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هل شركات الفانج بتهتم بمعرفتي ب OS و Computer architecture و Computer graphics ؟ وهل فعلاً مش أهم حاجة عندهم ال problem solving ؟

Interviews wise? Most of the interviews are about problem solving
There are some topics might be asked also in CS, such as networking, os, Locks and Synchronization, database, multi threading, regex, etc. I doubt questions about graphics / computer architecture

Which social networking website do you use

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I am minimalistic I don't like to be everywhere .
I exclusively use Facebook
I have been using Facebook since 2007.
Facebook has everything. I mean you can post things on your wall .you don't really need twitter
You can post youtube video links so you don't really need tiktok ,Snapchat
You can post picture so you don't need Instagram as well So yeah .

Has personal interaction taken a backseat because of social networks?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
To some extent
We don't really meet our friends if we just talk with our friends on social networking website, we are good
In busy life social networking website is best tool to communicate
Birthdays are wished on social networking website than personally visiting friends house , give them gift , make their day special but no-one make effort
I am not caged into Internet world
I use Internet for limited hours
I stay in real world over digital world
I love talking face to face over Internet all the time

Do you feel like the Internet has had more of a positive or negative effect on society?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Umm Internet has more of a positive effect on society
It brings world closer I mean I have added my Saudi Arabia school friends in buddy list so yeah
Everything is click away if you wanna read article related to 5 food good for strong bone you can google result will be infront of you in blink of an eye
Google it what's in fashion result will be in front of you
You can do online shopping what's not available in your city you get though online shopping so world is advanced
You can watch favourite youtuber vlogs ,horror movies in cell phone
Communicate with friends on social networking website, write your views about politician
But limit your hours stay in real world over digital world

Kalian klo buka YouTube biasanya nontonin apa?

HildaRamadhania’s Profile PhotoHildaLR
Tutor, musik, tapi kebanyakan dari mereka lebih melibatkan tutor sih aku, mulai tutor hobi, tutor coding, tutor networking (Ms Excel, word) digital marketing 🤙🏻 pluss dakwah dan dakwah yang menarik nih punya jagoan nya😅🤙🏻 yaitu
Ustadz Adi Hidayat Abdul Somad & Khalid Basalamah ketiga ini kategori buat ku pendalaman kaya intensitas nya dalemm banget aga serius tegas ibarat kaya antara formal dan casual mereka ini masuknya formal, bahasanya lempeng serta gaya berpendidikan banget type nya
Ustadz Hanan Attaki & Handy Bonny
Si Sunda Kental hihi mereka Casual buat aku, lebih ke ringan, santai, fun youth, yaa tau lah soal kaya terkenal nya mereka ini persoalan hubungan asmara, pasangan, jodoh, galau, down, begitu begitu lah😏 jadi kaya dramatisir bengeut hahaha
Terakhir 😌 Ustadz Da'as Latif
Ini versi terbahak nya😅, arti kata bukann semerta merta ngga serius.. Beliau tegas namun delivery beliau bisa menempatkan canda tawa di materi dakwah keyren lah🤙🏻

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Dì ơi cơ hội thăng tiến trong mảng nhân sự là HR intern -> HR Admin -> HR Executive -> HR Manager đúng không ạ? Và để trở thành 1 HR giỏi mình cần phải học những gì và làm sao để mở rộng networking ứng viên của mình ạ. Con cảm ơn dì

+ know the pathway (HR internal hay external)
+ ask the right question khi phỏng vấn đồ nè.
dì làm HR external, khum kiêm mấy cái task hành chánh nổi vì triệu chứng xồn khi ngồi lâu với giấy tờ.

When you get the chance, can you explain the friendproject site? I looked at it and not sure what it is.

