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Что тебе ближе в песнях: любовь, в основе которой физическая близость или когда любовь, как загадочная романтика, а всё физическое за кадром, максимум скромно упоминаются поцелуи и объятия.

• Доброго вечера.
Ответ будет коротким: по настроению.
А настроение у меня бывает разное.
И «разнее» разного. Да и любовь — дама многогранная, а ограничивать её я смысла не вижу.
Поэтому рядом со всяческими романтически звонкими мельницами и эньями, шелестящими the xx и иными инструментальными и песенными духами, космическими или альтернативными загадочными бесплотными голосами, волчьими рокерами и лёгонькой юностью типа u2 соседствуют томно похрипывающие nine inch nails, громогласные rammstein, бесшабашные ромы со зверями (тоже рок-юность, но не больно-то скромная, хах) и иные земные рок-товарищи.
Про южную собирательную любовь, что расположилась в ритмах самбы, румбы и афро-мотивах упоминать?
А стёб навроде «Norwegian reggaetone» и вовсе заходит на ура в любом настроении.
И это я ещё что-нибудь забыла!

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How do you envision a good vacation? What do you usually try to achieve during the days you have off? 🏖

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
If we're talking about actually going somewhere, I'd say city trips are my favorite. I love exploring new places, museums, street art, cute Cafés and shopping at unique places(visiting camden town is still one of my favorite experiences ever).
If I'm staying at home, I like to do things, I usually don't have time or energy for. Playing video games, reading, going on walks/hikes, cleaning my apartment, doing my nails, ect.

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Do you ever wear dresses just for fun? Or if you are a guy tuxedos just for fun? Girl/guy question. Dress clothes. Nice clothes. You ever just wear them for fun? Or just when there is a special event? Is that the only time you wear em'?

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
I wish a girl would dress me up in white stockings and paint my toe nails black and blood red !! That would be so sexy !!

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Do you ever wear dresses just for fun Or if you are a guy tuxedos just for fun

What makes you nervous?

Rayne_zelda’s Profile PhotoRayne Zelda
Everything makes me nervous.
Stairs. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me but sometimes I forget how to climb stairs and have a brain fart. I panic and stop to think about my next step. It’s embarrassing - I know.
While speaking infront of large people
When doctor checking the temperature of mine (Because I hate injections)
While waiting for the bus conductor to give me the balance amount
Having to make phone calls to strangers
"Can I ask you something" really makes me nervous
I have a nervous habit of always needing to do something with my hands. Usually, I file my nails also constantly.
But if I get really bad nervous, I start shaking. Especially my legs.

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What makes you nervous

What do you do to relieve your anxiety?

angeleyez016’s Profile PhotoPatt
Depends on situation. Generally, I'd pray, listen to music, binge on junk food or chocolates, talk things out within my social circles, cry, write and sleep. However, my coping techniques differ when I face anxiety during certain scenarios which are unable to cater to those strategies mentioned previously. For instance, I'd get paralyzing anxiety during presentations or conversations with a large group. I'd manage it by deep breathing and slight self-infliction of physical pain (digging nails into my skin, tightly grabbing onto objects till it hurts etc). Although the second tactic isn't recommended, it personally works as a fistraction from intense pressure and fears. Everyone copes differently but do remember to not inflict serious harm unto self or others 🌸

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Ради каких эмоций и чувств чаще всего слушаете музыку? Есть ли самый любимый исполнитель/группа настроения? Какого?

maestro_spiritwalker’s Profile PhotoStevens
Ради самых разных. В основном, конечно, ради эмоционального подъёма, скорее даже поднятия боевого духа, поэтому я люблю саундтреки к разным экшн-фильмам, вроде тех, что пишут Ханс Циммер, Junkie XL.
Люблю музыку эмоциональную, с надрывом, даже агрессивную и немного мрачную - тут больше Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails подходят и многие мои любимые рок-группы.
У них найдётся и, конечно, много довольно медленных, но по-прежнему эмоциональных песен, которые не ощущаются поверхностными вроде песни Hotel California группы Eagles. Я вообще люблю драму.
И люблю, когда звучание передаёт эмоции, нежели тексты, поэтому предпочитаю слушать иностранную музыку. Но я вполне спокойно отношусь к простеньким текстам. Да и к поп-музыке тоже - она иногда тоже бывает не поверхностной, эмоциональной. Тут был неплох Майкл Джексон, хороша Тейлор Свифт, например.
Ну и просто-напросто многие хиты звучат тоже весьма одухотворённо.

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(For girls) What color you paint your nails 💅 last? 😊🤙😁 Mine are red, white and blue todays. 😄 (For guys) Do you like when girls paint their nails?

