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Hi!!! 👋 Your perfect date? Describe where, with whom, and what you do

I would absolutely love getting lost and then adventuring an area and then going out to eat together there after we get a room at a random hotel that we like getting dressed and then going out to eat there together and then going off and finding somewhere to sit and chill together and talk. That's a really cute mysterious and adventurous type date sounds perfect to me. Maybe even rent a room near a beach where there's a private area just for the two of us. Hot tubs are pretty amazing private hot tubs

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My Heart. My Love. My Life. My Everything. My Darling. My Forever. Thank you, for making me the person, who I am today. I love you. And these three words, are nowhere near enough to describe how much I love you. I fall in love with you more every day. Thank you, for let me be your husband. ❤

drxcomxlfoy’s Profile PhotoDraco L. Malfoy
Mein ein und alles. Du machst mich einfach sprachlos glücklich! Du bist alles für mich! Mehr noch als das! Alles was ich mir wünschen kann und noch so viel mehr. Für mich bist du perfekt! Schon von der ersten Sekunde an wusste ein Teil von mir, dass du der eine für mich bist. Der Mann, dem ich vollkommen gehören möchte. Ich bin so unfassbar stolz darauf, deinen Namen zu tragen! Nur dich will ich an meiner Seite und das für immer. Du bist mein für immer! Ich liebe dich mehr, als ich jemals würde in Worte fassen können denn du bist einfach alles. Meine ganze Welt bist du. Du stehst an erster Stelle für mich! Mein wunderschöner, perfekter Ehemann. Ich liebe dich so unbeschreiblich sehr! 🥺❤️ Ich werde immer an deiner Seite sein! Immer und für immer. Unser für immer! 🥺❤️

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Are you smarter or dumber than the average person? What makes you think so?

I think I am significantly smarter, but I paid for it by being a bit socially awkward and terrible with handiwork. Source: Went through a STEM curriculum with extra physics and math without too many issues but I'd rather pay for somebody to build my furniture and am very introverted.
In terms of IQ, mine is higher than average though no where near the level of the very intellectually elite. In terms of what I simply know, given that IQ is not the only indication of intelligence, I can only say that I tend to be very self reflective and question my positions constantly. That tends to lead me to having a more comprehensive view of most issues. Whether or not others might find that to be more intelligent, I cannot say. I would say, in reality, I'm at least intelligent enough to realize how little I know overall.
My bad anxiety has also made me read people a lot and break them down in my head, analysing them etc. I tend to pick up on things in terms of someone’s behaviour and what they say and why they said it, very easily. As for actual intelligence, I think I’m smart? I’m currently studying finishing school and hoping to get into university as I have no idea what my results will be because of COVID stopping us from doing exams this year lol.
I took an online IQ test once, and I was at like 93 or something. I'm probably the only person who is so stupid that even a facebook clickbait IQ test, which is designed to give you a high score so that you share your results, rated me as below average. And let me just tell you once and for all; ignorance is not bliss. I haven't felt bliss in ages. Bliss is probably one of the last words I'd use to describe my life, right after "eventful" and "riveting".
I was always the "special" and "extraordinary" child because I learned to speak and walk very early and was able to hold deep conversations some years later. I still feel like I'm not dumb, but through bullying, not learning anything, just playing video games because of it, everyone said that I was stupid based on my grades, so I was always very insecure about my intelligence. At least now I'm over it and my grades are starting to go up again, especially in subjects like Philosophy which I use to justify my intelligence. Still not very secure about it though.
Nope. Dumb as fuck in my hesitant opinion. But I am an above-average writer and people seem to consider that indicative of above-average smarts. It's not. You can be good with language and still not know how to follow simple instructions and lose the receipt to $500 worth of books you bought so the store manager has to come out and explain to me like I'm 5 that I have to use the same phone number consistently or else they won't recognize my account. Goddammit.

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Do you think there’s life on other planets?

CazOSX’s Profile Photo☠️ Emo Panda. ☠️
Yes, there are so many billions of stars that we can see, and we are now learning that almost every one of them has planets going around them, so the odds of life having developed elsewhere I'd say is very high.
However, the chance of us finding it I think is nil. There are only about 300 stars within 50 light years of us, so even if we could travel near the speed of light (and that's a BIG ask), we could never get there (or they get to us) within one lifetime.