Sure, it's basically a clone of MySpace 1.0 as it looked when that site was launched. It wasn't the first social networking site but it was the first to gain a very large following. Several versions have been launched since that time and the site has had numerous owners, each one implementing more changes. Truth be told, MySpace became worse with every new version and most of the original users moved to other social networking sites (years ago) because it doesn't look anything like the original version. MySpace 1.0 clones such as FriendProject (and a few others) attempt to appeal to early users of MySpace and newer ones who never had an opportunity to experience that site in its original format.

When were you happiest the most?

I was the happiest when I was 16 in high school. I had a great group of friends. Was a straight A student with 10 credits of AP classes under my belt. Could have graduated early but instead stayed to be with friends. No bills to pay and I never went home because of all the clubs, sports, internships and friends. It was great I thought I was going to have a great future and a good set of life long friends. Now all my friends moved out of state and I have a sad 9-5 job. I make a good salary with pension but it means nothing because of how expensive rent is. I didn’t expect to live paycheck to paycheck with a job that requires a college degree.
It was time to adult, but not quite yet time to adult-adult. I've since lost touch with a lot of the people in my life during that period, but will always remember them fondly. Now, if I could just remember their last names! It just wasn't that big of a deal back then to know that, pre-social networking. You knew their phone number (before cell phones were common) and you usually knew where they lived. You'd call them up to get together, make plans, or just pop over. Otherwise, you'd probably see them at the club.
I bit of a dark one but all my life I’ve been rejected fucked around with by friends and my dad has left and have fell into hard depression and I went to see my great great auntie (96yrs) and she’s kinda coming to the end of her life so she has started praying and because of depression I try not to show emotion but she told me every night she says goodnight to my photo and wishes me luck on a happy life and she hopes I find a “lucky girl” for me to be with and I tried to hold it in but I just burst into tears I think that has to be my happiest point.
I can't remember the last time I felt truly happy for a long period. I have occasional fleeting moments when I feel disproportionately happy as a result of some pretty insignificant event or thing and I sometimes have moments of extreme pleasure but generally I'm quite low in mood.
Hmm, I got married this year also but I think the day we got engaged was a happier day for me. There was the anticipation, the suspense, how happy it made her and we were alone! The Wedding was SO MUCH about pleasing everyone else... I didn't mind though because her parents paid for it :)
Not doing too bad. Got a steady casual job, 5 days a week, three hours a day, $21 AUD an hour. Sharing the rent on a fairly meh house with a friend, but my lease expires in a few months and I plan to move 300km north to live with and support my boyfriend and his elderly grandmother, hopefully working on a large passenger ferry. Not interested in buying a car- I wouldn't mind an electric bike, though.

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I don’t believe you, ask.fm doesn’t shut down accounts for those reasons. You get shut down if you bully or harass people

> I don’t believe you,
What you "believe" is irrelevant to me.
> ask.fm doesn’t shut down accounts for those reasons.
They most certainly do. ANY opinion which isn't politically correct or supportive of Leftist ideas is discouraged and / or censored on the majority of social networking sites.
> You get shut down if you bully or harass people
An absurd pretext. Radical feminists are CONSTANTLY attacking men on this site and NONE of their accounts are ever suspended.
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Ternyata dia friendly ke semua cewek :)))))

Imo ini sebenernya gpp sih as long as just friend, pasangan friendly itu punya sisi positif tersendiri menurutku, misal networking luas, biasanya punya skill komunikasi yang bagus, humble dll. Justru kalo sampe dia pilih kamu, means you are different. But please, know your worth juga.
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What was your fave subject during your uni days?

When I was studying engineering I enjoyed Physics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor theory and Networking (routers and switches). Designing, configuring and troubleshooting networks is what I enjoyed most in my career as a Network Engineer.
While studying Music at Berklee College I enjoyed playing in ensembles, harmonic theory, counterpoint, and conducting. As a musician, I enjoy playing my guitars and performing live with bands.

What keeps you from being unstoppable?