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
i don't paint my nails! haha i've actually gotten back into my bad habit of biting them 😒 i love getting acrylic nails tho! i would always get black. when i have some extra money i'd love to treat myself to nails 🥺 it's been a long time
this was may 2020

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For girls What color you paint your nails  last  Mine are red white and blue

How do you cheer yourself up?

Going out to the local pub. I met tons of people and made great friends. Before that, I didn't know anyone. Then I lost control and realized I might be developing a drinking problem. Now I have people I can talk to and avoid drinking. I still feel lonely at times but not as much as before. I do miss the pub a little.
I wouldn't necessarily call myself lonely. Working 40 to 42 hours a week really helps take up a lot of my time. But I go through phases. I drink on Friday and Saturday nights and typically am lazy on the weekends. Play lots of games, watch movies, and tv shows throughout the week. Occasionally I pick up this one dumbbell I have at home and put it down. Then when I'm feeling pretty low or like things are stacking up, I clean. I clean the whole house especially in common rooms. Something about the process of cleaning everything and throwing stuff away cleans my head, makes me feel accomplished, and just makes everything in my life feel complete for a short while. Then I start my cycle of being lazy all over again. Also, cooking and music helps too.
Eat Ice cream, drink hot tea, exercise, yoga, meditate, dye my hair, paint my nails, clean, spend time with my son or watch youtube videos about funny animals. Listening to good music is a good boost too. And if you can afford it, go somewhere you've never been before, locally. I used to go on a lot of drives to my favorite spots or a go on a solo hike through the mountains. Hiking is very rewarding - beautiful scenery and exercise at the same time - how can that not cheer anyone up?
A hot shower with nice smelling shampoo/body wash and finishing with a moisturising body butter. I go to a coffee shop,get a cold brew and something chocolatey to nibble on. Read a book or just people watch and usually it serves as a nice distraction. Go for a long walk,maybe to a new destination where I live and that can distract me in the process of getting there and keeping moving. Calling a friend for a half hour or so just to chat,either about whats bothering me or just focus on them and whatever is going on in their life.
Sometimes I need to literally do nothing for like a week - I'll go to work, get groceries, do the basics of course but then if all I do is binge Gilmore Girls for the millionth time or ordering takeout so I don't have to cook for the week, or whatever it is - I just let myself be lazy af, or do exactly what I want (it's always lowkey stuff, it's not like i'm racking up a credit card or doing anything generally unsafe) and in a week or two I'M FEELING BRAND FUCKING NEW. Most of the time, I notice that I get especially down or feel "stuck" when my energy is depleting and I'm giving more to others, to my goals / projects, etc, than I am to myself. So just not giving AF about all the goals, pressure, time constraints, etc. is honestly what it takes to help me feel re-dedicated to everything I was working on!

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J ai envie de faire l amour

A little of both. I like to start out slow, but want it a little rough as things heat up. I get hugely turned on when my girlfriend digs her nails into my back, or bites me.
I want it rough, but enjoyable, to be held down and just brought to extremes. But I also want cuddles and backrubs and sweet kisses.
It's not really a black-and-white thing, but yes, some men would rather have slow, gentle sex, for any number of reasons. Some men also find the expectations built up around having x kind of sex annoying and/or vague. So if your partner doesn't seem to have an opinion on it, it might be because he doesn't quite know what you mean--I'm sure he has preferences. Maybe try being more concrete with him about what you mean?
If I'm in love I definitely want to make love. I also want the more animalistic stuff, but if I had to choose one it'd have to be making love. It sounds a little less masculine than saying I want to fuck, but it's the honest truth.
In general, I'm looking for love, and someone to make love with. That doesn't mean that we can't just fuck sometimes. But intimate feeling really is what does it for me. I've had a few casual encounters, and they were all sub-par or awkward.
There are absolutely times when I want to make sweet, sweet love. There are also times I want super sloppy crazy plowing. It's all about the mood and how bad I feel the need to please her. Depends on the mood I'm in at the time. Sometimes, yes, I want slow and adoring, passionate lovemaking. It's a journey from "tender love" to "sex". I know how it ends. It's upto you and you only to make the journey long and interesting. Sometimes we think about our own selfish pleasure, and tend to ignore "what she wants". I'd like to start by considering her need, her satisfaction. Sometimes what makes her more involved is if you just adore her body (and face). Rather don't be the spectator, be the artist that paints her body like if it were a canvas. I'd give the initial dominance till the point she finds herself lost in the sweet surrender. Make her wish she'd stay in that moment forever. What I'm trying to say is efficient foreplay (or tender love making) should always precede you humping her into a coma. You know you're ready to the long distance, by now, she is ready too.
I never knew what making love felt like until I met my SO and in my opinion it's a whole other level of fucking because you truly connect with the other person and you get to a point where you know what pushes them over the edge and you just wanna get them there and they are trying just as hard to do the same to you. It's such a turn on and intimate it's like nothing I've ever experienced before and I never want to lose it.
Both - we'll start with making love, but as we progress and get more excited, it will, on occasion, turn into a huge raucous fuck session. Then, after a bit of that, we'll either a) slow things back down into making love and finish nice and romantic.