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*Dark flames erupt from the shade's free hand and consume her body, wreathing around her limbs in a searing agony, but true to his word she doesn't die, he was using his dark healing to keep her alive*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
/Although you should know very well the spear of justice doesn't go down without a fight even if she is outmatched or in the wrong in this situation she will battle regardless for what she believes is right and if she believes the entire Underground is in danger//Even though she is in unbelievable pain she makes sure not to scream too much or too loudly in order to prove she isn't someone who goes down easily and is someone people usually avoid battles with, more than a dozen spears surround them both as her form changes with a heart shaped mark forming on her armor, the dozen spears all rain down at Shadow, she doesn't need control of her hands to use her spears although she does try to spear Shadow through in return even if it proves difficult at the moment, even if she fails, she still had to try in her mind/
U: NGGAAAAAHH!!! I DON'T CARE IF I DIE OR WHAT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH AS LONG AS I PROTECT EVERYONE IN THE UNDERGROUND!! I won't let you..or ANYONE g-get near Alphys ..o-or any of the monsters dreaming of seeing the world above ground!! You won't get past me, e-even if it means.. we BOTH DIE!

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Are we getting too far ahead in thinking that we can have solar-powered laptops?

Pookeo9’s Profile PhotoEh?
Pretty tough at the moment unless you're not using it much and it's a very small computer. A "typical" laptop uses, let's say, 60 watts. If you want to run it and charge the battery a little (assuming you might want to use the machine at night, it still needs a battery), you'd need at least 100 watts of output from the solar cells (probably more like 150 in the real world). Even a 100 watt panel is at least 2 x 3 feet. Certainly a lot less portable than the laptop is. You could easily stick a big panel someplace and use it to charge the battery, but that's hardly a "solar-powered" laptop. We'd need to have some major improvements in solar conversion efficiency (which don't look likely in the near future) to make this a reality.

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Have you had a good weekend? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Ƭεɳαciσυઽ Ŧѳɱɱყ™ ✌ ♚ ☻
I am on vacation in Poland, we were near Wrocław, we visited my husband's family. We have been in Poznań since Monday and visited the castle in Kórnik. I find the weekend interesting and also a few days after the weekend. I will stay in Poland until Monday and then return to the Netherlands to Utrecht
Miałeś dobry weekend?
Weekend uważam za ciekawy i interesujący. Jestem na urlopie w Polsce, odwiedzaliśmy rodzinę we Wrocławiu i w Poznaniu

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What was the last thing which made u feel like crying?

Maheenmalik8’s Profile PhotoMaheen Malik
A day before yesterday i was waiting for my baba in g 10 unko clinic nhi mil raha it was like maghrib time i was waiting street kay samny tu aik gari wala bht dore tha waved me like come 😂 and I pretended ky ma ny nhi deekha then he take a u turn jab wo u turn ley raha tha i was scared to death kay kahi utha na ley mujy xD phir I quickly run to the street wahan a boy tha pani bhar raha filter say i went close with him and my eyes were red phir I called my baba multiple times the gari wala came near and phir I started crying and started praying Allah no pls no baba ajayein and then after one min my baba came heheheh tu bhai happy ending hogai 😛

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La marque de l'eau que tu achète ?

Arrowhead is awful and Fiji tastes like rocks. It’s just an unpleasant sort of minerality. Come to find out that they filter it is through volcanic rock. Dasani is alright in a pinch but there’s something about the mouthfeel I don’t like. Even ice cold, it’s a very full-bodied sort of water. Crystal Geyser is the benchmark all water should be judged against. No frills to it; a very by-the-book flavor profile. Finally, to round out the name brand waters there’s Smart Water. It’s not a bad water but I feel you don’t get anything worth the price or similar to what the tasting notes describe. The ionic aspect of it has zero discernible impact on taste and it drinks much like Dasani. I suspect that if one were to inspect the bottle, it isn’t derived from a spring. There's a local grocery chain with the cheapest off-brand bottled water. Its definitely tap water from somewhere, but it beats my local municipal water which tastes like chlorine, and that bottled water tastes the most like properly treated city water of any bottled water I've had. Wissahickon Mountain Spring Water, which no longer exists. It had this great slightly sweet taste to it, probably the soft plastic bottle (frosted) it was sold in. We had it at Penn State in the vending machines. It got sold to Nestle over a decade ago and no longer exists. The well water from my parents house, when you'd let it run cold for a good minute first, or over ice made from the same water. Also no longer possible, a huge development was put in and it ruined the water shed, everyone had to covert to city water from well water. I like Just Water and Voss. Just Water’s supply is harvested ethically, and the bottle is reusable and recyclable in some towns’ recycling programs. Voss’s bottle is reusable and washable if you buy the glass one, most plastic bottles are not good to reuse since they have a tendency to grow bacteria. It just depends on the type of plastic used whether or not you can reuse. Unsure if Voss ethically harvests their water or not.
When I'm thirsty i literally just walk into the kitchen, grab a glass, turn the water on, wait for it to get cold, and fill my glass. And there's also several drinking fountains placed around my neighborhood so when you are walking outside you are probably near one, and you can have a drink from it, anytime.
I once saw a documentary about bottled water (I’m a wild one, I know) and iirc they said that the best bottled water is the stuff that comes from springs as it contains minerals etc. The worst is anything that is purified as it means all the good stuff your body needs has been taken out of it.
If I ever buy a bottle, which I only ever do if I've forgotten to fill up from the tap since I don't mind tap water (and have soft water where I live), I buy evian only to contribute to finding their advertising campaigns. Those adverts are a refreshing individuality when they come on between everything else!