I have 35 years experience of being an ENFP, and these are a couple of things Ive noticed about myself that keep me from taking over the world. Im not saying I really wanna put effort into changing these things, but if I did, there would be no stopping me. Moodiness - I get grumpy, but more than just the mood, I seem to be unable to hide the mood that Im in. My face and body language always gives me away, but at least I know it. Inevitably this shows itself in that I can go from being the life of the party one night, to "whats wrong with that asshole? hes a jerk" the next night, or even the same night if I get hungry or tired or tired of people. Money is meant to be spent - Only greedy people want to save money. I know that I am highly willing and wanting to spend money on experiences and things. So yeah I've got a great business, dont have to worry about money, but I know we could have more $$ in the bank if I wasnt me. My disdain of "networking" and small-talk - obviously Its because its so much BS , totally in-authentic, but no doubt its limited some opportunities in my life. Impatience - Ya know that thought right? Internal monologue : "Please stop talking cause I already know what youre gonna say and I can make your point better than you could, kill me now this meeting is so effing boring, and now everyone can see it on my face that I think this sucks". I hate getting bored of things that I love. I don't necessarily plateau as much as I see the end in sight and know that I could be an expert. I learn 90% of something and then I'm like okay so now all I have left are these few things to practice and then I've mastered it! Now that I've proven to myself that I could be the best, what else is there to do?
Big life goals. When I was younger, I had clear goals and most of my effort went into achieving them. I was so fucking happy. My life made sense. Now I 'know' that success is so relative it's become meaningless to me. Be a great artist? What does that mean? Being popular? Where, in my home town? On my continent? Among the 0.2% of people who actually care? Does it mean producing the highest quality art (totally relative)? Even if I somehow managed it, it would most certainly mean 99.9% of people wouldn't be able to connect to my work, and that includes 'art professionals', which is the whole point of being an artist in the first place. I've spent first 25 years of my life studying and making art, then I spent a couple of years just learning how to support myself, and now that I am actually able to do what I've always wanted to do, I'm not doing it. It's the only thing that instantly makes me happy precisely because it makes my life meaningful, but I can't for the life of me do it just to do it. It needs to be working towards something, and that something just isn't there. My memory is awful for things I wasn't engaged in, but spectacular for things I was.

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How has your personality changed in recent years?

I've only been here for about 6 years so I personally have the advantage of very little history to hang over my head. I try and protect that. In a past life I was super non-committal, lived in a big city and travelled a lot just doing whatever. I'm kinda addicted to change but I hit a wall where travelling was fun but I had no roots and no actual investment of time or energy in one spot. This left me feeling unfulfilled with my freedom. So I bit the bullet and landed. Last six years have been dedicated to building a business and art. Staying still is the hardest thing I've ever done. Letting people count on me, etc. I still try about once or twice a year to get away though and take a lap.
I've become more accepting of the wrongs and bad events in my life. Before, I used to complain that God or the universe or whatever wasn't being kind towards me or just didn't care about me enough. Now I when ever something bad happens, I just accept it. I have a "this was meant to be" type attitude now.
I used to think that achieving goals would lead to happiness and satisfaction, and that if I worked hard I'd be rewarded. Now I know that there is a natural order to the world and I should just leave it alone. Better to coast along at a constant rate of depression than to strive to bring myself up only to fall hard from whatever height I achieve. I went from being a totally anxious person who couldn't deal with people at all and who worried all the time to someone who's just totally laid back and I'm fine talking to people now, I'm far less awkward. It's hugely liberating. I think it just kind of got to a point where I was so sick of it that I stopped giving two shits and it helped immensely, although I also had a job where I had to call people daily who I didn't know to get help on something or other. I've become a far more loving person towards the whole of society (an optimist, when it comes to having hope in humanity), while simultaneously becoming more and more reclusive when it comes to interacting with people one on one. I don't like parties, I just like my circle of friends, and I'll stick with them, thank you very much.
I've become way more comfortable talking to people. I was always labeled the shy/quiet kid in school, and it really became a self-fulfilling prophecy for many years.
A few years ago I decided for the sake of my career to get out of my comfort zone and do some networking, and I've discovered I actually enjoy meeting/talking to new people, and I'm nowhere near as shy as I thought. I have become less forgiving of other peoples laziness and excuses. I know it comes from my increasing responsibilities at my job but it leaks into my home life with my kids, my wife and friends even when I know it is happening and try to control it.

