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@syd13kidxo I'm confused as to why you want to complain, whine, and play victim when people answer stuff about you when you "haven't been on all day", yet YOU DO THE SAME THING TO OTHERS. I haven't answered anything about you all day today. In fact, I've only posted once in general today, so why is my name on your page? You want to play victim when people talk about you, but you NEVER STOP TALKING. you'll run your mouth HOURS, after everyone else has stopped talking, then play victim when we respond. You call us obsessed, but you'll randomly talk about us even when we don't say anything for a couple of days. I wouldn't acknowledge you for weeks, even months, and you'd still talk about me every single day. only obsessed one is you. You need drama in your life. You can drop the act cause nobody is buying your bullshit anymore. Everyone sees right through you and sees the kind of person you really are. A liar, a manipulator, a narcissist, a drama seeker, and an attention seeker. Stop fucking talking about us, and we'll stop responding.

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How do you know if you are in an unhealthy or Toxic relationship?

Relationships are complex. However — as different people have different personalities and relationships, they can have complicated dynamics, and one of the toxicity is that abuse, it can seem normal to some people, while you may realize that your partner is a narcissist and is abusive, you may keep tolerating their abuse and choose to stay in the relationship and it sucks. Although such toxic behaviours may be a deal-breaker for you, you may willingly become a victim of psychological, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. You may choose to neglect certain abusive and toxic behaviours, like unhealthy possessiveness, manipulation of control, lack of trust between partners, disrespect, dishonesty. However, your partner’s toxic behaviours may not be limited to a negative relationship dynamic. Narcissists employ a range of abusive strategies and tactics to control their victims, some of which may be hard to identify. There are certain abusive behaviors that no one should accept from their partners, no matter what. The more you accept these toxic behaviors, the more they will eat away your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect. You will constantly feel devalued, drained, and suffocated in the relationship unless you choose to speak for yourself so please remind yourself that you are not at fault and you don’t deserve to be treated in such a way. Take a stand for yourself and refuse to tolerate abuse. 🌻

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Went through a terrible breakup with a guy that drove an Alto and didn't have anything except a mediocre job and got called a pathological liar, narcissist and gold digger by him. My entire family warned me against him. They didn't accept his proposal maybe they just saw him for who he was :)

i feel sorry for you but it was needless and disrespectful of you to add that he "drove an alto and had a mediocre job." he might be an ass but there's no need to bring up his financial situation. :)

Went through a terrible breakup with a guy that drove an Alto and didn't have anything except a mediocre job and got called a pathological liar, narcissist and gold digger by him. My entire family warned me against him. They didn't accept his proposal maybe they just saw him for who he was :)

yeh jo aapnay banday ki description di haina. 😂😂😂ouffo maza agaya sunke. also khud hoga GOLD DIGGER AUR LIAR. aap tou queen hou. 🥺

Went through a terrible breakup with a guy that drove an Alto and didn't have anything except a mediocre job and got called a pathological liar, narcissist and gold digger by him. My entire family warned me against him. They didn't accept his proposal maybe they just saw him for who he was :)

not much concerned about what he said to you,
but your words are spinning around my head
an ordinary guy that drove an alto and had a mediocre job...
had a fight with an ordinary girl who's a liar, narcissist gold digger
love is respect, respect is love.
if over a fight, or after a fight this is what you have for each other..

Went through a terrible breakup with a guy that drove an Alto and didn't have anything except a mediocre job and got called a pathological liar, narcissist and gold digger by him. My entire family warned me against him. They didn't accept his proposal maybe they just saw him for who he was :)

Well be thankful then because you got saved & being a toxic person has nothing to do with what they may drive or have as material possessions.

Why are narcissists bad lovers?