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Can you imagine what life was like before the invention of the pencil?

alexandermonroe397579’s Profile PhotoAlexander Monroe
"The Pencil" by Nico, Artwork by ig@carla_eum
The pencil was so big and strong.
Each day he recorded his reality,
both right and wrong.
Lines, landscapes and linear shapes,
that created perspectives near and far.
Yet, there was no task too daunting nor anxiety
to scold or fear behold.
For this was a pencil straight as an arrow and as sharp as
a fiddle.
But as old man time wore on,
so too did the pencil.
And realizing time was of the essence,
with great abandon, humility and skill,
the tiny and frail pencil decided it was time to create a self portrait.
A portrait that would stand the test of time,
while showing the world what the torn, tattered
and transcribed life of a pencil looks like."

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Can you imagine what life was like before the invention of the pencil

How much of the Pakistan have you seen ?🚣✈🚂

Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Lahore, Muzaffarabad, Abbotabad, Peshawar, Islamabad (Murree comes as a DLC with it), Gilgit and nearly every place that is near to any of these (Sums upto maybe 13% of Pakistan)... I haven't visited Balochistan and that's what I wanna do if I get a chance

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Have you ever done anything against your will? What it was? 🙄

Yes, I have.
When I worked in the Housing office №2 they asked at first time, then demanded and even ordered to work on Saturdays without a written order, it means that they had no responsibility and we would not be paid fairly. At first time I agreed because I didn't want to be as we say in Russian - A white crow ( a rare bird). But soon I could see how the administration went the limits and I decided to get all the troubles with the supervisors but have my legal day off.
One our foreman decided to work extra hours 12 instead of 8. I told that we would get just troubles. I was told that the foreman and his friend prepared problems for me.The foreman showed the supervisor how fast we made the roof, but the equipment couldn't stand the load, people from other squads hated us, our salary was a little more than the others.
Once I met a company of friends in the park near the local lake. There was a girl that I had never met before, we talked all the evening, she had already seen me walking with а pram. She asked about the baby, I answered that it was my nephew. Some time later a girl, who had never talked to me asked me to escort the girl home. It was only 8 PM, Summer, the sun was shining and I realized that she had plans towards me... She phoned me almost every day, I understood that she wanted a date, by I didn't want. Once my mother was cleaning the apartment, when that girl phoned, she heard all the talk and when it finished, she told that it was non-sence that a girl was seeking a date and I resisted. I had to agree. I came 15 minutes before the date, waited 30 minutes, I made sure that she didn't come and escaped.
When I worked with Coroplast. I was transferred from the production department to the packaging unit. Once a guy, who had been my partner in the production department went on vacation, they hadn't prepared replacement and ordered me to go to work with his machine. I didn't want to do it, but I had no reason to refuse. We obeyed to the supervisors of the logistics department at work, but be were officially belonged to the production department. So we were "neither fish, nor flesh". It was the fault of the management.

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Good morning. What your most be grateful for gift The god

Good morning too
I still alive and breath I thanks for god because God still give me long age to always near to God.
The god teach me to always positive thinking in difficult situation and be happy situation, I believe it can make forever young.
I can learning from the good expercience and bad experience. As the life not always sweet. I believe that The God help me if I be patient and sincere.
I can charity to the most people need it. I believe it that when I charity to it. The god assuredly give a beatiful something to me .

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What's that one thing that makes you unique?

at times it becomes necessary for me not to go near this... totally... life defining moments... lekin matlab agar main nashay main naa hoon to kuch na kuch ho na jaey mujh se, so yeah, still toking...
rastay badal jatay hain, gum jatay hain, lekin safar naseeb hai...

Do you like horses? 🐎 🐴

elenaavagnina’s Profile Photoelenaavagnina
I can't say that I'm a huge fan of horses, but I do appreciate them as an animal. I think it's rather intriguing how they operate. I could say this about virtually any animal in the animal kingdom. But I also want to express my gratitude and appreciation for horses. If I am ever near a horse in the near future, I would hope that I can get along with the horse. It's one thing to connect with a human but it's a totally different thing to connect with an animal. It's like connecting with aliens. You found your lost species in the mist of getting lost within your own species.

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