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Has recibido una pregunta personal de @villalobosij: “El Síndrome de Hubris. El ego sobredimensionado, la enfermedadde losquecreen saberlo todo. ¿Has tenido encuentros cercanos con este tipo de persona?”

VillalobosIJ’s Profile Photo@villalobosij
Si muchas veces.
Ejemplo # 1 - Mi vecino lo sabe todo. Siempre que estoy trabajando en el jardín, él se detiene para mostrarme lo brillante que es. Así que ahora lo evito.
Ejemplo # 2 - Cuando impartí clases de networking, siempre tuve al menos un estudiante con un conocimiento profundo del material del curso que disfrutaba mostrando a la clase que poseía un gran intelecto. En estos casos, utilizaría estudiantes "dotados" como mi asistente de laboratorio con buenos resultados.
Ejemplo # 3 - Desafortunadamente, muchos músicos sufren esta voraz necesidad de atención constante. Durante las presentaciones, si un guitarrista se me acerca para usar mi guitarra para tocar una canción, le digo que no, cortés pero firmemente. Y cuando doy una lección de guitarra, si un estudiante intenta impresionarme, simplemente le explico que tenemos trabajo que hacer. No tolero un comportamiento tan inmaduro y aburrido.

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I'm struggling to get my first job, I've gone over my resume but I keep getting rejected. I'm trying to apply to something like sales assistant/fast food worker, what am I missing? I've got only three months of retail experience because the place was bad and volunteer work

Mind if I can have a look at your resume? I'm sure you've gotten it perfect but a second eye can help sometimes.
In terms of applying though, I haven't had any luck getting a job just through submitting a resume.
Try getting help from friends in form of networking and reference.
Apply through networking groups such as fb, WhatsApp etc. I thinking anyone who posts a job usually is happy to refer you as well if they aren't the HR manager/owner themselves.
Other than that, just keep trying and don't give up. It does become easier :)
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guy dates Brazilian woman while texting u from fake romantic stuff. When u dissapear he stalks u from numerous fakes and get offended. Isn't it weird or I lost logic?

"Unwanted Text Messages" by Nico
Do you have your askfm account configured to turn off anonymity? Have you ever wondered why you still receive text messages from unknown sources? Please continue reading if you want to understand how this is possible and why it occurs.
Sometimes people will create multiple fake accounts so that they can continue communicating without being reported and having their account suspended. The process is quite simple: (1) disable all unused accounts, (2) enable account temporarily to send text message and then disable within 5 seconds so account cannot be identified, (3) do not reuse that account for at least 48 hours, (4) send text messages at random times so that the data patterns remain random.
Note: Did you know that askfm can only track and suspend active accounts? Only active accounts can be reported using the auto report feature. Calling askfm to report disabled accounts that are only active for 5 seconds every 30 days are typically ignored by the askfm administrators and the users filing the complaints, are seen as high maintenance users who are labeled as troublemakers.
I find it interesting that MOST users of social networks know very little about networking. For example, how many people reading this text understand how routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, intrusion protection, network analyzers, Domain Name Servers, mail servers, Network Management Systems, Trouble Ticketing Systems or such things as network traffic flow, propagation delay, round trip delay, etc work? Not many, right? Askfm users who understand how networks work, understand how to manipulate the system to achieve their intended objectives.
So the next time you configure your askfm profile to disable anonymous and you receive unidentified text messages and wonder how that could happen, now you know.

