancy, a patissier. They are considered the dessert experts in the kitchen!.. 💫 I really fucking love baking and cooking and doing art crafts when it comes to baking 🎀🧁🍒🍭🍦🍩🍪⛄🎅🏼🎄☠️🎃👻⚰️🦴🕸️ like TLE kasi namin yan nung high school instead of gardening or cleaning nails and toes (lahat naman ata pina try samin pero omg‼️😭) nabihag ng puso ko pagiging pastry 🍰🎂 sadly ayaw nila ko pakuhain culinary since expensive. That's why I took TESDA in Miriam college, pa exam na kami nun and almost have finished our activities na like final exams nalang so we could get the certificate sadly dun nalaman and na diagnosed na I have tumor cancer sa throat after nun I stop going to school and wasn't able to finish my exam.. Yun tipong the next day exam na sana kaso nakagat ako ng aso nung gabi since iinom ako ng kape and I'm craving for Skyflakes eh naubusan na sa house so I went sa tindihan (ang shorts ko pa nun yellow na may faces ng dogs) eh na intriga yung aso sa butt ko saka sa suot kong short na may faces ng dog it bit me near sa butt leg 🦵🏻 after that nag pa erig dialysis tapos napansin ni mama my eyes are getting bigger (like lumuluwa) she ask my doctor if it's because of the vaccine I take (ERIG) but it says no tapos yun I have GRAVE'S DIESEAS. Tapos yung goiter pa nun sa loob tumutubo instead outside so mahal pag papa surgery and all of that kaya we prefer radiation therapy, ayaw nila mabutas or masira vocal cords ko they know how I love to sing~ or play instruments so blah blah unto this day dialysis palagi it's a lifetime medication na daw talaga.. idk nga bakit sa iba nag cure or hindi na nag maintenance maybe it's because hindi naman toxic yung goiter nila unlike me, kapag lumala or may nakain di kaaya aya nag sore yung throat then possible mag spread yung cancer kapag unhealthy yung intake or mga bawal 😒 at syempre kung ano masarap yun yung bawal 🥹💔😭

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Rachel, do you like Trend Razor and Nine Millimeter Nails? Then you definitely need to call me. What do you like about them? Call me if you need any hardware. Getting nailed or hammered? If you say both, I'm calling the police. -Sage

I was a big NIN fan. Saw them live once at SPAC. It’s a waypoint in my life. I think I was almost getting nailed and hammered at that show. Big NIN ex bf fan and we got back together at that concert. Fun times. 🤣🤣🤣💗
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What's more cute/ nice ? ... Manicure on natural nails ? Or Acrylic Nails ?

I believe manicure on natural nails is more nice, convenient and there’s less of a chance for it to be a painful process so I’d choose that over acrylic nails (since I’m not used to wearing an extra set of nails over my natural ones). But, acrylic nails are cuter imo. I should also point out the fact that I hardly ever get my nails done and/or wear nail polish so I’m not entirely confident with my answer.

Have you found your green flag? Which things made you realize that they are a big green flag?

One incident made me ponder deeply. Once I was scratching a phone card with my nails in front of him. He saw and got concerned, quickly taking the card from me. He used a coin instead. Explaining it would remain in my nails for a long time and its harmful. His actions showed how he cared even without saying much 💚

What's a habit others have that you can't bear? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ 3 DAYS TO GO ▩ ♚ ☻
Hallo lieber Tommy. Da komme ich mal wieder zu deinen Fragen. 😉 Wenn man beim Essen schmatzt, das kennt glaub ich jeder. Ich kann vieles ertragen, nur bin ich froh dass es nicht meine Angewohnheit ist. 😅👍 Kennst du Leute die mit Kaugummi schmatzen, oder Nägel kauen, oder in der Nase bohren und dann, was weiß ich was machen.... 😵
Mein Sohn hat die Angewohnheit seine Füße überall hinzulegen 😅 Da möchte man zum Tisch, liegen die Füße schon auf deinem Stuhl. Möchtest du auf die Couch, möchte er die Beine am liebsten auf deinem Kopf ablegen 🤣
Hello dear Tommy. So I come back to your questions. 😉 If you smack your lips while eating, I think everyone knows that. I can endure a lot, but I'm glad it's not my habit. 😅👍 Do you know people who chew gum or bite their nails or pick their nose and then do whatever.... 😵
My son has the habit of putting his feet everywhere 😅 When you want to go to the table, your feet are already on your chair. If you want to go to the couch, he would like to put his legs on your head 🤣

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yeah, that one kept asking the same question for years on end. there's also a "pap outfit" troll who spams women daily. idk if u get his messages too but ive seen women complaining that he makes multiple accounts to spam them with the same crap

I call him "ATM guy" because he always says "pap atm" or pap outfit atm" or "pap nails atm" or "pap sweatpants atm"
I have him blocked, but I think I've bitched him out enough times that he just doesn't bug me anymore anyway
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How much do you care about your public appearance? And do you follow the society's beauty standards?