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What is one thing you do when you are utterly depressed that makes you feel better?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
Feeling my feelings. In the past I would try to suppress these depressed feelings, and "wait for later". Nowadays I feel them. Trust me, it sucks to feel them. It's like nails on a chalkboard. However, it is necessary to feel these depressed feelings, these negative feelings, and to understand why they appeared. No emotion or feeling comes by chance. Even when you feel sad "out of nowhere" -- it was a culmination of smaller, subtle, minor things that became a much bigger thing.
There's everything therapeutic in being able to feel the dark side. For every dark tunnel, there is a light tunnel waiting to be uncovered, and when that appears, it feels like pure bliss.

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Hi seher, how’re you? I just wanted to say you’re really pretty MA and I’ve been following you for quite some time now. I love your hair soooo much. I just wanted to ask if you could please post a picture in red nails of your hands. Just saw you holding a rose so wanted to see.. -A girl

I’m good Alhamdulillah, thank you for asking & thank you so much for the sweet compliments, means a lot. You can untick if you’re a girl 🤍

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Deine Fingernägel und Füsse musst du etwas besser pflegen und lackieren

you know, I’m not just at home all the time and without activities. I have one small child, another with a disability. Every working day i go to work. In addition I prepare meals at home myself and take care of the cleanliness of the 4 rooms. I have no servants, all that I do I do with my own hands. and I don’t have to justify why my nails aren’t like from the salon. Why don’t I walk with makeup every workday. I live a life for myself and my family, not for how someone will look at me. If you want to see a princess who really pays nothing but to visit salons and look good. Then this profile is not for you.

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You talk about self-love, mental health & confidence a lot then why you don't you wear so much of make up? You're fake af bish!

You're such a sus-judgmental-illogical-negative-frustrated & an obsessed peach & nothing else!
Hold you horses & hear me out, let me clear your messed up concepts;
Just like not wearing makeup won't make you an unconfident-inarticulate-backward & dumb behanji, paindu or a nerd bitch, it doesn't make me a fake, hypocrite or a shallow 'bitch' too. (You're not that sanskaari chanda so spell it right, it's 'bitch' bitch!)
I don't have to get married just to fearlessly wear makeup without being judged. I put on makeup whenever i feel like wearing it because i have it & i can afford it. THAT'S IT!
You might link wearing make up w confidence, mental health, strength, self-love, having a weak personality or character, being bold, a flipper / hoe like any (stigmatized & stereotyped) 'vamp' shown in a movie drama / series or simply a drag queen & a trans whatsoever but i don't! And perhaps that's the reason why you can't digest it!
It's 2021, you & people like you should stop associating it with character, genders or etcetera! I love makeup & i can carry 100 layers of foundation, un-snatched wigs, acrylic nails, lenses & over-lined lips with ease & confidence. (Honestly I've not carried / tried that look yet but i can & will!) WHAT YOU'RE GONNA DO NOW? START HATING ME ON THIS BASIS OR JUMP OFF A CLIFF? PLS GO AHEAD! :)✨
Makeup is a trillion dollar industry now, a form of art & expression. It can even tell you a lot about a person too. It's 'your' choice / preference not to wear it, to like it or not.
Make-up isn't my definition of 'happiness' but it does raise my serotonin level for sure. I don't need it to feel or be confident but tbh it really uplifts me sometimes. (AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT MINIMAL / NO MAKE UP MAKE & TOO-MUCH / HEAVY MAKE UP NONSENSE.. ISN'T IT MAKE-UP IN THE END?) Wearing or liking makeup doesn't mean that i try or intend to conceal my flaws, imperfections or attract anyone, i can wear makeup when I'm bored at home, at a party & a funeral & in general too when I'm wearing a damned mask so stfu & sit down susan!
Jokes apart, i'd drape an uncomfortable double gown & wear a mask around my face; 'a burqa' instead of makeup to hide my identity, my face if i was fake. Def not to please Allah swt but because y'all suckers, just to fall in your category of 'sharafat' & to protect myself from being judged, sexually harassed, publicly shamed or even raped!
I'd be afraid of peaches w your kinda mentality because y'all perceive a woman wearing a burqa a prostitute & a woman not wearing a burqa a whore / slut. I R O N I C!
It's funny how shitheads can be sanctimonious like you & still call others w negative titles & names. But you should know that, calling me a bitch wouldn't turn me into a bitch & honestly i don't think you'd be able to call me a bitch if i was actually one! :)))👋🌵
P.s I hope you were ready to be treated with the same energy & respect as you treated me. I wish you grow up asap & hope you're not dying now lol.