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guy dates Brazilian woman while texting u from fake romantic stuff When u

What are the best remedies for someone who has just been dumped?

Hello, we know it's hard, BUT LOVE YOURSELF 😍😍above all, get away from the person completely, catch up on your social networks, go out with friends, buy something new, listen to liveliest songs🎵, join a social networking site..💫😇💫

Serius pen bgt merantau. Lagi cari loker juga biar merantau sejenak. Tujuan merantau disini juga buat mengenal diri sendiri. Jadi gak hanya hijrah keagamaan tapi juga fisik. Nemuin sodara sodara baru, networking baru. Pandangan gua kayak gini.

Nah iya, bener bangt.

Thank fu*king god there’s someone else out there who hates self help books too, everyone I know likes them. Creepy to ask but do you have snapchat? Talking like this is weird.

I actually don't have Snapchat 😅
In fact, I'm deactivated on most of the social networking sites due to my exams at the moment.
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بكون انج طول هالفتره تتحلطمين عن الدراسه بتحلطم معاج 🙋🏻‍♂️ ، انا تخصصي حاسب networking شدخلني ف الفيزيا والله يا فطوم عندنا مدرس قليله فيه كلمة حقير سادي يتلذذ ف اذيتنا اكثر من مرع يسألنا عن تخصصنا و نقوله شبكات و يزيد علينا الاشيا يعني مادته بروحها صعبه و ماتنفهم و يزيدها علينا مووووت 💔💔💔

RealMohammad’s Profile Photoمحمد
فيني حلطمه زياده بعد مستحيه 😂😂 يعني اهي ماده اساسيه؟ ياكرهي للساينس 🤢🤢 علة قلب وكانه تحدي بينك وبين المدرس الله يعمي عينه عن اخطائكم.
+3 answers in: “منشن حسابات متفاعله كثرو الميتين الله يرحمهم ف البرنامج ☠️ ، اتمنى مايكونون من رواعي الشعر و الخواطر مب ناقصين 😂😂”

دكتور حضرتك قولت في خارطة طريق غير خريجي حاسبات في جزء more concepts اقرأ كتاب واتعلم عن operating system, networking, databases بس انا مش عارف فايدة ال operating systems أو ال networking في ايه ؟ لكن الداتا بيز حضرتك قولت قبل كده انها مهمه لو هتشتغل باك اند. لكن ايه اهميه باقي ال concepts دي.

مفاهيم تأسيسية هتحتاجها بصور غير مباشرة
انت راجل تطبيقك شغال على الشبكة على جهاز
لازم تفهم المفاهيم ده
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personal mi se pare lame sa folosesti aplicatii de dating, dar nu e vorba de asta, ca nu conteaza ce fac sau nu fac eu. pur si simplu nu pari genul de persoana care ar avea nevoie de asa ceva pt a face cunostinta cu oameni

Nu e nimic lame, astea s de obicei replici aruncate de urate/urati care n au folosit niciodata dating apps, da si dau cu parerea a n pulea:)))) A fost super folositoare cand m am mutat aici, am cunoscut njde oameni faini si am avut networking aproape imediat cum m am mutat.
+6 answers in: “cum ai facut sa cunosti baieti modele?”

لو بتستعمل الواتساب فلازم تقرا للنهاية الواتس اب حاليا عمل تحديث خطير جدا وهو انه قرر ياخد نسخ احتياطيه من محادثاتك وكل حاجه على الاكونت بتاعك وهيربطها مع شركة فيسبوك والاجراء ده اجبارى يعنى لو ما وفقتش فالواتس عندك هيقف ومش هيشتغل. فيه تطبيق مؤمن اسمه سيجنال كله ينزله قبل ٨ فبراير

you should ask yourself a question first, “Are you really important?” .. LOL, WhatsApp doesn’t care about your private messages, your nudes or whatever .. If anyone wants to (HACK) you, they can do it in minutes or some seconds only and that’s the reality at Networking and social-E! According to new hacking tools at this tech field, they can even hack your phone with a missed call only or with a small virus at there app. So chill, you’re not the PRESIDENT or the fucking important person .. you think that signal app will be able to reblace whats app! LOL, whats app have two billon user at every day!! Are you foolish? Signals' Servers will not be able to bear all this users .. don’t be worried. Data is only used for Ads & MARKETING at Facebook only, that’s it.