AsMaaGaDo97’s Profile PhotoAsmaa
🌷 Whether I'm in public or at home in general I do like to be clean, I care more about my hygiene than my appearance. I mean, making sure I got my nails trimmed, I've washed and got some clean clothes on. Decently presentable. It's not for anyone but my own comfort.
I wouldn't know what's the beauty standard now a days. I style according to my mood. I don't follow trends. I remember there was a time when I liked to change the colour of my hair, pretty much every month I would colour my hair at home. Also, I used to wear different colour eye contact lenses, just out of curiosity. In one of my profile photo with a quote on it, I was wearing contact lenses there. But for the past year, I don't feel like doing any of those. I guess it was just a phase. I'm happy with what I'm blessed with😊

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Do you wear lather pants on this picture 😄 ? and I‘m loving your red nails 💅🏻😍

They are not leather, no. They are just very sleek leggings, haha. And thank you so much, I surely do love red nails, almost as much as I love red lipstick! ☺️🥰
Do you wear lather pants on this picture   and Im loving your red nails

How’s your day been? I took our puppy to the vet to get its booster shots. It went fine until the ride home when Snoopy barfed all my front seat. Damn dog …

I spent most of my day babysitting while my bestfriend went to get her lashes, brows and nails done.
So my day consisted of, endless kids tv, colouring everything purple, play dough time, chasing, hiding and then finished with some balloon kicking 😂😂
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I used to diet before and managed to loose weight.This year i want to diet again but it seems like I can't keep my mouth shut. My relationship with food is toxic now.i don't eat food for my stomach now,i eat for my eyes now. Any suggestions on how to suppress my diet and fix my eating habits? thanks

1-Think how is this food going to make you FEEL. And i dont mean guilt wise. I mean your energy levels, your hair, skin, nails. Once you start eating to be genuinley healthy and not just to look good, things become clearer because you genuinley want to eat more nutrient dense food than not. Its not forced. "I want that but i cant have it" changes to "i can have that but i dont want it!" You will slowly become in sync with your body and realise its okay to have a slice of pizza and/or dessert that day because you dont want more than one slice or serving.
2-Realise your urges to over eat are the result of a habit (this is explained brilliantly in Brain Over Binge). Just like smoking. And as we all know, the longer you've been smoking for, the harder it is to quit. This is the same. Food (especially processed) is addictive! Dont be so hard on yourself. Its just about breaking the habit. The fact that you have overeaten in the past has no bearing on who you are as a person.
3-Eat when you're hungry. Stop when you're full. Sounds simple and easy but for people who hve always eaten for pleasure and carried on for the same reason are out of practice when it comes to this. Start listening to yourself more. Is your stomach starting to rumble? Great! Eat! Slowly. Is your stomach starting to feel comfortable again? Take a drink of water. Then think, do i need more food? Take a 10 min break and come back to your food, its fine! Its so important to be kind to yourself at the start of re teaching yourself how to eat. When i would get the urge to eat even though i was full, i would implement the method Kathryn Hansen teaches in brain over binge.
Asking this question here was the first step to improving, i offer a huge congratulations to you. when you feel like you're back in the drivers seat around food is amazing, a unique feeling only people who have had disordered eating habits will know.

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How do you take care of your nails? I used to take care of mine by filing them regularly, using nail oil and trimming the cuticles although I later found out that's unhealthy? I've been ignoring them lately and they're breaking and looking brittle. How do you take care of yours? Any tips are welcome

I don't... purely cuz my nails get destroyed at work xD
They're currently broken, damaged and not looking great lol
How do you take care of your nails I used to take care of mine by filing them
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✨ Czy każdy człowiek ma jakieś złe nawyki? ( np. obgryzanie paznokci). Posiadasz jakieś?✨

Does every person have any bad habits? (e.g. nail biting). Do you have any?
Not every person has bad habits, not every person bites their nails or sips their coffee or tea. There are people who have given up general habits considered bad. I am one of those people
Nie każdy człowiek ma złe nawyki, nie każdy człowiek obgryza paznokcie lub siorbie kawę lub herbatę. Zdarzają się ludzie, którzy wyzbyli się nawyków ogólne uznawanych za złe. Ja jestem jednym z takich ludzi.
Mam nadzieję, że wyzbyłam się wszystkich złych nawyków

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