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thanks for admitting you also lose patience with your kids. i always think you're the perfect mom whos always maternal with the kids and it made me feel guilty :( motherhood is hard

if anyone says they never lose patience w their kids, i’m sure they’re lying. kids can be annoying, loud, obnoxious, etc.
it’s just about how you respond. don’t let yourself get to the point of a breakdown. it’s okay to walk away and collect yourself. it’s okay to put your kids to bed a little earlier some days. it’s okay to put a movie on in the living room and go relax in your bed for a bit.
self care isn’t always getting your nails done or taking bubble baths, sometimes it’s just stepping away.

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What’s the things you guys do for “self-care,” or what small things do you do to improve your day/week/life?

A lot of stuff, actually! Exfoliating, cold showers, regularly wearing good perfume and deodorant, paying real attention to the songs I'm listening on the public transport, eating some healthy stuff so I feel good about myself, and the most effective for me, moisturizing after shower (especially before bed!), it makes me feel so good about myself and so productive!
On Sundays, I never work anything. I won‘t clean my room, won‘t study for university, won‘t go to the gym. I‘ll just enjoy myself, spend the time with my best friends and my family, and take a bath in the evening. Like that, I usually get everything important done by saturday and the rest can easily wait until monday.
If I have a full day or night where I don’t work, I either do errands all day or spend the day in bed to relax, Once every 1-2 weeks. Whenever I get the chance, every few weeks I’ll take a bath, shave every bit of my body (also sleeping with no hair that first night is life changing). Then I’ll pluck my eyebrows, and check my lil girl stache, etc. My biggest thing is keeping up with my appearance and hair is one thing I’m not uncomfortable with having, I just feel more fresh without it. I don’t do it for anyone but myself, I like to look at myself and have my eyebrows well shaped, my nails painted, and occasionally cover myself in cocoa butter. I end with smelling good and feeling soft, being more confident overall. I have a morning routine which consists of making my bed, practicing yoga and meditation and eating a healthy breakfast (oats and stuff). I'm a neat freak so my room is always super tidy. Cleaning my room always makes me feel better. I try to go for a walk and listen to inspiring podcasts almost every day. I write a journal every day in an app called Daylio. I try to write down three things I'm grateful for every day. Most of the time I listen to some relaxing sounds in the background. I always make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep and sometimes take a half hour power nap if I'm tired or bummed during the day. I'm doing much better since I developed those habits! I still have bad days but I recover from them much faster, which is invaluable.
I’ve picked up a fun little essential oil hobby, and love all the new scents and combinations I can make with them. I also do my nails once a week, love a good long hot shower, a relaxing epsom salt bath, listening to guided meditations or sound baths, and turning on my heater blanket when it’s cold :)
I only buy fancy chocolate bars. Like $4 each and get one square before bed. I love to find afternoons free to have a long hot bath and spa time; mud mask, deep hair conditioner, extra time to pluck my unibrow.

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do you prefer threads or this new messaging format that askfm has? 💬

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Without the 'ask again/keep asking' threads ~ this site is so dumbed-down , it is finished .
the shoutouts are nails in it's coffin .
0:00 - The Beach
2:34 - Delicious Things
7:39 - Lipstick on the Glass
11:46 - Smile
15:03 - Safe From Heartbreak (If You Never Fall in Love)
17:36 - How Can I Make It OK?
22:23 - Play the Greatest Hits
24:51 - Feeling Myself
29:35 - The Last Man on Earth
33:56 - No Hard Feelings
36:31 - The Beach II
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izPyM4Sc0Woigotamatch’s Video 166476560250 izPyM4Sc0Woigotamatch’s Video 166476560250 izPyM4Sc0Wo

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do you prefer threads or this new messaging format that askfm has

Why girl like fake things?? Ass, eye lashes, boobs, curves, nails, man what is happening to girls lately?

Idk but I’m all real baby other then my fake red hair colour and wearing makeup don’t do my eyebrows or wear lashes tho and nails only sometimes I don’t really keep them on long I have a habit of pulling them off lol so i guess I’m as real as it’s gonna get.

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Why girl like fake things
Ass eye lashes boobs curves nails man what is

its normal for a male to pamper himself such as going to spa and have a manicure and pedicure , to feel fresh and clean yes or no?

akalmulla_’s Profile PhotoA256
Ofc !!! self-caring is important for both male and female,who says male aren’t allowed to take care of their hygiene! they’re about having healthy hand and feet, which is an area most of us could take good care of it. also take into account the hygienic benefits, but sure without getting a splash of cute colors on your nails lol 💅😂

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