A good woman lol I can say I havnt meet very many in my life time... wow 3rd degree how many are you going for all together?

There are plenty out there in this world of ours, the secret is to not go looking for it 🤫
Haha yeah I love the diversity, the support, the networking opportunities, and learning the in's and out's of the things that I'm passionate about. I want to keep studying after graduating next year but I have other important matters that I need to complete before going back to uni again!
+4 answers in: “Do you have a fear a phobia of some sort for me its heights?”

By “shared or put on your profile” I mean shared on social networking profiles really, rather than anything official like a c.v. (though it would be interesting if you did). I’m interested in how people perceive other’s scores/labels, whether it might put you off sharing certain results etc.

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Some people are interested in that stuff, so I felt like sharing. I don’t care much about wether people actually judge me based on that or anything else.
I personally don’t judge people based on their birth chart like “Oh, you’re a Pisces? Nah, I don’t befriend Pisces people.” That’s complete bollox to me.
I just personally think it’s interesting how those things can be very accurate sometimes.
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دكتور مصطفى أنا شغال فرونت إند بقالي سنة تقريبا لكني مش كمبيوتر ساينس.. وداخل انترفيو مع شركة أمريكية بعد اسبوع على بوزيشن remote junior software engineer .. الانترفيو في CS fundamentals .. أنا مذاكر Algorithms & DS .. المفروض أعرف إيه تاني؟

Operating systems

Kalo udah dewasa gini cari teman kok susah ya ? Apa iya cuma aku aja yg ngalamin ?? Menurut kalian gimana ???

Aku ga ngerasa kek gtu kok.
Nyari temen gampang banget. Aku klau bosan sma lingkungan sekarang, aku psti nyari teman baru dengan cra gabung ke komunitas2 yg ada di tmpat dmna aku tinggal. Dsna aku dpet temen banyak banget. Melatih kemampuan bergaul ku jga sih dan gmn cra networking yang baik.
Kalau cari sahabat sih iya susah ! Tapi aku udah keep beberapa orang yang udah temanan lama sma aku dan ku anggap sebagai sahabat, tempat dmn aku berkeluh kesah, meski bbrpa dri mreka terpisah jarak dan waktu, aku tetap connecting kok ke mereka, jdi ngerasa gaperlu nambah "sahabat" di list close-friend ku. Mreka udah buat nyaman dan udah lbh dri cukup.
Tapi kalau nyari teman sih, aku pasti bakal nyari as much as possible dan itu gampang kok, gaksusah.
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Jawaban yang baik saat wawancara ditanya kelebihan dan kekurangan, trus saat memperkenalkan diri anda Jawaban versi kalian yaa yg berpengalaman