You literally just said the answer. They’re narcissist. They’re ABUSERS and NEVER take accountability for their actions. They make you feel like complete shit for getting upset over their abuse and WILL make you out to be the bad guy. They don’t care about your feelings and never will. They have a distorted sense of self-importance and love themselves more than their partner. They’re incredibly insecure, selfish, lack self-esteem and feel threatened by their partners. They’ll either withdraw emotionally or try to control everything and they’re fake asf. You’ll never get anything real out of them. They’ll with hold love and affection from you, slowly push you away and they will deliberately provoke you in order to elicit a reaction from you and then blame you when you respond accordingly.

acting like a self obsessed narcissist on the internet after crying about my appearance for 10 minutes straight is my favorite hobby and my only hobby ever 🤌🏼

amnabdr’s Profile PhotoAmna
Telling others about how you pretend on the internet defeats the whole purpose of acting. Now I know you are insecure about your appearance but here, you just act cool to hide your insecurity. 🥲

In order of importance, how would you rank: happiness, money, love, health, fame? 🍻

MohammadIbrahim764’s Profile PhotoIbrahim
Health , happiness ,money ,fame
Health is very essential no matter how wealthy you are if your health is not good ,you will enjoy nothing at all in life.
Happiness : happiness are with you its internal thing you carry with you where ever you go .mohammed ali baloucch
Surround your self with happy positive people where your soul is comfortable and lead happy prosperous life .mohammed ali baloucch
Money: earn good salary, spend money wherever you feel like , live life your exotic way.
Love : I am narcissist, I am self obsessed , I love myself my life revolves around me ,I do what makes me happy

Can you please explain how a narcissist treats a relationship or a marriage?

Phase 1: Love Bombing
This is the beginning phase. We treat our partners like they are the only one in the entire world. And mazay ki baat ye hai k we actually believe it too. We make a perfect imagine of you in our mind.
Phase 2: Reality Check
After sometime, when the reality kicks in, we start seeing flaws in them. We start devaluing our partner because they did something against "the perfect image". We start devaluing our partners and treat them like they did something very wrong. But in reality they are just little things that every relationship/marriage faces.
Phase 3: Discard
We start withdrawing from our relationship/marriage, as if it is the worst thing ever happened to us. We stop making efforts and stop fighting for our relationship/marriage. We try to avoid them. We say hurtful things and blame our partners for everything going wrong. But in actual, it's not them, it's us (narcissists). Even when our partner tries to make everything back on track, we refuse to do so. We start treat them badly, so they leave us khudi. Just to keep our image clean.
Note: In beginning, narcissist themselves don't know what's going on. But with proper awareness, they can be better humans.
For more information:

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Why do people always throw around the word "trauma" so freely? as if it's nothing?? Can we start gatekeeping trauma again like we did in 2015 and call out those who used it for things like divorce? pls make invalidating people's "traumasLOL" okay again, I beg everyone.

I mean, I agree to an extent because people absolutely do throw certain words around and bastardise them (abuse, narcissist, gaslighting, etc.), but gatekeeping trauma makes little sense when you consider that unless you're that person you have no idea 100% of what is going on in their lives, and even they may not thoroughly understand what is happening in their heads (nor how to express it) except that they have symptoms of trauma. Besides that, it can take a long time to understand what actually happened, and how it affected you; even more so if you have repressed memories.
A person who says "I have trauma from my parents' divorce" could mean the divorce occurred after family domestic violence - which is trauma - or that after the divorce one parent neglected/abandoned their child/ren altogether - which is also trauma. The divorce itself could have just been world shattering and the child wasn't supported through the situation, which left a mark and, ta-da, became trauma around abandonment and low self-worth.
The golden rule: trauma isn't only what happened to you, but also *the environment* it happened in. If you have safe, supportive people and healthy outlets in your life, you are probably more resilient and therefore less likely to experience prolonged effects.
I think it's wise to hold off on judging how much a person *experienced* (or you think they experienced) and instead tuning into how much they are *hurting* with compassion.

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Why do people always throw around the word "trauma" so freely? as if it's nothing?? Can we start gatekeeping trauma again like we did in 2015 and call out those who used it for things like divorce? pls make invalidating people's "traumasLOL" okay again, I beg everyone.

trauma is one word that I've never seen tossed around and overused. you can suffer from trauma from a divorce, hell I have trauma from my own marriage. trauma isnt a one size fits all type of thing. the words that are being overused is 'controlling, abuse, narcissist, gaslighting, and gatekeeping'.

Sounds like another narcissist disappearing cause you were going to have fun so you’ll worry about em.