Pertama, jujur saja. Bilang kekuranganmu apa, bilang kelebihanmu apa. Namun, kamu bungkus pernyataanmu dengan jargon yang relevan dengan nuansa kantormu.
Misalnya, kelemahanmu adalah kamu tuh seorang bangsat yang tak punya teman, dan orang-orang menjauhimu karena kebiasaanmu menganjingi orang yang kamu anggap lebih rendah darimu. Kamu bisa bilang jujur, namun bungkuslah dalam jargon kantoran seperti "saya cukup sulit bekerja dalam tim dan lebih senang bekerja sendiri".
Misalnya, kelebihanmu adalah kamu orangnya seru dan bakalan mengajak teman-teman kantormu party tiam malam minggu sambil mabuk-mabuk dan sewa kamar, kamu tinggal bungkus dalam jargon kantoran seperti "saya cukup percaya diri dengan kemampuan saya dalam networking, baik secara internal dengan kerja maupun secara eksternal dengan klien".
Di dunia orang dewasa, ada yang istilahnya "Doublespeak". Arti kasarnya adalah "pembungkusan bahasa", atau mungkin "upaya mengindahkan suatu bahasa ke khalayak umum". Kamu bisa menggunakan Doublespeak ini dengan berbagai cara, mulai dari membungkusnya dalam jargon-jargon dengan kata-kata netral atau bahkan terdengar positif, hingga membungkusnya dalam jargon yang terdengar tidak umum atau bahkan terdengar pintar dan susah dimengerti.
Doublespeak ini yang membedakan "tukang pungut sampah jalanan" dengan "pengelola limbah publik".
Doublespeak juga yang membedakan "suntik vaksin menyebabkan autisme pada bayi" dengan "injeksi vaksin mempunyai kecenderungan untuk menimbulkan gejala autisme pada usia dini".
Doublespeak juga bisa membedakan hal seperti "Bung Tomo tak mau mendengar Siauw Giok Tjhan dan tetap berpendapat bahwa etnis Tionghoa di Indonesia pro-Belanda dan sebaiknya dipulangkan ke RRC", dengan "Bung Tomo bersikap ketus terhadap etnis Tionghoa yang tidak memiliki semangat nasionalis Indonesia".
Terakhir, Doublespeak bisa membedakan hal seperti "Sri Mulyani memutuskan untuk memberikan dana bantuan terhadap Bank Century yang terkena dampat resesi ekonomi tahun 2008", dengan "Skandal kasus korupsi uang Sri Mulyani dengan Bank Century".
Ingat bahwa pada empat pasang contoh di atas, secara teknis mereka sama. Namun cara penyajian mereka dapat mengubah persepsimu terhadap apa yang sedang dibicarakan. Kamu bisa mengubah jargonnya menjadi lebih halus, atau lebih terkesan formal dan intelektual. Kamu bisa tetap menyatakan fakta namun mengabaikan fakta penting yang dapat mengubah persepsi, atau mengubah sedikit kata-kata yang kamu pakai agar dapat membentuk persepsi selagi menyediakan fakta. Dan terakhir, kamu bisa mempersembahkan kalimat yang akan terdengar benar di telinga orang awam, dan membuang fakta-fakta teknis yang sangat penting.
Kalau kamu goblok, kamu bisa dibodoh-bodohi oleh Doublespeak. Kamu bisa actually percaya bumi itu datar, vaksin menyebabkan autisme, atau hukum tajam ke bawah dan tumpul ke atas.
Doublespeak selalu dipakai oleh orang dewasa. Mahirlah berbahasa doublespeak agar kamu tidak dibodoh-bodohi.

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Do you have any tips for ask.fm newbies like me? ☺️

muniwithmuni’s Profile Photomuniwithmuni
Hi sweetie❣️ welcome to ask.fm.
Ask.fm (ASKfm) social networking site where users create profiles and can send each other questions. It was once a form of anonymous social media that encouraged questions to be submitted anonymously.
Here are some of the basic things you need to know about askfm & how to use it and if you’re still wondering how askfm works this might help. I posted the links down below.
? How does askfm works?
?What is shoutout?
? Answer Rewards -
? Coins -
? Photo Poll -
? Question in thread -
? Who are VIP users? -
? Weekly Leaderboard -
? Username -
If you still have any question you can tap on the triangle shaped arrow (looks like an airplane!) below this answer and ask a new question. Or you can follow and check @ASKfm_eng @askfm @askfmhelp
I hope this helps?
Xoxo ?

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Do you have any tips for askfm newbies like me
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Lg butuh saran. Gw punya pacar, putus bln April lalu krna ada mslah keluarga dan kebetulan ud 1tahun ini doi lg mutasi kerja di NTB, posisi gw diBandung. Kemungkinan besar bulan Agustus ini doi mutasi lg ke Jkrta dan pasti mampir keBandung, tp gw gamau ketemu, gamau bahas2 yg lalu, gw harus gmna ya?

hi non..
menurut aku sih, memang tidak mudah untuk melupakan kenangan yang baik maupun buruk.. tapi kalo si doi masih mau komunikasi dengan baik, tidak ada salahnya kan kalo kita buka lembaran baru lagi, jadikan dia teman. Ya hitung-hitung networking lah 😳👍
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This is asking which website that is NOT a social networking website is your favorite. Example: allrecipes.com

Oh okay, now I get it. 😂
Well, I guess you could count Redbubble in there. 😄 I Love that website since my business is partly running there and I just love the overall concept of just needing to upload ones designs and they’re taking charge of the whole sales, production, shipping, etc. stuff. 🤗
This is my shop:
This is asking which website that is NOT a social networking website is your
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من فضلك اعطي نصائح لمن يريد تخصص البرمجة حسب خبرتك في المجال ؟ واخبرينا ماهو اصعب شيء فيها وما اجمل شيء فيها؟؟

البَرمجة بَحر مُتجدد مِن المَعلومات، و اَغلب لُغاته البَرمجة تُجدد كُل 6 اَشهر كأكثر شَيء.
يَعتمد بِنسبة 100% عَلى المَنطق، و المَنطق هُو " الرّياضيات "، يُوجد 7 تَفرعات لَه لَكن اِثنين مِنهم تَم فَصلهم كَتَخصص خَاص لِعُمقه و كَثيرته..
لُغات البَرمجة تَختلف مِن بَلد لِأخر لَكن اَغلب العَالم يَحتاج لِمُبرمج " جَافا "، سَأشرح لَك التّخصصات و اُعطِيك نَبذة عَنها..
امم لَديك 7 تَخصصات و هِي :
1. Multimedia
التّصميم، تَصميم جَرافيك، اَلعاب
اللّغات بِه / Flash player, Unity, C#
2. Game Application
كَما هُو وَاضح مِن اِسمه هُو خَاص لِلاَلعاب
و لُغاته تُشبه Multimedia عدا اَنهم يَدرسون اَيضا بِلغة C++
3. Networking
مُتخصص بِالشّبكة و لا اَعرف كَثير عَنه.. دَرست اَساسياته فَقط..
4. cyber security
الاَمن و بِالغَالب يَعمل بِالبُنوك و يَتعلم الهَكر و غَيره و يَدرس الحُكم اَيضا..
5. Artificial Intelligence
تَخصصي، يَتحدث عَن الذّكاء الاِصطناعي و كَيف تَجعل الاَلة تُفكر كَالإنسان،
و اللّغة الاَساسية بِه Python
6. Software Engineer
يَكون عَن المَواقع بِشكل كَبير و يَحترف لُغة PHP و جافا
7. Database
التّعامل مَع المَعلومات بِكل اَشكالها و اَظن اَنك سَمعت بِـ Big Data
اللّغات التّي سَتتدرسها سَواء اِخترت اَي تَفرع مِن هَذه :
لِلبَرمجة : C, C++, C#, Java, Python
للمَواقع : PHP, HTML,. CSS, Json, الخ
يُوجد اَيضا تَخصص لِلتّطبيقات لَكن لَا اعلم اِن فَصلوه عن البَرمجة او مَازال مَعهم كَتخصص وَاحد.. و سَيكون فِيه لُغات بَرمجة لِلهواتف..
كَنصيحة اَي كَان تَخصصك او التّفرع الذّي اِخترته لَا تَعتمد عَلى مَا تَعلمته و تَعلم وَحدك.. سَتكتشف ان الذّي تَعلمته لَا شَيء..
و بِالتّوفيق

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