No. He is a beautiful soul and I also highly doubt I have that kind of influence on him. We are friends. We’re not in a relationship or committed. He knows how I feel about him. I know I act crazy over Perttu but obviously I wouldn’t be doing that if things were different with whom you’re speaking of.
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Just got out of a 5year relationship he was a narcissist and a very good gaslighter but still even tho we're not together he wants to ruin my life why am what should I do

Keep your distance, block all phone calls texts and social media from him, don’t react or engage with him in any way. He’ll soon tire of trying to get a reaction out of you if he doesn’t get a response

How many times does a narcissist discard a supply before the final discard? My narcissistic ex discarded me several times and seems like he would have continued if I hadn't finally discarded him. So, I am just curious of others experience.

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Well it was twice with me but it varies from person to person and how long it takes to get a new supply ☺️

What was the most painful thing after a break up?

The most painful thing was knowing that the future I thought we had was over in a second, and I was blocked on every social media and basically treated like I'd never even existed. That was the really hard part. Over time, what was hard were reminders that would come when I didn't want them. Somebody would ask "Are they __ now?" I had no idea what they were doing, and not only was it painful to be asked that out of the blue anyway, but also because it was a reminder of how swiftly I was cut out. Then, I'd be doing something and be reminded of them. Maybe it was a song, a similar environment, or maybe just the vibe/feeling was the same, even if the activity and place had nothing to do with them. The random reminders hurt the most because I had no control over when the emotions or memories would show up, and I didn't have the ability to just push them out. The random reminders made me feel like I'd never move on or get better. There was a long while when I couldn't even go to the upstairs part of my house, because they'd lived there for a while, so going up there felt like I was surrounded by a ghost in every room. I'm doing well now, a lot better than I was, but there are still moments when it hurts. Thankfully, it's nowhere near as often as it once was, and overall I'd say I'm making progress and finally feeling like I'm healing.
My ex was an incredibly charismatic narcissist and I was an undiagnosed autistic with ADHD ODD and anxiety disorders. He was a champion of the people and I was the embarrassing immature monster always saying and doing things that upset people (it's weird being considered a naive child and a grown master manipulator all at once). Yeah my ex had my family convinced I was the bad guy (easy to do given they had known me my whole life and already thought I was a terrible person) and tried to get my son taken off me so he could have him (which he only wanted as a means to control me he doesn't actually want any responsibilities). Those initial weeks getting through that was fucking ROUGH. The terror of knowing you need to go to work to get bills paid but knowing you could show up to daycare and your child has just disappeared into the arms of someone who only plans to use them as a pawn? I shudder to look back on it. This time last year I was devastated over the breakup of my first real relationship with my first love. I remember the unbearable pain and at the time, I thought that I would never stop feeling it and that it would just follow me around forever. Fast forward to today and I no longer feel that particular heartbreak - but as the summer comes to a close and I'm facing having to say goodbye to a guy I just fell in love with, there's another kind of heartbreak I have to endure. This kind of pain is a cycle, since everyone will inevitably leave in one way or another, and the feeling of heartbreak and loss is unavoidable once you're vulnerable enough to fall in love. It's the price you pay for a moment of happiness.

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which character resembles you of thyself?

I was actively trying to avoid this question but it turns out that deep down I am a narcissist and I want people to read some of those books that contain fractions of Rikzah Zia, lmao.
Clementine (from the sweetness of water)
Jude (from A little life)
I am both Ove and Parvaneh. (From A man called Ove)
Raskolnikov (from Crime and punishment)
Catherine (from Wuthering Heights)
Cheshire (from Alice in wonderland)
Captain Hook (from Peter Pan)
Professor Preobrazhensky (from Heart of a dog)
Estelle (from Anxious people)

I don't know if you're familiar with the "empath vs narcissist " group on fb. It's basically a group created for those in toxic/ab*sive relationships. I used to be in that group in the late 2010s. Isn't it ableist to call every bad person a narcissist though?

it really is. I'm guilty of it, when I first removed my mother from my life I was CERTAIN it was because she was an untreated narcissist but really, I think it was just the people around me telling me that that's what bad people are. I know better now and I focus more on my survival and thriving life than what my past abusers are or aren't. Let them sort out their own shit without my uneducated and ableist labels

How to deal with a toxic narcissit in your life?

kissofdevil’s Profile Photodevil
Having a narcissistic elder around can cause us to force ourselves to become the adult and deal with their emotional issues or never ending demands. Which means we never get to feel that love and care that we’d want to feel from their side. So in order to heal from their abuse, it’s important to first reparent ourselves. Basically you become your own parent. It is tough at first because you don’t know how to do it. What you do is give yourself an hour every day and ask yourself this: How would I have wished my parents had treated me? Would I have wanted them to be more accepting of my emotions? Would I have wanted them to listen to me express my emotions more? Would I have wanted them to listen to me express my anger and discomfort more often? Would I have wanted them to help me deal with my emotional issues? Would I have wanted them to be present and be beside me in times of need? Ask yourself these questions and note down your answers. Once you have your answers, start doing these things for yourself. When you feel uncomfortable emotions and feelings bubbling up, pause and listen to what your body is telling you. You don’t have to be spot on and name the emotion correctly, nobody is quizzing you here. It’s just about learning to shift your focus inwards rather than it always being away from you.
Learn to set and stick to your boundaries. It is important to be of help to your parents and offer as much of yourself as you can without exhausting yourself. After that, set a boyundary. Setting a boundary is usually tough because sticking to it is really hard when you’re around a narcissist. They are master manipulators so they can shame and guilt you into listening to them but you’ve to learn to be strong WHILE being respectful. Read this post in detail: https://www.instagram.com/p/CeBcVkMoqaY/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
Finally, understand them and empathise with them. People are not born narcissists. They are treated poorly and aren’t allowed to form any deep connections with anyone, that’s why they lack empathy. They’ve never experienced empathy themselves. Once you understand that they aren’t hurting you on purpose but they can’t help themselves, you’d learn to be patient with them. Be patient while knowing that they’re not fighting or hurting you, they’re scratching their raw wounds that’s why they’re in pain and they’re inflicting some of that pain onto you. This is how they bond. I’m not at all saying that you become their punching bag, suffering abuse is a sin. What I am saying is that you don’t think that the pain they’re causing is targeted towards you specifically, that there’s something wrong with YOU. Nope, they’re just sharing some of the pain that they’re feeling. So don’t take any of that pain personally. It’s not meant to be for you, you just happen to be present to receive it.
When you are able to, you can move away from them if you can't take the pain any longer.

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A friend of mines ex recently broke up with him after 2 and a half years or so (give or take) and she spread loads of toxic rumours around her friends saying that she was bullied and forced to do questionable things for him. My friend wouldnt hurt a fly. he's absolutely distraught over her beahviour

niallbop’s Profile PhotoThecyberneticphantom
That is not mature behavior and I empathize with your friend. No doubt that the Narcissist told lies about me to his mother, who seemed to like me.
Here is pillow meowtain to cheer you up!😻
A friend of mines ex recently broke up with him after 2 and a half years or so

Do you ever feel you’re the narcissist?

Okay can people stopped using that word as an insult. It's a mental disorder. NPD is a serious mental illness and to a lesser extent "narcissism" is symptomatic of other illness. Stop comparing every toxic person with this mental illness. Most people with NPD are harmless. There are rare cases like my own mother. Where comorbid disorders can lead them to be dangerous. But that isn't the rule and this is hurtful rhetoric

How do I deal with the urge to give my ex narcissist his Bible back? He used God as a bullying tactic and told me if I did not come on his journey he could not be with me.

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Why are narrcasists so obsessed with religion my ex is the same. He told my daughter she was an animal because she doesn't go to mass. It seems to be a power play of there's so they can have some control over others

Narcissist boyfriend that name calls and puts his hands on me daily and now i want his friend instead . should I go for it?

Instead of wanting his friend, leave the relationship ASAP. This should be your main focus... not his friend

What If someone always ignores and neglects u for months everytime u had a simple fight. N when u reach to them to talk through things, they keep on ignoring u n making excuse plus sometimes put conditions on you, that do this then come to my life. What should a person do? Leave or stay.

How can you even stay with such a narcissist!?
Relationships are built on trust, respect,
Putting conditions and all, that’s a mere bullshit tbh!

Agr koi bs apsy conditions ki base py mohabbt kre k pehle ye Puri kro tb aana waps. Apko hamesha bs change krny me lga rhe instead of changing himself too. Ap uski 10 galtiyan maaf kro pr apsy koi hojae to maheeno tk apko neglect krde. Should u be with a guy or move on?

Apko narcissist k sath time waste karne ka boht shoq hai.
Don’t get in the habit of collecting red flags ka kabhi suna hai ?

Post your own piece if writing if any?

Fearing the atrocities that brought us together.
Disseminated across the horizon, impervious to any weather.
Inconspicuous to the naked eye, summoned a pitiful fate.
Anxious for the future, no cure to this date.
Discombobulated figures went hell for leathers.
A horrendous act, must be a ludicrous ploy of the devils.
Underestimating nature? Look who’s bound in chains.
Cleansing your body, clogging up the drains.
Arousal of resentment, a disruption within.
Can’t comprehend how my heart has been.
Seek hope for the darkness isn’t impervious.
Even through the propagation was spontaneous.
Rejoice for the fact that not everything is lost.
Redemption from the Mighty is all it cost.
Hail to the disease, narcissist are being exposed.
Halt to their daily quest, the earth is closed.
Plethora of time to ponder over this fragile situation.
Meditation serves to eradicate the contemporary problems of isolation.
Families reunited, a diminished desire being answered.
Karma had some plans ready to be cancelled.
Pray for the souls striving on the battlefield.
Strenuous measures call for their struggle to yield.
A new order is about to commence.
Wealth accumulated will finally dispense.

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What are some red flags that would make u seem not interested in Guy

davidgreyson40’s Profile PhotoGreg
• Lustful mind including no respect for woman. I don't think being sexhiolic can be love.
• Lies. I can accept hard truth or lies but he need to be honest with me in every situation around.
• Have no self respect and rely on me for money. I think this should be the first bullet point in this answer of the question. I hate gold diggers whoever it's man or woman.
• Narcissist. If he always concern about his own then where is there so called love exist?
• Ghosting. This is Last but not the list communication is very important to me atleast once in a day.

How do you live your life to the fullest after you left the evil narcissist

"Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf." - Albert Schweitzer
"The 3 C's of life : Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change." - Zig Ziglar
"Don't be afraid of losing people. Be afraid of losing yourself by trying to please everyone around you." - Unknown
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Have you ever dated a narcissist

Yep. I have a friend who very proudly states that she's one like it's a flex too....She's never been anything but amazing to me though so🤷🏻‍♀️
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Why can some people cut a toxic person out of their life while others can't?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
First, everyone has a different tolerance of pain. Those who stay longer in their toxic or abusive relationships do it either because they are highly patient with their partners or they are already trapped in the toxic cycle. The most common way of a narcissist is to trap someone is to give their victims the illusion of friendship, harmony or love between them. But there will always come a point when their victim can sense something is odd. E.g. when catching them lying or not keeping their end of the word. And when you try to speak to them about it and hold them accountable for what they do. It's always not their fault. And because they want you to believe it too they start to neglect, deflect, accuse you of the same (basically playing the UNO return card). The argument with them gets never really resolved because in their mind it's of cause always someone else's fault. The toxic cycle begins then when the narcissist tries the other person to believe that the relationship/friendship will stay the same, and will be as good as before. But it never will like that obviously because you can't build a friend- or relationship out of lies and an inability to be responsible for the things you do to other people. And so the good times become less and less, while the times of arguing about what happened become more and more. The people who stay in the toxic cycle are addicted to the hopeful illusions the narcissist serves them. So that's why. They need the realisation that a highly narcissistic person will never change. And if they do...it will only be for their own benefit or for a short amount of time so they can keep their victim supply close to them.

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Why don't narcissists like independent people?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
Because independent people are harder to control and manipulate.
Imagine someone confident who does not care about what people think of them , feeling all good on their own skin, living their own life getting less affected by peoples ideas and thoughts and feeling good with their own company dictating their own happiness.
The person i’m talking about is really hard to manipulate because, they would know their own boundaries, walk away immediately once they notices the early red flags or any of their toxicity, they won’t beg, plead or cling for another human being, they would have known the fact that Love is sharing your completeness and happiness with the significant other not getting abused on the process while allowing the significant other to cross their boundaries.
The Narcissist lives and craves for reactions, they provoke early on to snipe positive reactions, then later on the negative ones, because the positive ones would come automatically, if there are no reactions there is no excitement for the them he/she would simply get bored quickly, if a person shows confidence they would have never reacted to their provocations.
That’s why Alpha Male types of personalities who care less and live from today to tomorrow repel those types of individuals, because they are so hard to manipulate, while the Empathic people attract the Narcissist, because they get quickly caught on their feelings and drop their guard down early on, the confident or independent people tend to allow their mind to dictate their thoughts and feelings especially early on until they know for sure that the person is the right person, while the Empathic people act with feelings, heart and instincts.

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【♫】Canción dedicada a ti mismx.

ECL1PSX’s Profile PhotoEclipse Games
You don't have to be a hero to save the world
It doesn't make you a narcissist to love yourself
It feels like nothing is easy, it'll never be
That's alright, let it out, talk to me.
Cavetown — Talk to me.
Sin duda una canción que cualquiera persona en este mundo se dedicaría así mismo. Y si, esta es mi canción, dedicada a mi misma.

Did you wake up this morning disappointed in any way?

No, actually I realised that there is a limit to self love. Being narcissist isn’t going to get you anywhere. At times you do need to care about what some people think because they matter. And even if they don’t, you don’t know what good you did with someone random could come back blessing you. The world is not about idc or idgaf because we are created to unite. Try caring for each other as much as we can, there is no social liability upon us but you cannot imagine how it comes back in certain ways that we couldn’t have understood. Be on the giving end as much as you can but nobody blame you if you’re not unless you’re in an authoritative position.

Looking around The girl who has everything Just needs a friend Like the one from her pictures But all of my friends Left without saying that They just got bored Hearing how good I am

You sound narcissist. Good for them to leave!
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Looking around
The girl who has everything
Just needs a friend
Like the one from

I’ve been seeing a guy that I really like for a year and four months. The problem is he doesn’t want to let me go and still doesn’t want to commit either. I don’t know what to do with this situation.

Rant time 😅😂 don’t allow that whole thing to blind you to what’s actually going on. The story here is not that you have someone who’s so into you. The story here is you have someone who can’t make a decision to commit to you. If someone just can’t let you go, that’s all about them. As it’s extreme form, that’s narcissism. It’s, ‘I am prepared to ruin your life because it’s more comfortable for me to do so.’ That ‘I just can’t let you go’ that’s not about you - has nothing to do with you. It’s not a generous act. It’s not about your well-being. It’s not about your happiness. That’s about him. That’s about his emotions, his comfort, him being able to have whatever he wants whenever he wants it. ‘I just can’t let you go but I don’t want you either’ he’s gonna be Goldilocks. ‘Not too hot, not too cold. I just need it just right. I just need it like it’s my favourite. Not committing to you but not having you leave either. My favourite is you just giving me your time and your energy and your attention and your love, and your intimacy even though I don’t commit. That’s my favourite. My favourite is not committing to you, not going all in, but just not letting you go either.’ I’m not calling someone who does that a narcissist, I think that label is thrown around a wild level that is way, way, way too much. We’re too quick to diagnose people. But in there are the seeds of narcissism. And you have to hear and see that for what it is. ‘I don’t want you but I can’t let you go.’ In other words ‘I don’t give a fuck about what’s right for you, or what’s gonna make you happy or what’s gonna be good for your time . What I care about is me.’ We cannot have this. This is not a recipe for living a good life. You have to have boundaries.
By the way, after three months, someone should have a good idea what they want with you. I’m not saying after three months they have to decide they wanna marry you. But after three months if someone can’t say enough to say, ‘y’know what? I really wanna give this a shot with you. Let’s see where this goes. We don’t have to decide our entire future right now but I can at least decide not to screw other people. Let’s do that.’ If after three months, you don’t have that, that’s a red flag. After a year and four months, someone saying I can’t commit to you but I can’t let you go. They are mistaken, they seem to think that it’s their choice as to whether they let you go. It’s not. Their choice is not to commit to you. Your decision is that, that’s not interesting to you and you’re going to go and find something that has actual potential because the guy that doesn’t want you but can’t let you go is boring as fuck.

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